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Newbern Daily Progress from New Bern, North Carolina • Page 3

New Bern, North Carolina
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JOOT EDDY i SINGLE NUMBER LOTTERIES i Chartered bnthe btatt cf Georrta.) CAPITAL PEIZE 85O.O0O TICKETS NL TE OLLARS 9 WOOD, EDDY Successors to S- SWAN Sp CO. The following Scheme -will be drawn by Wood, Ed dy fc Managers ofthe Sparta Academy Lottery. each of their Smglo Number lxrttenes tor September, 1S59, at Augusta. GainpubliCjtmderUie Bttper. intendeuce of Commissioners 3Q Dravrt Saturday, Septemkcr 3, 1859.

Class 37 Dravts Saturday, September 10, 1859. Clas 33 Urate Saturday. September 17 1859. Cia 39 Draws Saturday, September 24, 1859. OX THE PLAX OF SINGLE XUMBEItS, Tickets Prise IVrnrly One Prize Every Nine Ticket! i MAGNIFICENT SCHEME! TO BE DRAWN EACn SATURDAY.

IN SEPTEMBER Prizes of. ...550,000 .20,000 10,000 5,000 3,000 1 Prize of. 50 500 400 300 ,...150 100 100 44 4 44 PRIZES 100. 100 100 4i it APPROXIMATION 4 Prizes of $400 Aprxg. to Priz are $1,00 4 44 44 .300 44 44 20,000 lJOl 4 it 1 250 it 41 10,000 ti 44 l.ooe 4 4 4 4 tt 44 tc 44 tt tt I 14 5.000 4,000 3.CC0 .1.500 it.

44 ti two 800 600 408 tt it ii 44, 200 150 100 it 4 5.000 20 are .100,000 Prizes amounting $320,000 Whole Tickets Halves 9o; Quarters $2 50. Kemeuiber that every Prize in the above Sclieme rs drawn, and payable in full without deduction. Certificates of Packages -will be sold at the fol lowing rates, which is the risk Certificates of Pakageof 10 hole 44 44 44 10 Half 10 Half 49 .20 10 44 44 4( (4 44 10 Quarter IU Eighth 44 44 SPARTA ACADEMX LOTTEBT," 'CLASS. No. Draws Wednesday, September 2S, 1859 ON TIIE TI1REH NUMBER PLAN.

78 NUMBERS 14 DRAra BALLOTS, Nearly one Prize to every two Tickets I ONE GRAND PRIZE OF S3O.O00. 1 Prize of $13,742 5 Prizes of $1,500 5 Prizes of 2,0001 10 Prizes of 600 34,412 Prizes Amounting lo $567,062 I WholeTickets $10 Halves $5 Quarters $2 60; In Ordering Tickets or Certificates, enclose' the money to our address for the Tickets ordered, on receipt of which they will be forwarded by the first mail. The List of Drawn Numbers and Ihlzeawill be sent to purchasers immediately after the drawing." Purchasers will pleas6 write their signatures plain, and give their post umce, couut3r ana fetate. All Prizes of 1,000 and under, paid immediately after the drawing other Prfzes at the usual time of forty days. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS.

Those who prefer not sending by mail can' use The Adams Express Company, whereby money for Tickets, in sums of Ten Dollars and upwards, can be sent us A OUR RI A ND EXPENSE, from any city or town where they have an office. The money and order must be enclosed in a "Gov eminent Post OJicc Stamped Envelope Express Company cannot receive them All communications strictly confidential. Orders for Ticket or Certificates, by Maiji or Ex-, press, to be directed to t- uuu, tow cc Angusta, us. or, WOOD, EDDY Atlanta. Ga.

or, WOOD, EDDY Wilm'n Del. A list of the numbers that are drawn from the wheel, with the amount of the prize that each one is entitled tOj will be published after every drawing, in the following papers Augusta (Ga.) Constitution- alist, Mobile Register, Nashville Gazette, Richmond Dispatch (Miss Clarion, New York Her aid and New York limes. WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA- Facnltr CHARLES DEEMS, D. kkctor. and Profesfor of Bellea-Lettres.

Capt. JAMES D. EADCLIFFE. Prof, of Mathematics and the Physical Sciences. CHARLES X.

