Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 18, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1942
Page 1
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)no) Ko bil NAUGATUCK DAILY NEW8, SATURDAY. JULY 18, 1942 Three Cooking" n Plot Weather Should Be Done In A. M. 11(1 111 , ,'V |>1 ll(l , t, "" ., ,,,,,1,10(1 Kola-tlno salad -as-easy oannod shrimp, in l>o(! ., sim \.i low, loavo thorn In ** iiV'ki'ls for HpiidsaKul utnitfht. th , ,,,,. \vt. mix up your salad ^ ViitV »f |1(n ' rnnyoniwlHii « ll . nions -UK! 'tutors ' ftro Wo,. k H i-,oi u do riko. «' l iii,';i rrU'H-s.j .'or! by , n unions ' hire il In « ' Set covered cans of mill >' r ' nit HKlit In Iho ''»'" nx - nr I'l'iYi^'i'^'or, lot 'cm Ireo/.ti, ^ UK'll I'otll UrU ' S Ol> r>rl " amt I'' 1 '' 11 , !, v slic'-s fur a l»'brl<M loiu-.h ^\- m'l', K' );ist ln i»t shouUlor' of i for .< iMi'll'ly eold uu!, platter, !il " . u ji|\'i'Ketallies cooked (but vk.' Jt " l(1 lilsl mmiltl)i <N!ix ! oll 5 e ||-i>'i-i : ator. ' No all your IOIIK J f rt [ fOoklnK whi'ii it's A. M., Ihon Her Own OJimst' Hi,-so for your coll .Molded Shrimp Salmi In,,, plain mi flavored. & ities :. MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR Panel Front Enters Signal Corps Trim Handbag in Novel Stitch r- ».<w. ('it'll. ^ i I ind water Florida .irrupi'fruit Juico IMM shrimp fan xr;«pet'ruit sections rltopjn'd green pe-pper „„«„ ^1'tolirn 1 .In t! °M water; adi Jjfotf'W 1 '' 1 ' u'iMjH'i'rult juice, salt J| -JUwMJ 1 and stir until gohitlm j,",IK<olv<"l. When slightly thick- told in shrimp, Drain grnpu- .1,-ctioiis use Julee) and dice; into sliriiiip mixture with green Turn into 1 (It. mold or li il wolds; ehltl until firm, mayonnaise.' 6 <fie d, ' w pp.'r. individ * 4 Color In Men's Sport Wear ,\ny who has a secret erav- In'/for color in his attire oan sat- jijv it this summer hy Inventing In .wiii' spori.sw-Mi 1 of eordurex, tlu 1 >t>\$}\l oorduroy for oonstrur.tion gives It a affinity for -dyostutT: kth Hi* 1 result that olotheH of eor- (torex iiwy In 1 had In dark, light h'Uh! or soft In DCS, n«a. Lunch Box Meal Should Satisfy For v;u'ii'ly In sandwiches, I no./ S, Willsun, lioni" eoonondsr,, ha$ lUt.'J this Ki'"H|' of tasty flllinga. Whole \vti*',i! lirrad, enriched while bre;td ( rye, uul or raisin brfad Itiay Iwi'on fbrojlteu ' until mil lurd-t'DokeU egg. I coM n\i';it and colory with •'{•f with maycn- and rnlx-'d wilii peanut butter and round st^ak, mustiuvl a/id c-lilil Bermuda HHU«C. fine, mixed sauce. tone O'Donnell Hostess To Club •Win Irene O f lj.,f,n,!|| of Park av- ^rwnllyent'Tlulnod tho FcaWi- * ; -^M i li»l) at her homo. Those i-^n, wen- .j,-,;m liulil-man, Unro- JI/Kiirailis, | P ,, f|l , (,'ij rjrm( ,|I, Sall.s -Muriel \Voodsido and PATTERN J«,'i8-R Iforc is that Inl'onnal, soft, fom- •Inlne frock you wa-nt to make r\g\\l now in a sheer colLon vollo or a now rayon weave. You'll repent the same stylo again for fall In satin, and dress crepes. The front panel Is softly gathered at l.he shoulder yokes, and Is broken al the waistline .wll-h n pretty bow. Barbara Boll Pattern No. J038-B Is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18,. 20; •'iO, 42 and 44. Corrosponding bust measure/Heals 32, 34, 3(5, 38, 40, 42 and 44. SIxo JO (34) monotone requires 3 J-2 yards IHMuch material. Send at onco for the new Fashion Book of fall designs, just off l.he press. 15c per copy. With a Kic pattern, 25c plus Jo for postage. For Mils attractive 'pattern send KJc, plus ic for postage, In coins with your name, Address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Dally News, Post Office Box 75, Station 0, New York, .N f . Y. • ' RETURN FROM IPSWICH ^fr. and Mrs. David St. John of tOO Gorman street returned today from Ipswich, Mass., where they were 'guests of Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Hayrnond ' for the past week. „. .' MISS CATI1E1UNK ALM Miss Cnlhorino Aim, daucjIHer v of Mr. mid Mrs. John Aim of 17 Olive s reel leaves loduy for Fort .MoninouUi, N. *„ where she will enter the feifjual (.oi'ps General Dovelopnuinl, Lahoratoi-y. Miss /\lm wns ni'ifcliiiilfid last