The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
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•'•••I Served by fM United Pros BLYTHEVILL1 COURIER NEWS THt DOMNAOT KEWBPAPER OP NORTHBABT ARKANSAS AND OOOTRUBT UIMODKI VOL. XXXI—NO. 103 Blytturti' .,<! Blythevllle Orurter > v -«dtr BlythetiUe Herald BI,yTHl?VlU.R. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JULY 24, 19:!.) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ADMITS SLAYING DAUGHTER Cotton Beginning lo Suffer Severely From Lack of Moisture Any cause for worry by Mississippi county farmers concerning tha adequacy of ih3ir liank- liead aci cotton allotments hri-. been largely eliminated by tin I'ecent i'.^rinri of hoi. :u-.d rainier,'; wcalher. in ths opinion of J. .1:. Crltz, county agricultural ayer,'.. who said today Unit ilic la.« fcv. days hav2 done severe dnmafj') io the growing crn.j in ihis immediate urea. Early corn DBS bEfn all bin dc- j stroypd, nnd late corn and Iny crops are badly in need of moisture, Itain Mlfhl Brinj Weevils H is possible, in the opinion of Mr. Crilz, Ural there may be ?\ combination .of favorable circumstances' such as \vould restore [IK 1 cotton crop of Ihis vicinity li Hie highly' favorable [iroipjcl 01 .several weeks ago, bill n_> regards tile char.ccs as .slight. . Gctxl rains Wil'.iirs tlic next wcsl:' .or two would H-vUe HIP plnnl.i, bill '• (hey v;milcl •<]«)• civalc a siluct-l 'iion fuvorabl? in (he i;oi! wr-e'vll, Khieli Is lUivjrty pivsfiil in gcnd number, in il:e southern parl of ihe [(iiinly. Tl'o rummer boll weevil migration pi:rl;'(! comes in A;i- gusl, and • if rain In surTirieni. volume to reviv.1 plant growth anil boll development comes at thai lime It, will make serimis Ixil! wrevil Infestation here very likely. Application forms for Bankh?ad ael altntnieriis have nol yet b?en received/,-.. As r soon as they arrive they will he .made* available'• to growers,-who .vftli-'W' tS'iitrtrti!'-to make them out and file Iheni' with the 'county committee, consisting of C. C. Langston, C. P.' Tucker and John Bearden. ior the Chiekn- sawba district of the county. Ural Drlayf. Compliance' Check 'In the meantime progress is b;- ing In measuring cotton acreage to check compliance with the voluntary reduction agreements on which rental payments and other benefits are based. Here, too, th.2 extreme heal has been a handicap. To do a full day's'work with R chain under the conditions lhat have prevailed in recent days has been impossible. Kesults so. far. however, indicate that Mississippi county farmers have made an honest attempt to confine llieii . cotlon acreage lo the limits,fixed in their acreage agreements. Some mistakes have been uncovered, due apparently to previous faulty measurements or estimate of acreage, but them has been no evidence of attempts at deliberate cheating Cattle Die as Strikers Guard Stockyard Gates C-IIICAOO, July -.M 1U1>) — A! i > irvn.y ln:c: u p ci:i a(irr-ed lo \.'j if: 1 Mriklng handler.; ni (!•..• unlnii :•.•; :-kyaid<i late Inclay )isnnllll:ii: ccir.niir.sicn men to feed, wp'.^i • ra <ii^c;e of 7S(30 li:ad of dv- .'->: rsltlt. CHICAGO. July U (UP)—Four hundred pickets guarded every entrance to the Union stockyards^ today, while drouth stricken cat- t'e died by the score inside. ! Police squads were rushed to llic yards in guard against any oul- Iji cak of violeuee following the Wiill:oul of 000 members of the livestock liaiullers local union, which i': affiliated with the Am-1 crican Federation of Labor. I Seventy-five thousand hpart .of cattle jammed Ihe pens ns unusually heavy shipments, due to the drouth, continued to pile up In (lie yards. TV End ot Nation's No. 1 Omlnw But Cheer -Up, It Was a Whole Lot' Worse Back ' in July, 1930 Tlio. hnltrsi wciiiher in four years continued here today as, Die mercury rlimbfd [o 102 in' the .Oiade for Ihc f.ccond con k :e«:-, tive ilay. Since Suturd-ay i!;»' daily maximum leiniTrnture huv >xc?ed;>d Irtfl degrees. I Forecaster.