BROWNT, Professor of Ancient Miss MARY WADE SPEED, -Principal of the Ladies Stsminarr. Mrs. ANNIE HONFLE UK, Teacher ot rench, Drawing and Mujic: Mrs. ELIZABETH D. RADCLIFFE, Teacher of Music Miss MARIA L.

CRAFTON, Teacher in the Ladies Department. Mrs. ELIZABETH A. COFFIN, Matron. This Institution of Learning was-opened under most encouraging auspices on the 13th January, 1859-.

It is proposed to make it a thorough and practical Gym- naium lor iraiiniig ine xjjjpieai, Ameiieeiuai anu Moral powers of the Pupils. Upon its success in this it expects to rely for all its Patronage. It ia under the control of no particular Church. The Teachers belong to different and are selected on account of their fitness for the posts they occupy, without regard to their ecclesiastical connections. Professor Radeiine, a graduate ot tne boutu Caroli na Military Academy, lias marge ot tne Male tlJe cal and Classical branches, the Pupils nave the ad vantage ol the Infantry unll ot Miutary Academies To secure interest and success tnis, we nave-an amnlefiunnlv of Cidet 'MuketJ: The uniform of the corvs is neat, plain and cheap.

It is furnisned at the Institution es nearly at first cost a practicable. Pupils need only bung their usual wearing ap: parel. The uniform aids in" securing discipline and preventing extravagance. The Drill does not interfere with the studies. It is an excellent discipline funiished our pupils after school hours, without ex tra charge, for tuition or useof muskets.

-r The vacancy in the chair of Ancient Languages is temporary, and will bo speedily and -properly tilted 'H In the department, for Young Ladies everything will be considered which is calculated to advance the health, the progress, and the happiness of -the pupils. The sessions are five months in length. The second session will open on the last Thursday in August, and it is very desirable that all the pupils be present at the opening classification. Terms In the Male Department, the" charge of tuition session will be from $10 to $25, according to the age of the pupils and their advancement. Board can be had in respectable families for 1U a month.

In the Ladies' Department Tuition, a session, in the English branches, for any Ancient or Modern language', $5: Music, on the Piano, Organ or Guitar, with the use of the Instrument, $2 50; on the Harp $30, and $-3 extra for the use of the Instrument Drawing, $10 Oil Painting, $20. The pupils can boiird in the will be charged only from the time of their entrance to the close of the session and for board fuel, wash ing, furnish ed rooms and attendance, wihVbe charged 50 a week. The tuition is to be paid in advance' and all the bills promptly' paid at the close of the session. The pupite iu both Departments have the use of libraries equal to tiiose or some older institutions and their Books and Stationery are funiished at New York retail prices. Tiie Departments are in seperate buildings.

All letters to the pupils should be addressed to the care of Dr. Deems, Wilson, N. C. 18 GOODS! KI5W SPRING OF 1S59. 0 ALL E.N Invites the attention of the Public to his Large StoCK ot SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS, Silk, Barege, Poplin Tissue, DeLain aud PRINTED DRESS GOODS Mantles, Scarfs, Embroideries, TrimmiDgs, 45tc, Also, a verv Superior Stock oi- Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, Mattinjrs, Hats, Gloves, jewelry, Wiilow-VV are, etc, Also, a fine Assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Cravats, Mv Stock ia Larere.

New. and well-assorted, and will be sold at moderate prices. cu Particular Attention given to Orders. Brick Store, Pollok street, Newbern, N. C.

April 11 IV OTICJK. All- persons indebted to Col. j. y. xl JORDAN, either by note or account.

are re quested to make immediate pa vment or, at the ex piration of thirty days from the date hereof, pay ment will be.eutorced by law. CHAS. C. CLARK, Trustee. Ausr 29-dtf.

1UEW8TVLE8 OF HATS. FALL STYLES Jl of Silk II cits New Orleans Moleskin Hats, the Ledger Hats, a variety of Cashmere Hats also one case ot Siiaker Hoods, just received by EMMET CLTHBEliT. Aug. 29. ousress Water just received by J.

