The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
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Served by IXe United Press ,LE CDtMER HEWS VOL XXXI—NO. 110 Blytneville Deily N«« BiytheTille Orarte Vklley Leader BlytheviUe Henld THJC DOUDiANT NEW8PAPKR OP NOBTHEABT ARKANSAS AND BOUTHMAffT 1 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JU1,V 25, 1934 HOST TOWN SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OFAU in ftesl Beside Mother LIEJFIE1; Commimication Lines Ai Dnwii and Damage !s . TY-X.. .inly •:•?. iii lliirrirtiii- «hnt.-. I'.uiir-ml H,.'-. coast. line i min to poini" Krsi. .%( pr.i'i : O\onnr,r J.fanv^ ooned. ineiur.t gi . giisrn sUitei'si Sai Amcuiit tii 1 ru.T.Gj? " Eaii., lhi~ n.Miniu? O'Connor .rns.-t jm,i.l "f.i ny.micsli.Tii \\i\t* •.•.•?,Further reports &i:r,in velocity there r.'uiiii ii lainrn. nigh liiles and breakers pounding ifcf r,'.o.=.i it).. a\ lerday KANSAS i Is i CITY, St«U Men Get 30 Year.' For Highway Robbery 8TEEI,E, Mo.—Raymond, Mlclil and .Inhnny Young, both'of Sleek) v.'ere eai'h sentenced lo 30 yenri In the Missouri slate prison fol- owing Ilielr .second ronvrtlon al New Madrid yesterday of (he lilgh-i 1 robbery of Frank Van Home, if fiikcston, last March. Michie and Young were found guilty al their first trial, heM 6 Hew Madrid in .Tune, and wer neural lo ?S years In prlsot but nhlalned a new trial. The robbery occurred net Sleele. Al lhe time Michie; wa at lihpfly under bond nn charg? in connection with lh< e Bank ni Sleele. The McGillicuddys Settle Down ')') Miles Down Mia- Colton- of mi!;-: Mo., -.full" (UP)—Almost (wG-ilimi= United states ir.Jay entered other day of lonurf to exlstHiCc within n blsst fin 1 - hsce. Lilii? ieiief v. : as promised troni . sri unprecedented drouth and -heat «fsve lhal has' csitssii more Iron 513 deaths, coci mihionE, and interfered with the iivr.-. ,-,f '1110111- ands cf Amerinuiis. aii vrithin 3 "M-day period. Yesterday Hoilesl llttt • I Yesterday wns (he hottest'"day nf slimmer, thus far. The previous »/• ;, I n/.ari high mark; of 102, which had been N i!> " "" '•"• rttl •reartl«t,;)*ice this month, \ ce«eed""KhYji the mercury went, to itJl 1 degrfeB. ii^tbe'shade ".yesterday afternoon. Lail night-was "also the notle.H of file summer. The. mini- stepmother in Crown'Hill the sissippi I'Yoiii \vonrl Point Tli<- IhiUy ol MI.S. Dfilrd. 19. «hn drown Polni, Monday iittein nVlo,'k. was; found by ilshprmen, 8 urniiiiil f.slsiid I'd, nvo iih.ivi- A.'J.pnrl rvn-y rrnss- .1 'I nVlfk'l. Mil--: moi'iiUi? IIPII r-slininlcil th.ii the hod) ililitfd fif. mtlp.s down thr Mmgtiret d In tlie 'utiomtood ill Mi'. llr-jni . C ..' 1 ivi''r5. i hy]-.p\ her. 1 iliniilHll! Uimrtui untl .111 l.r- heM n HI !0 n'fliiC ivlth in.' 1 Rev NIP fiev. Mr All Merchants and Biisi- lMn ,, Py „, S(r ,, ]p nr ,|,, lnllng lnlcl . sinn Tomorrow feinplery here. Mrs. Hulrd, Ulile of Jes.' of Ripple, WHS drrm'iiei in tin-effort to revive the Bly-' wntl " 1K '" llifi 1 " iVl ' 1 " ftp '"» >' |lheville Relief Committee's scrip Baird v.U\r. body of .mini, ullllngor will .vest, me^,.,^,^ vWe] , has , wn i ngginq liln/Ml r-ndlni! in srclion -14, lot. !H, Ihe Uillin- ( ludly In recent, weeks, C. A. Cun- hv ihn old-fashioned lomhutone bearlm; ninghain. In charge of the pro- ""' IK^t's promotion, lias called a mass Imeellng of all Blylheville nier- |chants and business men for n a, m. Thursday, In the municipal courtroom. i Th? FERA work division pro- frleiuLs. recover her fill. Iminedluie pfforis to iod\ \\r-ve unsiHTPSs- Diags nnd grappling Irons used Tuesday v.'llhnut snc- , i .Foj'mer .Associrites Feai'- . INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., July 2a ijium temperature . won 18. seven 1 iupi._p 0 iire. vigilance over the degrees higher Ihan it had been funeral "sil* and burial place cf for the past three ntghls ' .1. .Inhn pillinger w;as Increased today ir, nnliclpslion nf the arrival of nlnfMriHiiher.5 of the outlaw's gang. r-The funeral .to he lnlcl til iiS at .Caraifcersvlile OA_HrJTHEHSVn,LE, Mo., July 24.