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'i i For Thc Hernltl's, Ilomcmakcrs by Iowa Slate College Home Economists ngel Food Is Popular Dessert For Winning Egg Menus In State Contest is it that uses lots of eggs, is white and fluffy and "lieaven- and was the most popular dessert in the Iowa Egg Menu Contest? Right the first food. Three of the five Iowa women who jlaced at the top in the recent contest nnductcd by the Iowa World's Poultry Congress committee included angel as dessert, and not one of the line prize-winning recipes duplicated BMsurcments. That, -when even a (rar jralns of sugar seem to make a dilfercnce in the delicate: cake, should Bike the recipes worth a trial a-piece! Gaynold Carroll, Dos Moines, first- prize winner whose menu has been diosen among the 20 best in the country, used 14 eggs for a filled angel food. Miss Carroll will demonstrate her 25- eggmeal at the World's Poultry Congress in Cleveland in competition for a (1,000 prize. Clarindn, who placed Scond, used l'-l cups egg whites, and the filth place winner, Mrs.

Elmer Appenzeller. Stratford, recommended cup. Other measurements varied, bo, are the three complete prize winning egg menus and the three age! food recipes: First Carroll, Des Moines Asparagus Souffle Sliced Tomatoes and Stuffed Celery Egg-Cucumber Salad Bran Muffins Jelly Filled Angel Food Cake Coffee Filled Angel Food Cake C. egg whites C. Sugar C.

pastry flour -51 tsp. salt 2 tsp. cream of tartar 1 tsp. vanilla Sift sugar once. Add VJ C.

of it to Jour and sift together 3 times. Beat whites with Dover beater until frothy. Add cream of tartar and salt continue beating eggs until stiff aiough to hold their shape. Add sugar fradually, beating thoroughly after addition. When sugar is in, fold in the folding in 1 about at a time, fthen all flour is in, fold a few additional times.

Bake in a large ungreas- angel food pan in a moderate oven $to75 minutes. Let cool in pan. center of cake and spread surface tbsp. gelatin IS milk yolks, beaten C. sugar Hi tsp.

vanilla pinch of salt C. whipping cream Soak gelatin in a little of the cold for io minutes, Heat the remainder of milk in top of double boil- Bv Add stirring until com- iWrtely. dissolved; Dissolve sugar and milk. When somewhat cooled; egg 0 ik and vanilla. Let cool mixture thickens.

Add it to cream and beat thoroughly Mil mixture holds its shape. Fresh 'wwberries, black- raspberries, or and coconut may be sprinkled ov top of frosting. Second Humbert Clarinda: Fruit Salad with California Sunshine Dressing Wafers Egg and Spaghetti in Casserole Carrot Strips Stuffed Tomatoes Rolls Jelly Angel Food Cake Orange Sauce Coffee Nuts Mints Angel Food Cake Hi C. egg white 1 tsp. cream of tartar tsp.

salt H-j C. granulated sugar 1 tsp. flavoring 1 C. cake flour Beat the egK whites until they are frothy. Add the cream of tartar and the salt, and continue beating until the whites will hold a point when the beater is drawn nut of them.

Now add 1 C. sugar, a little at a time, beating after each addition. Fold in the flavoring. Sift the llour three times with the remaining C. sugar, and add the flour-sugar mixture, about 4 tbsp.

at a time. Fold in each addition. When all of flour and sugar have been added, pour the batter into a dry. tin- greased angel food cake pan. Bake in a slow oven (325 degrees) for 1 hour.

When done, invert the pan on a cake cooler until entirely cool. Orange Sauce 4 egg yolks C. sugar Juice of 1 orange Cook the above in top of double boiler. Add four marshmallows and stir until they are dissolved. Whip one cup cream and add to the above mixture when it is cool.

Fifth Place- JarmBi wm Oureau SOIL CONSERVATION GIVEN EMPHASIS IN 1040 PROGRAM Mrs. Elmer Appenzeller, Stratford: Platter of Deviled Eggs. Cuts of Cold Pork, Radishes and Parsley Fried Potatoes Vegetable-Fruit Salad Orange Rolls Butter Virginia Strawberry Mold Angel Food Cake Coffee or Milk Angel Food Cake 1 C. egg whites Hi C. sugar 1 C.

cake flour 1 tsp. cream tartar tsp. salt tsp. orange flavoring tsp. vanilla flavoring 1 tbsp.

water Sift flour and sugar separately four times. Measure each after first sifting. Whip eggs with wire whisk. When half beaten, add water, salt and flavoring. Sift in cream of tartar.

