Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 17, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1942
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GRAND EXALTED RULER OF ELKS ii mi m fil tiM.V' m few Omaha, Nebr., July 17—E. Mark Sullivan of Boston, iMass., 'was •iinnnlirroiiAly c-lcoted Orand lO.xalt- cd l\ulcr of I ho Benevolent ami .Proterlivfi Oder of Klks Monday at. the opening of the 7«lh National Lodge session, fi streamlined devoid of most of-tho usual •gala trapping* and stunts, but rlng- •I/IK with ilm forvenit patriotism of thn order. : , llonal unity Mr. .Sullivan said: •'America hus -beon culled 'a melt- Ing pot. 1 'TJwt olinrap/torl^atlon is a hojio not yot roUJl^od; Without'••tho' n ml I Ing i)lri!s.;o'f 'Elk Vfollo^hli \vlilc.h al-ono can .bloiid .iho 'hotero goneoiiH musrf 1 -' -ot our' pbpulMon America must remain, not Uio'meR- ing pot, but «t bost a mixing bowl "Uroail •human IHI dors land 1-nff-iuu lovo have given Wic Orcloi of lOlks a destiny 'among our countrymen, Into tho cruol'blo of this Ordur ims Licon cleposl-Loci diverso olomonts of race, religion, and section, and they arc fast bding .fused Inlo onn groui, homogoneous bocli Iho nucleus of an evolving Amor- loan raco, .powerful, iritol'lcctual and Spiritual nncl dostlncfd to int'liionco tho world of tomorrow. To aiUiih tills fki.sliny wo mils! "noI re: ;v upon ptist noli'lovonuHits. Wo musl 1 bo doors In -Hio prcsonl." Mr. Sullivan also referred to the' work of itho Klks War Commission ami promised that under 'nils leadership that body would 'luiyo his full cooperation in oonWhulng ifo *'Koo|> 'Mm Flying" prognim, Its nallonal "Wrltu'Km a LrHtor" oarn« palgn and 'the Klks Fraternal Center pliin which will soqn creato -a rocruallonl oontor for Klks- 'and Uioli' buclldos -In communltlos adjacent to tho largor army and navy camps throughout tho country. The Orand Lodge .sessions will close on Thursday following business moo tings devoted to the Order's plans for participation In tho war effort, Mr.- Sullivan, noy, 'has boon Klks slnoo lOOvS JIHM'OIIS OfflCOS a practicing altor,- a member of Iho and has hold mi- In tho ,Onlor. Ho \vas K.valtod fluler of Hoston Lodge No. 10, In t()KS-l(); mombor' of |.ho Judlfiiary commitloc of ,fho Orantl Lodge from l!)j>7 to 10;^, < ( nd chalr- Jiian from |(>;^ fo m'»5;' JuHtlco of the (Jivtrul Forum .UWMJ-'irt, nnrl Chief Juslhio I!JiO-U. Hi- han also served as Corporation Counsvl of ido city orHoalon, chalnruHi of tho Finance commission of t-nat oily and was special ooim.sol for his city al-Wash- JnKlon, D. 0., In telephone, railnmd •and oeeaii rate f-as'os. Ho has also been a (Hive in elvlo affairs, sorv- •Jng as fllslriot chairman of Iho Rod CroHH and examiner of the Hoston Public library. In a sllrnlng address In which ho nniphasl'/od Iho part Iho Order has played in crr-n-itlng national unity, uVr. Sullivan pledged- Iho offorls of tho f>00,(HX) rnornbors of 'the Odor to an 'all-out program of assistance In Iho rnobllixallon of arms and in- du.Hlrlai resoiifpes and willed for intensification of Nio national