W. CARMER. July 21 AYETTI'S MEDICATED Call and supply yourselves at April 13 CARMER' S. MOLASSES AIVD, SAIT. Now landing from Schooner Virginia Cove and for sale from Wiiart.

lO Choice Molasses. 200 Sacks Ground Liverpool Salt. May 23, IS5L dtf DIBBLE BROS. Brand fur sale by July 2 tf DE MONTEBELLO J. GOODING, Jr.

uarlcs London Cordial Oiu for sale at CARMER' S. July 21 A jl iti ostont and for sale by June VIEWS-. Just received JAS. VP. CARMER, A few Rashrts ofChamnngnc Wine, Due JT.

de Montebello brand, (very fine) for sale by June 24 .1 W. CAKMER, Drugist. r0 VOL' WANT A HAT OF ANY KIND Call at HARRISON'S, he has a verv large a 8 sortment. A iiARRELs OF OLD RITE WllJSItV in store, and will be sold verv low to eood customers. March 4 JAS.

W. CARMER. AVERS at -June SARSAPABILLAFOR SALE CARMERS. 17" EROSENE Oil. OF SUPERIOR QUALI a iust receivea ana lor sale dv April 13 JAS.

W. CARRIER. CTRAW MATTLG. IO 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, White. 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, Checked, 'For sale on moderate terms at pr 14 HARRISON'S.

TNDIAN Cbolasosne and Pernvian Fcbri. fas eare unfailiiiir remedies for Afne nnl Vowr une 20 Sold by J. GOODING, Jr- PO CKE PI ST I.sSOJI ETI 1 1 Wesson's SEVEN S1IOOTKIW ing only 10 ounces For sale at Feb 5 C. A. nART.

BRO. CO'S. Mru. Winlow'i Soothing Syrup for Kale by a 'nnnnivr. ir "vt" LOT OF FOREIGN AN1 DOMESTIC LI quors just received and for sale by March 24 J.

YJORDAN Vur Cod Lirer Oil and Lirac for sale ft: ny Jnly2i J. W. CARMER. Mrs WinsIoWs Soothing Sirup, for fcaildren teething, for sale by fc- -J Olive Oil of very superior jalitv be had at Jnue2i CARMERS. YVJVW MORNING, SEPTEMBER 9, 1859.

"TTftTet Masara-Aurra Eoreulis Ac. The senior editor of the Fayetteville Observer Saratoga writes an interring letter It is a. M1t nmA nffKo Aiirnrn ArnwK a -i uTSt Iain vi iugxui ciwo auu returning after service saw a long narrow streak 'flight, like, the tail of a comet, in the east and another in the west but none in the north, the direction in which these Northern Lights usually ppear. Half an hour afterwards the display was more brilliant than I ever saw, except once on the Ilndseu river, many years 'ago. whole coutliern quarter of the heavens; was brilliantly illuminated with a deep vermilion, whilst in other direction the light was rather silvery, and merely tinned with fed.

Directly over head was a eanopyt proceeding from around a small circular space pf light, from which the folds of pink and hlit fell gracefully in all directions to; the horizon. It was almost as light as if 'the full moon had been shining. Hun. reds of people left the triors for the streets and yards, to gaze at the sublime spectacle sublime and beautiful even. tO OUr iOl iiiui liiciiua uo iii 3 it, jcai tintj, year, much: more so to us of the South who, are rarely so favored." I think it is ten years since I list saw the Aurora at Fayetteville.

For several vcirs about that time we had had exhibitions of tfie riiysterions spectacle, of whosc'origin not even a reliable conjecture has been made, so far as I know. The weather had become very cool during the day, and continued to grow cooler, till this morning at 4 o'clock the thermometer stood at 44. Doubtless there was a slight frost, unless the clouds prevented. Persons at a distance who fancy that all is fash ion and tolly at this and other watering places, iav be surprised at my record of churches full to overflowings three times a day, and especially, as is often the case, wien no celebrity is to, preacn. But this is ordinarily the case here.

People who come here "are the same moral and religious peo ple who fill the clinches at their homes, and they off none of their home habits while froni home. Doubtless there are immoral and dissipa ted people here, but 1 doubt it they are 11 as 'large a proportion here as in any town or village which is not a watering placed People come lor health, for rest, and for reereation, not to gamble or dissipate and so, besides going to church last iik'htMnJndreds ioined in or enjoyed sacred nm-. sic, led by an accomplished lady vocalist, in the nmlnr of Union Hall, and the evening closed, -as otlier Sunday evenings have closed, with an earnest prayer by a Rev. Doctor whose name I liave forgotten. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.

020 REUAUD. Rauavvay from the premises of tiie subscriber in Newborn, 'iueday night last, lave woman Lizzy, hired fur the year from. Mrs. Howard ol Newborn. Lizzy is 45 or 50 years of age, is low and and is well known about Nevvbern.

