Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 24
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DAILY PHAROS GITY NR.WS. SCIENCE OUTDONE A. on the Kokomo •1.25 good at Miss Gertie Uecemann ; slcklUt. Iftn Shade Is over from visltingirrUndi. Boy's reefdru at half price, up.—New Otto. The unow-fiill today sleighing again- Bert Stewart spent . Lafayette visiting friends Jacob Stettmer, of Toledo, is spend- ine New Years in the city- Miss Ohrlstisna Markert Is spending New Year* at. Indiannpollii. Mrs W. B Place and son are at Denver, iDd., visiting relatives. Mrs Jack Sellers, is spending the holiday with relatives at Sweetser. Oeo! Brown, of Montlcello, is in the cltj for a short visit with rela- That Burns eyer For- Imvwtor Wlw Birals Edison wd Te*l», Discovers S«w Principles That Revolutionize Science. ALogansport Inventor has con. strncited a lamp that he claims wil supersede electricity, gas and al otheir formn of artificial illumina tton, because of its cheapness and utility. It is sealed up like a bottle of per lives. ' Eli Greeosl'elder joined his family at Lafayette today on a visit with relative*. , Mrs. Clinton Baker has returned toElwoodatW a visit here with relatives. Try HcHale'8 for a pure drink of McBr.yer, seven years old, 106 per "aid^v Kanflman took in a sample line of 1898 .ample shoes for the New Otto it. sample prices. A number of stores and business houses closed at noon today in observance oil New Years. Mls'i May Manlove, who has been Tinting here, left tbU afternoon for her home at Terre Haute. The public and private schools of the CUT «nd county will reopen Monday after the holiday vacation. Natural gas bills for the month of January are due and yayftble at the company's office on or before the Inst. No more-scarcity of rubbers fumo, and the inventor claims that it will last :torever. The light may be compared to a bright electric flame or gas jet, bottled in fi; glass sphere and forever remaining the same. Tlie inventor is S. B. Nlckum, who for the past three or four years has kept himself locked up at the novelty shop and rooms over Eckert's place at the corner of ru engaged to construct « n f §ol»r systems, and while do* noting tlaelr operation, ne was led conclusions which caused him to question and finally abandon Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravitation and attraction. After that other thing;? came rapidly, the discovery of tow to make this new light being one of them. While living at Marion he discovered that beat eleciricity could be interchanged from one to another and in regard to such discoveries wrote to the Pollman Palace Car company, who sent a representative to see him. A flatter Ing proposition was made to Him provided he would turn beat into electricity without loss which stimulated him to search deeper with a view of producing light without heat, and frcm the air. After the theory of gravitation and attraction was thrown atiide, he soon got back to the source of all power—the sun, which la the center of the system of and the New Year to All. John Market and Third streets. It has been known by many that he was working on some fora of invention, but the nature of Che same has been a secret up to the present time. The device is now so perfect in the mind of the the New Otto, bought and some at real bar- Kauffiuan, of over 1DO cases train ptlces. Master Fred Mancoutt of Terre Haute, who has been visiting Master Dudle T Schwerdman, returned to his home today. Richmond Items: Mrs. o. ts. Joi.es und children, returned to L,o- ganspurt this morning, after visiting here Mi a week. Lafayette Courier: Mrs. E. A. Gandior left this afternoon to spend New Yearls day with, relatives and Triendii at Loganspoi't. Johi:i Eckert, the boy who had his -• - re- perpetual moving matter key was soon discovered that unlock- bins naiture'sQworkshop. He that the TIE •LDEN RULE sun's light arm amputated at Crown Point cently, was brought home yesterday and ta.ken to St. Joseph's hospital. A purtial eclipse of the moon will in this locality on the . Jan. V, beginning about and lasting an hour and a be vltiible evening of 6 o'clock Vaoash lodge 1831, Knights of Honor, will have two initiations Monday evening. .Election of representatives to grind lodge will also occur, Revival meetings will be held at the Wheatland street church every day nuxt week, commencing at 2:30 »cd7:30p. m., with the exception of Saturday. MM. F. G. Patterson and son Fred, of Peltln, III., arrived in the city •Jl xtHklU) ***•) •" yesterday, and will spend New Years it 1th 'her brother and family, J. H- Wliedf the Westslde. This members of the Broadway M. E, oh»roh held a watch meeting last rilghti. The meeting was In the nature of a song and praise service and vfes well attended. TBB retirement of Daniel Crowe, the II!." H.