Naugatuck Daily News from ,  on July 15, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from , · Page 4

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Wednesday, July 15, 1942
Page 4
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lift li m m$. ptfta mh' bnl il".-li m i i i NAUG Wvopy Kvonlng (lOxoept Sunday; by Vys COIU'OHATION aUl North i\f n Si-toot, DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News PAH.Yv.yEW8, WEDNKSPAY. JULY 15, 1942 20 Years Ago HIM) l 'H M, HKNNIOK, Pi'imUlonl and TrouHiiror «AM'H S, PASIIO, Vluo-Proflltloiit- flfAVAW) a, UNaNNHHM), AHslHtnitt 'IVonHUi'nr MIMKIRD JIOU,AND, S^orotary,' fcUJHstJiuPTioN HATUS Payable In Ailvnnoe I month ,,,,, $.75 o months f-UX » month* .,,, $2.20 1 your $0,p<. I \veok-l8o Hy Carrier 1 year— |i>',OU Tho United HI-OHM bay tho oxaluHlvo rljtht lo UHO for ropubllontlon In any form, all IHIWH dlHpntohOH erodltnd to ttilH papoi', It IH H!HO rjxoliiHlvoly on- tUlod lo UHO for itipublhwUon all Uio looal or un- nowH publlahod heroin, VVI'IONKSDAV, ,llf|,V Sludy Hays MM7-JH army. soldier IH better odwmled than railroad declar.eH Up (Irsi. dividend In 7<> yo<ir.s. In *. (',. MAM fluid, HOD of Hri'llMh acllon, poof HELP MAKE IT SUCCESS Anna Hughes of Bradley street was awarded n prlxe In tho amateur contest held in tho Capitol theater, Annonlu, Miss Hughes was in excellent volee and wad-very well received by the large au- dlenoe. Q» • • {J*—* «Q A committee composed of William l\ Barrett, •/.. ('.!. Mahor, Sr., Alfred Ashinoro, Ben Bernandpr and William Maher Mas been appointed to make ar- rangomonts for a clambake to bo; held by Nauga- tuek' lodge, H. P. 0, Elks. - Jy ", 0—O—o i ( , ..The newly elected olTlooru. of Centennial- lodge, No, 100, I. :0. 0. 1<\, will .be Installed as follows; Noblo grand, William T. Sohoflold; vice-grand', Harris Miller; troaHiirer, WIHIam K. Lutx; financial secretary, Hertel; D, Olnon; recording secretary, li, CaryJ Koadley, . , . \. . - . . > ,. After thn longest and most' bitterly fought ooritast for a presidential nomination In the political history of tills country, flo'v. Woodrow Wilson of New .Jersey, was nominated for president by the Democratic national convention on the i\(\\\\ baH'Ot..- o— O—o Carl nnnqtiln of Cliff street Is traveling-with the Buffalo Bill'Wild West show. He Is connected with the'proportion department. ••'.•• wlion Nwigfifcutvk. rotail morcluuiLs, \vlio re- ntly did oomrnondablo work in (ho 'or-Victory" campaign by iricrofjao /,ho sale of War Bonds, \viJi perform auollior •"(M-uFHtWy of thin week, .Dav"'will bo NOTES AND COMMENTS holping t() People time out who worry about air raids might take to be careful when driving automobii'os, Parents who misunderstand have children who tholr misunderstand children usually their- parents, pur- Our tho Af, any tifruV'during '(-ho hours I licit stores aro upon on July .1.7 (hoir orx will ho givou an opportunity to both War Stamps and Bonds, is aro m'jytuf'to eooporat.o with morohants in making tho 'VKotailors-vl^or- Viotory 11 campaign a big snocoss, .10wiry purchaso of War Stamps and Bonds will holp our government to pay tho oxponso of tho war our- nation has boon form! to wago in its own dofonso, No ono will loso any monoy on such purelmsos, liow- ovor, for both Uio stamps and bojuTs aro a good invostrnont, NangHliwk (lirl Scouts will assist, in tho campaign at tho local storos and also /it tho NauKatuck National Hank and iVw.igat.nck Savings Hank <m Friday, As a romindor that a spocial oft'ort will bo mado to soil stamps and bonds, tho churoh bollw will bo rung Friday at noon, No ono^ can say that ho or sho has not boon ^givon an opportunity to participate in this