The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on July 7, 1920 · Page 5
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 5

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1920
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1920 BISMARCK DAILY' TRIBUN1 STOCK JUDGING TEAM SELECTED Three Bovs Will Compete Contest for County at Fargo State Fair in TEAM IS BEING COACHED Burieigh county will be represents 1 by a stock.judging team at the state fair at Kargo. July 16. Those chosen are Iceland Perkins. Lester Kalken stein and Herbert St. Peters with Bert Hedstrom as alternate. The boys won the right to go to tho state fair by winning the county stock judging contest held last Friday at Erickstm's and Noon's (anus in Grass Lake township. Six boys took part in the contest and the competition was very keen. Three boys representing Canfleld were Herbert St. Pe ters, Grant Undsey and Henry Swanson, and the team from Still WAS composed of Bert Hedstrom, Leland Perkins and lister Falkenstein. The latter team was highest in total number of points. ·Highest honors goes to Leland Perkins whose score was nearly perfect. I-ester Falkenstein was second aal '·Herbert St. Peters third. · Team Being-Coached John de Young, 'formerly of the Agricultural college and a member of several college stock judging teams acted as Judges in the final contest. The team is being coached and trained by County Agent Gustafson who*, wjll accompany them to tha _ _ state fair.. The local boys will meet I taining adjustments" tn Emmons county team. After this | The luncheon will be held under the contest Mr. Custafson will groom the | auspices of the tariff committee of team in the finer points of stock Jndg-1 Ihe Bismarck Commercial club Ing in preparation for the state contest where IS to 22 teams will compete for honors. Commercial Club Aids The Bismarck Commercial club 'SLUGGER RUTH SLIGHTLY HURT IN AUTO SPILL Philadelphia, Pa., July 7.--"Babe" Ruth, champion home-run hitter of the New York American league base ball team, was slightly injured In an automobile accident near Wfewa, Pa , today. The New York team played In Washington and Ruth, hia wife and three other New York players wero motoring to X«w York,.. Their team was not scheduled To play. Kuth was at the wheel of his touring. In rounding a sharp curve tho car overturned. TARIFF BUREAU PROPOSED FOR N. DRIPPERS Minot Commercial Club Secretary to Talk to Local Business Men Friday Will B. Halbein. secretary of the ainot Association of Commerce, will speak at a special luncheon of Bismarck shippers and retailers on the advisability of a North Dakota tariff association at a special luncheon to be leld Friday noon at 12:15 p. m. at the "rand Pacific hotel. Mr. Halbein has visited commercial organizations in »\few other cities explaining the benefit such an organization would bring to business generally. Such a bureau would be charged with protection' of shipper* against iseriminatibn in freight rates and ob- CAMPING SITE PREPARED FOR TRAILTOHRISTS Commercial Club Committee Completes Arrangements for Land East of City Bismarck Is to offer a camping site for the benefit of tourists who are passing through the city on the Red Trail highway. The camping site, broached at a meeting of the Commercial club a few weeks ago, will be located east of the city on a strip of land owned 6y the state, between the Northern Pa cific and Soo railroad lines, near the penitentiary. The committee of the Commercla club charged with obtaining the camp site was composed of Charles Ander son. Phil Meyers and P. H. Riebold who obtained permission to establish the camping site from the state board of administration. The ground is located directly ad joining the Red Trail, markers will be put up at the camp informing tsurlsts that they are invited to use it, anc signs informing them of the site alsc will be placed at other places, in anc near the city. The site will be ready in a few days