Sue took her bed and other tilings and am hatfied that the was aided in her iligiit, and that she is now hai bored withiif tjie town by other neioet. 1 will give a libera reiviiwl tur her aiText'and confinement in the county jail and 1 will give reward for evidence that will convict any uue ol assisting her to escipe or of iiiir ber i S( J. L. A. WI1ALKY, SHAVING 11AIR DRESSING SAL Aliddlefreet, 'adjoining the Cigtii" Store ot Mr.

Newborn, N. C. Sept. 9, ihn. Mdn- ITWsOVK: IT.OUIt! A FKh supply jiiMt received ot fiiut celebrated Fluiir; iroiii ijw Wheat, piade at the Concord and Phtenix Mills, said by good judge: to be the best North Carolina Flour brought to this Market.

Try it Also a lot ot Flour irom liowau County. For sale, on reasonable tern s. -pt. 9. DIBI1LE BR0Sv II I MIC AIVS received iiud fur ttale by B.

B. LAN E5 half bbls. choice old whisky also a quantity of N. C. hour low for casii.

Sept. 2- dtf. Retail Dry Goods Store, TWO TT CLEKKS. Must be acquainted with the Relereuce required for qualifications and iiuuality. JJone' need apply who are not willing: to their undivided attention" to: the business Ap ply at PROGRESS OFFICE.

Sept 5dl0d O1 JIIMSIO.M2 US. That: immediate steps be taken to extend the limits of Cdar Grove Ce met a-1 Notice is hereby given to all whom it may that so much of Cedar street as lies between George and Stanly streets will be closed, and a street 111? feet wide be opened, beginning on the north liue of Cedar street. F. LANE, Mayor. Sept 3-d li tl XVAX JoUIStlieT-nb- -l-'l.

Kcnbers are now receiving from Rowan Mills Sacks Famiiy Extra and S. F. Flour; -40 Bbls. Family and Extra Flour 3( libls. Extia Family Flour, which they flVr to sell at the lowest market prices lie different grades.

They also keep retail the bet quauty Family Flour in Bbls. and Sucks. FISHER FOARD. Sept. 7--dtf.

4 TTiiM'lO I IVcwbern Ijight Infantry i. YOU ARE-HEREBY ORDERED to appear on the Academy Green at 4 o'clock precisely on Friday evening, September 9th, uniformed and equipped according to law. A full attendance particularly required. By order of commandant. Sept J.

B. Orderly Sergt. egcoes ivegkoes: Tiie subscriber may be fouud at the Washington Hotel uiAil Saturday for the purpose of buvin jxegroes. Any person 'mvmg such propcrtv for ale will do weir to call on him, as the liighcst cash uriees i i win ue paiu. SeptSdf X.

FREDERICK. LA.M FOB The offers tor sale a valuable tract of Swamp and lying on Adam Creek near jNcnse Kiver, about 30 oelow IVttwbern. lhe tract contains about Six llundrr! Acres standing in original growth aim heavily timbered. The subscriber being desirous to sell, invites pur- vnttsers to examine tne place. further particulars address the undersigned at newbern, C.



BOOTS, SHOES, READY MADE CLOTHING, CAR-PETIXGS, JEWELRY, NEWRERN, N. i-ImI pectfully cal1 tlie attention of the pttr cppivn v. lu lus eiocK unponea ior uie tiJ nr IMEIi TRADE, 1859. He flat- c3 to show a stock that will ii wun an.v ln tiie Southern Markets. thn V.rr Ul-e Prices as low if not lower We quahty, and 8tvleS ot goods can be 1116 cntry.

Hi8 6tore i nWmtlv Valg ia place, the best light. Vatterned after no otlier lie wm be pleased to receive a Price and: inking heir purchases; SuoraIei. No article renreeent it is not. fpr 26 per from thattomea watering piaqe on uie 'ZUin fiom which we extract the following coing to Church after I observed ills laa in ia any quantity desi be had. at this Office.

sired UJfcKALi iiALLROAlJ NT. is an authorized direct lor NEWS AG the Progress. Home Again Tor Short Time only. My personal attention will be Daguerreau Gallery, on Craven street, for a short time. My friends, patrons and thepublic generally who may wish first class likenesses are invited to Call without delay.

