Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1942
Page 5
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1 D , Jtrt,Y H. 19*2 by BILL COR UM r» i S > vii v v fioii Cl Ml ON ""•« Winning Pennant Without 20-Gumo Pitcher ;; Burocher, Picking 'Spots, ] I. Using 1 More 'Starters | Than Any Other Pilot, ....... _^__ j W^ fj W ' ' ' '•"' " 'W '" * '' ' 'if^'iif •'' >! <•?."*''•" > •«• " ^ * «r '• ^ySr W J&W%? r '^-^ W l -d^^^^3B*^^^^^~**^ rlanmng Lead Industrial Golfers By Half Game '. ' ' ' . • .'?.•'-'-*_- : " ~ ~ "''•'• •" >" ' .. A - - : • • ' - - • • ' • .. . • •' . . -'...' , " . ' ' -.. . - • ' * • \ • . . • ^^^ • • - ' J • - »" - ' > • ^ ' , ' . ' ' -•.•-_• TOWINIMNT '* » m FRENCH SUCCESS STORY .OF YEAR .***' i ill • \Ml iii> 11 NM- do I 1 l)u\v woron'l * Larry Mao- Ihriii. And then I'm- sport page H'vrun to play oiifo, JlmitilfoN d id til oil 1 Minn a pitcher MMI, bis • h.-i- •I'M TlH'V HII'Mll II has IHMMI OUM II!' varl Ill I •tin M •I h III-' |H the fellow s, Is I he "stop- i ih'Vi'lnpM, uiu' ;im"s that havi lie. II dors look lavn one, Cardinals may them with a liilr and a rail- 'an lo do a yu-Kamr are. iifiMlt'd two Klrby Illghi 1 -,i iiritcr team record i riinwrr who can I with '.'(>, or Is IP- rliam'i' In shoot whining I'urmtila it Ml)'' lining. II IS Sllll M Ihal It can't he Kill It has Worked 'hind (In- f, and II T has hit In- worth baseball PICKS I HIS M'UTS; |,rn Ims ilnni', ndiijil n .slini'r llii< pinim, He (ins I'liiplo.vrd t this \riii- Hum' jlllillllllll'!'. All ll |l)f tilt- IHTsl'lll Schoolboy ill', hnvp ol 1 course, work pro- IIIO|'(> (pllIKi liny oil MM* .Inn buri'lor tit l<m,s| mid spot situations l>nroolitM''.H divisions roiliilin 1 , rotation,, This Hint clnl) I ins. workhifj theory, , The results havo been' .slai-liinfj, l| IUI.M boon n loiifj lime since u team's winning finim^ 1 hnvo boon sproml IHMOIIJI so ninny pitchers and in c(|unl propoHJon, The inurcd- •itri-y Fruuuli Is lh<V hif;h man wllli Ion, but Wynfl ami (bo vonornhlo Onvls bnvi«.' i»lno, each; Klrby Hl|jho eij/bl, ami the bnrtl xvoi'kiiifj Allen seven, n L'O-jfnmo soiison for uny ono of Mm the. souson 'bus nl- tliji bnIT-\vny mark; run will swii'doly botlm 1 wlnnlMf; op- New York, 'July bhuue a man .And "Managor 'Dul Detroit Tigers' still 14 — (UP)— You for trying; -Baker of tho is- hot on tlie Is yot |M)sslhli top row. lint I'cud.v Innicd HIM! (ho strofdh dovolop more or o porhinlllc.s, i,, (!aso y(MI ,u,| n »|. „„, Hc»\ (lie Dodf/crs Ihrouf/h Mint lira I bnlf won nlKMtl nvoi'.v flume, Miov possibly could, Illfibr's bad lucK «lNi'lnfi tho week (|liru<> (lol'oiH.s nnd nil so Imrd'lo (nice) would scorn to eliiuiiiMto him ,miil bo will not morn workijifj' opportunities than any ol' the nlhor.s. KIM-nim, ivilh bis porfocl record, would onilnnrlly look liko n suro Hi Inn. Ton ut I ho hull'-wiiy -innrk. Hul Ion nro ul bis munos, nnd (o not twonly on Mint htisi.s bo would . Iwve to put tofjolbor mi unbouton sonson. Thoy don't do Mini in Mio majors, pnrllonbirly pllohors, who rely upon rollol' chores For somo ol' IboJr decisions, ns I'Yonch do(\s, \Vbon Ibo.v pilch 'om Mint v\ r ny OIK? run usunlly \vlns, nnd souicllmos Ibo >Ihor I emu (/ols. II. As n stnrloi- l.nrr.v bus boon phenomonnlly suc- •'ul, loo, but nt well spaced 'n- orvnls, Mi> Is n( nil nuu \\'boro lie IK'os 'om at Ions! n wook npnrl, aim here nron't eiioufih Sundays on Mio cbodulo for a 20-mimo season, HKMAUKAHU: lO.Alt.Nia) IU'\ AVKMACilO: v Not thai ho noodn iiO,--nr-uven ono more, to mnko Ibis season a gloi'l- mis advonluro for him, and a stroke HERE I COME WITH THE BIGGEST STAGE SHOW EVER trail of the American league pen- nant'despite Mio faot.fbhal his club 1 s t ra 111 njfc tl ic Ya nk'e es x by in o re than' JO gamos. k Del has done rnorcr than his share tills year to break Mioybugaboo the Yanks, -hold over, the American league. And ho still doesn't bo! love that the Yankee nwohlno Is-up to. par this season. Says Baker; . .... "With a -mile more hitting, wo sllll may ,oop that flag." , H I/he Yanks don, 1 1 win the pen- iianifc, you,can credit the Tigers with tearing L'ho -cloak of invlnoi'bility H'ojii the shoulders of the world •chmmps. When (he other clubs in the ..junior -circuit we're ready to roll .over and -play dead, the.-'Tigers rose up and snarled defiance. •At the stunt of tho Yanks' recent disastrous Invasion -of the West, the Beii'gals sounded the keynote for their downfall by taking t'hree oul of four games. But wliait explanation does Baker have for the success his fourth •jvift-co Tigers- enjoy against the league leaders? '"Well," says Del, "that's an easj ono J,o answer, 'line Yanks don't 11 ke go od p I to'h I ng a n d wtV vo go I about -the 'best in -the league. Fellows who can really throw the ball like Al Bon ton, 'Hal Newhouser, Virgi Trucks, Dizzy Trout and Hal White, tMayibo their records aren't k)o Impressive, 'because ' they have /lot had the'r.i'ghit Jiit'tlng and fielding to them up. But l-hoso boys can really .pitch." , Mumigcr Baker emphasizes thai the latest official ulu'b averages put his Tigers ait t'he bottom of tho league in (batting with a mark of 240. And the Bengals also trail in fielding. w-Jth a 00(1. -Last year, the club had a batting average of 2G,'J~ JT) points higher Mum. thoir eur- •remt mark. Hudy York, despite the improvement of his fielding around first base, Is in a iliittlng slump. And so aro Barney MuGosky, and Birdie Tebbalts, according to Del. Baker, signs off with a. 11 nai blast. Says- -he; ; "Jf wo ha^l the Uiltling of last year—combined with our pitching — we.'d'-go 'Places—with the-Yanks loilowlng us," , fr Ul Leaders Won 3 Sunday •After a two weeks vacation lay-off the regular Bocci league will, get underway on Thursday July 16th at 7:30-.p. m. Court N. 1—Planning Pelicans meet ;-. cutting Canaries; Outsolo. Orioles will meet Making Marsh Swallows. Court No.' 2—Pichulo's Parrotts will .meet Boot Room .Blackbirds; Molding ''.''Meadow-larks' will, meet Mehgacei's- Mo-cking Birds. Court No. 3—McSherry's Sparrows will meet Planning Penguins; Seblosser's Sea Gulls;wjll meet Montone's Magpies. Standing of Clubs: Mystery Prises Each MTeek Give Added Zest to Matches. - the 7 Vctterday's Res nil* New York 4, Detroit 3, 'Washington 7, Cleveland 0. Philadelphia A, Chicago Ji. Other teams not scheduled. W. L. >folding Meadow Larks Cutting Canaries ........ Boot Room Blackbirds . Malt i ng Kin rsh S wal 1 o ws pjchulo's Parrotts ...... Planning Pelicans . '',:.- . - .' 'I 'Monf.'onc's Magpies ,..,-. McShcrry's Sparrows ... 12 .11 11 Tho 10 8 New York , Boston ....'., Cleveland '., Detroit ', St. Louis '... Chicago Philadelphia Washington Slim dinn W. ...'.. 51 ..... 4.8- 36 30 L. 28. 32 37 42 43' 46 54 54 Pet, .650 .000 ,570 .5J7 .482 .425 .400 .357 Outsole Qj'iolcs 7 Planning Penguins ........ 5 Mongacci's- Mocking Birds.. 