will to Vlc.tory unflor Uio loadorshlp of President ['Vankiln D. Roosevelt. The new oxeoutivo leader of tho Ordor also stated that the 1-100 subordinate lodges would continue -llvftlr normal ipoaco~|ilme- aotlvitiori in I he promotion of ohani table, civic ami patriotic ondoaVors and that 'Ihrough a wldonod mornborship tho Klks would Mrlvo to remove tho •eoii.irMoiisne.HH -of isolation which so runriy. loyal American citizens boar by re.ason of race mid i-nMglon anrl HIU.H . promote a spiritual unity nmonff all Americans. Jn calling Tor a more intense na- DIARY OF DEAD. JAP RE VEALS A REVOLTING STORY wore '•d;(jfcalod; - :;' 1 !Tho '.oncruy. pianos wore American with American pilots and.-ftholr, skill was iidmlra'bl^,;, . ,. 'JaM, 'S^j.' 1 'WQ:''.';)n!irchec| to 'Myo-. : bailing vwliftrc a ; dotaohmont .-pi'.the; Bih;ma.', \yaa defeated by'^our, 'Cavalry'.' ' Wo""foiYntl the ibody/of 'a British lieutenant and strung- Jt* from a tr(3e for all to see. IMarvy," jokes.wero made. .:..;,•.Jan. 31. We struck tho north-edge of tho airdrome (at Moulmein) and seized tho landing ,field', , TJio -Jbal.-, tory commander received a burst of bullets in.tho etomaqh. For this an American prlsondr^of war woe killed., First, ,J:losog((\va bayoneted lilnt In liid 'lyohlnd which gave thfe men 'inuch .'anUVsomcnt. Then.: /Ixe •ok iliim ! 'ln l ^ho^beliyV- He did not die at once but of course it Js not Permitted to '\vaste bullets 'w.hc'h ell ling: prisoners of war. Wo killed throe- more' prisoners of war. Fob. J3. I arrested several Bur- noso arid Indians who were k>otr ing. .Tlioy .p.loadecl .they wore.:.''hun .gry. .1 had liiein 1 shpt. -...'..• • ..'' ., Fob. 19.' Whenever Uiore aro no Japanoso planes 'about, enemy planes nrrlvo wllhout fall. Today .the Arrrorlcftris made three bombing attacks. Fob. .25. We began the advance to Rangoon. . ' uMarch 5. Wo crossed tihe river north -of Pegu. Tonight wo encircled l.'ho British who cannot escape. Wn are impatient to begin the! slaughter. Undoubtedly It will bo' Hie.-day of great glory. (That'was liho last entry in l;he diary, Tho day'.of glory that -had been anticipated was tho day of death ,for -Its autnor.) ... *tylo, and Jmve the . vo army cots with metal Jockbrs at,tho >ol .of each 3>e^1, 1 - , < j( , " <s , If r thc WAAG's have any^piotures" •of husbau^s or. t avvoelhearls, Jiow-'' •eyqi;,,,they'll Jjav^ to/,hahg thoni in tho 'lockers. But they'll be allowed ,-to have small radios at thqlr beU- sido, providing they observe wha't Golonei Faith calls "sensible rulos." 'For rocroation, tho girls will have tennis courts,, a golf course and a swimming, pobl. no lights to show the way, a lot of mud beneath us And ,no .Chan-cot 60 hit\blie hay. ( ; ' '< ' ' , ~ - ' ' At .last we reached.our dugouts And we <crawJed Jn-lo,, the ijpors. We were iii-ot 'by the rats and , . Booties \Vho said. "Welcome tOV T)ie, cooties -they got 'busy •AS'iTlong odld night was done So w,e learned,-to bale the cooties As we learned to 'hate the Huns. OBITUARY SGT. LEO BltlfEi).tARM* Sgt. Leo (P. Connor;^t^/o'prnpaiiy^ fch Infantry, ,/a .imiK;« '''.n»> .m/in.