The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 3
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1934 liiliiifiiiLi Site of Huge' Federal Power Project KBIT IGt Harnessing nl Sti catn Will ittis is iLe firii of OB ibe great r>0wf-) i , Irrigation azvUjElian project, of Hi-' ninth- ffiit, which are in i^ liiEjiFi-lfil by President RosTi>VrIl ITU lib way tack is Watnlneffoii from ),ls Hawaiian vacation, These great dams are to cieifc new "itiUr.a empires" caapsrsbie In those in fhr Term- ez«s and Cot.irajn vaiicjs. Sue- Citing £(OilrS "ill icii Of tile. Grand Coul«, Ft. Pf.'k EY V/iI.US TiiOnVi NEA S«vi.'r Slsif rorr.sf PORTLAHfl, Ore., Jiily When President Hona>wli here on ill 1 , wiiy lark in w ton hf- will efjiri iln° pdte\vay 01 a new iinmnlii 10 lie created by ihe. govivijineiij.'* jihin.-. to pm UK. Colnmblc liver in v.ork. The two liugi- dines l;.--ji-,» hiiiii to harness the Ooinmbio at ville ami [he Giai.d Coulee aic v;ell under v;ay. but tiic-y ere s pait of the r?nerai pian to develop the entire Coiiiinbiii fiver basin 7,ith a f^rits ni othn- dams, navigation and ii'rir.aiion project', that will viitiialiy 'create n now empire _on a psr With liiose rising in ihf Tc-nnejEee and Colorado val- Where KUieriWalked into Death Trap Since Ihe I'oiiiiiis •;! s'ur- v.-'nitr-'tb,-- wni man, liie Columbia has been iv.nv known and ixed ar> ft mlffhiy al;ovv avenue leading from ihe ten far 01 into ilie interior of the nnrtlrarat. jjleieJ Rut It has never lx--en pui lo worl;. r- beginning in vlie. Crncr, lialf either for navigation, jHj\ver, cjt a ii'.il''- liij-h tov.'cr above ihe con- irrigaUon. to reiili'/i; anything like, sanction cnmp'. on cither side, its of Cascade i i PIERCES 'MOUNTAIN CHAINS -Rapid-., soon 10 lie Milled forever | The Columbia rises in the hjali by ibr- II-SHIE haters tohind the. i mountains of Bliiish Columbia, dam. Br.ek of Hie cliffs uses the | and then, turning southward. <-n- majestic rvenvhi'.e rone of lii ters the United States to drirtn Hoed. M.iittj feet tall, niosl of Oregon, Washington, Idn- LUCKS \ViLi, SKiiiT ern f.iomana. Turning westward mei^f! i&piiis. Mid iiass tiif- nev. it cuts through both the ftierrn dam by nieniis ol lock.s. Even Nevada and ranges, and salmon '.vhkh work iheir way i winds through the vnsi plrdn lie- up Ihe river cnrii jear by leaping tween mountain chain.-,. 'up the lallr, and rsiplils will lie In cutlinj through the mmin-'provided a "fish ladder" by which tains, the great river develops they can psa ihe dam. Two rail- steep rapids which have always roads siid two highways must be fc««n ons 01 the grtai. potential rr.ovfii irr.rn urvitr,iy r.ii'i ivs sources of electric power In the under water. ~ country. No7; Ii is 10 he develop- 'fite $11 .GTiO.MO jiift. nilotifd by ed, navigation extended as far up publle \vorks Administrator Ickef. as the Snake River, nnd a promise to ib- JOB fhou!ri bring ii close in > of Irrigation brougni 10 .nearly .™np!e.u r 'ti. Y.' Einned lasl year | stelin]er . 2,000,000 acres of now arid nnd \vlilf on rii Initial allotment- ol |" unproductive land. i S20,0wl CjOO. I he rtaiii iiscii riiidt>lx., Vi\ien the cruiser Houston haa'units of the iwweihoii'.e ste te-in!/1. wounri 'ils 'way • up 100 " the.'low.e'r Columbia, the Qehtiai'pSTty will sight largest .f.rfYn-water harlior west-, const, heitling below Mount wort: at ncnntvlllc. ' _ control and -.n? r-bnt, vlslnn'ed Hood oh (he. "wiilaimeile - Sivr-r; VAST l.AKi: TO 'f'.F. TfiriSiJ-.I) ; io.