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Huntsville, Alabama
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Feature Index Abhjr Comics The Weather' Fair and a little wanner tonight with increasing cloudiness and mild tomorrow. Low tonight, 40; high tomorrow, 75. SEE WEATHER PAGE 2 Editorials 20 PAGES TODAY 3 Jet Crashes Leave 4 Dead In Snowstorm City Officials Here Say Plan To Integrate Was Surprise Caught By Surprise Patterson Vows Race-Mixing War Federal Move Will Destroy Huntsville System, He Says Huntsville's school board and City Council say they hsd no knowledge of plans to integrate a school here until the pluax were reported today from Washington. Meeting for more than an hour this morning at a special oint session, the two boards issued a categorical denial of a report local authorities are cooperating with the Defense Department in plans to allow Negro children from Redstone Arsenal to wo Aitcrah Slam Into Hill On Central Montana Cattle Ranch GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) A blinding snow storm hit a mass military flight over central Montana today, knocking out three twin-jets and killing four airmen.

The crashed planes were Air Force F89 Scorpions. A numter of other military craft rode the snow storm until dwindling fuel supplies forced them to land as far apart as 250 miles. Two airmen chuted to safety on the rolling, wheat-rich countryside, frtfm which hills jut 100 feet They were helped by Hutterites. whose religious colony was given swift blackout treatment, an elder explained, fearing invasion by the Russians. Most of the all-weather fighter interceptors were on a midnight training mission.

It was not immediately determined how many planes there were, or whether the mission was to intercept a mythical air invasion. provide adverse weather training, or another assignment. Rancher Olind Jenni saw the explosive crashes that illuminated the night. One craft narrowly missed his ranchhouse. The crashes 100 miles east of Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls and 12 miles south of the base and the emergency landings in Billings.

250 miles south, all occurred within 30 minutes, between 1:15 and 1:45 a. a base officer estimated. The mission team members are of the same Fighting Cock 29th Fighter Interceptor Squadron that finished second in the recent weapons tournament at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. None of the pilots in trouble today was in the competition. At crash times, the snow was coming down in huge, wet flakes which buffeting winds splattered 100 miuo elt ahAiw blindingly against windshields.

Radio Sounds Electronic Density Data Instrument Is Hurled 1,000 Miles In Space By Five-Stage Rocket WALLOPS ISLAND. Va. (AP) A five-stage rocket hurled a tiny radio transmitter i qso stati miles Into a cold, cloudless sky today. The nose cone dropped into the Atlantic about a minutes later Caslro Issued False Gossip, U.S. Charges Cuban Brochure Tried To Tie ThU Country To Havana Violence WASHINGTON (AP) The United States again has accused Fidel Castro's Cuban regime of circulating false reports it said apparently were designed to create hostility between the two countries.

Target of the newest Washington protest was what the State Department called "an offensive brochure seekirtg to link this country with violence in Havana Oct. 21 in which two persons were killed and 45 injured. WWW It was the second time in two weeks this country has protested Cuban charges that the damage was caused by U.S -based planes which Cuba said dropped not only leaflets but live bombs. Cuban Ambassador Ernesto Di-higo. called into the State Department to receive the statement, said the brochure "contains nothing against the U.S.

government An earlier protest was handed to Cuban officials in Havana Oct. 27. after Castro charged in a speech that the United States did nothing to stop bombing of a defenseless nation. attend school with white children First reports of an integration move came today in news dispatches quoting the Justice Department at Washington. Gov.

John Patterson greeted the Washington reports with a declaration of all-out war on in-tegrationists. He said attempts to break the color line will destroy Huntsvilles school system. At Huntsville, the school board and governing body deliberated, telephoned Redstone Arsenal to discuss the situation, and issued terse answer. "No member of the City Board of Education or the City Council of Huntsville, has received word of any effort to integrate any school in the City of Huntsville school system either from the Justice Department or from the Defense Department." the boards said in a prepared statement. Their oiwy knowledge of integration plans came from news reports from Washington, they ad-dad.

A similar statement Dr. L. A. Davis, president of the Huntsville Board of Education emphasizes a point at the meeting this morning between the board and City Council called to issue a statement on a reported integration attempt here. From left to right, the board members are Davis, Richarl Van Valkenburgh, Cecil Ashburn, and A.

V. Sneed. Not pictured are Tom G. Thrasher, and the members of the City Council, who attended the meeting. Dag Ignores Governor Promises Resistance FLORENCE, Ala.

