The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 4
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BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS T»5 BLYTHEVILLl) COURIER NEWS ; TSB COUPUER J1EWS OO. ( PUBLISHER* • i? * > O. R, BABOOCK, Editor „• ••':^p. W.;HAIKE8. AdwrUstag Mtntgtr ,V Bole National Advertising Iteprescntalivcs: Arkanau Dallies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Dttrott^ 5t. Louis, PtllM, Kansas Oily, Memphis Published Irery Afternoon Except Sunday ' .pnicnd as second class matter at the poet •Ok*; at BljLhevUle, Arkansas, under act of ' October 9, 1917. Served'oy the United press SUBSCRIPTION I?ATES By onrler in the City of qlytheville, 15o per week,'or J650 per 5«*r, In advance. . By mall, »iUiln a radius or 60 miles, »300 p«r ye^r, 41.58 for six months, 75o for three months; fey m»l! In postal zones $,wo to sU, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones scvpi\ and eight, $1000 per year, payable In a4v»ncf. ^^ War Debts Help Keep America Ota of W;ir ,Thc famous war debts may bo as dene) as a sailed hewing, 1ml it is beginning lo look as if they liavo loft ' sow'e very lively ghosls lo slalk about Ihe chancelleries of Europe. It 1ms been several years since all the European nations except Finland agreed that there was no sense in paying Uncle Sam wlial was due him. Since armies and navies are Ihe only international collecting agencies thai amount to anything, and since Uncle Sam obviously was not going to get that tough about it, welshing seemed perfectly safe. ,' Uncle Sam would just have to lal<c it—rather, not lake'it—and like it. - There was one little thing the American Congress could do, and it proceeded to do il with all speed. It passed the Johnson act, prohibiting American loans to any foreign governments which were in default on their war debts. But that looked vcty much like an empty gesture, at Hie time, because 110- body \vas tiying to boirow anything, "" • With" the passing of the yi'nvs, however, the picture has changed a lillle. Tho world depression isn't quite as had as' it was. Governments are gelling into a spending mood once more. Euiiheunoro, a new \\M seems to be jn Iho cards, and all hands would ,like to be able to do a little more business with the American birfiks, munitions makers, and, raw brokers'. Both France 'nnd. tyfily j(| fo ( r instance, ''recently ,foi|nd. it advisable to seek funds fiom abroad; a-id both nations found the American bunks closed lo them. Now it is reported that Great Britain is likewise interested in gelling funds in ihis country for its vast rearmament campaign; but the Johnson act stands in Britain's way also'. As a icsult of all this, rumors are afloat lo the effect that one or another of the foreign powers will presently be taking steps CQ reopen the war debt question. One report—quoted recently by tho Business Conditions Weekly of the Alexander Hamilton Insii.tntci—sug- gests that Fhgland may devalue the 246,000,000 pounds sterling of gold now held by the Bank of England and OUT OUR WAY offer the resulting profit, some $700,000,000, to America as a lump sum settlement of Ihc British, debt, It would seem odd to find the war debts on the front pages again, after we' had kissed (\\crn goodby forever. But it is quite possible that is just what will happen. If it does happen, there ivmsl be at least a few Americans who will suspect that, the wnr debts are worth more dead lhan alive. Defaulted, the debts stand as a barrier against our, gelling financially and industrially entangled, wit|| a Ruropa which is on Hits verge of indulging in another world-shaking row. Paid III>T—fit a dime on the dollar, or some such rate—I hey would cease lo be a barrier, and Ihc way would be open once moro for us to bo a Good Tirno Charley for Ihe world at large. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark i. Bvowder in Tcrrc Haute How many |>coj>]e, including resUlcnls there, knew that ICail Brou'der was scheduled lo .speak last nl|; Term.. Haute, Iml.? Veiy few, It Is safe to..say. It, wns an obscure llcm of news unlil James 0. Yalcs, Tcrrc Hautc's ovcr- zealcus young police clilcf, put 11 en every front;page In the country by arresting Biwder as ho got ofl the train there. All the candidate.! make capital by acquiring publicity, and Hie Communist nominee is no cxcepllon. He posed for pictures, gave Interviews, sent. telegrams lo the 'president, ami the governor. Browiler has attnictcd little attention hi cities where lib has spoken without, molestation, All Tcrrc Mnule citizens know about, him nml Ills came today, ami he doubtless vyelcomcs the persecution ns good political ammunition, ^ Aside from the 1 wrong strategy adopted by the hot-headed official in hl.'i effort to oppose Communism, there h the more significant, matter of free speech. Earl Iliowcicr Is as much entitled to [rcc speqch as any major-parly candidate. He spoke in ' St. Louis, and the city continued Us placid course.- Tcrrc Huutc would jliavo done, the ; same had not fanaticism prevailed over-tolerance and justice In -Its reception to him, --St. unils Post-Dispatch. smf'^m f I lr f «l -^ V ',-'• ' ,W V-iV i?ff ', >h^mmA "Well, that make* two who say follow Itus road am! we can't miss it, and;throe wtw.Bay wis're 'way Pff." I THIS Clwous By William Ferguson I think' movie acling is a pretty silly business for 11 man, because It takes less Irntn'lu'g, less ability, and leW brains to, be successful, than any oilier biisitiess 1 can think of. — ^i-uy Coojicr, fllin acior. i .,, , -.. ; »ii You can't, tell a real Englishman on London streets' anymore. They've gone American in a btg >vay. American c'ptlies, slung, speed and —I'in terry to say— reckless siieiKlIng of uooiU' <iays. — Hubert Osbortie, playwright. *',''* * ' To what .do •,!; nttributo ray succera as an orchestra director? -. Wcllj I permit, those who work with" me to tlMnk I am cuckoo. Then I have, fqiiml I can liavc iny own way. —Jose Iturbl, Spanish conductor -pliinlst. '' -'•''.-,-•''*,' * * Barbaric sweating of labor can Jump any larilf wall or undermine any currency stabilization. —Bernard Baruch, American financier. * t * ; I had on a foreign hat. It \vould never c\o to bo photographed in anything but an American hat, Foreign hats arc so ngly. —Mrs. Grace Coolidge, explaining why she changed hats to pose for' pictures. .•.'.* - * * America lias not yet- reached Its npex of poetic development. —John Mascflcld, poet laureate of England. YEARS?. ir WAS BELIEVED THAT VULTURES CARRION AWAV, BUT KgCENT TESTS SHOW THE BIROS TO HAVE NASAL, NEAR WT SPRtNQS, COtDRftoo. HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE l§ OlPFtCULT IN SC FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1936 I BY DECK MORGAN © 1936, NEA Service; Inc.? nlfiviirilrmi. Inllit lit l.ivr wllk TIM* (illAMVM, vrteruu |illul tiito Kiel thr Iruavrl'iii'lilti ruutc, ' 't>a tiiiv met li'UTnu lu iitr M« lull iiud D10KII-:, bU iniui.lrd •I'M, 7 rmn <i|«l. Wltvn 'l>a r«k» HII^' (t> unary Jiliu, uliv fvitr* U l» lurrflr (u iJi'iku u kuuiu tut btckle. liql «bf nxm-x, Sl*t! tllK-M uut UKtVV, Jholltfll, IVJIh 'iVd'» Ihrorlrn tk'tij iniirrl»i:r, lo lie «ULvf«hful, MUIX be |i|uiin«4 • '•Ii'Hlllli;,!!,. Ju.l „, „ ,,!„„' ||| 8 H, Kbr I* rclirllluui Li.i<»ii>v L« In- her i>uu.irlii' fiirrluil mi In [h< tfcnrw mill lMia CT l huy ulvo u inirl 'Ji'i), iirca imJ wi' |,[ii|; muni lir i,,- Uiiv, ,,|||, ut ul^lit anil y, in^ioua of bin ruiiiu, To IMU.l.ti him, Kuy Jui|>ulA]vc:l)- Ul'rfdfH (a lu\cr the iiniruIuK I'l.IHe tu ll.iflolulu. TJii,,j K k UAI.l'II HANdS I. «;ip- V.'ITi'.U," I'""' ""= 'Mfi MOM'H lll'AIMi Kin't inKU-ad. ro s rj;l IIIT liii|iulKlvuiii'HN. II,I,All, Ilui-Orlcnlnl ilaui'rr, uUr, In » im«- no nx'viTii Tup CUAPTEfl XXI Monte Blainc's cscaijade was known at the central office of Trans-Pacillc Airways it was