The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1936
Page 2
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PAGfc TWO BLY't'llEVlLLE (Al<k.) COUUIEK NEWS JioK'bAv, OCTOBER 6, lose , ! ^ 'TUESDAY'S EVENTS ; »Youiig Matrons Bridge club •Hireling vilth Mrs. Muiray Smmt ,Mrs. W. Ijson Smith ImUng Tuesday Bildje club. \ Intermediate O. A's meeting First Bautist clmicl), 4 I'm .* WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS 'Delphians meeting Hotel Noble, 9j30 B 111. , iSimucfltns meeting First Baptist, churcli. 4 pm. | Mrs; .Estcllc Cooke Vollmrr having 'Wednesday Bridge club. ' - THURSDAY'S EVEN1S '-Town and Country Bridge club meeting- with Mrs. James Hill. • Mrs. Itass D Hughes hitting the Thursday Llmclieon club jAlfai Society, In.timculatc Conception -church having bingo pat' ty,"-? pm. ! U. D. C meellng with Mrs Charles-Alford, 2:30 P.M. DaujMcr Bom. .A daughtei was bom Saturday tp'Mr. nnd Mis. John House. Tlie baby 1ms been mined Nancy Ann Before' ; her marriage Mrs, House wa's Miss Jo .sell Bosuell Bits of News 'Mostly Personal "C. E. Cilggci is titlciidhiB to business in St Louis ' 'Evelyn Ashley, small of Mr ami Mrs Giovel Asnloj, is,,ill fiom influenza. Miss Bob Williams, member ol the Lu\orn high school faculty, vns the guest cf Mi nnd Mis W. .N.- Williams -over,, the 'weekend Miss Anna Rieleiiolir, who stricken ill from Infantile paialy- sis nine 'weeks ago, was taken to the Crippled AduM.V hospital nl 'Memphis Sntiirilny. Shu has beer in braces for the past live \\ecV = at her home at At-^ovel. -Mr. and Mis Wilson Heinins- XgiS and daughlcis, fortncily of Oak Park, Til, ale fincsls of Mi and Mrs W N Williams it, then H6mc nt Armoicl Mi ' nmt Mis Hemingway arc moving (o Memphis •?Jaek FInlcy noblnson Is ntlend infe to business In St. Louis for two days » ^MIss Lillian Moore and hei nc ppow, Terry Mooic Robinson, of Wilson, spent the weekend In Ar h*rel as guests of Mi nnd Mi-i Kdle Regmold Miss Moore wa- tyio the gilest of Misses He 1 "! 'find ''Joy.' Phillips. Mr and Mrs Co7ine Dlackwcll nnd/children, Ann and Johnson and Carl Rowland hn\e returned from starkville, Miss , where thej ntlended the MlssteVpI State-Alabama University freshmen footbal game Eugene Blackwcll, son o Mr. and Mrs. Blackwcll, nnd H-r slid Mosley weie captains of th team for the game, the first blajet this year. Town Periled lij Gas HAMLEY, England (UP)— Res idcnts of Hnnlcy lived for das in constant dangei of being blow into oblivion by a gasoline e<- plosion. The danger was cause by the accidental dumping < 1,000 gallons of gasoline into tl sewers where the uiixir mlM itself with the 'sewer gases ai spread .beneatli ,tlic whole town. Island Radio Dates to 11)01 HONOLULU <UP) _ Haw ine Kettle of Fisli Mrs. P. W. Coleniun fliitcfiatnecl the study club at. her coiintry lioivie near Steele Wednesday afternoon. Book reports and interesting talks vrere made by Mrs. Robert Steels, Mrs. a. W. Cock and Mrs. Cleo Ciarrctl. A report was also mads on the new books that have been received at the library In Steelu, sponsored by the society/ . •' .' •; Mr. and Mrs, l, W. Turner'nnd son, Blllle, arrived home Wednesday night from Oorevlllc, ill., where they went to ntlend the Jiniernl 9! Venettu Biith [(owe ol Cooler. Mrs: Turner became .seriously ill .at;.her home In Cooler Friday nlglu and remains very sick at 1 this time.' .Charles Crawford jr.,. who underwent an appendix operation lii (he Ulytlievllle hospital last week',.-Is recovering nicely and is expected home by the middle ot this week. Charlie king nnd Mrs, .'