The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
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Served by fie United Pret» BLYTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS [•••«•* nirnitf rW>UTU AM*I* ImmDAUVn /^T» -V» /tn*I HIM A cvn .>-._ ._ __. " * """' ^ . V*»MMftB THE DOMINANT HEWBPAPZR OP NORTHBABT ARKANSAfl AND BODTHEAOT 1U88OTOI VOL XXXI—NO. Ill BIyth*vUle Dtil; Newi BlythevUIe Ccuiter Mississippi Valley Leader HlyiUeviUe Herald BLYTIIRVILLE, ARKANSAS, TIIUKSDAY, JULY 2fi, 103-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Supreme Court Sfai/s Shank's Execution "Der Fuehrer" Explains Slayei 's Death in Electric Chair Had Been Scheduled for Tomorrow LITTLE ROCK. July 20. (UP)— Mark H. Shank, convicted Akron. O., slayer of four, under .sentence to die in the electric chair tomorrow, had his execution stayed for the second time by Uu< Arkansas supreme court today by Justice T. H. Humphreys, \vho granted an appeal and ordered the electrocution delayed until after the court reconvened September 17. Judge Humphreys granted the appea! from a ruling in Jefferson county circuit court denying a writ 01 mandamus to force Superintendent of Prisons 3. L. Toclhunter to hold a snnity hearing. An appeal to the court last spring saved Shank after his execution hod teen set. , Mrs. Shank, seriously ill with a heart ailment In a hotel room here, wept hysterically \*hi>ri advised ol .the court's aclion. Shank had teen convicted of t!:e murder, with |>oisoned grape juice, at four members of the Alvin Colley family .also of Ohio. The crime was rnnunilled &| H joailsldf plonk near Malvern. Byrd Relief Party -Returns to Its Base -.",.;-te.rhr—<^v.--- •>>>;,'AMERICA, July ' 23; (UP)—Tf.e irnclor party which set out, from here lost week in a val-i-onl 1 Iforl lo return Rear E. Byrd from his outpost r>3 miles south had return; ed to its base todny. -•-..••>;;•. The party, foiled" in its attempt to-reach Byrd by failure to find flags marking I he rou.te, arrived here just before a terrific Antarctic storm broke. Borne on gales from Ire southeast, snow swept across (he camp on a 50-mile-an-hour wind. a merciless bloody -stroke could smother the spreading re volt!"....Germany's Reichstng—minus eight Deputies known to ha\ been .^hot during Chancellor Hitler's blood ' purge—assembles in •trrise atmosphere to hear "Der Fuehrer" (in circle) explain h sanguinary suppression of the rebellion fomented by Storm Troo Chief Roehm. Seated high on the rostrum behind Hitler is poter Speaker Hermann '• Goering, who -brought about a full lurn-oiil 0 Reichstag members by significantly announcing that any Deputy wh did not appear would have to produce n doctor's certificate of illnes. ; Hern Is ilio "Woman In Red" Acts After Efforts to Settle Truck Drivers Strike Fair i i MINNEAPOLIS, July 26 (UP)— -. ,nsl mirtiite elicits to settle 111; Uocdy Minneapolis truck drivers | trike failed today nnrt • the cl{y I vas placed under martial law by] Governor Floyd B. Olson. j | When an ultimatum, by tile itate's Farmer-Labor chief execu- ive expired, at noon today Olson iternly announced he had no recourse but to plnca the state's largest city under military rule.;Then he re-read the .last communication from Hie employers foe-1 Uon and announced.lie would hold j up the troops in ftope of an e!ev-' enth hour settlement. But the gesture was! futile. ; The employers meant what they said u-hen ttiey turned doivn t^e peace proposal, pin forward by federal mediator* nnd favored, by the union ihis morning by a heavy volV. •There was nothing left for Olson to <lo bill, order llie troops fo duly in.Minneapolis. The compaft- ies of national guardsmen begijn moving in <it once. flash Witli Strike Breakers ; • CHICAGO, July 2C1UP) — Police were thrown into the chaotic .un- iansslockynrds in force todnjhfis Mussolini Kids Dollfuss Widow Tearful Goodbye, pitals after n sharp clash between strikers and emergency employes of the stockyards company. A strike breaker wos sitibbed wiih a pitchfork and another seriously beaten. The/ spectacle of hundreds oi animals dying and thousands more in the agonies ol thirst and starvation under n broiling sun was removed by sale of the majority of them. Manila Lions Will Give Benefit Minstrel Tonight MANILA.