Continue whipping until whites hold their shape. Divide sugar into fourths. Fold in each fourth with 10 careful strokes of the spatula. Do likewise with flour. Pour into unoiled tube pan.

Bake in slow oven (325 degrees 50 minutes. Turn upside down when taken from the oven. Soil conservation will have Increased emphasis in the 1940 AAA farm program, says O. D. Klein, chairman of the stale AAA committee, who represented Iowa at the National AAA Conference in Washington, D.

where recommendations were presented for the 1940 farm program. In a letter to Michael F. Burke, chairman of the county AAA committee, Klein said that next, year's farm program will also provide a better opportunity for operators of small farms to participate, and the responsibility of administration will continue in the hands of farmer committees. An important recommendation affecting soil conservation, and which should help small farmers take part in the program, was that there be established a minimum soil-building allowance of $20 per farm. Another important soil conservation recommendation is one that would allow farmers to earn up to $30 per farm for tree planting, in addition to the regular soil building allowance for the farm.

State and local AAA committeemen will have more responsibility for the field administration' of crop insurance and loans. This is in line with estab lished AAA policy of decentralizing administration of the program where- ever possible. "The national conference was held a month earlier this year than. Klein said. "This will give farmers in 1940 a better opportunity than ever to know well in advance of the planting season what the program has to offer them.

"Recommendations adopted at the national conference will be used for drafting specific provisions of the 1940 program. In general, it will continue on the same lines as the 1939 program, Changes recommended are those which will simplify administration of the program, or make it more effective from the standpoint of soil conservation." The conservation program provides for establishment of national allotments for soil-depleting crops and a national goal for soil-building crops and practices, which will be broken down to individual farms. The national wheat allotment of 62,000,000 acres for 1940 has already been announced. Other special allotments, such as corn, cotton, tobacco and rice, will be made later in the season when the size of the 1939 crop is definitely known. Changes in rates of pavment on these commodities will be made on the basis of what the allotments are for them.

As in 1939, there will be two different payments which farmers may earn in 1940. These are the conservation payments and the price adjustment payments. TRUTH about ADVERTISING By CHARLES B.ROTH MONTAIGNE'S 'GREAT REGISTER'" I EVERYTHING else that gifted writer, Michael Equem de Montaigne, wrote were to disappear, the world would still be indebted to him for his ideas on what he called his "great Montaigne was a Frenchman who lived and; wrote 400 years ago. Now admired excessively by a few readers, he's almost forgotten the world at large. But every time you read an advertisement in your newspaper, you do homage to his memory.

For it was his idea that people, who want to buy, need some place where they can get information about the products which others have to sell. In Montaigne's time the buyer had to look for the seller, the seller had to look for the buyer. Montaigne proposed a register to be posted where all might see. Here the owners, of things they wanted to sell would- list them. Here also those who 'had needs would list those needs.

Buyer and seller would thus be brought together. It was a good idea. It still is good idea. Every time, indeed, you look over the "ads" in 'your newspaper you express your approval of the idea. Sellers tell yon what they have.

Charles Roth You save time and money because you compare what one seller offers with what another offers. You judge which is the better value. Norman Angsll, the English writer, wished that someone had advertised more in England when he set buy a horse scraper for some farming operations he had on hand. He scanned the advertisements. No scrapers.

He wrote a few manufacturers he knew. No scrapers. Later he came to America and in Chicago discovered, through an advertisement, of a horse scraper for sale. He looked into the and found it was made within 20 miles of his English farm. That a "great register" coming to you regularly, with the day's best opportunities to buy the things you need, is one of the beatitudes of living in America and in these modern times.

You do not, like Mr. Angell, have to fret and worry and search for what you need. You merely open the pages of the newspaper, and, lo, there right in front of you, you find a world of useful things from all over The more you rely upon the register" of modern life to help you in your buying, the more you get from every penny you spend. The best values, the best merchandise, the best comprise the contents of that useful, indispensable modern version of Montaigne's sound idea.