I 1'ietures will be taken for SO Cen ts and upwards. Children under 4 years of aere talren at one dollar and Pictures will be placed in Lockets and Tibs lor one dollar each. Call soon. beptS J. W.

WATSON. BAXK OP COMMERCE. The-un-Z2m? demgned. appointed bv the Commissioners of the Bank of Commerce to pen books and receive subscriptions to the-, same, now give 'notice that two thousand shaves have been subscribed tor to the capital stock of paid Bank, and fifty thousand dollars paid in gold and silver, I The subscribers are hereby notified to meet in the town of Newbern on the ltfth dav of September. A.

I. 1859, at II o'clock, A. M. fortha purpose of organ ziing.aidlauk. K.


Xewbern, Aug. 16, 1859 dtd Mitts Hallie A. Brent, a graduate of Greensboro' Female: College, and tf sev eral years experience in teaching, will teach such mjisic pupils as may apply, through the months of August and September and on the first Monday in uetooer win open ner school tor young ladies and misses, and teach or have taught, the branches usually taught in guch schools. Prices the same as in Mr Hooper and Miss Mayhews schools. For particulars anply at the M.

E. Personage. Aug 11 dtloct: v. gyTa5 lee Crcans. A pure and excellent ar-tide of ICE CREAM may be had at the residence of Mrs.

Castix on Pollok Street, daily from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. July A NEW AND LARGE SrPPl-1 of STATIONERY Inks, Patent Ink Stands, Mucillage, Blotting Pads, Blank Bankers' Heady Reference Files, Portfolios, Albums, Playing Visiting and Cards, State Maps and Scho 1 Books'" just received and for sale at MRS.

STANLY'S BOOK STORE, South side ot Pollok. July 23 v3 WJI. II. WASHINGTON has remov- UeT red his Law Office to Middle -Street; in the rooms lately occupied by the Collector of. Customs tor the town ot JNewuera.

Jan ly-Utt TII SUBSCRIBER having in a measure regained his health, will resume thePRAC TICE. OF LAW. His office is on the North side of Broad Street, a few doors East of the Court Ilouse. being the one lately occupied by John II. Haughton, Esq.

Jan rth 1859 d1v JNO. N. WASI1INGTON. q2b Law Police. ne suDscn ber lias re-movedlus Eaw Office to the house on Craven street, one door south of Mr.

Elijah Clark's and four dobrs north of the Post Office. -March 25dtf V. CHAS. C. CLARK.

TjA HAUGHTON has Hon. II. Washington. Jan jO-dtt excelsior i 1S59 ti A I IT 110 SS" BUSINESS MEN, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST I Our Facilities are Unsurpassed by any Establishment in the State, Would you have your Printing done PROMPTLY" 1 Leaviiit at the Ofn of the "DAILY Would you have your Printing done NEATLY 1 Leave it at the Office of the 'DAILY PROGRESS." Would ycu have your Printing done GHEAPLY? Leave it at the Office of the- A I Ij A I. A KGB LOT OF Colored ffnks, Plain Fancy Cards, Paper, 5L-c, CONSTANTLY, ON HAND.

PLAIN AXI COLORED JOB.l'IM.N'Tl.N Of every description, can be done at the Office ol THE 44 XIAII. PROG RESS," As well and as cheap as it can be done in North Car olina, and in a ttyle that cannot Our people need no longer send their orders. for IN I to New York, for we can do it as well as it can be done at the North, and onterms which should KEEP IT AT HOME. The largely increased and rapidly increasing de-mand for JOB PKIXTIXG, Compels us to keep a large force, and to increase our facilities. Hence we have iust made a large accession to our JOB DEPARTMENT.

By the addition ot a large quantity of NEW TYPE andother Materials, and as we do a large quantity of Work, we of course can execute it better and cheap er than other establishments which do but little. keep two first class Compositors in our Job Department, and can get with, expedition aud accuracy Rill-lieails, Ulank Books, Wedding Cards, Busincsgfards, Large Posters, Show Bills, Pamphlets, fISlauksy Pro at rosraniuies. Catalogues, Circulars, JLabels. PLAIN AND FANCY COLORED Of every description done promptly and satisfaction guaranteeo. No Work suffered to lie in the Office I Jobs delivered when Promised I UP Call, or send your Orders the "Progress Buildings," Pollok street, Is.