obvious that h2 would lose his place as pilot on the Pacific fliElif. It was Ted Graham's duly to 5o|egq|e Monto to the Jand service, Monte received the ne\vs \viier. ne brought the ship inlo Honolulu! There was this added message frpin Ted, "Wo can't make mistakes in transoceanic Hying. Even one mistake is too niany. The human element mustn't enter at all." . ' Wonto die! not con fide this lp Kay when slic disembarked. He took lier to her hotel, under Dia^ rnond Head, and Vent to l;is own, • •close to (|ip airport, to orders from Ted. rt final But Kay didn't stay long in her hotel room. She had purposely gone lo the same hole I as lllah and taken a room nexl to the dancer's. She waited with her ear to the door until she had heard lllah go out. Peering down , the hall, she saw lllah, in evening clothes. From her balcony window Kay watched lllah get into a laxi, and. in the stillness of the night, heard her give the name of a smart night club. Kay took a laxi to the same address. In the foyer she stopped long enough lo send a cablegram to Ted. While the boy waited at her side, she puzzled over the wording. At last she, wrote: ; "Diamond Head Hotel. Will wait ie£c to see you next trip. Love to There seemed to he nothing else' :iat she could say. Ted's silence iad-niade any explanation dim- Is believed, iiq-.v, that, vultures for many miles around find a. dead animal merely by following nny fellow-vulture that'seems lo be going somewhere. One vulture, on discovering ib c carrion, nukei, a start for It, and Another biid. somewhere in the distance, sees thh, direct move and follows. Others, seeing a ^ preceding bird' following suit,-do likewise, and soon the carcass Is covered with. vultures. NEXT: By Williams I'LL TAKE A WOT BATH AFTER. A HOT SUPPER, AW THEN SIT 6V TH' GLOWIM' FIRE'TILL MIDNIGHT- QAWSH, LOOKIT 1H' FIREWOOD TH' XOOK. CHOPPED. / WE'D O' BEEM /OUT O' LUCK TONIGHT, / IF HE HA.DM' HAD TO COME THRU A \ BI6 FORBST TO GIT \ TO THIS WOODLESS N. PRMRIE. THE FOREST SAVER. Jsc Proper Inslniniciits to Remove Objects From-Nose, Moulb, Ear ny nit. MOKKIS idilrr, .lomiiiil nf the American Frequently sina;i children will rdi brans, pieces of chalk, but- cns, psriclls, erasers or other irm- erials into their noses. Somcr lines they \vHl put small toys, :c)ns, and similar objects into heir mouths, nnd' inadvertently swallow or Inlialc these objects. Occasion ally, too, a child will Miovo some foreign materials Into .Us cars.' : Usually the mother be- in comes greatly disturbed and, :c.nib Instances, with plenty reason. ol A foreign substance jn the nose is not Immediately serious. More Harm may be done by attempting to dislodsp the foreign substance with Improper Instruments lhan by letltns It alone until coaipe^ tent advice can be had. 'if blowing the nose In the ordinary manner will not rici it ot tho foreign body, sneezing may cause It to be forcibly ejected. Sneezing of course, Is induced quickly by the use ol'snuir. tobacco, or some similar irritating powder. A doctor first examines the nose or mouth \\1th proper Instnimcnts, next determines how to remove the foreign tody, and ihcn docs the " sutslance, If Ipis is po: " 'c, or he uiay slrctch the nasr cavity slightly so that the fo cl?n substance will drop out: If a child swallows n sir pointed object, such ns of eln.w or n phi. first consitlcra lion shc4(ld be given. Is U danpcr involved. Small cbjecls will usually pa Ihrcush the stomach and ' ' t|nes if tho child will cat som thing like masbc.l pot^toe: some bread, Ihoroughly clicwc Such a mass will passngs the foreign stibstancc down gullet into the stomach. It is b?st then to have prom medical advice. By use Xtray, the doctor will Iccatc fcrrign substance and will make hi.s decision as to the b method of removal. All sorts of Ingenious opcr ticns ha\e been devised Removal of open safety pins and rkansas FisSi antl Fur Income $5,000,000 LITTLE ROOK, Ark.