The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBEH 19,. 1939, BIA'TllEVILLE '(AJtK.) ". COUIUEK NEWS PAGE'SEVEN Of>P0RWJitti? OSS TH£ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- Ive Insertion: Due time per line .............. lOc two times pic line per day — f*8c ] Vlirec times per line per day...06c (ix times per line per day.... 05* I Month rate per line ............ tide | Cards of Thanks ........ 500 & 15c Minimum cliarge 50o Ads ordered for three or six jjioes and stopped before expira- >on will be charged for the num- kr of times the #dd appeared and tdjustment or bill mude. .All Classified Advertising copy lu omitted by persons residing oul- jixle ol the city must, be accom- med by cash. Kales may be ens- computed from above table. Advertis*ig ordered for irregular Uses the one time rale. For Rent •t unfurnished rooms. Newly decorated, connecting bath. Private entrance. Couple only. 516 south Franklin after 5 o'clock.. - 18-cKU 5 room furnished iiptrtmciit,'621; Chtckasiuvbu. Apply I* 1 w:..Joo; Wactdy. ' ' ' ' WM' One furnished room iinri 2 unfurnished rooms. 210 W. Cherry. ] 17-ck-il' 3 furnished rooms und 2 urifuinish ed rooms. 12V Dugan. 17- If s the Car That Counts Not the Conversation Compare Our Curs He f ore You liuy :k-21 '3S Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102 after four. x n-ck-U 3 room unfurnished apartment downstairs.-Private bath. Hot ft cold water furnished. Phone 127. 710 W. Asli. n-ck-21 Ho rwppnsiulUy will be I tor more tnan one Incorrect inser- lion ot any classuied ad. i'or Sale 2 room furnished apartment. 'Garage, 1601 W. Ash St. 16-c'n-lf Modern 2 room furnished aparl- ' merit. 1129 W. Ash. lG-ck-20 Chcv. Coach 37 Ford IJrl. Turtur 3G Kord Del. 'J'urtor '38 Korrt Del. Tudor '36 Plymouth Tour iM)ooi '37 Help Wanted Bookkeeper and titenographi'r. AP- pllpation will lio. held confidential. Must have experience. Reply In own handwriting. . Write BOX "P", courier News. iS-cH-20 Dairy .$375 Spttsfactory quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free o! BaiiK's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace. L:wcrv. ... 902-J, for llalscll's Grade A Haw I Milk, Cream, Country milter. Hut .S298 .$380 .S155 Unfurnished apartment, 317 Ma(ii- son. Home aflcr 5 p.m. 16ck20 • average' n bedrooms. Business women only. Phone 239. H-ek-tl J8 head feeder steers; weight about BOO ppurids..'. Just right for finishing. Also good 2- j year-old registered Hereford jJuli. Ccmforlabl= bedroom. 625 W. Mam. [ Phone 605, Blylhcvillc, A. G. L>tt'«. Phone, 277--J. U-ck-tli J9-ck-2S '——^ I •__ ^l: ... j 3 room.., unfurnished apartment. Girl's bicycle in • good 1 '' condllibn.! . Private -entrance, fruiH and back. kcnsohRDle Phone 7H-\V.-)Ock2'l' >; block from Main St. Call S21-W. -'..... : - 1 i.