The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1931
Page 2
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*T6wC?a^?R'sr"'* vv 'V'T*'' 1 r -">' ; -' "•*•-•-- -••-•' ,• .- iBSSKSSW^^^V*^ 1 /-">, . . -I/;,'::' • - ... IJ^^y-:--;;--:•:,;•'••• BLYTMKVrLLB, (ARS.) QOUKtKR WKWb Sleelt Society—Personal Society Calendar Sitting Pretty in German Society vj£rs,Rtlcy is. "Jones Is hostess lo /ttip KM? Wednesday Brl,vic chit). •: The Mitlnec Contract club !s mcctlnj with Mrs. ftincls Car- ptnter. . •'•:.. Thursday ••'•' Mrs. Otto Kochtlfzky is hav<.iL r (he Thursday Lunch; on club. ' . i.-'j •;' ..'The auxiliary of the American ft'. Legion will meet at the Woman's fv : .ciutj wllli Mrs. C. E. Crlggcr and ,: Mrs. Bernard Gobclj as hosier r. >! ..Tlie Ladies Biblo class ol th? ',-:'!•_ First elhodlst church wUl meet at V -the church with Mrs. Enima S, Bnr- Jney and Mrs. Dochia Mick as hos- .'.; tesses. Saturday ';.'•" ^-.Ther-0 nil) tc a story hour at '.•vthe Hlylricvlllc library for children -,•' of all as"- • Sir.ith-Shclton. ;' : i'• .The uitrrlagc of Miss Bertha •ti Shell en-and Mr. Claude 0. Smith. .": : :bofh of plewetn, Iowa, was solemn- '•f Ic6tl thli inornlng it the borne ol >.Uio K«y. S,'-K. Latlmer, who per : i • formed Vat., ceremony. -J""; Alter i_ bridal trip through the '- ccuth they will reside In the io'wa ^•c'lty.'..'.^,.,.;. :;' Society Hit ».Boiin«s Mee(ln|. '-.-." .The .'Wo'fflwTs Missionary society '. oMheiFlrst Methodist'church had a business meeting Monday -aftcr- ."nbon at, the church,. •• ' , :.:.:fot. 'the 1 --'devotional- MiV. W. .-I. •'DenUjri from-'.'James 2:U-2G • and prayers were offered by Mrs. A; C. ha ley and Mrs. J. a. Sud- /biii-y. •' •••'• •'.. • The district convention, to be held '^at Morie'tte.July"2, .was.discussed, '.}•;.-; It: : is" prbBable that several ,mem- j ••'. ber's fnJip, this ! group ; will attend. *i"'. ; . The slim'" of .$M was collected for •|^"the .calendar^ fund. ". . :,.-'•-,'it. was-:.vpted" to. assume »SOO bl : : the church'debt. . , ^'- '< . * J' . i .•: Cl«b' Entertained. .."..-'•, • .The ,6as ': Nik Ra Rook- .club, ,-i which--meets: on Friday . afternoon, ; ;: iwas' erittrialBed by' Mra. Tilmad|e ..; Huey. for "the', list party. The only 5-fuest ajnong- the two tables of play- ,;'m was^Mrs.-Huey's sister, Mrs. A. ;-;.N; Church : ••'.. ',•,.. •...'.."./.-' ..»-"-ifciictoui. refreshments WC-H; scrv- L£«iy:after./»eyer»l prpgretslons; • Bits of News Mostly Personal I Gcialdlnc Davis, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Davis, is 1m- j proving after several days Illness. I Miss Maude Alice Beasley cnter- I tallied a number of her friends with a bridge party Friday evening hon- orlnu Dr. and Mrs. Hoyt McDan- •lel After several games, the hostess | served delicious refreshments Th» following were gueses: Dr. nsi:l Mrs. Hojt McDjnlel, Misses Mary Lou, have been visiting their son, B. W.! this woek with relatives at Jc'.-cr ' catur. 111. Epsnce at Leachvillc, have return- ] Ark ' '. y.jr s x;;();<.| Holly, wlio rms Utn 1 nomc - I .Vfr. ci'.d Mrs. Di>:ic Crawford 1 i". Is Imp-cviiis. Mr. and Mrs. Gacrge Crorkketl cl Blythcvll!: spent Sundr.y witn of BlylhevllI} were dinner guests of! JJr. am! Mrs. W. S. Knnhy ', Dr. anrl Mrs. J. W. Kobblns Wed- Oral Hayes, Earl mid Herbert i nesday. Hudgens motored lo Osccola Sun- 1 U ' M illlcl lluth !l, Mrs, Siuu Misses Marjoric nn<l Emily Suo | Stewatt left yesterday lor Jackson, ,,„,. ,,, „ , - Mlss., where they will spend the I Mi <! t " i Y Mlss Maucle Allcc and Charles Long of Cartithcrsvilie, Mrs. A. B. Hhcdes entertainjd „.,„ .,..o. „. „. ~.v,.. u..u ' hc brl(1 ee club to which sh3 be- Ihelr cousin, Miss Peggy McKsel, | on S s at !l;r llimle Wednesday at- have returned from n three weeks lcrilt>0 "- Mrs. J. W. McCulta-h visit In Lakeland, t'la. Miss Annie V. Wardetl nnd Mrs. CXiirlur rJc-'.'