Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 15, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Slightly 'Cooler Tonight Than Last Night lei ^EWiNoJ64 Beacon Falls — Bethany —^ Bristol Terrace Circulating In Cotton Hollow, ~- Middlebury MillviJle ^ Platts Mills Straitsville Union City If It's JSfews Can Find It In The NEWS NAIT0ATUCK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY. JULY 15, 1942 n " i * -**«»•»*, 11 ^^J.W*VWLI, JU.UX 10. Itfaz - • PH/»* Tlii^* h^wf^ • ^^A ' mi i n '* i 111 • . :, ' ' ricd iiir80. utnta Nazi Attack Against Russia Reaches Greatest Fury _ mt. *i ^** ^B 1 * 1 4 w V^ ^^ MMI ^», «^_ _ „ - * tr ^"'~*"'^^~"-~"'-' * "T~" i—-- -~—- ^ : ' • *, . • • ' • . . ' • • • - .- M^ CONG. TALBOT BELIEVES IT WILL BE LONG WAR Hardest Task Is to Inform His Constituents of Casualties in Family, i.H»'|» Tulbof, of iS'iiu- In Ihu ss I'runi the drill coaM-'i'llt'tit, look a fuw hours olT rmitlnu last evening outing of tho iS'ow Young Keiniblloan I l,iy Iho NiiUKuluok 'H Urove on tho \\',i(ri'lHii i y ro/nl last ovoiiliiK , y ivi|iii-.-«l of President At Mai ..'|ur;d tfl'UUp gUVO U sllOl't talk from his Mil*? |o .ilkwl III' 1 ll.ivm ciuinly i-lul*. •*! ' lln .-*h" ery '**< .Me. Tillmt look exception to the ^ *i;ifi'iin'iit by (Jong. May, House Military Af- to thu effect that war wniild he won In IDW. .Vlr. ,,i( s.dd "I hnpu liong. May Is In Mis in'i'dli'llon but the- oon- appropriated more than IliniM <T lollars to this war, il curry IIH through lU'iTi I- that If tho war Is lo year this money would ii Mpi'i'oprlatud." ii( told thn gathering lint'hi- h-i'l planned to spend u f..\v iliys wilh his family hero and l.nir his ilisirirl in HIM Interests of In.- |ii'|iiihlir;in party but ho was nMi>'i| in It-ijvc on thu h'.iin from X'-w liuvi'ii lusl In |'.'X|II>M^' to a telegram l,i m | M »'k in Washington on u mosl Impurl.tni Mill-- -"Tuxes." Mr. Till(ml s.ild Ih.d \vr all miiMl; routIxo thu •41'1'i'llHfn'SS <tf III! 1 preSOIll (lllUnCljl,l situation of HIM nation and Ilio fad \\\,\\ our \v;ir i'\|H-nse must bo paid itti'l If i'l'l''il "yon may rest assured Hi,I fuiixivss will go easy on tho these Saboteur "Contacts" Pace Death Penalty •BfiSHBHHfc 1 ' ,L1. *?? v ^ f ^*'™*+' w -'mmK}-nrm^m^mir «M» mi n — RELEASE OF PRISONER TO BE on Pa^o KlKht)' DEMOCRAflN" MAIAUNTS REPUBLICANS nrt, July -|fj—(Ul>)—An Ini Is expected Into tho release of a .prlsonor from FalrfioUl County Jail. Thomas .1, (ionnva, serving a ,-JO« day's liNi'in, allegedly was released several days alidad of lime, and (loniinon Picas Judge John U. K1U- goi'ald has Informed Stale's Attorney NVItlls of tho clreumsluMocs. •Judge I'M'Ugowtd absolved High Slidrlff 'Kdwurd A. Plait of responsibility. Plait Indicated .ho would make an l/m's>t ( lgullon to find oul premature releases wor-j •f " "/* '* *^£? > •• £''•>' •• • • •x-j'-.'f y -j *-&—*- *. f .- -Jj^n^iJM • / _i jjjj Germans, Momentarily Stopped Have Stepped Up Their Assault And Hurled New Troops Into Fight LEO HANLON OF UNION CITY ENDS OWN LIFE They Hp,ve Gained Another Foothold on East Bank of River Don. Young 1 Man Was Despond ent Since His Discharge From Army Week Ago. Am-slcd M . .,--•• - tnc °M' n t Nazi/ saboteurs now on frinl in"'Wnshiiialon nri' 8 7vlm'inTnf,mno 1 !''i ^l"" ' WH|1 , ^ °^ ""* f ^ * ™**™* ^»'H Penalty for helpin, u "?Gen. n who hm planned to. hlow up l)i-idfi«s, planls, .nn ( j . 0 (.her strnclui-os vital fo the U. S war (lop) Iliey nn;; HIUIS Max Hnupl,, llnrry .liuiucs, ami Olio Wcrqin.''