The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHfiVlLLB (ARK.) COUUlfeR NEWS Social Calendar 4 j MONDAYS EVENTS ,-, f StU fiteplicn Gu.Ud., meeting wilh Mrs * J S Jjoiiisr Chflry.i 2 30 p in } TUESDAY^ EVF^TS Young> jMatrpus Bridge club meeting withfMrs" Murray Smalt Mr,s, W L°on, Smith hiving ' Tuesdays Bfldge club 1 "j v > ^WEDNESDAYS EVENTS , Mrs "jairics'H ^Bclt haying Wed t nesdayjBrtdgc club'jVi' 1 i *< meeting ^lln Mrs Mrs l^oss D Hughes having Uifi Thursday Luncheon club Class EnlerTiined Mri Carl Da\ls tcac'ier ot the ' 11 and 12 jcar olrt girls who at tend the Sundaj school of the First. Brtpllst church entertained hei class ullh a soclill meeting Thurs- daj night at the chinch ' At ter ' a business session • there were games and refreshments v Eleven me nbers <vnd four \Mtois atlendcd Bits,of News Moslly 'Personal The Rev and Mrs William F Coolc\, of Joiner, and. their house guest Mrs Blackbiirn of Summer- ffe'd, ti O weie dinner giiesis ol Mrs ^CcoJevs paicnls Mr' and Mrs M 1 Moon, last «cck olto Cuminlngs will go to He! n na Monday (o atfcild fcderill court Miss Charllnc Ashley, of BnsscU iS a patient'at'thii Memphis Baptist hospital , Miss Shirlej Cnrliuigjif, of wah, his" been admitted to'tlie Memphis Baptist hospital John Blythe, son of Dr arid Mfs John Bljilie of Chicago is -.he 1 * making his home, with JIB grandfather, j, p, Allison, for IheCr year He Is a, sophomore in seliool -, * j 1 " 4 J * r .fMr and Mis L"wls Wilson ant cjiughle?, ?Auna Lou, of 'Memphis art hero for ths fair and lisiling' «lalives ./ rs .G. B Keck his retiuncd froin Merrlpnfe/ Aheie'she consult^ edla spec^Dst^ H c ir^l Mr .and.Mrs .Allsn Van oro daughter-Peggy, and Mrs Ar- dtJla ^Btackard^returned )iome- Jpi ^'grTTfronT'Sprlngfield, ilo wEen they were callad Wednesday ue ckuse of Ihc deith of an aunt Mis Qella PoweH JMks laa Lucy Tucker of l.lltli Bock is the guest, of Miss Grac. "I tcFarland; Mr and Mrs Leo Medlin viu I)a\e been living at union citj arc here for a visit w ith Mrs Med lins grandmother Mrs Jo* Elk ns before going to Jackson, Tcnn I Ijve i Jimmy Maury, who formerly liv od herd and now of Memphis am Tom Yoiui"-, of Memphis ^cre hS list night for the football game 'The Unlled States leads all olh er counliles in the hipping fur bearing aninnls and In fi production It aho imports moi me and expensive furs than an oilier count ry STORIES IN < — j.^ VRW 1 By I S. Klein BTEAM^SpEEofo Guesses' 1 Mrs J l) Mitchell will go lo Llltlo Reck tr ncfrou lo accom- Olnrlcs OKane 17, to the fCarirtliensville Will { Entcrlaiji Woiiien ' Qf Ninth District CA"RU 1HERSVILLE* Mo—T h e Ninth District convention of On MLssouil redeiation At Woman s club 1 ! ulll be held heie Thursday Octol«r 15 and'Ig, at rtnplojmcnt prcpldoni, Mrs C 'E.i£arju>n „, Fartrilnglon Ihc state ' recording hchocl and oul of ..,, A mlssionniy society of ono of - „ Ihc Iccal dun dies is sponsoring sccrclary Mrs H p Emerson of his entrance-In school and' sup- Mo lej the stale chalrn lilyliiB his nculs lliroiighout Hit brllr y extension Mrs J L Llnd jcai £ft y of Poplar Bluff find the state • « • chairman of education Mrs Mor'"'•• Corlnne Wools of Bales | rc " D8R « 1 B" of ' llls "v , .. t n.J Mrs C E Bragg president of illlc Is nou AiiinsT; it Boci pallcnt In ' the 1 ,,"Tncal Hut, llnvU ..anUnrlimil l ."