The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Incorrectly Applied Rouge Is Menace to Appearance Dyei'sburg Horse Takes Five-Called Class; Roadsters Win Applause Exhibitions - by VBI-IIB Yonnr>- ulood's roadsters. Broadway Bill nnd Bachelor's, Dream, totli us a pclc team antl hitched to • blkM slid close competition among 11 entrants In the walking class, won l)y Windemere If a. ridden b-> hi"owner, C. G, Smith, were hujb spots ut the opcnim last ill h' of (he Mississippi County Fair horse show. Between show events A'icj Sist;. rrdco star, tlirillert the crowd with an exhibition of stunt ; rid- The horse show, will continue In front of. the grandstand 1 tonight nnd will close Sunday afternoon when numerous out-of- Etate entries will be 'here 'for the major events. Alice Slstj will perform again tonight. Lust night's program opened with foi-j- clasps for juvenile riders. Diminutive Clem Whistle Jr., w'io appea'red to be the yo'iinrjesl of the young ridel's, took two firsts. Sara Lou Me Cutchen won the competition for ponies with' girl riders under 16 years of age and Amy Ruth Morris was first In the class for boy or girl riders 10 to 16 jcau old. In the senior classes for walk- Ing and five-gaited horses, a major sli a re of thc honors went to Ntr. and Mrs. C. G. Smith. Smith's Lady, ridden by D. Garrett, placed third in the walklnsr class, won by Wirtdemere La if. and Mrs. Smith's Colonel Dare ridden by Peggy McKeel, .was second in the five-gnited class. This class was won by Platinum Bey, owned by Jim p. Clark of Dyersburg, Tenn.,. and ridden by 'his .son,. Walter Clark. The- judges took , tl](:ir time with the .field of 11 in the walking: class,'.finally selecting Smith's Wlndeniere Lad and . Lady and Golden Boy, owned by Frank: Williams : of Oscepla . and .ridden ' by Walter Clark, 'for"fu'vUicr consideration, the final placing was Windemere, Lnd, 1st; Gclden.Boy, 2nd, and'-Lady. 3rd. ''•'•••" Crowd Likes Roadsters' The event of the evening, from the. standpoint of the audience, Judfjng by the applause, was the appearance "of Younjblood with. Broadway Bill •/, and Bachelor's a I I ____!. "Asking" Bids Provide Formul For Reaching Slam Declaration 1 This Is Iht; ninth at * wiltf uf articles drulluj with rhint** In the Culbrrlson SynUm, M aimuuiHTd In Ely CulktrUon'* book, "The Gold Hook of r una I'iny." ' • •'..,. HV WM. E. r.IcKKNNKV Secretary, American Brfdfe Lfttiw 1 Wlicn n partner hus »hown an, nee In response to the flrsl asking. »l<l, Ine ftsker no longer Is eon-] cenicil with nces. He nuy then (o nnd out nbout belated kill". 1 ) nnd even queens, I '1'lic general rule for 'response! Is to bid no tmnip If you hold the curd partner asks for, but to return to the iigreeil triiinp .suit if you Inck thin cnrd. , In today's hand, Soutli's four-1 'leiut bid n.sked for the king or nekton licnrt. With n slii|}tctoii] v K q 9 o: « J803 + C1 AAKJ874 V A 85 + 10 I * A Q 5 ' 13uj>lic:i'<!—All viilni South \Vvsl N'm-lli CORRECT-MAKEUP Comparison of the two large pictures provides n. cry from (lie lovclj- creature at left to the hiiupi detracts attention from the eyes, how badly nppllcd the eyes look tired. (From BY ALICIA HATiT NEA Service Staff Writer Badly applied makeup .is worse than none nt nil, Although it is quite true Ih-jt :i to;:cli of ' rouge 'and lipstick and a film of fine powilcr 1 improve the appcararfte of , ' ni If \vcman, regardless of age, it . is ii'st us true ' that hit and miss Giicrlain, * ~ New York) .OVERDONE;MAKEUP graphic lesson'in innkuup. The same mniiel posed tor botli, alltioush it Is a fai d loohliij. oue above. Note how the heavy application of roiiffe low on the clieeks lilislick makes thc mouth look pinched up-and heavy application of mascara makes wait, half a .minute, tinlze. /Vtcr either you]' .color \\iir rise, it rhou's' is where tc be. then smi- of tliclie. [ind where rouge ought Butterscotch Pleases Men dabs of color and a coaling of! Innfnaus: white will 1 ruin her locks, no matter how; lovely: she is.; The laces we see everywhere • licmcmber: always Ihnt your cyen arc- the fecal r<=Ir.