Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 17, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1942
Page 2
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T*"?-' DAILY, NEWS.: FRIDAY.. JULY. 17, 1942 Page Three Buffalo, N. Y> relatives^ * P<3 vo « MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR and Social K Ludgewait Mr. ""' ,,-iil «»;' ookrna" IxciMH'K v !<)• \j rs . John laidgowalt of ,.,r( HiinoiiiK'.o I ho wigago- cumlMg marriage of 'their mill,, to Slunloy Ilook- dt 1 Mr. and Mi'H, Jarnoa ill hike place or Party By V, F. W. Auxiliary Lrmolno Is ohairmau •c sponsoring a card ,-cii by the auxiliary post, V. F. W., on July 2tt, a I, tho I,;,!! on lUibbor a von up. 1st in i? .Mrs. bomolrio in Cor Hhi! party are >kn. Mrs. iluxel Hioki';,Um (lladdlng and Mrs. 'Banana Boats Serve Unele Sam "\\;o can't have, a[{. we. want, j our soldiers -and sailors are to haV all hoy need I" | K ,the statement MVa explains why bananas must b olassocl as a war casualty. Our Lath Amor can neighbors are still,grow- t|e'11oious fruit that used to )o so olioap and plentiful hi oui markets but tho big, .fast rofHger- alcd ships that brought .jjanahas trom Central America are now scry- ing Unolo Sam by oa-rrying food, unrlor convoy, .to-our boys abroad, smaller "banana boats" are ferrying sugar from Guba or bringing . „ l.v 11 - \y i, ,; will I |llLfl " \^lsl ! l',rmt'iils " .,- " Pj ' Mrs [ i; ,\v|iir "I" Mllll Stl'l'fil i.S ; , |wn \vtrks' vacation al •row, Lake niius-sapaug. si roc I street bauxlto for aluminum. • Somo bananas oontlnuo to arrive in local murkols but prices naturally arc higher and oven hospitals may at times have -trouble getting all of this nourishing fruit they want. Mothers may find it hard to got the bananas for baby's diet that child specialists recommend and we may have, to wait untH after the< war to soo the familiar slglit of plenty of bananas. "P" Oub To Mefet Falls le Bunny and Bib T?ho ."D" Glub will meet -ibis eve- n'g at (he home of. Miss 1 Normn Codarhdim .'of B on/con Palls. • ibons of- .the 1 ' ^club arc" 1 Mrs. a 1 -Vest, Mrs. Joseph Monahan > Mrs. .RlohardHellly, :Mrs, J.ohti Ves»? Mrs. Carl Swanson, Mrs. AndreV roshak, Misses nosephinq Vest,. AAn F.ord and ILI11 i an Pi oss. Suit: Dress -j^gipn Outing* / Next Wednesday 'he annual' outing of Naiigatuck ost American Legion,, will be held Wednesday, .July 22 , at the summer ome--of• G, Lester 'WigglesNvorlh in outhbury. .A large number are' fanning to attend. A,sdftball game vill bo feature of the-activities. BRAZIL NUT ICE CREAM IN , lim|( j DowliMK of Lowl* |l( |''.Maiim'n Mnly of Kim iif* YVortTsUT, Mass. RETURN FROM 1IOSTON Mr, and Mrs. Charles F. Buckley, and son, James of Wood street have returned from a visit with relatives In Boston. IJI MTU OF SON Mr. and Mrs. Walter Braxlclci of Ollvo street announce' the birth of a son ut St. Mary's hospital, Water- J)ury, on Thursday, July JG. One-half pound . marshmallows offht candied .cherries, one-half cup diced canned peaches, three-fourths cup sl-icecl Brazil nuts, ;one cup heavy cream, one-eighth teaspoon salt, one-half cup, milk,. Gut marshmallow in eighths; com- bl'nc with chopped ohcrijjes, pea&hes and Brazil nuts; Whip oream; add salt. Fold JritO: first mixture. Stir in -milk, Freeze in automatic refrigerator for about four 'hours stirring once after one hour. Six' servings. • ONLY YESTERDAY—THESE FAMOUS COTTON CLASSICS WERE $3.98 to $5,98 . . . IN OUR COTTON SHOP. , r—T.v.._•._.