The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 2
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JfAGE BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY,'- OCTOBER' 19," : 1939' Place 15,000 Grapple And Bass From Hatchery In Armorel Lake Will ervi1940 Faim In Vaiiou, Mr. and Mrs. J. U Thompson Jr. and son, Cackle, of Blytlievllle, were the ueelceml guests..! Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Bruce and family. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wl"k«rd. if Lillle Rock, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. ft. H. Ityomsuo oivt \,,,$ Knccla! con-1 weekend. . • • .• Bpcciai con | gunday VMt(s of Mr and Mrs. ana H. O. fllchmdson were Mr. and Mrs. , 0110 B. T. Crow and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. U ierc Klchnrds:n and children, nil of Prichard, brother, Alvln Earl, end Bister, Uicllc, -motored her home. Miss Hctener Jarratl, spent the weekend at GosneH will) Miss Rachel Lou Clevel&nd. S^l . of Memphis, ' . and Mrs. B. •i Butler and Godalr tovvnshlps- Ssionley F. Edwards, chairman; (Claude L Dpwnlng and Chailes J •Brashei Downing Is the delegale \ Braggadocio - Bert Richardson, f chairman, T. l> Curlnre and wu- ''liam B Darby, Curtner Is delegate I CpDccid and Gayoso—0. B Soi- rell chairman, J Bert Newman and A W. Thompson Thompson Is ^delegate A Cooter-Wm. 0. Cjark, chairman; i Belle J Lav,ler and Pan Sleele ! Clark is delegate, v, Hajli and Oigan—Almus i ICK- *!ens, chalnnan, J H puddick and v | Chas, \V. Reed, Jr. Reed was nam- J ed delegate Holland-Virgil L UUey, chair- uman. Ra>mord B Mllltgan and r J, Sam Edwards Edwards Is tlele- ga uit.le Prairie—Henry W Cain, Chairman, Ernest P WUks and ' Abe M Gallner. Gaither was Si named delegale •* , Liltle RUer-John R Owens. ' S c l-d here jestcrday announced lhce takfi al one tlmyua.uw.1e. rjucoii Brings Home Troul SPOKANE, Wash. (UP) — Nine- ar-:ld Homer Campbell balled a mil liook «llh a i>lecc of batipn id tossed his line^-a piece of ring—ovci 1 the side of a b:at in berty lake. A minute later he aulcd out a Kwr-liound rainbow out. - • • A lobsler sheds Us shell seven- ecti limes during the first year of fi litellmc. ' • i ,,w* 10 iiej cent, about 30 l>er cent were boss Fishing at Ihe lake should he cm|u>ni within a year, according to Mr. Dtimon who said fish taken fiom the We shoa 'I™ 1 condilkns there ore now improve:!. Joe HOBPII, superintendent of the Lon-Xe halchcry for'the past 20 scais, announced that ft study ol scales from Jlsh In the lake showed that Ihe mlural feeding Is very cood find that they ore malurlns as thej should.-No artificial feeding |s planned The 15000 fish placed there yes- ;hlch were br.ughl from leave Ihe lake with ample fishing lor sportsmen, Fishing Is said to be very g°™ there now with fishermen catch- in" n number of crapplc and buss Mrs. L. A, Meacheam of T Tciin., were the Simdnay guests o Mr. and Mrs. I. L, binds Liberty NeWS In discussing the plan for improving fishing eruditions of the lake, Mr. Damon said that Armorel Lake, because of Us Weal location near Blylhovtlle, made It nn excellent place for fishing. Slecle-Cooler Society—Personal Reiser News, ! r as Club Party Mentors ;i the Young Matrons Bridge club and two guests, Mrs. i Clyde Buchanan and Mrs. Searcy i Meyers, of -Osceoln. were entertained by.Mrs. W. B. Bruce at her I home Wednesday afternoon. High I score prize amon» the eh CASH GROCERS Prices For Friday- LOWEST CASH AND CARRY Prices For Friday .I rices. 