and will offer thev tourists facilities necessary for a camping site. An out' door stove will be placed there. Thousands of tourists will pass through the city this year on the Red Trait Cool in the Hottest Weather E THE NEW 1-1 L T 1 N G E The most daring deed in the history of motion pictures is only one of the great thrills in the amazing production makes it possible for the Burieigh, team to go to Fargo by providing the necessary funds for the trip. Kentucky had a Gretna Green where couples were married in 'defiance of parental wishes. COMMERCE CLUB RAISES $7,000 The Bismarck Commercial club has passed the $7,000 mark in its budget canvass The canvass has been delayed because of absence from the city of many club members, and the full amount of $10.000 is expected to be subscribed soon. WAS A LUCKY DAY FOR THIS ST. PAUL WOMAN Mrs. (Jummings Was Nervous, Depressed aad Hardly Able to Eat When She Began Taking Tanlac--Feels Fine Now "If any one had told roe there win a medicine In the world that would do me the good Tanlac hag I would not have believed them, and don t feel- that I would be doing right not to tell others what it has clono for me," said Mrs. William A. CummingB, 1033 Edmond aventle, St. Paul: Minn. different medicines and getting no benefit from any of them I was very much discouraged and had just about lost faith in all medicines. . ''As I had seen so much praise of Tanlac, however. I decided to give it a trial, and It certainly was a lucky day for me, for my condition began t j Improve right away. So far I have only taken three bottles, but 1 now have a splendid appetite, eat just anything I want and everything agree.-, with m* perfectly. (My nerves are hi good condition, I sleep welt-and have gained several pounds In weight. !· fact, the Improvement in my health has been so great all my friends are "For the past year I had suffered ! telling me how well 1 look. I don't ' believe, there Is another medicine in the world that will begin to compare! with, Tanlac. and I would gladly pay five dollars for it if I couldn't get it any cheaper, for after what It has done for me J think It would be cheap at that price." Tanlac is sold In 'Bismarck by Jon. Breslow, In Driscoll by N. D. and J H. Barrette, In Wing by H. P. Homan. and in -Strausburg, by Straus terribly from Indigestion and was n a badly run-down condition when 1 started taking Tanlac. My appetite was very poor and I could not digest even the lightest kind of food. I suffered a great deal with nervous headache* and at time* had terribly dizzy spells. I was nervous and weak, fell depressed all the time and could gel tout little sleep. I had lost considerable weight land felt tired and worn out all the lime. After trying many COLORED CHURCH PROVES AID TO COMMUNITY LIFE Little Organization Has Remarkable Growth in Three Years and Plans Extension The community church on the south side of the city for colored people has made wonderful progress in the lastj three years and those in charge of the churcVs work hope to broaden ita scope of matches 1'XiabllsUed us a lime community " - Super-sensational special 'THE DARE DEVIL" It starts with a sensation. It ends with a bigger one. A fight opens the action. A victory ends it. Men and horses repeatedly defy death in scenes of actual danger and wonderful daring. EVA NOVAK, 17, BLONDE BEAUTY, IS DARING RIDER Eva Novak, the young and pretty blonde who appears as Alice Spencer in Tom Mix's latest Fox Film Corporation thriller "The Dare-devil," at the El- tmge Theatre tonight is a young lady of 17 years, who has a bright future on the screen. Her ability to meet every situation is conspicuous, no matter whether it fre the feats of daring which she is called upon by the director-au- tnor-star,. Tom Mix, to perform, or the tense moments of the photoplay when shd must use thp restraint that the scene requires. Miss Novak is always at ease. None of her- work is forced. She is a splendid foil for the