Hilo Daily Tribune from Hilo, Hawaii on June 18, 1921 · 5
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Hilo Daily Tribune from Hilo, Hawaii · 5

Hilo, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1921
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iTUBDAY MORNINGJUNE 18, 191 HI&) DAILY TRIBUNE, HILO, HAWAn ' ....iiiiiiiiiiiMi ii 11 iniKiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMi. i WUHimimuimiiuiim p - 1 , i mi' """"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiihs: P A G E ,F I V E BARGA ' Will close out all stock of former WING MAN GHONG ' ; 1 , , Chinese Curios and Jewelry One Office Desk One Sate One Cash Register Scales Showcases Shelving . and a General Assortment of Merchandise Oik-Activity Ray To Conquer Air, Replace Radium, Discoverer Says Sale Opens at 8 o'clock SATURDAY MORNING linn i BUILT FOR ' OF DENMARK HOST A FORTUNE TACOMA, jVVash., June 17. Puget marine men are a unit in cle aring that the finest fittings ever en on a ship in this section were i tie motorship Fionia, which wa3 lilt (or the king of Denmark several i ars ago and which put in here reply for a cargo of-flour. jOne entire deck of the vessel is iTn over to a royal suite It con-to six compartments, each with a We bath. Heavily brocaded, silk Wries, potted palms an3 full wh mirrors grace the salonv of the yal suite. The , decks are of teak-food 1 lOn one of the windows not ports Ml the rjyal suite is scratched the ' ti:"Daginar." According to the of-sr? of the boat, this inscription is le agnature of the former dowager upress of Russia and was scratched i the window by her when the royal Mily of Russia took refuge on the fat in the Black Sea after Czar Seholas II was overthrown in 1919. the Fionia was built at a cost of WOO and although she is. carry- M freight at present, she remains I the call of King Christian of Den- ONLY ONE-THIRD OF FILIPINO CHILDREN ATTENDING SCHOOL IJy The Associated Presa. MANILA, June 17. Only one-third of the Filipino children of school age are enrolled in the public schools according to a report of Luther B. Bewley, director of the Bureau of Education for the. Philippines, made public today. The report says : "Although popular education has made great strides since American occupation, still it has a long way to go before reaching all children. The census of 1918 put the number of children aged 6 to 17 at 2,776,925. The enrollment December, 1920, in all Philippine public schools was only 933,678. Professor Edgar L. Hollingshead, Pasadena, Cal., scientist and discoverer of the odic-activity ray, which he claims will make metal light as a bubble, and take the. place of radi um for medical purposes. WOMAN SUFFRAGE WORKERS BUSY IN CITY OF ATHENS ATHENS, June 17. WomanC&uf-frage workers are active here. A commission revising the constitution has voted, by a big majority, to include a woman suffrage clause. Mniiiimi iMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiinim SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 18, 1921, 1 At the HILO ARMORY I DANCE i .. ; Given by The Ladies' Circle, No. 252, A. 0. F. Tickets 75 cents On Sale by Members LADIES FREE 1 EVERYBODY ATTEND .y,liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!imi! hihiiihhhi"'""" : "We tempt the appetite" Saturday Marketing Made Easy Vegetables and California Meats Pork and other fresh .Island Meats DUCKS AND CHICKENS dressed at, onje hour's telephone notice. Aloha Market TELEPHONE 50 PASADENA, Cal., June 17, The odic-activity ray, more powerful than the X-ray or the radium ray, is to completely conquer the. air. . The giant sky liner, safe as any conveyance ever perfected, equal in luxury and comfort to the palatial greyhounds of the ocean lanes, is a possibility and probability of the near future. Such " were the announcements made today by the discoverer of this ray. Professor Edgar L. Hollingshead, scientist of this city, in an exclusive interview for the Hilo Tri bune. . For, he declares, this powerful ray will make a huge steel sky ship as light as a bubble. Not only this, but the odic-activity ray, Prof. Hollingshead claims, will take the place of radium, valued at $120,000 a gram, and revolutionize the scientific world in the treatment of certain diseases. And the cost of lightening metals, of using the rays for medical pur-, poses, is so minute as to- be almost negligible. The odic-activity ray, according to Professor Hollingshead, so far has successfully changed the weight of metal over 100 times in as many tests"; it has caused hard clay to explode