Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1891
Page 7
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IN WOMAN'S BEHALF. SEX IN BUSINESS. and Bow wretched is the man who has fallen a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, be is rather a forlorn specimen, t Do we pity him? Of course; but at ihe same tirae feel assured that in a mcohere he is to blame for the bad state into •which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always reliable—just such a remedy as you ran oin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it: '•T have been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Liver, and have been in the kabit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of calnnel, which Kcncrr-Jly laid me up for three or four days. 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Price 25 cts. and i. at all druggists 1. MORGAN & SCNS, Proprietors, PROVJDE.-CE, fe. I. ™ ""«!•> tElBESCPPLIEHbyROSS GORDON, UF&yette, Ind. For salet5y.B. F TFornan'n Propor Attitude In Office Sh(.p— Suitable ttud Sjecomlng COHt for Work. The fashion of belittling- woman's work is fast passing away. The best prices are coming, to be paid to the most capable people, whether men or worn- era. A woman who does earnest, honest, conscientious work, who tries hard to please her .employers, who dop.s not assume that she knows it all; but is willing' to take hints, suggestions and criticism, who keeps her appointments and minds her own business, can as a rule get all the work she wants and good prices for it Typewriting 1 , stenography, telegraphy, clerical and newspaper work are fields in which very little if any distinction is made on account of sex. If a woman attempts a man's work she must bring- to it the same care, zest and finish which is expected of a man. She must think of her work and it alone. Outside matters must be relegated to outside hours. In the office she must put aside all thought and conversation on the themes dear to women and remember she is there for work, not for consultations On fashion with her sister- workers or for flirtations with any good looking men who may chance to be about. As a rule women are not earnest workers. The girl bread-winner in general is merely tiding over until she can find a husband to pay her bills. She is inclined to slight her work or go about it in a half-hearted or slip-shod fashion. The "decayed gentle woman," too, liandles work with gingerly fingers. About her is the atmosphere of the old regime, and she can not wholly break from the fetters of tradition. She is terrified at modern ideas. She seeks only "genteel employment," and so troubled is she at what the world may say of her laboring at all that she dabbles away in a lady-like and slovenly manner. It is a sad thing, no doubt, that women -who have been gently born and bred, and used to the seclusion of luxurious homes are ever thrust out to battle with a selfish world. But this is a state of things one sees every day, and if such women could but shake off the trammels of the conventional life they have Of necessity left behind, they would find their work at once lightened and more agreeable in e'?ery way. There are many women who expect the same defference and homaga shown them in the office 'which they have a right to demand in the drawing-room. They are indignant if a busy man forgets their names; they are insulted if iie receives them in his shirt-sleeves. A woman who goes into business should never ask favors on account of her sex. Many do and receive them, it is true. But the thorough-going business man has more solid respect for the hard-working woman who pegs away "like a little man" and does not plead her sex as an excuse for the granting of favors, fail-ires to keep appointments or to render satisfactory work. At the same time it is not necessary for the business woman to become a manish woman. There is at present a tendency toward masculinity perceptible even among society women. The modern girl apes her brothers in costume, talk, slang and adopts many of his-habits. Doubtless there is a strong temptation to working women to copy the tricks, conversation and airs of the men with whom -she is constantly associating. Against this temptation every true woman will battle. A woman can be womanly under the most trying situations of life. There is absolutely no necessity for her to be otherwise in any branch^ of