& L engineer, again places Rich iird : Wills, a locfcl yard engineer, in service on the road. This will be good news to Dick's many friends. The dance given by the Eastend Measure dab at Dolan & McHale's hall proved a very enjoyable affair. The'? danced the old year out and theuewooein. Thenswas a very largo crowd. Miss May Shannshan, of Market street, gave a watch p»rty last even ing in honor of her guest, Miss Nina Keel'e, of Oovington, Ky. Dancing and cards were indulged In until the new year dawned on them. G W. Con well, the gralr. dealer at Galveston, has shipped this week 20,250 bushels of corn. If there is any othtir station in C&S3 county that can beat it, he will set up the cigars. There are two grain dealers at Galveston. William Long, of Noble township, died last night at the advanced age of 81 yatrs. H« hadl long been a resli lent of the county. A wife and one eon, Walter, survive him. The fumtral will be held at the residence on Monday afternoon. Burial at Mt. Hote. A n exchange says that In olden tim » a witness In court was required to take *hree separate oaths, the I /standing, the second sitting and wJ third lying. The last seems to ba i he kind that some; take even to thli day If one Is to Judge from some of the testimony heard in tho courts of j astloe. inventor, that the facts have given to the prefs, and wibhin the next few days the metropolitan dailies and scientific papers will be full of it. The nature of construction or process by which this new light U produced, the inventor will not at pies- ent make public. The ligM is contained in a round glass, globe or sphere, in which go-called gravitation and outside connection Is cut off. They can be made of almost any "brilliancy, from the size of a pen to that of the most powerful arc lamp, or even greater. They resemble the light of the noon-day sun, a beautiful, never-changing.never-fllckering white light, and when once made and sealed, remalm constant forever there- alter. There are no wires and no electric current Is used, but the light never goes out, and when not In use can be placed In a bureau drawer or any convenient receptacle 'till needed. The light remains constant, kept so by the surrounding moving matter- air—but the globe is cold, there being; no losii of heat or movement from the; interior to the outside. They can be suspended in any manner, either in ii room or on the street, and can be used for any and all purposes, where a llight Is required. There is no possibility of a fire resulting from th'3 use oil the light, for ttes very instant there Is a crack in tho globe the Hg;ht will go out. It could be broken in a keg of gun powder without the slightest danger of an explosion. edto saw could be duplicated, and a brilliant light be be made thit would be propetual, kept so by force of the surrounding movingjnat- ter In its high state of vibration upon a properly constructed apparatus. He saw the relation between : heat and electricity, and between magnetism and the so-called electric current and light, and that In oxygen or the air was found the source of ail power. From these discovers came the construction of the perpetual lamp as above mentioned, which has been seen in successful operation by several responsible citizens of Logansport That's what the m said when his laundry came h< yellow, orn' and faded. Then toneluded t» his linen wajeturned^ as try and ^ white as snow and kout being torn in the least; ( up phome 110 and have our wn L stop for your work. , in He is That the- great Invention comes from the brain of a modest and retiring resident of this city, instead: of an Edison or a ^Tesla, reflects the more brightly £on the perseverance and genius o;t the inventor, S. B. Nlckum. He is known to but few of our people, as he has lived-.only his workshop ifor many years. B about forty years of Cage and a widower with no children. Some years ago he and 3 his brothers operated a machine and .repair ishop on Railroad street, near foundry. During the time he has been working on the, invention, he has written a boo'k on philosophy, ott four hundred pages, shortly to be ([published, in which he explains, the basis of his discoveries. In it, science is to be revolutionized!; Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravitation is proven false; no such thing as attraction exists; growth of all plant life comes from the air; sun's heat not due to contraction. WEEK OF fcYER Will be Generally Obwi by nort Charci ^ There Will be Dnlon Sees—Topics for the W« Next Monday will ba beginning of the week of prayer | Protestant churches of the Ualte^ates, and the week will be genejr observed by the