The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 193'.) JGtiicks Will Leave [Early Tomorrow For (North Little_Rock | By J, P. FRIEND urantf^pfs!™,^^!,,,, ^SS^^^'^^^^!^-, -rhpi- nrc slated to lc"ive by cars*I iw >. ""!*_.. rooming, nrrlvlng' Ha,-,!,, George Pro lit, Mllull and Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLEMORB NEW Oct. I!) CUP) — noon at the scene of the iMarlon hotel I The tithe snapped througn a (brisk workout yesterday and have feniji a brief limbering up this a - fteuioon before closing out their firaining menu i With exception of Pounding Paul |BlacKwo-d, fullback, the squad Is n !n fmo shape Bi»-k»«xl 1ms been Mild up with a sore throat and lias Jbeen unable to practice since Mon_day However, lie returned to achco . I this monims and likely will be nl I right by the opening whistle. Nor * man • Monk" Ma-ley rtemonstratcc* Hall week that he is set for the firs hlme In three weeks, and Jihnso ,"Dos" BlicUell. end, stated .yes 1 terday his side "felt fine" nnrt won! 'flje In there against the Wildcat I1 The joungcr brother of Gen 11 bruised ti Wdney dining practlc *last week and »os kept out of tl } Paragould game He lias cainned i Ws woik this week to runnlii 1 rather than take a chance on 1m • Ing the injury flare up nsaln. Hi" Chief Dlldy is undccld upon his probable Stirling linci The bi»gcst question hoyers o\ S-.uicm nml diaries c.s Pin'tle and w. student, managers. A Dl) Oil. the left halfback and Hugh" Ocodbye, academy award lo "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." Robert Donat's chance of gct- ItiiB Hollywood's coveted "Oscar 1 fcv his portrayal of Mr. Chip went a-glimmerlng today when I wnx learned that Toivy Clalent toon would head for California w make • u ]>U'Lure, The academy of motion picture arts and .sciences awards I Us gold stattieUe to the actor giving Hie outstanding performance cf the year, and you can bet your dollar that Galento's will he . that. With M«c West and W. C Fields In his .supporting cast, the And Tony would Jnsi, lie him-'to give bond with good security . , f -i j or payment of the purchase price, Jf course, He wouldn't be out of | the security to be approved by me ilMo a" lie bartender or the 1 ogellier with Interest from date >mce us mi. i, __, L ^ M _ n f K ^ R nl t| 1( , ra t e O f n (%) per* cent pel' annum. Provided If the purchaser at said sale shall be the Judgment creditor then In Uial event said puv- ciiaser Is not to be required to give said bowl but give credit, on said judgment. Tills sale will be made by virtue of a levy made by me under execution Issued C»L o f Ihe Chancery court of ami for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 2nd day of Oelo- bcv 1M9, from a Judgment rendered 'in said Court In favor of Mary Robinson, Plaintiff, "'" mnnoer. He performs both duties n real life In his pub In New Jersey, and critics who hnvft seen .ilin draw one light or pop a trouble-maker on Hie noggin ray that lie is more than adequate. Claleuto will be accompanied to Hollywood by .Ion Jacobs, a cllres- tor of the old school. I wouldn't ' \\ji k/i t*jt "i«i u~.. r •"• be surprised If Jacobs hasn't directed more farces than any other man In the business. Lights! Cu>! NOTICE OF SAI-E (INDF.ri EXECUTION Notice Is hereby given Ihat I. Darrymorc of the beer Hgers Win Third Straight Game By 20-12 Score Of iale Jackson, County, sheriff of Missis- Arkansas, will on p:st, bclwccn W11K*K~JT HUM »«*>3-- *•*Since Hugh lias been playing a whale of a game and a\cmjcd 18.2 yards evciy time he lugged barrels Is a'Wo"lO cinch to outdo all Ihe Minus, Ti-acys, Cables and Donats because not since Rln Tin Tli was at the lielghi, of his glory hn I Hollywood seen an actor with Hi emotional range of Oallento. Thosi! of us who have bee watching Oalenlo for the pnst 1 years or so know. Ihat he con ru tlic gamut of emotions as casl! as Man O'War ever did the ml • , Uiul a fiuartcr. In his four-ai. CAIUITIIERSVILLB, Mo., Oc I- ,,,.,„„„ wllh Joc Louis, for c.x-1 10 — Caruthersvnie high school 1 g- \ |n , c Qalento (lashed every hu- v ci-s sccrcd their third consecutive j m _ n f ce ]i ng . j n Uie first act, he Bfltl Irlumph herc^ yesterday afU-1 K . 