.Loft'" lo uJllo. •.i'onhlinfi, Mrs. Kuto ' W.crgin and, Mrs.. : -J«r n ,os. This is- a j^onephoto. ' '(Cnilral l-rcss; ,SIH..S oft'ort.. Left to rifjlit (hoUoin): Mrs. Lu- EX-PRESIDENT ( ion ova, buck lo afl-nr his I't'-loase, was sonl Jail Lo flit out Jiis lorm. ft'l i, luwa, July IS— (UP) -- l)''iiiMt'raU<! candldatu for 1 , .Nelson Krusrliol, chaw* l»\v,i H'-piihlirans huvun't Iho /I'TV tn spMiiU ftl tllOll' <!OnV('ll- llon Friday. II.- says lln-y had In •Martln v of ID maku Ilio kuynolo *[icci'|i Instead. Aiifl KiMscii'-l as.saliH Martin for lii^ \'»(|HK record on farm Icglslci li"n, III- s.iys "-Marl In ban novr v"l-'i| fur .< single phase of Mio Ko WARNS AGAINST WAR MARRIAGES REPUBLICANS OF COLORADO TO NAME CANDIDATE HI. 'k, July t5-..(UI')-An ox- to avoid wai 1 rriar- «f Ih. 'i 1 sidriMy |. N''U- Vurk head Slain ..K,. and the l-'amlly, Hays MVtN ( i"\\n .,ri,,,, lo also will find j n thoy 'try . Wl ',r. ( .'iKMlnsI mai-rylng In lcs. Says Im; H l''nr- , based on nnslaglla an- not n good risk." Denver, July 15— (UP)— A tight is browing a.s (.Jolorndo nopubilonns iiifol Inday lo pick a candidate to run for wovr-rnor. Tim velrran Charles Armstrong IH IMi! only announced candidate. Hut many doluK'Uus are; booming Itevonuu Director Karrlnglon Oar- pontur for the post. And the Oarponler - for - governor drive Js gaining momentum. Some parly circles still are .seeking a dark-horse candidate to oppose both of thorn. EXPLOSION AT CHEMICAL CO. Huonos Aires, July. 15—(UP)—Dr. nohdrl.0 M. Ortix,. orio of America's host friends in Argentina, died this morning, He had boon In ill hoa'll.h for over two years. Several days ago In I'-ontraclod pneumonia ami yosterdai took a decided turn for Iho worst IIu resigned as president-20 days affo and his duties wero taken over b Ha i noil S. ('.last! Ho. Castillo, In faoti has boon aclln liead of the Argon'tlno government since July 3rd, 1040. At that tlnu', .-Drily, rclirntl. (o his summei 1 palace In lha hope that rest and medical care would restore his' and his failing eyesight. Twenty days ago, however, it bo-' cumo apparent that th'j troatmonl' hadn't helped and Ovll'M resigned. Ov«?n in IMness,. Ortlx/i' expressed Hi's support of tho United Status and Its allies, while tho Castillo '.'idrnin- islrallon ^vas. cautious In rebuking Hormany for sinking several Argentine ships. . . ' Argonlina and Chile are the only nations, In North Central ,and South America that haven't broken with' the Axis.- CONSIDERING APPOINTMENT lU'U'tford.-JulylS—(UP)—The stalo por^onnei'ClirGclmv : Gl^nd : on AvScal)- oria, }«' consiclerlng- appoint'inenL of a ,deputy. There, arc several , candi- cla-fces on the-.'cllffJibMlty ,11st for thn $•1800 a year, job, in-clucling .two Olilo Civil.; Service , officials,, Ch-arlcs F. Bassett -and 'Reuben Horch'ow. At Prccl Oates of ^Rochester, -New York Is also-".a;-., possib'ility Tor t/he ap- poin-tmojit. • WQRKERS TO GET PAY INCREASED Residents of the Union City section of the borough were shocked last learn of the death of Leo Manl'on, 27, of 2-4 Anderson street who took his own life about 7 o'clock In the woodland about -'jOO yards -off the North Spring street road. The young man received an honorable discharge from the United States army last week following an accident while in camp and had been despondent and i a, poor health since,his return to his-.home here. The body was found- by Joseph J. Malonis of 412 North Main street, Watcrbury and Joseph Jecturc, Sr., of 341 Spring street,- Union City. The men are ' woodchoppers and while at work