.-s Wain Arts l>:iy. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McDollumb da >'had as their guest. Sunday, their i ilai.jhter, Mrs. Hill \Voociard._ Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Biir:l3ii, ..Irs.. Henry Howcll nnd Mlss Lula Sla!- ncr of Memphis vlsltcc! Irien-j^ in Cooler Sunday. Harvey Hastings ami Mn. Roy Mrs. ISiil Humes an;! Mr - Sunday. MJ-J. P. K. t!:!s v.-u:!: v.lth her B isl;r ui Uo-' (jflU S:'.!vc for Nilbv's C'dill Kcranshs. Mrs .Ilinj Mrs. Sh-.pas-d \-;',t;c'.i- Jliipa.-d u't Mc:iip:>'.i, ' i Pc-mlcr is sp-iulinj. (hrco days. ' MCliril) OK TAKI.KTS rt-s :i lli?nc ! .i(!ir or Knmtjhi J miiiulrc, c-hccks :i Cold (he t!:>y, nnd cim-ks 3!al.:rl:i !n summer with their brother, I/nils Stewart, and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Leech and 'Buck Smllh, of Osceola, were vlsi- f uc " fpr 'f c ' Jnc [tors In the city yesterday. j ^refreshments I Mrs. B. A. Lynch, w'no Is rccu- . Derating from an operation |»r- i formed several weeks aco ul the Memphis Methodist liospltul, Is 1m- was awarded Hie club prize and Mrs. Newb-erry Johnson won Hie trlzc, The hostess served daln- nt Ihe clos3 of the I proving- nt her home on West Main street. Mv. and Mrs. E. A. KiiDlhe and daughter of Memphis were guests Wherever, society gathers In Germany you're likely lo find the Bnron- ess Moclgpva'rler, who Is one of, the moat b:autitul matrons of the younger set. This Is licr latest portrait, posed llw other day [he city today. of Mr. and Mrs. for tiic week-end. Everett B. Gee Mlss Florence Bycrs left yesterday for Wichita, Kan, where she will spend a month's vacation. Mrs. W. W. McDsughey, of Lak; City, It vlilllng relatives hero, Mr. McGtughey will Join her tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Mcatcr and son and Mrs. R. L. Matthew'.'-of. Rip!ey, Tenn., spenl Sunday here with rclnllv^s. Mis Rose Hess was a visitor iu Little Rock over the week-end. Mrs. Doyle Henderson nnd son, accompanied by Mrs. Henderson's mother, Mrs. W. B. Button, have returned from Jackson, Tenn.. wher; they spent two weeks, Mr. Henderson motored over for them. Mrs. J. D. Borum and Mrs. Guy Bryant, ot Osceola, were visitors in Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly enter- laliiert with a dinner parly Thursday honoring Mrs. James Cock- . Marshall motored to Blylhcvlite • Tuesday afternoon. : Mcsdamcs Jim Barnes and Dill. liorcngii were Memphis visitoii Monday. Mrs. Jack Ellis nnd chilli 1 ?!! or • Brinkley wim havo b?;n visilln-j; Ficv. nnd Mrs. o. H. Klls, have! returned to their home. ! A. L. Allen and Jack M.imias! were business visitors nt CariilhorE- j vlllc Tuesday. ; T. W. Atkins of St. Loui:; v.ri-i !i;- ' guest of his daughter, M:i-> !.-:•.;.: Adklns, Sunday. ' Mrs. L. C. Spencer Is ijitmiltrj ran nnd daughters, Frances and Jane of Piiihicah, Ky. ; who nr; siiending the week here. Tne following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. Willard Armstrong, Mrs. P. 3. Kelly, Miss Ellen Kelly and Miss Louise Weinsteidt of Blodaett, Mo. Miss lona Oastlemfm entertained the Pollyauna club at her home near Cooler last Wednesday afternoon. After several games were played the hostess served refresh- in Berlin. :r- : .'-.'Thc?Junlor^dep«rtm«nt of (he i.Krst: Methodist ." church SUndar V^Khopi, ro«4e..up of .children from 1 8 •\:':if 1J'e.'wili tii've a V«k * tesskjn at the cliurph ' ' . d»y mornlni . from ' »:30 until id •!- • •-• •' . .-,: All ..officers,., teachers and pupils Xlh'this group^are liVeed lo altetid ; : -the s:cond of'this special series "of idillyyieatipn BIHi schools which . fill'.continue ;throufh . the rjinsln- . ;'(Jer of the lummcri - yCiicral.Cliib to Sfttl.,': , >":;l-.The c'horai'club wUi.hieet at lha ;,-.First Christian church .tonight, t : ;o'clock,-.for.practice;,This group will .j-be a unit in the fall ; musical fcs- fV- v al planned by 'Henry W. B . .Barnes ju which faragould, Jonei-' "~boro, Ne^Tort" and Blythcvril: will : participate. I'VX. 1 * *?