The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1941
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY. FEBRUARY 24, 1941 Local Baseball Committee Will Work Wednesday Cagers Play 2 V_^- 4' Opponents This Week The American Legion committee seeking to to finance a professional baseball team hero tins summer will try to secure.the nectary funds oy selling shares in a baseball corporation to the public at *5 a share, member-, said today. The committee, scheduled to work on the pro- today, postponed its action until Wednesday morning. Shares will be sold to any Individual or group o!' individuals, who desire to sff & diamond entry from here in the Northeast Arkansas league this summer, committee mr-mbers said. The oommitlffc said from 'i one to fifty share* would he ] sold to any person- n * if you wish to subscribe to this 1 stock plan, which if it raises the ' money will insure a team here with a franchise ol ihe St. Louis Cardinals, phone or write liie Courier News sports department; Region Commander G..R. Carter U93), or Floyd White, committee member. White made the following statement to the Courier today for publication in an effort to interest baseball enthusiasts of Blythevillc- and other parts of this section, as follows: "oo you want baseball in Blytheviile this summer? We can have it and we can niuke It pay its own way in. this manner: By charging 20 cents general admission 10 tlie bleachers and 20 cents for box. or reserved seats and five cents for soft drinks. -•^ytheville, to show iUs good faith, must raise $3,500 to bs put up on deposit in a bank and with the president of baseball's minor leagues —at the end of the season, if operating expenses have been met. mis money will be refunded. •'The Cardinals will match out, $2.500 for operating expenses—the $1,000 is a guaranty that the team wlil finish the season—and a ball team. This amount will carry us for two months and money taken in at the gate should prevent us |? having to lose any of the guarantee. •• ... How can a wide-awake city pass' up. this opportunity to have some .summer .amusement. Keiser Still, Is Undefeated Coach Joe Dildy will take his Blytheviile Chick basketeers away from home twice this week, to Piiragould Tuesday night and to joiner for :i game with .Shaw'nee hi^h school Wednesday night. A. tfiirn<* previously scheduled \\ilh 1'ai-Ligould for tonight has li^t'ii postponed until, tomorrow night, llildy said ioclay. The junior high squad is expei'teil io i;lay in preliminary contests both iii I'aragould arid sit Joiner. The Chicks, holding a season's record o: nine victories against six defeats, defeated Paragould, 45 to | 33, and lost to Shawnee 42 to 37, j earlier in the season. The juniors i eked out a victory over Shawnee McSpaden Is Victor In Golf Tourney THOMAS VILLE. On, Feb. 2 UHc-JuH McSpaden. Boston, Jvjii.v."... iH-ci'Pssionai, packed his put- i r and $700 <>rst prize in the >-ixi:i annual Tiiomasville Open ndl tournament in the same bag today and headed i'or Florida find tin- " $fii;U Si,. Petersburg tourna- nr. ni. MeSpacu-n won the Thomasville, his HIM. major victory this season with u 64-bole aggregate of 207 rune under par, yesterday. Ho fin- Good Right Down to the Heel KEISER, A,,., Wi. *.-S.m un- J™f >f>J^ "^ ^ beaten'In 1941 Arkansas girls' bits- j " u - ketball plav. Kaiser's cagereties \ >' LU ID - ookod tack uxlay upon u»ir Mil.! Doll vurnej ihe tables on Uj. I ieauui Tunx-li, 23 to 21, at the district tournament Friday morning, but lost a second-round clash to Cash, 35 to 25, at Paragould. The phis. Woodnrd had 12 points to lead the Reiser girls, while inuna Let? Watson had 10 and Kathleen Montgomery had nine. E. Losey oi i junior*, have won Enola had 15 points for the los- ; games played, ers. who had won every 1941 game and seven .straight tournaments. Coach J. H. Giii-rett of Keiser eluding all last week games, in- O! Scoring records of each member of the Chicks' in 15 games In- said the team would enier ihe elude: State AAU girls tournament, at Player Little Rock March 13-15, a tourna- strokes ahead of the iif-aieM competitor. Ai 'J15 were Lloyd Mangruni, del ending champion 1'i'om Chicago; chandler Harper of Portsmouth, Va., and Ben Hogan of While Plains, N. Y. Each collected $300. Ho-; an's money brought his total winnings for the season to S4,-i .",10 and kept him at the head of the pro.