talked with Hanlon a few minutes, before they heard the gun shot. They saw, the young man with the gun and believed he was out for gun'practice. Upon Investigation they'found his body with a gunshot wound in his (Continued • on. Pago .Eight) DEAD AT 81 Quincy, .' July 15-~(UP)—An 81- year-old wai' vejciian,' who was be- Moved''to bo the o'ldesV/'Massaoliu- soUs legionnaire, is dead '." The man —Frederick J. Wals'on', 'dicd-at 'his Qulnoy home. And the retired navy chief petty ofllce'r .fought in the Spfinish-Am'crican conflict as' well as the (IrsI World War, . Adams; .M^s., Jury 15— (UP)—-Five hundredvwortvei's^t-the-L.Iv'Brown and Bridgewater com panics are Ago- ing l/o gel wage Increases.' Employes of; l,he'. Lwo paper- manufacturing concerns wil get pay boosts of six cpnts : an J\oui'. And this.raise 'is similar-to. that recommended by the state arbitration borfvd for the'3,000 llolyoke, : papeiv workers. FOR DEBATE ON BIG WAR TAX BILL ilEPOIlTED I.XTEUNEU Washington,. July 15— (UP)— A Manchester, New Hamp'shiJ-e, man is the onl-y'New Bngiandcr named on a. War ^Department list of interned Amcricap civilians. John J. Mar- joux is one of J36 persons who are Interriqd-hy the Japanese at Shang- iai," aceo'rding to the War Department. AJJ. were from .Wake Island Late News Bulletins A small blax.e was oxtingulHlied it fi:;i() laul evening al -Mm plant of In 1 Nut wt I nek Chemical Co. by the, ooal and company fire departmenlH. e blaxn resiiUrid from an explosion which bln\s'olT Ihn roof of one >f tho small .buildings at' tlio plant. JAPS LOST HEAVILY IN MIDWAY ISLAND BATTLE D °tailcd Report Issued by Shows Americans Brilliant Victory,' '^' r 'W II "f lln- i,,. A dt'l.ii •in In li'lllt I»ld--.Tho full Hlory Amnrltwn victory at navy roporl Inuves no Wil * f "ie of tho great- i'h.M or all tlmo. And It m- that did U— winy, iur like llm parlH of naval patrol pianos on the mornlnK ,lnp t'lont of Homo losvard Midway, thn I'lrcij , MM f)IT n a Midway ' ,'" 11 , ""' IV "' lhn ' f! * V' MV(f|< >' '-i'l'o ,' 1UI " t(lok ' y ° r ''""' in i, h ti ( Par 20 HOVOM- thoy and And "''lily In A Tlmy Tin; ./ap.s struck baok on June -Uh, IhrowluK about .100 planu.s at Midway. That'fl whorl the marines wont Into ufliion. HacliiK out to SOH, the riutrliiu I'llurH flowiiod forty., planes out of Iho unomy air t'k'et. Total Oiifuny air lossos tiro ostlfiiatnd at Mb pianos. America lost upwards of ,'UJ plnnus, In adtlltlon, Iho American doHtroyur llanimann, was sunk and tho carrlor, Yorktown, Uamagod bb Ihroo Jap bombs. TluM'o'H no way of lolling Just how many .lap.s won I, down with tholr shlpn and planes..Hut tho navy ustlmnU'H Mini the cnoiny lost «omo -4800 mon. -Tlii'oo hundrod and sovqn nun) tllorl on tho Atnorloan Hide. Hut tho Hlory of Midway IH not Mini tho Htory of u brilliant am- orhmn victory—It's ono of tho brightest IUIKOH «vor written In tho annuls of American heroism. J>orhH|iH It's iinfalr to pick out Indlvldiiu.l hui'oos-hut somowlioro llturn should he a special honor roll for Ihu'111.1.10 group of inarlne fliers and the iinvy'n torpedo plnno .snuad- on number nlglil, The marines—a more handful-went after that Jap air fleet with il i I f]r\f\r\ct fli'tW/'I'lllilOll noil I'flKO M Ml I- (10110" Uuni'i i jMij uiii Among them wn.s major f/ofton B. (Obnlinuort on Page FJIghl) HEAD OF SCHOOLS IN BROCKTON HAS RESIGNED HIS JOB BrooUon, -M-a'ssii July 15—(U P)The .superl-ntendpnt of .