The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 193(5 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A TT 1 n • 1 Tfc '•• ~~ ~ ~ As Hoover and Smith, Rivals in 1928, Joined Forces to Seek Defeat of PAGE THREE News From ihe Western From ; T Repeat!' "!l Is Jusi Plain Scoreboard Arithmetic!' A Republican ex-president nml Hie G. O. P. standard fcEarcr in ilis i 1930 race here met In Tcpska, when Herbert Hoover visited Ciov. Alt M. Limdon-to discuss (he campaign. AL thciv conference in the living- rcoin of the governors mansion in Ilic Kansas capital, Heovcr assured Lnmlon lhal the "Republican raitso Is making |:ro;jrc:s riulit alcus." and announced Hint, he would make !srs evening sjsoeli ;:i Philadelphia.-Oct. .1C. Reiterating liis char New rje.ii leaves "n policy secure anil no ;c Hint llu savings cc-ont rare," Col. Frank Knc:<, O. O. p. vice prcsklcn' !:il nominee, Is shoivn as ho ™o':c in Fitlsl-ai'gh, ])i-fc!riing ihc r.or^- velt Forbes Field address. Administration politics, he said, arc a "financial dance or death." 8&£m&^AfmM, ^ His Derby Off lo Lniidon in fighting iiicoil as lie Inslicd back at charges of his owoslllon President RoDsevclt is in his impassioned of the New Deal record urjorc Ihc Ihrong lhal' packed Pirates' L-aseMI park, in Pittsburgh. To the crow,!, estimated at. more limn HO 000 milivc voiced his HL> !<•.' llmi the last-rising national income would enable b-ihncln,. licncl ktidgct. uiihln ,i year or Kvo. -,vil!m,a additional luxation. The national ilihl' v,il! not lie paid by craunj gcnernlioiu;, but out of increased national diicetl by Increasing national prosperity, and Individual shewn, insot, Fortes Field. the chief ex- of the iiu- lie dcdiiml, Incomes pra- Henry Hughey's Pride of Memphis Wins Walking Horse Classes. Wildwood Farms, near Memphis, Rok Rcxnna Pea vine, S. McLc- more niui Son, tlrivcti by J. Alc- l.emore, 2nd; Mountain Holly, .). T. Russell, driven by V. Youngblood, 3rd. Purse: $25, 515. $10. Open thrcc-jjnilctl:- Plash Gc-r- cion, Wildwood Farms, ridden by Bradshaw, 1st; Princess Hackley, Cunnysidc Stables, ritltlcn by Maddux Whitley, 2nd; Roxy Ann. Main-y Strauss, ridden by Mam- Strauss. 3rtl. Purse: S50, $30, S21. Roadsters witii lady drivers:— Will Do, owned and driven hy Mrs. V. Youngblood, 1st; Bachelor's Dream, V. Yomigblood. driven by Mary Oda Lee, 3rd. Purse- 520, $10, S5. Walking . geldings: — Pride or - -, - —M—•, Memphis, owned ami. ridden bv with winning entries in variou.-. H. Hughey, 1st; Night Hideri events ;for Raited and fine harness Ghost, owned'and ridden by B°n horses,' 'and' Henry Hughey, al:«: Hoivell, 2nd; My Pal. owned and of . Mcmitfiis.^ witli ,the , walking ridden !by- M." P.-Strauss, 3rd. h"rse. .Pride of Memphis, form-'; Purse: $15, $10. $5. " T J< iL Il0 ,'i°' 5 . '" lhp horac' show crs:—tiroadwav Bill, owned ' ami at the Mississippi County Fair driven, by V. Yomigblood, 1st; | •J»n«ay afternoon. Bachelor's Dream, Youngblood'I Pride or Memphis was first In driven by A. Outlaw, 2nd- Susanna ' the clasi for walking geldings nncl Ouy. C. G. Smith, driven by R Elso took the walking horse sweep- . Mayhan. 3rd. Purse- $20 $10 $5 ' sliikcs. Night Rider's Ghost, own-i Boy or girl riders under' 15 ed and ridden by Ben Howeli, was .judged 50 percent on horse and' Ecmnrl in both events. ,50 per cent on horsemanship--La Wildwood Farms won the linn Vcrn McLemore on her own Star- harness class with Lead of light Charm, 1st- "Little Rip'' Trumps, driven by Garland; the Woodard on his 6\vn Ain't, It Ihrce-gaitcd open with Flash Gor- Awful, 2nd; Maury Strauss on his don. ridden by nratlshaw; the .own horse, 3rd. Purse: $15 $10 $3 junior five-gaited with Curiosity. Junior rive-sailed: — Curiosity' "ni' Brn< | (sihl >w: arc! the five-} Wildwcod Farms, ridden by Brad-' """ i. TJ-. ._ ~_,, .. .„, . . p cav j nc > s McDonald Clark. 2nd; Mounlaineer. Corp- wootl Hros.. ridden by J. Shiyden (3rd. Purse: $15, $10, $5. Open Ladies' Horsemanship:—. .Mrs. Hoy Shaw on King Kong Shaw Stables. 1st; Peggy McKeel on Colonel nure. Mrs. C. G Smith. 