Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 15, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1942
Page 2
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15, 1942 BEACON FALLS DEFENSE GROUP IN BEACON FALLS TO HOLD MEETING 'i::«() o'olook, , nmioon lodgo, KnlghlH of Pythias, will muut tomorrow ovonlnK <U Py- luliui hall at 8 o'ulook, Voluntuor Hod workers, who wish to dormto Uiolr tlnui tomorrow I'oi 1 I'olkif Hflwliitf, niay PO- porl at thu homo -of Mrs , Harold Wlloox on Highland avonuo, any- tlmu from .10:30 o'olook In tho inorn- liiKi until 5 o'olook In the aftor- jioon, Members of Various Are Aaked to Attend Session Tomorrow Night, 1 i Mrnuon l (1 allM ( July hV-A Mllliilifr Of ImiKH'tfllll. llUslllMMM llltlttci'H (1011- ooniliiK Mio tnwn'M noMvlUoH of Olvlllan hcrcMMM, will hu rllMoiiMMod at (.ho nuwMriM of Ilin (ilvl/lan Do-. Tun so xniuii, wnliwlulpil for ioiurn- row (wmiliiK (it HIM Uniitur Hohool at 7:,'!() 0'nlook. Tho nmolliix will tako j»l«(!n In Hut olKhlli tfi'adu room, i Klnnwii, nlil<«r ale raid IHIH miulo an mwiil appeal to all Mm mcmluM's or IMo various units to iio roHont, INSIDM PAOI'l NIWHKX8 CIHKSUN notion, July 15—(Up)—A 40-yoar- old (luiiitliiK Uwolior Is hollovod to MO tho I'li'Mt Nogro.MS ali'UHoii Cot 1 dho Woimm'H Army Auxiliary corps, Sho IN Mi-H, Mlldrod Davonpo^t Uartor-- ft I km to mint In l-ho MassaohusoltH Womon/M Dol'oiVHn oorps, Sho'll loavo tomorrow for Iho Women's Office iv*' Training Hohool at UU.H Molnos, town, Aircraft Carrier Yprktown Hit By Bomb AGAINST BOOSTS IN WORKERS' PAY I'crlod Tho anniinl vacation pnrlod for monihni'M or Mm (inllod church parish will lingln on Auxiisi I, Scrvliu-s will not ho roHiimcd until Sunday, Soft, I, 'l, iHirlnx Mm period of llmo that Mio olturoli will ho rlosnl, Ili-v. and Mrs, Ml I la I'd Stovous will visit In (Jlwrli'Slon, S, (,'., wlmro thoy will work \vllh tho Clrotilar lIunKi'OKa- tlonal ohtiroh. This ohuroh Is oarry- IriK on an oxtfuislvo proimim of .Morvion for doi'onso workers and mon In Mm iirinod I'OIVOH, Tho fl/ml Hoolal I'urmtlon of tho Yomw f'ooplo of ||, 0 ffnllod ohuroh will ho hold l-'rlduy ovonlnK »t tho ohuroh parlors af. 8 o'olook. V ,S, 0, Drlvo To Mml Tho I/. S. n, drive whloh hun fwn In proKro.MM ImwMy for tho pant two Weeks IH oxfiootcd to ho In a oloMo Milrf vvi'ck, Tho wf iwil to 1'iinilMlt iv'oroa- tlonal hradifimrtfTM I'ur hoys In tho /u'mod I'onu'M of (ho oountry, Many local IIO.VM havn already onjnyod dancn.n and varloiiM (minor [>,'iMtliii"M In Uio United Hoi'vloo ( lli'lpf* T/in fiom-on FalM library will Jm oporj on Friday afternoon from 1 I«os AnnoloM, July ir>~(UP)-_Alr- erat't manufatUurors say tholr liulus. try will ho tho largost In Mio United Slates hoforo I0i;t, Thcroroi-o, thoy warn, gonora/ wa^o hoosts for tholr omployos would disrupt tho Kovorn- hUMil'M Indatlon oontrot. program, Hut Mio ohalrman of tho wage Mtahlll^aMpn oonforonoo, Paul Porter of Mio War Production Hoard, assurns lahor loaders that Mio KOV- crnmont's position Is not that thoro should ho no Inoronsns at all, Tlmro almost, was union trotihlc ovor thd manaKMTiont position, Hul Miu Al-'f* mauhlnl'sts olalm Mmy stalled It off, Mushu'ss AtffMit |[, J. Olhson snya Soattlo HooliiK alroraft workorn ptannml To quit Miolr johs, Hut ho says tho union "stralKhlonod -thorn out and told thorn tho Los Anglos oo/jforoitoo flld not mean tholr svatfos would ho frown." Olhson rloolaros "our shop oom- rnlttoos havo hnon husy ropudhtllnp ttio sl.nry. , , Wo 1 vo announood II ovor shop loudspoakors," Ho adds that 'J.oofi omployoH month quit Hoolnw for hlglu svawos at other plants, . 