5 Schlosser's Sea Gulls .. — 't. .10 10 13 13 14 Speaking of Sports Ry-RALPH I). PALMKH Sports KtUibr, United Press lladio , , yet mmm Boston, . July :l i— (U:P)--Anothoi\ dangerous contender has boon added lo the list of 'thorduglnhreds racing against Whlrlaway in thu $50,0(M) Massaeh use tls. ' .handloiip on NVcdnosday. ,. ;•'" ••' •'The latos-t ohtry |s /Vpa.chc— tlm winner of tho : ^5,000 "Kmpii'o City handicap last Saturday. Apache will •uurry only 107 pounds as compared ito l.he top-weight -of 130 that will bo toltul : by Whlrlaway. OMicrs ox- pecLnd to go to tiro -post in No\v England's rlcliest race In-clude -Attention, Swinig and Sway and Round- ers, If VVhlrlaway wins die will eraso the all-Umo money winning' murk of $437,750 held by Seubis- Clliit. they nVrtde" to- pleading with CALLtil) 'J'O WU'I'Y New Haven, July M—(UP)—The business rnmmgnr of the Yale School of Pl'no Arts—Boyd i\[. Smith—has been called to active duty as a major In tho army ulr force. Smith, who j.s al«o a member of the governing hoard of tlic art gallery, will report this weok at Spokane, Washhigton TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT HrVI\(J A \VA«i O'COCK-TO.M«HT oi'tiinu I'oi 1 tho Dodgors. Larry u Liiwronco id the .success story of the baseball year. A faded, Jaded yutornn, wan and weary* after J8 years of. campaigning, lui lias pitched thin year as he never did at the very top of bin career; hey need the Instruments that split tho atom to establish his In- llnltoHlmul earned run '• average. Seven HIMS aro all he has allowed in the equivalent of .nine complete games, flubboH's uncanny skill at much riper 'age. Who could havo Imagined it-last '\ugust when he Joined tno Dodgers, a discarded '"has-been," takon on only 'he was lofl-handecl; uul -thoy remomborod thoy .mlglit. lave l,o get Johnny Mlxo out in a September pennant plnoh? Or even his spring When he. reporUKl al lavana without n -contrtiot, and with only his ofirnoBtnesB a'prbi/ilse that he would ever get' one.? ..Incidentally, It was this -contract gamble with •MacPhall. thai,.Is'p'n'o ot the explanations for his riucces's. l«'or Lo win that, gamble lie 'put work aiul effort into, his training, whipped himself once aga'ln Jnto real pitching shape; Under tho Havana sun his muscles loosened and a miracle: happened; lie was "Fast" again; ho could throw a ball hard. , A grent deal ban boon written about 'Ills' screw bnll, and recently; developed "knuckle" ball, nnd most' of It Is true. They arc trk-ky, guileful' flell-vorles, and -they havo. -helped to inako this his .season,- Bill, they are good pitches only because 1hoy,' complement 1 ''Ills: recaptured hard; •.stuff, are-'-M» n ''':l tvtJO P^ on 'M 1 ^ oloaks Ills strength, Work, (he Havana sun, -an'rl Larry's\owii rtntermlnnllon arc it'be ronl-Stjrii'y; •'. : And pnrhhps |.ho .pennnnl, too.'Ho ,)ins \vbn'.10 and tlic FJorlRcrs lead b eight today, Ily KALPH; 1). PALMER Sports fCrtilor, Unifod T-hcy almost never do. t'hny almost always try.. We're talking a'bout •< ,,,.,,..,.^ ,.. attempting comebacks, of c'o'ufse— boxing cham-pi'on's in gcnerivl, and Henry Armstrong in particular.,._.. Eddie -Mead hasn't been dead'"."two; months''-and little PerpeUmlfMoUon, a-s Hammering Henry was.kiiown in the days when .he was b.oxing's only wearer of a triple cro\yn, boon hack to I/lie/wai's. .|,wle;e.-\ : Almost Uie -lasf; act /''of .fehe man who guiclod .Negro to fame and Jjs.0..-,9,0-1110 iQf ,l:hi Ing of the fortune •g'Cf/her for -a wire -J-lonry to. dcsis'ti lit was January of ..last .'