The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 2
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PAGI rvro BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, ,1984 oj Net£s Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Evcretl 15. Gee and son, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips and children and R. F. Kkshner left today for Frankfort, Midi., where they will visit. Mrs. Harry W. mines and son, Harry, rretmncd yesterday from Lincoln!and Hustings, Neb., vrlicrc they :vis!tcd relatives for two nnd * hall rireeks. Mrs. P. Spencer,, of Oklahoma City, Is the guest of her daughter Mrs. A. Rosenthal, lor an extended visit. Miss Helen Marie Kirkpalrlck, of Memphis, is the houscguest of Mr and. Mrs. Pat O'Bryanl for I wo weeks. She was accompanied over Sunday by her parents/ Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sullivan. .;;.• Adolph Craflon. who was Inker to Uie Memphis Baptist hospital >. yesterday nflcr having been stricken seriously ill, is now/:in a Critical condition. His brothers, Jin and Rupert, accompanied him mid other members nf his ;'farhlly --also at his bedside. ' ' •" Tom Martin allcndecVto business In Memphis yesterday. Mrs. Sam Thomas and daughters, Kathleen and Beverly, wen In Memphis yeslcvriny. Dr. I'aul U Tipton returned ti Senath-Monday nflcr spending thi weekend at home. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Monachal and daughter, Barbara, spent yes terday in Memphis. Mrs. J. Mell Brooks and Mrs Charles Alford spent yesterday In Memphis. Mrs.' Tom Harrison and soi Billy, of Eldon, Iowa, are guest ol Mrs. Harrison's parents, Mi »nd Mrs. O. N. Snycler. Miss Ruth Lindsay, Miss Elizabeth Edwards ami Mrs. L. G. Thompson siwnt Thursday In Jonesboro. Miss Kale .Corner, of Nashville, Tenn., Is visiting her sister. Mrs. .C. Robsrts, ou Franklin St. Mrs. H . .O. Partlow, who re' eently underwent an operation at fxlhe' Memphis Methodist hospital, • was brought home Monday, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. H. E. Neblett. who has oe3n with her, and Mr. Per flow, who motored vdo_wn lor them; . », Mrs. Max-fc.'-Reid.-'who has Been ill at the Blythevllle hospital lor almost three weeks, is better. L. E. Haines spent yesterday in Hayti Society-Personal White House "Princess" Seeks Divorce from Curtis Dall ACVvte DISMISSED FCOM A Miur-'.-2r ACADEMY rod HJTTIAJG "H'E pjJiJjCipAL. WTtie EYE, BUI \NAS GCAOCMTl'D FROM THE M6XT &CHOOI- DiK) WTHCXir A siH&i-s. Memphis. Dr. and Mis. M. O. TJsrey returned last night from two weeks *pent at Ludlngton, Mich. Mrs. Everett B. Gee and Mrs. Jimmie Fossick spent Monday in Memphis. ~ . Mrs. W. M. Burns is in Memphis with her daughter, Mrs. David Barton of Wilson, who will undergo an operation at the Baptist hospital. Mr. Burns and daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Wood, will go down tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Smith, ol Stuttgart, and Billy Lee, of C!nr enden, returned home today aftc having been guests of Mr. am Mrs. Renkert Wctenkamp. Misses Sue Butt and Belly Me Cutchen, James Terry, Billy Lc of Clarenden and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Smith of Stuttgart, homc- guesls of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hcnkcrl Wetenkamp. attended the danre at the Ciaridge roof in Memphis last night. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. RCA?, late of Dallas, TeAs, Arrived last night, to rnake their home here lor several months. Mr. Rose, who Is associated with the Trlnityfnrm Construction Co., and Mrs. Ro;e resided here for some time last year. It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FRANKLIN' D. ROOSEVELT Enlist the Teacher's Aid Mrs. Jce Jalice, wlio is taking n business course in Memphis, speni the week-entl here visiting her parents. Judge nnd Mrs. J. K, Duu- cnn, nnd her son. Wendell Hull, who is working ii St. Louis, silent the week-end hc-i visiting with Ins jmrents, Mt. am Mrs. licit Hull. Mr. and Mis. C. 1'. Howard and diuifihlcr, Mrs. Muscliell Hum- va ami children, were here Sunday levelling. Mrs. Ilamra