the instant the ray touched it; rock, opaque, to the eye, has. been made transparent,, and by means of the ray an actual photograph has been taken through.' a solid sheet of lead. One application of the ray on metal has caused it to become permanently cold beyond the possibil ity of ever becoming heated. And it has instantly changed water into its primary gases hydrogen and oxy- jgen. i But of .all the uses of the ray, eluding treatment for medical pur poses, that of lightening metals is the greatest, and will revolutionize the traffic of the world, states Professor Hollingshead. Ships for passenger and freight will be of slight service; railroads will be. tossed into the discard, and automobiles "will be reduced to serviceable vehicles for taking short drives about the city. In their stead will come individual airships 25 feet in length; larger aircraft the equivalent of the four, six or eight passenger touring cars; and so on,, up to the giant sky liners of incalculable size. , These giant liners will appear as long, round, hollow needles, Prof. Hollingshead declares, pointed at each end, and will travel without any visible means of ' propulsion. The power for propulsion will be obtained from the electrical currents of the air; magnetic and light ray controls will prevent collisions; and gyroscopic controls will keep the ship on its course when deflected by' other controls. All in all, this most modern of scientific discoveries will provide convenience, comfort and safety, it is claimed. And the formula for this almost inconceivable revolutionizing process is simple: apply the odic-aHvity ray to metal,1 making' it .lighter' than air, and build the sky liner. The metal will lose none of its strength, and the cost Is . trifling, ',' BANKER IN AIRPLANE -v' BROUGHT BACK COIN COPENHAGEN, June 17.-M. Bam- aaa Ann Ing, a banker, casnea a uv.wu ..ir tnr . Rerman. Then ne learneu IsUCfn- w - the check was bad. , He hopped into an airplane and 'flew to Warne-, muende, Germany, where he met, the German as he left a ferry boat Earning got back his money and flew Thanks to Lizzie (By BURTON BRALEY) The rich people, ever go touring ' . In huge, and splendiferous cars That move with a smoothness alluring, . - Protected from jolts' and from jars; Our car shakes thepine and the liver, And yet it's our joy and oyr pride The little old family flivver That cheerfully takes u& to ride. It's true when we go for a spin, it Is crowded wherever it wends; For all of the family's in it, Along with a number of friends. Though packed till we scarcely can quiver, We still can enoy all the while The little old family flivver Which carries us mile after mile! It's funny and dowdy and battered. .It rattles and jounces a lot But somehow that never has mattered Compared to the fun that we got In riding by hill, .lake and river, jWherever we happened to steer, The little old family flivver That's served us for many a year. What care we for. mudguards that yammer ; Or springs that complain as we , run? This car has ' brought magic and glamor; It's made us all pals with the sun. Its body may shimmy and shiver, Its cylinders miss, yet we praise The little old family flivver That adds to the fun of our days! ininiiiiiin This is Our Creed 1 That true service consists in giving finest work- D 3 . manship. .. , 3 H That the engine of a motor car must have the care M SI of an expert mechaniaian .to preserve its wearing ' s qualities. We aim to give you just this. S S That promptness, dependability and efficiency are 3 S our watchwords. I Manna Kea Garage 1 3 "At Your Service" rr SjB! UI III I liSB I Hill I III nSi H HI I II II IfSI I llll II If IIBEII llli II III I IISil II 111 I HllgQI .!!iriHaiitiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMgiiiiiii!iiiiiiMuiii!iiiim:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiituiij Hawaiian Contracting Co., Ltd. I I ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS, . ' I GENERAL CONTRACTORS . 