—The. holiest, day ol the year 2 "H." M..'nt. Ihe home" of.his sis wr.s experienced . hr.;-i> .yesterday teri'hirs.-' Audrey Hancock, oi May- \vlien [lie inennometer .registered wood,.'with burial lii'ilie" Cimvn 105 dgree.s In the shade, accord- Hill cemetery- IIPVP. ' .' ng 10 Ham Smith. Tile .previous I flnie of'the funeral service WAS high had been recorded .inly 18, moveil up ou hour nfiev U wr,.s Bhm lhe thermometer reached . reported, that an ' titlem'rt wonl.i lO-l degrees. , . -.l-jtel lie mode to sleal Ihe body, i'. was teo'nipd al the Hancock home. With ths heavy guard of stai? and cilv pohce on liaiul. however, it \vtis considered unlikely iliut nny such daring move would hr made. first 0|,fh Boll oi :: : Season Appears Here The flrsi open boll of what promises lo he an exceptionally cotton spason made it-s appearance at the.Courier N«ws today. '.as grown hy diaries NiehoLs on Ihe p^-i^hl H. Rlflek- f/naa 't^ni 'at rial f "Moori, - Siirl If. o"r v [Jie Jfall anrt'Holf variety. The col Ion; Mr. Nirhol<i Bald, .was .planled April 21, ' While not quile. u"p lo par in Eke. It was Indjihitably a gen- liihp eotlnn boil. '. Mr, fllchols will i-eceive .the Opiirier NW; for a year, free of. charge,. „ litt * canoeist, . ..„ „ . 1:jn P ' M ' Wll. Dl ""'. ""»]" sighted Ihe daily floal- tng down the i-lvpr antl nnllfied members of llu- sciiivlilng parly i inkl Ministers as Hostages While Troops Besiege (jhnncellely nou,Fi)ss DEAD i;s j.'(ltri— 'Hie Anslrbu legatlor ;in'4ounri'd tniiiy tlial Chancillot Euldhctt/Dtillfuu Inii teen kill- fit i in -tcdi'y'6 N'mi niiriiinj ir, Vic5ihi>:'- ' ; - Tlir/ WmoKaecmeiil' was ttol rciiflrrncA by oliitr Eoaicc 1 !. The l.-fatin'ii taid llr, Kurt Si'luisrhnigi hart siiccctdtd noli'-. fuu as rhanreilbr, hVd declined fmlliir IMoVvnslich- VIENNA, 6:M P. M. (hj- Its-, If. TJniten PrpsDl—The tclc- rht.n? tifrralM-o announced (hit alt rcnnnnnlcatlcn. willi for- ''•r. connlik'. hail i:cen sicjiend- ti\. II ^as lepui'led tfffln OUlzu- luililil tiisl Naiis lisa iilicktd Ilir gcniiaiiiierte ami csverci l;.iu unless the community continues to provide funds for the purchase, bt :materlols. Ro far men from relief p,JJ!l!\ t ;rnlk hove been kept at work on s at Collonworal 1'olnt. lie hud al- for the body. Hawley the body near Huffman, 10 miles northeast of here. to flntl Ihe tody were ., unsuccessful (hPre and tv parly of » n>iT ««"hers hurried to Borfl-ld.Point, f projects requiring little islighUy' ln rn exce M ' o r»2,m P Atout S.^f,.S!SiJS Sf?,^ 01 ^' but Young Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Me.Ollllcuddy. ,lr., bacV In Philadelphia after their Canadian lioneymnnn, biiKlly rrnn the .phppis for (A) sn Apartiuenl and (Bi n liiislnrs'i connecllon for thn bridegroom. Mc- Olllli'iiddy Is lhe .son oi Cniinlr Mack; Ills hrlde, the daughter of Senator Mnrrii Sheppurd .of Texas. REPOBT toOLIFDSS liiEED LONDON', July 25 (UP) — . A to the Evening Star to .Undergo Operation Sevenly Boy TouriAts Will Spend Friday:-Night •' in New York Cotton STEW Yonic, July 35 urn _ Cotton closed barely steady. ' open high . loiv close -filly . '12B2--I2BS I25B 1262 Oct i^s ,iai:i ra75 12715 Deo • 1288 130i 1286 MBl-fii KiuS 1320 I Ml May inns 1522 nn8 SpoK closed unchangerl hi steady. 