The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1967 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1967
Page 7
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Might Strip Cloy NEW YOfjK (AP.) f .If. th* , m odl" boxing charngibrishij). Several top boxing officials told the. Associated ft ess tti- lay ..that if Clay wefi, tj6' hi jailed for fefusing tHf drifted, fley wiSiild recornnienS tHatj.Hi be stfi|p|d of .ttie.titli aMJlilf an elimination competition be held to' d.eternitti a sliccesso'f . Jjlajj IS sciipiM Kir iMtfc tlbn ai.fpslon April 28, hilt the chamf iflh Sayi that, thbugfi Hfe will stipwiip as .briie'.reji, fte .will not tke the oath «t inductisft. Army official said .in Ington thXif Clay, rtfusis to i stSp fbrwifii wri.en h'ii riarne is .balled. for inilu'cljon, lie is lubject to felierai prosecution a.n'd, a po'ssjbii jivS-ylif tern) jlus a ^lO.tjSO fine. ,. , Clay his refused ti & into the Afrriy, cojiteridjhj he is I rflfeis- ter of tfe Slack Mtislim' Ne'gro sect. .. , „.... .,,,,,.. ., Eddie Dooley, chairman of ffie New York State., Athl^tlo Coriiiiiission, said f-ndAy, "tfe definitely will strip n'ini 6f HlS title" if Clay is, jailed...., ,„,, "If, that happens," said Dbo- liy, "wewili titS il ifr «gist& Iii lit ' jdtlier, wAriS nflkinfc tfi tiohs, ifciiidinl th* Wprlfl By II eSfi It *is almost as.if tfi» htty- ns $ef$ in fotrcy ivir Chi- „, of CSnlrSUAd tft European Bbftini Association, iSve fiihUa tnty might tak* similar ictidn. -*. * *..-.- .. .ftofiert Ivans;, presiSeht if ihieAs1ia,."ilei*y*ifit6 i* t8 jilt fir five yeSri Ss rl- ppfted, w| ffltila have %t»ki "' : ii klfla^f.ictifin. Kito'" 1 ** 'cJlange'hiS 'mind 14 "?*?'jl. IS- "AtilM- -*.(«f-i Afttittg »e possible cbntenjl- erfc for. an. elimination Semi listed by Dooley wer«,Fl$y|l Pittfefofl;. George ertuyaloj. Efj nie Terrell, Zori Volley;. Thid SJ5jj|c4r";.. t Joe, Fra&er, HBMV Races Sunday buld be ftdittf. ii to«y. *?• rbached their fbur-gamf series Mth rid h$ St.. IjAuis, soWiewnat ess than enthusiastically. After all, tfie firstilac* Car- iiials h»d I6n. Mi « thfe first eveii «ami* and nad firebaUing Sob Gibson;. l-i; s*i W ofi*" gainst th£ punchlssi D0d|«rs Hday aight. ,, ,,* .,.+ .«.*, }ii i; . ^bout.the only^thinii ws.**; i«ii c«M fie«, ttr #M ,4 nifacli.. .like ftiybi Hin i« :4lifbrnii . *fteed*ay , hit .n have beei rescheduled for - .. . ....... „ . tritii it li:« rices it 'It BARKY Wilt's PfllLABSLfMiA, (AP - the ifiobtirig bf Rick Bifry, t«4 Sill Francisco Wir;HoJI ,^arlc_ jjiji|, aiid Wilt bh'amblriiiri, tfie power D'eiinltfie PhilaaeipKil Tf} e'rs, is J study in contrasts in trie NaiioBil Basketball Assocl- iatip'ri ch'arnjsibriship' iiHes.', ,wttbse ,SS p v bint output ifi San Francisco, led. to th4 frarHbri finlj.yifctbtjr so far in trie series^, has scored. .more ppiflfe iftirt atiy^i ife, 165, but is sfibbtifii M 40 pe'r cent. While PiiillaetpWa/i Chariifi6r 1 Siil raiiks firit tii plrceh'tlige. with MY GUARDS../ i Joker : cent, .but is sevinlJi in Darel dt rhfe Pot* i. rJSfel .Diefihgef .. Of , N.C.,.drlvini i.Fofa FairiiHI, Liiutn, iv/i.. «.»