-:i; of >cur face. Do all you can to n;al:e them appear larger, mere •i" •'•W- apr-'il -. in front of-<thc grandstand.' '"I'aler the'same nor-. «s appeared us roadsters. Broad-' way . ijill, driven by Youngblood, was. given first place over life teammate, driven by Alton Outlaw. .;.Results: •'.•Ponies-. wllh. riders under 1G years:.. Sara Lou McCutchcn, 1st; Amy Ruth Morris, 2nd; Opal Garrett. 3rd.' ' •• • 52-inch ponies with boy riders iinder'16 years: Clem Whistle Jr'., 1st; Harold Campbell, 2nd- Jim Henry Lutes, 3rd; dine Fisher, 4th. Riders under 10 years: Clem Whistle jr., 1st; H. E. Garrett 2nd. Boy or girl riders, 10 to 1G if you put rouge far downward -on your cheeks you v.ill draw attention , away ' from ycur. eyes. Besides rp'ige which day -after day indicate that more' Is applied lavishly on the lower makeup sins arc committed with- 1 Sip \f of your face will make than with any other pnoj you look years older. : H>iiKilIc. ; Hurried applic^'.ion ; if vcu Ilkp prpbably Is •»•- ' ....... -...? .-' " ic " 11kc Stamp- Hy I. S. Klein AMONG the man y rc- Quesls for new stamps that have received some form of s y m p a t h etic Bearing by Fostmaslcr Farley is one picturing H o r a cc Mann. This would honor the country's first r grcnt educator, nnd would be is- v sued on the 3UOlh anniversary of Massachusclls' first schools, cf which Mann was the first-commissioner o( education. Following ; quickly upon wilh- drawol of the 1-cent Century' of Progress sheets comes the 3-ccnl .value. ..These souvenir sheets were available for some lime al- the Philatelic Agency in Washington. Now prociaslinnlors mny pel them only from stamp dealers al a premium. » # r Another new set of stomps issued by the Philippines consists of three overprinted values of the old 1017-25 scries, in honor of Flyers Anlonio Arnalz and Juan Calvo, who completed a two- monlh flight f rora Manila to Madrid recently. * * + France is breaking out with a rash of new stamps. Just issued' is » set of two commemorating! the 100th crossing of tlic South Al-J lanlic by airplane. Others con-' templaled include a set of six stamps for the 1837 colonial expo- silion; more stamps honoring Pasteur, Victor Hugo, sntl Ciillot; a new stamp for Berlioz, Ihc composer; one in conncclion willi the peace mceling al St. Cloud, near Paris; a new overprint for the un- (mployed; and several charily stamps. hi, 151*. NBA Strvlec) Inc.) I tcie'diaif way "between'nose and a ™»y -"T).I and tnei third act. between osed to coyer..the twc^-bcloV .Ihca,. 'just under- i.-.tu^l ; ccl_t>r m , alh tribune! ! No*: patiently' making [lie 'dots spread nnrl ,.,„ ,,,„„ .<: . •-•--. --•••- spread until they meet. Pat the files, men IOOK at your ,-cheeks. - ' • - - : There arc no two ways it. . Rouge is supposed the area wh( would show—if you had it. fcrisk exercises, for fifteen ™t .pat ~ r -;- - -.-_—---— cd^cs cf thc ro'orcd . area uAtil imWor two: minutes, 'they blcnrt, iraving rib'harsh lines .1: • I cr strealis. ycnrs: Amy Ruth Morris, lst;i If you need a little morL RCEC Stacy, -2nd; Harold Cnmiv bell, 3rd! '" ' -•-.