-.Brockton schools ha-s resignod -ili-ls '$(1800 a yoai 1 post. Jo ; hn .L. Millei- gavo hla resignation to l;he school commit- loe at a special session and nskccl that it become effective August He has 'held the supci-jntenden.t's position for f'lvo years. Mltler Is leaving this .Job to become head of the school's at Great Neck, Long Is'land'. cominhttee -has c-hpson DistrictMPrin-: clpnl Mdwln A. (Nelson as su-' pei'lntendcnt until a permanentBUC- cessoi 1 Its named. , / DRASTIC ANTI-IWFLATICHSr LEGISLATION Washington,' July 15^(pF)-~J? > resicIent Koosevelt may ask Congress for immediate ;cpn si deration of 'drastic anti-inflation legislation. This would include ironbound controls on the salaries, of all Americans- It was learned the President ad vised,.his >; congressional leaders that • conditions are so. : serious, the Congress may have to abandon plans'for:a recess, ' Washington, July. J5— (UP)— The house is getting 'ready for the big war tax debate, which starts tomorrow: And a minority reports from the ways and means committee has given the representatives plenty of fodder for three days of discussion. The report charges that the .$6,000,000 bill, which Increases corporation taxes to 45 per cent, was conceived in a "series of trades and shameless. log-rolling." The minority report was /lied by Representative . Knutson of Minnesota. He .warns, that the bill signs the death wan-ants of thousands of small corporations 'already hard- pressed by price ceilings and priorities. '" . The majority reports say thai the war program already has topped the 200,000,000,000 ( mark and that such .expenditures can be met only by taxation and borrowing? The majority declared they had taken care not to place an unbearable burden upon the taxpayer.' ChUd Killed By 60-Foot Fall; Witness Injured Boston, July 15—(UP)—A two- year-old girl—Karen Annis—luu been fatally injured in a GO-fool fall from a fifth story window of a Back'Bay hotel. And a 32-year- old draftee cnroute t,o an induction station has been Injured by an automobile while 'witnessing the .accident. The child—the. daughter of Charles Annis of the Copley Square hotel—was standing on a ]otel table when she lost her mhmcc and fell. She died three jours later at a hospital of in- ,ernal injuries. The selectee—l<Yed Trapp—sus- ained a fractured shoulder and ibrasions. lie was released after lospital treatment but his army j nduGlion -will be delayed several I vcelcs. ' SOLDIER WEAVES PERSIM RUGS IN NAZIS RESUME THE OFFENSIVE AGAINST BRITISH IN EGYPT Chinese Forces Still Are Battling Stubbornly Against Japanese. CAIRO RE(PPBT > Cairo,:. July::l:5-^(UP)^Irfip;en - al^British forces are believed today to have repulsed the third and heaviest attack that German Field Marshal Erwin .Rommel has thrown against their position northwest of El Alaracin. FIVE KILLED IN PLANE CRASH Walla Walla, Washington, July ID—(UP)—A four- motored army bomber has crashed into the side of a mountain near Walla Walla killing' its five occupants. DRAFT BOARD CHAIRMEN IN OPENREVOLT SECY.STIMSON VISITS DEVENS Fort Devons, il\fass., Jut?; J.5—(UP) —Scoi'Otary of Wat" Honry L. Stiin- son .has - nmdo .an.-.- unheralded vksi! to. Fort Dovons. .The secretary vis-' lied tho llONi Cava-lry rRglnicmt with \yhloh lie Ho'rvod 40 y oars ago, Stlm- s'on would irNiko- no oo'mmoirt following a t.oi}r ."Of- Iho resorvation,. l-fa Is the I'h'st^'net ! mombor-td visit thn (.vantonmoiit since- Newton D, Bakm 1 eamo to t'ho post 'tlurliig, World 'War'I. v ' - . ^ : • < » » :—; ' '. • .