The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY. JUNK no. IP.'U '(ARK.V COUKI12K NRWS fi SS UK FOODS Wkm "Big Liner Burned and Sank at Dock !lIplpr^ : -^K »•£**>??.•''?!**.'•:. ' ' '.:•' -. V. v V*'r\ ni'Jisli Housewives Arc Boycotting Soviet Butter. Candv and Salmon. nv SKA Scrv!,-e Wlitrr ION'I)ON--It v.;is o:ily one of '_':'" e ];e?r:y HI!«' in-. 1 'Is which the f --'i:;ui.'.,-y hoh^uliv defines as an '-'.irifiiin'!:nid: a tivk to you. Further, jt r. ilcad tic!:, t'lcr- <:i!"i>iv niu! completely dead. | Tiwrf wo.-; iMiiiiir!!,' startling in! that; LK'.S uf licks '.'.If. But this | 1 tick v.-a-: c'mbtilii'.ed in; I' liter, oncl when all M'.c cirfii'ii- ! H:ulCfs ol bis ller.i.V. ii-fr-.::',? !<novin. I (lungs'happcm-d. J5:'!l:sh ho-.ise-1 , wive*: spr?.n? to i:nu' in a bovcol-! ting. ccmpniiMi v.hi'.'h uiavcd !::;!:!--^ 1J Calp.' Mi'ii'.l'ors of Pr.rliamm! ro.=el iu the OomiiHiris lo of tile Cinvrrn:nent. Commit- Hie nn:i nilinUtoil coin? house fin- llfinor and u II.- Iran 111 own. He Mini it had bivn titiiuk'il lo lllisl viirn Ilic PARK M- I Rnl» Rro\vn Will Appeal; \Ynlcliinnn l-'veccl on PIs- lol 'lotiny Charge. Uob Urcuvn wn.s lined $oO by Jiuii;? W. t). tiravi-tli 1 in ixillci: ruurt llil-i i.:ikc ' e! ill u I .»;.! llial he had l.iki-n th> U| n r n pliyMi'lnn wlio cullol him nv Ha' piioiu 1 h-,i nii;lu and slated h: uouU be miLibi'. 1 to b p nl i court ln:l;iy. 'Die Jucki i I I u Ills (loi'liir iiiKiiiiiul 111.' run I lint he kill h:Miiicto.i Drown to lujuor to,- lil.s tlaitflu •, 11 I h when »!ie IM'.S liijiirnl i:i :\ c, , DIES IT HUE 73 (.itiiithcisvitlo Man, Fovrn- (i Hi<;li Co'.irt Marshal, I s luKi' ima-iitns on a charm' of llli-sul pjs- • lies .sold llir sr:s!;-n of ]|i|iuv. He save n.illce of jMibjiujniiwl app^il. Tr.e line '.vav the second Im- pii-T.l 311 liscr.ui In p:ilkv cnurt '•.itinn ub"u'. iwti month-., the wreck a number ol works . !' M |» ]>imuil:i wus coin;; up in mmke when '.he above picture was taken s the other day. Listing tartly, and 'with fuo! inriks ilccsloil In pivv.-iu an iip.'nIM hundreds, the cralt fcon st-'.tlixl lo tin- l;.;t'.om. Hriiisli rmval fr.: appaiauis of ll:i' city, were unable lo prevent ilr-irii.-linn u t tlw Rcrmud.r. and pxlcuslvc damage to the three -r.wor ile-kv t the Hamilton, plo'.lon tha'. yskiiin \ 1 h id 1 n a wilue •- I i !M MI was Dr. W. A. Orlirm it A rliiuxe or c.v.ntnr i p ,1 iiiiiiliu Iliiiili-r Wrlulil. ni ; r chilli'.* 1 lil^]ilw;itdiimin. uus di :i i::iiu-.u- niarsi 1 . | m i':':<l [,y die nuii'l. J'.ul'V Or IV -l't;!i(v Ofuri'i's (Hvyn and l,?n-| cih Ustlrf lli;'ii' wu « i pi u tli'imie ic>tllleil In com t Mils mom-I dene- lo convict Wrlnlit but tint 111!! HiiU when ihcy laltL-d Brown's [ hi- Ui'llcivrt the nltfilu iti 11,11 tad, ln'iiso ,1:1 Eiiiiih Lilly slroL-t last'fii r.iriyhw a pblol b m h " llhlh '" ' I llllk >' inihiy they -aw him tnnd ;i h:id wrcutfull a hi I Wn 1' l " v '" ' sl "" " l ol ll^iiar 10 Henry SiuvyiT. :m|ili>v was am-Mi'd by oltlc s •, I i j with II Pi rn o C IV.r city oiiciliireiiiiH <!i>p.ii'lin.T.!. i carryliijs a pistol In a boll holMjr i mil ! 