2nd; La Verne McLemore ui her own Slurliglil Dream, 3rd : j m-sc. $15, $10, $5. Walking horse sweepstakes:— Pride of Memphis, owned and ridden by H. Hughey, 1st; Night, Rider's Ghost, owned and ridden by 13. Ho-ivell, 2nc]; Chief ricbifont. Shelton Austin, ridden by Shelley Oatcs, 3rd. Purse: S50, $30, S20.' Ciien five-gaited:—King's Boll, Wildwood Farms, ridden by Br.-ul- £haw. 1st; Pansy Lcc Rose. J. Hendrlx' and Son, ridden by C. A. Heiidm-. 2nd; Rick T. Mrs. K. , D. West, ridden by George Tayi lor,: 3rd. Purse: $50, $30, $2(L His fact- wlillo with the Intensity o( Ills emotion, hk voice rising to Iliunderlng I'liimix, Alfred E. Kmilli Is shown ns'lie concluded Ills leech In Carnegie Hull. New York, with the declaration- "I firmly clleiT tluit, (lie remedy for all the Ills we are sultcrln;;'Irani today I Ilic election cf Alfred M. Lnmlon," In a bitterly caustic speech', nllh (laycd the New ix-al and severed. Ilic ties • tliat long have bound him to Ihc Democratic party Bill, owned and driven by V. j YoungblDod, 1st; liacbelor's Dre:ini, (Youngblood. driven by A. Ouilaw, ;2ml; Susanna Guy. Smith, driven ' by R. Miiylmn, 3rd. Purse: $10, 120. S10. Osceola — Personal B. L. Presson, suiiDrintendent of 1 the grade 'school, and Mrs. Prejjson drove to Milan, Tenn.. Friday afternoon to spend Ihe week-end with Mr. Prcsson's parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. p. Taylor drove to .Monleagle, Tcmi., yesterday on i'ny severaj i • Dorothj- Starr, a member of Hie hlBh school faculty', visited her 1'iiri'nts In CTnway over Ilic weekend. Mrs. c. II. File returned Thursday from St. Joseph's hospital, ML-mphLs. where siie hnd been a patient for ten days. Mrs. Dwlght Blackwood and Clarence Wilson, of lilytbcdlle, nc- comiianled Mrs. Hlack\vood's fnth- fr. w. D. Jones, to Memphis early Sunday morning.(or an emergency operation at the Baptist hospital. Mr. Jones 1ms not been well for several weeks but became suddenly worse Salurdav. night. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hampton of Marion and Osceola announce' tlic birth of a son nt Gartly-I!nm- say hospital on S;pt. 30. lie weighed 0 1-2 pounds and ha s been named James Wesley. JrxMrs. Ed Plltinan of Carsoiil Laits Jones of Osceola; isllic Junes and family of Memphis, and n cousin, Mrs. R. [.,. Wellborn of lirunK- wlck, Tirnn., who remained for a visit of two weeks. Mrs. Wllllnni Stewart iiccom- panlccl licr niece, Kva Mno \Yood- .son, who lias been 111 for several <lnys, to Memphis Friday (or further .medical examination and diagnosis. i . Jess ChUenball of Chicago and Mrs. Lulu Crank of Bessemer, Ala., arrived Sunday morning for a vbll nltli Mrs. Kate Chlsenhall. Don't Irritate Gas Bloating If you ivnnt lo 11EAI.IA" OET HID OF <;AS nnil u-rrlbto UmtliiK >-<™ wun'l Jo t M-liti linrAli. IrrltuljnL- AlkoJIea anil "«aj inlilnli." Mo.l KU 1, !„ th , U p n(:I . linwol «nil l< Cue lo |iol,o«ou» Mimur Iram con.l hi^llon. Aillfrlh.i tl,l» you ol GAH r>i.a i-lj-iinj foul |»>l««iiiiut at HOTIS Klrby liros. Drug Co.* . Wnsp Army Ailvniu-rs BUDAPF.ST (UP) — An "air fcrce" of wasps, 21,000.000 strong. Is on Us way to Canada lo wage a war ngulnst caterpillars. Dr, Kcnnelli Morris, aided by an army of 'lOO.labprcra. collcctcil the svnsps III the birch forest;-, of Hungary', always bo ("lie 'Ihi-y will be used to con)bat cat- e<T.illnrs which arc raviisinij Can- nilliui pine forests. If It were not for the rotation of Ilic earth on iL", axis, the direction of the' trade winds would NOTICE Any article 'bought of I1UUKK HAltmVAUE CO., not saUsfaclorj in c\cn «ly , lc ,1,11 refund jour mnncj wilhnul iiurstion, proud,,1 jrm rUuni it In (be same dominion us mclud mil In n uistinililc lenstii of lime, saj a ntek or (in ilns ()n r |]rst jincc Ls our licst |irtcr in,) We Hue Om. I'rkc 1O All Burke Hardware Co. 312 \\: Main , ]!l>the\il!c, Atk. sailed open with King's Bell, rld- tlen by Bradshaw. Mr. and Mrs. Verne Yoiing- . „blood of Ncwburfr, Tnd and Mr '•'"., UIIU J\IJ . Chief, J. L. Hendrix and Son, lid- den by C. A. Hcndrix, 2nd; Cliie f Step-Toe, W. W. pursier, ridden °. •••"-, w.m HA, . - Jt ^|, iw, >\. ^v. uuraier, riciflRii and Mrs. C. G. Smith of Blythu-lby Max Whitley, 3rd Purse- SIS ville. had the only, entries in the S10, $5. roadster classes, in which Yoini!;- blood's horses, Broadway Bill, Will Do and Bachelor's Dream, shared the blue ribbons. In the ladies horsemanship cv- Roadsters in double- harass:— Will Do and Bachelor's Dream, owndd and driven by V. Youns;blood, 1st; Susanna Guy and Ginger Rogers, C. O. Smith, driv- ......... H *-> &*•' ^iw 5 L-i.