June from Albci-lns Mnoiuis 'Collcnr n i\«w Ilnven where she -majored in inntliemnlk-.s. While n student there she was the head of the IMiplorrniphy department or the Press Board and the photo0i'n,ih.v hoard of the college year hook. Miss Aim also was n member of tile en; s (, of the Clm'slmus Nidivitv play und the t.ommeneement piny, "Saint .loan," by Oeor 0 e Hernard Shaw/ She wns a member of (he nosldent Shulenls' choir and the (iild or Our Lady Miss Aim will enter upon her new duties at Vovi MonmoiiUi on Mon<J«W, July 20, . TWO KELEJ) BirAurteiN CHARGED WITH Boston, July 18— (UP)— Two pedestrians have been killed by automobiles hi greater Boston. Jn Chelsea, .a man tentatively identified as •-Samuel Doshiani of Hoxbury died at a hosni La I "after being struck- by a car. Police sa* the autom.obilo \Vas operated by Anthony Brodsky of Gholsea, And in downtown Boston; an unidentified man, about 00 years old, also has di-cd at a hospital of injuries when ho was hit by a taxicab. According to police, the vehicle was driven Ivy Arthur Ferris of Everett, TOOMANYIN TRAILER CAMP Maiden, Mass., July 18— (UP)— A 1.-year-old Mai-don man—Theodore Trook—has had Ills ooiirt case continued to Tucsdny for ti-iai, 'frock previously, had ])cen ordered held in 9.10,000 bond in connoali'on wl't'h the- death of John L. Drury, .r/j-year-old Woi'ld War vol.ertin. He had pleaded innocent to a manslaughter charge. District Judge Bldi'lclge-.O., Davis ordered UK; case continued at. the rorjuRsl. of the defendant. •• Trqpk allegedly injured Drury -fa- intly'''in a Maiden restaurant during a fight, ' .... PATTERN No. 1810 : For economy's, sake,' make . thif' bandbak in novel love-knol- stitc-b. Four large '.sn'ap- .fasteners make a-secure clos'lng but if you are addicted 'to the'xlpp'er, it may be substituted for the sn-ap fas- lieners. The expense ;of buying a Handle 'is eliminated, too, <by the addition of a simple crocheted''=han- clle. Although the crochet stitch Is a departure from -the ordinary, Itis quite simple to make. Pattern envelope contains complete' casy-to-read" ami casy-lo-fol- low directions for the above. Send He, (Coin) t'6r 'above pattern number to Naugatuck' Dally Newsj Nceclle Arts Dep't, p. 0. Box 172, • Station.-D, New -York, N. Y. ' nil HAVE LOST RHODE ISLAND BOY BEING SOUGHT East Groemyich, R. L, July J8— (UP)r-State arid local police together with volunteers are. searching dense woodlan'ds for a frai 1 i 0-year- old boy. The lad—William Sm'lth— was ..under Insulin treatment for diabetes when he disappeared Me yes terday e p taking ; b 1 ueberr J es. The boy was last seen''by "a neighbor ]n the woods about 500 yards 'rom the home of Mi 1 , and-,'Mrs. lalph Bpwen, \yitli whom he lived. And the neighbor says 1 that'• the lad eared: to be headed In the direction of his home: Two bloodhounds are being used searchers In.;an .effort to locale William, Authorilles fear he may fall into a coma because of his illness and not hear the shouts,of rescuers if he is not found soon. NO TRACE OF HAS BEEN FOUND ilhinbeck, July j8—Tbo reported Dutohess county' 'parachutist's seem to ha/ve disappeared into thin atr from -which they were reported to have dropped. Police and army officials hove conducted an intensive search- without success, n'lthfough they remain on the alert for suspicious persons. Authorities are said -to be convinced of the integrity of the caretaker who reported seeing six or seven parachutes'' falling nea'r Hyde park. But they assailed the number of obviously false reports of parachutists which are circulating. DEMOCRACY SUPREME INSPIRATION TODAY FOOLISH PREDICTION (Bristol Press) On Thursday last the Honorable Andrew J. May, of Kentucky, chairman of .the house military affairs committee, predicted that the war would end "probably in 19'i2, and unquestionably . jn 4943." We hope he is right; But we are sure that be Is. foolish to Jridulgo in such prophecy. There isn't a thing in the military situation so far to warrant such a "-NEW SHIPS SLIDE DOWN WAV3 FASTER AU0 FASTER, TO JOIN AMERICA'S MIGHTV TWO-OCEAN NAVV AND MERCHANT MARINE AGAIN R ECO*OS