The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1941
Page 3
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SATURDAY FKBKUAJRY 22, 1941 LLE, (ARK) COUTMEft NEWS /""S- ., ''"' "" """ "" " ' ii i J-nrrii u.i-^iiJ-u-1.j..-, „, Umis Comes As Usual-Bm Streamlined ! ToHeadSEc7 PAGE .'THREE. It's New Deal In Fun, Bur Barkers Use Same Old Ballyhoo BV TOM WOLF y ,!;™? m>Ice St ' llf Correspondent NEXV YORK.-AiKHifirn, kids-~ from g to 8«\ vw, It's [r ae. They are streamlining the nrcus )V- fcre you .'rop a noaml-MY tear li*. ten to Use ringmaster. b, shiny trpr-'er and swallow-tail co-it he** te'Hny; of thf- i-hawtfes. Munv wil! b*> ivady to flpu c . ai . this ye : ' ir . -V lew xvfll not. But } 5f3rk: streamlined ei^tis or nol the ,.i nglnaslcr , s st-ntcnau tones remain unchanged. "LA-DEEZ and gennul-men. Brcthers and Barmun & and enjoyment the Greatest Show on Earth. This year, this stupendous phantasmagoria has been revised and redesigned by that world renowned master of spectacle, Norman Bel Geddes. His revoliuion- siry and nwrnficent designs have snatched away the breath cf millions in many fie'ds. "To afford you the maximum of pleasure, this gargantuan assemblage of man and beast has been modernised from the upoermosi pinnacle of the Big Top clown to His hilarious antics and ccmedy conceits of the fimmaklng clawtv* from every land; even to ihe resplendent uniforms of the host of courteous attendants. ''As if so commanded by the magic of an Indian fakir, this gigantic canvas rcof above this hippodrome remains suspended in air—with uo support from within i, by clumsy, adiaphanous poles. Your view of the extravaganza you are about to regard will be further enhanced through the necromancy, of modern science and a myriad of new and iiu-eniou.s spotlights. MENMG&RIE BECOMES VTHITABLE JUNGLE "The astounding and startling aerial sensations and the incomparable presentations of world-renowned eciuilibi Lstic stars Unit you are socn to inspect will seem dou- i bly incredible without the maze, of apparatus that has accompan-! ! ed these performances in previous' years. "After man and beast have performed their death-defying feau in this arena, you will wish to inspect the'' world's largest traveling zoological collection, with its almost priceless specimens frqn every: clime. "Through the wiz of untiring felloe artists, this vast menagerie has been transformec" into a veritable jungle. Each of the caged, ferocious beasts is I j housed against a painted back|' ground simulating his wild and treacherous native jungle habitat '•To afford a better view of this unsurpassed collection of untamed animals, new and revolu- of poles inside the acts. Model above shows how itestenor Norman Bel Gtrldes will support the tent without u single iuurrior pole. , tionary cages, fashioned of won- drcus plastics and curved for increased visibility, have been purchased. These have been deftly maneuvered to circumscribe two enormous rings at either end of this unparagoned menagerie. In [ the center of one ring you may I witness hundreds of scampering simians chattering incomprehen- [ sibly on n new and unique 'mon- I key mountain: In the other are j displayed perfectly schooled i beasts, inculcated with inconceivable Jntellisence. HONEYMOON SUITE FOR GARGANTUA Ask Her if She Has a Sister Designer Merman Bel Geddes, left, who is .streamlining the circus points out 10 dm* president John Ringling North some of the lea-' ""- of the new menagerie on n scale model. Mr. Geddes' pencil | '.tes the elephant* which line the corridor between the two j Hi either end. ^Rings. are surrounded by tl nimal capes In Uv> ! center of ring at left is a new monkey mountain ! • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD " "'•'•'" - By PAUL HARRISON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWCCD.~Of all the trolls' zombies, hobgoblins and ogres co be found under damp stones and in various positions of authority in Hollywood, none is more dreaded than the incompetent, officious producer who goes around sabotaging the best efforts of able em- ployes just so he can show 'em who's fccss. Yet the movie colony rather cherishes a few such characters Jscause. after all the tears and -ravail, they're gocd for a lot of aughs. Hollywood loves to laugh it its own traditional 'idiocies and extravagances, and a new producer w .. t and another, day was lost while it was put back f in its original place. i SABOTAGE? NO, ' JUST ROUTINE Even the average movie fan knows that there are occasional scenes in which only the action is filmed, with sound effects and dialog dubbed in later. But this PACIFIC DEFENSE CHAIN Where U. S. wiil eo»- or improve** ^ ^ALASKA *•» V t CANADA Other U. S. Bom British POC///C Ocecw UNITED STATES /JAPAN Atlantic Ocean .SOUTH AMERICA AUSTRALIA appropriations, which will Include provisions for himL™? ^ £* «"J , A H benefit b y the new 1 .„________ bombproof shelters at stations vulnerable to attack. Edward C. Eicher. member of the Strut i I it's and Exchange Commission since liwy. is exp'-TU-d lo succeed Jerome fr'nmk as u-, (i, niinon Euliei biaunth New Duller is a lurmor cou- Ktcsiinuin from Iowa. Curls Mus Go I ! Carl Venstrom of Ssattlt, Wash is streamlined by A n n a p o li s barber so he can take a streamline cl three-month course at the SCHOOL NEWS 7V , ( "Kill SECTION the 7A-3 JUKI u homeroom pro- nun t'uostlay on which those pw>- '-; <> look nun: Hetty Wooclwm, rki- je.s; Charles Sltiyion and Thomas \v Ivaster, n n( .j>n) net; Jhne Shcl- »:n. VenlUu Troiti-r. Anm\ Wml- man und Vlrjilnin Swe»rcna?n. a 'kit, "Sermon on the Barrel" Vtr- inln Williams mid Richard Shanks veil- t!u' tinnoii!H-ei : s. ^'rlu« BA-3 hu.s hiul n Who's Who •.uu.-si Tmwiay. Results were as loltows: JiickU' McCit'L 1 , prettiest girl; Vernon Houehin, most handsome; Jam Moore, best all around nlrl: Joe Snlibn. best nil firotnul boy; •Jueldt.' MfGiu', most popular girl; Vornon Houchin. popular boy; Cit'oriic Mtiir. t,. st (hx-sscd boy; •iioUic Mr Of. best, dressed Btrl; ' 3 --'--' Mccall. prettiest hulr and «irl; Vernon Houchin. pret- luilr and oycs boy; Lucille », jnvUlest smiles girl; Juan;ta McMullin. most polite Kirl; Charles Warrnn. polite boy; •Jecky McCull. best spunkcr «lrl; Chnrlos Wnrran. best speuker boy vir. and Ml.s.s 8A-3, Jackie McGrc and Vernon Houchin •A-I r|1|l e 7 A-i class met. Tucsdny during the home room pyriocl. A -csi; on ability !o .observe .was given. There were two new students Kkifri to MISS Hood's -homeroom' •'"is week. They wriv V'lnLs nnd Vnrgarel Jonos ~A-2 • ! '1'lifc 7A-L>'.s met Tuesday. The IOHKB was called to order by Ihu ~ res id en!,, Hnrry Carter Fur!-. The oil WHS called and minutes rciul iy sccrctury, Grruiy Mtigca. Instead of n home room pro~ new officers were elected. They See by the Papers—In Siberia ' ~ Si^i^^'v^ i.ssjs 1 f* ?fci. V j' P'.A. ' >'>. rj / ' •• '* '' ' •• / .t. ',•'. u. S. Naval Academy. Ho is one , They are us follows: r>r r 7^\n««, i .