« BEGINNING TOMORROW- TWO BREATH - TAKING SROUPi 6F BETTER LORRAINE COTTON DRESSES and Buy 2 for $5 Buy 2 for $7 Regular $3.98, $5 and $5.98 TAILORED and DRESSY TYPES — ONE and TWO PIECE STYLES! CORDED CHAMBRAYS — SEERSUCKERS — WHIPCORDS- GINGHAMS JUNIOR SIZES 9 to 15, MISSES' 10 to 20, WOMEN'S 38 to 44. ^ • "SENSATIONAL" would be putting it mildly! . . .Come ' tomorrow and treat yourself to a double scoop of value!! The most wanted styles in the FINEST COTTON FABRICS OF iftE i SEASON. . . . Never before priced so low!! Buy now for vacation for all summer ahead!! • >f SHOP — SECOND PJuOOR , r : METROPOLITAN Oldest Furniture Store SALE! S-A-V-E up to On This Comfortable Summer Furniture * Dubonnet, Blue, and Green * White Enameledj Metal Frames $29.50 Glider .".T, 1 $24*50 $22.75 Suntan Cot $17.95 $19.75 Swing Chair $15.75 1 t * • Weather-Resistant - Sailcloth I '••-...,'. • " !' " ' ' '(' ' ' "* ME £^ INC 156 GRAND STREET Soft cotlon' flannel or terry .clot makes this stuffed cuddle Ininny f.qr-baby's? pleasure. The .prqt.Ly bil repeats the -bunny appllqu on a. background of contrasting color. .-•./' Tliis lovely soft bunny: Is "the 'a-n svvor to your problem-of Jiow to keep baby amused for hours at time. The set is. .made ,-iiT a and is really more fun-than-.-trouble to make. . . Pattern envelope contains hot-iron transfers for 'Stuffed 'toy tind' bib motif; •stitch illustrations and ; 'full directions. • ; •'• .; .' : i Send IIo. (.coin) for'-above pattern number to Naugatuek -Daily 172, S ta'U on D, New Y ; ork' { t N. Y. L.AMII STEW -WITH KHAN DUMPLINGS ' (Whole Meal i<n One Dfsli)..' • Two and a half pounds -lamb','1•-1-4. cups diced carrots,' 1 1-4 cups dicer turnips, 1 1-4 cups sliced.- onions; 1 Quart diced potatoes, 2< teaspoons ;sait, ,j-'i teaspoon pepper, 1-4 oup Hour, 1-4 cup water, 1 recipe bran dumplings. . . l > Gut moat jnto 1 l-2-Jnc!i cubes Cover with boiling water and simmer about two hours... One hour before scrvi'ng'add vegetables, .salt and pepper. Make a paste of /lour and water and thicken. Top with bran d u m p 11 rigs. i Si x, s e, r v j ngs. r- ••;$ y, • One and ' : oije-haJ I" cups Ilourf r teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon melted shortening, 1-2 cup bran cereal, 3-4 cup milk. • . • • v Si ft fl o u r, sal t an d baJc i rig' -po'vy de.r together. Beat•"egg--UnfiJ light; ' r add' melted and cooled shortening, bran cereal and ml'ik.. Add Jlctuid ipixiurp to sifted d>ry : '.|ngredlchts ; ;,ahd; stiV oh'h' until, flpiir disappears.'""'Drop batter by heaping tcaspoonfuls on top of 'hot meat stew.; -opvjpi; ti.ghtjy and let siriinicr' for 20. mmiUes w/thV out removing cover. PATTERN • 1639.-II- Our pattern "-readers oan.'t get enough -of these •comfortable,. casy- ,o-make two-piece 1 'suit dresses. So, lore is a new o'ne ; --bhis time the adkct-.-has a. si mrm ing -..set-in belt vlilch narrows the-waistline. This aoket >may be worn \vllh-a blouse or dickey, wiiich provides a con- ras-tlng collar over the cardJo-an leckldae, if you wish. B-.arl>ara Bell 'pattern' No. 1G39--H s designed for sizes 12, 14, 10, 18, 0. and 40. Corresponding bust mea- isurements 30,, 32, 8/1, 3G, 38 and 40. -.Size 14.(32) ; suil^with short sleeves .requires .-4 yard',s : 35-inch •mate-rial. The fall, ..catalogue Js 'ready .13rimmdng \yith. • ne\y styles, -new jdcas. for making .over garments to .salvage materials. Send! for your odpy today, 15c. A fas-h.ion book may be ordermed- wit'h a 16c pattern for 25c plus le for .postage. For .'• this attractive pultcrn send IGc;- • plus 1 o for--, postage;'• in coins with your name, .address, . pattern number and siw wahted" > to Barbarj 13 o 11, Na u'gxi t tick, Dai ly -News, - Pos I Office Box 75, Station. 0, New York IN'. ,Y Rev. Longstaff On Air Sunday Re v. T. B r acl ley L 0n-gs la f f, pastor of the local iMotlibdls-t church, will speak .. ovOr the radio from Stamford 'Sunday -afternoon between .4 -and'', 4 :30 o'clock. The theme of hisHa'lk: will .be f 'Daring To Do REPORTER COVERS BATTLE OF MID WAY ISLAND Honolulu, T. H:, July 17—Durln lihc nav-al Battle : : off Midway Islam United Press Staff Gorresponden William Tyree stood on <the bridg of; one. of tJhc U. S. cruisers engaged In : the actipri for J4 hours with but; rest and without food to fol low the dramatic action, INSERT GUT .'