-; today were sail un- ab!e lo give tiny promise of 'relief . and "continued warm" \v;is predicted for tonight and iomor- TO LOOT pes Texas Death House Tin r*.< wnt lieni Is ninrdy . "vvnrni ppe!l" the, intense heat experienced' in July. 1930. according to govern^ ., meiu weather records. During'. Hint month the temperature reached 108 in [lie shade. On 13 days .diir- ; ing [hat monlli the maximum was' l.CO or higher, with temperature! between 104 and 108 beine recorded on six of those days. The total rainfall for July. 1930. was .03 of an inch: 3* More Bie at St. Louis ST. LOUIS. July 24 (UP)—Will) the lemjjeraturc establishing new records and no rcli-f in eight, .?,() additional h?at deaths were ro- pcrlsd here today, bringini; the to- la 1 lor the summer to 133. Luring the five-day period 05 'aths have been reported. New York Cotton A stiffening corpse in n welter of "blood, toes up In a police patrol; John Dlllingcr lies here, at Ihe'Vnded A bullet in his neck and two in his chest .endpd the life of the No. 1 outlaw a' Last Hideout of Slain Des: pcraclo Present Goal of •Officials CHICAGO, July 'U (Ul')-Man- hunters nf ilio Kovrriimmit. wliu ran John Dllllngcr to his Inijlnvl- r.iw end. searched (otlny for his las! hideout nnil duos to the pos- f.Dlri remainder of more % tluin tVO.OOp loot. Will Informnllon obtained frrau 1 1 lie wimini) who. led Dillinecr lo hli death. (he federal agent, 1 ; revealed that (hey, hope In wipe mil the reminder of lite gang and rwover some of the money tnkcn frem banks. Nelson Rrperttd Srrn Search for George (Baby Puce) Nelson, successor to the title of nnllonnl public enemy No. 1, was pi-recoiled vigorously In Detroit. r'fhe lltilc mnchlnc gunner was sighted yesterday ncnr Sandusky, O.. according lo a filling station owner, MKI nn automobile revmb- llng his wns used In n Detroit holdup n few hours later. 1 Ft wns Nelson Win killed W. | Carter Biium, Washington federal agent, when he. Dlllinger, John Hamlllon. and Mien of the miir- dmms smi shot their way nut of an nmbmh m Spider Ijike. WIs ill early spring. While,, Dllllnger's bullet riddled bony,, was viewed by thousands behind n plate glass window In in it npeciarjilnr nrrak from ih» Tta'ni mate i>rhon ilcnili hemt'i »l Ujuisvtlle. Itiiytiiond .Mauill- Inn. nhnve, Hir 'oiMlin-eaO ainft lliiBnriiiis l;ll!fr. wnn iih way in frrailun ivtih iwf, other dcspon ailiK.i. one ntlier convict nelng Killed and two wnimdoci in (tm <a«li. . Hnmlllnu r:ns the cmn- panlin ol Cli'Jfl dm row'in thai "t'^U. i-'athcr, 'Who Had Reported Abduction, G^nfess' es After Discove^ . I1OIIRTON, Tex H July 24 (UP) — Elijah Slimrf, an rinployj of Ihc llnrrl'i cr.uiily ipll?t commissary. I :<|uy. j»llce said, Hun h: l.lllfd his" [i-y*ar-o!d daiish- li r and ll-.reV: her. tody into' a lignum crr;'k, 2n miles from he;.:. 