The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1941
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VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 291. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ™ DOM1NANT SBWSPAPKR OP NORTHS ""^ ? ? ^ Blytheville Dally News Blytheville Courier OP NORTHS ARKANSAS AND SOOTHEAST MUMOOBI Blytheville Herald Mississippi VnJley Leader ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2-1, 11M1 Hitler Promises To Send .. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HALF Japanese Calls On "White Race" To Cede Oceania UHIEITE Ml 'War' Comes to Capitol Steps X < y^>?ft?ftVnN'.v»>-f.'tf^*.j.<^_^^.. '..!..•. I onm j-i , •• UJJUJl VA.V. »»*i»tc I ilV'C t(} •the vast more than 1000 mile square region Pacific—to the Asiatics. Matsuoka declared that "it has4 always been my pet theory that Oceania which is 1200 miles from north to south and 1000 miles irom east to west, must' be made a place for the .Asiatic peoples to migrate. (Matsuoka did not elaborate on his conception of Oceania, which LS ordinarily used to describe onlv the scattered small islands of the \v; i ^ i , South Pacific. His statement that Week Ejld AuLo iMl's'KapS Infj Tins Territory Cause Injuries To Ten Mrs. R. L. Tinslev. 59. wife of! City Collector R. L. Tinsley of Ca-' riithersvilie, died yesterday after- The Japanese""forelgn minister I "^J a , ft f a nead -° n automobile made his statement, to a commit- ! C1B3h ** lv "* n a car drivpn hv tee of the lower house of parlia- Wisconsin Progressive Says It Would Give Roosevelt "Green Light" r.nnn Capable ° r supporting 600,000.000 to 800,000,000 people however, would indicate that he included the whole South Pacific In Oceania, even Includin Netherlands east, includin the the Philippines and possibly Australia and New Zealand.) a car drivpn hv ' " ment. He spdke after Japanese leaders had assured the house that Japan & watching Anglo-American moves closely and that the Japanese navy already has determined upon counter measures to anv threat"This region (Oceania)." said Matsuoka. "has sufficient natural resources to suoport 600,000.000 to 800,000,000 people." "I believe we have a natural right to migrate there". "While it is difficult to conduct actual political affairs according to, advocated .Ideals, r believe the;white'.race"must cede" Oceania to the Asiatics". IH INCf THEFT Missouri State Police Make Arrest Two Hours After Cars Disappear HAYTI, Mo., Feb. 24.—How <x 19-year-old pemiscot County youth was airested with two stolen automobiles' early Sunday mornit^ less than two hours "'after they were missed, was told here today by State Trooper I. E. Beard, one .01 the arresting officers. ' Beard and Patrolman Todd Bay both of Hayti. were called to the Simpson Oil Company's station on Highway 61 at the Arkansas-Missouri state line shortly before daybreak yesterday to investigate a vepori of two stolen automobiles, pan of a caravan of new cars en- route to Shreveport, La. The drivers of the caravan had parked the various two-car units •'t the oil station while they slept overnight. Beard said the Ignition key tor the "tow-car" in the unit rvnich was stolen had been left in the switch. Patrolling out-of-the-way roads m the vicinity in search of the two machines, the two troopers headed toward Cottonwood Point to check the Mississippi River ferry. On the ferry road, they found the two machines parked in front ber husband and one driven bv F i ^ " .f 4. Brewer, jr.. 27, ColUervllle. • ° rau?iards < Tenn.. at the Intersection of Highway 61. and Bras<rndocla highway near Caruthersville. Tlie death was the lone fatality -M' week-end traffic In Northeasi Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, although almost a dozen persons WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 Senator Robert M. Lafollette Progressive, Wisconsin, charged 'today that the British aid bill woltid give President Roosevelt "the green light for war" and permit, him to "strip the military and naval defenses of the United States to support quixotic adventure overseas." Lafolletie. an isolationist like his famous father, followed 'Senator Worth Clark, Democrat, Iowa, in the seventh day of the senate dn- bate. Clark also charged that the Saltish aid bill means war. "This bill means war," Lufollettte told the senate. "Whatever fine trappings it is decked with it hides the skull and bones of death on old world battlefields and death on the seven sei-.s. > limit- where the war will be?" I am oooosed to our entering the war. I will not give my vote to any bill which is admittedly one step nearer another blood baid for our youth, one step nearer totalitarianism