Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 16, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1942
Page 1
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u. s. sdniERS IN AUSTRALIA HUNT SOUVENIRS v ,U JLi X JLD. -Tho J1UVO Melbourne, -July 1(5—(u p) boys or tho.AKP In Australia post office olTlolulH groggy, The American hunt souvenirs almost a« grimly as they hunt tho •/tips. And they koup tho post off loo on tho hop mailing Tiomo ploocs of Jap planuH, bows ami arrows, boom- onangN, .spears, eliib.s and other tro- phloH. PaokagCH arn limited .to a weight of JO pounds, But, na the tired post office men point out, a spoar la a pretty tough Horn to handle In thb mail oven Jt' It. doesn't •weigh much, Tho boys also collect other trophies—for;- .instance, ' letf,6rs 1'i'om Australian girls'. A< tremendous flood of letters flows 'to tho camps i'rom the big South Australian cities. But while most,of tho boys collect spears and letters,, one soldier pursues a more practical 1 hobby, The doughboy Js lucky at cards and dice. Ho collects dollars. It .Is said that ho sends homo by money order about 1500 dollars every month. Mil -, JK €JOV, HURLEY AT CAMP Hartford, July 16—(U 1 P)- i Govor- ,nor Jlurley Is «out Mi-Is afterriobri for u review, of mikitary pQlloe units at Gamp Hurley, Is'iantlo. Tho oani'p was na-mccl after -the 'gover- jior. Let's Get Behind the Men Behind the Guns! On Oalui . (Oh-Ah-IIoq) Island, jn Hawaii, July 10— (UP)— America's pineapple army has made good. Trip 1500 Negroes \vlio make up the outfit' conic 'mostly I'rom New York's Harlem,' And .they're jiist as 1 efficient bohlnd a/ gun as' they are in IHo caric or pineapple .fields, Already they, 'are bxjiort shots. As one of their, oiTicors says: "Yeah, man, they can shoot. And I don't moan dice." , These Negro anti-alrcraftmcn formerly ".'wore a National Guard, regiment/ They are commanded by a well-known Nagro attorney, Col, OHaunoey M. Hooper, a votet-ah, or the last war. They are.'men of every sort, in- oltiding several former members of Duke Ellington's and Cab Galloway's swing bands.- • But they're lighting men now. 'They have dug their emplacements In the red dirt of the island near tho vital center of Hawaii, tho Pearl Harbor iiaval base. And they are eager to defend i.t. BEACON FAILS fflWKE BLASTING IS BEING DONE IN BEACON FALLS Sharp Curve on Highway to Be Eliminated; .Will molish Small Bridge, JEWISH VETERANS ilVEAPLAflETtf AIR FORCES WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, JULY 16,1941 Come on, America! Our Army and Navy can beat the life out of the Axis! Victory is in the bag.. . IF we all back up our fighting men with fighting dollars, The Bond you get today may help to buy another big gun for Uncle Sam's Navy ... or a hand grenade for General MacArthur's men, FURNITURE STORES /(By- United Press) German High Command admits for first tlmo sinoo start of Russian campaign that the Soviets had launched oolintor-attacks. Japanese Cabinet resigns. - ; U. S. Army Commands ^reshuffled. Gen. Maximo 'Wcygand appointee! Gov. Gen. of Algeria by Marshal Henri PhiWppe Potain. OBITUARY Funeral of Loo Hnnlon Tho funeral of Loo Hanlon, of 24 Anderson street, Union City, who died Tuesday night, will bo hold •omorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock 'rom iho MoCanthy funeral home, 21 Codqr street to St. Mary's church vhoro a rcciuicm high Mass will bo olobrfttod at P o'bloelc. Interment vlll bo in St. James 1 cemetery;' Friends may call at tho funeral omo until tho time of tho funeral. Beacon Falls, i/Juh 1 able blasting of rock ledges :Jn ; con jiiTKition .with 'thp .road wideniji v project of tho -Beacon Falls-Nau gatuck liigh-way * has 'been gb'ln'g : on the past two days,- 'and from 1 pros ent -Indications bhdre will be more evidence of explosions ;'-ih<j nex-t--fe\\ •days. During Uhe past tAvO'\vo : .