Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 16, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1942
Page 5
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Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily —^—_— . . • :\ - m Merchandise Real Estate For Sale Articles * •—v.i.| ' >]f u t-l Mil flUlll Answers to tho name of "Sandy." Jl«d a gi'cen 'harness. Howard If murnod to K. Krnst, WW Hill, uvenuo. 1 i i July Furniture Bargains 3, Maple Bedroom Sulto ,.#49,00 N-Po. Living Hoorn. Sulto .... 79.00 Silghlly Used White .Combination ---- - ..... Hangos at Bargain Pyloes ./. CAHHOLL A SONS, [NO. Maple Hruakfast Sets ...'',. ..$3750 In if C!f (»!.,..... ri.-r,.-, I r • •"»• Announcement^ KASILY INSTALLED 81 Farms..For -Sale All' fittings In slock ladders . ,,.from .W,'50 up Spring St. Phono 2572 Also u few Used Washers. pn*SJ"irJKMwo,nortah | F rancis Furniture ,Co «.,„ St.. un,on CHy, C Telephone r)770. Gar at Your Snrvloo. 7-9(10 VOn SALE-~An 11-room two-fainil. house, one-oar /garage, extra large lot, A-l condition, located ir • Union City, Price $6,000. Also a beautiful building Jot wJUi a) •Improvements arid cellar alreaU} dug. ft bargain,at $700. Located on North Hoadley street. If you want to buy or soli or build, sec .Palsy LabrloJa, Realtor. 3458 or 5834. •'.,-' V - fm f m* ,, .;;. --.,:..-. .•.-.;•• 7:45 \VT1C— News y • '•' - ; r- •- V1U,— Johnny ^{chords . '• •-' 8:00 i*; 'i£ VVHAP-To lie announced ' •„•.*• .,. - | H£—Huyinoml 0 bwing 10:15 p. in. | AV'Oll—yaudevilie Sh-ow ^l^" 0 ^' l ^ht Orel,. J, Orch. J) WATO-WOlVWICC-Sirtfonlotla 8:15 p. n>, W2— Lum unrj vVibner 8:30 p. in. WABC— Death VaJJoy Davs ''^ 0 •"" J ' j Portland, Me., July 1C—(U -P)'~A > Jarge area of: Cnsc-o-.-Bay -between Cape ttllxabelh and -Bailey's island nas been declared dangerous .foi n 11 ^ 11 *N* rf-» 4 ; « »^ » (it < SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK In. 1892, 6 yR-I.SCOTJ Authorised Service Station for RKNDIX r« !i 'mi I R«£ 11 w.-ifc fit &.;f p LOVINIO JOLEOTBJO 00. 8 Church Street Dial 502-t Fop Prompt Service k~-3 pleoe ma'pJo bedroom set, spe- "'"' for JO dayi), _ T 'm Hadio Shop/. 180 Grand Street SERVICE Ileport ready for work, iirlnfl tools. NMW With work, In a. m, |- 0n ftl ' makes of refrigerators and ' With yoarly bonu.s. No shortage of NKW .ENG k, \V« rrirg. our own niak'Hal.s. 102 g_''ftnfl St. " Dial 3-7iO:i " '.washorB, modurato prices. NKW .ENGLAND ,MUS1G SHOP " _J SALIC— liuiifrnfow of 5 rooms all. improvements Including ,:hol water heat and oak trihi./i-'iiBQO.; --- - v -« 0 .4u.