campaign, which is boing conducted in all parts of tho borough, Jf you havo not yot purchased any War Stamps or Bonds, buy some next I'Yiday, If you havo alroadv mado such flood' 'advlco: Pay your debts; then yoii ; \vlll be butter prepared I'or tho future, whatever it pposents. BLUEPRINTS FOR DEMOCRACIES •••• Around ."He Clock By Ilia loimi * v^r Tuesday may not have been the hottest «av w this summer, hut most residents certainly]] ( m G -4 get any warmer. The temperature was over 100 afternoon and the end of the day left most of vm v*< worn-out feeling. . .That's a novel stunt the nri-/, mittee of the Plop Brook Industrial league o* 0 j is doing, awarding prizes for such- 1 tilings" as the and 8's, rathdr than just to the best scorers, mittee doesn't announce beforehand just what th" -i for the-coming week-end wiJl be awarded for an? result, not only the crack players but also the diiff -^ fact more likely the latter,.will receive awards. ^ This strikes us as a long-needed idea. "\y c > v wa.ys thought that the - winner of a tourney, just bv r 7 ! ing himself the best in the tournament, with th sequent glory his winning receives, and gets plcntvV^ out prizes, arid now we're glad to hear that (lie' V rails' 7 are coming into their own. 'Viilj Our congratulations to FirsfcLieut. John Dillon 2nd Lieut- Raymond Fredericks on their recent tions, . . Best wishes to Jimmy Farr^ir who today to learn what the life of a gob is, . . Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds! ' '' Holds That Wora?y Causes Many Cases Of Stomach Ulce; Ry LOGAN CLENDEN1NC2, M. I), THB IDEA ulcer of the stomach lain bodily form or o . „ -__ ,. THAT patients witji ; . have a ceiv consl.ituMon — ^o Hero: is a typical son of i/i/i • ivttv •,»"•'• ••**'' • • • "I-have two brothers I ,aj Dr. Clendening will answer questions of general interest only, aud then only through his c.olumn. , . >•.. Him ' nnni mo Itkn a AdvertlsJng Is successful when it produces results for tbe business : uslng it; It is Inelllolenl as a sub- sHtuto for ctiarlty. • Maybe, after ttie election Is over, Congress will get/down to the business or levying taxes and'w'n-. nlng the war. ' We, The e Ori^Making- Mistakes By JAY Unfortunately, price control cannot work on the likings that you buy without operating upon tho things you sell. ' . ., , r«rom time to time ..over the'last ton,'years, Hho Now Dealers — and particularly 1 tiHi«lHbustfng Thurmnn Arnold-r-have complained that gov- .ernment was judged,H.»y its mistakes irtlher than by l; Its successps. •Ayiion a man In i business a mistaken -aotton .is • better than 'no aclon at all and "that, t.hii 'Jeadei who conpentrntes on avoiding blun- .dors ends, by nolhin'g and is u'sually-beaten 'by.those leaders who ^ke cbanc,es •'oh being wrang- ; somc or the- l/imC • \: : ; ". v; " ;P ;', ••-•'.. ^ That, is not to .say that WQ shbuki nut up' l \vi th fncohVpeteh'ce" indel'i- nitely but Jt^.does mearr (.hat'^wo .should sitdp indj'scrlminale soarch- s' for scapegoats .or '(joln/j,' ail- out for. equally.-indlscrlrnJna-te hocb- warsh-lp or else, the Axis, will win this war while we are still Jind-" big fault wJUi each other for-rio winning it Jn short order, 'o which influences them to acquire that condition has long been dabbled with J 3y different physician^ For instance, Dr. George Draper of New York, 'whose studies in JJU. T constitutions are well known", has felt thot, ulcer patients have a certain type ,of jaw and face which'-! prevents their masl.icn-l.lng -their iood as well as -oUiers and there- poor do appetite 1 always ) M <j., and plrkeil at niv would say, "To,; lo you expect to get big an(1 S ,,J *«.-«?.