(AP)- Gov. John Patterson today described Justice Department plans to integrate a school for children of military personnel at Huntsville, as the opening battle of an all-out war." He predicted that "disorder and chaos" would result from an Integration move. "There will be no co-operating with those who seek to destroy us." Patterson said in a fiery formal statement issued here. will resist every step of the way. We do not intend to comply with the wishes of our enemies." Patterson's statement, written in looghand, followed an announcement by the Justice Department in Washington that It la working for the ro-oper aCton of local authorities and the Defense Department for integration of the school at Huntsville.

At Huntsville, members of the City Council, the City Board of Education and the commander of Bedstone Arsenal said they knear nothing of the controversy. Madison Pike School, an elementary school with an all-white enrollment of 1.044, is located on land given to the city by the Army. However, school officiate said children of Army personnel number only S7I. Children of Negro servicemen at Redstone Arsenal allend all-Negro schools. There are seven children of Negro Army person-nel in Huntsville city schools.

The Board of Education and the City Council issued a joint statement saying: No member of the city Board of Education or (he City Council has recrivcd word of any effort to integrate any school in tho City of Huntsville school system. Turn To Pago 8, sent back new information on the electronic density of space more than 80o i The 12-page orochure shows a photograph of two plane in the air and is captioned "as in Pearl Harbor," It shows also photos of wounded men. women and chil dren. and quotes the FBI in Mi ami as reporting tho aggrro--took off from Florida bases and returned there. The FBI has quoted MaJ.

Pedro Cuu Diaz Lanx. former chief of Castro's air force, as saying he had piloted a plane over Cuba but had dropped only leaflets Ike Strike Action Is Called Payoff Presidential Stand Is Upheld; Union Leader Tabs Move Political WASHINGTON (AP)-The White House today described as demagoguery the charge by- labor leader Emil Marry that President Eisenhower's actions in the steel strike were a political payoff to the steel companies. Press secretary James C. Hageriy told newsmen: "Such demagoguery. leveled against President Eisenhower.

of course, not really worthy of comment. I am sure that the American people realign Uut the President acted only when it was dear that the welfare of the Untied State diets! LTBriDGITV uTOD ed posit ire act too under too law a Said Polluted GovoramBnt Warning Brings Big Protest Such action was upheld by tor courts of our land "Sure," llagerly replied when asked whether his remark applied to several other labor lead The vapor trad and smoke left st the rocket roared upward could be tees along most of this Delaware Maryland Virginia peninsula. There was virtually no wind, and lt long column hung motioo-lees tor several minutes. The sheet wee readorted by toe Amy's Ballistic Research lakwiurln based at toe Aberdeen Prevtag timed. to Trip To Laos Swcrlary-Gneral Skip Soviet Gripe To Seek Information UNITED NATIONS, NY.

(AP) Secretary-General Dag Hamms rxkjoid leave for troubled Laos tonight despite a sharp Soviet pretest that his trip can only complicate the situation. Outwardly ignoring Moscow's crowing annoyance over his tak ing an active role In the Laotian issue, liammarskjold plant to spend a week in the Indochinese kingdom to learn first hand about it trouble with Communist re tv Welfare Council Names Officers Personnel, Bylaws Committees Formed Officers for the newly formed Madison County Council of Com-imutty Organisations were named yesterday at the first meeting oi in twin! of oufcior Named were Mrs Patrick Richardson. president. Rcete T. Amis, vie or tjdcnl i Goo ft i onr ew, ew sewsw sh er, secretary: and Joseph Moqum.

treasurer. Alt four officers are alto members of the board of directors. The new officer W. Owes MrCtesfcev, commander. uM the Arsenal Is not engaged tn Integrities dls-rumieo sod has we Inlorma-liow other (has press report.

It was generally assumed here that the press reports concerned the Madison Pike Scnool. which is on former Arsenal property and serves children of white servicemen. Pres dispatches from Washington quoted the Justice Depart ment saying the Defense Department and local authorities are cooperating in effort to integrate school serving toe children of servicemen. Madison Pike School has 1.084 children. $71 of whom ire ch.1 dren of servicemen Not all of the S7I live on the Arsenal.

All are white. A figure of the number of Nrgro children living on the At venal not available Seven at lend Cavalry Hill School, a Netro school In the city system, and they are the only Arwnal resident Vilhcr from the Justice Depart-Negroes attending city schools. It ment or (ram the Defense Department Cel. Owen McCloskey, commander at Redstone Arsenal, site of the Army vast missile do-he knew could kbt be determined many Arsenal-resident Negroes attend Negro schools in the Madison County system. The Washington press di Tho Army said an phases of tho shoot dubbod 'Strengarrn -performed Just at expecied.H The Uay transmluor was to by Dr.

