The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 3
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JULY 26, 1934 (AM.) eottetfcfe Grand Coulee Project Will Create Power and Make h'rigalion Possible This |.s Hie second of four stoles en the treat jKm-er, Irrigation *od navigation projects of the NorthitMt, to be insetted by 1'rcs Unit Kocwtvrlt on Ills return Troll Ui Hawaiian Journey. The.-a- gn-:t wuas aire to create, new *'lntund cm pirn," comparable to those lu tin- and C.'olnradn valleys. Rivers Become Rivulets as Heat, Drouth Grip U, S. BY WILLIS THORNTON' NEA Strvlce; Staff L'orrrJ>|ion<leiit SPOKANE, Wash.—In the brnai bottom of the Grand Coulee, a dcei gorge where prehistoric glacier-once gouged and scoured their way He more ilian 1,000,000 acres of fer We farm land. They are rich wit a volcanic soil. But they are almost melos? Without water, tliey produce lit tie. Tlraiigli vast umonnls of r-lf-c trie power will lie produced at iiir- Coulee Darn. Hie principal objective here is lo provide the water by irrigation that mil mate then- barren acres blossom nnil produce. Is it silly 10 spc-ml millions to irrigate sucll land v:lil!p tlipj-p is overproduction of fnrm crops already? Tiie covermnent doesn't think so. For with IliLs gor-s ihr- program for buying up and forty- ing millions of acres of poor land thai can't produce Us taxes. A farmer might- gel. a better living on 20 acres ol irrigated land here at the Coulee than oii'lfiO acres in the barren, du.s(.-s\vept lands of the Dakota*. WORK MAY PAY FOlt ITSELF So irrigation it is, and a big start has already been made al the S63,- OOO.Oeo Grand Coulee project under direction of the Bureau of Reclamation. It is hoped that this work will eventually pay for itself through sales of power to Industrie. 1 ; and | farmers expected to move into she I valley. The president will find more than 3KM) men at ivork where they have been for monilis excavating anil stripping ihe site of the dam. Soon that number will rise to nearly 10,000 men, for contracts lor actual construction ol the dam have been lei to thrre companies at about 430.000,000. At present tlie dam will he built only 145 fret high, and the lirst power units installed will generate less than 500.000 horsepower. But the construction will be such that later the dam.can be built up to , 310 feet in height, and gcnomlp 2,520.000 l;oii-*powcr, Hie larges power plant yet built, or proposed. It will take 13 years to finish it, and total cost may reach above $170,000,000. The present phase of the building should b? completed in 1D37. TOWN BUILT AT SITE Contrasting with the wooded cliffs of the Bonneville section, tr.c Conlee Dmn u in the midst of a b;.r- ren, almost- desolate part of the Eastern Washington Plateau..It is 100 mites from the nearest real town. So build|ng ronds .a town for workmen, and establishing a post- office called coulee Uam were just COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES '^feK^ii 9BAJI Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday I'inn Hetuls Kadi 5c HONEY DEW MELONS Kadi Nice and Tender Ear 19c lie LARD ll«sl Compound round 7ic SOUP I'hlllius. Tomtiln Can 5c Typical of the havoc wrought by Hie record drouth and intense heat' blighting the country' from' the fr.r west to ihu Alleghc'iiic-s. costing more than 501 lives and forcing 1,000,000 people to ask fedcnl relief, Is this