athletic hero. Her unfailing nerve in the scene where sh6 is required to throw herself from a train running at the rate x of 30 miles an hour into the arms of a cowboy star, who is galloping alongside of it on his horse', won for this little lady of the West new distinction and a ' world of praise. Tonight Tonight B I S M A THEATRE K I HARLIE HAPLIN --in-"The Count" Viola Vale "COMMON SENSE" worshipping place it is now an organ izefl church doing excellent work among the 75 colored resident!) of the city. · Rev D E Beasley IB director of the church's activities, having been appointed state missionary for North Dakota, and his coworkers are Charles Wright, George Coleman and S. C. Thompson. They hopp to h a v p In the town a church which will have great Influence upon the c o m m u n i t y among the people -for whom the church Is a center of worship. "It will bring about a better understanding of tho moral, social and Industrial conditions of the race." said one of the leailpTH today. "This ought to be a great objective of every church Institution. Stopforcl Brooke said. "The .church has too much- lh^--fashion to dlvldp he Soviet communique of Tuesday.' received by wireless today. In capturing Rovno the Bolshevik! took 1,000 prisoners, two armored trains, two tanks, two guns and-a train with locomotives. CANVASS VOTE OFBURLEIGH YET THIS WEEK State's Attorney Ed Allen Re- r CITY NEWS Enters Hospital John Ucinhart of this city, was admitted to the St. Alexius hospital yesterday. The executive civil service spends j The fastest trip across the Atlan- more than J200.000.0QO a year in tic was made by the Maurctania in salaries. | 1910, in 4 days, 10 hours, 48 minutes. New Citizen A baby boy was born to Mrs. John Rowers at the Bismarck hospital this morning. Leaves Hospital A. J Arnot who has neon confined in the Bismarck hospital returned home this morning. ported to be Preparing to Charge Frauds , Called Howe ' Mrs flobert Murray, of Kmundson. f'anada, has come to Bismarck because of the serious illness of her father. T. J. Woodmansee, on Fifth street. The primary voi- in nurieich conn ty will be canvassed beginning tomorrow or Friday by the county canvassing boarjl. County Auditor T B Flaherty .sal'l today tttat he would probably call the board In session on one of these days dependent upon fhV linii- TnV c m m i f cnmmtaHioners. -who are now In session, finish their work. Returns In 'Burieigh ( o u n t y still arp incomplete In t h e Herond and fifth wards and two outlying piprlncu because thp results wpro KPH|R| l«i the ballot boxes! and cannot be opened n n i i l the oarwRBslriK board meet Tour Park Mrs. S. F. HollingHworth. and son. David, left this morning for a tour through Ypllowstono park Tlipy will ston m Billings. M o n t , to visit olc friends. Leave for Mr and Mrs L MfBrltio will leave tonight for Valley City, wliere t h o j will fop joined by their daughter Ha/ei and I h p three will spend two or thre weeks in Minnesota. t Thp New Patients following out or town State's Attorney Ed Alien, who wa-, | mlcrod St. Alexius burg Drug CO. --advt. LOOK Just Arrived LOOK The INTERNATIONAL FOUR ot Minneapolis Will Give a Bio COMMUNITY DANCE At K. C. HALL TONIGHT _ July 7,1920 Dancing Starts 9 o'clock Sharp COMB ONE COME ALL Bring Your Friends jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiu the service of God from the work o the world, to call on men to leave of to follow Christ as If Christ raefcnt when he called Peter and Matthew away for special work, that no one should remain to do t he-needful works could follow htm. By this mistake oi a particular call by special men to a particular work for a Universal cal for all men, the fatal division was made of sacred and profane work. The true lessons of his teachings was thai all work was given to man by God and was to be done divinely with love and faith and Joy." IRISH FREEDOM BRANCH FORMED IN BISMARCK Dr. V. J. LaRose is Named Head of Branch of