vlsllcd will! Miss Edim Khourle. Miss Audrey oill, spent the weekend In Braggadocio, as the [; of Miss' Nornm Holt. Misses 1'auline and Helc-n Hanira of Carulhersvillc were the gucsls of Ihelr aunl, Mrs. Wolf KliQiirlc. and daughters. Misses Edna am Anna Mni. Sunday afternoon. Miss Annu M'.xl returned home will) (hem. reluming Monday. Charles Rclgnr Duncan, who h:is been attending HID University "I Tenncssco at Memphis, nrriuti Sunday for a few weeks visit wilh Ins parents. Judge and Mrs. J. K. Duncan. C'lunles Kiigur lias be:n vorklni; In (he City duv- ng the siimm'.i. Elmer Wilb.mU, Jr.. of SI. f.oiu'i. who h>is been liere for the pust mouth visiting with llo:lney nrasli- i?r mid olhc]- rclalivr-s :uid Irlend- rclutnod home Sunday morniiu: risa Vcrnlcc Stimuli ciilertain- ed her girls Sunday school class with a picnic near New Madrid Thursday afterncon. Mrs. H. E. Raybuck cnlcrttiinvd three tables of contract brhl-;e players at her home Friday. I HE'' rcore pri?e was awarded Mrs. Rn,>- nle Grcemvell. Low score went to Mrs. J. W. Ray and Mrs. S. B. Nations cut -consolation. Along with Uiis appreciation and love of nature will eo a valuable lesson In; conservation. They will Je« spor(smci\ constarit- ly'iake life.' and do hot, preserve the greater world and an under slandinK of Rood citizenship and what mpbnslbllllics toward • the commyiJty and th: Country mean I 'would also like to put in a Left lo right: Curtis, "5ii.tic", "Bu:Kic" and Anna Roosevelt shown in recent informal photographs. Demonstration Club News Notes .he young, families of birds ai:d j)i ea nut parents, when children rcasls. whole species become ?x-i c ome home'with weird and wild tincl and 'sport vanishes. |tales of what terrible things have II one cuts down all the trees [ been done to them in school, will uround because one enjoys the at Isasl give the teachers the exercise, one will te without shacb, I benefit of the dt^'t and'go and uik the situation over with th?m before they tell the children that cliey feel £ure thsy have been unjustly treated. There are often times when parents need to interpret their children to teacher, but there ere times occasionally when teachers can find faults or gocd qualities -which may not show up at home. Therefore, I would beg all parents, before they mal:u any rash staicment-3 lo the children, to go and talk things over with the teachers. Tlie health of children should of course, be carefully guarded bolh In school nnd at home. Tlicfe arc Ihe years when bad and if such opcralions are cs- tensivi? enough the wowr supply be dried up unless wherever a tree, is cut another is planted. Germany and l-'rance and England havo learned their lesson in conservation nnd where one sees u hillside denuded of large Irces one Invariably finds It replanled with new ones, and though Englishmen lovo their sport Ihcy take great care to observe tti3 lfrv> laid down for the preservation of animal and bird life. All llR'sa les-soiB c;iu be tieJ up wtlh the child's uiulcr.staiiilisij of patriotism mid love of country. One does not destroy what nature- jves us to love and conserve. When n man loves his country lie dors not launch into a Ekron Demonstration . club met in its new kitchen laat Thursday. A kitchen shower was given Monday and many useful articles vye're received. The ladles of this community have canned about 2,000 cans. An Ice cream suppsr will b« given at Eiiron Saturday nisht, July 28, for the benefit of the kitchen. Games will be played, songs sung and a good time Is promised to all. which is going lo destroy thousands of young men if I here is any ,vay in which tint war can fctr prevented. Goori citizenship can be taught n so many ways to these children in sclicol. H is the duly of parents atui tcnchei:; lo see th:u- into a child's conpricusne.