- p^'*f, f r. ,, -r. .).. . Sjifiday's Virgtfiia SM stdbk fcar ,* * - •• Ex4liiinihg..the. rigurej the teims flew.back, for Sun aaVs fiftfl gaifie, CKiriibe'rlain ioted .i bit iBOiit the way the shooting is going. he p'r'bbiblf wouldn't see .... fiall eitfiSr yoii kftbw I didh get one sjiot in the secbfid.Hil las,t night Not 6ne." The 7% iii-lti victory Thui-sday_ high jiift. $<!& S-l in the bes bf seven slries. . Actually .th>.76ers str«e|^,al silasSfi fias been fop fcHifhbSr ISifi tb'..t-ake flwSf IftotS attd t( fesS bt| tb' tfie ihSotifs.wilh Hi hot flafid. It's jSiyMg 6ff. 1ft ,tM §ost-seasbn;. too. Wit assists frorrV .fcHafeb'^lfin, Hi Greer.. ii iv.efi' |nd Will ber cini. , efa|lH| 30.S points Jo'niS'bting 5 Ala. (AP'j, ~ fa'tiief of AlSlJamJ ^uafte Kehtiy (Sria(te) Stabler says tjiat flillifsi of His. s&n'.to itiform Coath Paul (Be'ar) BrySrit |e wai leaving the caflipus is. the m'ain,,ffaM fte was afBp'ped from tM .. Coach BfyaSt He *as leiving the cairijus to return to his home her!" where Ms granafflSthlf is seriously ill, .Lero'y Stablef told newsmen Friday night. Stabler said he had asked his son to com6 Some. to visit. his grandmolnef. in3 "Coach Sam Bailey and all the other coaches except Bryant knew hi was coming home." Th* »-ye_ar-oid Loves Piriehufsr PfflEHUpSI 1 , N. C. (AP) Phyllis Tish Pfeuss lias a 16v* for Pinehurst and says, "I love to corns hire and to play fief* and when you feel that way it's easier to. play well." The 28-yeartW, blonde fro* Pomp"anc( Beach, Fla., had just defeated Conni* Day;, 24-7'ear- old secretary from Cleveland, Tenn., 1-up in Fridiy'S 18 hole final of the Wteiep NSrth and South Amateur G6U Toufnts ment. Palmer Out ftAIitAS, t«t. (AP) - Without nls majof Obstacle to th* top rung M moW winning for the year In the firid, Gay Brtwer took a two-stroke lead in* to- day'i delayed §e«nd round. »f ihf JlOO.WO Gttatftr Dallsi Open Golf Tournament. Heavy rains FfiflJjt M6fni«i forced postponei»*«t ftf tnt r«un« tnd at th* MM* ti*», Artolfl IP-aimer, M. ittffl«i money winner, withdrew b«. cause of 4 sevef e featd afii Wea^ riness from playing ei|nt wuf« a «m«flte k UN Drob'lB'iy tfte mBsfc accurat iasser iii th? histBfy :6f, tH Stiiitlikst estlfifenct; sMd fiej undecided §B&ut tiii football ft tiire after His ihi&SffiU* stispei Mon Friday by Bryant; "I'm |<ilhg to t st4f in scliool f'm g8itti.Back Moftaij? and fii ish tHMeliijoi ^4§_est*f.,I wan to pliy. fcfiiSall, tfiit'i.ths #a It is; Tiilt 5 * ffiiiiM from th hip;" fie laid. ' fifyint 1 * ^isioft to ili Stabler ippSfently gifijJ ifte he miss*3 pfS6ticl With&iit |ef misii^&^Tniifsaay.and drove W his home. Sf^aM, wfto left the dobf op* by «8t iiiiklfii. tni.iiig^epsio pefman6M; sild, "Since Jahil- ary he has sffipljf beefi a noh- c6nF3fle'f «o far as wMi II alked and e3rp^.ct«d et oiif athletes. The last few months Ken nas ,feeen iisfigarjini the** regulations ana conforming t» his own of thise set Up by so one Mse." Merciful Heavens/ LA Needs Miracle (Rain) and Gets It *v *AL i&k ive «*ira Innirfg MM* Friday Bignt .and **4 ,ftappily «. tfiikjflitoA AUijti ChlcaiS ipNMM *&f ; » tttit.uJ «* ! ^^flT'i^i! 0 ^ uuffft n t* £&•&'£££ !!