work. She may "be as brave, self-reliant and self-possessed as possible, and yot womanly, not effeminate, whining over defeat, snivelling over an abrupt word or deeply outraged because a man keeps his hat on in her presence. There is a large class of women breadwinners whose occupation takes them only occasionally into offices. It is well for sucli workers to bear constantly in mind the value of time to a business man. The woman of discrimination and good sense will state her business, get her answer and leave. She will understand that it is aot a season in which to discuss politics, religion, crops or to give a complete history of her life from the cradle to the grave, with an appendix. Her hopes, aims and ambitions also she will touch lightly upon. As a rule, a comparative stranger cares very little about one's aspirations. There is a vast deal of rubbish -vvrit- ** £. and talked about concerning the "insults" a working woman receives. This is usually the figment of some prolific writer's brain. The self-respecting woman who behaves with propriety, who does not go about smirking, ogling and grinning like a Cheshire cat, is not going to be very badly insulted. The question of dress for a ..business woman is being agitated somewhat. The advice of one of the most prominent business women in town is worth repeating: "Dress so the men with whom you come in contact can not remember what you wear." The office or shop is not the place for diamonds, laces, silks and furbelows. A quiet cloth gown, without ornaments or frills, is the. most sensible of all costumes. Every thing should be scrupulously neat and tidy. Frayed collars, soiled gloves and Disreputable shoes should not be tolerated. There is policy in being well, correctly and timely dressed. Business women should avoid aesthetic costumes in the Office. Cleopatra, Delsartin or classic robes have no place in the business world. Liinp, loose draperies are quite us out of gear- in office or shop as claw- bammers and white ties. Women by their actions, manners, conversation and dress in business are the ones who alone uphold tlie dignity and enhance the value of woman's work.— Edith Sessions Tupper, in N. Y. World. WOMAN'S INTERESTS. QUITE a sensation has been caused among the clerks in the Xew York post office' by the entrance of seven young women into the money order department as clerks during the last month. The girls obtained their positions by surpassing their male competitors at the civil service examination, and will receive Lhe same pay as male clerks. THE managers of the royal infirmary at Kdenburgh have resolved to admit women students to its wards for tin- purpose of qualifying fnr clinical instruction. This concx'ssiou is laveli due to the rfl'orls of the' court of mari agement of tlu- Chain <.-r .Street Coll.'gi Of Medicine lur \Vom-'n, whoso students up to the present tim-.- Iiave been obliged to go t,i Glasgow lor their hospital instruction. AN agricultural school lias just been erected in the peninsula of Jutland to which women are eligible. The course of instruction includes the treatment of milk for cream, butter and dieese. core of cattle and poultry, chemistry, agricultural book-keeping and the circulation of percentage and application of weights and measurements in handling milk, fat, feed, etc. Besides this the young women are taught kitchen gardening,, cooking, needle work and gymnastics. THE female population in the factories of New York is roughly estimated at 120,000, and greed has so debased capital that in the .sweating shops the earnings of the women do not average higher than 20 cents a day. Trousers are made at 12 and 25 cents a pair; cotton shirts pay 70 cents a dozen, flannel shirts Si and vests SS a dozen. Our city government sets the bad example of paying women teachers 33 per cent. less than the male instructors, and at Washington the.