for" the United States. I am not willing to add my vote to help in any way ft_ course of action which con- were injured in traffic mishaps Snf.urdav and Sunday. Mrs. Tinsley suffered a fractur- 1 vinced can onl - v end in the same '-d skull and n broken nose and' er dlsi "uslonraents and future *ioth legs were broken in the ac-i ;aster 01 the last war- ..." cident. Mr. Tinsley suffered cuts; " ThLs bil1 § iv es the president nbout the head. Brewer's car en-! power to create a state ' of war, route, to Cairo, HI., was occupied leavm §' only to congress the per" AINST BRITAIN Unrestricted Sea Warfare Promised In The Spring Expenses For Fiscal Year Expected To Total More 1 han r i\ f e ion bv the Tennessee man " and two to say 'ja', with a formal of n house. One of the patrolmen stood guard outside while the other entered the house. In a bedroom. Beard said two men were found in bed. and while Mie decision was being made as to which one to arrest, D, T. Hodges, one of the men. blurted: "It's the other man!" J. C. Forbis. 19. of Tyler, was arrested and lodged in the Peml- scot County jail at Caruthersville on a charge of car theft. the entire windshield was broken out. The couple, both teachers at Arkansas State college in Jonesboro, had been visiting W. J. Faught and family here. Mrs -'Mason left Walls Hospital yesterday. The Rev. R. j. Marshall, 39. Luxova minister who serves several rt'ral churches tocludins; one near Dell, was knocked unconscious and suffered a badly cm ear when his automobile collided with a truckload of negroes Saturday afternoon six miles south- Electric Company Will Not Be Forced To Pay Man [ Members For Loss Of Leg other Ayotitlxs -returning to ' work-- d . edarat ^ otl - • .Qf war . following ..M- from their homes—George Jackson! situa t j on created by the executive:'' 1 ?£ Osceola and Joe Freund of West' ~— — Memohis. All were injured slishtly. InvesftetUint officers said" the machines collided head-on' at 'the "Y" intersection as Mr. Tinsley at- j Emoted lo make a left turn after! 3ov>arpntly sfoonin^ at a stou si^n! °,nd then nttempriiif to beai the! •Hhw car across the highway. No! charges were filed pending- further' investigation. . The accident occurred si 3 p.m. *md Mrs. Tinsley died" in a-hospital less than an hour later. Mrs. Tinsley had suns in the Methodist church choir- for- many vears and was well known in musical, civic and church circles. Funpral services will be held at Mie Caruthet-sville '.Methodist church at 4 o.m. tomorrow. Survivors Include, .three sons, Bvron, Glenn and Earl, and a daughter, Mildred Tinsley. nil of the home. Mrs. James H. Mason of Jonesboro was injured slightly early Sunday morning and her husband -suffered minor cuts when a tire blew out on their automobile as the coup'e returned to Jonesboro from Blytheville, overturning the car twice into a ditch three'miles west or here on Hiyhwav 18. The car was demolished and M ~ be carried by one of its transport planes. LT; ELECT LITTLE. ROCK, Feb. 24 (UP)— Tiie Arkansas Supreme Court today reversed and dismissed the verdict Clrcilir court 324,750 judgment against the A and A. Electric company. Blaze Starts During Services There Last Night LUXORA. Ark.. Feb. 24.—Mem- ;rs of the Luxora Baptist church will rebuild their church Immediately, they decided today after fire destroyed the building early When Organization Will Be Com- was logging accident while he working on a rural electric line near the Benton-Carroll Countv border. The tribunal ruled vices. Rev. Ralph Douglas called meeting of the congregation this morning and appointed a building o • Ray 3 Occident was not due to negligence i nd committee of C. Cook. .a court. The supreme court also reversed Mrs. C. B. Wood. Dr. T. S. Hudson, committee composed Mr.s. John Thweatt, J. I. .Vltfflin and west of Holland, Mo. shall was brought to Rev. M>jr- Blythevill and dismissed a case in which a SI 000 jud^m Phillips county Do ^i asfirc was discovered «* Rev - pleted At Meeting Today At Hotel Noble Charter members of the Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce will be named and officers will be WASHINGTON, Feb. 1M. (UP)~ President Roosevelt's .supplemental army expansion program for the current fiscal your was expected today to reach about $5,400,000,000 Instead of the $3,100.000,000 originally reported. Part of the program—$1.800,000,000 In cash and authorizations for 15,600 more plnnes, and $761,000.000 for 15 new powder and ammunition plants—was expected to reach congress this \veek. possibly today. An additional $000,000,000 In cash for .speeding cantonment construction, expanding the army air corps und bolstering- Panama Cannl and Alaskan defenses, ijj