^ AI it was a «old and dreary .morning LW'hcn Uio Reichstag ( took, iis place [/There 'bhey, watted fpr, the Kaiser-- J^hpre y/as a.'gloo'mion every face. •And the. Kaiser'.made'-his entrance I In -hj» ipi'oud and highly way. He 4s wood, l( N. ,7; f :wjio. ; <if5 vstotmc'd-^tr K art 1 Jay^N/ Y;> ^pcjrt aQYeraf' 10 " gazed alternately at the Reichs •;• tag .-- :.r^:\ .. - . . a. :! £;hallenget'',yrose to sny'r voh, greal;, -arid mighty Kaiser, I have bitter ,'nc|\ys Ho iell— v < 104f |s.: in 'Uiie; Venchcfi," }:,\>h QitityfauMetis&fi e.'nce ; fo II. In.Naug-at-uok yesterdayi'as^he^iinst:!^'#* of Edy/ard J..'. Ah'erh, nSana^hg 1 ^Jl -An4- HOP, ,or .the qaii^Nows. ^Sj&C'^pVl^-v '<v*v^» i i>-- ;•• :i •— .,.,-,•-•:.., . nor;,. .anVl Wr,^;A:h ; er,ri b£pan^ /;a^ spilled'."} ciuaihlpd ,;durI.njg >i ,';.".tJh'e.'. 1 -iMij&t\-• i\\ r oi*l(1'ji•-,?.-• .0''•'.••;^'i •'••••'•*• '.••-<< ,.-..,• /" •' war and ;th'a^ t'ti^n the JCalsei' Braised 'tils- -• softs., w Ith a" num.b.or ,'q£. f $au&a( u'clt T .• * • .sl-iinted .oar .and;' sa.i.d:.; -, ': ypu'ng.nien|ie^^/,^.;i?v: ( ;, ; 1 '•r il ^-vGQ<00<>.shopK troops' ' : •: \ •, In hls:-2G.vyoars' : ;^d ^Vnioritlis^oi''! ^V^ 1 ^* 1 ^-'^P^ e ^a;nlrees quit.? service In Uiq.U, Si. ,army, .Bgt; GoV-t^" , ^ fin r,^r i^ued put 'his orders' nominal*: trayojed,'tip' : all, /parts ;:o ? f^thp 1. •;?£ W^l-rfcy; drun3cen : gang:.; t .;,,, ; -,world ajid.' seen;se i ryj l c.e|-in:-;n'^ ordered, il oT Ci-ooie !,T,lie funeral* of, ? . jQ^ooiio Seq.ucnxla,, 82, of ^45 Hi^bi.8'trec.l,' who died Tuesday at the Wat^r.bui:y hospital, was held this morning at 8:30 o'clock from the BuckmlMer funeral home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis' church, where a requiem high Klass was cejebrated at 9 o'clock by Rev Albert Taylor. Rev. Joseph Kochunas served as deacon and Rev. Ed- •vVard McEnorncy as sub-deacon. ., Miss Frances Higgins" ,presidecl at tihe. organ and rcnderpd "Ave. Maria," 'Ulark My,, Soul" and "Abide With Mo." -, , , - ,, . •Bearers were Mario, John, Gro- cic, Louis and Samuel Sequenzia and Anthony Bugareili, all nephews- of the ^deceased. /•Interment was in St. James' cemetery with Rev: Taylor conducting fhe comriilUai. services. .-;,.;.. ' ' ' IN NAUGATUCK Fiinei'ftl of MrS. v iMhi».v The for-'qign l«Quaitrief-j^;/He''!rfi<)ently' 1 'i'^-' turned, Ho * Ji " Ty - li ~'* v '^ ii ^-- ; ^''' '•' ' ' nd: '' n s: Tho "Diary of a Dead Jap" published today (Friday) in Collier's reveals a brutal wto-ry of i-npe; murder and l;ho "requisitioning" of slave labor. Thn diary, found on the burly of a Ja'panoso artillery lieu- tnnanl in minimi, I* published In (ho official Iranslation. The following nxcm-pts give the picture; Don. S. Wo started disembarking (on the. sou thorn tip of Burma). Wo lost throe men by drowning; II were kiJJprl by enemy Tire as we landed. This was not very many but they were our first casualties and many wore upset. Dec. it. We were .to leave today but motor arrangements broke down. Deo. :IO. Wo took bullock carts from tho natives and requisitioned some Indians as ''ooolles. They