-'" : He Js a sensiiivn vonn *"jn,.mild and without much iW .The., muscles of 'i.tR ^M^itch^ndlio-hasanmJ of mannerisms. , Ji.yeryphe should o\yn a 'comfort- I-fore throws undigested, masses able bed and^ comfortable shoos be-'M' 00fl inl '° the stomach. cause he's in one or the other all his life. •-:.•;• /. ' • . of pationts, 8-i per cent had a sense of f-y; 07 per cent were upon some member of th< either mother, father, wife, of liul'a buy War Uonds th'ls liiont'h'and put Nauga- tuek on tho honor roll of those which reach their f I u ota early. The reason some people despair of tho improvement of mankind Is that they are fully aware of own falluru to develop themselves. (Roleased by Reatures,; Inc.) Consolidated New en their It doesn't oooup to Marshal Petaln that Kranco wann't beaten; Iho nation just riull, Heforoncos: the Dutch, the Bulglnn.4, lljo Norwegians, eto. purchases and oan afford tlion by all moana do ao, ment needs tho monoy, upon ycm .to demonstrate to buy more, Your go vomit is calling your loyalty People who deride Iho "90-dny wonders," now Horvliw In the armed forces of the nation, havo the opportunity to perform tho same service. find patriotism- Von can show It i no bottor way than by Investing in W/ir Stamr>s and vi .Tioi^l8, -By so doing you will fittingly oliaorvo "American Heroes' Day," Golden Gleams CAN WE ESCAPE A POST-WAR DEPRESSION it is not oasy to plan now for a postwar economy, but it is encouraging to find nwny.oxpor.te predicting that .tljoro is a possibility of escaping the complete collapse which eventually followed the last World War, ;: This hope is based upon the belief that, .tho opening of world markets will ho stiflioiont, fojtako up the slack as wo slow ; down war production, Such an assumption is^based/upou the boliof that measures will te'Vlovi.w! to permit other tui- tions to UwU>With the United States and that, if qp^wH-y, our-huge gold reserve willb'o utili'/od Tor the benefit of world trade, While some Americans are worried about tho national debt, it should bo ob- ; vious to almost anyone that with a national income of more 'thauJOO billion . dollars a year, tbe country can easily take care of an internal debt equivalent to two years' income, Our experience, after tho if!rat World War, should convince us that ox.tromo nationalism will jvre von t the flow of commerce wliioh jWoiU) AftM rontoro ooonornic orderJu tho world, G'onsecpiontly, tnr- iffa will moHt, Jikgjy.l^rudticed and otlior artificial barriers to trade will bo lightened, if not entirely removed, Such sweet oompnlslon doth In music Ho. . —Milton. And fiuislo puui'H on mortals maKnllluent disdain. •Kin orson, And svhon stie had passed, H seemed like the oenslng of exquisite music,—Longfollow, Is there a heart that inuslo^ cannot molt? Alas I how Is that rugged heart forlorn! —HOHlllfi, D/ftd.' vinvcst- " " but etui emerge -as a great, far-visipned / cap- c •taIn" ; \':oi:'- .Industry! i f oYtl-y/one; ; .pf. Ills' von .tfy res;'• .trough t* hom.e''<jar-.load lots : . c i'a-1 administrator might maUe a dozen sue cesses b:ut .stlll'bo branded,, as^ n; Incompetent if one of .his pro- gra-ms hit tho rocks; Wlrol-her Mils 'complai-nt is aU>o- gcther true It certainly represent* a public attitude which 'may ser loudly h ft m pe r • • o u r , n a 11 b n'nte .\v. \"! ngnlnst the Axis. Battles and campaigns 'are won, according l,o Napo.leon, by the general who makes the fewest nils* takes. It must be •talien-l'dr- 1 granted Unit nVIstakes—some of.•them-•gigantic ones, porhn-p's.