}ks workmen .have been^'drilling holes on top >and -on l/he^ide of. the huge retaining wall ori tho' main thoroughfare just north of Ohurch .and Mainstrce-t, in preparation of 'blast- Jrig Jt away to cut off a sharp c u r vo at th i s >p o in t.' Th e .huge ' re- tainlng -wall; over'which bhe'trol- ley Une .once passed Is ejected-to bo destroyed- today., Precautions have bean taken by the 1 'oon1,r>ac- tor so tha-t 'houses nearhy-will not bo damaged by the expJosi'ohs. •',H was stated: -thai, the traffic \vill be -h eld up : as 1 i t tie a«*: pbsslbl o ' throughout tho day;-' How'ever^Mt was stated 1 that on n ox t Monday-'It is planned t : o demolish tlio- small bridge-which crosses the •highway a short distance fr-om <the old state police barracks on-Mad-ir .street and thai; traffic will not'.bc alldwed'to travel over .(.ho ' ' at this -point. Wolfe avenue, and down-.16 M-ain stroot-at the traffic light, will be thp course of rc-routlng while the' bridge Is being demolished- arid rebuilt,. This small ibridgc, which n-arrows Hie road considewhly: at this pojnt, has .boon' the•• sooner of many automobile acc'idents;'•••' iiv/i, 'LIU .Uiiu^VUU LU : main' t/hphoughf^re Tho United 'States army forces now. have a plane 'that cost them nothing, according- Jo a statcmeiit issued today by the National Office of \,h& Jewish -War "Veterans of the TJnite'd' $tatos, 27G Firth avenue, Now Yoi* city. In ^impressive ceremonies, the Jewish War Votoratis of the United States 'and 1 Ladies 1 auxiliary -paid' '$50,000 io the Bell Aircraft Cor- pora'tion^of vBulfalo^N. Y., as the purqhk'so price of an Air Gobra pur- 'suit plane, ':'. vvhicli \vas then- pre- .sentecl'td'Lt.GoI. \Villiam t., Kimball of bh'o' -U; ! >S. Army Air Forces, representing the' U; S. army. • The plane, which was purchased on -July >10th, was n anted Star of David, and bears an .engraved plate which reads '"Presented -by Jewish War -Veterans-.of. the .United' States arid Ladles''auxiliary July .10th d9/i2, Benja'hlijii 1 jKaufm'an,; National Gom- iTancior. 1 '- In turning, oyer the plane -o, 'the ,Unjted : States army, Boha m 1 n •,' Ka u f m an, Na t i o n a 1 Go mman- cler "of'the ; Jfewish> War Veterans .of he.U.vSlv'an'd holder of,the Gongres- ibnal-Medal,; of Hoiior said . "It plane)vJiois, '-Jjeen riame'd Star of 3avld' because David, -in-'a'ddltion 1/o )elng :ono of tho foremost hum ante' arians/.among ,t)iQ ancient 'Hebrews; 'as..alsoi. 6no,"o'f the,'.greatest, llglit- ;ers; of '.all : his tory,: Day id; of tlie ;ahyle!n/tfH6brews, the'refore, syml)bl-. ;izes' the young 'men of the American services' Avho are- doing battle for 'the; riglit of ordinary men to live'./own lives in peace and Becur- ,'ily. 1 . Arme'd' with; this aim and Svith such \veapdns d's this plane, there ; can be no doubt of ultimate victory I army, congratulated Conjmandcr 1 Kaufman ami the Jewish. War Vot- orans for their patriotism and sail "1 know 1 that your drive for six planes will he successful aiid thai the four additional Air Cobras will soon be in active^ service.' 1 The 'first plane pros'eri'ted by tho •Jewisli War Veterans of Hie U. S. was purchased on April 24th. Since then, the organization has raised m'bre than #60,000 of which $50,000 was used to purchase the plane Star of David. The pursuit piano Star oi\David was one of a series oj six- such planes which the Jewish War Veterans of the U. S. had pledged to purchase for the U. S. Army Air Corps. After • the brief ceremonies at an unnamed airport oh the Niagara frontier, Lt.: ;.Col. Klmball. flew, the ship avyay so thaA It could .assume its army activities Immediately. >, _ :ParticlpatIng:. in the ceremonies Were L'awrence Boll, president of of the Bell Aircraft Corporation, -Ben- ..jamih KaUfman, Natlb^al Comman;der of the Jewish Wkr Veterans b >he United States,' Miriam G. Hoff •man; National President' of ~ th-c Ladies -• Auxiliary of the Je\yisl War Veterans of. the U. 