The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
Page 6
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Pittsburgh Manager Concedes 1934 to New York's Champion Ginnls BY lUROI.n TIUYNOR Manajfr FKUburjli Pin Its NEW YORK. July 19.—Barring unforeseen Injuries mid breaks, It Is my opinion lhal Ihc first four clubs In the National League will finish the season In the order in which they have .stood for the better part of the campaign lo dale. In other words. I nm picking the Giants to repeat, with the Cubs second, (ho Cardinals third, mid rny own Pirates, fourth. Perhaps (he manager of n foilrlh place club should make n lot of claims and threats, tail I'm brine honest instead of optimistic. I believe His New York learn will win, and li deserves lo retain Its championship. Day In iiml <lny out, Bill Terry's cnrnulrmilou Is the most formidable In Ihe eir- cnll. Superior pitching and defensive play, wllh timely hilling, and ft wonderful spirit, mnke Ihe Giants Ilio oiilxlandlng oiillli. It .veins In me. Carl Hnbbcll alone Is enough lo give Ihem nn edge In Hurling, The Oklaliomtin, to my mind. Is the greatest pltoher In bavb.ill today. • The Chicago entry has n nne.In- field and is exceptionally jwwcr- ful at the plate, tml Us pllclilnc is too spolly for the long ririveT as 1 see It. Of cnursc, Ihe nmlns are not out of the race, for no array cnn be counted out when it's only two or three games tack of the leader with the season little more ihan half gone. .- Both the Giants and Cubs arc tough to (op on their home lot. And (he schedule favors Ihe men oj Manhattan, since they already nave completed two of llielr long {rips, nncl will spend the critical mon[h of Rrplpmlm- at the Polo The Old and the New GIANTS mm ir HOT JllLY Who Wauls to Meet Him? St. Louis Hurler Chalks Up Tenth Straight Victory; Bengals Win Easily The. New York Ginnls. National loadeis. Ml lie/ore ihe pllchlng of Dto.y Denn yesterday as Ihe Dl/•'.v One chalked up his 10 games In a row and made II seven raluhls for tfle Cardinals. In the American league (he. pac<- •Ttllni! Tiger.-, won easily, from Iho' Iloslon Red Sox. uavc Ihc .Glanls '10 hits ! bin won c lo fi as Ihc Cardinals I collected If, hinws. Schumacher! was ihe losing Inirler. Crib »nd Collins hit for the circuit. The Cincinnati Reds defeated Die Doslon Urnvcs 4 lo 2 al Boston. Derringer was the wlnnlri" pllcher. Tlie Chicago Cute blasted Ihc Brooklyn Dodgers B lo 3 at Brook-' tin. Mnloue was Hie winning nlic-lier iilthoiii;h Tinning was call-' od lo hii rescue. Hariiell. Grimm ' nnd I'Vcderlck hil for (he circuit I The Phllhrs nnsod out, "Ihe Plr- Hf, .1 tn 2 at Philadelphia. The' Mncs ncnrrd- In Ihe first and third but were blanked thereafter by E. Moore. Sv'M was (he losing pltch- 1JELHS I Meanie's Lonii Time Winning Streak Here Stop!>«] by Rough Stranger liny Welch, the wveslllng vllllnii who has lieen hls.'.'d many limes n lo,--al perrm-niances Inil v,on i ii"i'ei-liiclr<s. nol what 11 loi of I ni had been hoping he'd gel In Ihe main go on last night's wrcst- llr.'i card at llalny Firld. | Weluh got rout'liod and slammed i Into siibmi^ion by u siranijer 10 local • followers of Ihe grunt" and uriian racket. The man who mm-1 ed (he (rick was Johnnie M:irr ' who proved toi'iefliln* of a rou"h ! Eclor himself. " 3 I Jim Miller made it a perfect I night for newcomers by dlspnsinV fcod complied Floyd Vaiiglmn has 'made 'I'ilhtnirgh funs forgft aicnn Wrljlil. They. go. hack to Honu.s Wdfiirr. with whom the Arkansas youngster is c'Oinerslii" here, to'nnd another rtinrLslop like "Arkle" Vaushi-i. Harry Grayson 'cm In Chlcarjo, Wrishinglnn, Pltts- hnrgh, and Cincinnati. A ponnanl failed lo silence. Ihe Pirate nilicrts r.'hen Hush tx-nelicd Kikl Cuyler. : PRIsbmuh