The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, ocrohKu BLYTIIEVILU3 (AUK.) COUIUEK NKWS PAGIi! PIVM you m/i GET WHAT YOU WANT WAN i ADI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: >. One time pet lino 10c Business Directory Wanted Two times per line per day ,. 08c Throe times per U>ic per day .. OGc Six limes per line per day Month rate per lino Cards of Thimks 50e &, Ifo Minimum chapjc We Ads ordered ftw tire* r u MX /dues anrt is.- fl *A oefoic .xplra- tlon will \a charged for the mm- ber (U times the nd amjea'cd ana idV'-^ 111 ^^ of hill ::if\de. All Classified Advertising copy kibmlttccl by persons residing outside of the city must te accompanied bj cash. Kates may lie easily computed from above table. Advcrtisii: insertions ii No responsibility for more than one incorrect. inser-| tiou of any classified ad. Dancing Every Night Wnrlllzcr Electric Victrolii R'aliiriiig latest dance hits Cafe and Service Station Fcrmcv REBBf.E JOHNSON Place Soulli 81, Stccle. Ma. Mil. & MKS. JIMMIE SANHEUS 12 room house tor negro couple who 1 work out. Call 25H-W. ALADDIN LAMP PARTS liOc' Don't forget we have genuine Wo Aladdin Lump i'arls—2S« liach BURKE HDW. CO. Mrs. ,T. ,1. Davis — Spencer Corscllerc Cull 421-W for Appointments Plate Glass WE CAN MAKE DESK & DRESSER TOPS AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. ug ordered for irieisulai 1 i i f 1 f\ lakes the one lime rate. /VrutTlft I llTlinPl* 9 ,0 jnsibility will bo taken til SVlllU LU1HUC1 IjU. Phono 40 tor Kent 2 room nicely furnished MENT, 022 W. Main. APART- 10-ck-tf 3 Room House, water furnished, L'iirntic. (>21 So. Lake St. IpkG BARGAINS!! 1935 CHEVROLET PICK UP 1932 V-8 FORD SEDAN Delta Implements, Inc. hay He's Movies 9 Ace Knife Hurlcr Wauled To Purchase— 2-mnlr; baler, a mule drawn disc bi Ins plow, 1923-31 Fold Coach, "M Chevrolet or Plymouth Co:sch. (Dealers don't apply), C. P. Dunn. Luxora, Ark. 29p k8| GOOD. CLEAN HAGS— Will pay | Rood price for good, clean rays. lilusl lie free of buttons. Courier News. dh tf Personal FREE! STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved o.utck. liei free sample (iocioi A jn-escrlpljon. Udga. at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED No co-signers. Jusi bring car and registration card along. U. W. MULLINS Suilliury llhlg. • riiotlo 495 Modern FURNISHED BEDROOMS. 1009 W. Walnut St. 17-ck-lf 3 room Furnished Apartment, COO N. 5th St. Mrs. W. S. Crowder. 19c-ktf Unfurnished apartment, 4 rooms ,\; nnlti; newly decorated. 125 W Kentucky. P. Simon, call 784. 11-c-k-tf 2 or '.I room Furnished Apartments. Reasonable. 914 He-.irn. 3p k 11-1 i room FURNISHED Apartment, 713 chickasuvua. E. M. Enlon. 3c ktf For gale 2 POOL TABLES, complete, $50; 'i interest in pool hall, b==r garden & lunch room. GIVE AWAY price. Luxora pool hall, Luxora, Ark. 3-pk-7 TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50o room up. Pianos tl up PHONE 96* USED COAT/ STOVES 55 AND 111 1 Hardaway Appliance Co. MAIN & 2ND - - PHONE 233 EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES Close Out Prices On All Paint •i'o prepare for new slock Sherwin-Williams line. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Phone 35 - - Free Delivery I'KU.AGIiA t\fedEcine on market 20 years, rug istcrcd In U. S. Pat. onicc> 30-day treatment $5.00 Office over Blythevillc Bal-erv H. O. CAMPBELL CHEMICAL CO. Box 843, hlylhcville, Arlt. Advance MridgeSi MF1NM OBI; iu.Li.i.>. New < VIGORATONOK! Ostrcx Tonic Tat- lets contain raw oyslcr invlg- orators and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, (,'lands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store. Whenever a film scene requir a knife to whij through the air and sin!; into a villain's bad!, or graze a screaming heroine, directors page Sfcve Clemcnlo, shown nhove in action. Able to spear a playing card at H paces, the swarthy Me.xican Indian chatKcs $150 i\ throw, hns jnade a forlur.c hurling; cutlery. •ft 1'nso ijlrls know about poison as| the result of an experiment. They' received emergency trcatmenl aft- ; cf they had each swallowed a tablet to "learn how poison feel's." Read courier News vvj.nt Ads. Bible i:tl Vrars Iii Family WAMl-XiO, Kali, (UP) — Mrs. Mary niiwi' prices it IJiblc as a family heirloom. U contains a rocon! ot all (he family births, di'uths mid weddings over n period of 134 ycurs. 