embodied In the fourth .supplemental appropriations bill which the house appropriations committee plans to report to the house Wednesday. Floor consideration Is tentatively scheduled for the same day. Thnt bill also contains $098,000,000 cash requested by Mr. Roosevelt to strengthen American naval defenses. Including base sites obtained from Britain in th c Atlantic, and the eastern Pacific Islands of Guam and Snmon. Thc supplemental army program is designed to provide full equipment for n potential force of 2,000-, 000 men, although only 1,418,000 actually are expected to be under arms by thc end of the fiscal year, June 30. It would also boost the number 'of warplnnes on order to 36,000. nnd double ::extetlng muni- Uons-mnking facilities. Beside.-; increasing- the tempo of American rearmament the program would be: so designed as to absorb some of Britain's arms requirements which may be met later under the terms of thc war-aid bill, now beinu debated In the senate. Authoritative quarters said the program consisted .of four parts: 1. Approximately $1,600.000,000 for a potential 2.000,000-man army. 2. $1,800,000,000 for the plnnes. which arc expected to range from tiny trainers to 20-ton, four-en«lned bombers. An additional $400.000,000 would be asked later for orctnV-e nnd sicnal eGulpmcnt for alrcrnft. Approximately $300,000,000 to RERUN, Peb 2 v ," 6( **? WlilfC S flb ° ut to be S in . with the April hnnginp; "other things "-nature not spedi- - H1MU.IN, Feb 24. (UP)-Adolf Hitler said today he is lepured to pit. "half of Europe" ngninst Great Britain, that, unprecedented sea warfare is about to month of April hri lied—to thc enemy. "I am quietly looking forward to the coming decision," the fuenrei told a chcarintf group of old party comrades in the Munich beer hail where the National Socialist movement was founded 2 L -years ago today He said a report received "Just two hours ngo" from' the supreme' hncl rcvenlpd the sinking O f couid uvc "Right now with spring coming on I feel particularly nt. I rely on e best urmed torces of the world-the best Germany ever had-inu- itoilly «tron B , well equipped, and with *ood lead,,, "Our armaments prep«ration time. good leaders, the proudest achievement of all NO power ,„ th c mm CIin om . "The ouU!ld« world has slept." HlUer aald while pared her new campaign i^:!!',::"™•» r^- " i ™»™° ***** lias pre- has kept trie have been elected when yoim$ business and! fimds as « result of low original professional men hold the third or-' Russian Inventor Is Slain NEW YORK. Feb. 2<i. COP}— Michncl Borfsluvsky. 55, former colonel In the Christ Russian army and inventor of military devices reported to • be under study by War Department officials,' was found dead-on a sidewalk early today, shot, through thc eye.. He lay face clown, beside the wnll surrounding the Convent of the Sacred 'Heart. His spectacle* lay nearby. At first it was believed' he hud fallen after n heart attack, and hLs breaking spectacles had cut his eye.' Not until a medical examiner made an investigation nt the morgue, was U disclosed that he make up shortages In existing had it bullet hole in the back of fl l tt /•* r* n r . ~ —.., ~ _ . 1 i _ IT 1 .. . » » . . «- W ff.V\*f\, l/i §nnization meeting at 7:30 o'clock tonight at Hotel Noble. Jack O'Keefe, temporary chair- n>{it> nr rho Jaycec t- r roup, said he expected more than 50 youm men attend thc cha and a d estlmnlcs on cosLs. 4. S7yi.00fl.000 for thc munitions plnnts, which would consist of powder. TNT and general ammunitions factories. The exonnsJon of facilities under that nroqram would the head. Then It became evident thai he had been shot while wearing the spectacles. The right lens was smashed and fragments of glass were found in the bullet pierced eye. The bullet had ' emerged Cures Technical Defect In Sinking Fuhd(Measujfe LITTLE ROCK, .Fcb 24 (UP) -The house ; in a short, -'session tills morning received Homer M. Adktns Governor sinking fund members civic organisation. the back of the head. No , , present production levels to j S un or bullet was found nt thc 01 rnc fumijjh materials for a 4.nnn nnn. ' scene. The Blytheville body will be affiliated with the United States Hinlcr Chamber of Commerce and 4.000,000- man force. The armv alreadv has j spent $1,400,000,000 for 80 plants. Authoritative sources said that blll from the .senate and adopted an it to correct a technical defect.. The house then amended it's own sinking, {und bill alouy the same Incs. Tlie title of the bill had been left out of the body of fche measure and the amendment'mere* ly inserted it. , A revised alcoholic control measure 1 , was Introduced for the first and second readings. It provides Mint the assistant director of a proposed new department must be a lawyer. Tlie new department had been gave the evening prayer. COUn ^ v Fire departments nf " the Alexander Film Com- °- sceola confined the blaze to the pany and the motion picture ad- ' church after ^c congregation of vertising company for failure to ' qualify as a foreign corporation doing business in the state The court held thaV the com h ' ld been burn !