1!l:i >' for ft """ ll: ' " ' S.llllKlay nfti'llUMJIl. 'Aui'll I ii « l- > 1" 1 -I'»1>1 )' I IOS1S IKPr-VH.I.lO, MO.— JlUlgS h H fi r m i m ush \\ of i (inn 11 Ml'.', Jin I di I In IIS iIH nl 7 15 am :' liib;'li'illi'SI-i. 11.' was 7.1 yenrs. and ivns u "member' -"bt . the board of S!ato Hospllar-.rJumter' I-'onr nl Farmlnglon, and * member of Ilic board of .reiichts of -the Cape Olnirdcau Nnimjl ediod! at- Cape. Olr.irdcan. He . was appoint-, ed mnralml of the supreme .court of- •> Mi'sonrl In May. 1914. and held the office until a shorl time before" his drath. JnJgn Sclmlt was a mcmtcr'-'o't thc I'resbytcrian churrli of tnls' city unit was a 92ml dcgre: Mason. Mr - Schlllt is Bi'vvivecl by- one '« Mijmc'Bchulfol' Ijnin loo-: thc l:cltl» fio:n rncl eontiniie.l il:elr srareb. iht> rity in 1817. He vm iiiin-rlc.-l t-j Mis-.- lli>nrli-lt<i Wiirrt In IH'IS. Slio liriTi'ilcd hlir. In ;le^l!i '.it Kiivi'inler. 1030. Jii.^sn Si'hiill ivns girniKlnoiit In Ifairi In Ihli us i'o:ii>.;:l:'[| iiity Alnlr.iM if \ ir I" f the county !ie mlsia lo lOliin- pint bu'.tlc hidden In n rain | Ihe Run fr:nn lih l:ome In 11 up I ~ " '"' ' ' " ' - • - (ll (oi,i W rli:»l !:c h?-I n ll^iis of tiic? Cinvrrn:nent. Coinmic- p^ 1 i t\ i\ r- s n i JUV; met in sok'ir.n session. There I L L J I, (I ,<!*,} the ve: V devil to pay through- F f I f H o:it tlie Ic-'.nlH and hr.vartth of Dri- I ' *-' •'' " 1_ f I U L B»EB DEBT P.ft tain. A tiny tick hail as?;iiriicfl Ah-j:a—a Fcrritfn Tick! It all happened tins v:av: Somebody up in Cambridge bought a nound of butter: In that butler }'-i found' a small insect. He wus annoyed, nnd in his anoyauce \i". tcok the ln c cct to ^omc scientific eentlerrien nt Cambridge Univer.s- Hy v;ho know about tick?, and thev studied 1!-^ brute through a miscrciEcone. This revecleci that the tick net.only a tick, lint a Siberian tick found only in that country. The ccr.cliiclcn was clear. The iKittor vn^ Rlb-'-rinn hiufcr. dunip- fd by Soviet nynts in I%nglnnd And that is when things began tn happen. Nor/ as a matter of fact, as cold, imomotional wholesale butter dealers pointed out. e.n insect may be found, orcasionallv in butter pro- f.;m-j\ In pny country, no matter what nrcsaulions are taken. And,, serontilv. it \va-, pointed out that When Czars nrlert Russia, an enormous ahio^nt of Siberian but ter was importe-d into England and dlspofc'l of hers. KruULr'iil llilticr Koycotl uF.t ^^cli tiiini-5 fell on deaf s;. Hou:ewiv?s were ii'lo 1'licy: were not havine any Soviet tinisr^with the-ir butter, no sir an unofficial boycott b'.i R'.isfian . butter. The result was l!:at tr:.? Russian product toon became a dm eon the market. Xot only that.f but ninny housewives, in an es'cess_rf caution, cut out tet- ter entire!?! sticking to good .British margarine. The net result v:as that big shops which handle butter had to pav for ads to reassure their frishtcned customers. > Here is a sample: "No Russian Butter <in bis bine klclteis). "In response to numerous inquiries, the Blank Company tic- siro to announce tiiat they are no f . selling Russian b-.itter. Tl:<; butter served at alt their branches is from' (tie world's finest dairies and prr,;lucud 'under tlie test conditions." T EBILTK L-.irr.'l. they Milii. A iiumbri 1 nflttiwn shcp und tint lie ••riniillvs" fiiiind In HIP HVIV.VII |ihr.