1287 isw rvnriiprn !ras>i HPEUESsj CUTTLE DOltD BT TllfiST, HEIT Lockhar! l''iles Statements for Manila and L.eacli- ville Institutions • rlilch work division men are em iployed. , . - "** and it was announced thai- fnn- - lm J )rovem . er " s on eral services'.would-be lieUT n? soon us Tomorrow'.'; niepling. Judge Cunningham announced! will not IK New Orleans Cofton! HILW nRI.RANK, July 25 tUPi- Cotion prices carved a wide nrc on lhe New Orleans exchange in- .!ny. Fiitures r.pitrtr-d as much ar. 15 lo 10 points, ihpn dropped oil on profit lakli-,.; | 0 ctoe up 2 to 3 r.Mnlr.. Siinilnij l^nt in HIP r,fiitlmr.''.t I.eli wns "the main in- tlii-n.-f In tlio market, offspllln.- ihe efffcl of thp jnif storm whIA prnr,'.i. : fs rain in fonih Text5. "•fpn high lc,vv close •iiiiy ifS3 127:1 12SS 127fi CKI iS7fi i?a.1 1274 127-1 Df f 1147 i an: issi? nm i • Ian ' l-ilfi ma 12fcl 123:1 March inns 131^ uos unit May no[) 1312 1209 Rxi^nw connerted with liqulda- lion of Ihe liank of ^fari— -T/ns =j= «SOD for the three months |ierlj(l rntHne .'i^ne .10, and ^xpeme of limitdating the Bank of I*ach- vllle inn Sir,7 Inr ihe .^ame The usual expense. 01 each hank I', divided into account-; of gen- eiat expense, salaries and legal tees. Olhr-r mtiior fxpenprs are iisl =« Mrs. Baird had lived In this cliy unlll several:years ago: A graduate! of. Ihe Steole. Mo., high school,' simply -In"an effort"! oTriilst'''^^^ i The ^ceased. Is the dauehier cooperation of the entire business of Mr ' nn<1 Mrs ' Jach °zment. Be- community In a plan for k'peplnir' sld?s lwi " l^enln she Is survival ihe scrip prorgam nlive. The meet- by » Mslw. also of •-• • -f !-•;-• o»-« IL. tilt: MJCCl- O i | Ing will be-short, he said.' and If,?.. .today's hem still prevails Coca H| V"'PV»te pollcemon. Colas wll be served. mnr!l '«'. '* '•< J O |. ; Cliiragn Slorkyarrls Slnke Tlu'calens I Thousands . v>. ij.rtMi.ui, .-!|nt;iui CIllOAfiO. .Inly If, run—Tcwn. agenl in charge of llv ly-nve. (hou'.aiiri ii"ad nt caule— | solvent banks and others, filed in Th» rjnarlerly Matenienls of R. O. I/irkliart, al lltniiriaiina c iwo in- I he! chancery court here, show lhal .rj payment nf a IS per cent divl- , ;deml hv llin Bank of Manila was •larved. (lying by hundreds—waiifil titiinljl} in Union SlocLjiirdr today for Milkin; men and t'neir employer.:.i the principal activity during 1urh (ilass at Drunk, Gets Suspended Pine Preil Walker, employe of a Mjln ^Ireet resiaiiranl. was fined rive dollav.-i for assault anil battery by Municipal .fudge a A, Cimrrlns'- lam yesterday aflernoon. The fine wa4 ordered ctispended on good behavior. _Spots elrx=ed sifHily al \?.T.i. un- over wnjps. 'period. II- was the first dividend Thonfjnrts more of t'ns snffFr-|paW hy the bank, whlrli flawed ing aniuiaU \^prf? rlr<imed lo.d?ath | several years sgo. iir.leis HIP MrlkP h retlled wltliin! U gal 'fees lo A. F. Harham p.uti hours. All nver the rrov:deil yanK'n. s. Hudson ran lo J,160 "d'uriiiE they i} 3 »'led and bellowed until the three months, the Bank of thirst, slorvxltrin. and the. torture Manila statement shows and Mr IM-degrrp sun brought death, rjarham received *100 'from Ihe NflW YORK, July ;s (UPi The r.iock mnrkci ro\pr^il If. cent heavy irend icclay atul tip ali?rncon ? K am rliovred tj from fraction'. In three roin! A. T. and T ........ . .. m Anaconda Copper ...... n Hellilehem Steel ..... Ctirysler .... niirs Rr-rvlco ....".'.. C.fncral Tank Oenf-ral Fleclilc . flpiieral Molois ... .. New York Central ... Packard .............. Phillips Pelro!?imi . . Radio Coip .............. St. Louls-san Ptancbcc, Standard of N. ,1. . . Texas Co ..... U. S. Stwl ....... u 3. Smelting ....... men .telegraphed a Leachvilte bank llruildalor during |i!«i 10 Wasliliielon for federal the same periwl. Mr. Lorkhart niiJi'ienllon and strong methods and his to end the strike lli>rils - paid $146.25' for service:, by' p.oc'n'i 9 ""- "e war./onvlcted of build Simultaneously nmro ihan I,- bank during the period. Geneial »g an-exlerlnr s-all (o an Fast "f Us succeeded by Butord Murray, wer; tn S lllp - cl( 5' building code ordln Hold Services Today for Mrs, Estella Stadmilier Mrs. Estella Stadmtller, C7, ulfe of K. Stadmlller, Silceumbed at Si n'etock last night ol the family home. IIS East Vine slrec-t, adfr an'nines 1 ; of mote Ihan iwn years. Funeral services will l>e iield .this afleinoon at 4 o'clock nt [lhe home ivlth Ihe. Rev. S. H Cong Osceola. Is .-to be -the prlnclpa speaker of R program belrig Di 1 ranged which'will- b: h«frd bi;_ lining ill 8 olclock. The bi.ll jork is lo be llghled-and a plat- 'orm erected near Ihe grand stand. A committee of adult mcmbeia s functioning with Miss Mnry Emma Hood, Joe Alexander • and .1. A. Puckelt, scon! leaders, In 'planning Ihe entertainment with bnlli local i;lrl and boy. sconl Irnopi participating. Games will be played teforc the program and there will be a swimming party for. lire hoy scouts. Because Ihe affair is s good will gesture, as well Rs a youth project in which all clllzens should \f interested, the committee In charge of arrangemsnts is urging HIP public lo aitenrl Ihe program. from Vtenri. and EBla- Cinncellcr. c&piareu companion*; hail been Ivlea^en after troops, muclilne (far gaj, hftrt slormcrt ,inrt map- lure:! .the chahrellery from the' VIENNA, ,tuly 25 (OP)— A'usfrlnn azls struck jvilllly at the Doilfii=j dictatorship .in. .a dtamatt.c fut*<:h today In which I Hey' seized th> Qlenda Farrell (above), llm ac- tresi. entered a New Vork hos- Pll&l to UDdergo ao operation fA* 1 Walter *as fined for Ihrou'lnj Salmon, pastor of Ihe Preibyl'r- n glass that struck a man in in; cafe' Saturdaj^ night. The latter R'os fined tlO for being drunk on Ihe same occasion. Evidence sho»> ed thai a dispute srow bMwwi the pair over payment for foo.i and drlnkf. Walker said It «as not the firsl lime the olhpr mall had caawd trouble In the ca'". Buck M?harg, local prodnre wxs fined $15 for tlolal n 1-2 ja n-5 "to 1-" ' 18 1-4 28 3-4 22 a 7-8 id 3-fl I 7-8 4J 3-4 3-8 ISO Chicago Corn Sep open 65 67 7-C 70 high low 87 M 6S clow 66 1-2 67 7-8 £9 1-8 other slorkyardr, employes, expenses for (he Bank of Afnnlla nember; of the llvestocl: and com- during the three month-. p?rlod. in Including such Items as rent, lights, car repairs and gos. amcunl.