%y» New 4-room modern bungalow,' ,; n ^ -tllc '- A{li - ; ;/ $5,000. Brand new modern 4-roonY'l VVJGC —Marines on Parade 1 'house with 2 extra rooms' - un-'/l ^ATR—News; Uncle Sam qnoni ;iliilshed,'- : |fi,000. Five-room modern .j ' ; Jl ^ ' ' l ^Poak- . one-family house, 2 Jots, $6,500 j-. ' 9:15 p. i 5-1-00hi 3-family 'house. A-l con ; •dlt'Idii. Centrally located, $9,500. A ? Sh'op'fiy. Telephone 2431!. FOR SALE—A .» fninily hons<; of Ji I \VOR rooms on corner lot, newly reno I \y-VPC-i ynlod, exccllenL condition, im- wil.h sew- ^ . * "^•"»-«« ••.«-•! *-HJ4t,||,/-. • 1 "^'•^^^^N^^^, ' ' bery, nice residential section, west I pmm* irwmw^ side. Phone Naugatuck 4112, al-1 •*••*• r A KETT ter 5 p. m. 7-14d5. MHlni Wnlorhurv. "..-—.^-...^..^.y_ rr . w ,._....—. __ Aiitrui umJ Trtickg For < 1 OH SA ; LK—Onc-niDiiJy liouse of// ,r ( oom's, two unfinished, all improvements, Including 'hot water heat. Cia-nitfe. Best location ii town. A bargain. 8-room 2-fami/j houaf, nil •improvements, except' _ wi i he}Ut Foi> 'nu'ok sale, $2,800. ]] STUDIOS J J'°«want to buy or sell, see'Pntsy ; All InnlrumenlH Taught. Records J ''" hl ' Iola ' Rci ^'tor, 172 Hfg-h .streei : Mado As Low AH 50o. -Phon-o ilt58.- 'r"ol. 4-1 fi5 m ",^> This Is not an "ordinary imod car" . . . but an autoniohfle that has boon thorouKhly ohookcd arid recondl- tlOfK.-d for tho Duration I 1011 CIIHYSLKR ItOVAL S10DAN Niagara (.iroy I'Mnish. lOx ^57 So. Main SL Metal Gutters, Leaders, TinnJng, RooOng and Furnace \Vork JAMES BAKER Telephone ruhhor, radio, healer and f^ 1 nradtcy St. Naugatuok, Conn. SE« , « I W .*7 tl Z*«?\'n * p *i S a 9 the I'aiuouM Fluid Drive, Priced very low.' - - Opon Hvenlng.s Packard-Watorbury, Trie, ' 57 "A SAFJ-; PLAGK TO BUY" W Watortown Avonuo Dial 4 EingJoyin^nt Men Wanted ON THE AIR mm 1M9 Stale i'oilue Car, Tudor 1910 Lincoln Xephyr ^odan $000,00 JD-W) Studobakcr Sedan,. .$870.00 iMO Ford i-'J'on Kxprnsa $572.00 1930 Ford i-Ton Stako.., .$510.00 i\far»y other Kxcnptlolnal, Low Priced Cars. THE JN'AlHaTUCK FUEL CO. SALKSAIAN WANIICI) WAN \VA.\TfCI> for Hawlolfjli final ouporlunity for rlglit man Wd-holp you get started. Write Hawh'lgh'.s. Dept. G U Ci-00-0, Albany, N. Y. 7-9-dJx. WANTEI>—Iioy.s ( foi« carrier routes. Apply Mr. Dillon, Ciroulallcui Manager. Naugatuok Dally ^; Auto farta v^i / -VULCANISING Helreadlng Megroovlng Ofllclftl Tiro Inspection .Service Q A T£|7! J Q (United Tiro l-'actory .