—The Lions club of Manila will present a black-faced, all-star minstrel at the New Theaters tonight at 8 o'clock. Grover Snider Is chairman of the entertainment committee. . Members of the club will make up the cast. The proceeds will go to help buy material for the gymnasium, which the club is sponsoring and which will be built with the assistance of FERA labor. The admission will be 15 and 30 cents. Tire plans and specifications for the gymnasium have been sent to I.lttlc Rock for final approval and tire expected to receive favorable consideration within a short time. New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 26. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open lugh low close OCt 1217 1287 1260 1272 Dec 1292 1298 1270 1283 OCt 1203 1298 1273 1283 Mar 1303 1313 128S 1298 May .... 1311 1317 1289 1305 July .... 1318 1318 1304 1310 Spots closed quiet at 1280. ofl 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 26. (UP>Cotton eased ofl in a fairly quiet session today. AI their lows prices were off more than 75 cents a bale, but some of the losses were gained back and the market closed six to seven points lower. ; Hickman Likely to Face Preliminary Hearing Friday "Doc" Hickman, former convict, shot, by Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, in a still raid Saturday night will probably be given preliminary hearing before Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham on a charge of manufacturing intoxicating liquor tomorrow afternoon. H'ckman has been confined under guard at the Blyllicvill; hospital but will he removed to the i-ounlr jail,tomorrow, it was stated todav. EHERHittlH Meeting Today Decides . Upon Plan for Pushing Use of Relief Paper A survey of Blythevllle payrolls, to provide a basis for more intensive promotion of the Blythevllle relief committee's scrip program, was decided upon at a meeting of a few merchants nnd business men The plan is to obtain the amount this morning. and day or date of. every payroll in the community, and agreement on the part of each employer to make a part of it. perhaps 25 per i honors is Bobbie Lee Walden, ten- cent, in scrip. . Arrangements will • year-old son of Mr .and Mrs. John Here is "the woman in red," mysterious movie' show companion o 'John Diilingcr who fled as the outlaw walked into his dsntli trap She Is Mrs. Anna Sage. 43, Rumanian alien booked for deportation pictured ns Chicago police, questioned her despite federal officer, efforts to hide her identity. She claimed she knew him only us Jim Lawrence, grain clerk. IIICCIONE. Italy, July 20. (UP) —A farewell which some tiny may send men marching to war occurred nl the railroad station here Hxluy. Premier llenlto Mussolini said goodbye to Mrs. Elvina Dollfms. young willow of the assjisshmled iistrinn pasiicFllor, and her iwu lcli:iT-!i'Kii children. Eva nnd Ku- olph. lie then telephoned for 40.000 snl- lers to march lo the Austrian fron-l ier and wired Vlce.-Clianccllor Irnsl Von Starlicmbcri;: "The Independence of Austria lias ecu and will be defended by Italy." Mussolini himself wns tears ffhen he bade Mrs. Dollfuss and the wo solemn-eyed children goodbye, 'iiey had been his and his wife's ;uesls, nnd Dollfuss. for whom he lad warm friendship, was cxpccl- !tl here tomorrow for an unusual nmlly parly. Mrs. Dotlfuss Is expecting a third cr.lld in live months. She nnd her children were sun bathing oa the beach yesterday vhi'.e DollfuS3 wax bleeding to dealli .n Vienna. Weather .Man, However, Offers Middle West Hope '..of-Early Relief President Enters Harbor, Greeted by .Spectacular Air Show Two Men Killed When Warship Rams Seiner PORT ANGELES, Wash., July 2C (UP)—Two men were drowned today when the U. S. S. Arizona rammed the Purse liner Umatllla n a heavy fog in the .straits cf Juan de Fucn. The Umalilla, n Seattle boat vit-h; nine aboard, was cut in AVD by the impact ntid .sank .il- most- immedlntclv. Blytheville Boy Rides HONOLULU. July 20 (UP) — Amid a pngeant ol tropical color and military nnd .naval display. President Franklin D. Roosevrlt