^v.'jn' Chev. Scrtan 33 I'otil Tudor -TRUCKS — •37 Kord Slake Vick-uu T.1*~$32l! 37 Ohev, Ms '•'">' S 359 '39 '36 Ford Scd. Uel'y. icrmllk, extra or holiday orders Inspection cncontatjcd anytime. liiili>f.ii's Dairy Premised J and, ftoute '1 NOTICK 0V SAI.K OF KBAh I'S'l'A'l'K Notice Is hereby given lhal tlv undersigned, us SherllV of Missis sippl County, Arkansas, will" 01 liie 21 day ol October, 1030, tween the-hours of 0 o'clock A M. and 'i o'clock I'. M., otter fc sale at the South door of th Courthouse in Ulylhcvlllo, Arkiui ., . vick.un ...S1W sns, nl public auction to the high * orn ' ' cst tiidder, upon a creditor three S'.til _. rlnce. tin following luiidt be- U, 10JB, und, ta Mrs. J!. M. (Uerlhii) ineiil wns rendered nil of.,syhlch properly wtnst llm Is sntd Mrs. II. ,M.- (Btrlhu) Pilnco irlcc ., tualcd in. thi< ChlcKnsaw^o , Ols- •Ict of Mississippi Count)', Arknsns: • , Tho KE!1 ol.SW't, Bectl9H 0, Towirchlp 16 Koitll, Haiigc 10 East; The SE'4 of 8\VV ( , SCO- tlon 9. Towiwhlp IB North, Railsc 10 East! Loi 3, Dlpok H, ChlcUaBawba AitdUlol) ,10 Ulythevjiio, Arkansus; K!-l Wt 4, uiock H, ciitck»(>«wh.\ Adrti- Iton to Jllyllievllli;, ("iiXmisas; Lot 2, lilock 3, chleuBo MHJ Tlilifl Acld'n lo Dlythijvlllc, Arkunsafi; Lot 3, lilock 3, ChU CBBO Mill Third A'tW'it tq ply- Ihcvllle, Arkansas, Said sale IK mude for Iho puv- l»so of payhiB » Jyidctncnt In the amount of $11.11, with interest nt sis |icr cent wr nnnuin from Juno Jl fnvdi 1 Q( Delia Implement, JiH'. n Hie Municipal Oonrl. (or Hio Chlckasnwbfl .DlsUM.. Of Mlssls- slppl > county, Arknnsns, und .which Iwlgmeht'ls iiow 'jironcrly oil re«- ord i» the office (>C'' Die Olroull, Court C|erk 'fo|- the Chlclwtwlxi Dlslrlcl, Mlssipstppl County, Ark- inisas, ijiild Judgiiicul being f)le"il for record en June 15, 1038, Tlio liurchubCit. "(• siioh sntc wljl lie re quired to execute tioiitl wtlli' HP proved (security for the puvclWB' 1 PRESCRIPTIONS " " Freshewt Stock Giwrnnlfed Real PrlcM Kirby Drug Stores Wert Optometriii •HK MARKS 'UM Ovrr J»< Inun' Stnra I'bone &40 OilobCl 3 (03!) HA!,E JACKSON, SllOllff, l)j Huyinond Bom«r, n B > 12-10 TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS I J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Gradual* Oiilomc- Irlsl In BlythfyUle, s Filled Corrtolrr I —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe //Accurate Your prescription DruBKtat Fowler Drug Co. Main * Ftrai I'lione Ml Anmiallj, enough wit Is «iu>l\ed and blown Irom the fields, of the United State 1 , to /ill a train of [iclghl cars , iwchlpg 1J) Climes ui'd the world at the equator GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON Furnace OH' Slove Oil Diesel Fuel True tor Fuel R.C.FARR rhoncs: Hay C(K), I'.NIfM'218 Distributor of I'JIIU.ll'S "CG" HIODUCTS. All • Now Located «t 101 North Second • ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KinVAKDS, Proprietor Makes of Ucbullt Typewriters, Adding MiiclKncj'-Mid (JHlrulatdri—Ucpiilrlnc—1'irls—Kibboni m Upright piano and four" foot Frig- . __: iciaire electric refrigerator.. Boih: Nice . bedroom, in excellent condition. Phone n.or C27-W. call lit all W.' Main. •, • 9-ck-lf ' '• r •-— ^_''_ _ '•• jN'ice comfortable room. BABY BED. cheap. Practically iicwj 310 W. Walnut. mattress. Mrs. Saimiel P. rls. (-all U48J after 0 -jjlm., l3-ck-20 PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Comer 5th & Walnnt B30 Walnut. Call Phone 810-811 for Demonc'railon 13-ck-20| Clythcvllle, Alt. Close in. 13-ck-U Kor-1 ah Three unfurnished rooms. Private! _."i "ciiirn'ric". Bath. Reasonable. Ap-1 Two sows and pigs, and'--feeder ply '232 .Dugan St.. 12-ck-10 hogs.' Inquire at Farms For Sab 1044 bhickasavvba^'llck-n, Comfortable frontjedrooia Out- 5 foot Frigldalrc, Medium .'Circu-, Walnut. lating Heater, Cabinet Model S tube Atwater Kent Radio,;, N, K> Fannell, 412 N. 5th. 10-pk-23 Suburban home. 10 acres. R- N. 