*iSrig!Mtt& Hflf- » -.** Bftfft&VV Si* ««.« osses in. th^ir fifst Jeven -imli, fe, Siilonii Leliiil , His triple drove. iiUft,Sh*rt- Sky, who had walked and Torfl ; ny Harper, who had singled, It pas firisOn, who itrokea a ;i <ln- jie in the 13th inning Thursday night to beat the D6d|ers. Jiii Ma'zlfisia inline. Ai- ey; thi firates' sec6nd-base- snortstip MmbttatioA, socked , qihstcbtive hdftefS against the Cubs in th'e second inning, ignlt- liifittsfeufih'sviclSfy. . *«*«*rt«f!^t,Pl?*te ., iitciier to gS th*. route. One Af fie two hi& M allowed was a AMer , By .Aaoi^ho, fhlilifis, ai- cfliintmi ttf Cfticifo's inly run. Ur L ICIllt Ml ^™*»*^£*-*^l *™ * S«* 1= rafe is sno* in, p«rida. THf fiodge'rl't lost, ai iiwiA|tt H4 elements in nine, years, since moving frftfi Mt ii% Bnxik- eluding exhibitions and World 'But'Friday niglit, fl r^n^ ^ m - Ai ^ tt i^VI* Giri^ Not thl figet 4 ilp' tfi* Califo wiged. out J&e. .Sin Princiscb Giliifs' iartte- Sgalnst. Aftfota, That pfittM Giants;. M, in c& of the the pace Dodger*; ai.nvfe of the bUrdifials. ttirle National.League games .,, .Friday , PinsOn'5 1MB ittiaing tn|ii« drdv n two., runs as CSneinjiau - rtigllt.and was , happily roMp'ini around the jiasel w - what's IhiJ? - tie fan fl pait Cesar .Tovar, who. for . ions B«l known to himself, had , between first and second. Oliva..was out. ..But in -tie nin*, ifter a 5» iinute rain.a*i*y, toftf ftlt 4 towering jshot into the third deck in. fight field. ,H^ knew this oft* Would b* go6d because he was th'e ieadoff bMtef . .. f fey Olivi hit nis fifsi hofti? . . ........... . J* Mi<ffl«s8ta Siitfie'lder hit a ..biill in. .the. third MM ot 1 - . .. 1J-* fiJ&J . vi had to be tailed out f«f iii| fbv^f, it. tfiolc s6nie 'sM ing of the rUl4 febok W clear iip the rest of the situation. . . .Unip'ife Johh St*V4n| illOwlM Tovar to score, niling that all Ke hid to do was todch >* bisis. bitelM scfifef Georg^ Cantor reasined that since QH- va did fe't tft first Ba stoiila get a.sibgli and. a SlUCU'lU. . - • ; I . . ; I . ' r i t in b'thej, American. .League il; Caiifornii ed|y cieveiand H and Kariiil City took nor* 3-1. , ..Detroit scored.liven timis in thi foufth iini^g, ,Uife* fwii coMiAg" oii,* liiirief b'y;JJm.Nofi thrup. Al Kaline and Riy.Oyilr drove i6 two runs eacn for the figirs, ind Detiiij-. McLairi wis the winning pitcher. Bill Rohr ,went the distance against (lie Yankees again, the only flih 6ft him cbrnlng wtjen Ellitori,H6*ard sinlled Iii Bill Robinson in tni iightti. HowSfd spoiltd rtohf's no-nlt Nd with a two-out, sihgl* in th.