lion birds got "ihelr limn nitiiln Hits ycnr— Clcoigc. Cllli- son. Joe. Cronin has tieen given the attack wllh a homer. Grounds I CLEVELAND, July i-t— It's news] St. Louis Is a fighting club, well * llf " " basc , M m "»»Bcr Is saved balanced and sironR, bnl Frank from lho wnlvps ' wnlch 1|I1S l " r " e ' 1 Frlieh's pilchhifr largely has been a two-man chore, and I don't bc- lleve the Dean brothers can carry Johnwm. through alone. The tied birds were liard hit the other afternoon when li sprained ankle rmt. Paul IXum . OH the sidelines fnr three 'As for Hie Pirates, we're not , kidding ourselves. We'll .scrap right down to the tape, and I am con- .fUlent llml we'll )»' closer lo the pace-makers *t tlie windup llian we are at present. We're going to do our part in making it a nostril to nostril cliue. which I suspect the way along the uul lo he Ihe happy title of Walter After Infonnlng Ihe Ixxi blr<ls' (iniililedly lhal Johnson would contliuie as ' heap big chief of (he Cleveland Indians throughout the. current Detroit funs turned turtle on T) Cobb after his 22 phenomena yrnrfi. So Mickey Corhnine knows lo expect, all hough lie mi sallied If lie Anil lloo lilr< newest convert . will lasts that long. And we of II club welcome, our campaign, Bradley mmle himself A'lva Bradley. Our orgnnlHilInn nig Train's ivrfornis a 'noble work. There .-., — j.., _,.,.„.,_ more emphatic and - it will be all roiile. PiiLsburgh has been handicapped Iry injuries, punlcularly the fractured finger suffered by Fred Llnd- strom. Now that this splendid put- fielder is liack, the Pirates have the sharpest third place hitting in the loop. ' • • - ' The acquisition of Ed HoUcy oughl to help our pitching, which hasn't been of the highest order. Fourth may be the best we can do this year, hut I am positive that, the future of the Pilttsijurgh club is bright. In Arklc Vaughan, we have one of the foremost, if not the peer ol shortstorjs. In Vaughan, Pan! Wan- «r, and 'Lindstrom, we have three of the surest hitters in the game, and I'm still rolling along ni a fairly rapid rate. "Every time you look lip one of those Waner guys is rounding second base," remarked Hughfc CrUz. of the Gianls, following our last series with the New York club Ltoyd Wnner still is Little Poison and Brother Paul is deadlier thai ever. The Pirates may require tinkering here and ihere, but give them pitching replacements and a kind licr nod from lady luck, and I hav an idea they'll win in 1934. or run the victors ragged. \KXT: Joe C'ronin. Senators. the tlonblr> and single. The law shoved While Sox deeper Into the cellar. Earl Whllrhlll war, l)v winning fiHcIwi-. The Phliadcliihiu Alhltilits defeated the Cleveland Indians 11 In 9 al. Cleveland. Jimmy Foxx's homers, two, provided the winning nut:. Coleman, Trft«,ky and Hie-' l!lrs nil for the circuit. i ion .more secure hy signing no' place W'boo birds in RI «rl Hartley for 15.1S. parllrularly in baseball. After al Hriidle'y'lwlrc. before, had lo lake!" man rarely Is placed al Ihe heai similar action lo pnilect Roger i ° r " major league organization mi Pcckinpaugii during the Inller's 'J*ss «c hus ability. There arc score fl" 1 nnd a half year reign. |°' applicants for each managcria Tlie real eslalc and coal mag-1[Position, and it is only reasonable I -,.i o l • T i nate, who is Ihc principal owner ln suspect llmt Ihe Individual I *- ll "' e KOCK 1 ravclei'S aiK and prc-sidnel of the Indians, lids! ehoKI>n stands out. chanced .his viewpoint .'since• lie' anklcd Into •Ihc'.