1V( , -^ vlvW portrayal of scorn ernoon, dow a iion-cotif^t^.,.^^ o -- - • i nis ILICU \vn^ <\ .in*v.j •*. ^"- igers have not lost a confer-1 ( sm . pl .| sc _ Tll third, he rose to ence tilt, and only one gome this cmc i^ighis to thrill the year, that 7-0 to Poplar Bluff the spec t a t ors y/Hh a masterful show opening home game. Their Tigers of C0l|rage nn ,i recklessness. And have scored 71 points to oppo-j jn lhe foul . (1) w ithcut the use of ncnls' ID. Ji m ake-up, and wlUiout the use of Two of the Tiger t°" clldQwns . sl ,eech,' he became an old, old ..„,.„ mnrln bv line I • ue!1 ieii and worn, and ready „,- 281 h day of October, 1939, be-| ween the hours of 9:00 o'clock In he forenoon and 3:00 o'clock Jn he afternoon of snid date, offer or sale at public outcry, lo the Ugliest bidder on a credit Of three months, at the SouUi door of Uie Court House in Blythcvillc, Chlc*- asixwba District. Mississippi County Arkansas, the following real- :siate In said district, county nncl ' " Til- West <\V'/') "Half of the Southwest (SW1-M quarlerof Beclion II, Township 15 North, Ranee 11 East. The purchaser will be required I'lllliniri $\wn i.i v<*, > ...,..,-.., r-^-- st Clyde Robinson, Defendant, said execution being issued In favor of said Plaintiff. UU I miuuti. Witness rny hand this 4th day of October, 1939.. . Tins sale will lie made subject to a mortgage in favor of Ihe Business Men's Assurance Co.' ot America. HALE JACKSON, Sherlll. Bv Raymond Bomaiy D.S. 5-19 mph here yesterday Riv- \ e -, A vlvW p0 ilrayal of scorn lownlng Sikeston 20-12 «>[„„,, bmgBMlocclo. In the second, nfeicnce game. Tims far, f _ ce was R sl|l( | y ln cr . u t| on TIMELY CLOTHES Tailored For Comfort, Plus Styfe RANGER WORSTED Fine tailoring and excellent fabrics combine to give you Ranger Worsted, the suit lor men svho care. Only in Ranger Worsteds can you find exclusive patterns, tailored with the. restraint and distinction usually found in much higher priced suits. A Ranger is an excellent suit investment for you have the assurance of modern comfort with new style that will he in excellent taste many months from now. LISTEN yars the leather last v,eek it \\lll be quite difficult to have him sitting on the I bench Dildy realises that and indicated he would start him and hold Monk for a favorable spct. When the substitution is made Iheie yesterday were made by plunges by Paul Neal, hard-htitlng fullback and the other by n pass, Gen6 Michlc to Claude Stewart. Both Sikeston touchdowns were by the air route, cnch being Matthews is a possibility that ^ :klield wilf iincler.,0 "a complete change. Coach appeals to have taken n fanc/Ho the Hinbeit-Moslcy-IJoyd- rord combination a'ud may open with thaf gioup • ' , f t The fcllofting are * ejtpci;ted to make the lilp- Capl!iSy.'..>T)anny Warrington, Buddj Baxter, Johnson Blackwell. Jack Jenkins mil LeRoy Ross, ends, Alun Justice, L C Johnson, How ell Alley, .tackles; Travis Bennett, John Paulk, Pat Cliltnini Rsvmond Bickerslflff, Everett Crosslo*, John Cramer guaids, Bill Godwin, Bo Coppcdge Roland Rounsiville, centers; acne Ho-d, narbert, Mosley, Lloyd, Foi'd Blackwood, Hnny Muery, So Simmons. Starting lineups: Carulhersvllle Pos. Murphy Litton Lafferty C. Button Mick (c) ..' S. Sutlon Stewart. Michie Hcredith Neal LE LT LG C no•i.-RT ' RE QQ HB HB 1T3 Sikeston Beal Waggncr Latham Tl^ider Wntsoii (c) to die, In fewer than 12 inlnntcs'.Gtt- Icnto went fronv a strong, healthy man. in full possession of his mental and physical faculties, to an old, tired, and completely wrecked human being. Of .course, he had the full cooperation of Louis, one of the -best straight (right) men in the show business. The report from Hollywood i that the script for Tony's plctur Dlehl uiuni calls for him to have Ills blgges Simmons scene in a saloon setting. Whelbe Wyalt he will play the bartender, 111 Tnvlor bouncer, or a customer is no Walker! knew", Ingram 100 13—20 Score by miartcis: Cariithersville — Jlkeston Substitutes: C Green, Oailher, Keener, McCoy. the • director, ucllevcd he has Ilia , Tony working on a tankard o ale, will cast him in the role o customer. As n customer, wlios n n fi 0-12 customer. As n customer, wnu.