^Writh a weeK ago: 0*1W Joriti honi- *rea ttf tfie fted S3Jc. .. Jim Fr«osi l horned with *o out 14 tfi| njhtnv^iso ftriving ii pihcfi fiinrieY, Dbn ,Wall4c« ind giving .the- Angels thelf vie: tbry. Cily^land Bid gOn| ifiead (n thi *l|lith on aoubles by Leon Wagner and, Duki Sims. ,Chutt Hinton and Fred wMfleld honi- ered for thi Indians. BATTING -^ Jirri Fregosi, Angels, hit * two-out, two-run horflgr tt fee. flinth, ih'iimg tiiit gave CStifirrila a 6-5 cdmUatk victpfy,6,v?.r. ClevllAnd. , H PITCHING - Bob Veaiei PU fates;; .becam'ft M first jPltts- feiifgh piteher to Bur'1 i cornpllte glrM flijj sea^ii, liniitln| Chi- cio_ to tvpo_hits_in. a | : 1 victory Ken mrrelsori's base^loaded, tWo^out jiBgle ill tiil hlnth drort ifi WisHlniton's winning rUni. PiW #ifa hit HIS third h6ni»r for tfe So* and Tbrriniiis"Kg** a!6o Bomered. . "' • Five double's arid,Jim Go* ger's homer led.the AMiletfcs.te victory. Jim (Catfish). Hilriter Held the Orioles to four hi^a'nd struck out #ght before getting relief help from Jack Aker in tfiiintii. . . •'_. F fhs •''* FOK THt NYEF-K APRIL 23 THRU 3d _.W8fi.. ...fbi. Jv'Eb. THU. FRI ..SAT JUtL tiJiiii Eiiti.T^ttMJKi tiiy fir fiitilng 7." LfhKfs Many Travels Maybe Wirti Can Putt a Basketball ^. . Ypfli Mete bfBfc,e iM fiMhu fe. against therfl, aBntiing.P adllphia N; ihd B« h ..V«!fl?'s twS-Mittlr gave Pittsburgh a W vitwry over Chicig'S: .. TSe esrainais and Dodgers w^re, sbllidulefl to try agaifi KH igfii with GibfpA ^t to, go faihit m Angeles' fiott Dirys- fii Sari s fraAcisco^Jtbi..^.!.^^!* Perry againM. BeAfty L|master bf the BraveS in in aftefnBon niffl.i6r g Pin'sin wii tiii R , ^ Mti^NAfc Bdttiflfe (25 fit MS»>,«/—^•*-"«v osa PittieiifgH, .429-Phillip's, CHicaS&i iri'd Brick; St. libUis, .411 . . ,,. M ftUnJ — S. Jacksoiij Hbllston. 10; Sarpe>, feinfinniti; aiid fii-bck; St: lioiiis; S. . , ; Runs batted in-Br.bck, St. Louis, 13; McGarverj St. Louis, HitfetBfock, St. laouis, IS; Pi son, Cmciliati; 14. ..... Doubles — H^lms, Cincinnati, 5; Cepeda,.St. Louis,. 4. Triples-WiiUifiis, Chicago, 3; Phillip;^ Chicaio, 2, . ,.„ Hpft. fufi*-8to8k; St., tSuis, 6; D. JenSsbSj ein,ein:niti, 4- Tex. .- AfflarillS y;or, ti siith game.d|ainst one IpSs Ffidly night fiy. btantdttg the AffcarisSs; Tfavelgfs^fl-O. Riihthafider Jim Ray stopped he Travelers on just two hits, both singles. traveler catcher Tom,Smith sB&ile'd Ray'i 613 fo'r a ho-filtter *1M M liftsd i cliaisifiim i« fii seve'hir; infilnt Sltt. ifkv M tH4 flttiif TtiVMif hit m M in tfei ninffi in- cage, 3; 8 players UM with I Br^afit siid' StaSl^ flft ecci- sion didn't sh'6# up for Bijeball practice an8 . iventiiSlly quit baseball witnoUf fibiifylfii any r on*. Bryant Said to fi^S Jalkea twice witfi §t«Bieir ft! fiis a* tiens. ,, After quarterbackini th* 19*8 Alabama feain to an unBesten, iifitisd li-6 season Stabler was - sWiliftea in spf ln| practice wit» a knee injury. NiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiIiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw" By Tap; ASsotiAtEb PRES* WK8T PALM BEACH Fla.