-e is a difference of 50 ' per cent, in the sa'ary for identical service Have you a Pittsburgh, Rochester, Duplex, or a Student Lamp? Do they work satisfactorily? Do your Lamp Chimneys break? You s;et the wrong-sort! O . O I The RIGHT ones are the' " PEARL GLASS," made by | Geo. A. Macbeth & Co., Pitts-} burgh, makers of the cele-1 brated " Pearl-top " lamp chimney, which have given universal satisfaction. NOTICE. thereof, to a point opposite Tenth street, couth crossing-said river to Hace sliest, wwt along the north of Race street .to * To tilts Votcrx of the CJfy port, Indiana, of <>!' tin- CJiaii<rc Ui Hie Itonndarie* Voting I'rc'Ciiirl* of Said City, STHM HIRED [SCHIFFMANN'S ASTHMA CURE -' lt:.Treilcvoitlnnio.tvlolBal.tt»i;li mid dn 'rJmJ.Vif ^''• t ''°'°' l°'««ioii * fl l£n«iS"dfre«iDd ,Cl£RrAIB. nutl « cure lltno roultln all ccrnbl. o. logic trial COB vincoitOB most skeptical Pricefl 1 If 1, or DruKRlsa or by mull. Samples 7REK »P- EK, K. SOHHTMANlf, St,P»al, ML by the Coiui»oll Council at Itecular Sexsion, JJIjtr<-h -IS, 1801. , , erey tae notce that tbp f Iii« order was made by the Common Council utyolLogaiifuort. Cass County, liicJIana. at Y ean bflcnniecJttCour.VKN line of work rujjidly and lium,rttMy, l,v tliob,? of «!thfr MCI, yimiif,- t>r okl, ami in [li,-lr own locaHtlen.wliuriM-ertln-v live, Any ono can do !bc \vorlt. Eiinv it, k'tiru We flirnlih cveryihhifr. We .tart you, Ko rl,k. you .'•»„ devoid your .pare momcm., or .11 your time lo Hie w<»k, n,I« t. un entirely new l««d,[md brings wonderful BUccosh to L-verv worker Be|jliMicr« in cumlnf from *25 to ttO pcrweel: iiid'uiiwardi. «ud more ift.r a llctl. eip«ri enM . IVo c.n AimM vou tlic «». ployment nod tenoll you t'UKK. No «i»ceto ciplHln hw^ Full tabrm.Ilon FIltE. 'J—TTJE <fe CO., AUliuBTA,";i.M;. HIRES' IMPROVED ROOT BEER!| INUDUIC. UO BOIUNCORETRAININQ EA3kTM>W | THISPACK'.CE MAKES FIVE f.AILONS. East, West, North, South ennsjtlvania Lines. Schedule olPassengerTrains-CentralTime CHICAGO DIVISION. Westward. Colnnibns ,lv Marlon._ " ar Ill AM j AM *735-r300i*72C - " 3DOJ1204 Wlaomac ' Crown Point. ' PM 111 235 310 40* 545 Chicago ar.j 7 30 I AM Eastward. Cro^'m Point ' Wiuamac ' Logansport , ir Marlon Columbuii ar. 4SO 518s 655 830 20 AM lv. t730i*l030t3 OO'fS 15 ....... " Q-isln wi 443! 555 6 27l 30 91411150 1043|» 1130 1 47 III 810 PM i ?5J159 45 125! AM 33, 500! PM PM 7 15j AM 1615 703 844 1025 AM ToTa PM "820 000 148 240 AM 1 OO'fS 00 216 9 22 r> *r\ -I *r- 730 AM 345 PM Pallman Testibnle Dining-and SJeep- Incr Cars run on BT«s. 2O and 31 between Chicago and Columbus. Pittsburgh. Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and New York- Pnllman Sleeptug Cars on 9fos. 3 and 10, . BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND EFFNER. Read Down. Read Up. :ti'j AM t545 554 BOi 624 703 714 745 AM 3-20 .AM tine 11 41 ns 1212 1249 1111! 130 PM S74 AM t500 522 ^......Eflncr ar. " ... Kentlaad ... " 6 09! " ... Goodlana ... " 6 55i" -..Remington... " 914!"...Monticello... " 9 50I " Idaville " 1115 AM ar.Lojf auNport ly. 303 AM •1040 in^ft 1014 95^ 914 830 AM SI I PJt t95C Q nn 902 718 7?S PM 375 PJt tsoo nn 352 i*\n 1 00 1130 AM RICHMOND DIVISION. Westward. Cincinnati lv, Hamilton Richmond New Castle " Anderson ' Kiwood _.' Kokomo " Gfflveston ' Loeaiisport ....ar, Chicago ar. The most APPETIZING- ana WHOUISOMa TEMPERANCE DRINK In tbo world. Delicious and Sparkling. TRY 1^ Ask your Druggist or Grocer for It. C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA The voters or tm> City of Logansport, Cass County, Indiana, will hereby lake notice that the follow"" -..-,.-- o] . llie regular session, Wednesday 'evening"'March ^ Election precincts as formed In the Cilv of Ic- gansiiort, Indiana: IiiJiccorduncewltnan act of the Legislature of the btateol Indiana, approved March U, ISS9, it is ordered by the Common Council of the City of Logansport, Cass County Indiana: and they do now liii-ni and adopt the following voting precincts in ti, c several wards of the City of Logansuort, liui. FIHST WARD. precinct No 1—All thalterrltoi-j-embracedwithln the following metes and bounds, to-wiu Commencing at the noi-twest corner of Sycamore ;,nd otta- wasu-eets, ihencei-umiing west along the north line of Ottawa street to Vine street, thence south along the west line of Vine street to Miami st'eet theiicu west on Ilieiiojih line of Miami street to Plum stieet, thence north along the east line of Plum sireet lo Bates street, thence west along Ihe mirth line of Bates street to Holland street, thence north on the east line of Holland streetto the tionh' boundaryHneofsaldFirstward, and thence east along the north line of said ward lo Sycamore .street, and thence south along the west line of jjveii- more street to. the place of beginning. XHII It is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held In house on Ottawa street on the southwest corner of lotlO, in D. D. Dykeman's 1st addition to West Logan, In said ward. PreelnetNo. 