-: while McSpaden's victory k'.pi intiici the record the pros A't.'1-f maintaining this season of not letting the .same player win U'o ic'..'n laments. Each tourney in the whiter circuit so far produced a new champion. Fifth prize money of $220 with -.; 21C aggregate went to Jack Grout, of Pittston. Pa., while tita for the next position were Jimmy Lunatet of Houston, Tex., and Byron Nelson of Chicapee. Mass Both had 217's. mem known as the Joseph T. Robinson Memorial tourney. Keiser was runner-up there last year:' I'os. G FG FT TP Lloyd P Harris P Dopier .. Spradley Stacy .. Bucky Walters last season, ham- j Caraway mered out two hits and played i Atkins uriUantlv afield. Weathers Coppedge HAVANA, Feb. 24 i UP) — Curt' Stafford ' Davis was scheduled to pitch against Van Mungo in the Brooklyn Dodgers' Intra-squad game today. Today's game helps cdtrhvivti- the -IGth anniversary of tin; first revolution li.urt and the crowd is expected to go as high as 10,000. A complete diagnosis of a probable torn muscle in Outfielder.. Joe Gallaher's chest was manager Leo Durocher's chief concern. Gal- Mosley Trusty . Besharse Ross ... Smith . F-C . P . P .. P F-C .. F .. C . C . G . G . G . G . G 15 42 3 1 15 34 15 39 2 0 D 3 2 15 5 21 105 0 2 4 Tl 12 90 0 0 0 10 0 2 0 2 15 1 10 16 0 4 1 1 18 198 . 35 15 44 9 0 15 19 13 2 0 2 29 117 0 0 8 46 8 rt- i i^i- fT 1 ^ Smkey Ok, lo Vie Rodriguez Charles Sinkey, known to local wrestling fans as Hie "1-hit.tHng Barber oi' Hlytheville," will wresik? Carlos Hodri- uue/ oi' Mexico City on the main evtmt oi' Promoter IV!ike Meroney':- weekly wrestling card at the Legion Hut tonight. Sinkev* schedule, despite badly-bruised knee and a cue fin- from the mishap. Tlie ore'i»cr will rut t'r^in Sonora, Mexico. Fl—d »vrA of Birn, Ala., at 8 p.m. was planning io make a t.nn' /f ht after a lav- rf several months, nnd he de• i u.) coni.inun his plans cOVcl. to Special to The Courier News WICHITA, Kan.. Feb. 24.—With district championship tournaments being established in every section lo precede the 43 state events under saii'jtion of the National Semipro Ba.-'.t-bail Congress, officials predicted that no less than 25,000 clubs \voiud qualify in the program in i l J4]. Every district champion will be Bad Bov Rodrkmez, who carries, awarded trophy from national or- L2 roi>r>r!s. slightly more than! i:;anr/ation itnd all leading loams ie uT-iRht of the local bar'ner, j w ;u sViare in pri'/.e money under 1)1 be in for a bntile tonight uniform plan. inpv make him wish h e hao- , Eacb dislrict touraament will be lacked an opnoneni ^ h ^ e single elimination, system with the stvlo iv simile to the Mexicans. * mPP ri.^ in a hi«M two iwi )«kp io wrestle-when Uo ^mahsts meetm fa ». a m..,i u,o v'demands u. Thev would °™ ol Uirec game senss. io choke an opponent, to yor j, and D K olen, Chicago. an to iwist a finder, 33-35; Charles Whiteheari, Today's Sport Parade By HENKY McLEMORE Cookie Lavagetto. left, is assured by Pee Wee Reese that third baseman will have flying pair of heels alongside him this season, the young shortstop having completely recovered from heel injury suffered last summer. The Brooklyn Dodgers obtained early start in Havana. nnvihin? ibftt. Is on the bocks as south River. N. J., and Frank Ali].e & ai. And Referee Meroney. w ll °ji an . Pittsion. Pa., 36-32; T. E. <!jslikps both, compstlioi-s Immense- J pr ^. p> Cci . al Gables, and Joe Lo- Iv. mav be into the scran before llev Wesl 36-32; Willie Turn- thnsforrt. N. Y., und Walter 35-33; and ."r- Nation's College Cage Stars After New High-Scoring Mark El OF It IS higher complained of the pain yes- j All who are interested should teicm y nn ( l was X-rayed to locate! contact, the Courier, Carter or th e trouble. I White. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.. Feb. t UP j—With only one contract holdout, to be negotiated, the Pittsburgh Pirates arrived here to- dav for the earliest session of MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. Feb. 24 future of 16-year-old LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24. (UP) — If I had a three cent stamp, and a mail box was at hand, I'd write a personal letter to James Joy i. Boy Bandit; Johnston and toll him to keep his boy Bob Pastor at home. But being stampless and mailbox- f'H have to trust that James Jcy Johnston will see this in some paper and heed my warning. My warning to him is this: Do not- send Pastor out here to fight Albert I.Turkey i Thompson. The match hjis been tentatively arranged, I understand. As I get it, a local promoter attempted to palm off Joe Louis and Pastor on the citi- By DON SANDERS NBA Service Staff Correspondent Any basketball player who scores more than. 1500 points during hLs college career is entitled to all the credit he gets, but it doesn't nec- estfirily follow that he's a better player' than Hank LuisetU. Unlike a healthy major league baiting average, a high basketball score doesn't mean anything by itself. Too many factors must be The tali Audrey Nacs Is literally "on ice." I The girl flashed over the zeiuj of this area, only to have the California Boxing Commission. 220-yard leaded by Jerry Giesler. tell him course In 21.4 at LaCrosse, W is., I something like this: - eqlmmu! , lhe W0 rld's record for the 'That one we don't want. Louis licked Pastor twice, and while spring training in Pirate history, i divlsion i n the women's national. , , ^ ,» , , ,-, V\ Rookie Shortstop Alt' Anderson, re-1, lnlermec iiaie speed skating champ-1 Robert lasted 10 rounds and 11 Lucently purchased from Atlanta, wast ionshlps ., •• : ..-,-' -i rounds, respectively, he Irusted,only the lone holdout. Immediately on I u e . sp i le a se ries of heartbreaking arrival, the entire Pirate squad to Pen . is Hill park for ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Feb. 24 t UP)—Five- New York Yankees- u ; c " firsT'of" their" Uvo-a-da'y work- siill were unsigned today when Qut prescr ib ec | by Manager Frankie the club 'opened spring training jr T j,; C i, camp for 1941. Pitchers Charley " ' Ruffing, Johnny Murphy, Spud .-,, Chandler and Catchers Bill Dickey LlHCagO and Buday Rosar. all have failed' to agree- to. terms for the coining; season. Murphy-and Chandler are, CHICAGO, Feb. 24. Put Up Million mishaps in other distances, sh-i piled up enough points to tie for the division title—yet her performance was a disappointment to her because he gave a one-man demonstration of a six-day bike race. We are not interested in seeing LouLs lick Pastor a third time and gain permanent possession. As a to be of all time." A teammate's spill put her out of the running in ) fornia heavyweight champion. Let Pastor fight him with the stipula- Lanky Ken Griffith, who put, in 'he first claim of the season for scoring honors when he topped Luisetti's coJlegft Loial with 11 james of the Anderson-Broaddus 'schedule still to be played, averages about 21 points a contest. A good shot with either hand, Griffith is heading for a 1700-point total by the end of the season. And so the averages vary, with different, teams and in the ninht i« over If he starts trv- in° io enforce the rules too closely. T»>e r'nJl-Vjlood Yaqui Indian uo i c { ~ Minkley, 'Chicago nnd Bill makes Ivs third rin«t uppeai-ancs Re{d( Inc ii a n ap0 i is . ^.34. here a°'ain«t Byrd. who hasn't been .... h°re for some time, without nvany dissenting vores when fans decide "•ho can nppW a ley scissors most obly of the local talent. The In- •'ia'n has Hi tie power in his arms but when lie gets after an opponent '"kb. his apile leys, he moves with tl^e ability of a deer. Kis foe '.s a fellow to whom wrest!inq i c -hild's plav and the rough stuff is Byrd's type. Both matches will be two our of three falls. 90-minute time limit bcut.s. Admission is 20 cents. •different parts of the country . . . proving•hat it isn't just how talented a Ian who"starrea man is. but also what league he's in. at. forward FFATWPOWER TK& Miami Links Meet Has Sixteen Teams HW8EEN CLOCKED AT NEARLY o MILES the 440-yard uon ; , . . ta lk over pro.toatdy si.000,000 -m ta dU- event ,«d. POOVSu,, hed h«, », t ill V^n.tlLVJCMJiV.1 t.