••year ,..,-,, . rr . the great little fighter~-^bIIndefr-hy- blood and maybe-a few-' tears—I'.a'mc to the ..end- of Ql-bry-;'i\oikl. .'Henry was engaged - k 'hi a'returiY bout with Fr.ltzie 7/Jcls,! wh-o' had wres ted ii Is . wel tor wefghit '•crowii— the last of his three li ; aras—from hint. F.or JO rounds Zlvic- 'had cut Armstrong to pieces. And at .t'lic end of that, stanxa, -Bcfcroe Arthur",Don-/ oviin looked inl,o Henry's 'bat to rod face and told tlie game.vel/eran'. ifc'hal lie enulfl have one more!'round'in Which (o try. t-o win. After that the 'flight was going- to .be stop-pet Tired and alirrost. 'bjindcd 'b'y the .gashes around .'bdth eyes, "Armstrong: camo out in tlie ill;h and knocked Zivic from rope to rope in a s'Nvirling-attack for wlilc'lrCthere was NO dofc'tisc. . : . ......... Bui nil his waning energy went fhl/o Lliait boat. And, at the start of the J2th, I'Yitzio 'began c'hopping Henry up again. • ' ., •• . Thai, was when tire -crowd began ' -worrying ahout the -little man 'Who hud 'been their idol and shouted, "Stop It, 'stop it." And Donovan did. , . ..... . .. Twenty minutes ..later, Armstr-png, announced his retire'me'n't frdi'ir ; 'tliiV I'lng, wll'h Manager Mead hrcaUiihg a fervent "Amen.'". • : ;Av,'-'^' It was a dcclsio'n ; whio.liViitivei.' should have been revoked..- And Mead—broke and ill '.unto ,,duu|,>h .a.? he'was—tried vent it. "•.-'.-•< • lii,s best to pro- -jitg- ]'•' Vvliat Ks Ar-mstrono -att.ciiiiH- his co-mebaclvv•• .-i..•- .-.-.--.. For glory ? Wiial i'niorc glory .can there be'-for tlie .bii-ly ^iim-ji ever -lo ii-old t'he world 11giitweiglit;, feather weigh t .and ' w'elterw'ciigh t titlo.s ill, the same lime? -For a boxer who gave the fight crowd- a /belter run f or. i Is money ..-every time ..he -start- : For^n-oney?; t ;Maybe.yes. But Hennery, -'who aJ3jji-W2'd'.'.,lo a literary Career all jris^l-rfeV, sili'Ould- have laid •fortune, .he made clay., lie,-,-wouId- have tiihc to pursiic the muse. But even.- .if he's skmey, Armstrong Should know that IN'O am-oun of money . can compensate for i Jsk he takes -of suffei'i'irg pei'man- ent and .terri'ble injury if he's hurt tissue around his eyes awa.y ; just so ' often, l/, of: Iris-.-con- SJ'Q'pIiig about in 1>OQ1' Tiger FJow- opQi-ation on his .That sc/ir can /be ou.t A mis t, r o n g teinporaries', rio;w total darkness., or ers,'- whose, last eyes killed him. ' ..';'-,-'' . If -it's -NOT- foiv-'^jory or money, I/lien, is it fbr .'the' s'hcer love -of. fighting? Ah, you. way (have something there, i'or nobody ever loven to mix it more thaii-Ji tile Perpetual M'dtion. And 'jitj di'd'n/t make any difference to HeimorV whether 'they were featherweights or middleweights. The sad thing about great fighters is : that ifhey arc the last to ad- rnit -they have slipped. A few months rest and they get to tliJnking they wore. BLACK YANKEES PLAYBRASSCOS FRIDAY NIGHT The Black Yankees of the Na"- tionaj Negro professional l)asel)all league, will make a belated -appearance at the Municipal Stadium Friday night in Waterbury, under lights against Fred Davl's Brasscos, The game, originally slated for a few weeks ago, had to he put back a couple of weeks because of'prior- ities on parts for one of the, big electric turbines. However,' everything has been arranged for in the matter of lighting equipment for Friday, night and -the hundreds -of fans who were disappointed foe- cause-of the.postponing of the first game will he afforded a real treat this week. . . The colored club will show the same array of stars that has. beaten' the Savitt- Gems-twice . this "season including Di,ck.Seay, Johnny Hayes, "Dolly" Star'kc, arid tlic rest.' Tho^' will.