The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina on March 28, 1915 · Page 8
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The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 8

Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 28, 1915
Page 8
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7-i 4 I EIGHT THE MORNING STAR, WILMINGTON,. N. Osi SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1915. WITH THE MAN Ifl THE STREET 4 . . s r ! t I 1 ; 5 ,: tm - 1 e - - ' ;. . i: ; . ' .5 J.W ... -" - 1 ? ; J ,-.v . V 3". .r:i- '.-.-.t i' '.' - .M 4 V it if. ::: f: 3 - ,v;- m ft. mm: : mm mm The Bijou's Biff Week. Great things .re in store for the patrons of the "Incomparable Movies' for the coming week; really, soiriS of the very biggest- offerings of the entire year so far, have been booked in order that the week may furnish ts full quota-of big, new, exclusive feature productions-: by the world's greatest film makers. "The Truth About Dan Deering." A gentleman gambler of the old California days of '49 as portrayed by the peerless Murdock MacQuarrie, is the hero of this "totally different" Western tw6-reel original drama. Sweet Agnes Vernon as a lone girl in the Western wilds, meets Dan Deering, with what result you will be eager to know from the beginning of the first scene of this strong drama. Then there is a mammoth Mutual . two-reel- drama, "A Lucky Blowout," featuring those peerless stars, Klizabeth Burbridge and Luise Glaum. "His Wife's Husband," Is a big Nestor comedy with Billie Rhodes and Jack Dillon, and "A Girl and Two Boys," is a big Beauty comedy . featuring Joseph Harris" and Virginia Kirtley. Some lay-out, for tomorrow. . ' v ' Cleo Madison Tuesday. - This great star comes with Joe King in "Diana of Eagle Mountain," heading Tuesday's six-reel feature bill. Every girl fan will want to be a mountain maid, and every man will want to win one, when they see Cleo Madison in the title role of this stirring drama of the mountains. It is as different from the' average photoplay as day is from night, in two full reels. Then there is that great two-reel Keystone feature again this week. It is "Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life," and is a full two reel special release, with these two stars featuring. "Hogan's Mussy Job" is a single reel Keystone scream, and "The Fate of Persistent Pete" is still another big comedy roar, a Sterling. Six reels again": The Master Key" Finale. Wednesday brings the j great final episode of the "Master Key", and of course, as everyone, will want to see the thrilling finish of the world's greatest serial photoplay, there will be no empty space Wednesday. There will be two other big ones Wednesday, a . rousing L-Ko comedy, "In and Out of Society," featuring Dick Smith and Peggy Pearce, and a Royal road, "Married by Installments," that contains a ecream to every inch. Warren Kerrigan in 'The Storm." ! Thursday again-brings this great and powerful favorite, in "The Storm"-featured with lovely Vera Sisson in a rousing two-reel Victor . society melodrama. What would you do to the man who well," mistreated your mother if he happened to be the father of the girl you loved? - That's " where the "punch" gets in this great prize dra-Tna, and you simply can't resist it. It will simply carry you off your feet it is stirring and thrilling action, with these two stars in the middle of it all. Then there is a mammoth Keystone "Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition," featuring our own Fatty and Mabel, and a big Nestor comedy, "TJie Mix-up at Maxim's" with popular Victoria Forde and Eddie Lyons, F 1MT WW We have a considerable amount of Furniture left, that we are going to continue to sell at very low prices. We have such articles as Chiffoniers, Dressers,. Iron Beds, Springs and Mattresses, in fact we have a few pieces of pretty near anything in the Furniture Line, and it is strictly a proposition of realizing that the price has got to be low to sell it, so if you are in need of anything worth buying, it would be to your interest to see us before buying anything in the Furniture Line. Also beg to state that the accounts of the Sterchi-Bancroft-Rich . Company1 are -in the hands of Mr. Edwin Bancroft. He is also desirous to hear your wants on anything in Furniture, .and begs to announce that