-vUltor's 'dressing' room at.the Yankee stadium, u year ago. and made his' 'historic 's'pepfh. ."Men." sajd Bradley then, "the Ililiidc of Ihe fans, hires and fires managers.' It's vip to you lo fle- ivcr for Roger Pcckinpaugii here, the club will have a new one.". Tlie Rr-nigflts brat ihe Red Sox' <te[>nrimi>nl. to •> at Detroit. Tommy Bridges 'big fire trurks when ,'ns the winning pitcher, keepin" even hli.s well scatlered. The Tig- 'rs sol H blows. Four Boston er- ors lielucd ihe Tigers. The Yankees defealcd the st ^ouls Browns 5 to 2 nt St. Louis iuffiii!! hurled the victory and Hartley wns ihe losing pllcher nin Yanks made but six hits but. :h"v iniidt! (hem count. The Washington Senators de- I'eaied (he ChlciiRo White Sox 11 Chicago. ,rno Cronin led of .tlie talkative Roush House Sul-1 tracts crowds these days wilh lit- liviin from Union Cily, Tenn., In lie exhibited in the way ol actual ihe opening mnich. Miller making! wrestling. All four iierformers aphis debut hore nlso can-led rough ', peaied coiucnt lo confine ihcir ac- tHClics as part find puree! of Ills' t '">"^ lo lough lioira perform, v/ie.sillng warts. ; anccs. With two .such old me;inies nsi Mnrr won (wo out of ihree Mlk l Welch and Sullivan in Ihc ring'over Welch. lakln r lie n,st nnd nnd two .such rousli working | llilrd. Miller won Uo nut nrihrr strainers as Miller inul Man- it evor SnlHnm. Inkini. ( ),e Bi-«l •n,', ,wns a gvcal night for the smutr third, igatheiing nf fnivs, mosl of whom' | appeared lo like llxeir menu raw,' Buck Kiieri, wlio-nt n mere 3-J5 pounds Lviiielured obove, is anxlniis| <l|l y lll . < j '. h ' Mr Jfers t1 " 1 ' lai '»ts. I « to in Jet .•-omo oppsncnl in a local ring. Ellert claims to he u veal! ncqueiuly' P "'s ^lln" 1 "owT"^^'""' * inatman liespiie his bulk. Buck is a mcmbor of ihe Memphis nrc. South American.' wn°s Ihc th'rrd Sonic say he got Hint big from llfling vdiseh of (he | man in the ring for both niatchc.s. lir." needed (o u» changed, Ollier.s soy he. I Fir|)o - wl '° ca!) always be counted Courier News Want Ads. soy lie. develops! Unit figure from sitting around wnlliiii; for Uie bell lo nna. At any rale Bud:, through local firenien. is anxious to get y inaich here. .Maylirj local promolers could ihro'.v fioy Welch and J<iliiinii> M:irr In Hi- rins with him if they, wanted tc chance the ring escaping uninjured. . . j~ on lo he a big part of ihc show, wns up. down and around aliont as much a>, the principals. Alleged favors shown Welch by Firpo i aroused a part of (he audience. ; All togeiher it was a rough and I tumble show of Hie type that at- Don't Foraet Caudiirs Agency General Insurance Phone 7S7 Tiie music for "Silrnt Night." ua-, «ri(l"n in :i lev/ hour-, 1 iim.: l:y n-ui!/- Crriils-r. K.uher Mohr<{lit \>v .words to Ciruljer' on Clirlsunas Ks p e nnd uanled tin: .~ung xnm; at midnight. Th.: mei- ody v.n.s ready on lime. ti'i'l office iiiii:icu:n'd fnrnihire ilrsi. in Snuih Afilet. . . incre.n.vd nil pe; :us. More iha:i 16-1,000,000 feoc of American movie nim were used in coiiiildes In IM, nn in- '•r<'!i.v:' o( «ai) miles of nim over 111 l«e«.iiinj year. Bradley or two. ' : I would hove stood by Pcckin- " Pastiniers Play Haynes; Liberty Will Meet Hughes ;"•• ~ ..... "••• .»•-•>' «^ tic** vii ..... T<ock Salibrfs aggregation of well, (o cut third base and get billiard players who lake their soft i there without .having to slide, 1>°H seriously will take on Hav'nes' he outfit col no better with great, "en's fhop. sponsored by Lcxie dispatch.- and there was a new Haynes who nlso takes his sports mlot. Johnson wns the selection of seilously, in a Commercial leaxue irorii,.,. nnt | anol | lci . S | 0f i(|, oWer soft, ball game at Haley Field to "iturh at lhat," explained Bradley, tfo of "•"-' nol the club gnilen away warned night Snllbn, Ihe clgnr chewing maes- 'had (rom Ihe Prenchics, has lo bring' along an extra been x , o"">-» ,,™.,j -.