4 • » ' ' lyv'WWi'.'xw^'.w.i.j.ffwS'^S'S'WW'r'W'i'W^iw.V'K'W^ the a program. are Senator faclu'rers, J'pr such DavJrt I. Walsh, Massa,,,. 'When all the lac|s arc known uncut Hie engagements in the Coral' Sea, at Midway and in Uie AJeuMans, the American people will bo satis/let] and gratified as to the fighting Qualities or the Navy, Purii-cularly gratifying is the progress being made in construction of planes-and; lighting-ships. . . Daily and almost hourly the Navy, both in its combat ships and air force.' is e^pariding as satisfactorily as would seem possible. 1 ' - r : ready W^af a ^ L H??.^ ed Jn Great 'Britain in ° 0nc( * 'lime operations' ih -i. fGffe ct says the Department of7 # '"? ' -—i*. l '0liu». A oloud of .smoKo uri.sfcs fi-oin bowbi'i 1 (uli'olo) who survived i P °S*Vi 9 \i* 'W i 9 "'" ,^- 1 ' 1( : -^ s ^ 1 ' uck ^ « koinl) dropped; oii : her liy a Jop m nniiriuici-nrt iro. % .The action ot'CUmid du'riiif/ the battle of Midwiiy June 9-6 'in to the Jnp ..flfloMlic-nniionncciiioiit.liy;tho Nnvy stated that 20 ,faj> ships were eitlicr \y A. W, WALKER Oj)tothQtrl4l nt TWO FLIERS ON TOUR TO RAISE SUM OF MONEY Now York, July 15—(UP)—A Ssvo- clUh - AinnMoan all 1 liarnstorml trim* Lo wtlwo rnonny for Norwegian riloi'M IrulnlnK In (Jnnarla loavr-s f lluardla I'Mold, Now York, today, Thn -tour will bo maclo l)y 'Lie MM Moll,!!, a SwodlHli ofi'l- whn hnM Joined tho tioyal Nor- alr t'oroo, and <i Norwoglan Hot whoso namo IM withhold for »ar of Naxl roprl-HftlM, Tho pilots will visit ,')0 Amorlcan W-li'M In a [ilario lont hy HID Amor- oanarmy, Thoy 'hopo to raise JHMOO,- t'or tralnlnx planoit a.s tanglhlo of Iho unity of Amorloann >f Soandlnavlan flonoont ftgalnst tho \X!M, loltl and Ur'adloy have not ,hecn on good lonns nominally, 'I'nlloltl fli-sl was olo&tcd -In 1938 to servo 'a i'oiir-yrwr yoar, ho brought charges agal-nst and prosooii'ttcl- Sla'to Highway Corn-' inlsHlonor. William J. Cox In a re- ul ova I 11 oaring. At ,tlui same 'I I mo, Congrcvssman .fospph I-!. Talbot of Naugatuuk ro- Itoratos -lils airppor.t of former Clov- ornor IVaymond 10, Haldwln for re- nomination and roe'leotlon. Talbot says /his own future la lip 'to 'the party. A candidate fo' j lloutonant governor Is Publisher' William ,/. Pdpe of Waterbury. Mass., da'llod 'police when they'saw what thoy thoughl wore- foreign solcll'ors... Polioo found, t'hrep'youths wearing•oyorHhocs, although'Jt/ \viis a blistering day. They were garbed in odds and ends and.sure enough did look like men on the sea. ' : . Ho\vevor, the youths wore frctft: wfion they explained that, they' worked for'a rubber conipany ahc wore testing • tho overshoes foi wear and tear., WARINEUROPE A YEAR AGO, JULY 15,1941 HOUSEWIVES MAY HAVE PLENTY OF SUGAR FOR FRUIT (By, United Pi-ess) H uss I a n s ' a n n ou n on' Bai I, Id Sea ' n a- U'al and air'victory in, which J3 Gci> i'imin. troopships were sunk, in an at. ' ~^-—' ' , 1'taclc on a J-nrge convoy. • , GOT MANY CATS"--- . -\\: Harry L.'Hbpkins, U.S. superviso) Butcher Schmaltz of Rochester,|. 0 fL^d-Lea SC f ..program, IcaVcs fo! IN. Y,, was pretty unhappy when ('London. I his oat rail away, S.o ho asked Ivis-'tL British, troops begin occupation oj sa'me;"UiMg. ' My boy i-s Just one among ' millions. 1 '' : \ •', ' Hender.son ; cras'hc ! d •his:, 'burning Rlarie i n'to" . /the -sm okos tack of a J a paeso aircraft carrier during the Midway '.• '" Wheels that are put ! 6f line can rob you of a lot of tire mileage. HELPING PALLOTTI SAYS HE IS ASSURED OF RENOMINATION mri jit SIARBIM F0 " * M ' K ' Vl RUBIN'S i ttnl. Nllw NAUOAtlMIK, (IT ; Ilnrtford, July :I&-(UP)—AUm'finy (Innoral KrannlM A, Pnllottl any* hn Is aHHiirod or ronomlnatlon hy I'lio liispuhlloan parly thlM fall. I'allo'tll .