Lyl era who had been critical of El-s handling of the sleet strike. Marry, secretary treasurer of the United Auto Worker, made Council by letter that he might hit accusations again! A. tk P. Store headquarters tn spirit Monday to the eon NYerk announced withdrew vent ion of the A Ft, the embattled country. CIO al of Ihe berries and iheir prod rum W.

Orr ef the Uatarahy to Hnm cemmittoe to Michigan to get a reeding on the Interviewing applicant for of electronic activity ihe Job of executive director. Mid Steel Bar Kills ABMA Employe Athens Father, 30, It Acddtnt Victli i An accident with mUsllr-han tiling equipment took the life of a toyrar old Athens father at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency yesterday, the Army said. The victim, Flwood Ray Palm er. was killed whew a Meal bar fell from a block ato, -tackle rig and struck him on head, toe informal too office at Redstone Arsenal said The Army said Palmer, a mb-fl maintenance man. was struck while working outdoor at a lab where handltoit equipment it developed.

The lab 1 toe ABMA System Suport Equip Mr A bylaws committee, heeded by Fraaru Buckley, was formed to the council's Nov. a the upper reache, it had I measured at that height before. I The data, when fully compiled erlC be distributed to the 48 na tons participating In the Interna-t onal Geophysical Year program The Army plana to nw toe to-formation for mitMary It now will type of lal btlflrtlc Tore Te Page Ctoeme I urts from sale in all of its 4 000 unit nationwide food chain. One big group of farmer de mandrd Ihe ouster of Secretary ef Welfare Arthur Flemming for putting uul word, just ahead al lor two sctiooU-at Huntsville and ihe traditional rranheme with Abilene. Tn, turkey feast of Thanksgiving.

I ha "These are Ihe last two segre part of the West (oast crop ha taled schools where Ihe enroll found contaminated by a la drawn IH per cent tram killer. la nearby military installation A county agricultural agent in tosh are operated off the base by patches did not name toe affected The Associated Press said integration plan are being made WWW Soviet delegate Arkady Sobolev In a reply lo liammarskjold re-jjecled his reasons for making to-Uip and paasthly leave a "U.N. fwseoce" "All tuck anno? rOTOJOrtpq wnffwiw than attempts to use toe United Nations for coveting the actions a cvrtsto power, aimed liquidation the Geneva meol (of 1M i which of no discussion with the De-school. feme Department er the Jusllcw Drpsrtmmt concrrn ng segregated schools The efflcials all Mid they knew of no public school at Huntsville with enrollment composed entirely to the children to Army per- trial Union Deportment. Marry asserted that used the Taft Hartley law to end the sired strike a a payoff to ilions which backed risen in the ld presidential campaign.

Marry, when advised of Hag arty's comment, said. "1 wouldn't rspect any other reorttoo from stooge of the steel companies Pm not surprised to get this kind of from a lackey of big bus A teller win be tern out lo la recreation fields inviting them to port iripal in member of council and requesting they send to names ef the representative added Mr The purpose ef the council to activities of MtotoNT heehh. welfare and recreation to the county. It duct research ai trem. It Is agency ef tot United utvwa Fund Tew troops opposed the accept ed const itiatow at tonal meet tag last they considered ft The Justice Department statement listed Huntsville as toe ihe to one to Ihe nation' too segregated school with loo per cem enrollment from tho children of Ihe area ef repotted root amnia Iioo offered to eto all toe herriee Ihe (wold hold He said there is ns Family Of Eight Is Wiped Out In N.

Y.Fire GLENS FALLS. N. Y. (AP) Fire wiped out a family ef eight today Oder an eaplenian in toeir Ito wai pronounced dead on ar rival at toe post hospital, tor Army said. Further details were nut avail able.

The Army said an invest! ts'too is la progress The father ef a itmonth-oU David J. McDonald head of the toe local school district with a major cantrihulion to federal funds." the AP dispatch continu ed. Enrollment figure to Madison Pike School make appear the dispatch would in error if Madison Pike were toe school to Patterson Issued hi statement lore To Pag 8 f'otnma I United Steel sunken Union, voiced Rwtortal no rriltctsm to the President in an address to hi eon to toe cooven lion today When reporters remarked on that in a later interview. McDon And toe Naiional Chemical Assn came comment that the amount berries is so low a Agricultural to with the found in for peace In Southeast Asia Md to toe The USSR, ha rival ef toe International Control India and Poland, net up undef toe I8M Armistice which ended the Indochina war. Hammarskjotd declined to mere (he gov lei letter Palmer had worked three )fnr at ABMA.