- r vj-/l.^li \\J ktlJlv W r »^» j t~ — ^ ' \ -terms with manager Joe McCarthy.! trlbuted to horsemen by Arlington t Nothing has been heard from the; Park nnd Washington Park nurmg their combined t5(5 days of racing. June 23-Sept. t>. making them the other three. Jurges Looks Fit richest' meetings in Chicago his- MIAMI, Feb. 24 (UP)—The Mojtory. Carthys. defeated the Youngs, 5-2, j The joint program contains 27 in an- intra-squad baseball game 1 stakes—13 at Arlington imd 14 at yesterday but what cheered thej Washington, headed by the 13th entire New York Giants' squad was I rumung of the Arlington Classic the stellar performance of Short-1 and the 31st running 01 me /jru';- stop Bill Jtirges. Jurges. beaned oy icau Derby. second place in the half-mile Ibis', ' Jolting Japanese - - HAftOLO - By Art Krenz Brilliant In 1940 The disappointment of her coach is understandable In view of the fact that while skating in the junior division last year. Miss Nans' time in t.he 440 and 880- yard races was better than that ever made In the division In which that the winner is to meet The promoter took this advice to heart and called Jimmy Johnston In New York, in his retreat just beneath the clock in lhe Paramount building. Johnston accepted- Being lor Stanford in 1936- \ 39 racked up 1596 \ points to set what • has been gener- j ally accepted as a modern record, j Wliile Luiset- | tt's • 1596-point to- ' tal forms a convenient basis for comparison. it's impossible to say definitely what a basketball score sriouid be. It isn't a positive thing fike the time of a 100-yard sprint, or the height of a pole vault. Gene. England, center on Wisconsin's title contending entry in the Big Ten race, is among the league's leading scorers with an average of little better than 13 points a game. His chief rival, Joe Stampf of Chicago, is running about lhe same. Jim Bennett, Cornell's ace who JUDGESH1P DETROIT.—Clair Randolph, for- •".er football center at Indiana and with the Detroit Lions, is a can- •ji-'jMtp for common pleas judge in Detroit. Read Courier News want aru> CORAL GABLES. Fla.. Feb. 24. UP)—Match play in the annual Miami BiUmcre amateur four-ball • r oll' tournament, with 1(5 teams ••ompeting. begins today. Eix trains tied for qualifying lioiiors yesterday with three-tinker-pay 68's. EarJ Christiansen rinci Harvey Draughon. Miami' uolting policemen, put together a pair of 34\s; Charles Levy ".'of, Ne\v BEASWlPT^ttSSO STARTER-GET 1 PUT MUSCLE iNYoURMoToR Modzeltwski a friend of Jimmy's, and knowing 1 is a contender in the Eastern In- that Pastor Ls his principal meal tercollegiate League, boasts an ticket, and that he depends a great 1 average of only a little more than Id CLAlMAtffc P£fe1 SCAL AND tiARpy J&PKA A6MST JOLTING /A/ HONOLULU 0? T<=RR\Toni, OF w SAW AJ/PP0AA." H£ IS A NATIVE OF she competed this year. Wearing a pah- of "hand-me- lo lel1 down" skates thai cost $1.75, she maieh. won her first national championship at 13—and. in doint 1 , .so. set a record that still stand:,. Brought up with tour brothers who allowed "the kid" to tag along only so long as she was able to hold up her end in the rough and j tumble. Audrey began skating six! yen is ago when her brothers gave ; her n pair of cusi-oiT skates and | took her to :i rink. j Possesses Natural Slrrnfth j Because thev refused to let her deal on hi.s cut of what Pastor make;:, to keep him In tea i and walnut walking canes. I want play on their hockey team, she took up skating in earnest. Aided by unusual natural co-ordination nd a tomboy's strength and en- orgy, she rapidly became proficient. him to turn down the have .seen Turkey Thompson I'ijchi. Thompson gets his nickname, incidentally. his eating- prowess. He is :t great and lert cater. He once \vas locked in :i £ n K' er y store ami ate his way out. starting in the eannc:i corn department und continuing through the deli- ratessen rtcpartincnt. He wound u&: eating inrei- hroilctl turkeys that stood in his path. But he fights better than he eats. As good ns his left is with a fork in it. it is better with a glove on it. As deadly as his right is with a knife in it. i.s Ls more formidable when swung from the Her brother, after watching her • floor and covered with padding. in competition, abandoned skating entirely. Ke holds his hands high and. with little more than a swing of his Her performance in the 1938 j shoulders, knocks his man dead national championships brought j with punches that make you think her to Johnson's attention. Form.! of LouLs. timing and rhythm—-speed skating] As inexperienced as he Ls, Thomp- essentials—were polished and per- son is one of the few fighters in 11.