1 Phone 83 Kalakaua Street . (Hilo Emporium Building) iiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinimiii!!iiiiitiiiiiumiiiiiiiui iimiiiitiumiiiimi! COLLEGE STUDENTS STRANDEDJN HARBIN by The Associated Press. HARBIN, June 17. There ,-are at present in Harbin more than 250 young Russian students, men and women, who have been stranded by the eastward movement, of refugees following the collapse of the Kolchak government 18 months ago. In Vladi vostok there are as many if not more. A large percentage of these stu dents have completed their high school course. Jhe only institutions of higher education available to them are the Vladivostok Institute of Oriental Languages, and the Vladivostok m i t , i t in.... i it. i i x ecimoiogicai msuiuie, doia oi wnicii are seriously impaired by lack of experienced professors, libraries and equipment. There is even an almost complete lack of textbooks. Toward the end of 1920 Dr. W. H. Bucher, of the American Red Cross, became Interested in the fate of these young people and endeavored to arrange accommodation for them in American educational institutions. When the word i got about, more than 1300 registered for admission. P; S. Troitsky and F. Korapachin-sky, of the educational department of the Chinese Eastern Railway, them-j selves refugees, have perfected an organization in Harbin with the object of assisting students to review, their former courses of study and to ' TRIAL OF MURDER RE HELD IN JULY jy The Associated Pres. PARIS, June 17 It now seems fairly certain that Henri Desire Lan-dru, who, for the past 30 months, has been 5 awaiting trial on charges of murder growing out of the disap' pearance, without trace, of 11 women to whom he had promised marriage, will come before the Versailles Assizes in July. , ' LandnT has become a great favorite with the warders owing to his unfaltering . good humor. miiMiiiiimimiiiiimiiimimiiiiHiHr I HILO CONTRACTING' CO. I GENERAL ! CONTRACTORS 5 QONCRETE AND 1 CEMENT- WORK A SPECIALTY v 3 3 3 learn EnKli.sh. They are also trying to devise means to send deserving, students to America to complete their education and to establish in America some organization to take charge of students upon arrival in co-opeatlon with Harbin enterprise. Prof. Paul J. Blunienthal, io was an Instructor, in the Culver Military Academy 20 years, ago and who- was judge of the district court at Iliele-bei in the Ufa district when the revo-, lution overtook him, is also trying to ensure the future of these young Russians. "Mortt of these young men and women," he said, "are deprived of all means, belonging to families whose only source consists of their culture, having lost their property during the civil war. Their desire to go to America tostudy is promrHed by an appreciation of the sound spirit of American institutions of learning and also by the comparative accessibility of American universities and higher technical, schools. The Harbin refugee committee is almost without funds to carry out its task. No doubt there are many such refugees in Peking, Tientsin and Shanghai who would join others if they saw any way to give their children the possibility of going to America to complete their education. "Among those interested in this endeavor in the States are Mr. Joseph Okulich of Boston, Prof. Borodine, Washington, D. C, and Mr.M. A. Kucenko, of Berkeley, Calif." Made to Measure Clothing that Satisfies. Ask the Men Who Wear Them. , JAN SCHAAFSMA, Room 6, Spreckels Building . 818 Kamehameha Aveniifl , r Tel. 229 P. 0. Box 18 ?lllHIIIIllUlJI!IIIIIIIIKMIUIHIIIIIIllllf,l" CONCESSIONS 4th of July Celebration Proposals for concessions at Kuhio wharf and Hoolulu park will be received by the Concession Commit lee up to June 25th at 12 o'clock noon and then opened, concessions will be awarded to the high bidder. . Concession Np. A-l Selling; privilege, '8,000 official programs. ' s KUHIO WHARF Concession No. B-l Ice Cream and Cornucopias. Concession No. B-2 Peanuts, Popcorn and-Chewing Gum. r Concession No. B-3 Watermelons. . ' Concession No. B-4 Soda Water. . Concession No. B-5 Lemonade and Milkshake, Grape . ' ' Juice. Concession No. B-6 Games (state what kind). Concession No. B- Refreshments not included in above items. HOOLULU PARK . 1 - Concession No. C-l Ice Cream and Cornucopias. Concession No. C-2 Peanuts, Popcorn and Chewing ' , - Gum. '-. Concession No. C-S Watermelons.; ' .. , Coiicession.No. C-4 Soda Water. f ' .' ' . v Concession Nc. C-5 Lemonade, - Grape " Juice, Milk- . v . ' . ' shake. . . ' . " Concession No. C-6 Games (state what kinty. , Concession No. C-7 Refreshments not, included in v r ! above items. ' . . Proposals snail, state what concession is desired, the amount to be. paid, and shall be accompanied by 10 per cent of the amount of proposal., -U M a n onv nn a nr cr Ail n At a 11 rnnoPHsions. Proposals upon any I JU1UO vu t . o w", - , r concession other. ttfan those listed will be considered. Address CONCESSIONS COMMITTEE. V care of C. H. WILL, Chairman: " June 18-18-21-23-24 - in home to Copenhagen. , ; i f' 1 . - '

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