-«P*?t*j'io have at least 40D rvclces ir^ the festival in addition to ; a-90:pleee orchestra and-Brand on:era singers.' - ' W; Although there arc but 53 voic-i '•••:.}£. the-Biyth'evll'le 'club It Is plan- ;,rie<i to have 1M. All "who sihj arj IV;invited to participate whethsr th'y v-liye it;BlythUvlile or in other town* .-;pf the county. t SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Banquet I ,.. Among those" who attended the I .;. Kroger banijwt in Memphis Sat- ! ^- iirday _. evening for managers nnrt employes rjf the grofery firm in •'. (h!s (fritter? were W.'L. Phillips ; Jimmle Lcdbettor. J. H: Parker j .,-W. Titiim, R. C. Carman, Preston .; .Ramey and Joe Strickland, all of : ; JKre. Mrs." Phillips accompanied .;B|r. Phillips. ' : -Tn ilive] tlttb Meetlns .-The fiodcna Woman'3 club will i.;fntet' Thursday ;'• illemoon wilh ,~'i**|^. ?pr« Lee' Colenian, county j-:;home .; demcnstrstion agent, In IV;charge of, th3 mccllivs Vil be tak- 1.:'eh up "with plans" for" Farmers Ui'.Woek.- This "Is'.to bi nt the Unl- li " verslty of Arkans*s, FayeUcvllle, •-.-<'- August j-g.-•':-,' ''."': .- • • - •• (On Friday-therd fill be ft slinl- Isr rMrtmj'of'tHe'Perry-Woraarfs i .;•; cwB and iolh the' Perry 4H clubs \'.> vlU'tlao meet .that" day: ' •'•• -•- ' ' ,--':•: i .« . .- Celehnted "•'.•"•• BY SISTER MARY . NEA Service Writer With'children »t home all day dtrrlh'f -rVtitlon time, their lunch- eori' r*estrits » new problem. More freedorrf Is i«rmltted than during school-days and the lunch hour nfct'"so regular.-The temptation to.-.-— -oo- -- --.-..^ bill -between metis-Is trying, for Ing and inviting, drinks. foot! Is always available. """ ->-••-:--*--•'*-' . The hetrty metl- com«s at ehil 'of. Ihe day uv most families and 'Ihe child family 'Inble Is oflen served foods loo rich arid heavy to go to bed on. Hours'df active pl«y In ths! fresh ah- sllmulate the appetite iuid ex- ready-to-serve cereal, cream, cream- hauft energy so that food is necessary. But unless special prepared for children, meal Is the light one and the evening meal the 'hearty one eaten with the grown-up members of the family. Rults Govern Dkl i There arc certain rulss which j P govern the choice of a child's daily * diet and some knowledge of these rulss is essential: Every child should have In his diet every rtay one quart of milk. He should have at lea*; three vegetables, ona of which may te potatoes and ons of the others green or raw. He should havi two fruits, one preferably raw. should have oil serving of meat, i Church fish or eggs. A whole grain cerjal. three slices of bread or toasl anrl tour glasses of water complete the lisl of foods necessary lo maintain a balanced diet nnd provid: an adequate number of calories. If a child doss not like to drink Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Joyncr nnd children will leave Friday for Jackson and Wiggins, Mlss., and Now Orleans, La., where will spend ton days. Ernest Hoe and Rowland Wolfort . The Ladles Missionary society of the Methodist church entertained the members nnU their wilh a picnic supper Monday night. The party motored to Carter Park where games and races were enjoyed before the picnic supper. Lyn Shields and J. n. Morgan made n business trip through Missouri and Kansas last week. Mr. nnd Mrs. T. c. Bcasley visited friends at Braggadocio Sunday. H. A. Wall was a Memphis visitor Saturday. • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Whitfield visited Mr. ami Mrs. J. n. Hadey at Caniden, Tenn., last week end. Carl Berrell of St. Louis is sp!ml- ing his vacation in Steele with Mr. Or. Fay! Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 attended to business in riggott yes-i 1 " 1 '' Mr3 ' J ' a ' German. today ' Mlss lilltil Lawliorn has as her W. P. Veazey jr., Is attending to!l. uea , 1 thls weck ' 1>er slit ". business In Memphis today Eunice Quthrfc of Black Oak, Ark Mrs. D. H. Blackwood and son, . . B : Perrln ° r Osceola was o- . .. : . O.. Holla Bd : «»s". the 'honored K: rtei'fdr a, party isUst evening plan- h "nM by Mr3..H6ll»n'd_for. his birth- K:'.- d«y "rwhen'. -. erxliin : .gentlemen Li- ; -fittiids SirrprlsM' him at « o'clock Hjr-'.V Rummy .yis played, for the chid Ifelr, aftiuseiriBit.; Ic)S» leffeihment the [),";- pliytrj during ihe ovenlng and if- L ^"«'ciUil Kimts there vr:.3 )-.e vlerttm ana eiilte -served. • • • • j v ,. : , Mr. irid Mrs.' T. j'. Mitchell, for- IS' teerly ot Br/thttllle arid Osecole IS'trl^ nbif? i)t-Bt»anglcn, N. 0., an> I'S-iounceMb*.--|Nrtli .of * di,usht:r |<-:Jitrte Ji'Th; b»by ht* been nimed ibie Ultehell.-Mrs. Mitchell : Mlts M»y . 0;. W»S -frbBv'tlib'Blytlifev : iUe hot"' -" In ndilition to oiir rc.iiuiur slock we have juat retoivci! a larprc shipment of r.c seasonable K<iods which wo bought at a bargain and the savings arc bciiii< on to von. visitor In Steele Monday. D. H. Jr., and Joe Murphy, have Mr. and Mrs. Mnx L. Kelly had" cd. They are' very quickly mada and children generally Mrs. Carl Slgler of Haytl. It is a, «ood:pl«n f to serve a cup o! ' Jfra.- clarence' Wilson and other Miss Evelyn Blggart had guest for the week-end Miss Mary diah when a ' cold Mr. and Mrs. John Myers will D. Baker of. Dyersburg, Tcnn leave tomorrow for a two weeks vis- Miss Louise Welnstetdt of Blod- getl, Mo.. Is the housegnrel of Mrs Jack Kelly this west. Mr. and Mrs. Rebbl2 Jo'nnson of Caruthersvlll: spent the week-end it at Chattanooga, Tcnn., up in the bined with eggs to make nourish Lookoiit inouptalns'. J. Ncrrls Moon- has accepted these afe/ : used,, a hot position, with .Joe Isaacs stcr;. m souri with sandwiches of let- Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Horner have with relatives here. as their guests, Mrs. Homer's sis- Clarke Frame visited friends Coator Wednssday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bngle have ns their guest, this week, Miss L^- ona" Peltier of St. Louis. Mrs. Abner Ashciaft nnd son, rounds out the meal. ter, Miss Nannie Clark Wheatley, Ark. O. P. Moss is utttnrlme to busi- 2 Piece Linen and Nurolcx 2 Piece " nen and 3 Piece Linon Suifs Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Strawberries with ness in Caruthcrsvilte today. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Allenberg - , , nourishing et * dried beef on toast, milk, coffee. of Memphis spent yesterda r r., are spending this They were accompanied home by week with relatives nt Cooler. croutons, grated carrot sandwiches, Mrs. Allenberg's father, B. H. Lc- 1 Mr. anil Mrs. L. c. Spencer nnj family hart as their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. George Tinslcy, Mrs'. ry, who will spend several days with Baked salmon trout, casserole of eggplant, lettuce Misses Mary Emma and LaVcrgnc Louis Odum and daugh cucumber salad, rice pudding- with flood and J. A. O'Bryant arc Icav- Ann, of Joiner, Ark. gooseberry sauce, milk, coffee. ng this afternoon for n motor trip Mr. nnd Mrs. G. w. Cook mo- lo Corpus Chrlsil and other parts tored lo Memphis Tuesday. Reginald Mclntosh, Allicrton and Ralph Fnrrar, Bill Jones, and Jack Miss Peggy Frakes Is visiting her Rldenour will leave In the Pounds at Coste 1 for Camp Pike. Little Rock, where tills week. Mrs. A. N. they will attend the C.M.T.C. fi^ taiaaa^zj camp. All of the young men. . Miss., Mrs. J. F. Douglas of Wil- In tnkinj up a nsw term of ser- Bill Jones, will remain f son, Ark., and Mrs. Lindsoy S vices for the month of July the encampment bsjin- crsville me visiting tlieir members of the First parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. have "Church Night' Mrs. Alice Womack has gone lo Miss Irene Gullir!: is spending this week witli her mother nt Oak, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Wells sprnt visiling Mrs. i and Mrs. Daisv Bo- on earn Wednesday -evening. This Equality. 