-.. r-_-. . __ _ . of 750 naval reserve midshipmen who hope to qualify for ensigns' commissions. *v •v*»^»».x^i*t-» & \j{* --o—•••*-.x-u. nm.i d iicvv yiuciucci The congress of strange peo- ?J°. ry s P«ads around the'to\m as '— " • ~ • • -• li broadcast by shortwave or projected by telepathic witchcraft I've been hearing lately about a new producer who is so fantastically ignorant of movie-makin^ methods that he has reduced his staff and players to helpless hysterics. Trouble started early when he found some painters working on a scene of what was to be* a huge semi-circular backdrop of leaden sea and lowering clouds It looked pretty dull and monotonous—which was precisely the effect desired—but the big boss seem- ples from all parts of the globe iow gathers in a new and won- rdrous abode, especially constructed at great expense by Mr. Geddes raid his staff. Mere words but shabbily describe this priceless eo> lucatkmal feature. "Last, but far from least, le- deez and gennul-men—the world's I most terrifying living creature, I the largest and most ferocious I gorilla ever exhibited: Gargantua Ithe Great. The black heart of I this Public Enemy Number One the animal kingdom softened uj UIK Himimi Kingdom soiienea ii -^ L ueauuu—cut tne oig boss seem- to the tender charms of his new.ed to think the painters were just .found bride, Toto. This loving i trying to do the easiest job in- Ipair. through the efforts of a mill- dignantly he ordered 'em tn -mt in l»;«-._>j^ .. f c * _ . -_i i_ r«/xvw f*t 1 * i « J' L* v II1 somethmg that would show better on the screen - a few scudding white clouds and some streaks on Ititude of fearless experts, [been provided with a new has ano .revolutionary home. Set between [matchless, painted jungles at each end, their lavish chambers, richly the drab sea. Herewith Aurora, sister of Carof the method. There was"?" storm ! n ? en> the Miranda - Aurora, who sequence in the picture reqiiiring a j Sings h . erself ' ca me from South lashing gale, and naturally they ; _- Americ a to visit sizzling sis. producer, so help me. hadn't heard of the method. There was a stor sequence in the picture requiring lashing gale, and naturally the* , didn't want- to record the blasting j roar of the airplane engines whbh turned the fans to kick up the bi" wind. The movements of some of the players on the set had to be timed to fit the dialog they were supposed to be speaking. So an at-:-' sistant director stood behind the camera and read all the lines into a microphone. Next mornin^ the, producer went to see the rushes, 1 heard a man's voice apparently coming from the lips of the her " ine. and burst out of the proje. ron room with murder in his eye He thought somebody was plotting to ruin his picture. One day the so-called executive noticed an order going through for a lot of scenery to be painled in oil. and he changed it to "watercolor paint with the idea of savin" money. • * ° What he didn't bother to learn though, was that the stuff was intended for use in a torrential President. Fred F'owlcr;- vico- ,i. E. Htm-ison;' Micre- ory and reporter. Mary EUa Onr- rett; treasurer, Roy HuLseLl. These offlcors will serve until tlie close of school. Read Courier News want ncus. its depth. Swfmtcss Fish The mid-skipper fish, of Portuguese .West Africa, cannot swim, i . CENTRAL .SCHOOL This cmioslty breathes through its! Fi ! t ' 1 Gnul '' • - - ' Sunshine Swift's home and drowns if it goes out of rcom gave n Valentine pnrcy Friday, Feb. 1-1. A club program was gram. "Kerry Dancing" Tuesday, Feb.. 11, for the Lions' Club tit (he Hotel Noble ' Pole Cat I clime by gently wafted (breeze. The scheme is truly wor-j ;thy of the greatest jungle romance [of the ages. i. "Make way. la-deez and gen- inul-men. It's an even greater •Greatest Show on Earth." |0da Kilburn Of Steele Gots To Navy Station Oda Cnsal Kilbum of Steele. JMo., was among nine men enroute Ito the United States Naval training [station at Norfolk, Va., today, af- Iter enlisting in the Navy at Little [Rock Thursday. I The men left Little Rock for [the training station yesterday. McKinley Cane in Vault CANTON, O. (UP)—Stored in the storm , <"*" argue. Next the company •^. , at tlle new scenery.! 