U. JT. I. j. PE.YXIiVGTO., January, 1S59 Proprietor, WORTiH.TO"'S AX1 DIAREUKEA The best remedy in use for diseases of the" bowels, andall that is required to be convinced of thefactis topive "it trial: and this being the season of the year when such medicines are required, I would advise all pe sons in need of such an article to end and eet a bot tie.

For sale by JAS. W. CARMER, June 6 Druggist. rlOAL! COAL! COAL I Kj TONS RED ASH EGG COAL. suitable for grates, now in yard, and for6ale-in qaantities'to suit purchasers by "A 1.

.1 1- B. B. LANE. Sept a aim OiUee Atinutic Sc S.C. ICailroad CoM X.

C. Feb. 21. m. Newberx, n7Trr 1 ij On and after Tuesday the 22d fohowing Schedule wm be run by tne passenger Trains on this Road Lkavje Arrive at Morehead City at 6.45 a.

Carolina City at 55 Carolina City 7.05 Xewbern 8.40 Newbern 9.10 Kinston' l0 4ii a.m. .44 910 Kinston 10.45 i It Kinston Mosely nail 11. 3o Goldsboro' Mosely Hall Keturmsg, Arrive at Hall 4 n. 4.05 Kinston 4.40 4.55 Newbern 6.35 7.05 Carolina Citv 8.40 8.50 Morehead Citv 9.00 Leave Goldsboro' at Mpselyllall Kinston Newbern Carolina City Sept 1-dU m. Ei W.

P. METTS, Agt. TO RENT. FOB REIVX. The house situated on the Southwest corner of George and Xew Streets.

Apply Aug 17; 1859 dtf OB SALE BY FIS1IEU FOARD. 30 Bbls. City Mess Pork, 3 Hbds. llama and 20 Hhd-. Good 50 Bbls.

10 Bbls. N. O. Molasses very prime, O. Sugar, -i 27 Bbls.

Refined Sugar assorted, 3000 Bushels Alum Salt, 200 Sacks Liverpool Salt. Aisojusi receivea irom iiowan Mills mJ? Extra Family, Family and S. F. Flour, Al.o.on coneicrnment 30 Bexes N. C.

Tobacco as sorted a Stock, of Woodberrv Canvass Also ror sale a general assortment of Groceries, Nets, Seines and Twipes, alfof which will i. I be sold lw for cash or country produce on application to FISHER FOARD, Aug. yy dtf.w JSearthe Old County Wharf. gPRINCJ AND SIGUIER DBrGOODS! ALL ENTIRELY NEW! 51 MET CU UBER i Would respecttully inform his numerous customers and the public generally throughout the State, that he is now receiving and opening at his NE XV AIY SPACIOUS STORE, CORNER OF POLLOK AKD MIDDLE STREETS, NEWBERN, N. The largestand most attractive Stock of -SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS, CARPETS, MATTING HATS.

BOOTS and SHOES. TRUNKS, JEWELRY, BASKETS. ETC ever exhibited, in this Market. 1HY NEW STORE, Conveniently located, and built with special reference to my business.being Large, Light and Comfort able, gives me increased facilities for the exhibition of my Stock, WHICH FOR NOVELTY, VARIETY AND STYLE, can scarcely be excelled. Thankful for past favors, I respectfully invite you to callon me at my new location.

a' N. Orders will receive prompt and careful at- tention. April 22. '59 EMMET CUTHBERT. few Setts Balanced Handled Knives and Forks for sale cheap at J.M F.

HARRISON'S. TEGROES WANTED. The Subscriber will 1.1 pay the highest prices for a few likely JVegrpes of both sexes. Newbern, Aug 6 dlw-wtf B. GARDNER.

TTOR SAIiE BIT II. IJ LACKWE Ii I4 bbls. Pork, lO bbls. N. C.

Lard, 23 bbls. Herrings, 5 bags.Cctlee, 15 kegs Butter, 20 boxes Cheese, 2, bbls. Sugar, 25 boxes Candles, 25 boxes Soap, 10,000 ffis. Bacon, lOO saqks Salt, SO bbls Com. JOO sacks Flour 25 bbls.

N. C. Flour 5 hhds. Molasses, 25 bbls. Molases, April 6 d6m TURNIP SEED.

Yellow and White Ruta Baga, Purple Top (Strap Leaved,) White Flat Dutch, Large Globe, Large Norfolk," Dales Hybrid, Yellow Aberdeen. Just received and for sale by, July 16 J. GOODING, Jr. ORE QUASSIA CCPS. Another supply 1.TA oi OUAbblA UUi'Siu4 recetvea oy une 6 J.