- major "disas- lers— made ln,.time of war. Yet we as a people , ; hayo got in the habit of condemning our public servants wholesale jl.f they don't havi3 a .butting average of '', 1000. Talco tlie case -of iL'eoji' ilenddi son-. His . wholfr approach'^'.to -tbo problem of rationing* gasoline jias been clumsy and lias led, ; to Ious public rosentrncnt 'and o'Oii- sldbrablo eyasiion of the gas-rc^u- latlons. His Offloe of Price Administration lin's bean 'built of .other • mlscalnu la lions, and' I Ptoin M-;' SUGAR , (Lawrence Tribu?ie) The largo surplus stock of sugar ,v> the country is'raising- serioii problems for the refineries Re .(erring to the report "that the im pei-ial Sugar..Ro/lncry Jn Texas Jiac •so/much sugar on hand that it bac 1.0 close down until some time next month, the New Bedford Standard ."elates, the.following; The' 'flay this .annnnn .He—Shall' we squeeze in Jipre? She—No,- let's 1 Avail, 'till ' W n got ' Natural Worriers home. THE KV/LS OF SCIBNCE \Vlieri I was;a .I>by7, : a. .rattlesnake "T-.sWiUet Then i.hc.-Wu'ns:. Invented 'a 'mongrel ;';b,reed, " Now known a.«j ; tho N. subma'rne; 1. Schiller. 'day this appeared-, I heard from the. representative of a con- ivern'Aybbse, business is being cur- 'ailed byj)rioritles of a visit to the warehouse of a.MasslxchusoUs sugar ro/lnery, Tho-' stoclc of sugar on band, ho. said,.'is unbelievable—tons md tons ,oi' it Jn.buge buildings •-rowcled to capacity. As it is absorbing moisture, the company vants to on. the market, but cannot do so under government regulatloris. Unless tho ban is lifted .be said, .the .bags will Jmve l,o be emptied .aiid 'the sugar reprocessed ,l/0':makq It sajeable. ' / In-, oppiosition-vto,'this situation js •tbe natural fear'of those responsible for.;tho rationing that any lotting down of:the tars might bring about a I'ush.^o buy ; and a resultant shortage. It^secms unfair to the public, however,, to : continue rationing sugar iri half 'pound Jots when the ben ea tli ., . - oh band. While m ere . may, bo hesi tation to over- Mirow the rationing systenv, whiob Four Irishmen -attacked a Scotch- nnh .intending to. rob him, but be \. up a terrific /Igbt and all, four of,his assailants, were bruised and bleeding before they' subdued him. A thorough search, of bis clothes disclosed only a j'bne 5-cent piece. Pot. (In alarm)—Begorral ' more Scots I'll be after robbing! Tf he'd .had ten cents, "he. would have killed, the tour of us, • ; . VACATIONS • Little bank roll, "ore we part, Let me hug you .to .my beart; VI! the year I've clung to you, 've been .faithful,' you've been true Little bank roll, in ,a. day, . You and T-wIll start away, To a good vacation spot; '11 com e .back, bu t, y o;u wi 11 n o t, Albert—Why ' arc/you wearing uch an, expensive coat to the mas- ' querade? -,' Susan- phcr.' -I'm going as a stcnogra- IH nothing else but wild sounds e Into time and luno,—Thomas Puller. Soft Is Ihn rniiHlo t-hnt would charm forever; Tho flower of sweetest smelt Is shy and lowly. —Words wor th. But Hie l'rnportan|."jo(bvwhl.ji-h Hen-(..storehouses ore - bursting dersoM has to do —in general -cori- the,.surplus now trol ot prices and,, particularly,, n?InM c8 ' tla »e .wa ellort and" to. ADI.) nni'KKs, VHY BIUKK .,..; ,. Army orders ourbs hasty marriage of soldiers on overseas duty. \ Army HflfOHt, air foroo strives lo bo tho largest, best and Speedy, well-armed war vessels aro oalto<j loaders •of future, -• ' il Is'Mie -lictglH of lolly I was establishbd- at considerable ex- ^onKressmon, In their anger pcnso and labor, no difficulty should over the \-mtrd situation..... and tho arise from, raising t,bo unit from a patronage anger, to. starve:Jiim/for.l.h-nlf pound to; ;aXpound with more liberal regulations covering the Similarly, it Is - extremely stupid Manning allowance's. If that failed of many newspapers and politician's,r 1 9 ''cliov'e the ;situation the ration to keep on hammoriiigaway atHar- 1 MHiit could be raised to two pounds old lokes, who -has bccu ihumah I. Wn - Ic} i ' undoubtodb*:• would, accomplish tbe necessary end. Then if fcjl.'