?. IOCB1 ClUt) , OCWBER S, 1 93 (! and Icachers will brief service at LAKE STREET METHODIST VLTIIOIL K. Chalfant. I'astor This Sunday. Is the bcglhnlno of our new Churcli School year. It'> "Bring Another Day." Let every member and friend start the new year'Off right by ••• coining nnd bringing someone with Ihem The officers Be installed In 10:30 a. in. This service will bo followed by the Lord's Supper Church School, 9:45 a. m. Church service, 10:30 a. in. Young People's ' League, 0:30 p. in. Church service, 7:15 p. in. Sor men by pastor, Only three and one-half week: remain until our Annual Confer incc. 'Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Board of Stewards. iWedesday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer fcllowshtp. •: niiu>rrnin*.u <.nnUnriim<i " ie ' OCB ' c ' u " ' m? a"nriounced the iromf Miss'Vo""'" >"*, CO'"]'" 1 "' *<*men to , „ ,„«„!„ r nr n,n r,,r,,i VtefaTo tor (He convention B en- FlitST BAPTIST CHUKC1I Walnut and Elrhth Alfred Carrwntcr, Pastor 0:30 a. ifi.; Church scliocl. 103") a m Pre ichlng servlc Pastors s'ermon topic 'A Chuich fonneily a niembir of the fncul l J ,fP> l> of the lOicecla, fv'giu'schnai £,£1$ , «' is nnd oignnltl al 'ihc ^Baptist chinch ' 'From' Osceola she went to ColuinUi Unlvusltj In New York lo complete her master i c'cttreo ?or the past eight, jcars < vA 5 " V «'""D "/•"'" she In 1 ; bern a member of thelVA, iJ.J ,i Jl , facullj uf Virginia Inter-Montl,^,'', %,'"„, Colletc Bristol \'a Hci frlcmb'-- °"' Mis H " B| ' nnd found pupils may addrew her at the snnltdrluih lii.,Boaifc- ille. gen- Morretl Mr* BO'S •s L § \\lio 7 ' jimit since film cclebil Uts t* stilled \ \v e.n Ing i ] dlurk l,]it scs (cr disguise fil publlci insljnec would 5qu pl 1 OK' In disGiilse in Hie lower plioto nit Ihc nllnc.1110 l>n- tnics of Hochcllc Hudson' he attit. sis tiio piclmccl nl a <os Antclci tennis meet Leaohvillc Society — - Persopal • ' Ted c' Smith "mid Lane, of Paivliccn, were milrri at Cirdttclt, last Saturda, Dr M F StaiidOnmnyer 'hii uoied his odicc from the Cornc Drug slore to his home 'Mr. and Mrs. It. E. Pace an daughter. Nell Rose, and son, rind die, drove to C'artIwell iilonda nigh I. Mrs F T Cudc Is at Baptis liospilal, Memphis. Dr M D Ma} field has move' Ills office to Manila and expect to move Ins family there as so'ori as he cm find a hbus-e iprshall \VGce, ol Batc'syiUc, PUbllc- -. deco- Mis C o Nelson as co-chalrm in, transportation Mrs w P Rob- crt(>on ushers and pages Mrs J Or nnd Mis Wilbur Hanicll ml Lio children of Slnevoport •a., nnd L. B. Harwell;, f who :liua lient the past two nionths wilh licm iind 1 letcher , Harwell, of Kyle, TcxW nre expected tbday r bo I Hie; guest 1 }! ° r Dr and Irs C J M 1 HalWdl'"Both fain lie* will rlrlvc . to Frlcnjlshlp. Itnn, loinonpw whcrp they will to lolncil bj oilier mcinbcr.s ot he Ilarwbll famlij and atl^nti hurcli sen Ices and the anpual amllj reunion, held ^01 many e-ns til the- jfaruell liomc I r • y « Mii L D Massoy' cnlcrthtncrl icr bridge (jlub ^nn an £\trn .able of pibsts- at 1ier t libme \cs tcrday afttinooii.' Mr' r A White \MS nliinci of lilah score and Mre \V ft Dv(Hs v.on the encbt »rl«; Mis Ihulc Gnalt ncy of Mcna Ark the 6nlj oul- of-town guest;'"-was' presented' n gift "f-JV* ^ -..' ^~- V*.