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Huntsville, Alabama
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Page 7 THE HUNTSVILLE TIMES Monday, May 28, 1962 Patterns job addi- licf. Personals Thursday Cotillion Club Given Dance MR. AND MRS. A. L.

BRAD-jed to her home on Bob Wallace LEV and son, Mark, will attend SW, after visiting with her graduation exercises at Howard mother in Birmingham. College in Birmingham tonight. ft Their other son, Mike, will ac-1 MRS. EVA BROWN and chil-company them home after com-idren, Diane, Dick and pleting his junior' year. After Carol Pope, of Monrovia are va-fesv days in Huntsville, Mike will Rationing in Panama City, leave for a private camp in this week.

Miss Irene. Jones entertained Thomas and Joel Hardwick, the Thursday Cotillion Club, a Twist; Kay Montgomery and junior high school dance group, Malcom Davis, Rhumba, under her direction, with a dance Assisting Miss Jones at the long Saturday night at the Russel serving table, which was eenter-Erskine Hotel ed with a large silver punch Winners of the dance contest bowl and other silver appoint held during the evening were ments were, Mrs. R. G. Camp-Claudia Jennings and Patrick bell and Mrs.

Irene Walling. Ryan, Cha Cha; Melanie Martin Others assisting were Alta and Jim Demetrio, and Anne Truman and Mrs. Bill Jones. Georgia to act as a counselor. ft ft ft MISS ZAN ALLEY has return- Piano Students Hold Recital MR.

AND MRS. ALBERT M. FORTNER and daughter, Deneise, and Miss Bobbie Ann Anderson, left today to visit Mr. Fortners parents in Atlanta. -fir MISS MARY NELL WOMACK, bride-elect of Harris Atkins, was honored in Auburn with a morning party at the home of friends.

Huntsville. vacationing Piano students of Mrs. John! G. Ross entertained their parents at a Repertoire Party Sunday at Atlanta this week, the First Methodist Church Fel lowship Hall. Miss Womack is from MIKE BENSON is Seams to Me by Patricia Scott BILL BRAN- Taste of Southern Hospitality A v'isitor from the north, Diane McClendon, at the afternoon tea.

From left are Carol mnmhnbc Parker, Ann Johnson and Teresa McCann. Approximately 75 guests called between the hours of 1-5 p.m. at Teresa's home, 7906 Corvette Drive, SE. second from left, is seen here at a party held Saturday in her honor. Diane is the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. James McClendon of New' York City. She is visiting in Huntsville. Seen with her are her hostesses Those participating were Ann and dau3htTS Walter. Dee Tutthill.

Leslie arnved Sunday Barnard, Emily Pryor, Fay Hen- mofg awau to spend a derson. Gordon Johnson, Greg? vacation with their parents, Mr. Bliss, Leslie Collins. Lind Branncr ant Ir Linda Marshall, Mark Clarke, and rs. John Bolin.

Mary Ellen Price. Nola Bentley and Patricia Pittman. Other pupils presenting selections were Paula Hancock, Rebecca Clutts, Richard Bracey, Sally Kate Williams, Sally Tanne-hill, Sandra Stone, Sidney Johnson, Steve W'illiams and Vickie Womack. Following the recital, refreshments were served. Second Chance at Youth! You'r.

jrouugee looking with a new hair color in mere minute! Let Tint re-color your gray, dingy hair with the natural lustrous color of youth. Tints leaves hair aoft, radiant young looking! No harsh color or dried-out hair, because Tints it ammonia-free ana has lanolin conditioner added. Today, let Tints give you a second chance at youth I Come in 14 different youthful hair color shades. pattern of life at middle age. Has talent but trouble directing same.

1962 is lucky through private as sociations, friendships that are helpful, constructive. For private answers to your problems write Mrs. Moore, in care of this newspaper. Her unique answering service. "Astrology It Psychology," helps with intimate trouble, decisions.

Send your birthday, a large self-addressed envelope stamped with postage, plus to cover printing-handling cost. Your letter is forwarded to her UNOPENED. Allow three weeks for reply. Moon Messages by Cullen Moore III III lilMHIWnilWTrsg If a neckline facing is put on badly, it can ruin the entire bodice of a dress. If its too tight, it will puli from all sides.

With very lightweight fabric, stitches will show if the facing is hemmed to the garment. Little tricks like clipping, notching, knowing when to hem and when not to, make the job easier to do and neater. Two popular necklines are the slashed opening and the square neck. Both are easy to but they must be done carefully for a good fit. Faced Slash ((Fig.

1): This is found on the fronts and backs of dresses. 1. Cut the facing on the same1 grain as the garment. The front facing is wide and long (if the slash is on the front, as in Figure 1. The back is rounded and narrow as is any normal neck facing.

fko ho1r YOU CAN MAKE, write to Patricia 2. Join the front and the DacK Scotti box 158i uudee, enciostns facings at the shoulders. Turn ions. Mif-addreased. velope and 20 cents in coin to cover the outer raw edges under yslprintin and hsndllns costs.