came to Honolulu today. j Eight army nnd 35 navnl plnncs engaged in spectacular maneuvers the U < S ' then be made for delivery, ol the; Walden, \vrio rides necessary amount of scrip to each; years old. employer on or just before each payroll date. A \voman's committee will also be organized to reach professional; as the 1934 strcam'-lirie" mcdels— pnst Diamond Head to the har- - bor of Honolulu. A new claimant for heirloom The planes formed nn aerial escort of honor, forming the Initials K R.. as the presidential party looked on from the deck it the Houston. a bicycle 31 The bicycle, an "Ibex'' made in tre U. S. A. in 1903" according to the Inscription, rides just as well Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July op2ti high low close 1272 1282 1256 1266 1281 1294 1269 1278 1279 1270 1275 1303 1305 1291 1298 1300 1295 ilien and others who will not re• i.ive scrip through the payroll plan. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. July 26. <UP)—Tho worst break in securities prices this year accompanied an avalanche of unconfirmed war rumors today in Wall Street. Stock prices dropped one to ten I1TRESS PLOT HILL OPEN SOON Arrangements Made for Building to House FERA KANSAS CITY, July 38 (UP) — Despite temporary relief in widely scattered points the drouth nnd heat wave extended Us paralyzing grip upon the agriculture nnd livestock industries of the great southwest into [he third successive week today as death mounted past 700. Forecasts for today offered ho;>s for relief as cooler yvnlhcr nnd more showers were predicted in Chicago. Omaha, Topekn, St. Louis Oklahoma City. Knnsas City nnd central Missouri. Gives Guarantee He Preserve Country's Independence VIENNA, July 2(i (UP)—Premier Mussolini of, Italy Is expected lo fly lo V!»nnn" lo intend the funeral on Snturdny of Chancellor ^'Kelli.Tl Dnllfuss, Austrian sources s:iut InniRht. ISy Unllrd Pro* Mussolini sent 40.000 troops to :hc Austrian frontier todny as nil Europe, remembering Snrujivo" and 1914. watched the Nazi unrest In Austria with dismay nnd apprehension. Mussolini telegraphed to Vienna his pledge that Austria's Independence would be preserved. dKchoslovnktnn forces were -reported being strengthened on thnt country's Austrian frontier. The German frontier was blocked by Ihc Berlin government to I n even I an Influx of German Nazis Into Austria which might prove the spark that would set off the powder keg. Klnlekn a Suicide Anton Rlntelen, Austrian mln- Islcr to Home, who wns accused of vsplring the Nazi uprising, com- lilted suicide. Austrian troops battled Nazis In ic province of Upper Styrin and Lhcr parts of the country as the nvernment made u smashing rive against terrorists. PoHcc officially announced he- ween 15 nnd 20 soldiers were kill- In action In Upper ' Styrla, vhcrc the main fighting was In •ess. No figures were given or Nazi casualties, but it was be- Upvc'ri,. they woflid be; ns great or Institution Hot Weather Is Boon Hstnblishir.ent in Blyhtcvllle of one of 17 FERA mattress factories appeared assured today 'and it is To Iceman's Business- 1: °l wci Illi>( tnc factory will be In Employes at the local ice plant: !w ° WC( * Sl actual operation within one or of the Arkansas-Missouri Power Mrs. S. S. Slcrnbcrg's building company don't' have ' to look at I *" ^"'Secondi«Jrcei Jtut north N Storm DOM Heavy Damage HOUSTON, Tex., July 26. (UP)— tile Texas coastal section today counted its known dead nt nine ami its losses In terms of millions as wind of tropical hurricane strength .subsided to permit a .survey or the toll taken by elements that raged for hours with prlmeva fierceness over n 100-mile tron yesterday. , Twenty-one other ' persons wer. reported missing and were regarded as dead by their friends ntnl neigh bors who sought them. They wer believed drowned. There was a wall of sllenc around ntimy towns in the stom area Ijecnusc of breakdown of tele phone and telegraph communica lion lines. tion of ice is as good a ther-;«' 0krh . 