si-one of the Arkansas river at Wichita, Ka»., reduced to n trickle only a foot wide. Normally, the Arkansas is one of the major streams traversing Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Weeds grow In the parched river lied and the long bridge In the background seems only mock ;ry. With Outlaw When Trap Closed Three Alleged Chickens thieves Attested Fines Three Poplar Corner farmer, drew *10 fines and one-day Jal sentences for petit larceny in mil nlcipal court yesterday. A fOnrtl was cleared..of a similar charge. Tlie group was cliarged with the thpft of a number of chickens fron a neighboring farmer. Charles Sin gleion. Allison I'atlon and Killer; Hasp, were convicted and Dorse; Patton was acquitted. Rotierl Collins, negro, was nnei $10 and given a 10-day Jail sen lence for petit larceny. Two 17-year-old youths were fin ed five dollars for malicious mis chief growing out ol the altegec pilfering or cantaloupes. The fine were WILMER, Ala. (UP)—Plainer In this community suffered sever crop damage from a hnilstorn They appealed to Washington lo relief on ground that if relief i forthcoming for drought sufferers ll Hkrwlse should UR* provide "liall-slrieken." John nilltngt-r's last sweetheart, the woman whose picture was found in his watch, was Mrs. Hoy Stcele, left, divorced wife of a Gary. Ind., policeman, Chicago police declare. She and Mrs. Anna Sage, right, "the woman in red," have been identified as the pair with the bandit when he went to his death. Police say Mrs. Steeie.was rushed to her parents' home in Fargo. N. D., by. U. S.. agents after the ambush. that development of the Columbia River \vas "us much of a national project as were the Panama Canal and the Alaskan Railway," and that it would add more to the wcath of the country than either. But it is only now til at tr.c dream is beginning to come true. NEXT: Ft. P«k. the p-tatesl WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES FIELD PEAS Pound 4c . . . Vifor . . . Ht<S«l Mtk^riHrt wm ttet yav Ud- neyi contain 15 MILKS of tiny tubM or filun which be Ip to purify U« Mood ud k«p If . troufc-le i ". too fr«qu«nt * earth-fill <|am in the world, which 1 Hatcher cemetery, will create another mammoth lake I Moss Undertaking company was a shore-line longer than the in charge of arrangements. part of the preparation. Triixt schools, two newspaper plants, and a church have already been built. If the development proceeds as expected, this should some day become a permanent city, as industries and farmers begin to be attracted to the region by cheap electric power. The Coulee Dam is expected to be able to generate power cheaper than any other site in the world. The huge lake which is to lie backed up behind Coulee Dam will reach 131 miles up tile Columbia all the way to the Canadian border. •At least three more dams nre to ue reared between the border and Portland along the Columbia to complete the control projects if Ihe first two prove as successful ns is meeting this evening will be hoped. Quartette of Pools." NEW INLAND EMPIRE I Tne attendance is growing wltii" Then the northwest, the stales of I cadl service ?M the Rev. J. H.I f | i . f i;ij n- Uear Lajl e LhllO UlCS Wer Eusizes with icjity uoeabt my bunuDr and dUtoaifort. t>e-JS-Kll<E3 of kidaty tubes need \rufalnt_out TSis du- niAT be tbe tertnoior of uniiw lef piir.s, Io» of wv Vld vitality, (tttiax up nl£hu lu^b*Ko: twolTen tt*l uid «£Ut5, rhciinutie Dtlai'Mfd djuinjii. If kidnej« don't eciBty 5 Dints *Ytry' d»y «»a t*l rid of i pound* of wute Bmtttr, your body will uke up these 'poisons cMising Mrioui troublf. It may kaoek you oak and l&y yoa up for mmar' Doatha.