He la survived by hi Muriey Barley Palmer, and toeu drew- BrownFuner toHome of Athens I Us in rherte of arrangement Dr L. A Davis, head to Ihe "Use never toulihave to atom almost entirely on a fight with a president to my life and I'm a little loo tod to be he fruit for years to approximate the conditions that produced ran school hoard, was asked what position the board will lake on turn Ta Page t. rtoomo I I Tore To Page t. r-tosna I Tore Te Page t. The mother and children, rouging from a months to a perished to the flame.

The toed a few hour later In Glen Feds Hospital The Victim were- Janet Harris her husband. CHertos II. a building coot rector: I Charles Jr A Jerk. 4. Penny.

A Paul a Cearge I and WILSON DAM LOCI IS DEDICATED BEST AND MOST VERSATILE' Soviet ASubs Reported Faster Than U.S.'s CAIRO (API Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was reported today to hare told Presidito Elsenhower that too Soviet Union ha atomic submarines with a speed double tost to American submarine. Ms) sateh Salem, former min- gto to fight president now In his speech. MfDonakl ea pressed hope a rantrart agree ment with steel producer con be reached before ihe court order which sent the union member hark to work expire January McDonald said that an agree men! Is not reached, then there will be a new walkout He said a major trouble with the steel industry is that a her to producers want to Largest Atom Sub Joins U. S. Fleet Hill Describes TVA Fight Against Ike The Roughest MMIi said hi the family had tor-own kera sen er gastotoe Me a wood toe to toe Bring mom to toe nor star, dwelling Com.

IAF) laRonroN. atomic to in destroy TVA.1 in the thel River i i huge kwh near this -Trim, The ft demonstrating ihe praclk-abil- Mr to national guidance and now K. toe tty to tot ge submarines rhs-UMi to a publishing house in largest known submarine. "Hee.esperienre may well point aim. Mid Khrushchev made toe America growing nuclear the way for the future course to disclosure tn an interview, plain the rise in sleet import trem reunlrie with more mod (eftt- tiee to Went Memphis, Ark The Disra Yates fell iilerater fleet today.

naval science The radar picket submarine! The taa-million dollar dual reac paper Al Fw Day Closings Slated In City FLORENCE, A Uir Hill IF Ala toe last year Hsrdevt snd meet ctilicsl history to Ihe Authority because toil admioMraiian ptoicie. MQ. apis 1 1 1 to toel that ted it the rreaiton to the giant today "the in the Valley ra'ihat led te toe creation to the gtotol pirn through aft er sharp criticism from TVA ad was rommisatoned with a pill tor Triton, a MtoMon. at: toot over three i 1M he "a potato skip, will ert as an early wtraj The Devito Hunt srilto will be wkleew "The present dminitrtolsl "Tbe ndministraiinn has ran if adddto to the mg listening post tor Ihe surfera Mying a swmmB i VeteriMM Day tomorrow wh only water darelopmei'l pregram to had been toflra toss than Msistetoly denied budget fund for t' htorktog work rule Navy striking torce iieto, jenlf far an exchange to state aflke and toe ItedilM.iiti. made remark in intre lav.

when Presxtont Fiwnhswer TVA tcr gmeratinr that wool permtl mare We Adm Bernard The Triton' skipper will he and Ihai tosting settlements would Utotohr Department to Public during toe dedicatory speaker to labeled TVA creeping mcaism fnri H-es to me: ridiy nrrewn-l, Me Mid there defmly thief of naval operation rapt Edward Beach, wke call he made only ta toe Undid Health taking holiday, jeer emend opening the huge new Hilt Mid Then towed the ing need In toe homes, on ihe fcgrtoddint to ficy, said On Triton "tbe best and M88I MUPM. (Tty and county office, bank Wilson Ufl Ml (Dison Vales deal hrwuaM tot be tlarm. in business mier misos siril Tw 1 bip wiil tail ihe opportunity versatile submarine ever built j' Dixon tries deal hriwigM into be Harms, in bus mere enterprise and nL.lMui'iTrStRNT CU for tbe Mg he the administration in to the crest industries al the vsl.l tbe tog by tbe administration to in the great industries to the vg. FDN I CeremetossB aoaa boor from to and (tore xrifl remain the Make holiday. I set Pilot jWWfrtf nw MT Boll to Iheet MeUl Whs.

ed I Drtrata FecUtHlso Adv.) to league frith (he private i Tore Te Page Ctoom I I New Potoroid Camaras LEKUd jarWBLKM de (Pdv 0.

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