111., for H two will lake the plsco ol Ihe Sunday MLv> Jean Bourlanrt week prayer meeting. n week in Rlplcy, Temi. business meeting of classes in the Sunday school, ths Christian En- Jlmmlc, liave returned from a visit len. .Mr. and Mrs. H. A. in Senalh. Mo. They were nd Elders and the weekl panled hoine by Dr. Tipton's nepli- cw. Tubby Jnmcs, ot CariithcrsvlH;, who is now tlicir hoiisegue^t. UBS ol the Woman's Auxiliary, ihe Svmlay evening -service will ic wilh th? congregations of Ihe Don't surfer from Hral Clraii, Oil or Repair that OW Fan- Wsilnole KIcciric I'lione 311 led loners of the Unllccl Stair- lists men as pieferinj; the an churches on the-lawn o tfclhodicl -church, • \ nutty, chewy nnd salty typ:s errncc for ludgcs and setter can- E5^3EJ5S^3 tor. ot Miss Mary Oil tin w, a pro issions. Its Needs irts and Shorts Eaeis his Hllotlcd qiiarl of milk il may bo used over vegetables, in soups and in desserts. All the foods arc belter servrf as simply as possible, but csre should bs taken to mate children's food palatable nnd attractive. Kxlra Foorls al Nooh A very easy • way to plan n child's limchcon menu Is to include in It those articles of food in.his. dally food requirement thai arc nol served-at breakfast or dln- hsr.whin l-.c entire family, ar; lo- ge!h';r. If he b given his broiled hop or msat cake al have ed.;o.r th.s.rssi. of the family., -yery often" the luncheon dessert can b= counted, as. the "main dlsi\" "or a vast amount of nourishmjnt can be tuit.iiito a pudding. Thl lype cf dessert Is seldom wanted for dinner 1 ; and adds variety if.used [or the noon -meal. -. -' R»w. vegetable sandwiches or a saladr with bread and bu'.tsr, one hot • cooked - vegetable and a milk and egg dessert supply a satisfactory luncheon when-the dinner I hearty. • • . . , Another point to'ktep In mind is thst'luncMon dlsMs should b or m;at_cake ai noon, he may flic dinner vej'cta'bfcs'provid"-' easily digested because ( comes at ths hottest'tlmi |d«y. Insist on 15 mltuiles rest bi- fors ths mes! nnd tttV »n hour o! quid In-the shade after 'tire meal B* SpgHn; of ^^A....I..I -.1,. i'ill 'be Wr.di!tMl.iy evening, I'clcck. in the main auditorium vlth Ihe Bctn Chi Sunday school gram hcmc "Home and 'Seep; in Our' Church". • T. Malun will from Qnintlnns 6:10. there -will be special music ar.d brief talks- concerning the theme. This will br. followed with short separate moeltngs, ol .the .various srbu'ps before 'an Informal sosla! hour -Is held.. ..... Mrs. Georf efl. Crockett Is the general chairman of these services ttrs. George "H. Cfcckct Is the the music. Little Holt Soy Dies at Horde Near Osceola Bsriiartl Holt, In swestonlriii iltfsSHs fof clill- drerl, It Is far btltcr to maks thsnl ' this mca »srnarti Holt, [hrc-! year ol i* of th-i 0 ' Mr - nrl " ^!rs. Amon Holt, u ..^ cumbed at tho family home near Osceola at 5:30 o'clock yesterday evening. The dcccsu«?d Is silrvivrd by Ills one brother and one sls- lid sweet onbujh thin ' ' sweel. . If 'more sugar is necicd to -make H,p«r»table, the chlldrsii will like to (punk!* It with sugar when eat^ Ing It. Drinks niatic ol milk and eegs arc nourishing and easily dlj»ot- ter. Funeral services will be held Bakcsvilh, Ark., according lo Cobb Undertaking company. BOSTON, tUP)—Men avc more fond of candy-and sw'eets viian art Kuiiien. accouling to Mrt. On II.! Enydcr. president of Ih; Usljllcou- J 1NC, North on Hijrliw;iv (il

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