•• Odell Jumr.s, both ; of the Deh'ton- co'm- niunlty, arc very sluk from: spider bites. the cooked potaloeV'i'clcri' rtniij Mr. anil Mrs. s. I.. Wngslcr liiiva ne dish and fish for Friday— onion. - [relumed from n visit in Memphis licro's a problem In labor ccon-1 Grease a l"l-2 niiirl lic'it re I Mrs - E. Casey and daughter my antl menu making. ', slstimt glass' unking ' dish, 'place' Mlss; Valllc, have returned', from Slcele-Cooter Society — Pcvsonftl, fdiirs, Ihc fiiiiilly will Ije especially iTrllglituI with SrafuiMl Casserole lopeiul liy Imoyuiil hircitlls. iy NEA Service Dinner cooke<l imictlcnlly all In 1-8 teaspoon black pepper, .stir, in no'bulling salted water, mid add four operations. Ilcrphystctan -say III) canned salmon Is one of tho biscuits When yon have drained off pungent he : oil mid;llakcd the : fish,, mix '. wllh.3-4- cup ^canned peas,- !-!> 'liu'ento cut in narrow strips, nn<! ble. And don't, forget thiit gliiss ot tart eurranl Jelly. i l'-5 No Trutup Convention Makes Slam Bidding Certain A K 9 4 <••« VK5 _ A A K d (i T A G n v 10 7 1>:> » K Q 1 U * 107 •! Kl W E Dealer It AQ J 10 A073 ' V JD-! » 10 7 '12 + 852 ^ ^ i ^ ¥ A Q 8 3 • An * Q J , •Kuulior— All v.ul South West North East 1 * Pass :>.Jf. 2 V Pass :t A •1N.T. Pass- f>N Pass Pass T. Pass 7 * . ' Pass ; Pass '. 1'ass ..< ,'•<; 5 trump Is a forcing bid. In today's hand, North's response of five no trump showed the ace ot clubs and all the klnijs Soulh needed for a grand slam. _ commercial inter-island radio sy tehi, the first, in America,- is- 35 years old, one year younger than , the.: territory'. Marconi designed II in 10C1 when attempts to operate submarine cables between the Islands failed because of extremely deep water. Brazil purchased nearly three limes. as many airplanes in 1935 as in the previous, year. United States .furnished 70 planes; Great Blilnin 15, and Ocniiany four. This is Ihc clcventli of a series of nrltcles dealing nidi I'hangcs lii-||ic''C'iilbcrlsi]ii System, as announced in Ely Ciil- LOST! Many hours of pleasant sleep by those suffering with Chiggcr or Mosquito bites and Poison Ivy DON'T SCRATCH all night longi Get mslntit relief with UUOWN'S LOTION. Stops itching and prevents infection with first application. BROWN'S T.OTION kills the CHIGCEUS, no matter how deeii llioy have burrowed. Two sizes, GOc and $1.00. Sold nnd guaranteed by Klrby llros. Drug Co. CARD OF THANKS From the. depth of cur hearts we thank all who were so kind to us during our recent bereavement Especially do \vc Ihaiik EJrl Howard of the Moss Funeral Servis^-ior liis kind corU'.oeralion, also th- Rev w. V Womack, for his comforting words. The family of o W Harrington. TOO 1.ATE TO CLASSIFY ' Will sell $150 for $75; new 195 Ford Car healer, Reasonable. Mrs. Briscoc,. 713 W. Main. • S- Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On ,• No. matter how many Medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can Brt relief now v.;h Creomulsion. . Serious trouble rr.n^ bo brewing and • you cannot afTora to take -a chance ^wlth anything less tlian Creomul- aon, which goes right to the seat of Oic trouble to aid '• nature to »ooth« and heal the Inflamed rnem- brancs as the germ-laden plileeiii is looscced and expelled. • Even-it oUier Iremedies have railed, dont be discouraged, your drugEist is authorized to guarantee .Creomulsioii end to refund your money if you afe tot satisfied Vith rebuts fioia Ihe very first bottle Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) JACK JACKSON Aristocrats of Kythiii. M I'iccc Colored Ofclicstra Now Playing at (he SILVER MOON Will bioadcast ov<?r> Friday from 2 to 3 P M. over Station KHTM joncsboro. IiirU-oti's latest liooli, "The riohl l.'ooli nt iltdilhiE :1 iul 1'lay." , »V Will. K. Mi'KDNNliV "i Scculary, Amciirau 'llrlti^e l.cHkiic The four-five no trump convcn-'' tion Is the best known slum bid-1: ding dLvite In bridge. Developed ' by Cnluerlson in 1933, its function i Is to locale nces and certain kings. |' Whan both iia'rlners have made 1 this n fice four no tniiini bid I; shows cither two nces and the '. xing of n bull bid .by the-part-1 ueishi|> 01 three .aces. The re-' HUC li five no't ruin p if, the' other player has; two' nces or one nee and the kings of all bid'.suits. I .