>s gradually grow these intercuts of nabii.s may il is Enost ho formed and whci Important Hint goo<i Iced, a sufficient amount of ircsli :iir, exercise ":uid sleep should be tuildnig up strong constitutions to meet the life, work of the years lo come. The Editor's Letter Boi Horse Gin Cheaper [To the editor:! When the old horse gin with its one little stand, fed by hand, was in vogue in the south, cotton was ginned for n 15th part of Ihe r/:cd cotton, or as prices were tbcn, about S2.50 per bale. Dall Auna Dall and Her Children Part of Roosevelt Household No 0119 fan blame Tulsa, Okla., folks-tot ofderingiiles' wteifcsr they need It or not after this glimpse of I.aura Colston on her rounds. A't 17 she's a full- tleilsed "iceman," driving her father's truck and helping In delivery. ' She's barely five feet tali nnd licr ivelglit Is less than twice llitu of ttio 60-rjouuii chunk slio'i carrying. Into the HTiltn HOULC—and tin: puHic eye—Irenes indc- lir.nrlent-tliinking. typically American Anna Roosfcvclt Dall. The recent months of her yonn^ life are described below in the li'-l at three articles writlcr for the Courier News, ISV MARY MAKGAKET McBKIDU NEA Service Sian" Writer When the Koosevelt's went tu live at the White House, Anna Roosevelt Uall aiu'l her two children became sn Important part, M Use household. Mrs. Roosevelt fitted up the nursery on the third floor lor Slstie and Buzeie and when she showed early visitors over the place, pointed out a room across the hall from her own ; Anna's. Curtis D°!l attended the Inau- gur^tion with his family but after triat w»« seldom seen''at the White House. He did go to Washington for his daughter's first birthday party there and occasionally a note about "the president's son- in-iaw" appeared in the newspa- p°i-s. But friends accepted thi fact that a separation had taken j place and any doubt on trn sub ' icct was completely dissolved when • the mcst rece'ni issuj of the Soda i Kejister gave Ahn-a's address Washington and her husband's a Another ol her family duties was helping witn her mother's enormous corre.'pon- 'encc. Many of (he Inter:; in Mrs. Roosevelt's files bear Mrs. Dall's initials, indicating thai she is read and answered thorn. Nor itid the only Rc-jMvelt laughter luck work of her own 'n (he past year she has written wo bcoks for children and numerous magazine articles. For awhile she even conducted an inform; department in one magazine, discussing everything' from child- training to politics. Her articles speak with great frankness of n the White House and she has told intimate details about her father and mother. She has also talked over the radio for commercial concerns. * * * . Alice vs. Anr.a sell—we all remember the buy bale movement—didginning come i Tarrytown down? No, but steadily rose, and President's Confidant all through deflation and depres-] Anna soon settled into her old sion prices for ginning have stead- routine as daughter of the house ily mounted. In the fall of '32, when and her "Pop's" confidant and NKX'l': Study Ycur riiilclrcii. (Ciipyngh!, IQ33. by Anna Eleanor Hoosrvelt: ilistrlbutcc! by United Ftsilure Syudtcatc. luc.l Calumet News Mrs. c. P. Hall, who:.lias beet, ill for several weeks, ii' improving. Carl Gatcwood and family -have moved to this vicinity. C. W. Richardson entertained the young people at a parly Sal- i urday nighl. ! Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gaincs spent Saturday. night with" their grandfather, G. A. Hall. There were 14 car loads of berry pickers here last week. The berry crop has been good this season. Manila Society — Personal week-end in Dell as the guest o! , Mri> ,, r , uv f our Ml .- ' Mr and Mrs. Hob Ncal. ci*,. r,ordc.n Rogers, of Halls, Miss Anne Hoitl .arrived Sunday Tomv Mr nm| Mts o „ Rogcvs ! of Uyersburg, Tcnn., mid Mr. and No. 8 and Vicinity -1 Miss Anita Cowan SIH.