-,, ^. v. r . oiiiiin, anv- nil Mrs. Roy Shaw of Dyersburg ! en by A. Outlaw, 2nd Purse- S''5 look first place on King Kong $15, $10. ' ' owned by the Siiaw Stables. Peg- j Junior walking horses- - I've- gy McKeel of Blythevllle was sec- Ready, Coopwood Bros., ridden'b' ond on Colonel Dare, owned by J. 1 E. Coopwood, 1st- Will Ro->eii Mrs. C G Smith. The event for J. F. Clark, ridden' by Walkc:' boy and girl riders under 15 yean was won by La Vern McLemore of Humboldt. Tenn., riding her own stnrlight Charm. "Little Hip," Wcodard, who appeared to bo about seven years oW, was second on Ain't It Awful. • Actual entries perhaps were not quite up to advance predictions- but unquestionably the show' brought to Blylhevillc the finest i horses ever shown hcroabouls.! Competition in most events wns keen and the exhibition held the interest of a crowd of 4,000 or 5,- ' (]0{i all afternoon. The work of Thomas M. Wilson, of Bowling Green. Ky.. and Henry Young of Lcbannon, Tenu., as judges apparently was highly both spectators and exhibitors. Winners received more than $101) hi cash prizes and a number of "']»• , i & -'it Resulls: ' ' | • I'OHSr: I!AC1N(!_(1, Fine harness class: — Lead of J,', 1 ,*?* k ' nR: Trumps, Wildwood Farms, driven l '" 1 -;- ""-N'l'EK'i'AIX.MKNT hy Garland Bradshaw, 1st; ,'",,,' " '"""' VAHM The Morning AfterTaking Carters Little Liver Pills . • soi/s urn-rim- snows on HIP Mid-Way . . . • AU, TIIKSE A\lVr,IOKr. can IID sec a'. Die American Lc.gton Trt-Coimiy CaruthK-svilh, Mo,, OCTODBR G TO 11 MAKE [>|,A\s NOW TO __ A'l'TKM) GREATEST FINISH UNDER FIRE IN GOLFING HISTORY: Tony Mancro came ihrougli with a spectacular 232 to win ihe 1936 National Open Golf Tournamcnl. His cligcslion stinils llie strain. As Tony says: "I'll go on record as one whn tlianks .Camels for stimulating digestion. 1 enjoy food more—and have a feeling of case afterward when I enjoy Camels with my meals. Camels set me light." . CHAMPION BOWLER. Jolmny Murphy says: "Smoking Camels nt meals and after works out swell in my case. Camels help my digestion. After a meal and ALL-AROUND ATHLETE from Texas. Miss Jlary Carter says: "Since I've learned how pleasant Camels make my mealtime, 1 wouldn't lie without them. They never get on my nerves ' WHETHER YOU ARE CATCHING A QUICK BITE OR DINING IN STATE- "WHATAPLEftSANTAID to digestion Camels arc!" says this busyliomemakcr, Mrs. Charles Sickles, "llieyaddzcsttoanymcal. No matter liovv jumpy I may feel, Cimcls set me right. So many women I know smoke Camels. Camels arc so Camels increase digestive activity- encourage a sense of well-being! W ITH healthy nerves and good digestion, you feel on top of the world. When you smoke Camels with your meals anil after, Camels help in two special ways: Tension is lessened and Camels promote digestive well-being. So enjoy Camels between courses and after eating. Strain cases. Tiie flow of digestive fluids, so vital to proper nutrition, is, speeded lip. Alkalinity is increased. Food tastes more delicious and you get more good from what you eat. For good cheer—for invigorating "lift"-for matchless taste-and"fordigestion'ss3kc"-theansvvcr is Camels.Camels set you right! And they don't get on your nerves, HOLLYWOOD RADIO TREATI Camel Cigarettes bring you a FULL IlOUR'S ENTERTAINMENT! Bonny Goo<lni,n's"Swing"Band George StoH'sConccaOrcIicsir.-,...! loll) wood Gu«tSlars...andKup'crt Hughes presides! TucsJay-930 pin li.S.T., t):30 pm C.S T 7-30 urn M.S.T., 6:30 Jim P.S.T., over WAIIC-Columbia Network \ Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS-Turhish «n4

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