Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 16, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1942
Page 2
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&SBJJ Women's PAILY-HCT8, THUiaailiAY. JOT.Y M, 1942 es :. Personal and Social MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR , ,- JULY DRESSES \\ri "•• ; iNow $6,90 •"••'•••• 1XOW $7.90 Now $9.90 .100 2 PC. SUIT DRESSES ' $9.98 TO $:i.0.98 SUMMER COATS " Ui<! 100% wool coat that goes over $10.90 SUMMER SPORTSWEAR .sl.WKsriTS 8KIKTS In Sl'Jl'S i\f)\V $7.110 Now- S Now S, 1 . wore to $r».no worn (o $8.1)8 CULOTTES were $10.98"! Now $.3.90 ,No\v i}!5.{)0 U.I, SAI.KS FINAL Now ?2.!)0 Now $7J)0 1S ? 0 RXCflANORS fl^J 164 BANK ST Supper Party Qn Sixth Birthday Mr, nnd^iMns. Harry Anderson of balcm street"entertained:'at a.'birthday ^uppric party recently in honor 01 I'holr daughter; Patricia, 'who was six years .old,: Games 'were Played and tho following -"jjfctlo guosts were present; Elaine Lunrlm, Karen Carlson, .Sandra Witherwax, Aornui Sti-ackpole, Martha Lundhi Barbara, Patricia .and 'Meryl Ancler- ci r\ i-w • *' • Alembic Ass'n. To Hold Dinner Dance A semi-formal dinner,«e; sponsored by 'the. Alembic Association of ••tiro N-auffatubk .Ghonilcal Company? >vill be i|ieJ t d at- the H'ptel : Eito,n 'frf Snturdiky Evening; July ' ' .18. William .Fernandez ^ Js-<, of -the oo m mil-lee 1 , In son. ANNOUNCE KIR TH OF Mrs;'Gimrles .ilotcli.kjss- of, MIllVlllo, i'onrtor, residents or .Beacon Kails, announce l)ie birth o'T a (laughter born this morning aj;Uhe Waterbury Jiospital. Mrs,- Hotohklss was the former' Miss Ulolon iVlon- clich of Nrtugatiiok;; " ' ,v; ; mmWN TO NEW'JERSEY Mr. and Mrs. .l^lwa'rd Nixonvand Jr. J'osoph- Ban-ell of MapJowood, N. J., have returned to their'homes Her spending the past week:/.as guests of Mr. and Mrs; Harry '"'of 7 Walnut street. ' ,';'.• >. QP I. MEETING -TONIGHT There will be a special ^ . o f a r~ rango m en ts f-o r t'ho af faYr7.' r a n d .}} $ will be assisted by Lo v ri'y-B:rup6"anc the .Misses-1 GKKJC WoQclfJeid . anc iMary Hales, . .-. ,. •Music for .-dancing will'-be -fur- .nf'Shecl. by Joseph and Ms orohestra.. A oh token dinner \vil be,served and.a delightful 'evening is anticipated; -by those, attend, • •".•.-.•-... bounteous feed prepared and served by a,commlM,pc consisting of John ,Magonc, Al'Fusco and Jim Fleming. /> i , VISITED IN MERMEN •Frank Ford of- Highland avenue and, his daughter, MM] i cent, were recent visitors i : n Merideh. P. F. C. Harry Receives r - --"f««"i-».**i»iwiwtwi| J "j i* - U A vonnedy circle, D. of I., at 8 o'clock •his evening jn Hibernian hail-to- -ake action on -the -death of Mrs, Mary, J. Kitzgerald; Qthcr business ol Importance will be discussed ,ancl all members arc /requested to --be present. , ." IMPORTANT MEETING U. R.-W; A, f A regular meeting of the United Rubber Workers of America will- be held F i- i day evening, J u ly .17, at 7:30 in L J n d o n ' Pa rk hall. A l !•' m e m b o rs are urged .to be present, as mat- tors of importance will be discussed. HETUHNS TO WASHINGTON •Congressman ,)osc<ph K. TaJbot who .has been visiting -his family on Walnut terrace, -has rct'urhecl to Washington, D. C., to resume his duties in Congress. First Class Private 'Harry Fager ' who received his dipToma: 'from the 1 Mechanic Mates school/' u. S; marines, class A; In Jacksonville; Flu,,- on July 11 is now stationed in TEA TOMORROW A silver,tea for the benefit of the Ladies' Aid. society of the Salem Lutheran church will be held to- .morrow afternoon at the honie of Mrs. Victor Olson of 71 May 'avenue. Everyone interested is welcome to attend. PATIENT ,'IN* HOSPITAL . Frank Waterhouse of Pl-casanl ayohuc is a patient at St. Mary's hospital, Water!)ury, where he underwent an operation Wednesday. Hearty Breakfast Provides Energy San Diego, Gal. ENLISTS IN NAVY ' : ' ' '' '• . 