1'ipvluusly til 1 had told o(Tl,c!rn .he gii'l Inul been kUIrirppd lro:n ..I; pnrltpd car, A com? wardfn today four j' the brdy nf Mir ciiHy hnlr?d f.t\ In he \\ntm ol CyjiiOst creek. : F.Umri wns akllne police at' (lie ' :, time UK body was found in K. suireh for thn mi'.slng child. He luid said Iii' helliVEd she had bsen ' ' ' of his crimson trail. . . moment after he emerged from a Chicago neighuornood theater and! walked into a death tr;\i> .set bv federal agents, . The desperado was shot down as he yanked vainly at his automatic. Tfl FHHEITS' Collections So Far This Year About Equal to Bandits Ekape After :•• I Battling Kansas Posse OXFORD, Kans., July 24 (HP) \ —Four bandits engaged a posse in ja gun battle after the robbers had looted the Oxford State bank and kidnaped three employes. ..m.1^1 mirc cmpiuyes. ' | , t \1 f\ • I A f One youth was grazed by a norstall Questioned AtlCl' bame. Period Last Year gun bullet. The three hostages, were released, a few minutes a'fter the NEW YORK, July 24 (OPI Cotton closed barely steady. open high low closo 1270 1275 1261 1261 1282 1293 1276 1293 I3W 12.86 1297 1307. 12M 1310 13?n nn\ 1318 132S 1309 _ I Admiral May Be Forced j - State • nnd county property tax payments at the office of Clarence H. Wilson, sheriff and collector, hero this year are boin; made nt . sboul the same rato as l:st year.! it iv'ns indicated today, althougr.: m (iofjnlle check hss been made.! Governor Futreil's proclamaiion; cf yesterday, which iri effect does! away with -penalties propieily taxes whit' • this year, is expected IscraewlTat the burden on taxpayers Tho have been finding i>.i,--l mei;l difficult-even inder the in-i uallm^nt plan, bsgun this year. Delay in Hearing for Trustees Is Denied SUITE win-nut i MONTICELLO, Alk., July 2-1 (U P)—Records of Moullcello A. and M. college have been open to trustees at all limes, President lior.i- iall testified as first witness today in the hearing of ouster procecd- 'ngs against three trustees. . Horsfall admitted issuini; checks. i as <il£coversrl by State Comptrol- n? in a loop hotel the «H)mari I'.-ho.belrayed him. ,'Mny Nrrer tint M«wy-;.: felvin Purvis, chief invi-.slIgaUir here for the. department of juitlee. refused even to admit thai lie knew her whereabouts. He would say only that source will be rewarded."There was a possibility, Purvis admitted, that none of Dillingcr's miiinmolh loot may bo recovered. The dupper Ilille desperado had only S7.81 In his pockets.when lie was shot down In front of » northsidc nelghbortibort Sunday night. Thai Dlllinger, who notoriously svas fond of carrying an impressive roll of bills, should be without, more funds indicated a possible motive for his betray R I. theater Father Claims Body CHICAGO, July 24 (UP) sorrowing old man, t 1 r" 1 • r-* i ; U^LVJIVI til uy OUUl: V^UjUUUUl- m"v "'cnn, Sinkln B Fund Money Will I: ' r Grtfl '» Smith, [o John W. '. ' n:ly . n(:cn ' 1 -! D f, . . ' . Richardson, of Warren, trust:?, ,ua to . a-.., t • ••- —- •••• July Ocl Dec Jan March May 127C 1287 1230 1309 Spots closed quiet at 1285. off 25. Plan. 11 J ' iD J • nicnnrcaon. 01 warren, trusi;e, Used If! KedemptlOIl dismissed several weeks ago by Gov. J. Mnrion Futrsll. These i checks were for equipment to b^ I used at Ilio college and for daily LI7TLE ROCK. .Tllly 2< ( UP)--: expenses I'll t **' ) ,^'f r3 1° ta j : ''' rhe "talc bond refimdlns UoaiUJ Taking of the testimony before ™ ^™ 1 ™L h : Monda >' P^" 1 « ^°",lion Lssuin^ Stat3 Senator A. J. Johnson „[ for the Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 24 (UP) — f)arty '° trace tlleir wa V alon E — Another selling wave struck thel fla? marked \route to Byrd's camp, stock market in the final half| Tlle5 ' tume(l """"clt when only 50 hour of trading today Quotations I" 1 '' 65 south of the base, with 73 miles still to go to reacli the little hut where Byrd has sjjenl four months alone. Deadly crevasses lo Remain irf Isolated Holders of bonds so dspositcd! ness of compared wilh 1,680 over a similar' Byrd, isolated in a Ross ice harrier. It proved impossible clogged the tickers after the ket had moved in a narrow range most of the session. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel ........ Chrysler Cities Service ct:a coia ;;;;; _ Gemral American Tank 33 3-1 mls J°" r "es'- Gotieral Electric 18 1-8 General Motors international Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central '. Packard Phillips Petroleum ...... Radio Corp Simmons Beds Si Jxniis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel '.'.[','.'_ and Little stood between them America. Indications seemed at the mo- 112 11 1-4 27 5-8 35 3-8 129 i Party was sent oul on a hazard- or• of the ?.l | Colorado. Testimony in Gates' i-: postponed after v.liicrcdly on a morbfd crowd lhat ^osil'd around him, today wn given nil lhat remained of Jolir Uilllngrr. his sen. and the nallo'i'.s , - . ;,r. The old man, John Dillinger, . c r.. claimed Ihe body of the slain cwiVw nnd wn7 return with it to Ms.r.:esvll];, Hid., for funeral s Hip Injury Costs Life of Mrs. L. A. M«sbey, 74 He nlrt Dorolhy dhnppciircd lals last r.lSlil from Ills anlomoblle, which lie lu<J frrked on a dfiwn- own r.treet nerp. f..llfsn wlio were called to in- .-tii'.i.ul^ ril*cov=ry of. I ho tcdy :(-!tevi-rt tr.n clilld had bcjn throwiT •rrm .1 hit h\vdy ' brldje SO 'feel • f.w ih.- vv'ntjrlliic-. The child i-urt l;rpn <icid abcut tight Mrs.. Margaret Baird, 18, Loses Life in River al Cottoinyobd Poin •Handicapped"^ _. ,...,... equipment, rlvermen today; were dragging the Mississippi rl'ver at Cotlonwood Point. Mo., seeking Ihc body of Mrs. Margaret Baird, 18, Carulheisvllle, Mo., l«ido of months, who was drowned ,w she stepped Into deep water while wading 'yesterday. Two other girls, visitors al Sl'celc, Miss F3i-n Alexander, of St. I.ouls, and Miss Ailcen Hilllnrri. of Okla- Iwma Cily, narrowly p-scutud diownlng and were rescued only by the 'heroic efforts of .toe John••on, steele youth All vpm members of a group, linked liana In >:.>r,c;, ihta started wading out into Iiln rlv'cr n'r a iioinl whrrc It ha.' bc.rn customary Ior s\vlmi»?i-s 1:1 wade oul for somo cllstnnc?. Ap- piiriiiilly ihe group veered from liu- roursc usually lollo?:cd In v;ad- ing into the stream. Suddoiil> oil- 1 ol thrill stepped Into deei. \vaicr, then another and toon almost all were jrophii; frantlcoli) in writer over their heads. Johnson pulled and pushed Mlr.s Alcx- antl. r and Miss Milliard to safely nnd starlcd tacii nflor Mrs. ISaird. 'll:c- latter, unaWe to swim, be- cfime terror stric'rcn and grippe': jol.rron from behind In sueli a mariner lhat he was nnnble lo swim or protect her nnd they wc-:t under [lira limes, according (o reports. T!ie hill Urn? Johr'on cams U ilia surfsce wlth- Mrs. L. A. Mosby, 74, who broke 01>L her nnd wns unablt; lo lind Stay of Execution for ' Mark H. Shank Likely LITTLE HOCK, ,lUly 24 CUP)1 The (ule of Mark H. Shani, O., attorney, awaiting ri Friday mornii^ for the ,. .vinu of ;a lankly of four, »p- wntly rwi«d. today wiyi.flov.: .}-. Marion »ifr?i| " ' •'' cntad .tnaf Ihe governor' would decide on" a fitt?. of execution: re' ' " of.' til* ou'tcpri): :. of nt .Puie Blufl '; seeking 'a- writ of .mandamus. to. force* a ian- lly hciiiiiig. ..... .-. .i' ..-. ; ••• ' Dcfeuv . tittornnys , vetit. .otlll In' conference latf .