101 ) iiRM , Eg ^ TQWN a nd_Saluri1ay_ Have lllrlhday Club Mrs. Clyde Oneal and Mri. Ill Un Blephenson were hostesses Ihe birthday club Tuesday at 11 homo of Mrs. Oneal. Mrs. Ra: mond Payne received the prize the picture-conicst. 'Hie hpstessc who were also guests of honor we piesenled gifls fov the kllchen. Welnera arid nmrshmallovvs were roasted over an open fire on the |awn before the birthday cake was fierved. The next meeting will be Tuesday,' Ncv. 21 at-the home of Mrs. P. B. Jarrall-. , . Mrs. J. F. Wheat.-.anri Mrs. D. Monday with Mrs, WARNING ORDKK N THE CHANCERY COURT OP CH1CKASAWBA PIBTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. : Lola Gammons, Plaintiff, vs. Kp, 1023 Albert Gammons, pefcndant, The defendant Albert Gammons, Is warned to appear within Ihirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer ine cWlalnl o( the plalnllfl, Lola Gammons. Dalcd this 26th day of September, 1939. , , HARVEY MORRIS, ClerK By Elizabeth Blythc, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pllf. Claude P.' Cooper, Atty. ad Lttem. nrnnUCC R«se- Ho. 2i Can Heavy rEm/IILO dale Syrup. Eaclr PRIDE CORN ~ Limit 2 303 Can PINEAPPLE ••ffiflft* lOc PemUoct-Jo, „ lo Virgin.a-Cnailes G lhon>pson, Eln nej Miller Jr., and r' cha tman, Wllburn P Olaik and honors U Mrs. Vclme " Andrew JenHlns Toaftcd ham »1 wcieb ' Miss Jean Armahtrout, of Wil- ,riii s w who has son, 1 spent the weekend here with been vl-ltlng in Sit lor the -her parenU, Mr/ancl Mr S . Clyde past two months with her s:n, Cor- Al ™ nnl ' oul mat S,,nd»sky, returned to «***•,*£*;* llays » The best cooks use COFFEE Cb "° ASPfiRAGBS 14 HEINZ BIHEGAR «. 18 i i H v mi m a *» •" •» • ^~ I_M*.^ —• — •- HUMKC II sflMBfeOFFEE'i 111 • &•«••» {• ,,,,,,-.„-,-,, ...i i .i MHaLLimTini^MaaaaBi HUSKIES 2 Pkgs, 23' LIBBY'S CATSUP STORELY'S 10* ROYAL GELATINE .14 LiEBY'S KRAUT No. '2'i/j Qc Can * & MOP 69 the guesls of W. M. Taylor and Andrc\v JenHln.s iu«fn.« • P'T'Ti" v.^ ,.,,i^ family and their son. Sam Adams. Delenales were mimed lo meet uenm, cake and Iced dilnKs \.fii Mr on(i Mrs . pick WaUbn. '.t ••--'— "•« r crve( i Osceola, spent Sunday here as the |-'and "elect a chairman for Ihe ^ 1 county committee, while the com- ,,„,„,• „„,, rhll- 'raittee members will have cUrecl Mrs Abncr AsUcra t and chil- " siipeivislon of Hie IOAO piogram dicn, Sonny nnd_ Keen, arc 1 m their lespectwe communities guesls ol Mr. and Mrs. Ed Watson. Miss Ann Boehm, Frank Turner and Rulph Peltier, ol St. Louts, were Pull the Trigger on Constipation, and Pepsin-izeAcidStomachToo lug today and tomorrow 111 Cape ls sevcril | (jays this week of Mr. Qliflideau with her sister, Mrs, M- ... --.. ^ - i. Shakeup Occurs In • Pemiscot Farm Board i CARUTHEHSVILLE Mo, Oft "119—Abe M Gatthei, caiutheisvllle wood Brown and w l - sis cr, Mrs, M- " . ,.,.„ ,,„,, p rl > v m tr • longuc. sour taste, and hoc! brcaln. your fnmllv ft Mis. Don orews jr. 5 toinach is probably loiirtcd up wilh tcr- lnm " 5 ' Miss Mary Nell Dial and Miss |, i . 1111 ..i i - fc1 , pt ir, 1 ™i. 111 ,ivniiriinvplsclcn > t \Yhqn coiislir).ilioi> bringso., _....... gcslinti, blraling, dizzy spells, gas, co?.ted tongue, sour taste, and b;ici brc.ith. yopt I — , faimer and rand o\vncr, has been ' 'COURT! Several cases were settled in the No court was licld W «ip^ari»o Iflst \l P n W O D, DOCUCU, ..-„.