- Otherwise .ranking suit -bid . is five of iheV lowest ranking suit 5id uy the partnership. I When n player holds all four ices, he bids four, mid . then - five. 10 trump. He is'sure'of a chaiice- Today's Contract Problem South has opened the bidding with one heart, West has bid one spade, and North .two: spades, Ho\v South shows : a; inilunium hMKl by bidding t.vvo > tio truinp. \Vhcn North bid^*, five no tninip. what rcspons6- shoul<l South make, with his two lop li'umps? 1 A 02 VQ 10905 » A K Q J •! *A ' (liliiul) N i S Mil Solution in next issue. Ille. Mr. Green has accepted n |K>- Itlon witli the Southern Service jlntlon. Mrs. J. li. McClurc and son Immlc, spent Saturday In li!ytt:2- ille as guests of Mr, and Mrs. Ku- 'Inn chaiidller. Mrs. chiuidller was >cforc her marriage Miss O\'ell-t Voiing of tills city. Bill Coljurn of Tucson, Ari/., is he guest ol his -soil, lilll jr., at Cooler this week, This is Hie nrst hue they have hecn together since Jill Jr. wtis it very sinull hoy N. Konry <i"d G. W. Northciltt, vho attended Masonic oran-J ixxlj; 1 ti St. l/jiiis the past week, have -ettirncd home. Mrs. Bhon Pollard of Tyler was, he. guest cf Mrs. J. Aimer Ash- j •raft f-'rklay evening. Mrs. l>.' A. McCann, formerly of Cooler but now of Crockett, has seriously ill the past week with nnlarln. ; Miss Rubyc Frye of Memphis cut tlie past week here" as guest of Mrs. John Parker, while here the aiTcpied a position at the Rex- nil Drug store, taking the place of Miss Illldu Plmmncf, who has accepted a- position .with the Ar- Powei 1 company. Mr. and Mrs. D. Bi'n Holly of Carnlhersville attended the funeral cf Clarence polk here Friday. Miss Mary Newt Can- has returned from Jelferson City, \'h"ic jl:c took the slate examination In pharmacy. Miss fiufli Cunningham has returned from'.a visit with rclutiu at Kikesion. Mrs. M. A. Musscy has return cd.Irom a visit with her dnnijhUM Mrs. Lester 'McBrldc,' of • La-ncl ' MISS. . '.,, :, The condition or Mrs.•.'William Turner Is very much improved. She is' taking Ireiilmenls at n hospital in St. Louis. Miss LeVcrgne McNeil of Alamo, Tcnn., Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Tom Hopper. Mrs. If. E. UoDrnsr :mcl Miss Maxlnc Cirau, who sp:nt tha summer at- the former's cabin, "LinJen- lure," near Rogersvillc, Ark., have retni-iiEd horns. Mr. and Mrs. Charles SDlcs and <laui>hler, Miss Alice and Mrs. Robert, Ilolt spent Saturday in Blylhe- ^Illc as guests of relatives. Mrs. Waller Holly, who. nnder- vciit an operalion in (he Mem- i phis Methodist hospital last week,! is Improving ranWly and is ex- ii'ctcd to be able to return, to her tionie near Cooler by the miilillc cf this -.veck. Mr. and Mrs. otho Curtner and son of Carulhersville are guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. wilce curtner. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Rowe and children arc visiting relatives in Illinois for two weeks. Mines. A. D. Aliernathy. H. A. Spence/C. C. Adams. P. 'E. Peii- der, o.'A. Dnnnivant aiicl K. J. Broaks-:'attended the animal fall district .'meeting of Hie missionary societies at Ucrnie last week. Mrs. Edgar German, who is in the Memphis, Methodist hospital under treatment, Is very much Improved. •Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Pitts and Growing Up Fas'f modern home for Mr. and Mrs.! C. S. Albritton on Highway 61, Just, north of the city limits. Miss Wanda Rodgers of Tigreit. Tcnn., U the guest of her uncle, Jess Hopper, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crews, formerly of here, who have been living at Kelser the past year, left last week to make their home at Little Rock, Ark., where Mr. Crews has accepted a position with an insurance company. Mrs. Dora McAdams and daughter, Miss Hazel, arc moving to Steele this week from Tyler, where they have lived for a number of years. Miss McAdams is lencher In the j Den ton school. Danton stcelc of Washington, D. C., is-the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mia. Dan Steele and family. Dc;i tossing