(odny vi'Uh, .Jud^e r. o. Pavham, at Pine ... Bluff . ?l:ci.ld he deny lh=. writ a. petition would be .filed f or , a , t . of ;cer-- , . liorarl. asking the high court to f< rcc the lower ccur.l's action.; her hip a week ago when she fell down steps, died at the Blythe- villc hospital yesterday. Last rites HIT ngaln. Mrs Balrd fo'.nierly lived in Biythevllle. She v.ns 'a gradual? f.crc held this mornlnp, at the of Hie Picele high school last '' of |»llce Deadline (or Protests Against Wider "Float-in" I.ITTLE ROCK. July m-(DP)—. Today wns the deadline for flluig protest against the proposal ot Memphis compresses for extension to a 200-mile radius or the -free railway cotton concentration area. More thnn 5S letters .of protest have been filed with the southwest freight bureau at St. -Louis, according to -,T. E. Wood, rate statistician of the Arkansas corporation commission, who attended a hearitw in SI. Louis yesterdv/. Mnny of them are from Arkansas ^itlc". where local compresses are located. Wood oojxi^es exleusion of the 50-mile "float-In" territory to n 200-mile radius. He said It would ] detent Ihe original motive • in granting a free transportation nreo (o combat truck comiKtltlou. Number Eight cemetery wlt(i the | >'""'• She w Kcv. B. Copeland officiating. Jkrk Orincnt. was i'.ie fcrmcrly 200 receipts have been; of the lowest priced boiiri pctition3rs applied! dismissal of the three member.-; obligations tendered at the lowesi pries submitted." governor's proclamation simply supports and extends a iwlicy already llic rcf that Byrd mi«ht have" in l"f ? i" nCCl ' Um ' Cr Ml - l!uv R™" 1 ""] said. "Immediate confirmatlcn 0! i •remain at't^^'un^Ts^ l^^^^ ( °^j ^nt^.rcSed^nd""* ! Still Raid Defendant Held for Grand Jury 28 1-8! 29 24 5-3 22 27-8] j. w . Lyons, arrested by offic- is J-« ers who raided a still ; - "•4 3-4 -• 10 1 3-i 42 3-4 22 1-8 Hones Perish as Fire Hits Track Stables j Mrs. Virginia Eimore Awarded Free Cruise as I Gran t«d Divorce Decree Barboro Banana Champ ] Mrs. Virginia Martin Eimore has ;been granted a decree of absolute M. C. Donley. salesman for A.l'llvorce from Ted Eimore by Chnn- Cotton- ot old highway and xxw»wlt . j . , . NEV ORLEANS. July J4 (UP) — bonds held by the New •rs committee. ^OI.lJLKI UUJ -i ---- — ...--.• -.^.x, u ik;j>. i i kv<.t ^n; jj ^illCMIICU. , • i.x. UIMIUIV^ d VI C 1ILHI1 ICU I>Ii toll trldgc' sv . nc " fire caused $100,000 damage : The contest lusted over a per- i 2 - "3* "nd separated May 2. ,. .. = . nt RnrL-il^tThim n^^U M-^. Y?.,~ .... .r .... ..._.,._ i ___ , .. .1 a»«, \*-...,i* I ___ l _i._^ ..... York i Anal gong found ange futur3s Little River section Saturday night", wnlvod preliminary exami-.nlian yesterday b-jiore Actins*Jud;e V. G. Holland In municipal court ami -._ , v.-as ordered held to th; periods cf steadfncjs ar:d «-u>- »>i\i.ijrtn<j, tJiuy /;^ \\Jrt - — ...«.•. 1%^^. , Cotton prices sagged steadily oh: T ' 18 New York group may send. ° n( Hie New Orleans exchange and the rcmiisltlons lo Arkansas. complete-| hu w »» land's s.-eatest race park. New En? late last than a dollar n tale under th; previous close. While there were Chicago Wheat 35 3-ljtnry. His Iwnd wns set nt "Doc" Hickman, shot In S2P Dec New open high 99 1-4 $9 3-4 100 3-4 101 1-4 99 lOW 97 3-8 97 3-4 99 1-4 tha Chicaao Corn open high low clow Sep 65 3-4 6S 1-* M 3-3 M 5-5 Dec G8 1-2 » 67 , rho'ilder by /,rch Lindsey, cue cf the raiding om ors, was reiwr'cd imp-ovinj at the Blyllievlllc hos- pi'i:'. Htckman allegedly rhcn viicn ho hurled an nxc at Lindsey !