-III (he Recce News The Home VttmnnM ration club niiM Monday afternoon at the lioir.e of Mrs. E. H. Caldwell. Phns were made to can coin Ihls week. Work has ucgun on the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Dunn had s.s Ua-ir guests Sivmlay Mv. cvnrt cotton! (un-mnk'cr. They always laugh' ouchcd 5c, ginning was the high- a gcod deal together, those two— esl. Gnncrs were laking all the cnc amusing liltle habit of hers seed antl asking $2 extra for gin- j retained from childhood is to whls- nlng. i per secrets lo him to make him Now what? Tlie cotton crop is 1 <:mile It required nbout lour men nnd cul (o 10 millinn bales. Tlierc is! ,\ nnn rcS | ImP d her fri°ndlv corn- two boy drivers to run this grn'onry nh average of 66(5 bales for 1 resumed her Irl.ndlj com nnd four bales a day was a good! ihe gins lo gin. So these ginnors ginlng. Under that system tour^f, ( 0 lnc government with a plea bnles rost Ihe farmers 510. Under,'£ 0 r a raise in price until their idle our present system, four bales cost i gins , v ill pay a profit. They have (lUei Ilicm alioul $28, or an increnw of nskeil thai this raise of the pricej ovl ZS^r in price of ginning. So much I on " " for our modem gins in the hands: of good business men. Tlie old way four men and two coys made a charge against Hie fanner of S10. The new way the same labor makes a charge against the farmer of S2S.. To what is this increase due? When the modern gin dfcplaced the farm horse gin monopoly Eel None of these things had ever before been done by a presidents daughter and some citizens were a little shocked at first. But most of them have come to like Anna and her ways. For she's as exciting and amusing as the other Roosevelt daughter, Princess Alice. More so, maybe. Alice, of course, put on an excellent show and the American public enjoyed her. But it could not hope to copy her, except perhaps in the color and cut of her dress. Pretty "Princess Anna", on 'the oiher hand, acts much as any other young American woman would liXe lo act, given her opportunities. She Ls a good mother and absolutely sincere in tier avowed-wish to keep the children from ratting the idea that they are important. nto the house, then as':ed end the White Hous? T.oor- Why do iwople look at lib?" ' The dcorman told her thai u was because her grandlailicr u, President ol the United Stows. Sis- tie ran to find her mother, screaming in great tatisfnction: "1 know now why (Koplr: Icok at us. It's 'cause Pops is President of the United States." "Well," said her mother, in a casual tons that made little of the whole business, "he won't be president in a few years and 'thc-n you'll lie standing on the sidewalk etching somebody else go into the While House!" Mrs. Dall recognize; that it wise for lier children, rjnee they are io much in (he public eye. to be well guarded, but she* has kept them from thinking tlMt guards are there as any special attention to (Hem. They re-, gard stale Iroopers and secret service men as jusl nice jolly friends who happen to be artuincl a lot. : Democratic in Manner Mrs. Dall is the sorl ol youns woman who chooses a tabl? to sit on Cs'en when there are plenty of chairs. She Is as imself- conscious a.-! she Is Informal: Whf-n she thinks about it, though, she actually tries to make herself inconspicuous in order not to attract attention. Only ner methods are usually so sptctacu- ar thai people only look at her.- She had even hoped that need never realize [hat they ttieir adored Pops was Presidenl of ths panionship, too, wilh her mother, j United Slates. Not long ago. she The two often rode together in had Slstie and Bir/yic out in her the farmer be made law, in and lite price began to rise. In 151-1 when cotton wouldn't - Rock Creek Park in the early morning, and the dr.i'ghtcr substi- for her parent nt teas nnd on more formal occasions. Anna is excellent at making par- through a code. Mr. Farmer, how h ics go cmi s[ajd state a tIalrSi Is thru for a fair deal in the new s i, e hns a e , cefl] , Mishl ;„ go i rt deal? But thanks to our covern-; b , aki am | lln ir orll , s that she Ee=ms ment. they were refused this gnar- !lblc lo comm ,,niratc to those .„....„ ...„„. anicecl price. So Hie pinners, like' ilrolmi | hcri m j klng cvrn officials swer and they drove a spoiled child, kick out and re- • ••- ! ........ t battered automobile — left to her own devices, she drives a secondhand tlivver aC as high speed a; Ihe law allows. The parly drew up before a shop and a curious crowd gathered to stare. Sistie raid, "Mother, they're all looking at us. Why are they?' Mrs. Dall gave some oil-hand an- Like bad little boys they just fuse to sign any code whatever, won't divide with little brother at all and go off i Hex Dakcr, Ulylhcvillc, Ark. A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM less stiff. he more. There was the cla-sic time, icr- nstance, that, needing to speak',J o'her mother on a matter of im- lortance, she appeared on her mads and knees from round a creen at Mrs. Roosevelt's sidi during a conference the latter was Holding with a group of wcmsn n the upper hall of the Whits House. The conferees were first amazed and then amused, but Anna never even thought that she was being unconventional. It is this unstudied quality which makes her movements sa interesting to watch. It is ons reason why Washington will be xvaiting eagerly in the months to come to sec what Anna Roosevelt Dall docs next. CARI> OF THANKS We arc very grateful to everyone who wns so kind to us in our bereavement, the death of Robert L. Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. R. 'l,. Fisher anil family. DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Served Daily BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE Prices Reasonable duties as leachcr in the Manila | rchool. Mrs. Jack Uurton, S'much Improved after a recoil illness. I M Mrs. Barney Thcrkeld was 111! t the lirsl of the week. She is much j improved. i Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Moore ! Mrs. clarence Woodard nnd family, nf Steelc. Mo. i Mi.w Geneva Skelton sixint Sal- Crops in this section are burn- „ tag up. Gardens have been de- ^ l s ^'^ '» I'=i'a S oulrl stroycd, except for butter beans',,^^ ""™««' the funeral and tomatoes. Grapes and other | U ;V.. n ' 1 ! M , rs ' Ta!lc >" s ta by. I 4r,,n? ! Ekl'01l w. A. Manchan and family, of of Manila, were guests Sunday of ,Owcn Doss. . . Jruit are drying on vines and tree.-. , Ml5 - 5 Carolyn Haley of Ulyllic- 1 Mrs Mnndaima Clay Is visiting Number Eight ball team defeat- "'; c camc Su " do >' . to " Sll[ "? ""i 011 Ultlc Ki «r. ' ' ' ed the Netherlands :eam, 13 to Sunday on Number Dght diamond. Mr. ancl Mrs. W. I. Mallons arc spending "a few days with relatives and tricnfis near Murray, Ky. ; Hubert Baldridge and Isaac Dal!, of Black Rock, Ark, were guests In the home of W. (1 Clark a few days last week. Misses Ruth and Ruby Tucker of .Cooler were guests of Misses Claudlnc and Bell OlCane Sunday. I Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jeffries and I Mr.'and Mrs. Will Jeffries, of near Hamilton, Ala., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. lee Clifton and Marl Jeffries over the ireek end. Mr. Jeffries rnt ' daughtej, Geraldino, accompanied them on their rctuni to Alabama. ! Mra.' Em mi Bhcplaf of Gosnell, Ark., Is a guest In the home o{ her stater, urs. Phillip Laser. . a5 lcacllcr '" lhc Manllri school. Mrs. Max Lang went to Memphis Sunday "'°ht to spend n few days wilh (-.CIK'- iililliiii :-rhA' c.''.!. c'-ion di.-.iliiil" ">Ji. and ^lrs. W. Y. Cor.ts and family visited friends nnd relatives in Covlngton. Tenn.. Sunday. . '. Curlis Hasllp. of Alabama, has returned lo be employed in Manila. • >' cxt Sun- jii.'.\ i will be Helen Ailiabrnnuei was elected leader al the mcclln? of the Ekrou young [joople Sunri day ' night' Truly M. the leader. Rny-.nuiiu Piigs nnd family vis- Itol at llurdcttc Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoggarcl me the parents of a son. bom Fri-1 day. July 20. HEY YOU KIDS All day Thursday, the twenty-sixth, Freeman and Charley will {five with each POMELO sold A BIG BALLOON Either a Cat Head, Three Little Pigs or Big Bad Wolf If Balloons Give Out You'll Get a "Rain Check" Hospital Notes Admiiled: Mrs, J. W. \\'htslle. city. 11 DlsniLssed: Mrs. Jessie Klan- nljjnn, Manila; Mrs. Annie Pornell, Steel L'. Tennyson took 17 years to write his lamo'js pccm, "In Memorlam." Don't Forget Caudili's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 FIT SPRAY AND POWDER r«€«OU$i THAT fUT SPRAYS KIRBY'S POMELO The Best Drink in Hot Weather That You Kvcr Tasted IT COSTS SO LITTLE-IT DOES SO MUCH

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