-,. Walking class: Windemere Lad, owned and ridden by C. G. Smith, 1st; Golden Boy, owned by Frank Williams and ridden by Walter Clark, 2nd; Lady, owned by Mrs. C. G. Smith and ridden by D. Garrett, 3rd. Five-gaited class: Platinum Boy, owned by Jim F. Clark and ridden by Walter Clark, 1st; Colonel Dare, owned by Mrs. C. G. Smith and ridden by Peggy Mc- Kccl, 2nd; Delano Odarc, owned by C. G. Smith antl ridden by Alton Outlaw. 3rd. Roadsters to bike: Broadway Bill, owned and driven by V. Youp^blcod, 1st; . Bachelor's Dream, owned by V. YoungblocKl nnd driven by A. Outlaw, 2nd. color, add three more liny dots and pat again. Don't try "to get it. -all., on .the .first .time.. Remember that most well groomed women agree that you should allow exactly half as much time I A •I I. 1Y.« J'iis* I'uss' '.";\ss 2 A -I » •! N T S K. T I'ns lie. Kasl Pass Pass Piiss Puss Pass the second and • Ihlrd rounds 'of hearts. , Wlien North bid flve no trum» South had the satisfaction of bidding a laydown grand slam In spl c of the fact that two kings and tlnee queens were held by -lie opponents. • When the hand was played -in* i'lccent duplicate tournament 12 pairs • did not get beyond four jpncles, two pairs got to a, small Jlam with fear and trembling, und one pair used the "asking bids" o K'l to a grand slam foi a cold top." t •• Snake Wins Over Sjidtr " J ' EAST ST. LOUIS III. (UP)_A " small garden snake Ireed Itself v " from a spider's web after a 32- ,, hour struggle. Spectators are said to have frightened the spider anu prevented 11 from spinning oddl-.',,' lonal itrands about the victim. . Read courier Nev,s Want Ads, "^ rtint ever you like to use b?sl.[ ' for application do for quick of rouge as yon morning makeup This gives you some Idea of how Important the rouging process is ..Powder, ought to be one shade lighter than the natural tone of your skin. Press .quantities on over foundation and rouge, then whisk off the excess with com- lianaius bikcd in and a of whipped cream for good measure Here is a dessert sure to Kill forth praise. (From Schratft's, New York) By NEA Sen-ice Women still do the cooking. But the men seem to be doing the asking- In the last few weeks several good wives have written rather itcspcrntely, saying their menfolk have suddenly started a butterscotch hunt. They , thing from ice cream Id Iiot''waf. plcxlon brush or piece of cotton, want more butterscotch pics, bigNEXT: More makeup hints. ger and richer butterscotch cakes, fles. Butterscotch Vie Here's a butterscotch pic recipe with authority. For the crust, use 1 1-1 cups pastry flour, 1-2 tca- | spoon salt, 1-2 cup lard' or :other ..shortening, ice water. Begin b; mixing salt and nour. Reserve 2 teaspoons lard. Then with flnger and butterscotch sauce on every- tips, case knife, pastry mixer Strange But True Modernise For Win lor There arc many w.iys In which you can make your home more livable, more enjoyable for thc long winter months...all these needed repairs and alterations can be made with an F. II. A. I oan •••come In and Id us explain in detail. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. i When the i first tread I wears off, I the second i tread wears on! tt C«TACQUAINT€0 f«1€NDLY Cft€DIT.... NOMONiYOOWN.. T€«MS TCMUITYOU. Don't be half safe ... refuse to buy tires that become smooth and dangerous when they're only half worn out. Don't wait another day . . ; no money down ... terms to •uttyour convenience. BUY TWO TREAD SEIBER1ING foGoU TIRES The Tire th«t Never Weiri Smooth NO RED TAPE • DELCO HOME antl AUTO RADIOS HUBBARD TIRE AND BATTERY CO. Phone 476 ice waler. Turn on floured baunl.l Put with affection. Roll out nnd Ihen work In (hose other 2 leiv- •ij.'oons of lard. . .. . Ccvr:' an Inverted pie plate with (he dough, pricking It 'la' several places to prevent forma- tcn of air bubbles, llnke.ln very