50{lden '" the ra Wclle of an evening "' - a great square patch of azure sky and sunshine. SHOOT IT: EVEN When an alarm trips out In the punrtcrs of New York's Engine Company Go. and firemen in the Imnkrom upstairs slide down the "fass pole. Henry, their mascot cat, slides right along with them. He's pictured above, showing oil Iris skill as a feline "fire-laddie" before the envious eyes of Gappy, his co-mas.cot. But the Dalmatian hound gels revenge when the ' dunging, .shrieking engine rolls off to the Ore. Pie rides along, while the cat has to stay and "guard" the \VTTHOUT LIGHTS YET i One day the producer wandered pn the set and began telling the director and cameraman that a certain shot should be made in a different way. from a hish angle The photographer protested that it anrth^' 6 ^/ 01 ° f uH me l ° it ana tha such a shot couldn' Demonstration Club News Notes Home „« rockers and seemed to be too high above the waterline of the back- sided at the business meeting All children were appointed. Miss Cole" n ~ ..... - dettlon stration on W ° rking Hot lim,,H f 1.1! ~" —' -"•" A ^" *•• *•»•*- &;uuim scenery. (vaults of the Canton First National plain to him that u-h^n **« ; ,,^ Bank is a gold-headed ebony cane i w^levatS ^tttoe ^"fS? ^ [once owned by President William* right everything would IOOK . Beds. ^McKinley. The, cane, which was! Later in th P dav ^«« , ' u « W> K ' MUler - President of .presented by Mark Raima to Me-| workmen were on that set ^hP°h> ; ,! ,°K EMer Home D emon.stra- dofy^of *? t0 £ WS aSSaSSina ; b ° SS had the ship Towered ac oS v™^™* ^ Tom Neni in- uon in 1901, 15 the property of ine '- * ; • •• a^wa vuea r'^r.^1^,^ TTTilliA - -- . *_.. O , 1 -~ WAAk, ^/A W^JUt l/V VA I Charles Williams of New York City. ws The Church of England owns n forgotten acre of tobacco in the tobacco country near Frnnklinton. ..-.,, * ^s,. ,-,. n UU1U ijiumuiu was N ' C * TJl ° tjeecj nr - v er has beL k n given In which many of the home trn »5fcrvod; accrued taxes would room members took part. After amollllt - to more than $0000; but tliu pro^rnin refreshments of 1cm- I llhc P r °Perty, though never cnarle, cookies, and smnll bags of cnndy hearts were served. Decorations of colored hearts wore displayed about the room. Sixth Grade. Kfvcrn) members of Miss .Lola Nnson's home room participated In a program given nt the Methodist Church Tuesday. Feb. <l. Amcny those on the program •yore: Clwirlic Perry. Stanley Hood, ™ Georm' Pollack. John pro- , W i- proved, still is classified us non- tfixnblc church land. „ , White. Owen Harrison. The sixth Ki'ndc gave Now He Claims Spain's Throne HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION 45-MinuU: Battery Rechar£in{r General Repairing, Welding Across from Red T 0 f> (iin CHAMPION G. G. Caudili 1'Iionc 7.97 ncy Insurance OF ALL KINDS 10G N. Uroadway Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 A RECORD MAKING TIRE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 Prince Don Juan "will be tomorrow, when Spain judges it opportune,' the king of all the , Spaniards." So said his father | former King Alfonso XIII, as he j relinquished his rights, after suffering a heart attack and named Prince Don, above, -^§^31^5$ Jo,^hg ci NEFDED-At A!! Times Good Beauty Operators! START. YOUR TRAINING NOW AT OUK BARGAIN RATE DURING FEBRUARY— CASH , Usual $65 Rate If Paid in Installments'! ONLY 6 MONTHS TO FINISH COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 18 Years of Ag;e Plus 2 Years School or Completion 01' Nelson Test. Eagle School of Beauty Culture )v>-*«4 •* M.-S C* ^^ _% Walnut and Second Phone 319

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