- : liie ToimesMf.' Valley. .Ilerej where it.eniers the Columbia. And: when tlie dam vtes 10 Us full tno, development of cheap electric the' President will realize that the lieighr of '/:: fcti It will crcaie a powei 1 ir. expected to bring. Indus- making of ihal river channel nnd lui^e lake behind, ii anil malre tries 10 ihe valley, .and lo open-tip the..building of ihls fresh-water ..-iacV- w,iu-r -if. fru- np ilw rux-r.a, ntw era. of taim life by port "is.a triumph of planning and n>; Tnr- Didic:; and Crlilo Valli. liO'ing flf-rtnc-iiy to Ihe country.' determining such ns he now hopes' mile-;; upstream. When iho iiowci 1 ) in the. plnlji;, lirliwn Ihe mo'im-' to'repnl'il'aiid exle'nd favlher up'unil.", are rdl installed they should Mam rauvea, nre thoa-.andr, of'acres the >lvpf by ihe nev; dams. ' ' -" ' '' '" ' '" "'' ------WORK UN'DKIl WAY ON DAM Cniion Growcis Miir,t Filf Af|)liratinns Ini \\\\ hr.- AiloliiiPtil.S for u]]ou,,ejits pi.ii exemption cei tes under the Runkhcad cotton I'nnirol art are ex|uvled in 'i Mississippi cniinly sonn P<iiir:iy Ajem J. K. fril/ siild in- liny. "When Ilie forms uiv lecelv- eil, till api)H>'nMoii.s for nlbiliiieni^ 3iul fieiiiptlon ivrllilcnies will U- iiiadi 1 [liiOuCli I'nniliiluiily I'omndl- icei as was done in Ihe cnsc of the 1574-35 colon ncrraee rc.liir- !i~ii ••niitiBi'ti." Mr. rijff said. Xii- Crll;. pnliitcd OIH ibal It "i II.i Inilivlduiil farmer 10 msl.f iippllrailnii for tin nllnlniMit ; i ilii' a.'l. und he sl[i-s.-ed (he Unit id) I'otlon yjowers \\'\tn fail in ninti' iippliriiitnn for ulbit- mi>nl>. -Aill \;t \ma\i\i \n sell cm tun tiown [his yrnr iinlr^s .1 lax of 1101 ie« liiiLu f. ivnli per pouml 1.-. Sli'iiers of ml ion n.Tf-iiix n'dui 1 tlnn ronlibris. und noii-hltni'i tco. Mill miib- appllciitlon inr n|. . lolini'iils, und ilir> biiie |ii>rind.' !0?8 ',]'Jf, \ir.i\l In mnklng nil! vnlnn- ' iai> fi.Tentje reduction rnmriini.s t. p !ll u];.n is uspii in mnklng mil r.pplir.iiions for (,ll,;tir,ei;l< .iiidfr Ih; Uaoiibfiid an COilllly AS< ; nl f'CII.'. rXpllilllfii tlial lii.-- caiinly wniiKl \,i suMlvid- F'J mio I'mntuiirillle.-: nnd u com- niunlly cornmltlcf- desl^naieil in fnr.rtlr.1) In each .Mil.illvlslnn .They Bill r-.-:inlillsli heiitl(|iirirtei!. nl u renml point In ihi> rntnmimty lu tei'ei\v ar.iilli'iitloiL 1 : from prciihic- er. r .. In order lo complete Hie work of tnkliic applli-nttons, Mr. firit?. =:ild within Ihe limited lime available. II. will be necessm-y for thmp. desiring nllolmenl. 1 ; lo np- pear nl tlirsc I'iminiiiiilly lieatl- quarlrrs lo Milimll njinlli-ntloirs rnon ns fornr. nirlve nticl Ihn dale fnr InXlng ;ippllcallr,ns Is an- : nounred. 'Die community cnininliUes Pnll work Individually with ench iip- pllranl in lielplns lo fill rvnt tiie nerf.yir.i^' npplicnHnn forms in ihe mannfr'. An ullolme.til basis will he rompiiled for each form on Ibe basis of Ihe acreage The ihpnier from which John Ullrtiiifpr.-'-ir viomnii '0:1 eiicli'umi. \uilknd Inln lils d'pulli (rn]i"ni> Nnvth Sid?, Ir, shntvn'licrr. with •n'.iiillllUR'lh'ioiiK iif slgliiwc-K 'rnnvillnA {il:ont. [h? scene • of hla la;t sliind II. !1. oifFiils and i-jMlcenieir.oiieiied lire on Ihr- des]ieindo n- mohir-iil iifier be left. Ihe film lionse, whfiv he liad seen a plrluii*' fealurLn[< M curerr whli'h' iilmu':! paiallclcd bis n\ul. TII-FI of HI-.F; u.