--Arkansas' mmercial fishing and trapping dustries will brills approximately ,000,000 into the state dnrins; the, 11 and winter, Orady McCall, S3C- of tbe Arkansas Game and She went inlo the cabaret, . as shown lo a lab|c by the head, waiter, who knew Ted ;md recognized his wife, Almost immediately she saw 11!ah. The dancer was standing at the bar, talking to two Kay sa'i 1 lllah reach in her bag and hand a paper to one of the men. Hit, TT was not quit clear to Kay what she expected to learn bv observing lllah. The dancer had, on several occasions, menaced Kay's happiness, and now some inslinet told her that Hiaii menaced Tyd's happiness as well. Suddenly lllah disappeared. Kay had turned for an instant, in response (o a voice that she recognized close by. It was a naval officer's voice, lie was a friend o£ Ted's and lie came up to Kay's table with his wife, greeting her cordially. They invited Kay to Iheir table. She went with them, but, looking around, saw that lllah -.vas] gone. To the naval officer she, said quickly, ( 'Kcc those men' standing al the bar. Do you know I them?"' ; The man scanned: the faces and said shortly, "Sure. One of them, the one (hat lopks like an Oriental, owns a, flecl ot: pearl fishing sc)ioonprs and the other is tm'avi.-' iltor. He has a flying boat and makes commercial'trips between the islands, They are both suspected p£ playing contraband. Oily customers." Ray.thanked him and went on, "They were' standing there talking to a slinky Oriental woman a few minutes ago. I once had the oc^ caskm to meet her in Manila Ted—" "Oh, lllah!" the officer's wife said. "My dear, v.-hen lllah is in Honolulu all the wives at Pearl Harbor shiver! She's such a serpent. She givas me the creeps. Makes me think of. Mala liari." * * t ' TTER husband laughed. "Feminine suspicions, my dear," and Iheri changed the subject abruptly. "Something terrible has just happened out at Midway," he said. "It concerns the navy as well as Trans-Pacific Airways. .One of the air station personnel on the island came down with spinal meningitis —the deadly type. Three more cases arc suspected, and in th.e crowded quarters there may ke an epidemic. There isn't an ounce ol serum on the islands.", ' Kay said, "Those men aloric^oii a tiny island in the middle of the ocean—facing death-^"' '•''•' "They're anly 12 hours'away'by air," the man reminded her. "The serum will slop Ihe epidemic all right- It's alreidy on board'the Mariner." All three rose to go presently and her friends accompanied Kay to her hotel. But she couldn't sleep. Shs saw the sun come up over Diamond Head, in « violent clash of color. Then she dressed and had breakfast sent up lo her room. The waiter knew she was Ted Graham's wife. After lie had served her he said respectfully, "The Mariner was forced down inlo the sea at French Frigate Shoals." Kay's heart leapt. In her anxiely she siooc't up, cropping the spoon in her hand. "No!" IIGI- cycs were stark, wide. "Safe landing!" (he youlh hastened to add. -'But after repairs the ship was unable to take off." "But what will they do?" Kay said. "The soruv.—" "The epidemic scare sent mobs into the hospitals, and the supply! of serum in Honolulu was ex-j| haustgd," he said. "But Tod Graham—your husband, mad:un—has been on ;iie way from San Francisco far nine hours new. He- should be in Honol'u'ii in seven hours wilh a new supply. He's going (o fly ihe ship on lo the Midway!" « * u CHE thanked the waiter, and lie left, pleased to have rendered service to Ted Graham's wife. On the 20-ton Mariner of the skies Ted's eyes were actually watching the gyropilot, which had controlled and flown Ihe ship for five hours now without the benefit ol human hands. On this cmct- gency flight he was trying out the gyropilot, the device lie had perfected. . He walked from the navigation instrument board back fo flic engineering oflicer's post. He checked t!ie engine and fuel instruments, looked