-'he opposed by a collection of the outstanding'players from Connecticut and New York state who have been assembled by Manager Davi under the Brassco colors. Tickets .-which were sold in advance for the first game Avill be honored at Friday- night's game ^which is scheduled' to get underway at 9 o'clock.' ' . Today's Games, Pitchers Detroit at New York—Newhouser (8-5) vs. Bj-euer (/i-, r )) or Borowy St. Louis at -B (fi-8) vs. Judd (7-5), (Only games scheduled.) -Nlggcllng NATIONAL LlSAGtfE Vcstcrday's McsuK^ P-liihulclp'liia-ClneJnnaM' (p o s t- poned). No other games scheduled. , Tlic Pel .7011 .(510 .5W .513 .-576 Brooklyn .. SI. Louis ., Cincinnati ., New York , Chicago ... Pittsburgh Boston ..... Philadelphia Today's (James, Pi teller* Boston at SI. Louis— Javcry ((J-JO) vs. M. Cooper (H-/0. i- PhiJadelphia at Giucinnati— vMcl- lon (5-8) vs. Starr (12-i). New York at Chicago— Carpenter (8-5) vs. Olson (5-1). Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (night)— Wyatt (Q-2) vs. KUiiger (5-3)7 can be as good a-s they ever There has 'tbeon a pitiful • pamdo up the iWiprny comeback .trial since Jim Jeffries was .]>ersuaded to come out of retirement,, lo meet Jack Johnson. . "/,.'• . v . rcconl,hvAye''have' seen stout- Tony,';lGanxoneri '-cut down Davis aiid;:: ; oniy--3jecaus<i : Duvis "" " " 1! - 1: - j> -^ s • int .king last un- .' -When .. ,. v _ Lou: 1 Ambers ^suffercd 0 ;his merciful -. )ic]£ing;/.ijis s'.manuer—Al Ruben Shank Of Colorado Hard-Hitting Welterweighl; Sensation Will Prepare to Fig'ht Vinnie Vines, \ (Hy. Unilod Pross) l^i'Om ft sartorial .-standpoint,-' the 'loudest thing to appear .in' New York si'nco the arrival of L-he new .air raid siren Is "Go\vhoy Huhcii; Shank,, tb e wal 1 oping^wel terweiglitt fr'b'm .'Clolorario. -I;'-/'-:- ' "/.-.' ; -'''••'Shank blew into, town dressed 'in ' ! tho garmcnls .of I/he' mo.yle-styJe cowpuncii^ei'. Bui; there, tlie .Hol- 'lySVP'Ocr atmo'sp'licrp v.conics'-vl/p oiid. For Shank caino to.-itlie/lSig- tO'wn with n,'record of liaying^al- rqady.; made good." I-tor; Irionis large oil' •(/! i o f.l s tki "Ifo r i ^o n i after •'•s'cns.ttV |;lo:nnl victories:' in-thl. ;hiiii;e;rla'nd.s tloiial victor ins . in.-t'he liintnrlands •Heiiry Armstrong' and 1 249, in- Jias hit Shank is in the .East lo prepare for 1 a bout with Vinnle Vines ^lr^. Newark, N. J., 'on July 27th. ,,jV -Thin lafosl welterweight son^-j. tion is a obisol-jawQd, brOnd-shoul-\ fl'orcrl younfislerjoi' 20Summers', ffo, Is'the number oho citizen of Knnns^ burg, Colorado. Aooriimunlty whose 1 - o : : —— Y•population,,'.-(has, shrunk -to ha-bitants, .now" that 'Uube ' I'lic glory, road. ; ;•.-•. .. ...... Shank Is- a ! rus-ged youn-gster fo : i a;and;r)ic} picked up o lot/ of- h is 1 m\i ; sidl|3.:K wttrlting' on"' Hli- Talker's suigiViv-and^b'e'O'l/farni. When a drought : co^tv^is^ parents ' their land, .Shankv:;:'\s;cntx- to:.\yoVk in a Denver hulb^lrouse' ;:Now ; hi's ; -'"biggest ambitioiify: ; is'.^to ;.earn enough nioney to ^g.iybVhts'"'folks a "j'eal good .farn}. 1 ';-/:v/:v ;r' ' • : /Rubi! ^has''i?