- ,va- ed! to $202.15. The Dank of lock handlers already out, Ihe Leachvllle's genera) expense oc- •ards would l>e left virtually un- ioi,nt ran lo ilBl.Is. naniu.l. •——— ntsslon men's union, voted Irlkc al n p. M. today. Without them and the Extend Low Pamnger Rates Another Year MTTI.E ROCK, July 25 (UP) RxlenMon of lower passenger fares I itilc Rock Man Slay,, Wife and Another Man MTTT,E ROCK, .Inly .IS (UP)— A second ctmrgp of murder was ril «l here today against Robert . „ for another year was granted all 'Thomas, \vho fatally shot his wife railroads In (he stale loday by and Horace F. Sleele, lalf yester- the stole corporation commission.; day. l Mrs. Thomas died early today I from a bullet wound in the abdomen. Sleele died a few mlmllet after the shooting. Thomas waived preliminary Chicago Wheat «l»n New high low close Sep. 97 7-» 100 1-4 97 1-2 M 1-4 Dec 99 101 98 100 7-8 hearing today and *as bound ovti ,t2ln itreel building that was n6t of fire proof roa'itructlon. .lohnnle rtrnbante, negro, ivosj Hnrdairs Use oi School Funds b Under Attack Blow Over Head Fatal to Aged Negro Farmer J. E. Johnson. 72-year-nld negro, succumbed yesterday to injuries MONTICELLO, Ark., July i'UP>—President Frank Horitall of _. allegedly sustained \vhen he struck over Hie head by a known while farmer, atout t">vo !an church, officiating. Internipnt will r.p made at. Nfaple Drove cemetery. The L. a. Moss Underlak-jihe A. end M. college here eon- (V peks ago. ing company Is in charge of fun-Keyed $14,000 of the school's funds) TI is underwood thai ths negro eral arrangements. . (toi completion o( two dormitories,', wns jitnA tinting an nltercation en The following will serve as psll- S-'tarted on RFC loans. B. C. Smith, bearers: R. W. Scott J. u prrAi-l™llf?e bursar, testified today. the place where lie stayed. Details of Ibe occurrence were not avatl- dence, Roy Walton, ROM Kte\fn\' Ills testimony was given at the;ab!p loday. S F. Vail and R. A. Hale. 'second day of a special hearing | Thp deceased had lived In Ihli!™ a petition seeking removal of; cliy lor many years. Mr. a»dil«o members of Ihe board of trus- j KOOaevell THy'S ViSII Mrs. fitariniUlcr at one lime a delicatessen slore here. • An allorney for 1.000 south Ark- \ j auras citizens contended the board; •'.la?, derelict and neglectful in Its • 'ihillc.s in permuting this transfer IUHJ— icf funds. ' ll °n vli Miss Grace Dllday, student at j'] cwc ] s to Hawaiian Volcano Ocean Mail Contractors fined' $to for'arsai'i'lt"'arid* baUSf^j G*l Notices of Hearing O. Allison, negro, was clearr.ll ,i[ic LUJICUL-, noimm ...ui. u^i.«iw/ of a charge of diFlnrblne lhe pea:?. WASHINGTON, July 25 (UP)—'fees collected were used for pur- mn A J10 deinMt on a charge cf Ac "" e Postmaster C7eneral W. W.'poje.s other Ihon those for which - sec public drunkenness was forfeited' ioVira loila >' mAeT ^ 32 °"in mallitlii-y were asfpssed. HONOLULU, T. II., July ' nc ' br " ?hl he college tcsltncd (hat ** *.«*ti-a^-r '» u-, '""> lo W storic Hilo today for a t ° , . lnr B ea by one man on hts falh.rp lo ap-!'?? 1l ™ c '? r - s l ? p?ar In cmirl lo answer Ihe at the van-'. on October 1.' lo th* fraud. Jury. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Qensrally fair to. night. Thursday partly cloudy to unsettled, probably local showers and-not so warm In extreme north portion. Memphis ontl Vicinlly—Pair aud conllnued v/arm tonight, Tliuilder. showers Thursday a(tftrnoon. The maximum Umiwrature hc.-e yeslnday was 104. rnlnimum 71 cttar.- according to Siinuel P. Nor- routes slmuld net lx> modified or cancelled. ...