he will continue in the 'furniture business. Anything that you want that we' have not got, we will sell you at wholesale prices, shipped direct from the factories. - Sferchi ompanv also a mammoth two-reel Mutual drama. "The Craven," featuring Wallace Reid and Josephine Crowell. Six more reels! - -"Exploits of Elaine." The fourth episode of this great serial drama, "The Frozen Safe," furnishes new thrills in ; the story -of the super-criminal. It is the most thrilling chapter yet, and the great -Craig Kennedy is completely baffled. Don't Then there is that great and thrilling two-reel " Eclair drama; "Saved by Telephone", featuring Edna Payne and Nob.ert Myles, one .of the most thrilling twa-reel releases of the year, a big dramatic feature, "At His Own Terms,"With Murdock MacQuarrie and Agnes Vernon, and a Than-houser canine comedy, "The Dog Catcn-er's Bride" Six more reels! For the Weefe-End. "The Blood of the Children," two reels. Take our tip that this will be one of the very biggest features of the week. It features those popular favorites William Clifford and Marie Wal-amp. It is a Gold Seal feature, which alone insures its sterling worth. Then there is a rousing L-Ko, "Rough but Romantic," featuring - the inimitable Hank Mann, with Gertrude Selby and Alice Howell, and a Keystone scream, "Colored Villainy." Week at the New Grand. Nothing like it was ever flashed before on the moving picture screen in Wilmington. That can truly be said of the great show which the New Grand will offer to the people of Wilmington tomorrow, inaugurating . a week of premier film surprises and sensations. It is no idle boast, no wild claim of the theatre press agent, as one. will readily see when the list of films unfolds before his eyes. And After tomorrow will come just as big shows, with star features every day. . The fourth episode of "Runaway June" will be given Tuesday, of ,course, and therefore that day will be an important one in the history of the New Grand. - Tomorrow's week-opener is headed by a big special two-part film comedy, "A Night Out," in which the famed, the most popular of all screen comedians, Charles Chaplin, will appear as the star. Think of that. Chaplin is the .funniest man in the movie business. This is conceded by all and so when a theatre announces it has a Chaplin film that is quite sufficient to pack the theatre. So the sure tip to you is to be on hand early tomorrow at the New Grand, so as to be certain to get a good seat. No,, the price of admission will not be advanced. - It will be the same old Jtiny 5 cents, afternoon and night. "A Night Out" has been described as a "riot of run." So you don't want to miss it. But this film is not all for tomorrow by any . means. . Another notable and dramatic star of fllmdom, will appear, in "The Private Officer,"' in which Francis X. Bushman, is leading. Mr. Bushman is simply great in this film sensation, which is a big two-reeler. It is a story of army life, one that has a. punch and a . thrill every second. You also want to be .certain to behold-this supreb photoplay. The New Grand is bending every effort to make the present week a memorable one in the annaus of movies in Wilmington, and it is going to gloriously succeed. CHEAP iahcroff Crepe on the Door A murky twilight settled over the city, mat king the end of a long gray day; the last scattered drops of a rain storm swirled through the sodden streets before the gusty blasts of a wind that wailed intermittently through the barren' boughs of the ' tres and on the doorway across the street fluttered the soft folds of crepe the pure , white emfiiem of death. : rThe picture lingers with us now; against the background of that ;dreary day the- streamers of crepe foretell the end that awaits us all; the Great Mystery, personified, looms ahead, tyague and terrifying. For each and every one of us it holds this stealthy dread; ever' the knowledge is at hand that it draw nearer with the passage of each day; time goes on and we are touched.; by it in the taking away- of some one who is dear; .maybe a mother, blessed one; a father, loved and honored; perhaps a sweet young sister, or a bright, mischievous brother; a friend, perhaps, one and all they go ultimately, out into the Great Unknown. ' ' ' " And now a babe has died a tender, tottering, lisping, lovable child. is dead; stark