||[iBTi;^wifyy in tho leather-pus-hin$?lvrahks. He started o u t as an . aniaitbur • l.h rec years ago an "aturrib'd^irq': after winning 11 out of J3 bouts. -•^Since'-'lO^l 'h-e has -had 81 fights and lias lost .'only two decision?. 11,0/b.punced into Ijhe natiohar/s,pot- JigijJ/Vwhen ; hc;scored an .upset,,40- ro'tind dodlRion oveiv Fi'it'/Jc Zivic in..,Mi.nneii]io.lis'. -.' And ''ho took an- vol-li^r steji u-p r the-ifistic ladder Avhen -iio'vwluppcd Arm'si'ron^, In a -bloody fray as the former triple-champion was ready to start Ea-st on a come-back attempt. ,l\uhc^s 'piloted .by George Knorr, a."gr^/ied ^nanagoi 1 -Who' has been handling J'ighicrs ? Vfor 33-^yearR. A x ii d Knorr declares ' that 1 .I/ho youn^stei: IK potunitially one of the foest rfiigmcn he has "ever seen. , Weil!— signed a . unique contract with his boy. Its terms stipulate that Ambers is under -conk-act to Weill never lo fig'hl. aga,inl Too 'had Mead didn't think of something like that. l?-or Armstrong has demonistralcd /hat he hasn't a chance of regaining his 'former glory by dropping close decisions to two 'hoys who couldn't have carried his gloves back in the days of this greatness. And now he has signed lo meet Aldo Spoldi in San Fran-cisco on August 3rd— another engagement which can add nothing to his shin- in<g record, only tarnish it. The situation was summed up by Freddie Sommcrs. the clever California manager of Oloo Sh<vns, who wJred this reply to Armstrong's appeal lo be taken under Sommers' wings: "Thanks for the opportunity lo do your business," telegraph ad Sommcrs -who Jong- has had the deepest, admiration for Henry. "I've thought it over •carefully. 'And ] canno-t take the responsibility of guiding you since such a move would bo faught with-^well, Henry, possible permanent Injury to yourself, .,.«..'/...' "You have been such a credit to boxing," Smnmcrscontinued. "Folks love you for your gamcness. And if you have to trade on that love and (.hat gam en ess, doii'f, ask an old friend, to put Jn with you " . \Vcll, that's >it. 'Hcnr.y's' Wious- anfls of well-wishers and ---admirers couldn't put -it any .more sincerely or eloquently'than' thai. YANKEES; GOMEZ PITCHING, The U. S: Huhber paj'tment \e»m loads the Hop Br06k Industriul league by one-halfr a game over the Bristol Co. te?~* rosult of .l.lio golf maV.lies pm i yoVJ last .Sunday under perfect Nvc,i'{.h- er -condillons and witti a full iiirh- out of all vsix teams. league loaders won three straight frpniKthe Boclahnlng team <tnd Gapt. Howlo ICggly led ihis Naugatuck Footwear tea-rn 1,0 a threo straight vlo'to'ry for fourth position \vith the U/^ Office outfit. Tho Malleable Iron and notary club aro tiod for third position wiUi fi wins and-3" dcfctila'-' each. League standing:, ' ' .-• . ,: W. .^Ii. •U. S. Planning .1... -...71-21 Bristol Co. 7 ')£ Malleable Iron -. <> •''"'• 3-" Holary Club ,,. v r, 3 U. S. l'"ootwear 4 .5 U. S. Office ........'..;..:. -."j|. 5 - Naug. Ohemical ;......... ,*\ o 9 Naug. HocJaim ....;,. 0 ; ; 0 ICddio c^hicowski ami R. .Lonj^ii!- took the honors of tb.o llay for best scores and all-around good golfing. ; The .players aro receiving a big! kick oul. of t'ho mystery prlxoH awarded weekly -by libc prize •committee. Chairman iPcpperman last week presented ISi S. golf balls to playws having the mo-sl 7s, 8s, birdies, etc. The first half of^the schedule will' be completed with • the matches next Sunday. Tho individual scores for /last week follow; U. S. Planning: Zohlno, 50 54; Gi- chowski, -ii, 38. Naug. Chemical: Bruce, 5J, M; Osinskl 45 50. U. S. Planning: MoKcc, 51, 51; Tomaskl, 52, -U). Naiig, Chemical: Scullin, 0,'j, 5J ; Emery, 63 03. , IK S. Planning: C.tbb, 4-S,,W; siar- Jinig.s,- ; 'i7 > .45. Naug. Chemical: Johnson, M, 58; Ohernoi 1 , 63, 62. U. S. J 5 ljvnnlng 3, Naug. Ciiem. ft. U.S. Footwear: Janus, 50, 49; Day, 40,42;- Naug. Hcolaim: Painter, 68, 75; l«MI,xpatrick, 57, -it). , •-....'