* S Walil, tooslinlstiess Mrs Hugh nohn I , llilidt, entcrtainmcnl Mrs A Pros tag exhibits Mrs E G Prizes Are Awarded for Picture Interpretations of 55 for Hist lilace and Solo, Alls. Paul L. Tip lii Action.' ton. 030 I> my Biptlst training union: 30 p m, i prcichlng service Pis lor s scrmo nloplc ' The I cnly Horse Race ' &olo Mrs Joe Trlcsclnnan Monday, 7:00 > p. m. Training union council Thursday evening, • choir social. Wednesday, 7:00 p. m: Churcl School department meetings. 7 JO p. in. Churcli buslncs. meeting Refused To Salnle F)a<r; Jailed day (o visit the latler's son/who <s a patient In a hospilal there; A' meeting for the men of Hor- nersvllle and surrounding com- munlties was held at Ihe First Bap- list church Sundaj The R°v Harvey Gray had charge of Hie devotional. Interesting talks were given by laymen of each church represented. Social music was furnished By a quartette composed of Arch Young, Lucien Perkins, Vernlc /Halcrier and Roy Coach, The next meeting of this kind will be held at the BDX Elder church. Dr. aiid Mrs. Robert Hill of cape Girardeaii were week end guest; of Mr. ai:d Mrs. Rpgers Manning and Mrs. T. B. Kinsolving Arrested when a woman she sought to comert becimc frightened Mis Miry Schlorchetka who described heiself ab a Jehovah" Witness was ordered bv JutUo Joseph Hermes 'of Chicigo to salute the American flig When she icfuscd she was fined $200 me! sent to jail to woik it out Mrs Ediloichctka is seen ibove with Judge Hermes after he hiid'sentenced her. J'IRST CHURC !( OF NA2AKFM Vine & 2nd s(s. Harmon Jlolt, paslur : Thc Rev. L. B. Mattiicws. of for second place M'GIC award- r- -"• ,*-ku..i, J^KH.1; M'liic aWtlTfl- cd In it conlcrt of Ifjc interpretations of rnasfclnlccds held nt Ilia exhibit building »t the fair last nislit x Thc>;c Rent to Anji Cloyd tor 1 nrst her 1 slstcrj Louis won srepmf ili^l JMM phice went to Inlcgcne Netdhnni of ManllA [llil^ coWisl'fealiirccj Die study of old iimblm which has been n pait of the piognm of home (leinoi ' ration clubs or Missis- M county thii year nnl honors v,ue won by tho Inlcrprclation uf "nio Infint ' -C \ —>^v, Mr, and TUis"? D'"sTfi willi Nlrs. Syinonds' slslci' Clntln LnClalr, anil d. O monds, of Saxlon's River, arrived Wednesday night Sy- VI for Nashville, Tenn.', will be with us over Sunday for'both' church serv Ices JSimday ; school, fl':45 -a.m. -E. L. EvXns snpt i ' Morning uorslilp H oclock 1 N Y P S , 7 IS P M ' Chuich & p M. |Eierjont Js \\elcome i > i ' [' I ,' pll GRIM 'LUTHERAN' CHURCH 1} Sixth .and Wnlnul Sis. li: J. KlelniUcnsl, Pastor •Sunday --school, a a.mj Monilng service, 10 a.m. Sermon theme The Powei of Deith nnd the Poncr of Jesus oier Do Uh 1 ihc Lutheran Honi resumed 12 -ti'oon over WLW and teii affiliated, on Sunday. .Oct. 4. The Golden Text'Is:. "Eye hath not seen, nor car heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for thsm that love him" (I Corinlhlnns 2:0). Among Ihe citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the lol- 'owing from the Bible Let t*iy "flrk apiJear unto thy servants, and hy-- glory unto llieir - children' Psalms 00:16). .Tile Lesson-Sermon includes also he follow ing pissige from the Olnistian Science texlbook Sci nee and Heillh nitli Kcj to the Smplurcs by Miry Bik°r Fdl) There is but one primal 'cause. Therefore tiiere can be -ndi ellect from any other cause, and there can be no reality in au htj which do"s not proceed from this greit end place tcrpreted tb - 1 Cthct", Reynold's week's visit willi lliulr b'rolhtir R O Sjmomfs nnd famllj Mr nnd Mrs J H Sulllvnr have . lirtnbiiiiccd llic wedding o their daiigiilcr, Ndriiia Jean, ti Samuel L. 