The sub- iects lor this fascinating booklet were inch, edge stitch and of currency, Fred recalls, and the money looked just like it had rolled off the printing press. -Picious some of it to the bank, but it was good. Neither woman would CREME ever accept change. If her bill' COLOR was $50. she would hand over a SHAMPOO $100 note and walk out without the change.

Passing through one room, Fred pointed to a long platinum blond wig resting on a wig block. EASY-SEW cape and whirl-skirt dress summers pretty new pairing for little girls with happy plans for parties and sun-ny-day outings. Printed Pattern 4529: Chil drens Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Size 6 dress takes 2Vi yards 35-inch; cape 1V4 yards 54-inch. FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern add 10 cents for each pattern for lst-class mailing.

Send to Anne Adams, care of The Huntsville Times, Pattern 243 West 17th New York 11, N. Y. Prnt plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. SPECIAL Summer Pattern Catalog. More than 100 styles sun, sport, day, dance, work, travel.

All sizes! Send 35 cents. Piano Recital Is Presented Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors -Availableii Now Without Prescription selected from among Miss Scott's most Message For Tuesday Todays Moonrays are calm. But there is some tendency to worry or anxiety and foolish fears. Do not be shy in expressing feelings and emotions. Others may share your beliefs.

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3. Mark the center of the front facing and place it along the center front line of the garment, right sides together. Baste the two together. 4. Stitch the facing to the garment around the neckline.

Then down the front Vi inch from the center front line, tapering to Vi inch at the bottom. Take one stitch across the bottom of the opening and then continue up the other side. 5. Cut between the stitching lines down the front. Trim away the comers at the neckline.

Blend the neckline seam by trimming the garment seam allowance to Vi inch and the facing to Vi inch. Clip around the neckline at intervals and press. Turn the facing to the inside of the garment NEW TUMS FAMILY BOTTLE! must do so, hold ground. Be firm. CANCER (June 22 July 23) -Vibrations favor you.

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VIRGO (Aug. 24 Sept. 23) -Your companions, associates or partners are important. Let the other fellow carry the ball. Delegate authority.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 Oct. 23) -Work areas, occupational zones hold some surprises. Personalities of others may reveal a link of agreement. SCORPIO (Oct.

24 Nov. 22) Speak with the one you love. Dont be shy. Do not attempt to be smart aleck when discussing sentiments. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.

23 Dec. 21) Home is the best place for luck or entertaining, receiving a visitor. Be gracious, welcome someone. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan.

20) Letter writing and all things having to do with the spoken word are favorable. Contact others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 Feb. 19) Luck in financial matters.

Passible gains, bargains, or something which brings you added income. PISCES (Feb. 20 March 20) Spotlight is on your personality. Yet you might be disturbed by private matter and neglect an opportunity. Todays birthdate is rather mysterious and may change the A very well known doctor came to us some time ago, Fred relates.

He was bald and homely and he despaired because he just didnt fit the picture of a Fred Fredericks a hank of hair and he can spin more tales than Scheherazade. Fred who inevitably was dubbed Mr. Wigs by one writer has for many years been manager of the hair department of a ATTORNEY GENERAL CANDIDATE RICHMOND He knows more hairline facts hairpiece with graying hair. We We worked on him for a year and baste close to the edge. This cosmetics company 'in Hollywood.

and a half. We designed him a will make it easier to press the1 turned edge. Tack the facing to the shoulder seams. 3-Piece Square Neck Facing 2): about Hollywood than gossip columnists. He leads you into one room of even the made him into character.

Today he is one of the most successful doctors in Los Angeles. He never takes off his hairpiece where row after row wig not even in the operating room. Monkey Business Fred's department has risen to many emergencies. Weve even made hair pants for a monkey," he says, "and we the lion mane that Bert Lahr wore in The Wizard of Oz. We've made Piano pupils of Gary Cooper were presented Friday night in recital at the Traylor Music auditorium.

Students participating included David Meigs, Pam Pilling, Dwight Agee, Cheryl Allen, Ben Foutch, Karen Reasor, Stevie Meigs, Edith Absher, David Williams, Larry Bent, Pamela Mance, Steve Campbell, Nancy Kling and Janice Snellgrove. Others included Joanna Horton, Mary McDonald, Ann Titts-worth, Leattrice Ballard, Bill Howard, Cheri Robertson, Anita Vann, Mike Meigs, Pamela Bus-bice, Judy Daussman, Janice ffittsworth, Pat Groth and Genie Powell. A Social Calendar MONDAY LIONESS CLUB will meet at 7:30 p.m. at George's Restaurant. Cancellations must be made by 10 a.m.

with Mrs. B. J. Allison. GREEN THUMB Garden Club will have its annual installation dinner at 6 p.m.

with Mrs. William Pittman, 704 DeSoto Road. tfr HUNTSVILLE Duplicate Bridge Club will meet at 7 p.m. at the Community Center. Call Mrs.