2—All that terrltorj'embraced within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wit; Commeiic- ing at the northwest corner of Ottawa and Sycamore streets, thence running south along the west line ol Sycamore street to Cliippawa street, thence west on the north line of Chippawa street to Plum street, thence south on the west line of Plum sireet to Osage street, thence west on the north line of Usage and Wheatland streets to the Chicago Branch of the Pittsburg, Chicago, Cincinnati <t Si. l.ouis Railway, them-e, south along the line of Said railway ro Ihe Peorla branch of said railway, thence west following the north line of said Peorla branch ot said railway to the west limits of said ward thence, north to the line of the M abash and Erie canal, thence east along the line of the Wabash Precinct 2>o. '2.-A11 that territory embraced:?! - and brands, east on the south line of "Uac» slrert to T- s.reet, thence soutii on the west line of north line of Broadway 1 " strei-i'To^Sevemh and thence north on voe east }\,, f O f 6 streetto the place of bcglnnln;.-. And 't is o 1 hat the elections of saw precltic: L-e Vld southeast corner of the school" Precinct Xo. 3.-All that territory emhracecpl within the following metes uud bounds, to-\vit-S® Commencing at the southwest comer ol Twelfth' & and B orfdwjir street*, thence running suuUi on'sS the west line of Twelfth streel lo iDe ffauash andN Ei le canal bed. i.hem:e west aloni.' the rue line ot^ si Id canal bed to Seventh stre.-.:. ilu-nco north on3$ pjist line of Seventh street to Broadway street.an*^ ihenceeasu-n .south line of E roadway street io-$£ Place of beginning. And ills ordered that lne'*3 FIFTH WARD- :• : "g^ Precinct No.. 1.-A1I that territory embraced"^ within tlie following metes and bounds to^rtt-Af Commencing ar Eel river on 1 tvelitlTj - " M AT, ' Market rtreet .to Six thence north on wesr, liiieol Sixtcemh thi- south bank ol Eel river, and iho the fomh tank of licl river, wlili Precinct N'o. 2.-A11 wiihiiithe loll^wing that territory embracingViS runes ,'iiid bounds, fo-wlt: -i3 rnw of Tivriuji and llarkei .'.?$£ r« . SJ c-eife thence running cast on the south- line" Market sn-eei 10 ,Slxtfit>Mh street, thence souih oii^ th« west line ofslxiwntl) street lo Smcad 8iTee"' UieiiM west on the rorlh line ol Sn ; e;,<l sireet ; l Twelthsjett,andth.jice nonh on *ast liueot ward. 1'rnclnct 11,,, V- • > -^»» t"'it territory m jvlthln the lollowing metes aiid bounds, Ci.mmeiicing at tel river on „„ thciicH ninning south on east line of Sixteenth :.@l street to Mar:- et sireet. thence east on north llrm-'fl of jfarkrt street to Eighteenth street, thencl ^ south o.-u-ast line of Eighteenth street to Spent -3* street:, thence east on north line of Spear streetto ; St the east limits of the city, thence north along thft^i eastern limits of the dry to Eel river, thence west 'M iK.ugEonihbank of Eel river to place of becln-SSl Attracts and Promising Investments In CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, IO2 Washington St., Chicago, III. M. Reference 1st Jatl. Bank, CMcago. «„ ,- l °?? 3 P 1l | ci 5 e d and given prompt attention, .ps and full information seat on implication. ' ,?. a !?J? r .f ! il 0 . a ,. num >er of.acre tracts 1 r,™ rf rab ^ rof deslrablo flrat mortraigo louo , drawing 0 per cent seml-annunrintereBt. WORLD'S FAIR PROPERTY. Corner mdwav Plaisance cfc Stony Island Boulevard. Finest hotel alto near the Fttlr Grounds, A no desirable Bites for apartment builoi choice frontages near the Parks. Property Along the Line of New Elevated Railroad Now in Process ol Construction. CornersniKl fr, 8 )de lots on Calumet. Prairie, Intit- , effeot on Property along the line and at the P Clilchrntf-r'fl EtiKElInh Dlanioiiff Brand. ENNYROYAL PILLS -^A~X Orljltial and Only Genuine_ .vattiv - AFC; jUwii^s reliable. LADIES Mfc rar;i;Ht for Chtctittter't English viandXrantl lu Kcd nod Cold Dic oxc», scilud with blue ribbon. Toke o other* Jtefuit Gangerout luliptilu- • (U and imitations. At DragRisti, or KDd 4o* flt&inpl for parMculivni, tcstimoulKla Kad ^llof tor LadlcA," in letter, by rctnrn • SjlII- JO.OOOTeHtlraonlil'.. A'a«e Paper. GhIctic>*terOaeilllcillCtt. > MudlHon8quBrc. old trr til tocil DrcgsLU. 