'i'nlc of Hot Spring; Which took place in Luxora, Snh day, Scplember ; 2D. The Rev J T Handle, pn^loi of the Meth- ^dht chinph, performed ifio ceremony fh.6 brlrff "flllcndcd Os-- ccolii hlgli school, while Mr. Tale attended Hot t ( Springs high school They relumed lo Hot Springs to innkL Iheh home where Mr Int Lutheran iPadio Hour to Be Resumed Sunday Tlie Lutheran Hour a religious broadcast ovei 18 stations affiiialed with the Mutual Broadcasting Sjs wilh ''flic Arllrjg- fs ' connected ton hotel. , Mrs. Gwendolyn Hbilflcld was ii Memphis ycslcrday. Miss Myra Mae Naming has; as her liousceilcst this" week, he coijsln, Mrs. Ann.Pfiiltt, of Mnl deii, M'd.- ; .'- .: •. '- ' •:: ' - • A tdinpbratiire of 13G. degre nfcov ^ ^ M1 ! b iiSs bceil Hcor « ci f °, tho, norllicm, Saliani, while ' , svc, o, norcm, aan, wle one has opened a new groccrj and' meat of S3 degrees rbblb'w'Viero; lias been n^nrV-j»t li\ T .on rilii'Ul/i .;^i_.i >.. ..^_ii' •;..-. mi • < > .. L»i iit>tc<l hi iibrUiciii Slbcilii. "Asking" Helps Declarer Avoid Jin possible COD tract \ 7T took some lime, after James ; Wad hid disco\ercd the principle of Ihe sleim engine and Robert Fulton hid imcnlcd Ihc stiamboat lo convince people thai ' fleam could replace the horse for (Ansportation John Slc\ens had to^ shov, Ihcm thai cars on rails wpuld not Jump o(I the tracks \vnen they rounded curves and Peter Coopei, m 1830 surprised Ihc country when his ' Tom r,Thumb' pulled a car for H miles out of Baltimoic at the H\el> - Fpecd of 15 miles an h.our put that began a remarkaxrfo Krowth in railroad building With- JrT 14 jears Jhere were almost 3tKO miles of railroad m the Unil- erf States By tha hme of the Civil War the r, tUad had supplanted the canal os a means of , transportation and some 20 009 more miles ol track had been add- ,c(Jy \The lines strelchcd as far west 35 St Joseph, Mo , fhc 3-cent stamp issued by Ihc United States m 1869 shows a lype of earl} locomoluc that was ustd during the Civil War Its huge funnel was ncccssny fins rs (lie (cnilr'of a'serVs.^of aiticlcs ilraling ivllh ch.insrs in lib'- Ciil > icrlsni{ j -..!$yst^ir; ) ;<:isi dii- ntHi:ccil in ".Ely Ciil'licrlsiin's l-lrs hook, ('.lie Oolil Jlqoii ol r lUiitjf ai fl Tlay.'" '•'• ' '•'•' n mi i- ':irrflary, Amcrir.ln Rrirtffc ... Among .ihri ridvanlagcs of ing Ihe "asking bids," not ,, v . . , + AKCJJ103 * AKQ.8 ccu'ki • win '-liic" first- ov second spado trick. Sbutli sig'nwl off ft tljrce licaris, >and North., conlcntct himself wilh n game bid. ;, Playing duplicate, many, play crs-who were not using tlic "nsk Ing bids". reached a slam am were set. : i j \;;; I ' •• '. ,.- •, H6d South ' held a slnglctoi .. spndc, .he would have, bid foii UiCj newts-to show second-romid fen Irol of spades and the ace d .hearts. North.,would ..then .hnv tid llils' small 1 slam wiilctv 'ttoitli have -been ,ii lay-down. Of course,' Soulh-.