did not want lo conio but a soldier took some to the lodge of a rice fluid and the remainder saw that it was necessary to do as they were told. Dec. iO. When we*reached Victoria Point the petrol tanks wore afire and tho enemy -had escaped. The natives left behind did not show thnmselves but we had some fun pulling out some of tihe native girls. . . Deo. 25. Wo 'celebrated 1 Christmas Day. The original occupants of rim barrack* whoro stayed both Burmese and Englishmbn bad been capturnd by our infantry scouts. Some were killed immediately; I suppose others arc to b e killed later. Jan. 17, Today three of our planes PAID OVER $600,000 M • \gfpod ' During the first six months of 1942, the non-profit White Gross,-the Connecticut Pla'n For Hospital Care, palrl more than $000,000 for -.the hospital cnro of U,018 members, Jt was revealed by the semi-annual report of the Plan made public today. This represented an increase of ,')7.8 per cent In tho number of cases hospitalized over Iho same period for dO/iJ, and'38.3 per cent in the hospital care expense during the same period. Membership on ,'Juno 30th was 37.5.per cent 'higher than a year ago, and stood 'at "288,- 8.GG. .Assets of'the White Cross wero' listed'at !j!9G7,444.25 on June 30th, an increase of 50;0 per cent over Juno 30, 4041. Tho reserve fund for mernn hers 1 protection in the. oycnt o'f epidemic or other catastrophe was $721,024.49 on the same date, compared to '$455,050.60 a year ago; by law, the. reserve can too'- used for members' benefit only. • Premium s earnings for the first six months of this year wore' $8.57,291,00, an increase of 42.3 per cent 'over a similar period in 1941, . to defeat in -the !a|r,, ; ^ MV .,,.. U .„„. arp, out,ot : luck,a.hd.'liaya a! lesson ..coming-, to UVerj"!. In, add J tiori ,' ; to . ;h i» ' sergean ti stripes, ; four :soryioe .stripesi' -etc!; Sgt. ..Oorinor WQar« ,a f.iye ( -star"de(V- oration ,on { his., coat ;Svh'ich:. h e rer- •peived as.-a me/mber..'^^ Headquarters "Co.; of tlie' '18th'"D'ivistbii'in Workl War N,Q. 1,' His -division was the only one in ,tho first war 1o take, part in five major engagements wi-Ui. Mie.'Huns. When tho •Bosono i'irst refused to sign a -peace treaty lh e -combat troops of-:the' 18th division wore se^t into Ho'r- shefm, .'Germany,, an<JV#pent scVen and one-half (months there. -They with . Uhe ; French". tro'pps,. :hel<l th e last town : ^n, ithe ,combat .zone before the .arriiistlce, was signed, and ' ,were t-he first division- to move Juto a t neutral.-zphe.-.' : ' ;, ; ; : Sgt. 'Connor, w-hii'e'a'patient in a French h-ospltal in the fii'st World war, learned and memorized the fpMowing . poem . whJ-oh'- w-a« -composed by .another ;p«Uient, a young ; )>assi'pn .rang. daylight : /b'a')^Ag^,^psun, ^-^ominfe.pyer, if'.;you,can. -, lUoyc \jji-.sight. Anfl .il^rojd; |pac;h'iJi(?;;gum Brattled ; As.ju^e pJ;f^:J^ : :-intQ.';tbe.