-. s dynamite bla?.L tfarr. Ilie -.Cascade .5 rdinve ilonneUll!' Dam. . . ... rapids .thai, .will be• submerged forever ivlir-n ihe wai?rs rise Iwhlnd tl:e nev/ dnm.' • ' ln 'ed are being prnvlrt-' Jeci li*si» peculiar fiig'rtiflc«rH:«:b*: cause of the• fact- lhat It was -Here jh'al lie mai'le his cajnpiliji:5P«ecb' ,fe tloodnow rnllery plnnl, «!is vlv- clliii! hundles nn l;nlves. lllii fa- Iher \iOi'lieil Iheie ix-fore him,, hli Ibiee .sons nflfr him. May Ask President lo Save Ml. Olyni|ius Timber 1 1)1 iiKifif'd ' Ml.. Olympiir. iinllo[i!il monument, a. 1 , n move lo jirevem. logging of Uie land. Clvln and frulcinnl orsanl/a- tlolLS Joined lo fosler conyci. e .lon ) of Ihe monument. Into a nailnnnl s'orvlfp nnd Inmiierlhi! of- llcl tils. derl nre finch n ninvc would OI.YMl'IA.• Wash. (1ID—An »])- lieiil may lie mail? lo President, production of cotton r.n Ihe fiirm | lloosevel'l lo add fifKl hciuiire lull'.") The lower Columbia once had only a imiow, flmilow chanuel of shifting sandbars, and naviya- tion-• V/SD lta?.ardo>is and difiiculi. NOvV, by exten-Slve plnnntng and public vTorks; thp chanvjel IF. flsed 4bO,MO Wlowalt hours ol .'of vlch Volcaidc ;6I1, hut wliiclv are or f:on,0(W liorsepov-vr. : useless lor fanning tocau£e of lack and' (rrtfiljnn. >proj- cci. I ha I a iins '-jo. c'tr^if; :t gaVd en sp«t viif ff. r'rlrti'. : Ililrsiy A^l. now ' rr'irs '1nr Kitt-r. 1 •'-•"; , • J ..: during the base, period. This nl- lotment. Mr. Crtt?. .said, will then Iw used In romputlng ihe allot- menl of tnx-exempl .colton thai Ihe faim will receive. A producer of col ton desiring in obtain tax^exempllon rrrlificnlr-?. miisl. file application, under oalh. on fnrmr, supplied by Ihn Rccre tary of- Agriculture which' will he 111 1 the Imnd 1 ". of the I'dnlinunlly commltteeineh ui the. cenirnl iMliils designated' as, sigh-up poliii;; by the. county agent. The Bankhead Act provides that B fine nol. in fx- ceed $1,0011, or Imprisonment for! not. more. lhan. six month:;, or b.ith line nntl linprl.vinmnnl, shnl] be Imposed upon any person who vlll- fully vlolale. 1 ; any provision of ihe acl. of Iii'nvll.v-Unihcred mouninlHi lo Rend Courier Newn Want Aili deprive Ihe lnj;gliif> in.liiR, !y tiaO.fWil.OOft woilh of Inmlwr 'rtll •treen hi niitlnnal monmnehts park.'i I'liimnt IK> nil. This Stops Laxative "Dread" Drcjut' oMiuili Jtlion, b»J lilt* nr ir.i*f. frrrne* will, tliilp diulu, ptoclr'^ar.gticuil^- "JiEiy'.' 1 P«in i-inim, Iht iltliciniif ch»t-inf tun ElsitiYt, cr.nijlninp t Unii>« ingl^diir.i ifBiiltil/ pltuiil:!. 1 h/ i^liYri^iar.*, irilrin i Ihiir ntollira. Vnn fluw ir. iK^s'tl:* hxirirj ' jl <jinril>i,l«i linifcfltlv. givipf :. IUOC4 riiliitil iriior, romrliK **>*! T'cliz.n. Dttkinni ptin 1-ir.hK conuiiu f.o ii:nr.rli u llaiiucli i 10 lojiy u[([y ji«i Ll^k un Cilitdulp inil Wreck: Sirewed Hl Will, Man, 78, Qtiiii Job Aiter 69 Years, With Regrets r i~be Dasa p for '.icio ilie lionnevllle of water. \Vitli cniiii'olled iiTiga- iirav, : n by nrmy jdoii ii can be maiie. inosi. feriilfi have beeji siudy- . .nid. piodncitvc and can. .be • put ; liiiilri- '' find-deep, Rnd.-thiV. port has ample River v.lil be docking. facilities tor the great nevilie u.uii. trad* in groin and lumber that mi" and [, S, v.l.o . .. . . INK fill- vein.-, ilie laiem pri^elhill- ; liiiilri- enlilvalion to replace 'Ih'e ii-\-. of ih,' Cohimhin Hivei. Navi- jiriiPr n^ck; of ix*or Innd that nre (aiion ss ffiv \ip c r , the Snake ', b^ing bought np by the govern- n.ssured by the I3on-'mfnt. and retired from farming, locks to permit : Tbe pre.iiueiit's visit io Port- . Pi — .Coffins, \vnre .r,nr<xid nit over tllf- Coiorridr, . nprihg^TYiifDliv highway ; wlien ". a ' irnll^r •' iircl'-e \ Isnse. anif crs-iifd" Into ':i "m'tdpX' Tiii; iialler xVus 'i.eiiii; ,'|ov.-r,i bv !i. Iriicl.. Tlii- ' frp'llf'i A rare"; -an r.t.-r.rte.i lol'.r.f ocean 'uiid'to iiispfrl ihe Eoiinevllie pro-' riiircd ir, .