1'hlUdi., J'» Kor Hastward, Chicago lv. I.osransport. " Galveston Kokomo Elwood Anderson New Castle Richmond Hamilton Cincinnati BETWEEN Read Down. Pullman Sleeping Cars run on No». S and 10, and Buffet Parlor Cars on Sos 18 and 19. LOGANSPDRT AND LOUISVILLE. Read Up. 10 PM 1i20 1255 330 6b9 AM IS AK •945 125 345 730 PM [v Chicago " I/osansport... ar. Indianapolis ar. „. Louisville .....ar. ar. it lv. 19 | 13 3?Arixjr *S 101*730 1130(220 11 0511 30 7 30' 7 35 AM PM JV os. 10 and 13 carry fn11 man Sleeping- Cars; Pullman Buffet Parlor Curs a"e run on Nos. 18 and 19. JOSEPH WOOD, E. A. FORD, Geioral Manager, Goon 11-23-90. N PITTSBURGH, PENS'A. For time cards, rates of fare, through tickets, baggage checks, and farther InforrAatlon regarding the running or trains apply to any Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines, .1. A. McCOLLOUGfi, Tl.kefAseiU. Logmisport, Ind. Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. CT'S!) Claims » A SPECIALTY. CJUeap Lands ami Homes in tucky, Temiesee, ALA BAMA, .Mississippi aud Louisiana. On the line of the. Queen & Crescent Bom,- 3 , >e fonnd 2,umuwu iicres of splendid bottom •!> and. timber und stock hinds. Also the Cnt-sJ fruit anc! mineral lands on tile continent for salt- n favorable terms. FABMEHS.'ivttliaU clij|.'ecei»>gBet a home n he sunny South, where blizzard." und iue cl:i' ilaiiis an? unknown. 'he Queen & Crescent Route Is tu Miles Shortest und Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Bntire Trains. Bjuft-agr Oar, DH? Concliiv Sleepers tuu through without cliaii;;?. th. 110 Jliles the Shortest, S Hours th* QUI incinnati to Jacksonville, Time 27 BUMS. 18 Years EXAMINER U. S. Pension Bureau. "" D. I. MURPHY."" ~" P.O. Box 534. Washington, D. C. JUDICIOUS AKD PEKSlSTEMi Advertising bus always pi-over successful. Btfore placing an? Newspaper Advertising consul-. LORD fit TKOE3&S. AUVKUTISIMl AOK5TS, lp:, Slrwu CHICAGO BRfOHTlNE DIABETES Corrosponuence follcced, vftlntitile .nfonnation free. fjBQA) discount to -nwJa. -Disease!,n: WM. T. IS X.K Salle Street. KEMEITK o8j'riT."v CUKJB FO1 .adred allment« Chlc«wro, The onlr line running Solid Trains and Thrcu •< Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FS01I CINCINNATI TO Cfiattanoga. Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian Hiss., Ylckburg, Miss., Shrevepoit, La. M Miles the Slioitest Cincinnati to Lexington Ky ' H Hours Qulclce.st Cincinnati to Knoxvllle, Tenn 116 Miles the Shortest Cinciunatl to Atlanta and Augusta, fcfa- 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala W Miles tee Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham' Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at Is'ew Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, ' Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot. Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge of Kentuckr and rounding the base of Lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleeners on all Through Train?. I Over On« SUllloti Acres of Land in Alto ma the future Great State of the Soutii subject to pre-emntlon. Unsurpassed climate. .street, thence east on the south line of Bates street to Plum street, thence south on Plum street to Miami street, thence east alongthe south line o Miami scree to Vine street, thence north on the eas line of Vine street to Ottawa street, thence east o southlineofOtiawastreettoplace of beginnlm. And It is ordered that the elections hi said precln he-held in the buidling on the southwest corner o the school house yard in said ward. Precinct JSo.3—All that territory embraced withl the following metes and bounds, to-n-lt.- Conuiienc ing at the southwest corner of Sycamore and Chip pewa streets, thence ninning west on the sout JfneofChlppeiva street to Plum street, thenc south on the east line of Plum streetto Os;i"e then west on south line of OsagB street 10 Wheat- laud sireet, thence west, on south lineoiwheatlau sireet tu the Chicago branch of the Plttshur- Ch cimiati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway, thence south along said railway to Market street, tier ee eust or the ixinh line of Market street to Eel river, thence easterly along the north bank of Eel river witl the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning And it is ordered that the elections in said preclnc be hcid at tne engine house in said ward. PreclnctNo. 