churches of this y. Union services will be held as lows, under the direction of the Mterial association: . Monday evening at fl Christian church. Topic, "TheIds of the Church." Leader, RevAckleberry, pastor of the Baptist cah. Tuesday evening, at tBroadway |ic,"Prom- Leader, of the Can THR TAILOR Suit You in Style and Prices. Presbyterian church, ise of G-od to the Chur Rev. H. C. Kendrick, Christian church. Wednesday evening jhe Broad- and will last The first which will They can be shipped anywhere uaert anywhere and until the globe Is broken. cost is the only cost, probably not greatlf exceed the first cost of the incandescent lamp now IEI use. What this all means to the future, and the revolution It will cause in the presunt methods, of lighting, is bsyond the immediate grasp of any human mind. It Is now over three years since the inventor first discovered that a 11 ,ght could be produced by the ever present and perpetmal vibration of matter; but the secret has been kept la order that the light might be a, higher state of perfection, and that pirooer patent protection might be TRINITY WILD ENTERTAINMENT At th« Gran 4 Army of ttte Bispubllc Hall Last Evening;. The Junior Guilds of Trinity church gave a very pleasing entertainment last evening at the G-. A. B. hall. Notwithstanding the youth of the actresses they displayed unusual merit, in the production of their respective parts. Miss Helen Newell rendered a piano solo. The five llttlfl gnndmas.composing Bessie Deverlll, Louise Ctiase, Ethel Michael, Lulu Michael and Florence Fickle, wero very pleaislng in their originality. A recitatkm, "'Courting of Mother Goose" was rendered by Miss Lucy Simpson. Miss, Grace Chase rendered a very pleasing solo. The farce in one act—"No Cure no Pay," wan presented "by Ethel Doton's -way -M. E. church. Consecration God Bee People." Leader, Rev. pastor of the Eoglisi church. Thursday evening a Presbyterian church. To Sacrifice for the Chu: Grounds of Hia Claims ice." Leader, Rev. W wolf, pastor of the Broa terlan church. Friday evening, at church—Topic, "The Needful in the Work of Leader, Rev. Semans, Broad way M.E. church Sunday, at 2:30 p. Broadway M.E. churci ence prayer meeting, consecration. Leader, pastor of the First church. The public is invl these meeting. of His Shaner, jiitheran he First "Christ's and the Our Serv Beider- y Presby- Baptiflt ly Spirit Church. Dor of the ., at the A confer ayers and Putnam, jsbyterla,n to attend Before selecting a, Holiday Present Or Furniture to adorn Your Home we' Desire to call attention to our band- some and complete line of the very Latest Designs and Novelties in Furniture and Upholstereij Goods consisting of Roman Chairs! Tabbor- etts, pi vans, rockers, cohihes etc at Lo<? Prices. ^^ ' Cor 3d & Bromdway. Araual Rates iese meeting. There is a possibill that the meetings will be contimi the week following. s | Mrs. John Shurte of well, Indi., is in the city visiting b'pon, Lewis Shurte, and daughter,!. Mrs. S. H. Shaver. , ., ~\ ". HOLJE^Y and Natural Gas Bills are due an< payable at the company Natural Ga* Consumers deair- themsehre, of the combing December-Ut ^ ing ^he S&ce and arrangm bills \ 8 t be paid on or before the each\nth. " Simpson, Talbott, Helen Edna obtained. Abouit five years ago Mr. Nlckum facsimlte oi Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S BUIRG POWDER WORLD . 1893 Vaughn, Bessie Newell, Fannie Purkey, Bensle Douglass and Marion Coblbaugh, The eoteirtainment vrill be repeated tthls evening. A matinee was jiven this afternoon to the entire latisfactlon of all those present. Officers Elected. The Market street M. E. Sunday school hava elected the following officers for the year: Stipt.—W. E. Hard, AM't- Snipt.—Mae Shaver. SOC'T.—llattiie Winseill, Aos't. S*c'y.—Ella l:reas.—May Foster. Organist—Martha Stiideler, Chorister—Emma Reeves. Librarians—Messrs. Nalleir, Wat kins, Shiirte, Stewart. A new orchestra has been added to the muslcsl department and till bids fair for n successful year'ii work. Special wrtTal meetings darling January- Shoes and Slippers Ti hand- somt, and bestlassort- meniof CH^TMAS Shs arid Slipjrs ever shed in the city] self '•We to provide ,i\ TT«m,«» ar-~— — — very low price. My ilock Mi Patent ELeatlr Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, gen,red> lavender. In tt anything in nice eveng slippers, i See our Men'j Bootee combination, B>t and Shoes just the |ng^ for winter. j Stevenson & Insick. '" \ 403 Broadiy. all the leading make*, are easy, and there is c being out of a'food 8e»tog_ a the hou£t. The old ^ 529 Broadway, IK B 1STHITBR' THEM whajt you'll get Fai Suits and tyontj (to 1.00. H- (Kfrti<Otei%T \

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