liot • oven about 12 minutes. Remove from tin, Invert tlii to original position, und rest crust getit- iy on It. Return to oven Jt'sl lont enough to brown the Inside of the pastry , she'l. That's , your bnsls for the b'ultcraolch answer that will silence any husband. . Cook together In a sluice pirn (or two minutes 1 cup brown sii- pnr nnd 4 tablesfoans bullcr. It should moke brown syrup. The conking is done in the top of a double boiler, placed directly over! a low flame. Now place the top over hot water. Add to augur syrup 1 2-3 cups milk, mid bring to the boiling point. ;i •'. Mix 1-3 cuj) bread flour and 1-3 teaspoon salt with 1-3 cup milk. Add this to the hot syrup mixture and cook another 15 minutes. Beat 3 eggs until light, then add to hot syrup. Cook anA ether 2 minutes. Remove from fire and mill 1-2 teaspoon vtviiT Ilia. :,. ' ^ This Is the secret of contentment which nils that perfect pie shell, ever it all, spread a. cool ccntlii'j of whipped crenirL A meringue, can b= used instead, but it seems, according to statistics, that gentlemen prefer whipped cream, Banana-Butterscotch Cake And surely nothing but lovlriu kindness could nil n man's breast after his hunyry eye has lighted upon a banana-butterscotch cake Uso -your favorite layer .caki. re- ol|i" for thc batter. When It is made, grease a square cake pah. Over HID bottom 'arrange sliced banamis to form a mellow, base for the cake to* rise' from Sprlll- kle the bananns with lemon Juice and four -In the .batter, to' nbblK 3-4 Inch .thickness; Bake hi erate oven until done. '.Cut in bountiful squares. Cover with butterscotch 1 sii either -home-made ;-or bought 'In glass ..bottles, .heated and: then poured out for royal service; Ploj) a tablespoon of whipped cream 'on top--Just before serving. South then knew that.a small stam was unbeatable, but wauled to try for a grand slum. He therefore bid five hearts—asking for Ihlrd round control of the suit. Today's Contract Problcr. j Alter South opened the We'.- [ ding with one heart, West bid ( olie spade 'nnd .North . ovc-i-- J called w|lK two spades. Since: , North ,hos two losing spadej, what meaning doc's' this IjH ' convey to South? A 7 4 VKJ95 * A . •-4AKQJ103 iniind) 1 B'm.i I 102 VAQ1084 4KQJ109 1*8 ' W. atid.S. vulnerable. Solution in next Issue. WHAT)/ A BUNDLE OF IT (SUNSHIME, HEALTH /\L1- WRAPPED OP " FOR SPECIAL oeuveRY CRAIG'S DAIRY. PURE, nttSH CRAIG'S 'liillk" ttAwieii (he nourhhlnj quaUtirs • vital In normal development of robust health. • ,, GRADE A RAW MILK , Quart ;. iOc'> Pint ,6c-' Huttermilk, Qt e'c" with flvc no trump with any singleton, the double ton king or the king and queen, since any 'of thesu oldings would permit him to wh BEAN PICKERS Hundred Free. Rides-Trucks Leave Canning Factory: 6:30 SPECIAI. NOTICE! RITZ - ROXY THEARE POLICIES STARTING SATURDAY, OCT. 3 --RITZ-- Everything (or your entertain- ment & Comfort Continuous showing Saturday from 11 a. m. 'till 11 p. m. Continuous showing Sunday from 1:45 p. m. 'tiH 11 p. m. Week day Matinee 1:45 Night show 6:30 Admissions: Matinees Except Sun. & Holidays 10c&26c Nights 16c & 36c Sat. Matinee up to 5 p. m. 10c&26c Sat. Night 16c&3Ic Sunday Matinee & Night 16c & 36c Children 3 to 10 yean old Must have half fare tickets -ROXY- . Matinees, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only Show every night as usual ADMISSION ALWAYS lOc &26c PAL NIGHTS TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 2 Adults Admitted for the Price of One—All Children lOc (No Matinees Tues. Wed. Thurs.) Friday and Sunday Matinees at 2 p. m. Saturday Matinee 1:00 p. m. Night Shows 6:30 p. m.

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