'Raymond' 1 E-. Farmer of 69 Highland .avenue-;ha« enlisted in the U. S. Navy, according 'to ; ah ann.-ouncc- hient from' 1 i.ho Navy 'recruiting iTeadqu-antcrs 'In Now Haven. ' ; . VISITING RELATIVES •Mr. and Mrs. Edward''M. Balton of Central avenue are'visiting'rela- tives in Albany, N. Y, \; ;• p ENTERTAINING GUESTS Mr.-mid Mrs. Leslie Howard ' o Breakfast ^hoqld be a real meal for. .everyone who has a busy day ahead, and that includes all of us,, ithese days. If, we- are to do our work .efficiently.:, our-bodies must have substantial !fare, food which "stands' by, us 1 ," prov-id/ng energy and building and repairing muscle tissue. . ' , The breakfast menu of a cup o coffee and' the morning paper 'has. suddenly gone-out bf-style, and tho if'you" wish ' lo prepare a ...... amount easily. To pan-broil bacon, place it in 'a cold frying-pan an>l cook over Low heat, • without cov- ,erjng it, lint!) lit is done, Turn'tho slices "Often 1 to: insure even ; Booking. , Pour off Hie-' tot as H accumulates in WIG pan. For little link sausages, or country slyle sausage, place in a fi'y- ing pan and add two tablespoons'of water.. Cover and cook until the watet ih as cvapomied. Then remove the cover, : increase the heiit and -brown the links. It isn't necessary to prick the links if they are cooked slowly In Mite way. > SUGARLESS DROP COOK IKS 2 1-2 cups sifted flour • 3 teaspoons baking powder 1-4 teaspoon salt 2-3 cup -margarine i 1-4 cups Jroney 1 egg, well beaten / 1 1-2 teaspoons vai>illa Sift v together flour, baking powder -and salt. Cream margarine, add loncy slowly aiideream until fluffy. Stir in well-beaten egg and vanJIln. Add sifted dry Ingredients, a little at «a time, blending well after each addition, prop by teaspoonfuls on lightly greased cookie sheet and bakd in a moderately -hot oven (425 degrees F.) for 12 lo .15 minutes. Makes about 4 dozen cookirs, COMFORTABLY AIR^ONDITIONKD July Clearance DRASTIC STORE-WIDE REDUCTIONS COTTONS -Regularly $3,98 to $8.98 $2-98 Dresses Print, Nnvy&l^vstcls Keg-. $8.98 to $14.98 $3.00 $5.00 $6-00 •• ^•^••w w » w*> ^^^r^r 2-PIECE Suits KILLED II Y' AUTO Quincy, July i6— (U P)~ A ^^M^H^H^HmnFU^^f^n^^f^^^nf^^fn^^^^^^^^^f^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^n^B^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ^^~—~ ••" " ' *' ^^^^^^^^^f-^^^^^^^^^^BB^Bfm^nui^^nn^^nBBFEii^BB^ff^n^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^n^^^^^^^^^^R fOR VICTORY, MAKE EVERY PAYDAY BOND DAY! Park 'avenue are entertaining Mr a n d M rs. Ma r o 1 f 1 H-o wn rd' a-ri d cia u.g-)i - tor, Joann, of Troy,' N. Y, '• ' AT WILDEMERE IIEACII Mrs, Tilromas Duffy of.. Meadow street, Mrs. .John Callahan,- of Seymour, Miss Ann Ford of'Highland avenue, and Mrs. .tames -aviurston oi High street were recent visitors at I/he Thurston cottage at Wildemere beach, -Milford.' . s: APPOINTED CAPTAIN Pr. • Josop-liTI?. Barrett ,of Maplewood, -N. j., a formei^i'esfdent of Naugatuck, and nephew of 'Wii- "•• .-, j old-fashioned''fare like broiled-Jiam alion I Silusa se -and waffles, bacon nnc J eggs 'has Tegained its popularity J says 'Inez S. Willson, borne e'co- .nomi-st, '.