-. ••irulhersvllle-' Imsbiess it is to drink beer, Ga arnlnemni ! , in , sensational, . Slkeslon—Swacler, Downian, bert, Copo, Matthews. r Irfew ConVier Irfews i- 'i magnificent, ami slightly colossa 1 There may be actors in Hellywoo capable, of giving a better pe i Iqnnancc at the Ivar limn, Gaicnlo, I biit '.they would be charncler/ict- To The I'lay-By-i'lay: Account of the Game Blytheville vs. North Little Rock Friday Night 8 p.m. over a special w i r e diret 'roni Ihe playing field., American Legion Arena Admission \ Sponsored hy Chickasaw Athletic Club Smart Suits for Prep School Lads Just the suit for the young man at school. Colorful Tweeds and Mixtures, soft stripes and solid tones—dashing styles to make him leel "up-to-the-minute". Priced to m net small budgets. $0150 21 up DOBBS Dislclhnltil by UNITED LIQUOR. Wholesalers Mltlf Ro'k. fo" Sinilh. most Beautiful in theWo«M I CROSS COUNTRY Pennwood Clothes At Popular Prices Values galore in these beautiful' popular priced suit*. ' -y.The:'all wool fabrics include - Tweeds, Mixtures — Stripes. ,A complete size range as- you a perfect fit. 10 New Low-Priced Sixes.. 7 New Luxurious Eights The Biggest, Finest ilwfawJ& That Ever Took the Road TONG FAMOUS AS TUB crcalot of the "most bfauiiful thing on proud . . . powered to give you great performance , . . priced to m-l wheels," Pontiac proudly presents for 1940 seventeen stunning plr.isc your poclcctbook. So give yourself a triple treat this year new creations. Btggcr.' Better. More luxurious. Introducing over and buy a Pontiac for price, pride and performance! 60 rivancements, including Sealed-Beam licadkmpi and Hi-Test ^mgg*j+ *»J »> 'J,lir,,<J *i Fo-.i«..W<*. Tr^.for^;™ l«,,J <m rrf S.tayCiUss. 1 ^7S3 '£S;^l-w™r,"?,',%i?};^ l $^^. Now tritre'a a Pontiic for EVERYBODY . . . ttjlcti to male you Ctntrai itann uimi to i*it >»«» t »rj<. lor Pride and Ferformattce LANG8TON-WROTEN CO. It's longer, lower, roomier than before and priced riylit next lo the lowest. Tww-door sedan £8JO* See the New De Luxe Six Bipgest Pontiac Six cvcc built. GrratlySimprovcd, completely rcsljkd. Four-door scilan J932* See the New DC Lu^e Eight m LIGHTWEIGHT MIXTURE Months ago Dobbs style scouts timed this smart hat style to harmonize with the current shitt to Tweed's and rougher sport wear . . . And or voui- comfort, Dobbs" made it a lightweight— •With nil the good looks and springy stamina ol the famous CroK.s Country styles. dp f* ARROW SHIRTS America's favorite, shirt •with the one and only ARROW COLLAR. They're Sanforized-Shrunk and obtainable in white o r a great array of new patterns. Nunn-Bush largest, most luxurious eight ever priced so close lo the better sixes. Four-door scdln £970' See the New Torpedo Eight A ntw concept of bined with unusual e long life. Four-door s LEATHER JACKETS Jlany new styles . . • regular coat length or short, vest-type jackets. Button or zipper front. All with loose fitting shoulders to give freedom of-action. Here are two Nunn-Bush Cua- tom Finish models that deserve your inspection . . . Like other Nunn-Bush shoes they are An- klerFashioned to make original smartness last longer. Either style I $8.75 • Others 57^95 to §10.85 A Few Higher ..:' * Wilson Brothers uer Sweaters Sklppf Broadway and Walnut Rlylhevllte, Ark. ! 9.75 New and colorful, the Skipper is just what you need in. a sweater. You're assured of style with long-wear. Slip- CO- 50 over and coat styles, yw up R. D. HUGHES & CO. OFFICIAL HEADQUARTERS FOR BOY SCOUT UNIFORMS ft SHOES

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