across at the post ot the- radio officer, and listened to the code message from the set used for communicating with ground stations. Then he walked back to the chart room, nnd look up tile captain's post again. He glanced anx- iojisly at the navig then at iiis watch. iojisly at the navigation chart, and "We're making 164 miles an hour against a head wind. . We ought : to be in Pearl HarSor wil the 1 serum in six : hburs,i at least The"• navigation olflccr^grim his task, nodded his,h'ead.j fTo Be- Coniimieiil mcrcial fishermen are required to at Texarkana yesterday and pleail- -' —••'-- ----- '- -• • - •' throw back fish under 1G inches long. Former WPA Employe Arrested at Texarkana LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Arrest ol' Roy-Taylor of Texarkana, foimer ish Commission, estimated ycstcr- i FERA and WPA timekeeper, ay. He said. around 53,000,000 worth [ commercial ,fish, bulTaJo, cat, rum and carp, will be sold, mostly utside the state, between October nnd March 15, and that 52,000.00 worth of furs will be sold dur- ig and immediately following the apping season, which will open December 1 and continue to Janary 31. Trappers will be .allowed [ charges of padding Wl'A project :-riy rolls at Texarkana, was reported to state WPA officials by of the national Division of Iiivestigalion yesterday. Taylor is charged with having placed the names of persons \vhb [lid not work on a. road-tormarfcet vcad project on the project pay rolls, and with dive intil nebrunry 31 is. 10 to <ii^-,ose of Hundreds of persons began work- ng as commercial fishermen yes^ crday in the northeastern and outhenslcrn sections of the state nd Arkansas flsh- w ill be shipped o eastern markets in carlots dur- n glhe next live months. Com- project pa rsion of tn funds to his own use. Charges of fraud were placed ng'alnst him. Agents asserted he hns been engaged ill such fraudulent practices since March and had diverted more than $300 of relief Ed not guilty, agents said. He wa, ordered held for tho next Fci' cral Grand Jury in the Wcstc district of Arkansas, lie ma appearance bond. Realty Transfers Warranty. Deeds Lillic E. Coleman to Edward Rogers, west half of northwest miartcr of norlheast quarter, section 9, township 15 norlh, range 11 east. Aubrey Conway and wife to J. M. Stevens and wife, east half of northwest, quarter of section 25,v township 14 north, range 9 east. '•-. D. C. Flowers and Thora Flow-| ers to Allen and Olie Plowsrs, south v enst quarter of southwest quarter t of section 33, township H norti, I range 8 east. SSallie M. Paris to B. S. Basconi. lot in southwest quarter of southwest quarter of section 10, township 15 north, range 11 east. Chicago Mill and:Lumber corpor- appropriation funds to his own | ation to Jane Conway White, north- ;ise ' 1 cast quarter and east half north- He was arraigned before United west quarter, section 25, township Slates Commissioner S. A. Phillips | n north, range 9 east. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplc 45 similar dangerous materials Through tubes which may paMcd down the throat into the stcmach. the fqrctgn suliUnnco mny be grasped and withdrawn. Occasionally Ihe object work ils way inlo tho lower cm of the stomach. In such cases it n\ay be ncccssa.ry to opou the ab- dc.'iiinnl cavity nnd move the work carefully. Sometimes he! ctjcit upward., without opening uses forceps to grasp the foreign j Iho slomach. eo that it can b? substance and pull it out; some-' jrasped by an instrument inser.-- tlmes he dissolves or breaks up' cd through Ihe -throat, EVERYBODV FOR HIMSELF, KJ THIS 5CR,^MBLE .' WAIT'LL X MA\<E' HER ^ STEPP1KI6-QUT MEfvM MEW LITTLE MUMBEK HER YOUR TW CHECK, YOU COULD M'T 6ET TUMBLE OUT OF THNT FRILL, IF SHE WAS AW KCROBKT tkl A CIRCUS/ HOW "DIP A TRIM UQOWM6 Y&CV-VT UKE HER COME TO AUCHOR DRAPED 1M MEW DIMUER-GOW6 HARBOR? SHE A HIDE- OOT/

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