anguish stares out of a girl-mother's countenance as she leans and looks at the tiny face which can't look back; the harsh, dry tightening of the throat, the' fierce grip of hand on hand, bespeaks a desperate endeavor to forestall the cry of rebellion that would come at the untimely taking away of that which she holds so dear. Aye, the struggle of will human over Divine will is a difficult one, and she needs all physical, as well as mental and moral strength, to force back that desperate cry that would break from her lips, and to submissively breathe: "Thy -will, not mine, be done!" But she is good, all good, this girl who is a mother; otherwise her love for the babe would hardly be so great and, after a time even now with gloom within and gloom without, she is able to look beyond to look up where the storm-clouds have broken, to the rift where a silver light is struggling through, and to find written there the answer to her anguished cry of "Why, Why, O God, why?" is "For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven." The Causes of the WarSince the horrible European war began there have been some thousands of volumes and' innumerable columns af newstia. per comment written about its causes, In the current issue of Commerce and Finance, Theodore H. Price's splendid periodical, which is worthy of a place on every business man's desk, it is stated that a Chinese youth recently essayed to write a paper on this subject which for simplicity of statement, brevity and comprehension of his subject, together with the one admirable touch, "I am-a country; I am not a road," is well worthy of attention. We pass it along. "Now there is a great battle in Europe. This began because the Prince of Austria went to Serbia with his wife. One man of Serbia killed hirn. "Austria was angry, and so write Serbia. - "Germany write a letter to Austria, 'I will help you.' "Russia write- a letter to Serbia, 'I will help you.' L "France did not want to fight, but they got ready their soldiers. "GermanyTwrlte .a letter to France, You don't get ready, or I will fight you in nine hours. - "Germany to fight them pass Belgium. r . - "Belgium , say, 'I 'am -a ' country; I am not a road.And Belgium write a letter to .England, apout Germany, to ' help them. ,.j e - "So EnglantrheTp Belgium." We commend the Chinaman's brev-iyt to certain people we know. He's a genius. Perhaps She's RJgrht. An observant young man and aymtst demure young lady stood on a certain front porch a few days ago and watched a newly-wedded couple walk by. The young man, who knew the happy couple, remarked on the fact that they had been engaged ever since they were children J together; that they had never had an-i other sweetheart. i . "Well," observed the demure little ; woman, "They don't know what they : have missed." : And then she blushed in charming j confusion at the young man's laugh. t Sure They Are "Women are-funny," j- observed a certain county official a few ; days ago. He leisurely filled his pipe, j struck a match, applied the flame, tilt ed fils chair back artd rested his feet on the desk, which is a favorite attitude with him. "One came to my office a few I days ago to ask my advice. Her husband was mistreating her, she said, and life with him was almost Intolerable. Yet for the sake of a love that had once lived, and for the children, she was anxious to do all. in her power to keep tne nome togetneiy sne told me all the details, and asked me what she should do. ' . "Now she was the meekest, mildest little thing , you ever saw. She impressed me "as being the very picture of long-suffering patience. I .thought over her; story and advised her toi'con-tinue to be ipatient, suggesting a' few little things that : she might do, posBi-bly -at'- - some , further ' self -sacrifice, ;to keep some semblance of peace in , the home. . . . ; ' . . . "I noticed .her. expression . changed slightly at this advice, and when I had finished she put' in an objection: I reminded her however, -that she had.cfome to me for .advice,, and that .if. she .was really in earnest there was" little else SHOT GUNS! To close out the balance of fhis stock, I am selling them at Cost- Single and Double-Barrel; all high grade Guns. I just bought too many. 1 2 guage and . 