MUST *+«. BEFORE THE ONSLAUGHT OF AMERICAN W08KAND THE AMERICAN SHXtT. STRIKE ENDED Detroit, July dS—(U P)— Detroit's brief, but violent, outlaw car strike is over. The strikers, who had ejected motor coach riders from their seals, agreed to return to \vorK af- GIVING BREAK TO ; -Denver, Colo., July 18— (UP)—The o'hief surgeon of the Bussian armies says. 70 per-cent .of .the wounded -tlecl : -aramy -soldiers. have returned the front lines,- : , ., ' •'-. iNfcholai Burdenko has radioed. the T-nternatibnal College of Surgeons tliat the deatb • rate among the wounded Is less than half of that in the first World war. Bur^ d'enko has just been elected a member of llio -college.- '•'"'•-. '•-' ' prophecy. The Rusians are being ter listening to the pleas of union shoved hack, the British Jiave | officials for over five hours. But settled down to only pecking Rommel, the Chinese are hai " -I/he will FNANGIS SMITH Francis Smith, son of Mrs. Martha. Smith of .Mlltville, "has been promoted to the rank of corporal in tho army air corps. He is stationed al 'Mi (Hand Flying 1 Field, Texas, J - I'lti'MtiOM.H (••' of hy K of 87 hike '- and !,ydji, 0 Hoarllrv by '•:ifi(! have boon Town Clerk uici.s Xavlor ' street, Anna Paula- drove, Nauga- Haymond Hlen* Suotl street, and niihtH'li of MO Sweon- /narriam-s y, J|||y * will take placo on VACATION Mrs. Muroid Hoberts of l; "uc have returned from 1 *!"-• M I at iS'tintuokot TIN TO!!, DONATION Kiohard Charles Morlenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert iMorlonson of (53 Wood lawn avenue, loft, a In donation of tin foil at I be NONVH Office Friday for the fund for crippled children, at -the Shrlners* hospital, Springfield, Mass. Buffalo, July IS—(UP)—Seven war- workers don't live in a Buffalo trailer camp any more. And it's :i because of Tonowanda townshij lawmakers and a battered -hat;. To na-wnn da •officials ruled the trailer camp just wasn'l Jt>l# enough for .17 families. Ten was |<!io maximum. So the J7 'workers drew straws from an old lial). . -—.—•»•»*»•• SOU)-AT AUCTION ATTENDING COiWKIIENCE Hov. Arthur H, Johnson, pastor of IhR Millsldo 'GongruKntlonal church, is allendloK tlio Oeneral. Confor- enco In Cromwoll. ON VACATION Mrs. Bertha Swanson, toller at Iho Nau gat tick Savings .bank, is leaving today for Pino Grovo, Ni~ antic, whore she will .spend a two weeks' vacation. auction.' Tho colonial hoiiso- l n,n , I an(l " '"'I' ' llAfl Local Man Is Wed In Waterbury Tho woddlng of Miss Mafalda Trimiflo, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Uocco TrumfJo of North-Main street, Walorhupyi to,,Joseph DoMlppolytls, son of Mr. and -Mrs. 'Hartholomcw DoHIppolylls of Church street, Nau- Kaluok, took, placo. this morning at 0 ' church, "Wa- Falrhaven, Mass., July J8—The an- isLoral borne of President Roose- volt has boon sold at large, clapboai'dod known as the Warren Delano homo- stead—was bought by Joseph Lipsitt for ft'i,02f>. Tii'o sale pJ'Ice was loss than one-fifth tlin assessed valuation. The, 20-rooin, three-story structure probably' will' be torn down. ' ' \Vashington,. ..July/, 18—(URy-^-flio Ol'fi'ce of ,iJ?rJOG;' A(lm[nistraj,I.on ..). giving 1 a;bus.)ness mpjv/^V.Hu soh.I l-hcir \y'ai'fis -al/'saic pri.bes' 1 .'(|ur- ing March;- The stprelvce'porsi'^lif man u f ac tii-rbrs;' we re. >f.p.rced HO ^G&i those.' iGvela as : thoir "priioo; ceiUng^ BuI, sta.i'ting\Tucsday;; the merbliaHts can a d j ti s l;.. 1<h eir' n r (c .0 s;^;. a f te r> .sub proof to l;)ieVrogl^nal'.d^ T.' .,'-. .... • ' '• '•-'. V- • -'? •'.••' ' ''*• ','• A offices. MANUFAGTLinKn DabWiXEDi , ^ Mass;, year-old Ohi'O drowiiod while/ swimming Singlotary, The ,man -^V •sank immediately'-, .ho wator. ;Ills' daughter-,- \v--M"t^ and Mrs. :• Windlo'". of Millbur-Vr-triG'a cossl'iiliy to .save/ liim.^ U. S. Nurses in New Guinea Home 8 o'olook torbury, at St. Lucy's PROMOTED TO CORPORAL William VVoermcr, of &5 Gh Htrec't, who is now In foreign vice, has boon promo'tud to rank of corporal. ser- tho RETURNS KHOM HOSPITA David Ostrom -of the Now road 'has roturned, from &t. hospital, Wntorbury, whom boon a patient. TH CORSET Haven Marys ho has VALLEV PLAYKHS' .. _ The Va I Joy .Players will bold a mooting and roast at Lnke, Quas- flapaug tomorrow afternoon. Mpm- bei'H will rncct at the local Oi.oon- at--2;f«) P^ rn. AH UK SIS HEI»0«TKI> London,-. July *^WW^WwJ*°^< lin liadlo «ays Iho NaxJs have ai- rofltod a nurnbor of lirajslllnn.