~.. vl , w t,,i^ iiiun^ mi extra him. some of Ihe players, supply of slogKics lonight and lay- convinced that Ihe team wasn't down.n fog every lime Ihe Haynes eoing snywhcre. were drinking "cw goes lo bat. The Haynes KOO more than athletes should." team, which wasn't so hot during Iltll' Two Rode Out of Cleveland an strong in tlie second half race. Ruth Homer i In another game Liberty Cash and Johnson Grocers will meet R. p. Hughes . Chicks Resume Series Tonight Only 'l»-b games were played in i Ihe Southern Association ycstcr- ! clay. . ; Nashville Volmueers losl n s i 0 ' 2. decision to (he Atlaula Crack-i crs at Atlanta. The Crackws won j with Bill Sclimidl pitching effec- > live bull, despite 10 Vol hits HI- ' struck out six. Brill heart was the losing hnrler. The KnoxvUle Smokies dcfo.iicri the Cliattanooga. Lookouts rj to i' at Knoxvllle. The Lookouts «cri>' Imlted to nve hit.s by Eddie lleus- ser. rigluhnnder. The win gave Ui,- Smokies a 2 In 1 lead in a six game scries. The Memphis Chicks and Little Rock Travelers resume plav at Rock tonight. Tuesday - Weds. Mat. -2:30, 10-25e Nile 7:15. I0-35c The rtigli-speed ro iue of Iwo peopl« 0 CQLjidn'l li ctherl FROVED in the blistering 130° heat at Death Valley . . . An edible product t!r.= :ril)r;l "vegclable meal" Is Ij-'inc; inn:ni- facturcil from cotton.votl. it Peefciiinnugb and Johnson Grocers will meet R. n Hughes l' ve(lclal ' le I1u ' al " ls '"''"-' w»i- wercn'i Hie firsl managers (o Iwsr company. The Grocers and ihelr', c ""'" 1 fron> fW' 0 ^^'- It l> u-.<-ri Ihe boo bird.'; in Cleveland. • vm.cA speedball luirlcr "Sharllfi"; c ' ncRl f°'-^ndwich filling and Some years aeo a home run by. Sci«ESS. haven't had any luck this k nrh '" O'oMa. "ab2 Ruth. With Ihn lincnc l/\ nr la^i llnlf. Th^ r;rru.«,-c l.n,,« ,. n i .„ — Add Another Isle To British Isles! a Rulli, with ihe Unses loaded lln1 '- The Grocers have yel to n a late inning, knocked Lee cll «lfc «l> a victory. R. u Hughes ;ohl out of n job. antl Soulhpaw »'i" rale n decided favorite but If a-ite Counibe into the. inlenmtion- "Sliarllc" ever..shows a return-to 11 League. The Cleveland strate- ' or 'n (hat imrel some of Ihe big •isl sent in Coumbc with hvstnie- llo .vs during ihe firsl half Ihe .ion? lo Iry lo fool Rulh with n Clothiers may be In for a hard Ninnee of pace. Fohl overlooked "'eM- lh" ^imoortanl fad lhat Ruth I . didnt know what pace meant. I ' ; flt"l Coll«rtlvr Systfm New York is one of Ihe mighty , T SLES OF SHOALS. N. n ( IJP> tew cities where Oiev don't climb — Dr - -lolin Haynes Holmes Ne\v aboard manncers. John McGraw York clergyman, urged those p»•- -nt 32 years al the Polo Grounds tending a Unitarian Youth Conand the customers fairly wept fercncc here to give all their sur- whfn he resisned. As bad as some P lus earnings. incHiding Incoin; of his Dodger outnts were over a j lrom investments, to the work of "on? period, there was general re- setting rid of capitalism and es- -•ntiiKnt .in Brookhni when Your tabllshlng " a co-o)wratlv e or col- incle Wilberl Robinson was dls-1 '«Hvc syMem of toclelv" ' "ifwd. Miller Hugg'ins died in the I — - rnUce sstldlt. Sp»« Vhrfl w»s \Vrtn's N>^t But managers aren't spared even' NASHVILLE, Tenn. iui>) - A n Clnca°o. where Rogers Horns- wren l)llil1 h" nest and l.iid e"iis "' was hooted at, nrincinallv be- ln tlle llltb ™1> of a .^iare wheel sc (he Iracic did nol believe i"" Ml - amomoblle owned bv Mill lhal Joe McCarthy " merited the , Marsh!l1t ' Nashville. The ' bro'd s-ate. NfrCarthy was iwpular on' ntltcn <!d while Marshal! was drlv- tho lake front, and hk clubs c»tn- in « to Washington. U. c.. and ve- «l the Wrigley Interests »5.000,000 lmn "' in Hiflr motori?ed nes'. lo In five years. Nashville, where Hi? father bird Tlie Ponnsylvania Di'p.irliiifn: of forests ana water has conns! thai a ton of dry oak leave.