-'i|>im only teunlurly -M n! vn'iv also (iisjijujeii ;i .s evlilencv. : on duiy und ttuu lie ui S:iwyfr Wi'.s place;! on 111-' :.l:nrl 'openly nml mil ronreaU t 11 ,,11 i | i ion nl tin from t,o t'lv c.nirl ifici-r II he desired to , ' . ° " a V" 11 Orc , lnd LOJ ', H :clHlt of ruesan Arl' one sister Mrs. Emma Krelu of Los An?clrTs.' and (me brollicr. A. P. Schult of- 'i'cirnnci 1 . ruiieml fervlcos will be held'nt' Jill Inline tills afternoon at. four oVlnck with ine Rev. J. 11. MarJoni' p.istor of Ilic Prcsbytorlan • ch'u'rclr oinoluihu. Intcnncnt will be In Lit- I!, 1 I'rnlrk- cemetery with iJiForgc Undcrtiiklii; company In charge. 1 ;! i ti y •> 'J } inly for fo'.:r! HEX, Ark. <6l')— While attempt-. fill; lo curry a wildcat, wfclcli M liiut |]-ii|i|>L'[l, home with him on J hoibcbnck. Tony Fry, farmer, was I "•sveii'ly scratched and received;m rli;lit lo car- ; fruetiT«l nnn when (he cal freed d him to IK-11 i wo of its lesrs. si-ar;-U the hbrs? ni' iiroiwr o!- i wlilch threw Fry, and l^en scratcll : iirry noaponf. I cl Its tniilor French Unwilling lo Modify Rescrva lions to Hoover Proposal. PARTS, June 30. (UP)-A dead- ice!: was fcore;! today in the P::n- :c-Ameiican ccnvoi.sationi !ool;in^ .0 an a;reem<ml on Previtleiit Hoover's war debt and rcparallons hol- inp.y plan. Andrew W. Mellon, s-jcreti'.ry of :c trjasu'.y, f.".:d the roiivcrsatlons had b2cn adjourned until ton:oi:cw. A en;:? was inriiretccl and it \va? um!frslc-d he had bc-c-n compellej lo art: Was'Rbigton Icr fmihcr instructions. Mt-ilon and Walter E. E;ls;e, U. S. ambassador. b3t]i v.T-j-e far more O'jtluiistie than the French that an ae:ord v;oule! be reached. They indicated, however. lh?ir opinioin were' still widely divcrsent. There appeared to be slight pnssibility tlie French would move until Washington coneciic.s liie primary jnint, the length of time to be siven Germany to pay up the year's unconditional annuities. France wants tlic pavme:ils made in five years. Washington ha.; lielii Evidence al Negro's Trial Overcome by Gas, Men Are Results in Fine on Newj Charge. ' Washed inlo Underground Channel. Biit fv that was nol the end of the. matter. The Daily Hail. which never overlooks a chance to hammer the British Socialist government- and also to bcos 1 '- empire trade, said in its J-aciinj; editorial: "The British fanner is com- plainir.R bitterly— ami with good reason— of the unfair treatment thf.t he is receiving from tlis eov- prmneuf in tile matter of tile Soviet-dumped butter. If he is lein? uiiderr.old. it in simply because the dice arc lr.;.de'l asoinsl liini br u'.ir authorities. He is tay.->d. inspected, and recnilr.ted ' to an extent which puts up his costs to high Had Gavfield Smith, neero. bneu i liltli- '.