-points in league games. Gu.s Eroberg of Dartmouth, Bennett's rival and the league lender last .season, lias averaged slightly more^ m fewer games. Rhode Islander Stars But Stutz Modzelt'wski, leader .n the New England Conference, averages more tnan 22 points for fthode Island State. Modxelcwski, ,viio tallied 509 points as a sophomore last season and \vho will approach that mark this year, looks .ike a sure bet to raise the Luisetti mark considerably. Bui lihorie LsUnci employs an .uiack designed to produce one or two .sensatioihi! scorers. Defense i?; .secondary; the Rams use Ions passes and .shoot at every chance, i,vith three men doing little scoring ;hemselve.s and feeding to Moaze- .iwski and the other forward, Bud Conley. At the other end of the scale is Indiana, winner of the national title last year and a contender for both Bis Ten and national honors this season. Every man contributes to the scoring in a fnst-breaking type of offense. feclcd under Johnson's tutelage, i this country with a chance against Bill Menke leads the Hooslers Audrey's performance in thc junior j Louis. The only kind of fighter who | with an average game score of less division—age's H to 15—led to the | is going to beat Joe is one who t than 10 points, and no less than establishment ot' new and startling can hit like the devil, take a fair I five Other players have contribute j records. punch and keep moving in. Thomp- j ed substantially to thc team total- ] Because his pupil becomes old j .son ha,s these attributes- : Back up the scale again is How- i enough to compete In the senior] j ard Engleman. top sco:er of the women's class in 1942, Johnson is S GIANTS SIGN FOXX i University of Kaasa.s and the Big planning on the 1942 Olympics. It j MIAMI.—Boh Foxx. all-round i gj s . Engleman is averaging is a foregone conclusion, he de- j athlete from the University ot i more than 19 points a game, al- clared. that if the games are held. | Tennessee. hn.s been signed by the ' though last season in a different Mi^s Naas will compete for the New York Giants, and will report combination he throw in less than United States. with the second squad. ; s i x points. The ten plant Ls rt native of Asia. Courier Mows want acLs i WRESTLING Yaqui Joe vs. Floyd Byrd Carlos Rodriquez vs. Chas. Sinkey 90 Minutes Time Limit— 2 out of 3 Falls Legion Hut— 8:00 P.M. In the south, big George Glamack of North Carolina considers it a bad night if he gets less than 20 points, although he Is so nearsighted he can't see the basket unless he's in close. Glamack. who came through with 45 points in a recent game with Clemson. is ex peeled to top Luisetti's record by the end of thc season. Adams Averages 20 John Adams, leader of the ( southwest's best outfit, Arkansas, ! can usually be depended on to hit j close to 20 points. | Don Williams leads Stanford, ; leading contender in the Pacific : Coast Conference, with an average of only about 13 points a game. More Fun Per Gallon! F YOU think motor cars are pretty much alike and driving * holds no new thrills for you—just take a ride in the new Lincoln-Zephyr! You're in for a whole series of delightful revelations—thrilling, new power, amazing acceleration, and a buoyancy of motion over rough roads that makes riding seem as comfortable as cruising on air! You'll realize that here's a vastly different and better kind of ride than you ever experienced be- -^ T"* T fore. TRY IT! See for yourself why Lincoln-Zephyr owners everywhere say they get more fun per gallon! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 Blytheviile, Ark.

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