* co:i:ains |2.(! jiaunds of phosphate. 18.S ;jnur:dN of nitrosen, and 7 pounds o: p-v- nsh. ELISSA LANDI mm mm DUVID MtNNERS O^nltrf tr *elr*° t-'.Ltff , I'aramount N«ws Comedy — "jMaking the Itnunrls" wilh I'allette and Catlett; can "TAKE" it! "All Britain Is divided Inlo two parts." That's, tor fUTURB bis- tory, for the (OTernment bM »p- proTed i propotsl to cu* tb« country In h»M by « w»terwa» from Bristol Cbaaiel to The With, u indicated Oi ta* aboT* map. Tlie tcherae, whteh wlll'cott abont Jl,- »t5.«00. propoie* to raaV* tbe Rtrer Nn i*vlf*li!» troa The \Vksh to Northampton, wnere It iolm the Qr>o4 JincUoa Canal. Blac* U* canal links tfct rlrtra Mo» Ma B«TtTB to BrlM»l Ml. U will k« »«nikta ' s Homsbv faced a similar sltua- lion In Boston, where he fdloKed another favorite, Jack Slaltery. The current campaign scarcely n ,. w onseca, tlie \Vhite Sox leader, was run out of Chicago. *nd there has ,be«n tome dissatisfaction with Chirley Orimm, despilt the fact thai the Cubs are in second place, and hive been smack up Ihtre from this outset. • t » Ant! BM MM Clrt Tttttna N*Wt Wttk .Dente 'Bnfti'pmiap.-his'bMn the 'Uriel of boo birds tn more cities thin any other. He'.j Iward patiently n vailed his family. Great Britain. Canada, France, South Africa. Holland, and the Phil- 'Pplnes combined imporled 15125 slot machines from this countrv In 1933. Head Courier News Want Ads. At Nljrht—Sunday—. F»r Quka and Depeadabfe Wrecker Strnce Phillipi Motor C>. MESSENGER? CTENOGRAPHERt Book- kcrj»cr? Cook? ^Tiatever you need, we're in 'a position to get you excellent results. Employers who advertise in our classified sec- lion only have to advertise OI1PP, RUNNING under conditions /or which no automobile ivas ever intended, two standard low-priced ante- mobiles raced] around a tun-scorched track staked out on the desert floor al JValli Valley..proving the quality of Mobiloil! One car ran 1,000 miles in low gear at a ?peed equivalent to 52 miles per hour in high . .the other ran 1,000 miles in second gear. With Ihe thermometer sizzling around 130 degrees, motor temperatures leaped higherthan anything you'll ever encounter. Protected by Mobiloil holh cars performed beyond lliu expectations of the engineers whs built them. Checked constantly, the motors showed no loss of power—no bearing failures —no scored cylinders—no motor trouble! If yon want all the power, smoothness and fmi: performance that was built into your automobile, use Mobiloil, the World's Largest Selling Motor Oil! NO RADIATOR! NO WATER! After its E«n=atiorul l.CKHl-milr n:n j'ri sccoii'l gear, one of the, te^l car* va-* STRIPPED OF RAOIATOK AM> COOLING SYSTEM. Under blazin- ilcscrt lifat it ran for 10 coos-'culivc hour*, without radiator or ifaler. Kvcn this terrific punishment failed loLrcJU the luhricily anil safety ofMonih-i:! 1 MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS IUBRITE (FontHr Mqnolii Mslot Oil) LubritB ii itcond only to world- fimeui Mobiloil in ilamlna «nd al • round perform»nc«. It will Itil Io59«r and protect yoor motc-f betiir thai maiy oilier rr.alor oifl lillinj it • higher prl:.. II you w«nl • good. 1 eccr.on-'icjl motor oil coiling leu iSaii Wjbiloil, ?i< for lubntJ, "Stay with Magnolia and you stay | f> am? for Complete Smooth performance... Mobilgas /tsfr far Mafltwlia Products at the E. B. WOODSON MAfiNOLJA WHOI.ESALK AGBNT frisco Varrls - - Phone 419 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION i Broadnrry - - rhnn* 315 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Main * Lilly - - Phone 19S •MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Sixlh i- ChitiasaHba - . Phone S90

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