Charles B. Roth. 14 PER CENT LESS CORN USED DURING FIRST HALF OF 1939 Uncle Jim Sags BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CHILD'S BIRTH REGISTERED PROMPTLY SUMNER CREAMERY PROTESTS AGAINST' RAILROAD RULING Acting upon the complaint of several and produce companies, in- ending the Sumner creamery, Senator Gillette is taking up their charges Unfa1 discrimination allegedly in- t'mtcd. on them by the Association of Railroads. GiUetto said he has received the let- from these companies in the past days, informing him of the fact Ass ociation of American Rail- Ms issued a ruling to the effect that creameries and.other producers hereafter have'to.

use the refrig- cars owned by, the railroads on Wu 1Ines the Soods are shipped, and they cannot use other cars such as sS, "ve been doing for years." in Gil- said t'but to add'insult'to injury, it seems that the large producers will be permitted to use their own refrigeration cars." The senator said he wanted to focus attention of the Interstate Commerce Commission on this discrimination in particular. Gillette- also doubted if the association has the legal right to issue such a ruling. The complaining companies were: The Cresco Creamery, the Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Association, both of Cresco; the Decorah Farmers' Ice Cave Company, Decorah Poultiy Cold Storage, Handajia Creamery, Lime Springs creamery, Fayette creamery, and Fred Sobolik of Cresm There were others from various sections of the state. Gillette said he may receive an ionifrom the Interstate Commerce Commission this Gazette. It's funny how much a man learns about running his own farm when he studies and worries over national farm problems.

Parents of children starting school for the first time this fall are urged by Mayo Tolman, vital statistics director of the Iowa state department of health, to make sure they have birth registration notifications of their children and, if not, to take proper steps as soon as possible this summer toward obtaining this record to avoid "last minute delay" later on. Tolman asked parents who do not have registration notifications of the birth of their children to write the vital statistics division of the state health department for this record The name of child and the date and place of birth should be given, he said. The vital statistics director said that some school districts do not requir? birth notifications for proof of. age, but he invited all parents of children api proaching school age to obtain this record, nevertheless. He explained, "Acquiring record of birth for your child is not only an important part of the task of getting the child ready for school in many cases but also an essential item in the larger job of preparing him for the future.

The time will come when he will need record of his birth. Proper registration now will prevent difficulty and embarrassment then." Among other things, he pointed out birth registration is necessary for work permits, automobile license, right to vote, right to of, parentage, inheritance settlement of insurance, and identity. BIERMANN WANTS TO KNOW WHAT "FOR EXAMPLE" MEANS Although farmers' have' more livestock this year and corn stocks are larger and corn prices lower, 14 per cent less corn was used during the months of April, May and June than in the same period last year. Economists at Iowa State College report that from Jan. 1 to April 1 the disappearance of corn from farms was 2 per cent' less than that of a year earlier.

This decrease in corn consumption during the first 6 months of this year is partially accounted for by decreased export demand for American corn. From Oct. 1 to July 1 American exports of corn totaled only 31 million bushels in comparison with 104 million bushels a year earlier. Allowing for the decrease in exports farmers have actually fed about 3.5 per cent more corn during the last 9 months than theV fed in the same period a year earlier. Feeding Methods Changes in feeding methods may have helped hold down corn consumption as there has been no decrease in the number of livestock on feed relative lo a year ago.

The December pig survey showed that farmers had saved 18 per cent more fall pigs than a year earlier. Farmers have not been saving any large quantity of corn by marketing their pigs at lighter weights. Average weights at the seven principal markets were actually heavier than a year earlier during the first 5 months of 1939. Since late May, however, average weights have fallen below the level of a year earlier, and there is some indication that farmers are marketing their packing sows at lighter weights than in 1938. Farmers probably have saved some corn on their cattle feeding operations this year.

Government surveys have consistently shown more cattle on feed in the Corn Belt than was the case a year ago. Roughage supplies were unusually heavy last Jail and indications are that farmers are saving corn by holding their steers for a longer period and feeding large quantities of roughage. Dairymen may have fed less grain than usual this spring because of low butter prices and the large supplies of cheap roughage. Corn Loan Program The" economists point out that the corn loan-program may have caused some farmers to economize on "the use of corn this year in: much the same way that a rise in corn prices would curtail consumption. If the government's estimates are right and corn continues to disappear at the same rate as the average for the last 9 months, the carryover on Oct.