*)y Jofferson St., Wtby. Merchandise WANTED ANTED—Man with oni- for proMt- ablo Houto. Product* svell known opportunity. Write Hav, ' 'H, De-pt. CJUCMJO-IJ9, Albahj j 7-JO-dU WEAP-l?iinny Money'.Man W,//—News; -Music \VOn~Praycr; UmJle Don WATn.WAHC.WTfC.WIGG-Ne\vs 0:15 p. in. WABH—TO br- announ-eed WBAf' 1 —.\cws VT/C~_f/ afTy Ho .j.j [ck 0 j WJX-\VI€C—Sporis \VATM-Mrass La-hor Speaks WOR—'Nows '"' l>f ln ' \VABC-Vn.>a -Barton *'.-/^"^ r|A o be a n no u need _ ,.| Work 3 Southern New Telephone; Music .•—'Sports , WATR-^Pieasure and Profit J'c's Morgan WA'RC—World Todav WKAP-Sports I Women .K! WlGKKH UAfJY CAUHlAORS ..^3.79 HADLWY'S ANN/OX JOO Moadow Slreot er desires position. Ten years dlversllled experience, Tel. Nautfa ""'• ii718. WANTED—Cnpahln woman wouk llko position doing light house- foi work and cooking. Tel. o, f /u i U i Wulerburyl appoln.tment after 0 p. rn. Must —. * go home nlghUs. 7-7d.'lx i.nrK« ?>IOCK irmnrMprirjg Malti'f-'Hsn.s • • . • RELIABLE 'aJ!^ WA.YnCD-.Sal^lmiy. Full (Inw. Ap- Wt K Alain, Cor. fJoJf*. Watorhury ]> . Iy , Hon T()fl Slore, 111 Church TH a-oono n-od-imo stl ' OL ' L 7-io-da. WILL SKLL TO Nv llRSPG.NSIf'i L PJ l'»AliTY 3 rooniH or hrsnutlful, new, modern FanNfTdHf-;, never dollvered or used; sudden events eaused a — or plans, so you can buy this UvlijK room with lamps, . os, «to,t modern walnut bedroom and o-|il«oo kltehen sot for only $15.0 $.10 dopoHlt nnfl $.1 weekly j MI Willing to Hell separately. May hi> nt your uonvenluncu at TlWllits nnd'-BILs 7:00 p. WBP ' n « WANTED . AppJ.<- lion-Tort Dross Htoro 171 Ghuroh Htreet. 7-15-CJ3. WAM'I'EU— Waili'iss.s, Inquire Co f*»« Shop, as> Ohuroh street. *lt »' V I • ¥ V/ 1 • 1 (,, I | l^U <|^ I <r r ^ ^^^ __^ Ajbort'a Fiirn, Co,, Wtby. 45 wl,ni«ii "i 0 2J»» South Main St. ' Phono 4-3M4 ' — Car, Train or Bus expenses rc?runded 7-7tr Service in Merchandise radios, prlood <it |a-.1?3-$iO New Wnglnnd 'Music Shop, 102 Gram St., Watorbury, Dh\\ 4-7J93. 'O-23-t.f KLKC'I'IIIOAL AND HAIHO TODAY 'SVALUKS TO 9 P. M. oaoh t< Linoleum llmimanls, yd Oooaslonai Chairs \ .'.,,',!.',' ',',', Kitchen Tables Waby IflKh (Uiali-fii'.'.'.'.'!'!!"!" W.OO Mangos Hoorn Suites Lamps ',,, \ Hftrnpers t '[ Qg (lonsoin ftndlos !!.!!!!!!,'.' 1D.95 ' MlrrorH i ( At/11 xi •" 1 '**<»il«*(* .1* WiriKor (Jarringos ,,,, (j j Uedroorn Suites .,,.'.!,'!!'..' 111' a//! Floor Lamps ....,!!!!.'! 1.| HrlokM, Chairs (W> valilo)',' \\\\ n.V Olckra flockers (^5 value) .... 