\i'.e-r he would have enleu-d '. ph'a of t;uilty lo a charge of -:iis- urbinjj the peace. In polic? court Monday. As it vrp.s Gardeld prcferrcrl to ^o to dial anJ was fined S15. Then a warrant for (arryin-r a pistol «.ir, placed against Garfiel:! during ti:e co»rl se.'.sinn and (rial resulted-in ! au additional fine of 550. Th? ncyro. witne.ViCj said, pullc-d a pistol out of his shirt, front utirl snauiMxl it several times nt \YiJl2 AH?!i. negro, for v.-liom the evidence showed GaiTicld's i?iri had jili?:! him. The gun, a small automatic. fni;c-d to discharge and Gaifield Iv.i'i lo run when Willie opened up his knife. Negroes iwrclied on benclies hi front of an Ash street resur.iranl tried to «et out of the way and ran into the cafe while those ivi-., Me. hearing the commotion trice! : \nciUTA. Kansas. .Mine .11) IIJPI j com? by Euwer gns am! washed in! to the Jt-wpr main. While pulling out n which had dammed into Ihe larpc sewer faniiba? phi'j the openin>: main they . out for hvemy-rivc. Germany wants tn set out. witnesses said. The re- ; married. collapsed from the Ras and were swept into the big main's current ; wa.-;h. Police and ambulances wore cnll- c.d and rescue workers optiicrl n manhole down the street from where tlie nun were swept away, hcpini; to catch iheir badies as lliev were swept' by. Later thc b:)dics hnd not tcan siElitctl although a man's hat flnaleil past. Gr.s in the sewer is strong and the workmen were wearing Iciifj ropes to be ns.:U ar, safely lines before they ventured Into the main. Thc men were George Uur- • hnni and Oscar Linrtquist. both to pay in 1033 at the cmi'of the Young plan. iielien and Edge spent the morning conferring. Negotiations were said to be most, cordisl but tt:e French apparently luv? ma<le ii clear they arc not willljij to yislcl to a coinpromiEs OH their rt.<»rva- tions to ii:e H'jovc-r plan. suHin? traftic jam almost f ;yc-j havoc with the front cr the cafe. Gr.rfeld contended that his "gun" Courier News Want Ads Pay. was wily a bis pair of pliers with [court decided his actlni; which he was "pretending." but flip realistic. Hungarian Legation in Paris Attacks:! PARTS. June 30. fUP)--A br.nd of b.->nrdecl men baiievcci to have ccen communists attacked the Hungarian legation kst. niqiu. They srii.tshfd win-io'.vs an<l scattered pamphlets. fmurcs. wiiiJe the /A]ai can do a-; it Soviet Slate lists and cin- iJftjR forced labor. Tho public has nn desire lo enrourage the sale of this Russian stuff. Many housewives wii no; touch it at any price. In simple justice to the British farmer, ctntoirer:; ought alw.-.ys to foe informed when Eovicl buter or any ether kind of Soviet produce is beiiiE supplied to them. The British fai:ncr, after all. hjis tlir ri?ht' in hi.s own country to a square deal." The reaction to this was swift. Thc Stnniliug Committee, which has been cnnsideriii!; thc marketing of imported butler umlcr the :,:ra-ehr.nelisc Marks Act of Ifl2(>. brcu^ht in a report. It, said that Ihc b'.ittor wcui'd have to Ix- plainly Inbrlcd n to its point of origin Hon-Hon F.ombariiincnl Ti'.erc wrr? other rcartif.'