-._ ' American families nrri I) old ing on ,0 tholr lli'o Insin'anoB OH nevei- be•ore, tho Hurrnmldr of policies in thn Irs I. half of this yoai' ( reaching o iew a 11-11 mo low' rate. 1 "' ', TAX, BILL Washington, July 15— (;UP)— The administration once more has put the chill on suggestions for a general sales tax. It is revealed that the Treasury prefers to aqccpt the present 1 tax bill as it is rather than add a sales levy to raise all the- revenue demanded by the Treasury. HENDERSON'S STATEMENT Washington, July 15—(UP)—Price Admmistratoi Leon Henderson has told the House small business com mit.tee that the plrice< control program is. in danger of breaking down. _- Cl'eveland, , July 15— (.UP)-—About two-thirds ' of Cuya : hoga county's draft board ; cha!nnen .ore in- open revolt, at whaT'they call the 'poli- tlca.l and confusing .handling of Sol- cottve Service. They 'have banded together to do : something about it. The .draft board'oil-airmen charge I hat "national .politics in Wash ing-- ton, with" November cJectlo-ns • in: the offing 1 ' is responsible for the lack , oi' specific,advice to draft; boards. They "Jiavc sol up tbd'r: own- executive, board for' 1 , mutual con-, 'sultation and -cooperation In hnn-" dling the worklof; the draft boards. Mrs. Michael Aardolcklan, of High street, has 'rcccivo'd a copy of tho Path Finder, published by thc^sol- dicrs at-Camp Callan, which con- .ains a picture of her nephew, P. F. G. Haig M. Dinlhanian, 25, at his 'avorltc hobby of weaving rugs. The paper says: "The Pa-th Finder 1 'this week has discovered a soldier with, a" "pastime", which not only is entirely different, hut de- nands the greatest patience and kill. Pvt. Haig M. Dinihanian, 25, a le clerk at headquarters, sits and weaves Persian rug mats nightly on his barracks bed until "lightsjout" at 9 o'clock. Because lie lacks the necessary space, Pvt. Dinihanian Is unable to work with a large loom. To overcome this handicap, he constructed a bed-sized frame. Weaving with great speotl and accuracy the soldier, who learned rug work in his father's Portland store at the age of six, completes a square inch of Sch n a knots each hour, lie averages J50 knots to each square Inch. Pvt. Dinihanian is attached to DEML." (By United Prens) The Germans Agraln have. Intensified their xissault on. Voronessli— whore their general offensive against Russia has reached its greatest fury. • ... . The Nazis were slapped, momentarily J)y Russian counter-al,lacks. But late dispatches- Prom t-ho front, to the -Moscow n<3wsi)aper,--Pravda,' report I/hat many more thousands.. of German troops and hundreds of now tanks -have .been hurled inlo the (battle. Pnwda ndnnitH that the Gcmians have gained anothw foothold on the east bank of the River Don. • The Nax;ls now are trying to envelop Voronezh witli attocks from both the north and south. Tho HghMng has surged within the ciJ,'y li-mits. - . ; K-arl/hcr south on ^hc River Don;, hitter fighting continubs 00 miles from Rostov and 100 miles from Stalingrad. Rci n forced G erm'&h' troops »again, -are attacking on the- Kalinin frontr . northwest of Moscow. The Russians -report 2,000 Germans-..kl'lW in one sector.-'.