of Springfield, Mo., Is the guest of his mother, Mrs. Eva Losslng., Mrs. Paul Cooper, who has beeu -i_i very .sick at her home in Cooler, \ IT" is able to be out again. '-V* ' Jim Polk of Flint, Mich., is visiting Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Polk, and family of Cooler. He came here because of Ills tragic death of his brother, Clarence Polk, last week. He will remain here until the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. John Lcrihcllcr ami family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lcd- better and family have returned from a week spent with relatives in Kentucky and Indiana. Head Courier News Want Ads. A jjoor little rich girl less than two years ago, when she was the center of her mother's liattlc for her custody, heiress Gloria.Mor- gan Vandcrbilt is rapidly becoming, a big girl. She's seen,here studying Ihe program al a society horse show near New York, children of Sharon, Tcnn., were ynesls of Mrs. Pitts' sister, Mrs. A. R. Beckhain and family, over the weekend. Mrs. Gerald n/poks, who has been seriously ill with malaria, is very much Unproved. Her'parents Mr. anil Mrs. C.- A. Hays, who have been 'visiting; her, have returned to-their home in 'Marble Hill. : . C. K. Miller and Mrs. Mable Stcelc spcnt'one day last week in Memphis with; Mrs. C. E.'Miller, who is taking, treatments "at tlie Mrs. Miller Is to reliirn.home the latter part'of this week. Construction has uegim on a Last Time Today • Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carrol] in The General Died At Dawn' With William I'Yawley, hudluy DJKS'es and Porter Hall Paramount News, Technicolor Cartoon anil Vincent I.31K; Orrlicstru •" . ' In "Knocli, Knock" AdniJKslon—Mallnrc—10 & 25c — Nisht—15 & 35c — Wilh lc Tax Tuesday, October 6. $158-Bank Night! I-"' •'•'• • ••'••• -" '- -' •-."..-it Do You Catch Cold EasilH? Do Your Colds Hanqonandon? FORALIMITED riME GfawMfaM TBEfi Kasy Toriiis—l.ih- cnrl Credit On Old There ii no Ireatmr-jii Jiial will do as much for yon ,v, sr.tind i-clreshing sleep. U re:r.cves tire<l ^inr'j and Icavrs you and radiant. It up your hcnllh and elves you more energy. No other malliess c<m rive von Iho^ refrc.'shlnj. completely ycu get with r* !!ca\nyr^t. Ni; c'lnn matti-cfr. is made wilh thr mine sciinlinc tons'.ni:lloii. rioiiin!! ,\c- ticn —337 sfpaiatoly }>3:-kc;c;l coils lhat instantly ad'i!. 1 ;; IheRiMlvrs li cvciy bCLly incvoir.cnt, K Hie fo;ret. For n few days we make a special oifer v^n the 05th Annlveisary tkauly- resl with Hie ne.v damask covei-.i. Here's our 'suggestion-come lo our ttoix 1 , t-ce the Beautyres:. t:sl iis ccmfcrt nnd find out abj;it Us advantages. There Is no obligation, but If you feel that yon wo.ifd like to have one, then you can take advantage of this liberal oirer. f -.' m ' V$ ' x High-Speed Romance With 3 N»w Song Hits.' .ill, JESSIE RALPH HENRY STEPHENSON Olitclt<l-.l» JOSEPH SANi : lEY.'Sctt* K tin t r-H itryjRuky , t r o d ti'c t d ; t> y'. i d v Shorts — Nature's Songsters and \V»ky Family Ailniission—Malincc—1C ft 25c — NiRhl—15 & 35c — Wilh lc Tax —COMING SOON— "01.1) HUTCH" with Wallarc Kerry. .. . " "LADIKS IN I.OVK" wilh I.orctfa Yo!ni B and Jancl (iayncr. "DIMl'I.KS" with Shirley Temple. 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M Weelc Day lAiatincc 1 :4;> Night Shnn (i::iO — Admissions — Jlnlinccsj. !?xccpl Sun- clay and Holidays — 1 10c & 2lic Nights— Kir & ;ilk' Saturday, Matinee Up (o S I>. M.— 10 & 2(ic Sniulay, .Maliucc and N'ighl— If, & jjfie Children ;i to tn years old must have Half Fare Tickets - ROXY • MnMnccs— I'Viday, Siiturdav and Sunday Only - Show Kv'ery Niflit AM Usual —ADnllSSION— ALWAYS ]() & 2Gc Tucs. \Vcd :. riuirs, PAL NIGHTS ( 2 Adulis Admitted for the Price of One All ChiMi-cis— I lie (No Aiiiliiicos Tucs., Wcrlf. or Tlnirs.) y and Sunday -Matinees at 2 IV'M.' Saturday Matinee — ! P. M. Nile Shows— 6:30 P.M. I'v

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