«ays \K\ rounlvod !I!H a«- Huram'OH from high party Irmdnr's, • ut ( Id 7iot nairio I horn, llowovnr it (x known 'that tho attornoy grm- jJi-ftl noniVirrod nnioritly with Stato MuHnnan J. KnnnoUi Hradloy, ( — -, 1 ••i*ii|Mi|j*iiiL^-l •! ••! - - r JIT.1 ri nwm in • HIM ^ t --.--.- y, ^ \ ^ | ««S=S*4J=$=W«^^ Half-Price Sale Of Missoa Two-Piooe Suits—Seersucker and \ ' . s Shantung- r r HoHton, July 15 (Special)—Ilouso wlvo.s can #ot enough sugar to can tho fruit Uioy plan to put up you i 1 , in H.piio of rumors to tho oonlrary, John K. nice, chalr- i»i" of iho New Hnghmd Coimoll'H Oommtltoo ou Agrloulturo mnd Por- wlry, daolarud -horo - today. "Von will got, -ono, pound of sur for ovory four quarts of fin- fi'iilt you arc putting up," Mr. polntod out In a .statement to II homo oannors. ''You will aid our oountry hy oannhrg as muoh •ult iisposrtlhlo. ;Vnd you may havo n adcllllnnal pound of sugar for porson in 'Iho family, to mako supply of Jams, jollies and n-ult u-tloiu Apply to your looal ra- l)oard for a sugar oor-Mfl- w(f « for .homo cumnlng. \\'-Kh Mils iou may huy jtu ffa ,. a( , ftny st . Q Kf>ep a rooord/of the fruit you can' will your ratloncfl sugar - tho rtt - lonlng hoard will ask for It whon «PI>I,V for moro." Daily Chuckles ° (W Unllutl Pro'ss) A lot of Jaj)H had run ovor Dataan «m«o J. Af, Mull ugh had been to In i'aot, tho «rls«ilod votoran of thu Colorado hills hadn't boon to Puobio In ovor a oyar. Polioo fhially plolvofl him up In Iho Santa Ko railroad yards. Thoy askod "."» 'dKJtit his draft card. That «top pod ol'd Me Hugh. ''l.-'ma card?" ho said, "don't In- HMly. I lost that baok In . , .icbanon. ji 'British, shipping losses Tor month :of Juno (52 ships) revealed as iow- jesL sinoe month of January, i941. • friend, Joseph Doane, a to look around his boat tp-soo'-IT ho coukln't find another good "raUer,' 1 "Just, throw it through 'tho transom if you find one," SdHnialtx, said; Tho very next morning when tho butcher opened his shop tlic place was swarming with an assortment of 15 cats. Officer Doanc had also' tossed a note through the transom It yri \r\ • ' -T - i /-vi f <(| < L i/J^wai, Qhip., July ipi-(u-P)—There Uear SchmalU: I don't know a r, is''U''vein of'humilHy in the pride good ratter when I.sdo one. They ; of .Lha-mp'thoV of ftn, heroic, Amef- ill iooketl pretty good to me, Take 1 'Iccin' marl.ho'"- '-Svh>d-; gave "iris life in your pick." . • •• tfio Wt'Me^f-Midway. i; ' deeply proud 'of liim," says Hender-son of 'her nvi'alor MOTHER PROUD t OF DEAD SON T?mt odd piece or furniture in!fjht Ind n buyer if you use the Clnssi- led inodium. tn'e "J'm ,'Mrs; .40 son,- uMajor Lofton H. Hcmd'erson— bul,, ^he adds, "coutJ.css oLher sons 15—(UP)—United arc heiping I/he London,•, July 'States ' officei's Royal Air lorce .s'elcct German targets 'for «Yass 'hoinbimg raids. They arc understood' ,to he sitting in on •conferences which'sel- ect Hie targets;-of Britain's riew a-li offensive against 'the German submarine industry. R-A-P bombers •have gone as far -as Danzjg to Iiil the suJjmaHne monaco at its source. r- » » » THIS MAKES SENSE Washington Daily News Editorial-: "This war will be won with air power or it will not be won. It will take a five-ocean air force to win Lhc war. ' We have the resources, the brains, the' skill, the ?enius, the, man power to build an; ncornparably : great and destructive- air armada^—an. armada that Will de- cat the Axis -^y-destrpy^n'g it,; The' Our expert wheel-alignment service costs little, saves much. Driving is safer arid easier when we've trued the wheels. Wheel alignment ie typical of niany services -we offer—-for all makes of cars. Gome in! the aimien of •the.'