-In another sector of Mie central front, :(hc ^cd,«lr force is said to Jiavo destroyed 110 German planes with simultaneous on four Na»I airfields;' (Continued on Page Bight) SOME BETTER RUBBER HEARD PREDICTS THAT EAST COAST WILL BE INVADED SOON DEOISIOIN EXPECTED •Hartford, July";l»5- r -(.UPj^—There's a growing impression iu the Slate Capitol that Governor.Hurley's decision on State Highway Commjssioner Cox may be forth- late this week. The 1 governor's decision, J along with the report of State Referee Q-eorgc E. Hinman, was -'early this week,-but-there has been *'*/-" I *4 , ' to ha^o, boon' 1 pome delay. OLD-FASHIONED ISGIVEN Chicago, July 15— (UP)—A North- wes tern u nlyersj ty v ^ O fessor h as some old-fashioned advice on Jielp- ing children mq<jt'.'thc'new problems of a world at war. Dr. Clifford Erickson says it -no longer Is possible to shelter youngsters from the knowledge of'death, wounds, and. human nature in the •aw. But, he says-; you. can, help children face their, prob'lems. Treat them^.as.-individuals, explain hings,'to them; spend more time vilh I hem and give them a chance o succeed at sonlc'lhlhgs. Brockton,, .July-- J5—(UP)—En«- and's famous instructor in guerilla warfare predicts that the cast" coast vill soon be'invaded. And, says Yank Levy, this mean that preparations had 'better b made now while there is time. II told 800 officers of the Massachusctl State Guard that if they do wai they'll'be handling shovels Instea of a gun. ' Levy is. now ihslructmg ' th guardsmen-on-the latest command tactics which he learned about firs hand In'the Spanish civil war. He is on loaiivfrom the British govern J ment. . • • ^ Meanwhile, John T.' Mu.dlgan, head of the Boston" FBI. office, urges*the officers to aid In counter-espionage work. He asks them to report anything suspicious to the proper authorities. , . ' *»*» : VOLUNTEERS FOR SERVICE Newton, Mass., July J5—(UP)— The oldest; son of the governor has volunteered for army service. And Everett Saltonslall Jr., will report for induction next Tuesday, Saltonstall had been- classified 1-A by^his draft-board''although.' he is married and has a son. So he decided to volunteer instead of waiting ' i.o be called. W^vsli Ingt/on, July 15 —(UP)— A; Standard Oil company- ex ecu 11 ye has/ some hotter news'. on the*, rubber. situation. W. S. F«^]'Ish, president oC Btand- ni'd of New Jersey, reports that 34-. million more Ures than the govern-' meirt progi-am provides ni»y ho turned out by.. emergency met/hods. Menrbe.i's of Congress wfltched a demonstration of, synthetic, rubber making by Doctor Per.K. Prollch. head of the Ki>so laboratories, and prcsldcjit-eleot of the American Chemical society. .Parish told'*a House- mines and 'mining committee that 200,000 extra torus of rubber— more than is planned by.the government pro- grrtjn — Is -possible <by the end of 1043. I-t would be., derived from a by-product of Butyl rubber developed by Standard. ,, Jlc said the whole rubber program depends on the nalIon's ability to-spare---materials foivplanl construction, U. S. 0. FUND HERE REACHES $5,200 1 (,:' ,W. < Pviul, treasurer of the Naugaluck committee for tlift drive for funds for -the. United Service Organ ixallonis ftfinounced to 4 day that the total subscription" in t ; ho borough has reached a grand, total of $5,200 which Includes one contribution from t-hc Naugaluck Chemical Go. of' $300. V Naugatuck's quota is $8,300, more' Ib-aii double lyUcsum asked of local' citizens for.-the fund last year, .Ad- iltional contributions-^ from fac-; ,ories are expeolcd. •-'.;" If 1 AIR RAID DRKUL BEING? AWAKPE0 Boston, July 15— (UP)— Civilian efcnse workers:' are on the 'alert 1 or Hie second surprise • dayllght- ir-raid drill' which 1s scheduled or the Greater Boston area ^eome- imc before sunset "./Friday. And for ho first time, women wardens will be used Mn. Boston Id help clear I he st/reots and stop traffic duringMhe W

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