^i- tloimls. AooordlnK to., tho wooa-. HiflV ^voro Picked up because. iiBnrlln doesn't Ilko-I/ho way Gor- ; ' j n iira'/ll uro treated. ..- i TOWN FINANCE IN WAH , .(Boston Globe)' public treasury should' have ready with' their bark. Municipal debts are not desirable features of the annual report. When they can be -scaled down the foun- '/lation of the-, community 'becomes firmer. Here agaiji there is a s!m- •ilarity^ between the family and the Crtiunicipality. Tho--.peopl'ejWho make ^p.oint of pay!ng off their ontstand- :In^- obligations and refraining from 'jicjw ;commitments ; are gobig to be ;in)'a .better position to take what is to/come. :•;, The analogy/hoJcIs with the town or;the city. Every bond retired during; this present 'period adds to mu- ni'cipal. strength. And' it is no time to borrow expecting to pay later on. All': th is sounds as though the only Arsons concerned are those in posl- ; J on s i n w h i c h p u b 1 i c policy i s d e - ,'ermined, but .that'it'not the case, rjf- the long run popular, opinion Ira's great weight. This is a de- ^nrocracy,' particularly /so where the .;K6vv England town' mooting spirit [•h'{LSI not. been forgotten. The in:' : di-viidiml can stilf 'function with effect by keeping his eyes^ to what 'Is being done by his local •government. The func,tion. of the: individual js to stop, look, listen,,and then ask a question bore and there until his own ,mind Is clear./. /That being so Jt can give tongue. His expression of doubt will make a difference and--so; will ^his approval. Support for public"jTjen who are doing their, best for the community is a great service. pressed by the Japs, the Aleutians are invaded, the shipping problem is unsolved. So far the united nations are losing, this war. And, jn the face of that fact, a high ranking administration spokesman indulges in such tomfoolery as trying to tell us that ithe war may end this year. Well, if It's going to end in complete victory for us, the trend of the war must change soon. Hanson W. Baldwin, of the New York Times, characterizes the remark of Mr. May as of that kind which is marring our war effort, we are too satisfied and, too optimistic. He writes: "There Is as yet in this country little of the frank and almost brutal realism that has marked the successful war effort of enemies and the resistance China and Russia. There is as no general comprehension that are not only ^fighting for our lives, but for those things that make life worth living—things that have become -too common to us and hence too little valued, And the casual and often 'incomprehensible- remarks that so often stem from Washington, which to the average man must make this war seem a light and easy .thing, damage the ef- I'ecJJvcness of our war effort, eliminate that sense of urgency that this summer of crisis fully warrants, and'retard our victory." Americans, every last one of us, had better make us our minds hero and now, that this is going to be a long war. It will be far better for us to be happily surprised by having it 'end sooner than we had hoped than to have to accept a long war when we thought that it would end in a few months. IJCLV^ i -uniujui» jur uver live nours. Jjut g at j'Mayor Jcffnles warns thai the mat- hard ter won't:end there. He insists thai. out- of yet wo leaders of the one day strike be dismissed. And the'10 men arrested on changes of violence will be investigated to determine the possibility of sabotage. » •••»— . BOUGHT KONOS Boston, July d8— (UP)—- Civilinns have celebrated- Ameri'cnn Heroes 1 Day in war-time spirit. Scores of them on the Common have bought a total of $.3,000 worth of war bonds and stamps. And this was just part of the receipts for bonds and stamps which were sold throughout tho city. ; NAUGATUCK FUEL COMPANY ANNUAL REPORT That odd pfecc