1 6 guage. - ' j -. Everything at prices you never heard" of before. i v v House Furnishing Goods, Hardware, the wonderful ; Cable iRance, Oil Heaters and Cook StoVes, . Sporting Goods and Some Fishing Tackle - " ' L. L. HAN 29 South for her to do other than as I suggested. '. . v; " "'':'-;' " No, I'll be T . . .". . . If I do!' was her reply. And, from that quiet, patient looking little' woman, it came' like :a bolt from the blue sky, and with just about as much force behind it. And she got up and left in a huff. "Yes sir, they are sure funny. Tou never can tell what they will do." Twa Ever Thus Typographical errors have often made people say things in print that they meant not to say, have often offered for sale things that the advertiser had hot in his store, have often made things, read just the opposite from what - they should, but about one of the best along that line to appear in some lime happened- in the Star" office a few nights ago. A, young married man of the city, of limited means, desiring to secure a good second hand baby carriage and wanting one of the brand he considered the best, he left an advertisement for the want ad. column calling for a "Bloch" baby carriage. Needless to go further in explanations sure and it appeared in the paper as, a young married man desiring a "Black-baby carriage." Pessimism About once so. orten tne East-w.tnd blows and certain members of The-Star office get the blues, while others ; become,! equally optimistic. It is strange; indeed, what a peculiar world it is alter ' all. The" passing show makes it infinitely worth while, and yet all too soon comes ; the time when we are willing; to shuttle off this mortal coil and .take our departure. Somebody -we don't know who but it sounds like a Wilmington man has expressed his views on the world in general and its peculiarities in the following language: j. . " "This "is a peculiar world. One is struggling for justice and another is fleeing from it. One jnan is saving to build a house, another is trying to sell his for less than cost to get rid of it. One man is spending all the money he can make in taking a girl to the theatre and sending; her flowers with the hope of making her his wife, while his neighbor is spending what gold he possesses in getting a divorce. One man escapes all diseases that flesh is heir to and gets killed on the railroad. Another escapes with a scratch and dies with the whooping cough. One man stands off his creditors and goes traveling, while another pays his debts and stays at home." That's pessimism,' says a friend of ours, and so it is. But it rings true all right and so we let it go, remembering that we can't change this world but must take it as it is and make the best of it. Health certificates for' brides is the demand of the Swiss Society of Public Utility for Women, an influential organization having branches in the chief cities of Switzerland. The aim of the society is to obtain healthy wives and children in' order to better the race and also make for the happiness of the home. . . - "They say the hens have stopped laying and the cows refuse to give milk, so we think it j best to move on" said Mrs. Georgia C. Chester, of Cold we 11, N. J., in a message from Neuhausen, Switzerland, describing the conditions that exist in that country; in war times. NOTICE OF ELECTION. Pursuant to the provisions of the charter of the City of Wilmington and a resolution of the City Council of the City of Wilmington, passed at its session, on Wednesday, the 24th day of March, A. D. 1815, notice is hereby given that a general municipal election has beerr called to be held in the . City of Wilmington, North Carolina, in the various wards and voting precincts of the said city, on Tuesday, the 4th day of May, A. D. 1915, for the purpose of electing a Mayor of the said City and six Councilmen or six Aldermen of the said City, as the case may be, and that the following named polling places and registrars and judges of election have been designated and named for the purpose of holding said election, to-wit: lirst wara rrecinct. Polling Place- Engine House, 4th and Campbell streets. Registrar -W. H. Howe. Poll holders and judges of election Willie Kerr, J B. Elkins. Second Ward Precinct. Polling Place Court House, New Hanover Co., in basement, N. W. corner. Registrar W. W. Hodges. Poll holders and judges of election E! H. Munson, C. H. Ward. Third Ward Precinct. Polling- Place Giblem Lodge, corner 8th and Princees streets. . Registrar J.. R. Davis. . Poll holders and judges of election Sam Wood, C. C Bellamy. 