-.plimou. '." Step Ivy Stop H,S Dilliiifffi- Wont 1:0 His Deal.h i - t- I O F'Al.IS. Mi'.v.. til '). — At. 78, Jacob Tiili'i'injer Iws relnclanlly-t|iill work aflei bi[; lo Ihe .<:ttrnr- job In Ibe - : fni'lory .for. CA j-e»is "Til be ihere y.-t If hi.v lisiin'i given ('ml." I if said Hi-, lifclluii- K'b, fll li.e LSI v nir-k- SAI.E ijOTICK is hereby given iliit! the inideTfigned commissioner, In compliance, with ihe terms (.i a decree rendered by ibe Oianctiv Cciirt for Ihe Chlrhunwliu District of Mlf.ils.slppl OnimLy, Arkansas on the 2fith day of Fehni- erj, 1:134, wherein Commonve&llh Building i. Loan Ass'n. vva-. Hiain- liff. I7o. nf.f.ft, and R. i,. filien'uki u al \ivre D^femlanis, ftill tell :ii fnimie r.iif-tlon lo the htghesl nn.-i lve.'.(. bidder, for C'j^), on a mdil of Ihree montlxs, al ttie noni tiooi of ihe C'oiirl Honse, beiuven the hours presetted bv i»»". Iti liif Clly' of BlylhcVilif, Arkansas, r.n Iht- lain day of Align;,!, 1MI, ri.e icillnwlng real eslnte, lo-wit. Lot 14 :.nd thf Wi-.'.t Holt iW'i) Lot IS Block One llifli- land Place Addlllriii lo illvlhe- ville, Arkansas. Bald Sale will be had lo rattsfj fald decrci; In the .sum nf ilMK.K ivllh Ifl p?i ct-nl. IntH-esI from r^iiSiisl. ?.}, \mj. THE purchaser a 1 ,, said sale v'.lll Le requhed lo execute Ijoiul c/llli approved security, to secure (be paytnenl of Lhe purchase mr.ncy. and a lien will be retained lipon said property ar, additional sccmlly for the payment of such purchase m^ney. i WITNESS my hand and Ihe Ifeal of said Court, on thU. Ihe Ifilh day ol .Inly, 1934. n. L. GA1NES. 1 CommUstoner in Chftncecy. 7-19-23 r\r.TRO!TERShtlp to bulM moit o( (hecars I-' made In thU country. They know what The thrill-filled last moments of John Dllllnger's hectic career are sketched here, on an actual picture of the scene, as the outlaw went to his death by federal bullets. (U Dlilinger Isavcs film theater, followed by iwo women. With a pterclng look, he passes Melvin furvl3 (2), Department of Justice investigator, waiting in front of an adjacent beer tavern to spring the trap; then (3) the women believed to have led the outlaw to tils doom fall Ixick. and flee (4) as the cordon closes In on the quarry. (5) Bullets thud tnto the body of the gangster and he plunges dying into the alley. Automobile Sales Co. Cor. Main & Fltih (Successors lo .1. C. Appleby Mitor Co.) Rtudebaker, Hudson, Terraplane ami Willys cars. KELVINATOR Electric Refrigeration O«t our prices and terms before you buy any electric refrigerator. irs country. They know what HC;PS Into them... and what thtlr owners can cfpect lo get out of Ihm.'i why Detroit's 3 to 1 preference me-an-i something to car buyer* In evtry city In America, It Is powerful tvldenc» o< the value th«ie wl» buyers Jcnmi' Is built IJoto thli car. The truth Is, that the. mote Mlh frfcarf tors you look at, the more Ford V-8 featur*i you'll see, The only V-8 eniioc. In » car under )25M .., lorrjiie-tub« drlf€ ... Improved ctear-?hlon ventilation... dual down>tfratt carburctlon ,,, safely Sliv, and stttl w«titd bodl« ... Piit (hk new Ford V-J to yoar own tests, under your own cor>dltl«di, Th«n you'll know why the men who bulU motor carl choose It. AUTHORIZED »O«0 DEAtiKS CORD RADIO PElOCkAM- MO Uf, r.O.».0!!«O!i Easy ltrtn\ ikroagk Llnf ernatCrtJil Ct.—lklAu- tlicriirJFcrjflfmtrP/an £UN"D4.r tVZNIVrC-CDLUMllA SEIWORV Before You Buy Any Car S<e and Drive the SMART FORD V-8 "America's Fastest Selling Car" Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Deakr

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