4— AU that territory embraced tvlt h in thefol owingmetes and bounds, to-wit: Commenc Ing at tbewestend theofEel river bridge onMiirW street in s;dd ward, thence west along the north bank of Eel and Waba fh rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the west limits of said ward, thence north to the south line of the Peorla blanch of the P.. C..C. &St.-L.Hallway thence east along the Peorla branch of the P. C. C. & St. Louis Railway to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections in said precict be, held in Lhl's cooper shop in said ward. i-uvjju SECOND TVABD. PreeinctXo.l-Allthatten-Itory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the west line of Fourth street to Eel Elver avenue, thence south west on the north line of Eel River avenue to Third street, theuceuorth on Third street to Eel river bridge, thence northwest on east line of Sycamore street to the north limits or the Second ward, thence along the north limits of said Second ward to the west line of Stevens, Moblev and Clary's additions to the city of Logansport thence north along the « est line of said additions to tlie nor.th limits of said ward, thence easfon the north line of said ward to Clifton avenue thence, south along the west line of Clifton avenue to Hanna street, thence southwest alw the north line ot Hanna streetto Pojulac street thence south alongthewestllneof Pomlan street to tbe north bank of Eel river, thence west on the north bunk of Eel river with the meanders thereof to a point opposite Fourth street to tbe place of beginning And it is ordered that the, elections in said precinct be held at what is now known at Schaefer's cooper sbopln srjd ward. PreeincWvB.2—All thatterrltory embraced within tbe following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at £e) river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadwiv 'street, thence east on the north line of Broadwav street to Fifth street, thence south on east line of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie canal bed rhenc-eeastalongthenorth Una of said canal bed' to Seventh street, thence north on the west line, of Seventh street to HlgJj street, tbence west on the south line of High street to Sixth street thence north on Ihe west, line of Sixth street to Eel ilver and thence west alone the south bank of Eel river «llh the meanders thereof to the pla e of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at the North stieet engine house in said ward. PrechictXo.S—All that territory embraced within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wit- Commencing on the south bank of Eel river at the intersection with Third street, thence running south to Eel Elver avenue, thence northeast-along, the sont<- llii« of Eel lllver avenue to Fourth . street, thence south on the east line of Fourth street to Braid- way street, thence east on the south line of Broai way street to Fifth street, thence south on the we I: n :• of rii'th street to Market street, then ce west u the north line of Market street to Eel Kiv avenue. thence southwest on Eel Elver avem to tlie. Wabash river, m;d thence northwest aici the south bank of Eel river, with the meandi'i thereof, to the place, of beginning. And it' is o (iered that the elections in said precinct be held ; tile township trustee's office In said ward. THIHD TVAKD. Precinct No. 1-A11 that territory embraced wit lu the following metes and bounds, to-wit- Com menclngai the corner of Eelttlvcr avenue av Market street, thence running east to Fifth siren tlirnce southeast to Oak street.thence south alon the west line of Oak street to Canal street. T.hcnc westalong.the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, thence south ou the west line of Fourt street to the Wabash river, thence west along the north bank of the Wahash river, with thi> mean dew thereof, to Eel Elver avenue, and lattice noi th to the place of beginning. And it is ordered that the elections In saWprednct be held at the old brick school house in said ward. Precinct No. 2.—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit Commencing at the corner of tho Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, thent e running e-ist alone the south line of the- "Wahasli and Erie cnnal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west Hue of Twelfth street to the WaUavli river, theni-a west along the north bank of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof, to "Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street to Canal street, thence east on Canal street to Oak street, thence north on llir east line ot Oak street to the place of beginning And It is ordered that theelectious in said precinct be held at Harry Torr's office in said ward. Precinct No. 3.