1rtK J sl " n ' 'f. " Project already mometer as the iceman neids. i usbmittcd to Little Rock nuthori- Daily records of the Ice piJiiti lics ' s nPl'roved. Mrs. Sternberg show thnt during the week O r;and the local relief committee will furnish the materials, and the until you want to get off. No one had coaster brakes in those days nnd 30 he slows up nnd then takes a jump at the proper moment. It closely resembles bicycles ofj tcday except for no coaster brake and the handle bars which are made! in two pieces, fastened with a heart-shaped "tooth." Bobbie is n good business man. He purchased the bicycle from Annis Laurie Collins for $2 and spent Gernld Boone, local plumber, stis- July 18 to 24, inclusive. 41 per cen'. more ice was consum:d than dur- contribution of the latter organ- ing the period of June 18 to 24, : '*>"<>» , wt » '« "W^d to the which wns considered preltv ho!: rcnt - wnlc , n hns bcen S lmrr back in June ' i h >' tho rclipf committee. The factory, which will make mattresses for distribution among •s of the relief program, working force of about chiefly. women, all of points in trading that reached "o money for repairs, as he fixed 1260b 1204 1300b 1304b Bp-ls closed steady nt 1266, off 7. Chicago Wheat op;n high low close September new 90 100 3-8 M 3-4 07 5-8 December nnv 101 1-4 101 7-8 98 1-2 on 1-4 Sept. Uff Chicago Corn oi«n high low close 66 66 3-4 64 3-8 65 168 1-2 69 6-fv 67 1-2 68 1-8 arcund 3.000.000 shares. A. T. and T 101 1-2 Anaconda Copper 10 1-8 Beth. Steel 26 Chrysler 32 3-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cohi 155 Gen. Am. Tank 31 Gen. Electric 16 7-8 Gf-n. Motors 24 7-8 Int. Harvester 24 1-8 Mid-west Utilities 1 l-i Montgomery Ward 24 1-8 N. Y. Central 18 1-2 Packard 23-4 PMlHps Pot 14 5-8 Radio 4 1-2 Simmons Beds 81-2 St. L.-S. F. 11-8 SHndard of N. J 41 1-8 Texas Co 20 U.- S. Steel 33 1-2 u. s. smelting 119 i-a the one puncture nnd biuken han- jdle bars. Federal Stamps Needed for Hunting Waterfowl Federal migratory bird-hunting stamps or certificates miist be secured by nil hunters before taking •8 ! migratory waterfowl under a recent federal act now In effect. | Such stamps are obtainable at posloffices in all cities with a Man Accused of Arranging Face Lifting Jumps from 19th Story Window m will be from the relief rolls. They will work out their -lirf budgets, just as on all work he fell from n ladder while working 'at an Ash slreet se: tion yesterday afernoon. suddenly overcome by the intense heat, I according to reports. He was re_- populatlon of 2,500 ri- over. A fee the Chicago area, said that agen:s of one dollar is charged and the had obtained Information that Prc- year-old widower, in whose home federal agents claimed the features o[ John Diilinger were altered by menus of plasllc surgery, leaped 10 floors to his denlh from department of justice offices today. Tiie suspect. James Johnston Probnsco. leaped from a window from an anteroom in the offices while waiting to be questioned in collection with the disguise of Dillinger's features. Samuel P. Cowley, assistant to Melvin H. Purvis, chief of the government's DiUmgtr manhunters in stamp is affixed lo n stale license where such is required. It Is understood that federal nnd state game wardeivs will cooperate in enforcement stamp requirement. of the basco had arranged for the surgiCJl work, not only on Dlllinger, but en Homer Van Meter as well. Van Meter, chief lieutenant of the DUltnger desperadoes, Is sltll nl liberty. >ting on a full time basis will re- month. The factory will turn out about 300 mattresses per month. They CHICAGO, July 26. (UF)-A G7- moved lo the Blytheville hospital. J, be made bv- ha, d rom cot ,„, nu ...t,i ----- _ :.. ...i ____ , ____ iHis comllilnn was rptv>rt<.rt ni maae oj nana trom cot- Hearing on Pecan Point Damage Claim Postpone LITTLE ROCK. July 2G (UP)— Hearing on n petition for an order directing the St. Frnncis levee district to pay $123,030 In damages has been postponed Indefinitely in federnl court- here, it wns lenrnert today. Hearing of a case in Lee county chancery court in Marianna, oil August 20, is expected to bring settlement of the case here, Ally. O IS. Rose, for |he complainants, snld. Damages arc asked by T. J. Ralncy and other landowners cf Pecan Point, Mississippi county, whose land was cut off from