'Farrar, 111 No. 2nd. Sl.'.Upk-2S side • entrance. Pjione 351. 515 11-ck-tf ice bedroom. Convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 2BO. 19-ck-tf IN o lice We Own and Offer for Sale 80 ntrrs 4 miles west nC email house anil barn. Price S80.IIO. 41 acrps oi|e >iiie west of liur- 'lette, Rood 'four-room liousc i small'' barn. I'ricc 5100.CI) IICT neve. Lumber. Oak, Cypress. ;513 per Nottce—I am now salesman for thousand. Delivered for $10. Adjoining. Clear Lake Farm. D. n. Garner of Armorel. 11-pk-ll-ll Thomas Lnnd Co. Have good buys, on Farm and City Property. H. C. Campbel). . I3-ck-20 Yp, -i Ijcwis-Chanibers Construction Com- 1 Wanted . pony, Inc., is responsible' 'only for purcliaais if the vender is sup- 5 or fi room house . . . rent or oHed with a written purchase or- buy terms: Near Central School. ,i er signed by W. C. Drennan nr Box 483, Cily. IflpMG J Phihipee. 2-pk-ll-2 _. . FO acres,east of KunlcKe three miles, two small houses, i'ricc ?100. . 49 -acres 4- milps nortli of Deil. •iduse ; i£: barn. Price §60.0(1 per ai'ic. 170 acres l\vo miles . northwest oC iirdelfe, large good tarn, very fine, house nf seven rooms,. oilier Hunting License Position as- practical nurse. Experience. Can furnish-, references. Mrs. Llnnle Payne,'.407 Dugan. .. '. _il • •••-'-" • 17 -P^ a ^::fc : R!RR DOG LICENSE One iood.lsU^ciaiis Ironer.'uVearly .FOH'viVOUB CONVENIENCE^^!?* position.-No other need appil". /^RE , PREPARED , .No other 101 WT Cherry St. ' Also (en farms in Missouri from 125 acres to 200 acres, all In cul- 'ivaiitm and imiirovcd, will \ pure with licsl jand' iii..Mississippi county. Priced frtfm $€O.UO to pcr.a'erc. :, ; !: ,. '•Also . : i'.:i>ecubu ofVuutuvtv land TO T^^v i on concrele liighway-'GJ soulhwe't, . Ib&Uf | ". V_ ,, , ?, 4. : ; ,y,.|j Al., Ice - ICE-iCE Phone 107 JOHN BUOHANAH lacKlioUR HUNTING AND Bl¥Dh [ i N T r""' ^or "n" DOG L £ E ™w «y^v TORE i -^-'"v«'±jar F t" llll! SnUUot-HtllRI | all ori a crcrtit or will cut It up io HARDWARE CO. PHONE 33 : parties that are -j-espoHsibli! and that wijl start ; lo biiilding the ne cessary houses- on it. Ccniforl5:lacketi for SOc. Mrs. J. H. •Humphreys, 907 E. Cherry. 18-ck-25 VALUABLE TREE Answer (o Previous Puzjle DJRJOlwiV nORlZONTAI, 1 The (res the coconut grows on. 4 Its is used in ' building. 14 One v;ho cglps'. '••-." 55 Uncle/ '; 17 Ingenuous. • 18 Rabbit. 19 To .low as a cow. t 20To pay one's. part. 'I ' ••'.-.•. 21 Small child. ' ^— ]*. 22 Person of,.... valuable as great courage. -food. 25 To undermine 45 Historical tale 27Heam. 46 Fish. 23 Ocean. 48 Laughter 29 Iniquity. sound. 31 Tone B. TiO Folding bed. VERTICAL 1 Company. 1 Ancient Irish alphabet, 3 Dressed. 4 Over. SGifl. ' 32 Requirements. 