* U. S. JSggly, 4!), 51; Ui>V right, .in, 4(5. Naug. -nodalin: KotliV 50, 55; Witherwax, 52, 52. / [ U. S. Footwear: Oessock, 80; Cavo, r J05. , Naug. Reclaim: Nauges, 115; Stinson, 118. ; U.. S. Fooiwcar 3, Naug. ncclaim Iron: Zuranskl, 47, 45; 44. notary: -McCollum, - (By United Press) The tall man from California stood at 42nd and Broadway, lifted a police whistle to his lips and let out four blasts. ,N 7 obody paid much attention. Broadway knows Lefty Gome/, pretty well, affcr all these years. For luck, he always goes lo 42nd and Broadway nnd blows his little whistle.on days he scheduled lo piixili. It's one of his goofyisms. Well, after (hat he went l,o Yan~ ICCG Stadium and strode out on .he mound. After nine innings it 'was the Detroit Tigers turn to whistle. 01' Lefty Ijacj done it again. The score: Now York Yankees 4, Detroit Tigers 3. ,A four-hitter, no less. Lefty gave little indication he was nearly the 32-year-old mark as he walked five, fanned seven and turned in a victory that stretched the Yankee lead to live games over IcHe Boston. Joe Gordon led the Yankee hit .parade. He got four of six bomber safeties for a perfect day at hat. There were two night games in the junior circuit. The Washington Senators licked Cleveland, 7. to 0. And Philadelphia edged out Chicago, 4 to 3 in 11 innings. The other clubs were not scheduled. No. games wore playerl in the National league. The only game on tap, Philadelphia at Cincinnati, was postponed. -Malleable L&guna, 40, 40, 52, Malleable Iron: LopiauV Primlniioki, 58, 51. Rotary 55, 50: Johnson, 57, 52. Malleable Iron: Ambrose, Cieslcwski, 42, 43; Notary-: son, -50, 48; Robinson, 48, 53. Malleable Iron 2, notary K Bristol Co.: noemer, 47, 52- DeCarr, 52, 49. U. S. Office: nor, 52, 51; Xeiglor, (50, 57., Bristol Co.: Klonoskl, 47, noski, 5(5, -54. U. S. Office son, 48, 40; Dean, 47, 4fl. Bristol Co., I). S. Office :AVQB forfiet, 1-0. . , , • n Bristol Co. 2, U. S. Office "1* HUYWAH BONDS *: -STAMPS-Hft ,37, ;38- A Olson, 45, 43; Andcr- Yan.- nru" 49; Po- Anderi TONIGHT STR/&NTD TOMOKROiW Eleanor Poyirell Red Skelton /^SHIP AHOYM Tommy DORBEY and OKCH. — plus — "The yanishing- Virginian'' If HANK MOIir.AN K'A'I'JIHYJV MAT. 20r-fVI J0< 22c Inc 7a fXCfH ^r n-« HOUDAVl CNKOREN Under 12 I0c plu» t*. — 2 First Runs «OM IION'WKONC; MAI) \ MONSTER" Last Day "ICSCAPK plus "TlfK R on .Makes of Outboard Motors ESTIMATES FUEE^JV FA<; I Olt V TKAliNED OUTHOAUD MOTOH EXPEltT WEISS DEN 152 CIILIRCII STHE2T •AMAtA STANWYCK-MclREA ALCAZAR- TONIGHT One of the Year's Great Comedies HENRY FONDA and OLIVIA DE HAVILAND in ; . ; "THE MALE ANIMAL'?! \VI<;i>NICSOAY 'Tllli; MIHA<,Lp; Kill" I'lic WICDMOKDAY "THE I«"LEETS IN" and Mfllit ••Bt-roro 'Hie Divorce" "HELL'S "V POPPIN!' With Olson nnd JoltiiKoii DUFFY'S Restaurant Water Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ALL! KINDS A SPECIALTY.! Pull Liquor License i- Thomas Brbs., ' -169 MAPLE ST. Photic 5184 Auto Body and Fender Work Auixi Painting 24 Hour Wrecker Service

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