«B there for some pproximately 150 persons marched ° stlfe . l *\ n *'** believed that the rc ' u ' hlch started in the ceiling, Officers Recover Cars Stolen Over Week-End _ James Terry, local abstractor and Members of the O.scoola Jaycee.s' Knud.sen Lo form a so-called "back- I piesidenL of tlhc Blytheville Cha'.n!?:UY- assisted in promoting a Jim- log" of orders. These orders prob- i ber ° r Cori| merce, lost his automo- ior Chamber of Commerce here, nbly would not be delivered before {3ile Satur day night and city police Arkansas State Jaycees. More of Lhc 15,000 new planes contem- than 1000 units such as the local t Plated some 12.000. Including 6,000 organization now are in the na- j trainers, were advocated by defense tinnal .setup. j production Director William ... . or failure to comply with the law and had since registered with the state. Dio organization was tirst proposed several weeks ago by a group of youu" men headed by O'Keefe. Nominating and constitutional commit toes, named last Monday ni-lu, will report tonight and officers will be elected and the 1943 Relatives Want To Locate Boyd Cupples An appeal to aid in locating Jeff Cupples. said to be living In an automobile trailer in or near Blytheville. has been received by Courier News. Relatives of the man. Hospital for treatment by Mrs. Homer Mos'ey of Kermondale. Mo. Fis daughter, Betty Joe. 14. suf-, fered lacerations, and a son. Wil-j !:am. 11, was bruised slightly, one ne^ro boy in the truck was hurt. The minister was en route to Hart-iH. Mo., to a church he serves, when the mishap occurred. The negro truck was owned by Martha Jones of Hermondale. A negro. Harvey Leonard of O.s- ceola. was near death today after a mysterious accident early Sar- urday afternoon, in which lie fip-j parently fell or was pushed under! a truck on a farm road near Os-! ceola. The sheriffs office was to I begin an investigation today. j Former Local Resident Succumbs In St. Louis w. Most of the loss of S10.000 was covered by insurance, it was said., Thc church was built In 1914 by' 8 l ' ou P' s constitution discussed. — _ the late H .A. Wise and planned » Tne "roup soon will be uble to Hatbands originated in medieval b >' a committee headed by the late 'i plan civic enterprises, and a num- tinies. when a knight tied his ladv's J - c - Spatm. It had been rcdeco- bcr of P ro -' ecls nrc hei ng planned scarf 10 hLs helmet. rated and painted last week. "\rcordin7~7TT7- "~ •' Comnu ' Lt ee members said an cdu- wili P* l . unatcs ' someone ! caciona! building, not a part of to the new structure. in the near future. Age range of the Jaycee.s Ls 2136. Tonight's meeting Is open to any young business or professional men who wish to join in civic work of the body. Livestock Kogs 15500—14500 Top 785 170-230 Ibs.. 765-785 140-160 Ibs.. 675-73(i Sulk sows 640-960 Cattle 4600—4500 Steers 825-1000 SI. steers 750-H SI. Heifers 700-1225 Beef cows 625-725 Cutters & low cutters Bandsmen Angry Over Suggestion To Pep Up Military Music ASHINGTON Feb "4 rUP>- " " » H • , 11 'J »salj> by orchestra' leader Leo- tri ' imo b:U{le m tan ^ s ^owskl proposed: one piccolo; one men on horseback as In armc G4 nV^» ,._i_* . _ *" «iivl til IIIUI t_Q CrtTS RtlCl TO IB.KC I*. f ift t t:f\T^rti r\ A c£ vrvr\KrM^n • f^i;r\ •****,,. T «, A .. i _i _. ._* *_i»._ ° /f in army band.smen bandsmen oractical. them " «>**«> two struck alto saxophones In E Hat; one tenor Stokowski Army Chief Marshall to was of Staff experiment" army band at Fort and see whether his either funny or saxophone in B flat; one in E flat; one bass saxophone In ., . . | "With some variations and addU | B. flat; one baritone saxophone In autnomec^ oy: . ions wtf could develop a kjR<l of E fit; one. bass saxophone In B L -: band that could play from armored fla t; two cornets; one high E flat -M „ •MiH W nt -V — - ^»«*-^«i«»/a in OL. ijuuia calif anri *P O m * n Li sun.- stoKowsKi sugges: S&3a*.!=t«*a5rtst-ffi««^A-M= o St. Louis at the home of his son, that T. E. .McCullough. . They I After making his home here for 30 years, he .went to St. Louis three about a years ago to reside with his son A »-r f am S; Besldes the son, he is also sur- Any information may vived .by two •to Boyd Cupples,, Cordelia >• "Term, army. Some .of the things he has pro- K,™ 1 !