-fightV ( ;:: "I As the s.mb^e.of.battlo lifted, . Bpsohe ,>yore .dying ;by. ; the score, i I ^;,, ;/Gpimrai|e t -^ o tt : i n H i m m &l,\ <So ; \ve : s|iocked;>he'Gorman shock^ Tihe^y^yvere Vslioijlced 'beyond repair; A'nd w.hen the Reichstag huaVd the - .1 outcome, ,. , . ,. They stood up and tore their hair funeral of , Mrs. Mary J. , .bj^itzgeralt;!, ; v\vife vo'f:- .James:; ritzgera1d.v!6f;.105 Oak-,' stroetj, vyvho- led We'dnesday night in ; St. Mary's ; Qspitai;,, Waterbury,: will -be : -held ' a,turday, a,t .<8:30 ;'a, m. ~;f rom,,l,hc':Mc- yfuneral, homol-;'.,'21 : Gptlar trpet/ tpVSt. Franc.i,s' .church whei'e ;a',-spiemn- high i Mass. will, be eele-. a. m:..,,-.. ,- ., •,.. ,. : , t .Interment will' bo In St. James 1 Jcemetory,. ••-..•• •->. • • : . ' . / ; . TOWED Hollywood, .July, 17— (UP)— Wed- vgvbeJlS;. are,: r'ingjngi '-for .^ana Burner,, She left today by plane ; for Las.-, Vegas,.- Nevada, v fc to be 1 married (o Stephen .Crane, 27-year-old.Molly- wood Businessman. .,,;; , ; >, €lorence .Frccdnian, oh-airman of Hie Naugtituok Merobant Retailers' committee, reported ibis afJ,ern;ooTi that the sales of ( War Savings stamps and ibonds -today on: "America rj Helves Day" .wero very^gratifying an<l that his /committee ex- peeled (hat the sale,.wpuld; 1 bo<great- Jy Increa-sed In lhe.<):orpu^b u before the stores closed this evening, Every merchant in Naugatuck gave the wohlehearted support, on the Oiocasion and Mi e -clerks in tho.ii respective',.stores ;oliee-rfully. cppper r 'ed 'in iheJ7v efforts', to wait on their customers and he ii time promote the sale of thcstamips and bonds. , ',.-" ,The report' of -the. gross\snles b> l/h'e- )o<Si'il.--nier<j1i-a'nt : fi : - will : be nounced within a few days. editor for Hoar 'and had been ill FAMOUS SOCIETY EDITOR IS DEAD New York,. July J7—(UP)—A fa- m'our cdftor.-Maury-H..B.; Paul, died this morning, of. a -bear.l attack. He was known to millions of. readers as Gholly Kniokerbocker — society version to poem, Sgt. ;jejison is crew, lick .Old ;he. can Glory, ' ' lawyer -1'rom Boston, poem'To.l lows: Mass. Tbe ARE READY TO (104th U. s; Infancy : ;: A. E. F. in France) It was a dark and -dreary evening, In. the North Qf.imuddy France ' When weviflled into WiC: trenches To make the old Hun dance; ' -">• There were no 'concre|o>walks, beneath us •'And adding .-his .-own the first <World .wm- Connor ..pens tb : e Now -let ithis be/ ; ^ To HIrohi to and -i W'ben,;;lre /trios : to rro.bJLVmpre .tlvan . can cjew For we, fight for Peace and Xrce- , i ; . dom, ..-.-.. Not to play a Tyrairt's part- We, /b ave m Ml Ions :-morG to back us Anrt AVC .finish, what we 'start ANOTHER CANDIDATE .- . DEST«UCTIVK FIRE Newton, Mass., ..July 17— (UP) A $10,000.; 11 re has swept tb rough the right wing of the exclusive Charles River -Country club. And several firemen have been slightly injured while fighting the" three-alarm blaze. ...;.' At lionic -or away —you wiU be (10- nrc-pfii-rect if fitted by onr expert corsetticres at Hie air conditioned CORSET; .SOUTH, MAI N $? Swell day for a ride ian't itf How would you like to travei 41 /2 Billion miles v " ""*'"• a year? That's how far the trucks and cars of The Connecticut Ught atad Power Company travelled last year. If ; ooe man had done all the driving he would have had to move 101 [Boston,.