•--•' For the homcmaker, th>is mean a little extra work, bul H need not be diff.icut, for thers-are MEATS—FISH—GROCERIES —FRUITS ANDVtGETAB?ES END VALUES •CHOICE HEAVY STEER BEEF- LEAN SHOULDER ROASTS ib29c Rolled CHUCK ROASTS^leib 39c CHOPPED STEAK LEAN RIB BEEF Fresh Ground GOU)KN WKST MII.K-FIOU FOWL Ail Fresh Ice-Packed CHICKENS # Ib Avg for Iloastinif * Ib Avg for Broiling For Boiling "Honey" Brand Smoked -HAMS^ Ready-to-Serve Whole or String Half 1'iam F. Barretit of Barjium oourt •has-been appointed a .captain- in the U,. S. Modicaj .corps .and is at present -awaiting^ mi assignment. SPECIAL MEETING" j A special meeting of the Ladies' ' auxiliary ,to Naugatuck division of.' WIG A-.-O. H., will he held in Hibernian hair tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock to make arrangements for ' attending the funeral of Mrs. James • Fitzgeraki, All members are urgent- :quickly, cooked meats which can •ad'd greatly. |,o the food value of breakfast, ., H.^ ( Bacon, ,ham, Canadian style, bacon, little .link sausages and-country- style -sausage are among "tho most 'popular breakfast; meats, and •to this list can be added other meats which can be quickly cooked, such as .taetif '.patties, lamb .patties and lamb chops. .-•••• : It i^-'we-irw'ort'h while to learn how to cook .these breakfast meats properly. Then you won't sizzle away part of their food/value by improper cooking methods. .. Baooh..should be pan-broiled, If you are .cooking ,a small n mount, or It. can be cooked'in the ovnn four-year-old boy has been killed Jn" Quincy's first highway fatality hi 144 days. John J. Kolson junior was struck by an automobile .while crossing a street near his home and was dead on arrival at. a hospital. According to police, the operator was Joseph Giordan, 20 of Quincy He was not held; MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thifl Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Mrtjr iuffer«ni relieve nagflng b^cktche quickly, once they dUoover that the real oaiwe **™l i ^F 0 ""^ m *y *» tired kidneye. The kldnejTi are Nnture'e chief way of tak- IM the exoen Reids and waste out of the blood. They helpmoet people pam aboutS pint* a day. When disorder of kidney function perm its poiaonoui matter to remain in your blood, it way cau*a nagping backache, rheumatio naina, leg painj f low of pep and energy, getting up nighta, ewcUinJi, puffioeae under tho cyce, headaohee and dicuneee. Frequent or ecanty pawacee with emarting and burning •ometimea ahow» there ia aomething wronjr with your kidneya or bladder. Don't wait! Aak your druagUt for Doan'n Pilla, uaed Bucoeesfully by million* for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help tha 15 nuloa of kidney tubee flush out poisonour waste from your Wood, Get Doau'e Pilla. /• •Seersucker, Olmm- bi-ay, Bntclier ljuio Formerly $,'198 to $8-98 $2-98 » •—^^•r^*^rrw^r*r^** SUMMER Suits $5.08 ^-^ 5 ^PEiNa^^^ S * j. * ^JUMts Formerly $16.98 lo $22.50 Linen & Shantun Formerly $1^,98 to $22,98 $10-98 $13.98 Coats ++•+++•+•+++•*!+++++* r Con is and Filled w******- $12-00 All Pnstel ,Sliado,s. .l^onnorly $19,98 to $lk5Q $12-98 Ib ib41 FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Genuine 1942 Spring LAMB LEGS Tender Selected Ib «ECEIVES "NEWS" IN NAVY Charles R. .Hughos, of : Naugatuck, a member of the United States navy in a letter to The Daily News today, expressed his -thanks to 'the Polish Gentra] committee for . sending the paper to -him. The seaman writes: 'T receive The News often, no matter where I am." HAND DINNER ENJOYED .. The annual lobster 'dinner for the members' of the Naugatuck Community band was held last Sunday at thn Raytkwich farm on Millville aVenue. A numbdr of musicians from the former- Cheshire band attended the dinner and greatly enjoyed the GET BACK OF THE BOYS IN THE FRONT jBuy Your Defense Stamps Here. Buy Bonds— NOW! ANOTHER GOOD DEED — WRITE LETTERS CLEARANCE! BEACHWEAR Slack — Slack Suit* Play Suits — Swim Suit* Shorts — Jumpers Culottes — Overalls 30% OFF • - ••--*. •• . --—--— — —•^•-»--w-w--w-w-w»- •^••^•^•-^ w W V VVVw VICTORY SPE€IAL" WRITING PAPER ;: 100 Single Sheets /TA ^ or 60 Double Sheets; ; | 50 Envelojies V /;?