of im-nHure might find a Iniyer if you use the Classified medium. The .Naugatiiick Fuel company ha* filed its annual report al the offlco of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. It lists the following officers as of .luly 1; .Harold W. Brown, 587 Church street., president; .Kenneth 10. Johnson, 83 No.w »l,rect, vice- president; John H. Schmuck, 583 Church street, vsecrctary and treasurer; Ruth J. Brown of Church, street, Juliana G. Johnson of New street, and -Marian .). Scjimuck .of Church street, directors. A number of fii>ms aro .required to file annual reports here in January, others in July. Those, required to do so in, mid-year have tho months of July and Xugust In which (o do An estimated saving of l/iOO tons of steel was effected by the Eaton Manufacturing Co., -of Cleveland, makers of aircraft parts', by sub- sfUuling wooden trusses Instead of t/li enormai slncl -beam construction Jn. two' new factories, a* GET BACK OF THE BOYS IN THE FRONTf ". •, . Buy Your Defense Stamps Here. ,,:/;; Buy Bonds — NOW! ;^ ANOTHER GOOD DEED — WRITE LETTERS "VICTORY SPECIAL' 100 Single Sheets 50 Envelopes 79c PAPER or 60 Double Sheets; 50 Envelopes They're Waiting to Hear From YOU! To Get a Letter—Write a Letter SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY FATALLY INJURED Pittsfleld, Mass., July 18— (UP)— A 24-year-old service officer and hsi wife have been killed in an 'accident near Lakeland, Florida. Word of the death of Lieutenant John West Jackson -ami ibis wife, "both of Pittsfield, 'has been received by friends. un a ton befor« their tent somewhere in New Guinea is this of U S Army npraes, Notd that they have already chosen ft for their new homo'and have fixed up the tent with a carpet of Their bedspreads ore made of native cloth. The girls subscribe to tho soldier's m^tto—any place' I hang'my hat is home. *" " (Central Prem) WORSE, MORE OF IT. , (Winsted Citizen This war, like, ilfe itself according^ to a once popular formula, Js "just one damn thing after 1 another." Only more so. Gould any-: body, from normal living ' experience,, have imagined the limitless modes of deviltry by which.Ill-tier: and- his associated scoundrels have plagued this poor old world? Fighting it is like si am ping- out 1 prairie flro which continues )reaking, out in new places, some- ,'lmes/sweeping';back and envelbp- ng ( the fighters themselves. , It has )ce'n so in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the islands'' of l-he sea, arid people Jp the other continents^ are lolding their breath. So 'far,, the allied nations have lad most of the resourqes to fight vith, and it was a matter of•'bring- ng them -inlo effective use. But t last' those resources themselves are threatened. Right now the danger seems mainly a matter of oil. The Japs have grabbed- tho oil wells of the East Indies; .Now if the Germans get the oil of the Caucasus region toward which Hitlei^poin'fs his supreme 'drive, the peril 'of 1 tlie allied''cause will 1 be very great and the war very long. irOR SUCCESS in Business or Civil Service ot POST JUMOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 2i CENTRAL AVENUE J Served in (no Kino's Kitchen Copper Itoom! or We hove just the dress you need for sports or formal wear. DORIS LL s <• > u t n fvi xv i f\j «» i « , t f ,32~PC. PASTEL DIlVNEft SETS Assorted Coldr.s $2.95 DANCING Nightly in trie COPPER ROOM ]I Except, Sun,; mid Mon. No Cover' Complete Lobster Dinner Whole Rroiled Live Chicken LOBSTER Soup of the Day Assorted Rclltehes DESSERT • UOLLS COLD SEAFOOD PLATTEH Half Cold . Lohstor ,wilh Mayonnaise, Scrimp Salad, Crabmeal, Salad, Hear-1 of Celery, Quartered Egg and Tomato, Holls and Coffee 906 Lettuce and Tomato Salad Long Branch Potatoes COFFEE CREDIT JEWELERS 162 South Moin Sf. — 4-2206 STKATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLAGB STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR Life-saving Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance. SAVE A LIFE — CONSERVE RUBBER United States Rubber Company v Footwear Division

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