'S., Lt. Gol Wm. L. Kimbaii of^thc -UriJted States Army ,Air Forces, and Rev. Josepl L; Fink of the Tem'ple : !3eth Zion of Buffalo who announced the benediction on the plane; •»>'•»' ^WAKiDEiy STARS One»Half Price Sale of 1 WASH SUITS and Sizes 12, 13, 15 and 17. Shantung-, Seersucker and Gingham The re r us.and : :bur, allies.'VLt. Col. -Kini-' the I Melbourne,. July 10 ^(OP)—T ; wo American filers h-ave been award• ed si Ivor stars for ga 11 an try i in f i gh t> irig v in tlie ;Australian-.'- 1 'war• xon^. .First Lieutenant. Donald C. MUcholl, of, EvansUm, Illinois, -was decora feed for bravery in oonneotipn with a: mi ss i o n i n wb Jch -h 1 s b o ml) or wa s atta'ck-ed by 20 ffap pianos, Fivpl, Liou'tenant Dean ,P, • Dinimit, whoso h o m e town was no t' given, saved a-number, of Dutch Nationals during a Jap raid on Bi-oome, Australia. :':.,.••'• •'•••'• . . M0 at i/VwVark's HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN • l -^ "^ . , . \ ~^^ ' •' ' * * fe faking! ROOM * BATH from... from $3.85 for Tioo SPECIAL RATES FOR GROUPS Attroctiv. Iwng.i — Iqro,, airy, comfortably fwrnUb«d,roomi and suites—popularly pr | c j Reitaurant and Cocktail Bar—excellent food Centrally located on faihlonabi. 57th Sir*! * l — *~ -ItyVimorHit »hopi...thealrei, broo«j. it'lno «»McHoi and Radio City. Tran t . porfatfon facUW«i of door. Writ, for d«icripHve fold*, 118 WEST 57th $T NEW YORK, N, Y! For Motorists: _G««f« Adjoint 111 W. 56th St, Entrinct 175-185 CHURCH ST., 1760 WATERTOWN AVE, NAUaATUCK (Oakville) Funem! of Odele Socjuonxin Tho funoral of Grocio Sequonzia, 2, of -to High sli'oqt; who died• Tues- xy at tho Watcrbury hospital, vlll bo hold at 8:30 o'clock iomor- ow-morning from Iho Buokmlllor funoral homo, 22' Park placo, to St., Francis' ohuroli whore a solemn high Mass of roqulom will bo celebrated at 9 o'clock. Interment will bo in St. James 1 cemetery. Friends . may' call at tho .funeral home until time of. tho funoral. A\\ OF QUALITY DRESSES In buying' these dresses now you will have plenty of time to wear the^n now and then put away for next year'. A most unusual savings opportunity. Keg. $4,95 & $5.95 ... .SALE $ 3.95 Reg. $5.95 to $7.95 ... .SALE 5,95 Ke #« $8.95 .....SALE 6.95 Keg. $10,95 '..SALE 7.95 Keg. $14.95~$16,95 SALE li.^5 Keg. $19.50 .SALE 14.95 Members, .of American Legion Post u> Will hold 1 Its annu'a'r-oufihg'.ori bunciay 'afternoon .at the 1 sunr'nidi- •home of Dr. Luther Tarbcll L! -in Wooclbridgo. Tho group W'Ul 'leave own about 3 o'clock on Sunday'af- tcrnpoil and Avill parlioipate In a |>ol-luck su-ppor -about 0 <5>cl'ock inoso planning ,on 'attending -and who havo not transportation can communicate wi|;h'. Oommandor Jo- •sla-h Evans, and air^ngomehl&- wJj'{, bo made to acco'mmodate them. v. Wai-dons Criticised '" :" 'Conlobh. Kiernan, • chief air raid wardon, -has expressed his opinion on 10 cooperation of many of tlin Civilian Defense Workers 'of flic co'mmunity who., arc • re'-'lstcrod as' workers and who^for, the 'past t^yo months -hnve shown kbit of inter-' ost in the activities. Thoy have-riG?-- gieclcd tiipir duties <a£ air raid 1 wai^ dens, according to the- c-hicf w<it^ dcn, and failed to keeji their pr-omQ Jse to do all .that is possible-in? home pi-oteot'lon precaution Mr* Kiernan Was i&aJlcd a m'cellriK •'••'& this . - . 7:30 **-**^*s**v*s*sr*> •^*^^**. HELP OUH AjHEIHCAN IIUMOES Buy War ::» SPRING COATS I . and SUITS OFF 20% MANV MOHE TANKS WILL HELP 1 OUR "YANKS" \VA« STAiVIP^ ON SALK AT Lincoln © Store 61 WEST MAIN ST. BREEN'S SPORT SHOP 207 Church Street m fe &$£ ms %& 'fey I P|||rEC|^0|^Vt^|4 <jjfr : •K'K* !•;•:;;•:•:;; ••Jf-'f-' %fl$$$ '&3^ iM 6l «i.,^^' ; '^-"|pi 1 J 1 m m mr^rm- *m : ;; Wfadimf • Jt^^AL^i^ i «-..*,.« m&'iirm I EYES EXAMINED • PUESCRIPTIONS FILLED By A, W. WALKER cd Oplometrist at r '' ' ., ... . 68 Bank St, t at Center ' , . *V. ••• • . •* • M m+**+*m* _.. J"'f'\yi/ ,'l ^ * l\ . WITH THE 6NRDIM ,COUW ? f-Fon .aAtE^ftufljfr _ Open Sftt. Nite NAUGAtlltlK, CT J me* ** [^^•HHte*^.,,... .*£ ^ *V- * i '' r \ • >".,'I "},'*• *-^fj e Naugatuck 87 Church ): f - f ;?

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