.manu-t FREE MOTORS, 492 North Main St. Naugfiituck, . Cbnrv Beginning: Wednesday OUR ANNUAL No Returns No Exchanges PRESSES This America is great stuff. I'm not much of a flag-waver myself, but I sure do get a lot of joy and pride out of this countrv of ours these days, It's the spirit and the willingness to sacrifice for the one big effort that is most striking. • That spirit has changed many of our habits, Folks are more than willing to share their cars, buy bonds, . scrap and do whatever else they can for the war effort, They seem to me to be , , T . ..-<5&- v »more friendly, , ;.andvnejgfcborlf;'?' :: " - : ^ ] ' A friend of mine .;. i',^g from the deep and hospitable South was up here for a visit recently and he remarked on the attitude of the people SUMMER DRESSES Store closed Tuesday at 12:30 v Hall-Holiday. Summer The Kennedy Store SAVIOI) TIIK Is as vital to Amorl'oa at momonl as iho dykus aro to Holland, Twulvd-yoar-old Paul Murphy, of MlnnoapollH, Igiows that, And In a I'ooont oinorgonoy hn followed tho oxainplo of Hans, Iho llttlo IHik-li boy who sluok his flngor In thu d,vl<n to savo his oountry from /lood waters, was toting tho family's ftvu or ratlonud sugar homo on Ml.s Jji-Uo, whun ho ooHldod with an aiUOinnhlln, Tho su K ar W ck toru Aa Paul tumbled unhuH to thu tfi'ound, hu put his Jingo r in Iho runt and savud all but about an ounoo of tho sugar, Mis-sesVand Women's Wore to ; $14.95 Life-saving Suits are giving torpedoed aailora another chance, United States Rubber Company Nnugntuck .Footwear Division I'rlvalo aobort A. Putorson, ol uirt KuHllH, Virginia, was grateful Jouati-Hu llomor UoVltt allowed him o Hlay ovornlKht in hin HiLltiK station, In Musi Mvorpool, Ohio. •So Nvhon PoliM-Hon got back io oaiuji lio wroto a nluo ntUo thank- you note. Apparently, ho didn't know tot Uvorpool very' well Uo addressed (ho lottor Ilko this: ' "J'MrHl Horvloo HUiLloti across' toll brkltfo ,on \VoHt Virginia U. S ^0 Hklo and on lui'lhand sldo of road, Dast Liverpool," • Tho inaliH .still go through. Mr, uovllt got tho lottor promptly, SAVICIJ HY IIIMI) About « year ago Nolson CJo'llarcI roHouod a blackbird that had fallen from, HH nost In r,o.s Angolos. ' Tho bird Hooanio a liousohold pot and !I«H pa/d h\a debt to Coital with Intorost, Tho bird (low i'rpm Its kltohori poroh into Iho badi^bm to -awakon (.lollard arid hl.H wlfo. • llohnn \V«H on flro, Misses' and Women's Wore EVENING, GOWNS .... Butcher Linen 2-piece Summer Prints Plain 'Sheers •Cruise Air Prints $19.95i Were to $19.95 $5.98 COTTON^RESSES ......... $2.98 Were $3.98 $3.98 Were $5.98 , . 1-Piece Cottons 1 and 2-piece C'ottohs ...... '-V' 1 were $8,95 to $12.95 i , ' • ' , :• . , Juniors — Misses—r Women HUNDREDS OF DREiaSE'S TO CHOOSE FROM 2-Piece Seersucker .Suits Were $7.95 sys Kool " Suits $8.00 Were $14!95 Rayon Faille Suits .... ., Were $16-95' Shantung .Tweed or Twill Coats $9.00 •-Were to .$0.9.95 - Shetland ''Boy Coats" and Reefers ........ Were to $19.95 $15.00 .Were to. $29.95 Shetland Coats Tlveeds and Twills Pl^id Or Solid Wool .Suits ,....., Were ; to $16.95 Shetland, Twill or Tweed-Suits .. Were to $19.95 Wool Crepe or T\vill Suits .00 .00 Were to $29.95 Residents of a hcmcli near liiill, ^^ 33-35 East Main St. ^hjs feels like home 1 ! he said. "Folks . seem even more friendly and helpful than I expected." He liked it. ^ I like it, too. '• -'-:''^;T. .' ; : -•/ At The Connecticut Light and Power Company we're all trying to do our share. And we're working hard to overcome increased expenses so we can continue to say ... -:\" J '" ELECTRICITY 1$ STILL CHEAP

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