- Don't v*lt Ask your druazilt for DOAN'S PIIiL£ . .. • doctor's urescription . . . wkich hu bwn UKd successfully" by mllUoas of Iddncj sufferers for orer 40 years.-They civ* qukk relief Ukd will belp to' vacb out tk* 1& MILES o( kidney tubej. Bnt doa't t*ke chances isltll itronc drugs nr KKslted-kidney cures" tbat dum to-fix Funeral services were held yesterday for Mary IxMise Maxwell, four- year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Maxwell, who died at the family home at Clear Lake Tuesday night following a brief illness from malaria. Burial was mnde at entire Atlantic coast. I New Tflsphone Question _ • PALMOUTH, Mass. (UP) —Pio- A Quartette of l"00ls" ihlWilon repeal has produced new n . . 0 e . . I questions to be answered by Infor- Kevival Sermon Subject' mation a( the Palmouth telephone : exchange. "What day of the week The subject for the service at ' 5 lllis - P !e »5e?" a subscriber asked the Calvarj- Baptist church revival I ^-ently. f 'IlIilB on DOAN'S PILLS . . . «Tc olTrrliVlleV,' lief tk&t contain no "dope" or fcabil-fornisff drurs. Be rare you set DOAN'S PILLS U /our dnai SL O 195(, f osttr-MUtan Ce. POLITICAL Judge /a) 1). Harrison will speak in the school yard at Half Moon. FRIDAY, 8 P.M. EVER YON B INVITED Oregon. Washington, and Idaho, and western Montana will be another inland empire with a water outlet lo the sea i!o\vn v.-hicii to send its apples, wheat, truck, and salmon. President Rocsrvrll VV JH probably get o iK-culiar pleasure out of the thought that it \va s Thomas JeHeiEon himself who made possible the development that is go- Ing on today in the valley of the Columbia. It ivns in 1804 that Jefferson sent LOTIS and Clark lo make their way to the Pacitlc. claiming land in the name of the United States ol America. Near the very spots where Fitp.gerald. acting px^tor of the Second Baptist church who is conducting the meeting, is extending an invitation to Ihs public. Standard 01) Dealers to Meet Here Friday Seventy-five Standard Oil company dealers in Mississippi, poin- sct.l nnd Crittenden counties ivill attend a meeting at the Hotel Noble Friday evening. 8 o'clock. The showing of (.he picture "At the Fsso Sign' 1 will consume almost tivo hours and Inter there will be I the Bomwvlllo- and Grand Coubc 1 refreshments. dams arc rlslngr, oncf- Dimmed lhe| • Io1ln L. Finiey. district supjr- campfires ol Lc-wU nnd Clark, rx- vkor. is in charge of the nITalr. plovers in a wilderness. ,V n-RKAM OF KNGINKKHS A hundred thirty years after them no-,v coinc the engineers who arc putting to work t::c tn.igninceiil river the adventurers explored in birch-bark canoes. Every engineer since Lewis and Clark's day who has looked on 'he Columbia has dreamed ot its vast possibilities. These may be gouged by the fact that It has a steady low-water Rov ot 60,000 cubic feet a second .as compared with n.000 on the inlglily Colorado. In 1322. Col George GoetliaU. builder of the Pnnnma. canal, said Aulomohilc Sales Co. Cor. Main & Fifth iSucccvjwrs lo J. C. Appleby Motor Co) Studebaker, Hudson, Termplane and Willys cars. KELVINATOR Electric Refrigeration Gel our prices mid terms before you buy any clerlric refrigerator. We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash sottleniont in full .it time, of sale - Lei. us se<; your samples before you sell. 