Stanley Prosser for information or for securing partners. TUESDAY HUNTSVILLE YOUTH ORCHESTRA will hold its debut at 8 p.m. at Huntsville High School auditorium. It is free. tir THE TUESDAY SECTION of Southeast Huntsville Bridge Club will meet at 8:50 a.m.

with Mrs. George Rogers, 315 Rhett Ave. The Saturday section will also meet with Mrs. Rogers at 6:50 p.m. WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY MORNING Duplicate Bridge Club will meet at 9 a m.

at Sahara Motor Inn. fir HUNTSVILLE SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION will meet at 7:30 p.m. for election of officers and a board meeting at the Grace Lutheran Church, 3321 S. Memorial Parkway. THURSDAY ALABAMA NURSES ASSOCIA- blocks sit on shelves.

Each one is the skull contour of a customer. Names are affixed. Theyre names famous in Hollywood. Some of them would surprise you. But Fred asks that the names be kept secret.

Some actors and 1. Cut 3 pieces on the same grain as the neckline on the garment. 2. Pin the facing pieces to the edge of the neck right sides together, overlapping them quite a bit at the corners so that you can make true bias miters. 3.

Miter the joinings at the cor- New Tums Family Bottle contains one hundred minty -fresh Tums tablets. One hundred fast, sure ways to relieve acid indigestion, heartburn and gas. Get a bottle for your home today. Economical only 83. stars are touchy about having it hair-pieces and wigs for children known that they use hairpieces Vliai V11C, ners and pin.

Stitch them careful- ly as shown in figure 2. Trim the Theres one who probably wont bccause seam allowance to Vi inch and mind-harley McCarthy. of lllnfs 0r 3CCldent press the seam open. Three of every five male stars A few years aK a heautlful 4. Stitch the facing to the neck- over 35 wear some hair correc- yun8 cam to V5 in tears; line, pivoting the needle when tion," he advises.

when unwied you reach each corner. Turn un-j Until fairly recently, men were her tiea1, ou may have der the raw edges Vi inch and read the biggest buyers of hair falsies, atKmt 't it waR in FLOWERS Lowers the boom on the Supreme Court -Attorney General hook-up TONIGHT WAFG-TV Ch 31 8:00 PM Pd. Pol. Adr. hr J.

X. Flowers. Pothas Famous Make Fans at 3 SPEED Reversible 20" Window FAN 1.95 50c DOWN 50c WEEKLY Can be used on The floor, table or in a window. Cools up to 5 PaPers-A hairpiece can work wonders 1 Her husband was very jealous for a man's confidence, claims and very suspicious. One ght Freds.

in a jealous rage he cut off all He tells of the millionaire Cal- her pretty brunett hair, ifornia playboy who felt his glam- We fitted her with a wig and ous was slipping and ordered a she looked as pretty as every. set of hairpieces. Fred has had some colorful cus- He had a crew-cut hairpiece tomers over the years, too, like to wear when he sailed on his the Countess Dorothy Di Frasso yacht. and Virginia Hill, both good He had one with longer hair for friends of racketeer Bugsy Siegel. rooms.

edge stitch. If the fabric is heavy enough so that stitching will not show through on the right side, hem the facing to the garment. A one piece square neck facing is simply stitched to the neckline, and the corners are clipped so that the neckline will be sharp and square after the facing is turned to the inside. 1M2, Held Enterprise. Inc For your copy of FIFTEEN GIFS Farming has reached the point where brain power is more important than horse-power in operating a successful business.

Buses -S 123 WASHINGTON ST. N. C. Both of them carried big rolls ''Let The World Rejoice With Music' formal occasions. Party for Wig The millionaire was so pleased with the transition that he staged a party for 250 guests at which he announced: "Im wearing a hairpiece, if any of you so and sos care See and Hear RYAN deGRAFFENRIED Tonight Debut Concert U.S.

consumers spent 26 per cent of their food dollar for meat of the in I960: about half of this went You11 never me without one forbeef' 'again. TION, District 4, will meet at Then there is the Hollywood 7:30 m. with Miss Shelby Pat- man who is so pleased with his ton, 427 MeClimg SE. hairpiece that he keeps a spare HUNTSVILLE HEALTH CAPSULES by Michael A. Petli, M.D.

TV PICTURE TUBE in the Closing Speech of His 4RE GUIDE POGS FOR THE BLIND ABLE TO OBEY TRAFFIC LIGHTS YOUTH ORCHESTRA RUSSEL GERHART, GON'DUCTOR HUNTSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MAY 29, 8:00 P.M. ALL RCA SILVERAMA 21" Picture Tubes P50 Including Installation IPIrk Up A Deliver? filral THIS OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31st, 1962 Rodens Radio ft TV Serv. Ceraer ef Governor Drlee A Farfcwer M4-MH Winning Campaign SHOWING ITS AGE? ADMISSION FREE Wallace Webb Andrew Jaekton War m-im Radio-TV Center S329 Mvmorlai Pirkvjr 5K-335S CHANNEL WAFG-TV 31 Picture getting gray-jtarting to fade? Let us replace your worn-out picture tube with an RCA Silverama. You will get fte most lifelike pictures your IV set can deliver. CA Silftrsms contains the finest parts and miterials pint a reused envelope, Silverama, PICTURE TUBES barters Radio ft TV Rep.



Tsscsirass. Chat. Bills TV Servlc Pill Trlsst Bird..

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