4 Fourth Ward Precinct. Polling' Place rMcClellan's Stables, 116 Dock street. V ;. Registrar W. A.- Spooner. Poll-holders and judges of election J. O. Reilly, J. T. Riley. Fifth Ward Precinct. , Polling Place- Engine House, 5th and Castle streets. Registrar Ri H. Orrell. Poll holders and judges of election S. A. Matthews, I. N. Burriss. Sixth Ward Precinct. Polling Place Mann's Store, 17th and Market street. Registrar J.' F. Mann: Poll holders and judges of election J.' H. Womble, A. M. King. At which said election the electors of the said city will be entitled to vote for one candidate for Mayor, and one candidate, for Councilman, or Alderman, as. the case may be, from each of the six wards of the said city, and the registration books will open for the registration of electors On Friday, the 16th day of April, A. D. 1915, and closed on Saturday, the 24th day of April, A. D. 1915, Sunday excepted, Saturday, the 24th, being also challenge day. Official ballots: will - be provided at the polling places. and said election will be conducted in the manner-prescribed by law. - . . , By order of the City Council. ; THOS. D. M BARES, City Clerk and Treasurer. SHOT GUNS! ! Front Street BY THE WEATHER s ' Always Fair and Warm, at The Btjon. VOL. 1, NO. 14. SPECIAL TWO-REEL KEYSTONE COMEDY 'TATTY AND MABEL'S SIMPLE LIFE" , (Tuesday) x CLEO MADISON , IN ' "Diana of Eagle Mountain" Beautiful Drama of the Kentucky ' Hills. (Tuesday ) THE GRAND FINALE Of the World's Greatest Serial Drama. : THE MASTER KEY" i " " , (Wednesday) WARREN KERRIGAN AND VERA SISSON IN "THE STORM" A Thrill la Every Scene. (Thursday) FOURTH EPISODE -The Mh Entitled THE FROZEN SAFE' A Most Modern, Burglar Proof Safe is Opened by Means of a Strange and ; Wonderful Method,' Right Be-f pre Your Eyes. . ;r. . ; . ; (Friday) , . , X COMING- -APRIL 14 iUfnyEi-tSAL); of Elaine" r . M l 11 f I . ,. LATEST SPRING STYLES NOW READY FOR YOUR INSPECTION IN :: :: :: STETSOM and WALK- OVER OXFORDS Exclusive Models in all Leathers at Peterson & Rolfs "The Home of Good Shoes" THE 1717 WEEKLY U(HT-lERAl - cay PUBLISHED EVERY SUNDAY. THE INCOMPARABLE PROGRAM MONDAY "The Truth About Dan Deering" Mammoth Two-Reel Big-I7 . Drama With' Murdock MacQuarrie and Agnes Vernon. U A LUCKY BLOWOUT" Two-Reel Mutual Drama With, Elizabeth Burbridge and Louise Glaum. it HIS WIFE'S HUSBAND" TVestor Comedy with Billie Rhodes and Jack Dillon. A GIRL AND TWO BOYS Beauty Comedy with Virginia Kirt-let and Joseph Harris." . TUESDAY CLEO MADISON AND JOE KING "Diana of Eagle Mountain" Engrossing Drama of the Beautiful Kentucky Hills Two Reels. it Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life" Another . Great . Special Two-Reel Keystone Comedy Feature. "The Fate of Persistent Vv Pete" v V Big Powers Comedy, with Marie AValcamp. "HOGAN'S MUSSY JOB" Another Rousing; Keystone Scream . '."WEDNESDAY ; "THE MASTER KEY" Final, Thrilling ' Episode Vo' the World's Greatest Serial Drama "Iii and Out SSle" Rousln g L-Ko Comedy : Wi th ' Dick i ' Smith ; and Peggy .Pearce. ' it Mammoth" Royal Comedy Feature J Simply It" "The Master Key." MARCH 28, 1915. ; THURSDAY WARREN KERRIGAN AND VERA SISSON IN "THE STORM" Great Two-Reel Victor Melodrama. A Thrill in Every Scene. "THE CRAVEN" Stirring Two-Reel Mutual Drama With Wallace Reld, Joseph iue Crowell and Claire Anderson.. "Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition" Great Keystone Comedy Scream "The Mix-Up at MaximV Nestor Comedy with Victoria Forde , and Eddie ijyons. -" - . FRIDAY it The Exploits of Elaine Fourth Thrilling Episode "The Frozen Safe." 'Saved by Telephone" Thrilling Two-Reel Eclair Iirnma with Nohert Myles an Edna Payne. "At His Own Terms" Big-U Drama with Mnrdook Muc-Q,uarrle and Agnes Vernon. "The Dog Catcher's Bride" A Canine Comedy Starring - Chamberlin. B'lry ; SATURDAY "THE BLOOD OF i THE CHILDREN" Extremely Thrilling Two-Keel Human Interest Drama Mnc Walcamp and Wm. Clifford. . "Rough but Romantic" Mammoth L-Ko Comedy with H"nh" Mann, Gertrude Selby J""1 Alice Howell. "Colored Villainy' Mammoth Keystone Scream. 'mm !A.-A,S5& IBUSINS TS 1 . . r ti x- - 1 v.-r- ,4 -1 - v.-

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