51 Oriental cash. G Membranous 31 To bar by 53 A circuit, flap, •estoppel. 55To annoy. 7Fastens a 36 Enamel, 56 Sour. boat. I 38 Little devil. 57 Drjed coconut 8 Frivolity. | 4pJapanes': meal. ' 10 Male. ' I '• magnolin. r>9 Dagger. ' 11 Morsels. 4?Little hotels. 62Ringlel. 12Ipecac planls. 61 Nouning •S3 Its nut or 63 Towing rope. 13 Musical nolci. terminalion. 16 Witty remark. 21 II grows in the . 23 To stroke lightly. 2 1 ! Animal. 25 It is a —leaved palm 28 Without. 30 The reason. 32 Trachea. 33 Courtesy title.' 34 lloof point covering. 35 Pacifies. 37 Small wild ox 39 Creek letter "H." : , •tI Astir. . •51 Its leaves are used ;is . 47 Indian carriages. '19 Beetle. 52 Makes a mistake.. 54 To concoct. 57 Court. 58 Either. • GO Southeast.. The above rlcarcd laml can bo bought liy payinj! ?.a per cent esisli, balance on, terms of live yea re. Con way & Houchins Blylhevilie, Ark. Welding EXPERT KT,ECTK1C AND ACETYLENF WELDING Drag line and heavy specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Go, - Phoiw 19 or Ke«. 101» Tailors Trade in yot? old suit -.on y, new cine. S23.SO up.', GEORGE L. MUIR Bljllievillc's 'Only Tailor ir, Ironing Expert wnsliinp and Ironing. Roush dry fend' 1 -finish.' 6. quilts Sl.OO. One day'service.''Willie, ilcil Green, behind City Ice Plant. '0-ck-lO-O For Sale or Trade 40 or 80 acres f'nprovcd land. Will trade for city property. Call \\\ J. M. Buchanan Grocery at Numerate. • Arouse SJ'Jfelsfl T.lver. - work cff the bile to rid yourself of constl- nnt'.on. eas pains, and that sour. Dunk feeling. Tnke one box of KIRBY'S . ACTIVE I.IVEK PIU.S Z5c at all Kirby Stolen Radio Service GUARANTEED HOME fc AliTO RADIO SERVICE Wolf Kadio Service . , Vhunc .Wanted To /Buy WE BUY SOYBEANS Gin Oucn Uay-Nitc .— Uhvj IS \Vr WHY PUNISH YOUR EYIS ? WHAT A CHANGE SCEMS I'VE BEEN c CHEMING'TKt FOltt AND MVStlF / iO-WAHlRS IN l^MPS WITH TVVO SOCKtTJ M-M-M SEEM GOING ON ME' ITS POOR AS EYES GtT OLDER 1HEY MORE; AND 100 IIO-WMTJ |N ALL 5IM4UI SOCKET IAMP5.' 0EA\'ER3 tto55£S ? Not u-Bird'in the Hiiml—Yt>(! TRAPPIN KEEPIN AHH! tffi GOOP OL' AX '. AMP ALL THIS TIME I'P GIVEN YOU UP FOR. . LOST.' ) 5WOKE NOW WHAT THEYVE TOTH'WOCX?EN WHEW ALLGy OOP LEARMED HI5AK WAS IWTHEW.OOD- EKJ HORSE, THE WHOLE C3REEK ARMY COULPW'T HEEP HIM FCOAV GETTIMG IW, BUT "IHEV ARE RDGAK MARTIN 1?OV THANH...; WASfi TlJIHJS L1STEWED TO EXCUSES, WHEMA'.l EWPLOYEEOF. WJSTBIES FAilS TO oeUVIEB THESOQBS, HE'S FRED. GET OUT !,80THT iOFYOU! 1 . —~^ ! I EXPECT ED 50METHW6 HKE WEK£'APMRIH<5 THE CUTIE5 AT .THE COMPAQ'S EXPfUSEi: jA TOE CWBF INGREDIENT 15 A ) PECUVIAR YELLOW VWA RMJMC 1 VOV.CAUO. Wj EBt5pTiow w^ret FORt We LEFTAUO TK CHIEF W6BEOIEMT Close Decision;. J. DUNNO— --I WAS' SAVED BY THE BELL /,' BUT i TMINK 1 WON OM POINTS I " " YOU CAWTi .FUJNK -ENQUSH AMD PLAY FOOTBALL / GOSM, HE..CERTAINLY IS DOfl^S. ENOUGH ' VVRIT1N6 AMD I DON'T' KNOW HOW ' NUBB1M CAN EVER GET 8Y "Tt-ns EXAhA ' ITS THE HARDEST I'VE EVER HADJ IF,' ME- DOESN'T C5ET THE ANSWERS ..RIGHT, /'^y-^^ WE'LL B6 MINUS OUR /£-~.iX\ ' STAR PLAY6R. '.; <V-; -HOW :DID '<{• VOLl DO. LARO?

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