>.nd Ihe officer fiud back blindly m ths direction from which the axe was Ihvuvn •lim Carson, farmer, was cleared of a charge ot petit larceny. He hid been accused of stealing neat pnnial recoveriss in the lr<K'inj. it wii> a session marked chiefly by . The fact that the Texas weather map was again ciiy brought little support Into tha fl 3-8 from i netghbor's smoke house. »..„„,. .— | h "estimated that 50 of the ly describing bonds in itieir !><«•„ ^ thnt rnn ttiltl R 'i'fcred mln- scsslon. These reciuisitlons will be "" entered on the state's books nn.t new bonds will bo rent to New Mrs. Elmorp. Rural Examiners Will Fitzgerald Will Hold Second Service Tonight Carl Bailey Will Speak lod ot sis months last fall antlj Sam Mnnalt, local allorney, rep' winter with nil salesmen In company participating. j He sailed Sunday and will visit" Havana, Panama and Hondura Mrs. Henley and son, Bert, accompanied htm to Memphis. is. Produce Dealer Charged With Ordinance Violation Services will be held kit. July Oct Dec Jan March May 1269 1277 1282 1292 1290 1303 1296 1302 1311 1212 1317 1320 Spots closed steady at 1213, )ff 21. — - - at the .-,..•. at tlttt* D«/.L- : " ly Stl ' ect Cnv atry Baptist church I mcei BI L.1UK ROCK;this evening for the second of a 1273 1273 | LITTLE ROCK, July 24 (UP)—' ducted by the Rev "IT H^ Fitz- 1284 12ft! 1 County rural school examiners of gerald, acting-pastor of tl.o S°c- '""" '"""• Arkansas were called today to end Baptist church. The son? meet here August 16 and 17. Oscar service will begin at 7 3u with M. Owens, Independence county the mmon at 8:00. Tonight's examiner, was announced as one'lhenie will tc "Ths Recipe for a 1193 1300 1307 1281b 1300 1307 of the speakers. I Revival". Buck Meharg, produce dealer, will face trial in municipal court i Ulls af tenioon on a charge of vto llatlne the city's building code ord inance. Carl Bailey, PulasM county The warrant for Meharg's arrest ii c • i M> i . i"" 5 ""err Here Saturday Night Matin? the Two Killed When Bus Goes Over Embankment GREENVILLE, 8. C., July 24 (U P)—Two psrsons were killed and :•! youths were Injured when a nuck loaded with 35 bovs from the Bishop England .school' of Charleston. 3. C., careened over n fii-foot embankment on a mountain road nrar Caesar's Head. Rev. Charles Deveneau, of Char- -•flon, a Cathnlic priest, was kill- it. A youth, whcss body has nol •;>en identtncd nt th? morguo. «ar Mm othrr victim. Hflicf I »bor Bnldts tAr'«p)rr . ELY. Ncv. iUP)- r Eradlcatlon of i:r poi. r oi;au.s laritspiir plant Irom :i:rround!li; srdilng lands is i'.rM -ncd by relbf labor following >r> death of 10 head "of caltle as rs:ili rf feting the plant. Cattle rr; .-.aid to h« dying at tru rate cf r.nj a day from the poisonous plant. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair lonlght. Wednesday partly cloudy and un- prosecutlng attorney and candidate w »s Issued on complaint of L. E.I Memphis and vlclnlty—Fair' io- for the Democratic nomination for Tull, city engineer. It is under-1 night «nd Wednesday Continued attomey general, will deliver a [stood that Meharg is charged Tlth campaign address at the court-! erecting a wooden exterior wall to a building on Ea*t Main street in warm. . • The maximum temperature hen' house here at S p. m. Saturday night, July 28. At 3 p. m. Saturday .. . Mr. Bailey will give a radio address {Ing a ftre proof type of construe- clear, according U> Sucwl r. War- violation ot tt>f ordinance requlf-1 yesterday kas 182, minimum 11, over Station KBTM, ParxouW. itlon. ,'tli, ortlcial »»lber

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