3.0 Card Tnblf-s o IWDHOOM ' ' LI VINO HDOM 0>nO KITGIIRN .,,;-..,.,. AJ/O 500 OTJFfFM ITRM3 HEDUCBDI K Tunrrrv SI/OP AT SWAN ELECTRIC (10. Bloolrlolanu Churoh Street Tel. 257/j NO IV in the (linn to store your fur tout, J»Jck up and <hjllv«r.v Mfrvloe. Also for Uio «lry <]l<M)iiln(|. telephone 2022 KIEVMAN'S 78 ChiutJti Strcwt, Nai<0«Cuok Mnadow Strnot Watorbury NKW-And ,HHod Portahif7 w(ih hatlorlPH, ,nr«voHoii i North Mnlri Stroll. Slmn (hmlro 'Irwomo to -help with family oxponsDH, pay taxes fl rul . ftvii-liahio. Full tln»« ry. J*or Interview, write D, in care of tho News. ' LET U« Put Your L»wn Mowor in «napo ;for tho season. Mowers sharpened, repaired, oto. Gall foi apd delivery sorvloo. Mol^bourne's Sorvloo Station, Rubber avenue Telephone 3420. 4,7-tf For Rent Real Estate ^"^ ""T ' i' """-lii" i *• •-- ,' i r " . . • ' 72 TO mid fcNi — »or mon only, .||oubl« or Hlnfflo rurnlHhod rooms, Mi oonvonlcnoes. Phone TO J .» ---«T»*^V« > d'lll ] |^| -I or 2 persons, all oonvenloneos west sick', of town. Call 2547 be-' twcon 0 and 7 p, m, ___ 7-3-dG, * OH , SO rooms, on flallroart avo- .nuo, Ueacon Falls. Oootl paylnx Investment. Harry j, siiormor, i-18 ' Unlon 7-ioi * fiiriiJsh«d rooms r« n ooms Tor llgh-t .houwkftfrpltty. Apply llfc »a Uuroum iiourt. 7.JO-d3 •navigation. And the army announces simultaneously |.i, a t liui-bor do- ienses w/11 hold gun, pracl.(oe dally noncGtorl.b, weather po-mlttlng. IMPtR.IA.U4M* MAvRBLlEP MISS CATLIKE . WOR—News 1'roni Sm-all W.T^-^Preddie Stewa p P im n Qrch 11:00 n, m. WATR-WABC-WOR-W1GC-W77- News; Meeting 'of Ay res Oiv>h-. Speaks Concert Help Il,iy n » < Oui? IC fl^URE.A.1" WA/K/XV SEACti HONOi.Ui.U- HE -nNTfep IKE of FAIR. TRY A CLASSIFIED ... .. RESULTS ARE CERTAINl JUST MO/ED T72ANGE/aS CALL ONJ' THEM THRTS 7m Ir \f~-d S7ONS'A5E5 ESPECIALC/, IFTHEVHAVE AcSboD- SECRET By ROBERT STORM ITf II I • ™ WADEKS PLANES ENJOYING, LIFEBOAT BRADF0KJD WEARIED BY HIS DUEL WITH TAJK FOR NOW . STRANGER REALIZES HE IS NO MATCH FOR THE FRESH AND VDUTHFUL TARSU | , n . .. w }' a ? CIi ° f Lost Persons ^C—Jobnson -IVa-mJlv VATH-nobal.or Reports ' Yours l DJnry \hAF~ Hawk Quiz Super Radio Speciai SSSUS SIMON'S I S\MO^ V. VTS ror , 1 . Delivery •>3o AVatertown Avo.. Waterbtiry Tol. 3-G217 By BILLY DE BECK ^T-«SUN DOMY MEAN PROM THE BROKEN FRAM£? WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT By LES FORGKAVB - ^ - - - SE.EMHP OF NO IMPORTANCE AT THE TIME. WE COULDN MAKE OUT WHAT PICTURE ? , WAS JUST DAUB.NOWINS SUPPOSE - ltJ .. TME. THOUGHT THE ANSWER TO ROBLEM REPAI HOW'S VOURSWIMMIM PPOLCOMIM" ALONG WHAT HAPPENED E-WEe NCEC; YOU? CLARENCE GOVERNMENT- SKEETER? SERVICES TERESTED Makes , Outboard Motors BAFPLED . - OUTliOAHl) MOTO \Von-Sports \VABC — Amos and

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