*' 50 Envelopes | ; They^^iting'to Hear From YOU! To Get a Letlei^—Write a Letter CHARGE OR BUDGET ACCOUNTS SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONEItY STORE NATIONAL / Q 2 Sowtk '* ^^^"^^^^^ ', * oun ONLY STOIUS - \v\: IIAVK NO Freestone Peaches Fancy Quality Carolina Beauties 4 >S L T?" No. V/2 Tin Large Size 20c SUNKIST LEMONS .doz. 29c JW1HO IIONEYDEW MELONS each 29c KKD KiPE TOMATOES .2 Ibs. 19c CAMP, ICEimRG ( LETTUCE... .2 lg. heads 25c jN'ATIVE WINCH CELEJRY .lg. bch. lOe CAMK SUNKIST ORANGES 216 7 s. . . .doz. 35c : =:: - ' GRQCERY DEPT. r Kcmpy'Snn-Kaycrt" m 13 ox c*r>^ Grandma's TOMATO JUICE 4 T i na '28C MOLASSES ^ncy Columbia rtivcr Chinook ' ' DurkcelMowcrs BUMBLE-BEE SALMON ^; « 3fte MARSiHMALLOW FLUFF SSSmf jmcE" .?£-' ^c nffi. MILK 3 srsc 3 - 2 4c 'ea, \ C || OW Ky 0 or HcU Kidney - L|rc Tin M m- Gerbcr's Oats & A, »Pf^ 8 *M BEANS Br ^^T n <**»* i&C .PRY CEREAL ^pkrs.^7C im R L lollr ' L*c C*M~ Black Ground Nllsbury's Sno-Shten ^^|C DURKEE'S PEPPER er's Gerb ~ CHOl' JUNIOR FOODS Gerber's STKAINEt) — BAB.Y FOODS Beordsley's —'i'jJRElPABED — MUSTARD V'»'-' '(.»' '• '•', .'•:' -.', 2 lOc ^ii j.»" I / •;.. V™ S&JNSWEET — MEDIUM — "Tenderized" PRUNES HELP OU« AMERICAN HEItOE. Buy War Stamps Lincoln «l WEST WAIN ST. Uncle Sam's calls must come first/ ^v ~V ••/ ' v^»* ^^ y» v •.•-i A^*.*.^ %-V ." .P1II£PARE.- F0« SUCCESS in liusin'osfi or Civil Survioo POST COLLEGE OF COMMERCE CENTRAL AVENUE We have just the di-css you need for'sports or forinol 'DORIS ]| Uncle Sqm is busy these days ~ busy win- ning a war, And when speed counts most, Uncle Sam reaches for the telephone. His calls •- '. :v.V:'V: • -V^ .;'•-•'- » • ' . /nwsf come!first. Communications of the armed i . * forces and war industries must not be slowed down by traffic jams, New telephone wire lines would take care" of these wartime traffic jams. But telephone ../ wires are made of copper, and so are shell cases. Shell cases come first. i -, •-,-' So Uncle Sam is asking for help from every telephone user. We know you are eager and willing to do your part j in • speeding up America's march to Victory. It will help a lot Jf you will always keep these thoughts in mind; -1 t , s ^ > •• .4 -vV^\f sSV •&ff^m ft 1 ^ »*^ k?« ;^^ ^ 0*5 -v > '<}•'< ^ :¥>-• M>l ^ vX- ^ ,^< ^ ^ s"-" .^ *V?: ^§ €^--^^^:;^ i^^H vM f <. * '<• ^ ^ \JtyJ •"•« r s x^4{ •,>;* s: s^ ! Js^ XV I M ', T O . » T ARGO GLOSS STARCJH STAR WATER "MIRACXE OF WASH DAY" ^INDEX WASHES WIDOWS WITHOUT WATEH: SEDA TISSUE ••HOSPITAL-CREATED" SEDA TOWELS FOR THE KITCHEN SEDA PAPER NAPKINS GOTHAM TISSUE 80FT -ABSORBENT 2 '-'-i----Lb PkfSi •(Contents GUI, Jug plNINKH •t[ r Assoi'ted.c'olorjs -i O Btls. Rolls loo Rolls 17c 19c CRCDIT JEWELERS 162 South Moln S». —* 4-2206 m JiS OSE OF TELEPHONE » m* -* M STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLACE f »^_ - ___^^_ STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR 7 '•"P r ei , <,„ \ THI SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND v * - ->« TilEPHONE ... • • < i «4>*»V COMPANT •>«.

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