- ^ SamtS.'cti^ on^^Kng^of^ecklcss^lvir,, tile county tomnnttee 101 lyju ii^lOiO ' Wwaids wns re-elected lo the B«"V '« ">•> v-"»- ~~:'" f 'i "meeling here of delegates that the sleeting apparatus of .,.. comivumities named car became defedive to cause the for this mirnose, but. mnchine la careen, dv after his TetoUon.l A cash bond of $25 was fcr- OT ™,,, "as dismissed from the'feiled in Ihe case ol Jack Partor^ r^SKT-S 1 ™^ Snv,°cU^d K S gS \^^«^\^™^^ tile fii'in believed fish purchased lo be salt waicr fish while Game Warden Paul Dnmon sntd fish bought by the ilrm for resale was Miss Mary Jean Th:mpson. both of West Memphis, f *erc the weekend guesU oC Miss Dial's parenls, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Dial. Mrs. W. M. Taylor. Blllte Taylor and Mrs. Maurice Lltlle returned Wednesday afternoon from Hot [ciiii undigested food and your bosvelsdcn't move. So you ntc<l Ixitn Pepsin to help break «p fast that rich uiidiueslal (cod in yoursloniach, and LiixativcScnna lo iwll the trigger on those lazy bmycls'. So lie sure your laxative also 'contains Pepsir. Take Dr. Caldwcll's Laxative, because its Symp Pepsin" helps you spin that won- (jcrdilstoraachcomfort.whilelhe laxative Se|>na moves your bowels. Tests prove Ihe powcrof Pepsin lodia'solvejhosc lumps pi undigested protein food wliicb may linger inyoursloirach, localise belching, gastric ticitiity and nausta. This is liow pepsia-- .. izinBV'Mtslomachhelpsrelievc.Hofsiich. poi-lls • Ward, of Le- 'dbtrcssrAt the Fame time inedicms Inv with Mr and wakes up lazy nerves and imisclcs in ycur lay wim.-Mi_...uuu. ^^..^rciicveyourconslipation.Sosce liow nincb iKtlcr yon feel by taking Hie laxative thai also puts Pepsin lo work on Iliat stomach discomfort, loo. Kvcn fin- ii-Vrv children love lo ti^le this i»i9. David Gales Sr., of Lonrke, and Mis.- David Gales, of Forrest City, svere- Sunday guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ij. L. Gales, »j la . «. „. nson and'famlly. Mi-, and Mrs. Roy Brinklcy and famUy returned Thursday Irom Olnclnnntl where they vlsilcd with Mrs. Zoha Dick and allendcd Ihe World Series baseball- games between Cincinnati 'and New York, REAL COFFEE -ALWAYS FRESH Picnic Ham C'udahy's Sharikless Loaf IMiss ' Liberty Freart meeting as county vice chainnan, . and followiiie t!(c dismissal of ;! Ldvvards, he was Instmcted to take t charge of the office IS m 1 .1 a «» , Icn dcllar.s. He Is alleged to have The new county committee com prises Claude and C from Clarke Is from Ccotei . . c oon after his Instructions to ewgcd nsh. . .. tat^vei the oflice Gaithe, cillcd Oirae Warden Dnmon pointed a meeting of the otliei Uo mem- on! m discussinu the cases Ihftl bcit, of the committee, and the peisons' often viololed the enmc "'".../.. ... ~ 1RWB tlivough Ignorance but that urfcsls rmtst be made and that every one siitmld familiarize themselves with the game and fish laws 'cOmmiito"ehali'man"for lelorc participating h> these sp.rts the notice sent fiom the or buying fish or game. Cases of T. J. Moss and Thelma PaiiKey, charged with grand lar- ceuy, were continued until Saturday. ' . • • .. A. Tnt6sell, charged with ncf.- ' a cash bond comrmilee \oted to dKCharge W O Dysart, chief clerk in the office No reason^ was given for the dismissal of .Hi Ednards who served MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief MOIIJ- mifcicm rvlieve iiuvtiw baciachi nilirHy. oni-c U'ry ilisCDver jliiil tb^tcol tan?, ' TLo"viJ°i«v«'ii™ Natnre'icliict *«'«' (f'^f tlie eiccis .iii<is »"'* ««.'le wi °' V lc ll '°^ d - Tlics-licln most people pa;6 about 3 junta a When ditoril" of kidnrj- luireliw i>« . loisonora iiialtw ti remain in your blood., it n oy cause impel'* 'j^^f^;,''^" 1 ''^ 1 !