—The third precinct of saitl ward Is composed of all that part of said ward jyiii" south of the -Wabash river, Including Blddle's Island. . : • , It is ordered that the election In said precinct he held at Amans carriage trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said ward. the elec wcowd Coinmeiiclng at the corner of the Wubasli.st.Louls 4 a ndPacillerallwaj and Twelfth sir Seventeenth pirea,st line of Sixteenth street to Market street /'i thence east on south line of starter street m'- E g ithteenth street, thence south o« west line of • " ' r, hHn south line of i-:pear street to ea t Hints of city ' thence south along the east Jlmlis 0! said eltj YVabashrlvertlieiice west along Die north ffiSi ol the Wabash river, with meanders thereof toS3« Twem'S t^*?," "'fee north on e;Se o?:. wl " Twem t, Twelfth streetfto the place of beginning. ^Andlt ," is ordered tliat the elections In said e eecons n said WMlrct b; ' v ™,L hou se- now owned by Kudolph Berndt,,:«S Na 629 Seventeenth street, in said w>rd «S ' thefonmviDgmeiSand bovoids: U^wlt CoirS^Sl iiife'.-iltheconierof Twelfth aud Smead streets'-^ thence; running east on the south line of - iiKTiS i ? Jxree ' 1 '- 1 ' street, thence south on the west-^ line ol Wxteenth street to tie Waftasn andaie ; *S, panalbed. thence east on the line of said canal bed.^?i fcevemeentli street to "Wabasb Railway, the.ncc west ; '^( JlongsaidrailwaytoTweUrthstreet, thence norUi'S : « on the east line of Twelfth streetto the plave of be-' ft;! "Vi n& .•Sid it Is'ordered "bat tbe elections in' ^WSK l ^ tis "; =*,» Lo St;lt ? 0 {. IntHana ' ^ e County of Cass, theCltyo, I.JohnJ.Taggart, Clerk of the City of Logan-' port .Indiana, do hereby certify that the above teA'-" complete copy ofthe, proceedings of the Common- Councfl of the City of Logansport, IiidJana, at!i"i[« fgular session Held In the council chamberofsal4'=^ Ityon Wednesday eveuine March IS, ISM, relative -^1 o the estabiishing of voting precincts for the .vari-- v'-^ us wards comprising the City of Logansport; jS-v&l lana, as the same appears of record In my office; : ;.$g Witness my hand and the seal of the City of La finsport, this J9th day of iiarch, 1891. '• [SEAL.] , JOHNJ.TAGGAHT. •' Clerk City of Loganspon, Indiana.. S TOPS AH _ unnatural _ discharges ia 24 hours. Adopted bythcGer- manGovernmoDtfor . P-S.C. isputupfor American trade ifi' a patent bottle hold^ -'. ing syringe (see cut).: At druggists, $1.00, , sent,seafed,forJt'lQ< The Von MohlCompany, Cincinnati, Chhk Solo /xocricjtn Agenti. ' •' B. F. KEESLDfe, Agent. Logansport, Inn. ' - OUR£S Gleet ^^& Gonorrhej* in 3 days. No Stricture No Eaiu. SURE Ladies $500 Rprd. V Dr. 'Anderson's English Female. Eegulating Pi Us arc the safest and most reliable. Give thera a trial and be convinced. At Drug Store or Us mall, post-paid per box £],ao, 3 boxes for S2;69.| ; . -leoka MedlcfiielCo.^ToIedo, O. For sale in Logansport, lini.by Ben PIsher, Ko 313 J- irartl) Street, ' •. . Mention r.aper. IeW9d&«3m- For Correct County Maps, Lowest Rai i full particulars acidres. D. G. ECWAKJ3P Passenger & Ticket Agent, i Queen & Crescent Boiite. Clnelnniitl. f apri iK'U-wi - .( and (fen WABD. Precinct Xo. 1.—All the territory embraced within tlie following metps and bounds;towit- Commencing at the comer of Sixth und fl/eh streets thence running north on Pontlac sireet to Haima street, thence, east on the south line of Hanna street to Clifton avenue, thence, north on the easi line of Clifton avenue to the ward boundary line, thenceeAstitoug the waid boond,in Ime to east Ilralti of Mid ward, thence southeast qlonethe line of viid »;ird I" EeJ river, tbencn iwt <TJors the north bank of Eel river, with- .the meanders filLLOTT'S TEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MQgi PERFECT OF PENS; *V?J Al ' en '» Parisian Face Blaaoti Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura, for <tcvd. opine the bust. Kusma, for rwnovinp- suncrflu- ou< lulr Bmi: dressing. All coods whoSJe F 11 r \\ 'r SC " d 3 CCS ' fttr illustrated circular, no Wt,,,[i. Av., Dcliolt, Midi. Sold by c!rji m GEKTLEiwrs FWESO. *!». JarMalydor Perfection SyrlnRO free wiih •very Bottle. Prevents Str-Jctarc. 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