.i? too. For some tinif the- Soviets liavr bi'cu du:npinrr info Britain tons of rhccobtos ami olher candy at pricey wl'.ich U: i'i^h manufacturers s.iy II" v ca?mci nice', because the sugar r.lono co?ts them that much. Now o rthe confectionery shop" are iivomhicntly displaying "So Russian sweets sold here." An;!, finally, a snarl is arising ever tlu" raa(t?r of canned salmon. Ju livincr days the bulk of this food c.ime fro:n American :u'.d Caiiar/.mi cartierics. Xow Ihc Russians liavc begun to t'.irn their attention 'o this article. It is said thy t" rrl out n very good quality. Nevertheless ,lhc prominent firms engaged either in tho Import o rln She distribution of .Mills' feed, now are considering f^f*Vthcr they will lay nil embargo on the Rivsian product in favor of the American and Canndian. His Piles Healed After 25 Years Mr. John A. nanb. Dallas (Jitv, 111.. \vns rntirrly herded of Piles r>nrt other Rectal Tro'Jbre aftnr S uf. ferins for 25 years. He urpe.i all sufferers !o write Thf Thornton & Miner Ciinic, Siiiic- 410, 92G McCJce Rt., '-Kansas Citv, Mo., for a. new fre.i copyrinluecl book which r-x- ulains a wild, sure lio.v.inciil for hemorrhoids ipilest and all forms of rectal diseases. This treatment lias restored more than 40.COO i>co- ple to renewed health in the past 53 years. In'writing for Ihe book, there is no cost or obligation. —Adv. PARK HERE AN!) EAT Ihc litiost pit bai'bccuo in Di:;i(.'. can't ini])rovo oiiv s. .so \vc-'re \Vatcli for our opening tui-nl ;it out 1 nt!\v location the street. RUSTIC INN Announcement \\V a IT plra?nl lo announce lh;U Mr. Oscar Bailey is now with IIP and will he pleased So have, h friends call on him here. Ne\v Mead Clothing Co. • t 5, Throat trifants LUCKY hisiead Ii Consider the Garden of Eden. When that old serpent put Eve up to the Idea of handing Adam an cpple, he may have baen doing them boih a good turn — for where would we bs Soclciy, ladies and geniServien, v/iJhouV ourfidcim'sApp!e.!?v>b~didrrtSKweour Adam's Apple, we couldn'f sing, v/o couldn't even speak. Fes- your Adctm's Apwla so your Laryrs;t —your voice box " it contains you? votal chords. So — Consider your Adam's Apple. Ba cars- fu\ la your eficito of cigarettes. Remember—the serpent in tfiD smokers' Garden of Eden-harsh irritants are present in ajj ray/ tobaccos. Don't rasp your throat witti harsh ii-rijcmts. Reociiforti LUCKY instead. Remember, LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in America that thcougls Its oxdusivo "TOASTING" Process expsis cei'Jain harsh irritcints present in all raw tcbuc- co5. These expelled i cr i ta n is~cr eTso Id lo mnnufacVurers cf chamica] compounds. They are not present in youi LUCKY STRIKE. And so wo say, "Consider youjr Adam^s Appio." ©1931 Thc A. T. Co. ElilNOSE. CAV. HanceOicttef tra, cury Ticfj. .!a.v, Tlm,lJ..y nn.t, ri-ciiitic Dter M.II.C.iKluviLi. Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows— Heat Purifies UlLSH* ProtgctJon -(Kgaimt irritation -against cough

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