1 will be around 500 to 550 million bushels in comparison with 352 million last year. You'll save money by reading the ads in today's' Herald. In writing for the Mason City Globe- Gazette readers on Thursday morning, Fred Biermann of Decorah In "Pros and Cons" last week appeared this clipping: "Manly Signal: But since the banks are already full of money, and the extravagant spending program has been tried and has failed, wouldn't it be a good idea to try something else? Something sound and sensible, for example." Now "for example" just what is meant by "something sound and sensible?" We'd like to know, just one republican proposal "for example." The indictment of the feeble, incompetent, and utterly futile republican minority in senate and house the past six years is that it has complained and criticized incessantly, has voted for many of the measures it has complained about, and, most of all, it has proposed nothing constructive to take the' place of "the New Deal." 'After 12 years of uninterrupted republican policies, this entire nation, business, banks, farms, manufacturing, retailing and' all, were' completely wreclced. Never in our history has there been such-an all inclusive destruction of prosperity in this republic. If government has anything to do with prosperity, it fair to say that 12 uninterrupted republican years were responsible for the most nearly universal catastrophe the American people has ever endured.

Until the feeble republican leadership in Washington offers something else, the public has the right to look upon those 12 years as what is meant "for example" of "Something sound and sensible." tarantula on display, at Olson's grocery store has aroused a great deal of attention since the McGregor Times- relates. A bunch of bananas was hung, up in the store several days ago and Mr. Olson and his clerkshave been cutting off the banar nas. Wednesday; Walt Henry was stripping the stalk of the flast six bananas when he felt something crawling on.his a huge tarantula, one of the largest ever seen by local people." MANY HAWKS NEEDLESSLY SHOT IN IOWA EVERY YEAR LOUIS SCHUTTE WILLARD SCHUTTE Funeral Directors and Embalmers Cut Flowers For All-Occasions C. M.

MORGAN Veterinarian In Rear of Citizens State Bank Telephone No. 155 -R For every destructive hawk killed in Iowa, probably 18 innocent and bene ficial ones are heedlessly shot on mere suspicion, says Ellis Hicks, extension wildlife specialist at Iowa State College. Only four hawks in the entire United States are considered harmful enough by bird authorities to warrant control, Hicks said. All four are found in Iowa, but two in comparatively small numbers. They are the sharp- shinned hawk, the cooper hawk, goshawk and duck hawk.

The rest, for all practical purposes, can be classified as beneficial to man. "Even these four are not always harmful and, under certain conditions, some of these beneficial species become destructive to game," Hicks ex- plainedi "Hard winters, for instance, so weaken game birds that they become easy prey of hawks which usually hunt rabbits and rodents." Ellis stressed the fact that food habits of hawks are not so much a matter of choice as they are ability; to catch and kill their prey. Most game species are too clever to be taken except when weak, inexperienced, or in a country where protective covering is lacking. CUT OUT AND DESTROY THE RASPBERRY CANES AT ONCE J.W. MYERS, Offices Over Ltthman Sanders Telephones: Office 188W Residence 188X JOSEPH B.

STEELE Attorney and Counselor at Law Office in Koevenig Building DR. H. D. COLE Foundation work was completed Thursday on the big 148x58 foot 4-H barn at the Winneshiek 'county fair grounds, says the Decorah Journal, and completion of the; structure will be rushed by John Doerr, contractor; Assurance has been given. that the barn wUUbe, completed several; days ahead of tune so that the 4-H exhibits can be properly attractively housed this Raspberry canes which have fruited should be cut' now and destroyed as a means of the possible spread of anthracnose to young shoots, says S.

extension horticulturist at Iowa State College: He reports that there was an excep tionally good crop of black raspberries in Iowa this but that the red raspberry crop, was less than normal. Considerable anthracnose was reported. Taking out the oldifruiting' canes now and burning them is a wise precaution to prevent reinfection of the new canes. Dentist Office over Citizens State Bank BURLING PALAS ATTORNEYS AT-LAW Over the Postville State Bank Dr. F.

W. KIESAU, M.D. Dr. M. F.

KIESAU, M.D. Physicians and Surgeons Office over Postoffice Phone 245 Allamakee Rendering Works We pay Cash for horses and cattle, according to size and condition. Will Call For One Hog or More. Call 555 Postville WE WELL PAY FOR THE CALL! Odd Size Envelopes Sell It through a Herald Want Adl We have just added a line of heavy clasp envelopes for your occasional mailing pieces you can buy one or 100 the following sizes: 5 8 4 2 2 6x9 2 2 2 2 2 2 9x12 2 2 10x13 Postville Herald If It's Printing You Do It.

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