^ ......... „.. ______ ., lo show cause why tlx- con- ShanU'l S covering their foreign mail Sn&nK * Heannv ! flet(ls neanng K1 , al , Automobiles waited to carry (he . president and his party up rougn of - s»?ar cane to _ I ftltlOfl Meets Denial K1 , al , ea V0 ,, nn0i erab8llded ln lhe Similar orders were sent lo the FINE m.UFF, July 55 (UP) -'Francois Cflty, French " °' mountan four foreign airmail' contractors. Hearings will be continued from October 1 until they are concluded and a report made Circuit Judge T. E. Parham today! ' Pavdimn denied a petition seeking lo force * "'"H" a sanity hearing for Mark H. Shank, slayer of four persons, , UlF.S PARIS. July 25 (UP)— francos order Issued July 11. presUfenl's order directed Post- A« appeal lo the st»t« supreme master General Jtmes A. Farley!court on another petition was ex- tb make a thorough Investigation pectcd today. Attorneys, for the of foreign airmail contracts wd stale, however, insisted that only tonlg"ht. Three-fourths of the artificial flowers made in the United Ststes . rls, official weather obitrvir. ,oc«»n mill contracts nude uhdet ] Governor J. Marlon Futrell could are produwd in New York tht merchant marine «t of 1«S, ttay tlw execution. I v! P- u i- vtfv-vtr. 1 !«';••--vwvf I*** ^ >;-i -? of Chancsllor ferlS'eltmtlollftLiS;ai\5 " ' members of his cabinet. f - Murlml law-was declared arrf the Greets were flUed with troops,, pq- !c^ nnd Helniwelir guards-T.'ilh bayonels and ruachln? gute. '.. .The.' 'Nails, barrKfi'd^d :• In ; the chancellerjv-threatenid violence (9 the prisoners- if they were -at- t«cl>ed.'.' H ^-'aS reported' Vitrto'ai. confirmation that DolifUss and ilaj. Emit Fsy," director of• public'orucr, had . been .wounded. ' RAM Bsirociis' -• About neon' 300 • (il'sulsed • Narjs telzod lhe 1 Heimwehr barracks In the-'seventh dklricl and-equipped themselves \VltTl machine sjuns, rifles and .ammunition. • Police rushed the barrecks" but were too late to arrest all' the raiders. - - • The extent of casualties was not- V.nown but It -ivas -Mtimated -at least 10 were killed In street fighting -and lhe seiiure of the tov 1 eminent radio slatioh by Naiii, who were later driven out. After capturing in? seventh uts- :rtcl barracks ihe Nazis command- - eered motor truelis and went to government offices in the Ball- hausplatz. 'They ;ekea the fv~o guard;, bai> ricadeci the steel dooi'5 of the building, and orrpsted Dolifuss, Fey snrt other minister;-. An official police announcement sstrt the entire cabin:!, was ietzed except, threa iters who were staent, Incluci-! ing Prince Ernst von Starrumbeig. The latter li in Italy. Il «as said Dollfuii and .Fey ivere \i p ounded irhen tiny did _ iw. surrender quickly enough after tha Na<ls entered the cabinet room. An liiioh'icisl dUpatch from Innsbruck said a state cf emergency had been dsciared thsrs ana police anti troops occ'iipiea tKibV'iC btilK-llngs. Dntlng Ihp. coup HflJis ;elz=d-t'ne vvir;!es5 slalion onuldp. ' Vienna. •Tlie lisunlng populacN heard the snnour.cer ssy: "One o'clock, and one minute, 20 seconds." A dramatic fire-minute silence •nsucd, broken only by a ticking signal. ' . . Suddenly the voice declared: "\Ve have to inform you that Ihe Doltfuss cabinet haj resigned nnd Rinlelen (smbaSiador to Italy) has taksn ocar.the govsrnmer.t. •Troops arrived at Uie chancti- !fry shortly before 4 P.. M. It was believed they .mrjrit undertake to storm the buiiair.g. Soldiers begin joining the po- }Ki and Heitt.wahr forces, apparently planning to attack it" and when the imprisons;! cabinet members indicate they prefer storming to su'rrer.iJei'. it .'was not known exactly what members of th.5 cabinet vfete captured. Except for those .members .who wsre already out In the stre«l$, tho United Press staff was marooned in their building, being forbidden to leave without police credentlsU, which were riot ooiMiv able. Government offices could not b4 rtKCbid b;. teitpbone.

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