- J-uly v 17—(UP)—Another candidate .'has'entered -the race,for We Democratic, gubernatorial nomination. ,..He is -United .Slates Attorney .vEdmund - J. -Brandon, former director o'f. the Regional S-E-C office, He, is the third entree Jn Mu> contest.-Others- are former Lieulen- nn'^Goyern'or Francis E. Kelly ahri Vfeyor, Roger L. Putnam of 'Spring- We Must Win The War! < You may do your part by buying U. S. Defense Bonds and Stamps. > -. ••. •-».•• .1 ,-.'.•'.. 'till it Hurts -I. ) Dos Molnes, Iowa, July .17— (UP) —There, are more future officers than prlvatese in the first contingent of women's army auxiJiarles- to go In training. There'll bo MO officer candidates, and only 330 buck privates arriving at Fort DCS Moines Monday to begin, (heir courses in the WAA'O. . , At first, the girls, .will have - fb take orders from men—regular army soldiers—even tq instructions in such dornestio chores as'making beds. But gradually, the men will bo replaced by women Instructors. The army now is ^putting the finishing touches on the barracks for tho WAAG's. They're strictly mlll- HALL CHINA TA»r,E GIPTS ^A. BULOVA CONRAD '17 jewel*, • .Pink, gold filled caae, $42.'50 B. WAJLTHAM I GBNTElfST. . ,-rDlAL 3-^762 GLASSWARE :— FRIDAY JULY 17i 8. LONCINES PAR AVION LA. {17 jewelt, Natural (old filled cat*. __ $47.50 C. CRDEN Veri-Thin DART 'c. E. ELGIN De Luxe 1 7 jewel*. •Old fil F/HAMILTON LORN A '7 jtwtU. V«I10W gold fUltd C«M. --,-••• -$5^00 C WALTHAM CLINTON l»jewek ' Sweep tccond h*nd White joU, ELGIN LIMSft AODCKN MAM It Of course freedom is expensive. The highest price tags are always attached to the most precious items, And'the cost of human liberty in blood and treasure is a, staggering one. But to be able to speak and pray and think and vote the way we wish—did you ever hear anyone question the cost? , BUY A SHARE IN AMERICA m ( D. WALTHAM ILSA [5 Jewels. Rolled gold plated Won corrcwive.rtc*! back. H. AT NO EXAMINED JIONS FILLED By A, W. WALKER st nt $33.75 • $44,75 H CRUEN Veri-Thin FAWN 15 jewel*. White or yellow gold fitUd CM* v $42^50 I. LONGINES ' - t " HALL-OF-FAME 17 jewels. UltrA thin, pink gold filled <*»* $69.50 LONOlNft may b* maiU,in Mull «r, monthly 127 BANK STREET WIT! THE 6NROIAM COLLAI Open S«t. Nite NAUGATUCK, CT < m,*»m»m., r f.f ttfffLif . <flf - ,,»,' ... of 513 ni an hour every hour during the whole Of courte if he worked only 40 houn a week his speed would have to have been 2,163 miles an hour. i always travel at 166,00(? miles « ____ secona and I could have made the 4l/ 2 million miles in 2^ seconds! But the boy* at the Company aren't trying to break JP.H records, They'rt driving at 30 miles an hour except In emergencies, The point I'm leading up to is that 41/2 million miles of driving can wear but a tot oftiroa. You can help ui use less rubber by learning to change your own fuses and by restricting your other •ervice calls to a minimum* And remember that, • • ELECTRICITY ISSTIILCHEAP •5., it. 68. B A MK STREET AT ;. vU »••/.. . . 1900

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