^/^^ to some army ale." Madison; WIS:, .. meeting this week But StokowsU's proposal to .cars while in motion or standing trumpet; two trumpets in B flat; still." Stokowski suggested. "These j three horns, or altos; two baritones. In motion i°nfc euphonium; three trombones; and mor-jone E flat bombardon; one B flat tuba and two percussion players to play bass drum, cymbals, snare drum, triangle, marlmbaphone and vibraphone. "What I'd Uke to have Mr. Stokowski explain," said one army band man. "is how the heck he'd get all those In a tank or an arm- Many of Ule instruments which bandsmen if it didn't make them army bands now use would bc sd angiy. Band masters and band ; carded and others substituted, tm- instrument manufacturers havei der the st okowski plan. He would risen Mn; protest and will beat th» ;place ^ reater empliasls on the sax- Cphone For a band to play "either ored. car," marching : or standing-still," Sto-j fctpkow'ski said that for "bands- on horseback as in armored cars I would suggest adding two tympani." His band, he said, would be "modern, easy to handle whe.n required to move with Immense swiftness, very brilliant In the open air, both soft and brilliant Indoors, capable of playing jazz, swtng cr jive." Under the Stokowski plan, according to army officials, tank corps would have the exciting stimulus of band music to spur them on in battle. But the music for a battleship crew would be "piped" by radio from Its band on land. "What Mr. Stokowski plans to do not only is downright silly, but would rum the bands and cost mil* lions of dollars," said Fred Holte, president of the national association of band instrument manufacturers. .. .". - ".: recovered It 15 minutes later. The car was taken from in front |of Terry's home on West Main j street. Police located the cnr park- jed on Main in the East end and I waited for two hours before the j person who took it showed up. j Just before H o'clock, a negro | got in the car with five other 1 negroes and was arrested for car ! theft by Officer.s Potter and Berry- j man. He said he took the car when ; "whisky told me to 'get that car'." i The other negroes, who were not j held, said the negro, Calvin Broad- 450-600 i enax * ^-year-old local bakery em- ploye, had told them he would take them to Armorel for "15 cents each." The car of Murray Daniels, Blytheville, was reported stolen from In front of the Palace Cafe at 1 a. m. Sunday morning. State Policemen Gene Dickinson and Eddie B. David had found the car abandoned, out of gasoline and with the lights on. almost an hour before Daniels discovered it was gone, it was parked just north of will assume the duties of the revenue in collecting the tax on liquor 'Hie house, after adopting the amendment to the .senate bill will btr able- to pass on it Tuesday when it reconvenes. Meantime the senate which was In recess today will be able to consider the house bui Wednesday. Records of the chief clerk the house showed of 65 members town on Highway 61. Six cars and trucks were reported stolen within a five-hour period Saturday night within a 30-mile radius of Blytheville. AH were recovered either at Blytheville, Caruthersville or on the highways by Arkansas and Missourf police; It is estimated that our military aircraft production Aov, excluding trainers and anything for com~ merclai purposes, Is. aout 600 a month,:'• . - ;.'..: : •,- i present although doubt as to this number actually being present was raised by observers. Speaker Means Wilkinson said he had been assured that a majority of the members were in thc chamber and the hall surrounding it. . - : He .said they hnve failed to reach their seats, but they left orders with employes as to how to cast ..their votes. After a 20 minute session x Wilkinson adjourned the house, giving members an opportunity to attend the opening of the races at Hot Springs. Ellis Infant Buried Here Sunday Afternoon The three-day-old . infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ellis., of Pride Addition in BlythevUle died at 5 a.m. yesterday. Funeral services \vere held yesterday afternoon, with burial in North Sawba Cemetery. ; Survivors in<fiude the parents and several brothers and s^ters, Hanna Funeral Home was In charge. U. 8. WEATHER FORECAST RLYTHEVlLLE— Snow or riih toni?hi and Tuesday. Slightly colder tonight. Lowest temperature lonteht 32. Highest Tuesday 36. MEiVtPKlS—Snow or rain tonight and Tuesday. Colder Tuesday night. Lowest temperature 34. Highest Tuesday 38. .•-' ^--' ARKANSAS—Cloudy "with light rain or snow, -slightly..colder -tonight, Tuesday, cloudy."'

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