- m Jehnioni iS«, Miami) Fla., autpointed Ernie. s»n, IS, Belle GladeS, , . living any reassti, refuses it aiU* former heavyweight ehampim SAnhy LisUh to fi«M thii wouur. a Bits) -. cher, CSlifofnia, .464; Berry, Chicago, .444. ... ... Runs — Brown; D&t$}, 18; avalillOj Clevilindi teilffie, Detroitj 9. . .... ... Rlihi battM lAj-Pfeehahi Detroit/ ifi; Ward, CHiea|ii.Petfo- cMli, BMton, Kalinej Ditfbit, Northrii|i DStfoit, and McMullen, Wasfiiiigton, 8.. Hits - Berry. C&ieajWi, 16; Nofthfiig, DeftSit, l«3 Kaline, Detroit; 14. Triples — Yastfze.msM, & ton J; S pliyirs ti8d Wtji 1. Home runi^KaHhe, Oetfoit, 4; Ward, Chieigfl! Mm^htrj California, and Ffeenaa, DttrSIt 3. Stolen Basis -- Mcferaw, Chi cago, 4;. Tartaf^lli.B.ig.tdn, Berry, Chicago, Buford, CMci- i, tad Gwger, Kansas City, 2. Veale, GiBsdft, St. Lttiis, Jastef, it. tx>uis, .. - N*laA, Gibsm A; t*uJ iT; tl, 2; AMERICA^ LEA6UE «teWBfr-(2 ettdjrtiti} ftilir Boitsn, 14, 1.4M jkitttflt- Kanias Cify, J-o, l.dW; tjele- msh, f asHiftgtdft, Z-6, Loft. Strikeouts-McDowell, Clev* ao. .... NlSW YORK - (NEA) -^ CinclBhitl is Unhy Wirtz'S fiSftie tc*ri. JUst tfjf aHS {tod. him {fee. , ... , Unny is .toilr directdt. bf the Ladies Professional Golf Assbciatittn. Hi alsji ,is .one of tri4 best collegiate tiSs'ket- ball referees iri th^ Country. GoJf Sj- siiliifyeh Basket- b^ilBy wiliteh It kelps Lenny Wirtz o^aihe 'ne%-ending rbi3.f6r "M 'inMiiyli year." "f ortiiAately/'Leni'iy said; "I tike, tfiy ^. «aa.cfllP 35 IbutSarnenls 4 y'lar .„„ (ittf .iMn place •*»*. ittaftflg $ib',odO; Our mtry f isn't tfi| Mrl o'ri i8p\ itife : MifcR^y Wftpti; Kathy Whit|f6rtM aiid sifidrii HlyhieJ. Tfaty'H make tfilir $30,i)(»4^,flM. Wf wantJa to thakg thing* Sitfer for the glfls »l IHi bottom o! tee list." . tirne:",lf *3liian't reSo'thlz* tneffl. tiij toll tour fccupjis. Si f ee'^: BSsketfiali i-illil ff«te OSienibef thrbiiili. P*rctt. it iHJruelingJivini, "WHeti I, ttibk over the " . Leiitiy i» S;t l ditiaied po'UtlSi. Only » pej- soil ifl his ftiyslEaJ cotidltioii fcbiild Hiive knoefeed^n..^? ftahy aUofs is he did wh.irt he took' over ii toiir director , "we haa ,6 r tily il toUtti- rninti ,itid the gitls, «hp 4o.tH ifl« . t ,, 4ysi;"*e have jfejtiOO in prize mbriey ind last yeir we hl| Ittfee girfs w,ho earned mbrl thsa.Jj40.j- m. In iflitt; biir prize m'on- 4y wai $l86,00d. I ihmk w« Myii Arrived.',', ' .. . La*t fn fifi , fived i long Leogue-Leod/ng ^mor/7/o gav«' ,tn*lr ytfcfief^RSiSMe; Sfid- JjliiliiiJ i^i'il 'i^H'^L iiiriitdnA^ il" TUttAu lOur BlTOfSj crauCJOCIt «r low'e^ AiBifiiii's fifsi i.*o riini sMjalMMJiiJ*!?^- lh fithef f &S League, gifnes F.fjdaj, El P|s6, whipped Dallas-Fort Worth i-i and'-Auitm bilstei AniifilSo l6d 001 64X^* 10 0 Braddock, Hamende (7), Rob^ ertson (8), Newton (8) ..and Smith; Ray and.Griffin.,ft - Riding Academy « tfce fan - WIIDMAN4AYTON Phone P6 J-1007 PRESCRIPTIONS )// ^ K I I'l I I.-1! i. I I \ , P SPRINGCLiANrllPTiME Replace Thdt IralnJn dlitt IN Yaur STORM DOORS And STORM WINDOWS AU6 AVAtLAiLli • SHOW!* 66dR* • row mi** fqi^s ; • STOJM FRONT* • PiCK-UP * DELIVERY LtVM GLASS COMPANY 2015 W. M*in - Pk. P6 3-0277 - Home PO 3-128T h*w i.tin.Uifi thisi eiJcnis iiid fins, in iiii sunirner tliey isk rtie W* caft 1 itarid Ie t itfis 8fi tni toiir. '.'VVell,. it'* not. lasy to reflfei basietBlIt:._i'i_iift Leffljy Wirb Atliletlt Association,cjiajhi> IdHshiiil lame (UCLA-.Day- toh) Si.^ h'lgRlst tiohbf 16f a 'ftollijiate relefee. '..'".* *-*'- -.' "It's ftiHny;" ni said. "» iiii SL*'?ii 'Jii^H ' jib Ijt i ferencls: Gig teh;.AtlanUe Coast, SotilHcfh, bHio VaU ley and the Mid-American. 