National Organization Bismarck today has a new organl zatlon, the General Phil Sheridan branch of the Friends of Irish Free dom. The post was formed at a meeting which was held last night in the courthouse, under the direction ot J. F. Raftery. who is organizing posts in North Dakota. Tfic object of the Frte»4*««fc Iri Freedom is to further the interest of i he Irish republican, which Irish citl zena have declared is established with Eamonn De Valera as president. Officers were chosen as follows: president^ J. D. Enjoy the comfort and satisfaction this hot weather of cooking with a Duplex Fireless Cooker The Duplex Fireless Cooker is scientifically con- atftictcdt in eaay to operate and eooka food thoroughly. It retains all the natural flavor of the food and makes it S more nourishing and more easily digested. $19.50 $31.00 'Otoe compartment--7 _qL siac*-_..-.... One compartment--9 qt. size Two compartment--14 qt. size Sold by Lomas Hardware Co. g I Healow. vice-president; D. J. Galvln. recording secretary; T. E. Flaherty,recording secretary; Miss Emma Mr- Garvey. corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. D. Healow. treasurer; P. J. Cahlll. orator; H. M. Hanson, guard; P. E. Byrne, director of organization; Carl W. Paulson, director of publicity; F. J. Sheehan and P. 3. McCormlck, trustees The organization will hold regular meetings in the future. TWOULYNCHED1_ _ IN TEXAS CITY Paris. Tex . July 7.--Paris Is quiet today and danger of race strife reports of which caused armed volunteers to patrol the streets last night after Irving and Herman Arthur, ne- had been buniuil at Uli appeared to have passed: The patrols have been withdrawn and conditions are apparently normal Thp negroes were accused of killing J. H. HodRpR, wui -fain »OB, WlUiam, will* »t th letter's farm Stm-rray iliii'luy a'fllsmup over money alleged to be due them from_ nejfro tenants BOLSHEVIK ARMY TAKES FORTRESS the N-onpartlsan league candidate It the primary am) who was defeated will 1 trv to kick up a muss as 11 re suit of thn local election, it is said -He plans to Institute ptDtrpdlnv with \\1rn. Ijemke, also a uiridldalr inr the primary, and appointod to vestigalp alleged election frauds !y Gov. Frazler, charging abuse of t h i absent voters' ballots In n n r l e l R l rounty Managers of the anti-Town ley campaign are not worried at the Allen move. GAS COMPANY RATE-PETITION -JMEMEARING The 'petition of the Bismarck Gas company for dp-Increase In KB a rates wan held before the board of railroad commissioners today. C. F. Dupuls presiding. - ' The Gas company was represented by Frank E. Ploy bar. of Valley City president of the company, and G. B. Hawley. manager. The company had been granted an Increase in rates for one year, to June 1, 1S20. Representing that the pres ent Gas company rate is not sufficient to realize the return allowed by tho railroad commissioners to utilities, the company petitioned for the increase The company asked for an increase In rates. REPORTS HEARD OF NEW REVOLT BY MEXICANS I'HRS, Tex., .Tul.v. 7 --Reports hat tWP!VP bridges had been burned n Mc\K-o soutlfTbf Moiilclova Monclova Rave rise here today to rumors that a new revolution had broken out -in ,thc southern republic. Arolo.ho Is said to head the nevf £ov- ernmenf. FRENCH GOLFER July 7--Waiter ~ ~ day Mrs peopl hospital yostnr Miss Mautle Roland or Ueulal Wm rtiirkhardt of Union. Phfl lips Rentier of Richardton. Kreto Kn vik of McKenzle, Mrs Jacob RotschJl ler of Mandan, and Mrs. G. Laske t-i Arena. Return From Visit Mrs H. F O'Hare and three children havo returned from a visit at Garrison with Dr. R. H. Ray and wife and~Mr and Mrs. Alpe Miller Mr. O'Hare stopped In. Wadhburn to attend the opening of district court, being held by Judge Nuessle. City Commission Meet* Only routln matters were taken up i!y the city commission at Its regular meeting last night Following the com mission pesxlon the members sat as a board of equalization to hear complaints of inequalities in ussesments Only one man appeared to protest. Dance At Club There wilt be a dancing party ,il the Country club this evening given 'In honoi of the guests of the clu.i who are in.aHPndanee at the State Golf tournanrent. Dancing will commence at 9 o'clock All Hlsmarck members of the club are urged to DO present. v · v _._ .