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Huntsville, Alabama
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Pg 7--TIIK IIUNTSVII1.K TIMK8-Wednesday, Mnr. 1, 191 'U. S. BACKS ANTI-SOVIET MEETINGS' PENNEY'S OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P.M. Russians Respond To Berlin Protest IlMNNEYlSK Fabulous BKKLIN (AP)-The Soviet Un-lin.

ion commandant in Berlin today The answer kept secret by the accused the Western powers of U.S. authorities was disclosed by supporting meetinns and demon-the Communist Daily Neues strations against the Soviet Union Deutschland reasons why it pays to shop at Penneys! i i BIG VALUE! Women's Service Sheer Nylon HOSE The Soviet general disclaimed responsibility for the Fast German police. He repeated the standard Soviet portion that the Fast German satellite Mate runs its own affairs, without Soviet inter lerence. The Western powers do not recognize the Fast German! regime and hold the Soviets re sponsible. Heritage Week Is Observed At East Clinton American Heritage Week was celebrated by Mrs.

0. C. Lusks fourth-grade class at Fast Clinton Street School by a pageant Jim Owen played the part Uncle Sam. Sandra Locke was Miss Liberty; Edward Jackson was the boy and Jane Webb was the girl. All students did choral readings and sang a chorus.

W- Pair 60 Gauge, Full Fashioned. Conventional Service Sheer. Plain seams in Spring and Summers most wanted colors. Sizes 8V to 11. PAKT OF LQADKR This is part of the mooile loading plant used by Thiokol Chemical Redstone Division to field-load a solid propellant motor.

Other parts of the mobile loading operation were a trailer with control unit, one with a standard air compressor 'and one with a etandard generator. (Thiokol Photo). NEW TECHNIQUE DEMONSTRATED Thiokol Uses Mobile Unit In Loading Solid Motor dn four separate trailers. On carried a portable air compressor, one a portable generator and the other two contained the propellant loading unit and the plant control sysem. fleating tapes were used rather than enclosing the motor in heating jackets to maintain the fuel at normal temperatures during the casting period.

After loading and finishing, (he motor was successfully static-fired in one of Thiokols test pits. A significant feature of the design, Thiokol said, was the incorporation of continuous in-line mixing of a monitored flow of curing agent with a stream of propellant pre-mix just prior to casting the complete fuel into the motor. loaded in the field, using a mobile propellant loading plant, by Thiokol Chemical Redstone Enriches Alabama that's what yohr Farm Bureau Insurance helps do. Money going Into Farm Bureau Insurance stays home and helps to build Alabama roads, schools creates Thus a new technique for cast ing solid propellant rocket motors was demonstrated, a spokesman said. A motor similar to the one used in the Fulcon missile was loaded In the field, Thiokol reported.

A mobile plant was used to cast the motor. The plant designed and fabricated by the Redstone Division of Thiokol was completely self- contained and equipped with its own power supply. The loading was accomplished without recourse to outside or fixed facilities and took place during extremely cold and rainy weather. The success of the venture clearly indicated the feasibility in the divided city. Maj.

Gen. Nikolai F. Zakharov sent the accusation to Maj. Gen. Ralph II.

Osborne, the U.S. com mandant. It was part of his answer to a protest Osborne made on Feb. 13 against Communist Fast German police for blocking 40 West German churchmen from attending a service in Fast Ber- Relic-Rich Cave Found In Nevada Story Of Important Discovery Leaks Out RENO, Nev. (AP) Archeologists admitted today they have been secretly working for 18 months on one of the most important prehistoric JinJs in the history of Nevada.

Three Sparks, men stumbled into one of the relic-rich caves, forcing official of the Nevada Ttate Museum and the Desert Research of the University of Nevada to acknowledge the project. Officials still are keeping secret the exact location of the caves to prevent vandalism. It is believed, however, the find is at the site of ancient and now-dry Lake Winnemucca, part of the defunct Lake Lahontan which once covered most of northwestern Nevada. The Sparks trio discovered a cave containing a babys skeleton, wrapped in fibers and animal hide, well-preserved artifacts, and water baskets still capable of holding water. The trio Jim and Bob McKin-on Paul Dinan also found a rare throwing stick about 18 inches long, grooved at the end for holding an arrow or dart point.