.ofT-jjp.'-tlie.fair the value educed to the • -CHARAGTER...".Character 'is the foundation on which one' must build to win respect... .Just as no worthy building can be erected on a. weak foundation, so no lasting .reputation can be built : on a weak- character. v .ReputaWon . the world gives you; character Is your own to make. :••••••-,.•:. . Dear, to make 'his r .Mary Jane—Say,, .Mother want to- know something. Mother—What is it now Jane? .. •';:.. , Mary .Tartc—When the nrst man started to write the word "PsaTm 1 with a "p'Vwhy didn't, he scratch out and start, over again? . Jn his most rccSnt study he' bas on-lied attention to the mental life of these,.patients. 'He believes that 'they are -natural worriers and this has much influence on the development of the ulcer as 'any other luui.or. .n. is, of course, well-known along this line that mental upsets and worry will increase the 'amount of acidity in ' the stomach and also make movements of-.tlto stomach more rapid and irritable, inrt sometimes worry will ontirely slow down the digestive processes to a practical stoppage. He lias a number of historic .which show that episodes such a. a hemorrhage or an internal hem orrhage or a relapse of sympj.oms are associated with upsets in the mental life of the patients. One man had a quarrel with his employer, lost his job and the noxt day there was evidence of an internal hemorrhage. Another was a traffic cop who was arrested for dangerous driving nnd the night nfter thai, his stomach pains began nnd lasted for six or eight weeks. The examination of the- whole mental life history of these patients reveals that they are often either incompatible or difficult to the way of Jobs, do not get along with parents, brothers, sisters, or in domestic relations generally, ., , ;ler or sister, Th ere was ,-i gulU & nA fear cd*nplex 5 present in -i9 pep com nn.d compensatory striving jn order to overcome 'what I hoy though! was a natural inferiority in M m con t, There "Is no question that onn of .Uie.- reasons why. hospitalizalion for ulcer is so valuable is because it takes * a patient 'away Mm worldly contacts that Irritate aid upset him. In all , medical ires, men I, psych o th era py is ' a ncccssilr part of the treatment. :>* QUESTIONS AND. ANSWERS A A. N. N.—Wh otis a m e In bolisni test goven for? Answer: A metabolism (oil measures the amount of oxygen consumed per amount of body weight or rather per amoiml of both space per minute. This Is Influenced more by the (luckless glands, especially 1he thyroid gland, than by anything else nnd therefore in practice Die molo- boMsm test is used more lo delcr- mino the -activity of l.he Thyroid gland than anything else. EDITOR'S' NOTE: Dr. ClcmJen!n R lii seven pamphlets which can be olnained b; renders. -KncIi pamphlet sells for 10 ccnls. For any one pamphlet desired, send i« cents ni coin, and n self-addressed envelope stamped with a three-cent siaitip, 10 Clcndening, in care of (hi 1 Dr. Mipcr. The pamphlets' aVe:""fliice '\V«tf <educmg D,et", "Indigestion and Con- Ration/' J'KeducinK and Gaiivng", "In']?." '"Instruction* for llK f Diabetes," "iH-nininc Hy- "TJie Care of tin Hair and reatrnent gl c . ne ' a '»«l Skin. ' ignore 'his repeated warnirlg^ 0fr ! aj^ -fall ..Impending gasoline shortage on thGl^KM^'M"! 