1 trj> to space iny Msign- ftients so 1 Wave every Sifier «liht iff. "fRer* simply isfl'i Siiy febflpjlon .% Itift miflUi anil physical fbeling you get as the. seaiort goes on.. I'm ' ilnSlng t doitt b'Slliice K.afck as (jdlcklj' t!o§ alii I'fti bnly 38. * * * "Mayfie tfie tliifd referlfe Is the answer..! understand the Big TeB is }nSFe thiii considering lisirig. i thifd officlM in sorrtfe of the. league garties_next .vfear. .tiij^ did it, iii sbme freshman games lasUeason;. "tfi6 tffid 8fflbia) w6uld be stationed at the b^eljne opposite the end_ ?|.Jfe_. Hoir Styling Coloring Ha/rP/iJcej fhone PO 3- [M Sotith PfO/esifenof Serv/et ^eeiiuWrtjf «W NdtiJra/Look it (WM. i Thbr*.- Mr. Stic/den Slfirfei* Sbjrs: , w l Havfe Oh4 Stop Service _^ For The NlbWiHg" •»<»••••••••••••••«••••••*•*••*••••«••*•• ipbTTON i*i-iMiBR- ? • SOYBEAN SEED GENCE • • Hill • Ita'rriiet n. U • • Ogilcn • Kirniex D. W. • ••••••••••••*••*•» •*.«•<••$••*•*•»»••• • scirBjEiN PEE^EJlEft- cdiidii liisEcfffeibES * • GE|?PE HERBicibfes & FIINOICIDES * f RfW* n • ^ ... , . ^--- 2 * ^**" x • Dettosftn 10D ^ • AUnap ,. _ • • Alaiiap Pint • • Dyanajt • ^ *tfrr::£: 4 DI-Sy*t6n Liquid • I)i-8yirt«n OnMlir • T«nrachlor-8up«r X plus Dl-Syitoh ! • Vefnini • ••••*••»••*« GENCE BEnBIClDES ..., ... - , j » PlSitro ^v^^^V .P.OST-EMEE- • • fiflorin GEKfct ttBtsicniES • iiftm . lsiltii s 484 ' * in,,, lAl • 80IBEA& fepSp,,. v ftl u » • PR&lECTANtS * HELD * D. 8. M. A. * STIMUIiMORS * M. 4. M. ».' ' * *-•-•""- S'i'ii'" 4 Ciparoi • fASCO Cbtm-fla «M NrtUlktr WlH«» fi lit • ftemed Applleitwi t * BioBi *•.*»•.»«•**»•«*•.*«?•••••»••••••»«•••••* FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP. M. Iroi4t«y It H«rt»n - Ph. PO 3-tl»1 court where ilie bail. is.ih filay. That wbuij Inable hlft to be in position to lake any fast break or Any sudlfei change in possession dufpp a turnovej-. ... ~z "Tlie Blggeit coiriplaTSt now is tliJt bii plays' of .this naWfe, tlie feHind the {Ictlori. dfteii He his to make tlie b^il froin tfiis %i- itlb'n, M, IHis is why »8 cbachei bb'jeCt.. , •The inJrd b'ffiiiM," Le«tjy ebiicludea; ''&$> wtSiild tielp tb bro]dBg thfe. dateets of ibrni of the older fellows." * - & •* NiSw. If t|nny can get a little help 1 on the golf tour, he .Wight. 6! afile to sp|nd sbriii filial at hbrhe: „ ~» "ViaR;" He Said..."I'd mi- jy fee oii th'e road 250 days." Khopp Shoes leKd fikme arid addttu 16s MAlifcOLW JOHNSTON llM liuranf ED i-,1876 CarutHefsrtlle, Mo. , YOU DON'T ~ LEARN IN SCHOOL bn|n*(th Bri,tish .Sterling 1 ^ excllislie fnssclillht sctht. A smasMnt after shave. A cologne ttut lasts (film dusk to dawn. Both in unlqut disks if sllvefMSttal-MertliSJ. Take these top-line toiletries bacfc to school with you; ind wno kniwii jou mij kecotne :a lefcnd la jrcor tontine! ^ r shave: frOB $3.50 }~ . from 55.00 ::': STERLING IWtMIVETOILETKKS FORMER i?di s lmpi>tu<t .front ,C(rea! Shlsirti. at: HiWAY DRUG OWEN'S DRUG 528 N< «in > IPO 2-2^24 BA»'SDRlf6S W. Mairt • PO 3-SH91

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