^!, 0 "" . Vr( o UC ,,t in V/achmgton ofiice. a »u- ,„ Dm Former Cooler Woman for, services are being held in D; [ burg, Tenn, this afternoon f %frs Clifton Jones who died ! f-idaj at a hospital in . I after she had been sick for several j \vec!>3 | j Mrs. Jones, wlio \vaa 22 years of * ase, was before hei marriage Miss 11 Ullldred Hams of Co:ter, diughler i] * of the late Mr and Mrs J A. Har- M ris Since the death of ber par- II i ents bhe made her home with hei sister Mrs Cluster Tajlor ol Coofer until hsr marriage IRO ^eais Dg6 to Mr Jones, a prominent planter of pear D>er*bute She Is a gradual" of the Cocter | high school She Is survived,'by hcr-husbann, one son, and her slsler, Mrs. Taylor Among those from Cooler \vho are at'endtng the funeral besides Mr. aid Mrs Tailor and their oaiighler, In'ogene, wliO have been at the bedside of Mrs J.nes for t*o yreeks, ate Mrs W N Holn Mrs. Lsv,!s Uster, Mrs Fio,d V/agst«r, Mrs Arthur Ta\lor, Mrs Hajes Smith and daughler Haz»l piid Miss Margaut McClure Female Pointer picked up air" Senalh, Mp.j »&• longs'to someone in Ely- thevillfi.'-;. For infoima- Vion call', Ernest Halsell at tut Huslic Inn ONLY 160 COMPLETE ELECTRIC LAUNDRY TOR THIS COMPELTK Phone 180 For Prnropi Launiir) and Cleaning Service 1. SHOCK AliSOKBEKS—clean and refill vitli special Foril S!-ock Ahsorl-or lluid M-IOSC, cvilcrt lo fc-ison. Ailjirel for mr.Mnwin ridin? comfort. 1. INSPECT SHOCi; ABSOHB- KRS for leaks anil llghlcn arm . ill sand packing nuls. , Sl'KINGS—Trent springs wilh ecial Kord lubilcanl JJ-4828. . INSPECT AND A U J U S T FRI.NG SHACKLES. . M'nklCATK CHASSIS COM- M.KTLLY using faclory spccl- xil lubricanls: 6. liQWAI.l/E TIHi; 1NH.A- fIO\ io Ihe rccomnicndcd pressure. 1. KO.AD TEST CAR for Una' adjustment of ShoeV; Absorbeis lo suit individual rcquircmciils. ALL ABOVE FQR THIS ONE I'KICU. WASHER WRINGER 1RGNER ALUFOR 5lh 4; Walnut Pliouu 8W SMALL DOWN PAY- JIBNT; WBBRAL • • TiiHJlS! IMAGINE! 13 Egg Recipe Angel 4ft- Food or 3 Layer Cake fcJV FREE Texas Seedless 3 For POTATOES S 10 l.b. Stick Yellow 19' 2 lc YORK APPLES «U l,h. «2 MELONS Each 15 . c-omrilele lipine laundiy cqulpmenl for all your vabn- inj and ironins- i'cs piicc iiwlnrtcs this senitiur THOR Spccil Ironcr. Irpiif cvcrylhing from thtcls lo sliirls In !i She lime, I'/IO the' effort. HURRY SUPPIYY LIMITED On r slock Is limited mi IliLs wonderful barsai" today. It's a . Kcal -Value. LOOK ' ' CHECK • Genuine THOU Ironcr lus lull 'iff' shoe. i Wrlnscr is si tuvcll Cusli- Ion Uoll Safety Model. COMl'AKli is iiorcclaiu Washer lull on all sides. i .Has a vuvrrful iclitlubri- c.ilitiE n-.olor. J. "\V. AdanVs, Jlgi 1 . l'Ji«)i;c a:W NAVY BEANS 1.1). 4 SfiLRD DSESSIHG 21 CAULIFLOWER >M 15° FRESH TURNIPS Lb. PINEAPPLE W EGGPLANT Pound SWEET POTATOES I-b, RICE CHOICE Pnund Domino . JO Lb, Clolh. • Sack 65c -T)omin« Sack 10'Lb,'-Paper J Lb. Crt. .....lie •i Lb; crt. ;;,.'.43c 8 Lb. C'ti; ....85c THJ WHITE SOftP FOR WHITER WASHES W T£ CGiaiiT NAPHTHA CANOVA Peanut. I?u((cr, 1 ib, Jar :. HAVEAPRINK Tlxis Saiurday-coino in fpi^ lasto ot a new, deliciou s choc- olale drinlt--made with . . lb. Caii 5Uc; Ofic ,Lb *•«

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