W. CARMER, Druggist llaret A tew cases ot tyaret ine, of muid nnahtv. iust. at, hand and for snle bv June 24 J. W.

CARMER A LOT OF FINE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ii Cigars and also Smoking and Chewing Tobat -co for sale by J.V.JORDAN. March RORES, OKuAiiDi ROUES, ISA-It A 12 1SOBES. Received this day at JM. F. HARRISON'S JO Silk Robes Don We Skirt.

20 Baraze do do do 20 Organdy Robes do do Choice Styles apr 16 BCRNIN(R FLCID-XEW YORK BURN ING FLUID itot received by Feb.12 JAS. W. CARMER. OERSIANINSECT POWDER. Sore death If to Roac Anril 13 Roaches, Acts and enrnn of ail kird, mia at riTr.

WinlowSootliing Syrup, for children it If A teething just received and for ale by 1 V'F. S.DLFFY iu I 1 I I 1 1 NOTICE. Those indebted to C. Wooten, Trustee of Hon W. II.

Washington will please be prepared to pay me during Craven County Court. J. II. HAUGHTON, Attorney for C. Wooten.

-Newbern, Sept. 1 '59 -dt-c ALUABLE NEGROES FOR SALE. IN By virtue of decrees otthe Court of Equity for Cnn-vne county, at the last Spring Tenn thereof, the-Clerkand Master will expose to public sale' at tke' Comt House in the town of Newbern, on the 24th day of October next, being the Monday of Craven Superior Court, the following valuable slaves, tawit One Man and one Woman, Also, One Woman and Child. Terms of sale made known "on the day ofnalei FREDERICK. C.

ROBERTS, C. M. E. Aug 26, 1859 d3w 1 FEITIAIiE SCHOOL. Miss RACHEL a BROOKFIELD, will open a School in Newbern, on the first Monday in Octo.

ber, (in the room recently occupied by Miss Eliza', beth Mayhew,) for the tuition of Females in tha. usual Elementaiy and higher English Branches Terms from eight to twelve dollars per Session of ftvo payable at the close of thesesaion. Pttpifa will be char ged from the date of entering, and na deduction made except in case of protracted shik' Sept 1, 1859 dlm CIIEAI OOIS! BARGAINS TO BE J. M. F.

HARRISON offers very cheap for eaali his remaining stock of Summer Calicoes, Ginghams, Muslins, Rarage. Lawns, Amongst them will bo found very desirable styles no old refuse goods- new and desirable Call nd get eupplied. He will also gell the remainder of his stock of summer Hats at very low prices. Those who desire to purchase will do well to call and examine the stock. Aug.20.- a ALUAULE HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE! By virtue of a deed Of trust executed to me September, 185G, by John Blackwell; of New bem, I will expose to public sale at the Court House in the town of Newbern.

on the 12th day of Septem ber next, being-the Monday of Craven County Court, unless a desirable offer is made beforehand to induce ji private sale the following valuable Real Estate -in thetown of Newbern, to wit: A piece or parcel of Land feitnate at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent Rivers, South of South Front Street and West of Eat Front street, with thr steam Saw Mill, known as the "Newbern an- other buildings ami improvement thereon, beir 1 part of the same which was purchased by Jol Blackw ell from Wade Co Tenna ofale-libe and made known on day of sale. I J. CfCERO JUSTICE, Trufte Newbern, Jane 23, lfl. d-td OITlTATioS man of t. It 1 minaj di'tr O1 habit and good business qualifications to obtain a nitaation in a hotel, store, factory1 any employment where can make himself and earn something to support a family who pendent on him.

it willing to engage for a 1 salary, -For further particulars apply to tb of the Progress. Aug 'Jl. 1859, dtf TO THE CIT1ZESS OP NEWB The subscriber has, aceordir to. fronted on the; Old County Wharf, and baring ltorse3 and drivers' ia pre parej? to do, yow and to sapply lyou with firewocdr He receive-yonr Bflls of leading and to de Goods at" your door for the usual price- thereby saving you of gohig i lotik after gooo. AH oaers torworic fiw will be promptly tended to, aai ding on tLe arrival cf 1 he 1 Sept.

3d, dfiai. Pi.

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