-inacip > ; flv hcarls in play, as tlie openln lead .was never In doubt. (Copyright, '1D36.' NBA Service, Inc. • » K Q J 10 I) • . * 8 '' Diiplicalc—N. & S. vui. Soirtii Wist Nc.rih i * 2* p. 1M 3 V Pass < V Pnss f r ^ • «WUCII *. i\ I 5 '"''," ' ' ' 'arid the ioresls C»^>lttit 193(. NCA Scivld', Inc.) least Is tho case wilh which players can determine early in the bidding that a slam cannot bs made Todavs hand Is typical. Kcrlh and Soulh had every high card In _ the deck; excepting these in the spade suit. They had a btaiitiful "fit" in hearts and tn* lon|, sulls—,ljlit -.each h<isj _t\to_ tawiediatel-'. afeditjos- ers. When North- bid two Sp&des he was asking South whether he ' Today's Contract Problem After North and Soiilh have agreed upon spades as their, suit, South,.hits bid four no trump. What is the'proper response by North, using ihc Culberlsoh'four-five no Iriimp cori veil lion? : j' *K94 »053 '+ A K 9 6 3 *AQJ102 »AQ83 +QJ Solution in next Issue. and every Sunday there 3linChj of next year There •111 be ti,yo broadcasts each Simlay: the first at, 1 P.M. (E. 6. T.) in cities of the network operating on eastern timb; the second at 3:30 P M m cltl(.s of the n"Uork op Bating on central time. Dr. Walter A. Maler, i'h. D. of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, \\-lll again be the.regular speaker. The mu.sicnl setting for the broadcasls w|ll bo furnished by a chorus of Contordia Scmlnriry stiidSnts. 'Arrangements iiiive bccii made by l!ic:Iocal relay, (he Lut-li- eran Hour over station KLCN each Sunday at 3:30. p.m. The programs will; be picked up from WSM NasliVillc, and re-broadcast, by remote -cohlrol 'through the fncililtcs of KLCN. inie , , .1 Bible class 7pm Topic |j The mic Visible Church—Which? Evening Eeri ice 7 30 p m Ser..on theme Jesus Instiuction Concerhtnj Great Calamities. 'Blessed arc .they that hear the word of God and keep it" Lk. 11,28' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHUUC1 Sttart H. .Salon, Pastor [Rally Day .in tlic Sunday 'school and the beginning of Loyally Monti in, the .Churcli both Doming :tomor- ro» combine to empliisl/c tlie cil to all members of the school ind church to be present at both s'en Ices and thu<s dtmonslrite their loyalty (o "Christ nnd His Church First our Jubilee Year motto specnl Ballj Dij progrini will UL rendered at the School, followed bj promotion of a number of pupils. At the Morning Worship ssrvice •the pastor will bring n message especially prepared for the occasion, entitled "Children- Wanted!" 'which all 'children nnd parents an urged to hear, .in the evening wor sn|p,.beginning at 7:30, the ssrmoi will be on the topic, "Mnn's Oldes Habit." . ... . : "Practical ways of sharing M . " ttie subject for forum dis Helm Child Dies cussio a^ the- Yoinig-p = opl<>-of - thc-Church Vespers at 6:45 p.m. . FIRST Cllitisf IAN CHURCH Carroll Cloyd, Pastor 'Bible school, 9:45. I. O. Westbrook supenntendcnl. L =i,'s start this lasl by Increasing our attend- "Per.son- nd onl> (pa 0 e 201) :MJXORA BAPTIST CHURCH L P tlimnung Pastor 10 a.m., Sunday school. 11 a.m., Morhtiig service 6 30 B 1 Us 730 E\ennig woislnp Tuesday, 2:30 p.m., w. M. S. Olnirch auJitoimm Mission itMj Wednesday evening, 7.30, prayer service COOLEST Sl'OT IN TOWN; Saturday Only JANE WITHERS as f/ie PEP rvin S. Cobb Slim Summerville D«on Jogg«r MMl-i»i Robert 'Honiersville Society — Personal ASSEilUILY OF GOD SERVICES :th anil \sh Sts Sundiv «choo) a 45 i m ^ Morning service 11 i m Tail sen Ice 4 30 p m J C A Chss 5 10 p m Sr C A Class 6 10 p m Evangelistic sermon 8 00 p m Sunday Is Family dij at tlie church, with famtl\ music finnlj c on»s and n familj mess.igc and a big familj dlnnei in the jard Eierjone is muled to come and bring a :basket. The Assembly of God Band will |)hy nt the sen ices Sunday mom ing and .Sunday evening -and nlsb I be on the in at 9 10 i m Sunday morning over KLCN. FIRST