1 ' mlgiU lie" rcduc lOast Coast, 'l-be : sliortngo against |UV aJ X;pound agaiji;^;. , ; T which Ickos wai-ned" last^ siniimol^T^^^ 1 ^^ o about the Is ,hero now, yot bO;causc Ickos : ,:lias^| :Un ^' °' f ^value,^Gasoline "rationing boeir : a wh'i;pping-boy < of. ^oJitiqM;^'^'^^ tbat- ; \yhen the value ; was Ills ( warnings w.oro laiighbd 'off right' ;^^ 1 V^ d ,i /lno rder^tb allow 'time fo up to the moment when gaisollne- ''' ne ' ^"siallatlbn 'of 'the -.'-permanent cards were Issued .to motorists'-in;py^tcm.';;;The v ;>uhjK was; originally ' Mich {'gait tho Navy, factory will process mllkwood (loss for Survey shows, 02 per oont ; ,ofobolleges do hot ro- .(/,.«, history fitudy, ,/'. . :i •". Manpowor agency HO!H un Horvloo for Negroes! Hoarding of currency on a largo scale is reported. t-lie ;.sovonteen • eastern- statos, Our genei'^iIs,-;'and ad.inirals are also capuble of rnhkhiK "m'lsiftVns 3 oft-rr Harbor should remind uir tit that, yet It is posslble.'for a iHjndcr to ,mako errors and still 'to Will. . . . .- ,i ... ..„: ^ ,- . ,,,;.. Take• the synl/hotic' rubber''-pro-- ••nun. Ddnald Nelson;M)dmiiiqd to : he;Sonate Gorhhilttco 'that ''he ( s'hould rubber fi>onv%coh'oT """'""^ v " ' ; not fallowed- tho pel; combine to dom Inn to ; the jjDi-pgmm, The W. ;'P. 13,' has .made oWier^mis-c takos,.yot,: taken,by and,;;";the^ munitions^ .program.; Is^golnk guhA .;nnd -wo r are turhirfjf'^b'fi' m o n'se < i-un n 11 ties, ci£- lo'WiAl; ware/ • ; >- . •."-. ••>'- ';.£, ^ftv"$' , Tho problem before i/li^ 'public-Is to get used / to the, faofc ;y!/hati"-:..oui\ 1 oadorsh I p-r-p olltt^ql^nduflltt^^ m 111:i/£v ry — m uip'lic^^ s.onjetbing less than It Is an' old rule of 1 war ,;J,tlii;ee^allon's.vitls no^y six gallons. .•four gallons,: or;,l^may;lVe-dropped to- ;twd •ganons^^Vpnarently-^ no^ .one lv*nn\vs. ' ';;':'£ :N-" '- < • • • • ; Evory.' tliiie .you r(lrive your car •you> leave, part of your tire'rubbor on .every .'miro/pf th'e; pavement The faster you :<lrlve^j,hp? morpj;yo'u le^ave. : i /Phe/v'rnore- -you leaA'e- 1 the sooiier- ; your .tires- will be, worn out, WhenUbey've-wprn. :.o.ut, : i you'll'-, be worn';- ; pu'tj;:'.£;6'QV because youMI have to ' wal|:;. Iris toad, 'of ritleV > Because ,'lilin l:'a "'nll'-'l.hni'ol la^_Mi'nt«i-i 'tbriM- nr,-,. |> YOU WHO PASS. no re. iV Is—there isn't any J6an—I 'bejieve"i)f: '13—is^extrcme- -ly"wealthy.:.;:•••",;•• Y'.--'-^'^' '-'•" '••-.-• > KatrJr±-^Q\v • can a doctor m alee so. much ;•Wjpil!^;^i^^X•;;^•!•f'^ : •^-.•-^V : •••.-.-. • '?.TWXv, ^r\w''::?'i-'- '._>-!..i_ _ largO Oil Hundreds,;, thousands, tens o'f thousands of young 1 rtieri. We bear the roar of engines, . the. familiar sound of speeding trains. We vision sli/ps at sea.and planes that Jrover near. Any minute, of .the day—our bojys are passing by. ' ' '; ^ilarching feet take up .the chant of: the'.prayer within our ^hearts,' Please,. God,, oh, please, please, please!" And surely . .God. must know the -jthings for which we'd 3ray if only- there were time and'we enow, the words to say. So small; thus far has been our part, as ,you pass by—less ' sugar in our coffee,';'waste-paper- saved and scraps of;fron. No sacrlHce is too small, no.salvagefl bit'too irisignlfi^ cant, but these are not-enough. The rhythm of-your-, measured .tread repeats, the ,charge, "Not enough, not en'Ough,! 11 . ' . ' , . . Dear^God, help us realize we're in this tiling'together—these lads wlVo pass and.-.we who, stay. Help- us^foi'- get personal,' nmbltions,\ seinsbne^s and greed tb at -we /may be "•worthy of ; ,a' victory fought for iind won ; by .•."Arid .when the .war shall give u*:eno.ugJv wisdom ' to- make a jastirigv peaoe^thatryouth may 'have- tbe ; -right agajn to dream arid plan and liye>-Marie'' Butts.' Waterbury's Friendly Dj^tinent Store" In Oar GREAT JULY .fl"ra«w^...£:3f*"

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