____ Ladle*' Aid Mrs. Oust Olson, and Mrs. Thpodoro Larson. M Mandan. will entertain the Ladies' Aid society of the Swedish Lutheran church, at the home of the latter, 223 8th Ave. S. \V. tomorrow afternoon. Those desiring to attend msv leave on No. 7 at 2:55 and return on No. A LOTS LOTS liots of lots; .all kinds of lots; ill prices of lots; and all sizes 5f ots, and the best and the,cheap- est.building lots in the city. Ntaw s the time to buy a lot and build home. .J am offering 2 lota xlo^-feet each in Sturgis ad- ditiotf all for $95; 1 lot with a rontage of 81 ft. on the Lincoln Park and 117 ft. deep. A bar- ·ain at 8550; 3 of the best lots n East Riverview at $375, T;gch r re rtrfootrri Lafitte. his French rival, n thf pla\-"ff of their t i p The Sewing Circle Ladies are laving an old fashioned Barn Dame at Haasa's Farm, Wed- 'rontage of 50 ft. on the car me, and 140 ft. deep; east front; , ... shade trees; improvements in rhGJand paid foT~ Price $1050. One- third cash. Dozens of other Tots ' at price and terms to suit. Trust me for real estate bargains. 09 per cent of our buyers are delighted and The Secret of Superlative Tire The whole question of a super-tire is a matter of principles. For there is nothing exclusive in the industry. No patents, no secret formulas prevent a conscientious maker from building the best. But cost and competition modify ideals. THe Brunswick idea is to pay perfection's price and get it. That has been the Brunswick policy since 1845. -AndJt accounts for the growing preference for Brunswick Tires. Motorists expect the utmost from a tire bearing the name Brunswick -- and get it. You, too, will be convinced by your first Brunswick, that . here is an extraordinary tire, and that more money cannot a better. Better tires of their type are impossible--or better tube*. That we guarantee. Try ONE Brunswick.--learn how it excels. THE BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER CO. MiBBMpolU HMdqu.rtc^: 426-28-30 Third St. Sooth Sold On An Unlimited Mileage Guarantee Basis * DISTRIBUTORS Corwin Motor Company BISMARCK, N. D. __, Buy Brunswick Tires Prom Hebron Motor Co., Hebron, X. O, Ackerman Sales Co,, Wihhck. N. I). Equity Motor Co., Hcrreul, S. U. O. !·. Bryant. Napoleon, X. D. Driscoll Imp. Co. llnscoll, X. D. .Ic-hn H o f f m a n , Ashley. X. D. -Mrrtr Kt. Kobmson Bros. OarrUon, N. I. Emmons County Motor Co., Strat,- burjr, X. I). Adam A.Torstcr, Richardton, N. D. Kllmg Hplmcr, Tayler, N. D. Berrmjrer Auto Supply Co . .._, u »v evening, London, July 7 - Thp fortress of ouj "Trail MB Rorno onp of thp famous triangular 5^ :£ Iu fortress** In Oolhvnta ha* fallen intnj"arm, tnen SOUU1 Bolshevik h a n d s it is announced In west '/z mile. . Julv 7. Take to"- the Freed 1 mile and J. H. Holihan Phone ~\~) 1st door east of Post Office Solen Motor Co.. Snlcn, N'. D. Rodpers Bros. Blisi, McKcnzie, X. D. Wtllinmsport Motor Co., Hazelton, x, n, ·Oufli.'W J V 5 «ih I F'-Mfrtnr fa., T,rnt'rr, X D. F H. H e i t k a m p T i m m e r , N T . D. .1. B. I iclr! Zap V I) Anders Sr r r r ^ t , \ \ t r n e r N*. I). DoRemec Bros Rr;i)lock, X. 0 Flee k Motor Sale- Co Mandan. N' D. J. A. H o l k o ^ i k . Carson, Ditt'i- B'-n- Ktffin, X ! II B Motor f o.. Mott, X. D. Chii'- M i l k r , Raleitrh X. D. -T. K. Keating, Loith, N. D. frctf Hart ·rhrfttdayr N. f. \ \ ( i n l i M n t o r Co., "Hnxon X. D. o F F h d t f i f t Dunn Center N' P k n K k i i Ros« Golden Valley, 1) Pi h ^i \ ( hr -tonsen Stocker. ft i l t o n , X. E^ _ZZ= Ho'.an More. ( ) Wa«hburn, X. D. fcWSPAPLR ·IWSPAPERI

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