KIETHOBIST CHURCH Seventh and Maiii W. V. Womacli, Pastor Church school, 9:-l5 a.m., beginning the new year. ' Morning worship, 10:55 a.m. "Rally Day On Cnrm'cl". will be the pastor's subject. The monthly coin- miiiiion will be administered. Ttib choir will sing. "My Jesus I tovc Thee" with solo part by Mr. Norman c. Guice jr. Ijeagncs, 6:45'p.m. Evening worship, 7:30'p.m. "The Good Shepherd" will be the : pastor's subject. . Board of stewards incetlii" 7-30 P.m. Monday. Midweek devotional service Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. John Sando of S°mth T A Hay B P P^rks and O J Cope at tended the mecltn» of the Masonic griind lod»e at St Louis this wee! James Paul Raj a clerk in the government office at~\ v Wil!ow Springs spent this week u^fh his parents,^Mri in* Mrs T \^Ji Mr ann Jtrs C B AiSJir 1 and in md Mrs o B Ander t so." jr. ;• were in Memphis Wednes- wilh Buck - Jorie's —Admission— Ti!l CO—10 «. i'c—1\ilh It 1 is After 5:00—15 & iiQc—Willi lc Tux Cciitinucus Shbiving—li A. rif. Uniii ii r. M. Sunday - Monday r-w people n*5t at 0:30 GOK! P ° rt ° f work d ™ c at cd by the iicv. Alfred Carpenter liaslor of Ihc First Baptist church; Ihis morning at North Sa\\ba cemetery, where burial was imiri «.. . madt,> "rial was % Miil-uc!; service Wednesday c vc- MaU Fiirienil service was in ^ f£2?£ '^l','* lo bc * s l>=- cha^e of^.r.ngemenfs.^ 1^^^^^^^ :.the various interests of^hp church. Number Nine News Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hall arc the parents of a dnughtcr, bom Tuesday, September 22. - i" Miss' Gallic Thcttord returned to her home In Hlckman, Ky., after spending a month will-, her sister,'-Mrs. E. H. Collins. Odcll Stono of Polls Calnp. Miss., is visiting his brother, Willie Slone. I.UXOR.V MtiTHdplST CIlUKCii Jas. T. Kamilc, i'lislor 10 a.m., Sundiiy school. 11 a.m., Morning worship, sermon subject "Putting oocl First." 7 a.m. Young people's Mscting. 7:30 p.m. Evening. worship, sermon subject, "A New. Man." JACK JACKSON Ariblocials of Rjlhni. .14 Piece Colored Orchestra Now Playing at the SILVER MOON NITE CLUB Will hi onilcasL c v «« •: j Friday from 2 lo 3 I' M. over SJaiinn KBTM .loncshbro. , \, \ Parammmt Ncni anil Cnmrdi Paramnuht News Srj*cSll— Firsl fc Game cf the World' yel-ics' —Admission Sunday— Matinee & Nisht—15 & 35c Uitli lc I t\ —Ailmission iMondav— Mullnce—10 ,t 2Sc—Willi lc Tax Nighl—In & Sac—With lc Tax —Ccnliniious Showing Sniida3 ; — ROXY Adm.—Always .'10 A 2Sc— lc Tax Show Hvcry Night Matinees Friday, Saflirrt;ij ; , Suinliy Friday ft Sunday jiiafiriccs—2:15 Last Time Today '.Unrcalil SERVICES W. Main is the subject of the w ." ltrh wl » bc rc ^ c.s of chritt, Sclcnl- HR. SAUIiA (Eye, Kar, \r, sc & , Throat | ( .OI.ASSKS FITTEp Room 210 Insram IJtdj Phciin 110 office 418 lead courier Kews Classined Ads j Dirt Vanishes from Clothes Washed in Waler with Zero-liar.chicss That's, why clothes laundered by us arc -so clean. . . '. the water we use is softened lo zoro-lumlncss. Too, the pure soap \vc tiso is harmless to clothes but positive in its (•leaning. Treat your clothes to a balh like this, . . . you'll tie pleased \vi(!i the wfty (hey look. Plione 327 . IlLYTHEVlLLE LAUNDRY Abo,' Selected . Shorfs Siuiday - Monday ' A Poromwiil PIchjr. will, 1 KRTRDDIMICHAEI JAMES BUftKE ROBERT CUJWMINGS JANE RHODIS Fox .llovictcne News ai.d L'omctly

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