.. .. V.' .. .... WILLIAM TYREE Tyree told of ihis,, experJcncos on his return to H-a\yaM from an assignment of several weeks, with tho fleet. , , . ; "The events x>f June 4—the decisive day at Midway—packed enougJi electrifying thrills for,a .lifetime," Tyree said. .'Correspondents and, the crow had a - snack of sahdwJches and oranges in the cruiser's \v&rd room before dawn: In the midst- of the meal the bugler sounded an alarm .that" meant we,had contacted the enemy. •• , . "I , stuffed a chocolate bar into my pocket -as we scrambled to battle statkms. That was all the food I h ad for .{*h c, r e m ai n d er o f th e day: Bu-t it' was no Oiardship. There was so 7i)uch action, so much drama and excitement thai there was no time to think of anything else. No one talked, except to curse roundly as tho Japanese came in to attack/' . .-,'.... Tyree said the first Japanese attack came shortly before mid-day. "From then until dusk our forces •epellecl repeated attacks which •cached a clilmax in -a fanatical Jap thrust wi Wi. ^lorpedo plaaies. "I raced'.from one vantage point : to anot'her on the bridge in an c-f- i-fort to keep track...of the action. :lt was -spectacular to see our fighter 'pla-ne shooting down 't-he Japanese aircraft, including their vaunted Zeros which 'burst in or- iange flame as they were Jilt." "A« the torpedo pianos roared in " Tyj-ee said, "our aii/ti-aircraf| batteries shook the cruJser. Everyone cheered as we blasted two torpedo planes from the sky. One -of them exploded -so near, we could see the body .of the pilot i a . Mic flaming wreckage. Mis rear gunner turned a finaV desperalc strafing burst of gunfire on -our bridge. Bullets spattered the armor, sheeting across my chest. I wasn't conscious of being in danger. I only remember joining my shipmates in a round of curses which left by throat (raw fo- dav.$ afterward." Tyree saiid there was a dive bombing attack on another vessel of the U.S. task force before the Japanese realized the plight of their own carriers and escorting vessels. From then, .on, for the next two days he said, everyone kept up a chatter of optimism and, whooped at each now report of a sunken Japanese shin Correspondents," .Tyree said, "are accorded every courtesy wJiile nov- ering.a naval battle. I -had a sailor with earphones assigned -to me Ho gave, me every Important'report on Lie acUon. A communications of- licer later col lee ted voluminous rtal-i lor my notebook. Important successes were announced over (ho ship's loudspeaker system to the entire ^rew. Actually, there was 1,00 much jnfoirmation available for today s space-crammed newspapers " •e said the uniform aboard i the regular u. S. Armv coi-- respondent's khaki outfit. The' na^y provides newsmen ' with laundrv service, meals and quarters; "All a reporter has to take ulcng is bis portable," Tyree said, "and .' Washington, July 17— (UP)— President Roosevelt announces thai leiiil- Jcaso war aid during June sol a new record, llho total sent abroad est in the 10 months lease program. •••• » .-*. of ihe lend* VISITING FATHER Sergeant John B. Jlocy \vho is Rationed at Tucson, Arizona, at the U. b. army... base "is visiting his father, John B. Jiocyof Walnut slrccl. ON'VACATION" ^ Patrolman John p. Hanley, of the' Naugatuck police department, is taking Jiis annual vacation, lie loft ANNOUNCE HIRTII Mr. anil Mrs. Vincent Sherlock of .Court place, Wa.lerbui-y, announce ihe JjlrWi of a daughtev Penelope, horn at the- Walcrbury hospital •July 5. Mrs, Sherlock is the formed Doris La Belle of Beacon Falls. KilLlJSl) IIV FALL Leomins/lcr, Mass., July 17—(UP) —A 67-yoar-old rellred'comb maker has been killed in : an uccldcnt a.t. his rooming-house, James H. Ga- hill lost .his .life when JIG stumbled •and- felt down a 'flight of stairs. •> GET BACK OF THE BOYS IN THE FRONT Buy Your Defense Stamps Here, ^ Buy Bonds — NOW! ANOTHER GOOD DEED —^ WRITE LETTERS "VICTORY SPECIAL 1 ' :; 100 Single Sheets j! 50 Envelopes or 60 Double Sheets 50 Envelope* They're Waiting to HearJFrom YOU! To Get a Letter—Write a Letter SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY STORE ARSTON'S ANNUAL MIDSUMMER Men's! Here's you.