Only about 12 of these sticks have been found in the United States and only one other has been found in Nevada. It is estimated more than 2,000 years old. Richard Shutler Jr. archeologist of the museum and the Desert Research Institute, said the artifacts of the caves also include a beautiful chert knife, matting, cordage, shell horns and beads. The beads and shell horns have been traced to California prehistoric dwellers, indicating some trading took place.

Artifacts are the products of primitive art. Chert is impure flint-like material. HERE'S A REAL BUY FOR THE YOUNG LADY OF THE GIRLS' TRIPLE TIER NYLON BOUFFANT HALF SLIPS School Menu Illuminated By Satellite COLUMBIA, S. C. (AP) Space age or not, parents here are having a time figuring out just what their children had for lunch in school.

Recent menus, printed daily in the newspapers include: Pluto dog in radar sauce, cosmic corn, tomato and onion orbit, satellite supreme cake and milky way with flying saucers. The only thing to escape the new terminology was the beverage-milk. City Recruiter Is Commended Chief Noel A. Tittsworth, petty officer in charge of the Navy Recruiting Station in Huntsville, has been selected the outstanding recruiter in his area by the Nashville Navy Recruiting District. Tittsworth was presented a certificate of merit for his service to the naval recruiting service by Cmdr.

Robert F. Thornton, officer in charge of the Nashville district. jobs. Next time you insure keep this in mind. It's smart to save for home.

Call or visit your Farm Bureau agent now. y. Farm Bureau surance AU TO Flf LIFE of producing solid rocket propellant, transporting it alrno. any distance to a selected location, and loading a very large solid propellant rocket motor in the field. Thiokol said.

By using the tasting technique, limitations on the size of a solid-fueled roeket motor can he eliminated, Thiokol said. This would mean that solid motors could be cast, cured and fired from any pre-selected site. It would make on-site and nearsite operations possible, including the handling of the entire casting operation on barges, Thiokol reported. The process took about the same time that it would have at stationary plant, the spokesman said. LiqYd-fueled motors are fueled on the launch site, but solid motors have been loaded at a plant and transported to the site of launching.

The mobile plant was mounted Hand Washable Nylon Marquisette A Dainty, Sweet, and so sturdy White and Colors ri Sizes 4 to 12. Kidnap-Slayer Goes On Trial WATERLOO, Iowa (AP)-Victor Harry Feguer, accused kidnap-slayer of a Dubuque physician, goes on trial for his life today in U.S. District Court. Prosecutors said they will ask the death penalty for the quiet-spoken, 25-year-old ex convict from St. Johns, Mich.

Feguer, picked up by FBI agents in Birmingham, last Jifly, is accused of luring Dr. Edward Bartels, 34, from his Dubuque home the night of July li with a fake telephone call and slaying him in a wooded area near Menominee, 111. When arrested in Birmingham the same day the physicians body was found, Feguer was attempting to sell Dr. Bartels car, FBI agents said. THE PERFECT SHIRT FOR THE GROWING BOY.

Boys' Dan River Plaid SPORT SHIRTS WITH SHORT SLEEVES JACK BUCKNER J. W. DUNCAN FRED JOBE Huntsville, Ala. Phone: JE 4-7421 EXACTLY AS SEEN IN GLAMOUR Sylvia Porier Continued From Page 4 only 75,000 tourists came from all South America, only 198,000 from all of prosperous Europe. The informed estimate is that a minimum of double last year's visitors here have the leisure and means to come to our shores, but lack the desire because of their objections to our visa practices.

The fault lies in our obsolete government regulations and in our laws which subject a pleasure tourist to the same rigid requirements as an immigrant. The fault lies in our State Department which pays lip service, but nothing more than that, to simplifying the The fault lies in our consulate abroad all too often badly staffed, under-staffed, deliberately inhospitable. Tomorrows column will discuss how the visa obstructionism began. Coliseum Meet On Construction Still Not Set A date for a meeting of county and state officials to air second-phase construction on Madison Countys coliseum has not yet been worked out, E. R.

(Bo) Howard, coliseum committee (Chairman, said yesterday. Howard said the meeting would likely be held within two or three weeks. County commissioners decided to set it up last month. They said they hoped the meeting would point up ways to obtain funds to finance the building program, which would make the coliseum useable. The first stage, open-ended, was completed last July for about $150,000.

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