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. GRAPE FRUff OKRA Kuvh 74c I'ounil 6c APPLES (iravenslein Kach 3c BANANAS ){i|ie Fruil Pound 4ic PEACHES Nice and Itine Pound 5c 110 Hunch 5c PLUMS California Pound ' ISc Pound CELERY Large Stalks Eat-h ISc CABBAGE Fresh <:rcen IVruml ONIONS Ked nr Yellow :i Pounds ¥/ p I/fl il Milk Chops, Pound lOc IV \j VtAL Fed Koast. 1'iMind 7'/ii. ICE CREAM SALT ,- n , JKltaK lOc SODA WATER PICKLES Quart HoUle lOc ({read & Under 15-Oir. Jar ISc CHEESE l ''" r American Cream 1'minrl .lams and Jellies Uottle ISc MUSTARD Marco <)uar( Jar 10c SALAH DRESSING Durkee's Jiir 19c SALT MEAT For Moiling Pound 8c UDIIIT IAP RINGS. I)o/.en riiUll JAR-CAI'S, Dozen TOMATO JUICE Siifiar Loaf No. I Can 5c LIBBVS SPECIALS Pineapple, No. 2 Cnn - 17c Pineapple. No- 2i/ 2 Can - 19c Peafhes, No. 2 l / 2 Can - - Me. I'Vtiit for Salad, 2'/ : Can 2fic R. A. Cherries, 2'/ 2 Can 22r (inlden 15. Corn, No. 2 en l()c Asparagus, Picnic Size • 12c SWEET POTATOES N . B CORN Real Pak 2'/2 Can lOc Round-Un. No. 2 Can for SPARE RIBS I'Vcsh and Meaty Pound Sic PORK & BEANS Van Camp Can PORK & HAM Old Virginia Style No. 2 Can SALMON Ucsl Chum Can lie I AMD Genuine Shoulder, Pound lOc LfliTlD Spring Leg, l.h.--lac; Slew. I.h. --7VJc Corned Kcef Roseditlc No. 1 Can - - - 9c No. 2 Can - - - 13c CTAWHADn VIENNA SAUSAGE. Can - - ->c kMAlllJAIUJ I'OlTEl) MKAT. Can - - - 2'/,c TUNA FISH PORK mm Every Day IJrand C'an Lean End Cuts Pound MACKEREL Salmon Style 2 (.'an*: ISc PEACHES South Short 1 No. 2'/i Can 12ic BACON >""""'" ...... '• in KT«ILS FWi lit CIEIIS CAMAY mSMMrKMIfflUWMOf CATSUP Midwest 1 .l-O/. KoUlc 12c SOAP 0. K. li Gianl liurs CHARCOAL lira I Brand 2 for ISc GROUND BEEF Tic (Jriimilale.t 25-U». Sack APPLE BUTTER 'STL 13c KRAFT MAYONNAISE Li""'::: K HENS Kal. full l)ress*tt .Pound 17c BEANS Itlytheville No. 2 C'an II ('tins for Package 5c OCTAGON Soap or Powder for lOc Pound - - -'. 6'/ t c U r D17PI? DA ACT «»>• 1>ound • BL L DLLl ilUAM Stew. P SUGAR VINEGAR Hulk. Juf,' (ialkm Mary June. 12 His ACkf* ••« "is.-SUO H-..71* 2-1 Ihs. - - firk' DUCKS Put. Pull Dressed I'ound 18ic TOMATOES Standard. No. 2 Cnn 2 for <t <C **. IDC Northern Roll CHERRIES Red 1'ilied No. 2 Can lOc SAUSAGE Pure Pork I'ound lOc PEACHES Rosedale No. 2'/i Can ISc CRACKERS Premium Flakes 8'/ 2 O/. Package lOc CORNFLAKES WE1NERS Post or Kellogjf Package FRANKS or 12ic OPTIMA FLOUR I0 T b Slck 20-J,b. Sack - SHORTENING White Plume 4-Lh. Pail - -41c S-Lh. Pail - - 75c FRUIT JARS NT QUART, l)o/cn ---..-. RHc PURE LARD liring Bucket Pound HUMRO 8 Ihs 69c 9c 1 Lhs. lie 20c 3 for 13c PI AI1D Wilson's Rest 5 Ibs 12 Ibs - 55c 21 Ibs $1.0.". BAKMI POWDER Calumet 1-l.b. Can GRAPE JUICE" Nelson's I'inl Inc Quart 25c PEANUT BUTTER p 'ecrli'ss lfi-oz. J:ir • llio .•!2-o/. Jiir - 23c Maxwell House or Chase & Sanhorn. I.I)- Can MILK Coftagc or Van Camp .1 Large or C Small Cans 17c JELLO All Flavor?. I'ackaec Sic GRAPE NUT FLAKES 2 for 17c SHREDDED WHEAT , ackage 13c rPATLTDC All Crisp 1-Lb. Hox lOc LIlAtIVIlIli3 2-Lb. Rox 18c MILK COFFEE Carnation or Pet 3 Large or fi Small Cans 19c Sunny Brook or Canova Pound Can 29c BRAN FLAKES Kellogg Package 9c

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