flood protection by relocation of •• Mississippi river levee there. rrenler. At DeutschInnilburg police an- •lounced six dead nnd^ 12 seriously rounded when troops recaptured he town from Nazis who seized it nst night after announcement of he assassination of Chancellor Engelbcrt Dollfuss In Vienna, "hrce dealhs were reported . at Slelnz, which the military captur- d nftcr severe fighting. Natis Hold Villages The villages of Broesing and yblswnld were still in the hands of llie Nazis, police said. The insurgents in the two • villages numbered between 400 and 500 and, vere well armed with rifles, pistols mid machine guns. The Nazis nt Lansberg seized the postoffice but, evacuated it-after a brief fight. The city of Graz reported H woundcd.mnny of them 'seriously, brought to hospitals from siur- rounclini; districts where . Nazis were fighting the troops. France offered to Join Italy and England In concerted nclion, h" necessary. Britain left the initiative lo llnly for the present, but. could he counted on for support. Diplomats o! llie three powers bcgnn consultations "In (heir .re-| spectivc cnpitaLs to decide .on a course of action. Hitler, in southern Germany. "?',' fnr from the Austrian frontier, kept close watch on events. senous. 'ate at least six months, and possibly longer. Early approval Is also expected lor the erection of a canning [kitchen nt the Blythevllle Woman's : clubhouse. The local relief com- jmitiee has appropriated $100 of Attend Services for Mrs. Harriet Garland;^ _ , til 111'•IT n»o «iyh" WH* «*tvtw <eiuu vi Mr. and Mrs. Ross Beavers and: Ecriy slam p proceeds for the pur- Mrs. Otto Bradberry, the latter of cnn?c 0 [ materials. Dell, have returned from Cave In : " Hock, 111., where they attended the i funeral of Mrs. Harriet Garland, 1 rfluffK Texas' Largest Family Elslcr of Mr.' Beavers, who died i PFLUGERV1LLE, Tex. (UP) — Sunday. j Texas' largest family, the Pfluj- Funeral services were held Mon-! ers, numbers T32, a census at the Successful.Revival at New Liberty Is Ended An unusually successful revival meeting at the New Liberty B<in- ist church closed yesterday with he baptizing of 65 in the Missis- day. • family reunion here this year re- nurlng the absence of Mr. Bcav- ,vcalcd. Four hundred and fifteen ers from the city Sidney Craig, | ol them were present. They are former city clerk, substituted for J descendants of Henry Pfluger, who Mr. Benvers. who is present clly I emigrated from Germany In 1830 clerk. Typhoid Fever Reduced by Health Unit's Work Thtit the giving of typhoid vaccine by members of Ihe Mississippi counly heallh unit In the past seven years has greatly curtailed this disease is shown in a comparative report of recent cases. This month only five have been reported. There were lour in June and one each In April nnd May making a total of 11 in the four month speriod. Last year, in the same period, there were 24 cases nnd in 1932 there were 52 cases in these four months. More than 3300 shots have already been given this month in clinics throughout the county where clinics were not held earlier in the season. Of this number, 1000 were given at Dyess colony, 403 at the Dyess farm at BurdeUo, 476 at Kelser. 130 at Pace's store, 150 at Premised Land, 200 at Huffman. 325 at Clear Lake, 225 at Gosnell and 400 In the office. WEATHER !>pi river at New Liberty, In all the revival resulted in SI i baptisms, 11 admissions to the' Arkansas—Partly cloudy; prob- church by letter and statement, R bly showers tonight or Friday In and six additions to the Methodist church. The meeting, which lasted ten days, was conducted by the Rev.] W. H. Horn, pastor of the church,' and the R«v. J. B. Ruth, evangelist, of Manila. They will open a similar meeting at the Clear Lake lo settle in Travis county, Texas, in. church Sunday, July 29, at 11 a. the central portion; not so warm in the southeast portion. Memphis and vicinity—Probably local thunderstorms tonight and Friday. Cooler Friday. The maximum tempsrature here yesterdiy was 100, minimum 18, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rts, official wetther observer.

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