1'aclflc Oil Oulput fialiis SAN 1'RANCISCO tUP) — Oil production on the Pacific Const Is conilnuluj: to develop by leaps and jonnds, according to the lalcst. statistics completed by the American Pelrolcum Institute. Ilistj ICPIMS lo i itone bnduj iJinwn up bj lojalisls on tho 10 ill lo Soullo pul T So-imsh loljfl nnl out of ic'ion. H is shown slipping Into Iho vallcv nn a landslide of materials uscS for a (emporary fill. Tho (niclc at lop narrowly nscapecl a similar (ale. Girls Try I'okon Test El, PASO, Tex. (UP)—Two V nrlllsh army surgeon wrols "Yankci! Doodle," which was used as a ir.m ehlni; sone by the col- oirists diirihg Ihe licrolullon. TAKEN W1R "BERN AT" YARN INSTRUOTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. 0. iialey 11M chlckasawbu Phone 70S Wrecker Sen'lce - <>M Oi'EN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE''CENTER Phones 17'J - SID Plant Winter Legumes ELECTRIC & ACETILENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES I'ROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. HEAR! HEAR! If you have a burial association cerlilicaLe ot any kind on your loved oiios when thoy pass itwity, we will accept it at full viilue on tlic fuiiwul, provided you buy us much as $60 ov more: in merchandise. Truelonc Jr. 5 Tube Auto Radio completely installed $27.50. Tnietonc Radios for ftome at tre- mcndo'is savings. Guaranteed Tubes & .naileries. Tubes tested free—Radio Service. Western Auto Associate Store. increase yield 250 Ills, of spc'l cotton per acre by planting Hnlry Volfh. We have the only planter c'qullipcd to plant Vetch In cotton aiul corn middles. Wo can furnish Duplex Hoppers and Legume attachments lo convert your Shawnco Collon find Corn planter lo Legume planter at nominal cost. Paill Byilim Ark, PHONE 19 RADIO REPAIRING. A Camfiti* Line •< Tube* >ad firti KUBKARD TIHK & BATTiiiir ca I'HONB <TI Ors. W«rt & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Ston> "WE MAKF .'EM SBK' Phone Dio FOR SALE Wo have on hand now and ready for delivery new crop of Alfalfa, Seed for rclall ;or to dealers. If Interested see us. L.R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, Cotton Tel 1611-3 Seed and Coal Yarhro, Ark. : Now Located at 101 Niirlj! Scconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KUlVAHItS, I'roiirlct'or makcc of Ilebullt Typewriters, Addlnj Maclilnes ana Caluulators—Kepalrltii;^—I'arls—Kibbons FURNISHINGS for 2 room aparl- ment. will sell separately. Also Simmons baby bed, wardrobe, day ucd. RcaMivable. Mrs. Charles Bright, , 1-ek-tf "'"""'""'^"•''I'pr Sale or Kent - ' • > .'-''• "Residence', ^tore biniHing anil fix-' 1 lures' for 'sale' cheap 'or will rent- to permanent renter. G40 Lake St. Will bo vacant soon See Dr. Saliba. Phone 410. . 29-cktf Hotpoint Electric Stove. Good condition. Atlyce Nelson, phone 223. 26-ck-3 CROSLEV lable dilion. Clieai>. after 1 P. M. radio, good con- Call 30G or 792 WANTED—AM, KINDS JUNK S5 to $6 Per Toil Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4!{:C Ib. Copper Wire, 4 to 5c !b. Radiators, 4l-ic Ib. HIDES & PURS -; : ;!' WOLF ARTAN PkONE 176., 128 E. MAIN Do You Remember— LAST WINTER? Coal was scarce and hard lo get But Harry Bailey's Coal Co. never fsiKcd to supply the demand o f their customers. TJon'l Forget HARRY BAILEY > This Winter! O'BRIEN'S CAFE, completely] equipped. Doing good business.- »,,.,,,, f«r past .16 BARGAIN. Reliable Service - Illinois Coal - - Good Prices Brunswick POOL TABLE, com-][ Phone 1505 F-4 ptctc. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, in good condition. At give away price. F. SIMON, Call 764 Good used LOG TRAILER cheap. Blythcville Machine Shop. 7c ktl KOR SALE 6 room houae, bath. Large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made into apartment. '00 Chickasawb dh f Real instate FOR SALE—P r c 11 y collage Pride Addition on 2 lots, comer gravel streets. For quick cash sale, priced $500. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR. SALE Several thousand acres southeast Missouri ric'n alluvial cotton corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE RENT. Evcrcft B. Gee, lilythevllle. SOUTHEAST AII5SOUI!! I.AXD Improved or Partially improved GOOD LAND-LOW PRICES 'EASY TERMS C. M. SMITH Sr., & W. .'. I'ECK, nSAUlKX, IHO. Shops G cod nllo iv for you r oUl Tailor DANCE AT THE GREEN INN CAPE IN CONNECTION Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, formerly of Blylheviilc, nc\v Your Ject will be at cnse In Selby's Styl-ccz Shoes, $0 & $0,50 Other Shoes 54.50 to $5.50 New Economy! New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEAT E R S, COOK STOVES. OIL .t GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE Liberal OUR NEW STOCK Trade-in Allowance Old Eloves Hubbard Hdw. Co. sui on new tailored .suit. CKOIlCi: I,. MUIIt, Tailor Coal & Wood COAI, liUSINTiSS Location changed from Mahan Gin to S. 5th & R.R. BEST TRICES—CALL 244 I,. I. HICK Get the hcncnt of summer prices Fill Op Now "My Coal Is Black- But T Treat Yon White" I.OCAI, HAULING .10IIN BUCHANAN —PHONE 107 Batteries BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. dune ' At Tom Jackson's Service Station Egjrs. Poultry J3AI3Y 'CHICKS-Blood Tested Barred Roeks, White Rocks, R I Reds, White Leghorn. 1 !, S7 per hundred. P/vstpatd. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Unbn, Mo. Buy your Hardware, Delco Radios. Bicycles, Scibcrlnig Tires, Delco Batteries &. Auto Accessories at Hubbard Hardware Co. Terms To Suit You Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service WR PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Phone 1031 Hubburd 2nd Hand - Fiirnilnni Store. FOR PERJfANENT WELDING i IMMEDIATE SERVlCE-OAt.1, Blytlievilie Machine Slion PHONE 808 or 843 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture (k 30t-3ua E. MAIN Room and Board Mrs. ROOM & BOARD J. E. Crook - call 433-W COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONE 26 MOW, IF WE COULP 61T\ WORD THROUGH.SOME ) / MY, MY.'I /V SETTER KEEP AN I NEVER A ( EYE OM PIP SEE ' J \THiM& CAN HAPPEN, d A^AM'Y if WHEN SHE'S PiNOSAURSj " L.S ^ii--Y REDOES ACT KINDA DO VOU THINK. WELL, LOO -THPS 7OUR HU5BAWP) HARD T5AV-TH' AN 00 hW- (OV r30V POE6 f? WHAT'LL GOOD GO5H- MV WOOTlEf SHE'S GONE? THIHG TO HELP US/QUEEM UMPATEEPLE'? HAVE HIS MOMENTS- OOPS COULD SAVE TH' PAV- BUT TO GET HIM WORD- THERE MUST BE A WAV- FOOZV/ TIME TO , THINK A BIT-) SURELV ON \ SUMP1N' WE ) HIT.' MOW WHAT'S GONE. I, I,'. O1W BV HE* SERVICE. I,VC 1, *'. (l 'l T. M REC U S.f*T. OfF. iMartin TW\TU\t WWb'VWE MO, ^Wt. "bKT TVE f \t\JO , WASH TUUBS Tf UNIOR. DIDN'T REALLY TO FLV. HE JUST PULLEP Bf\CV' THE STICK ON EASY'S PLANE, ANP THERE. HE WAS. PEC1PES THAT HE'P BETTER LAMP. HE LOOKS AR'OUMD FOR THE AlRPOCT,A\ND--- ND EVEM JUNIOR. IS A TI2IFLE WORRIED. I WONDER, HOW VA kEEPTHlS A5V IS FIT TO 6t T(EO. 193S DYNEJ15ERYK;E,!NC,-T. M. BEC I ,'/AM7ED TO GET A eiDRY FOR PAPEP ABOUT BUT IT SEEMS HIS HEAD IS DE- VELCPiSfG A SB/E3E CASE OF SWELLING. Y e SOMF; OF ~itu Girl's THiwx I'M \VHEM I SAV FpfecK is GOOD? HE CARPED "WE KicKoFF BACK E|GWTY-FtVE YARbS,LAST AGAINST KIWGSTOM .' , i DON T LIKE TD COMTRA-. A LCTT OF FOLKS MAVE FILLED HIM FULL OF STORIES OF HiS OWN ABILITY AMD HE'S CAPR'ED AWAY THEM rr NINETY-FIVE YARDS .'•' WE WERE MISTAKEN! ABOUT THE BOY! I'M APRAID YbU'RE WRONG ABOUT THAT ! No\v...wrrH His STOOGES.'

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