- opporjunity (o save Important money chn-ina ou r nmmnl Mid-July Cloaninco Sulc'of siiinmc>p m«i»ch«n<Hsc Draslfc price mJucliolis on nil morcliandiso (.summer, only) lhmu]ihout. the s|orc. Stock . . . tlic pleklnn's «ood with values piled liiflli in every dcpai'dnciil. Famous FINANCE COMMITTEE TO MEET Marshall 1/,. c-liainman of the Pinance committee of l/ho Nauga- tu.cfc Methodist church, has called a meeting to be -held at l/ho chiaxjh parsonage at : 8 p. m. Monday, ,Tuly 20, ' - ,, ;;;.;. TIN FOIL CONTHIIJUTION' V Harbar-a Mariano of M.i.lLviile, sent' a large ball of-tin foil ; to/The News office today to be given- to' the' fund for crippled children •jal/.thc' Springr' field hospital. '"'^ '."•: " (, .', v A, 0. II. Auxiliary To Mpqt ^ /A special meeting 'af^the Ladies' auxiliary,'A. 0. H, will be Jield'-tJiis evening at 7:00 o'clock to take action, on the death of Mrs. .Mavy ' FiU-' gerald, who was treasurer of' the society. -.•vsr/i^o 1 **"'! is being presented i n '.;jcon n ec ti on • wi th the Fores t vi 11 e JnsHtofceg..--held recently at which Mr pdng&taff was dean. COLLEGE. POINT .v/OJiarles Nelson of -Grove street .aild- Mr. and Mrs. Albe'rt Curtis* and ,'^pn, Richard,. of Oxford, 'have rc- •turrie'd from a visit >.\vlth Mr. and Mi's 1 . Arvid Nelson of College Point N..;. Y. • • . - , ;^ri'./' . , __,. ,-.--. JOSEPH CAItLSON HOST (l --[Joseph Carlson will -be host at ( (he meeting bf-the Brotherhood of the Salem LuMieivin churcli, to be •l-iold* this evening -at'Jila .collate at Lake Quassapaug. HONORED AT SHOWEH Mrs. Louis Backlund of Beacon I.'alls was honored at a shower given recently by Mrs. Frederick Collins of Shelter street, Waterbury About 15 guests were present. VISITED IN NEW YORK John Simmons, J.r , oi' Lewis street and Edward Gcsseck of Union Cilv were recent visitors in New York city. i RETURN FROM WHITE PLAINS Mrs. William May-Hire ahd children, James, Wllilum, J P ., niu j M j lr _ garct of Salem street have returned from While Plains/ N. Y w ere they visited friends. Rivercool Tropical SUITS Reduced to $19 85 Keg, $22,50 It's (lui now wrinkle resistant Spun Itayoii Sui(—it lots your body breathe, in spMc of the ti'in- pcrniiiro oulside. You'll never wear n more comfortnlilc stilt. AT MYRTLE IIEACII Miss Grace Woo;1f.'c1d of villc is spending this week at Do bead), Mill- Myr- All Wool Tropical Worsted SUITS Reduced to $21.85 Reg. $27.50 . HIHHHHIIHHIiHHm^r ^^$ftS^->- • I ^^ BP DRASTIC PRICE SEDUCTIONS ON ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE IN OUR - HABERDASHERY DEPT. - in PR ISP A RE Uusiness ,oi I F0«.SUCCESS Civil Service nt POST JUNIOR COLLEGE i OF COMMERCE 24 CENTRAL AVENUE Imve just the dress you need for sports or fo'rmaj weiiPi '^ ll ' ' ** 1 fwl /V I M ^ 7 tt .' |' T -i>c.. PASTEL DINNEH SETS ... / ' Assqrtod Colors, > Come On, America— * GIVE HIM A HAND! CCHNEER'C «^ CRfOIT JRWiLER *& South Main S*. — 4-2206 RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLACID STEAKS — SEAFOOD ; - TI M s. S oMt there fighting with aUhfs might to win the war. Sure,,he can lick the Japs; but he's counting on you to help ... to give everything you've got... to buy as many Bonds as you can! Come on America— TV show the man behind the gun that you're with him every inch of the way. Buy War Stamps and Bonds every pay day until the^war is won! Every Pay Day .. Everybody .. 10% SPORT ENSEMBLES $3.89 $4.89 Others To $8.95 WAYS TO PAY Summer NECKWEAR Reg. $1.00 NOW 47c 87c Summer HOSlEitY Gfffi "The Man Who; Knows Weans Gars ton Clothes" O|icn Sftt. Till 8 O'clock During July hnd Aiif?. 99 BANK ST.

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