Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1942
Page 4
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NAtfGATUCK DAILY NEWSi TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1942 lMil»ilHhm.| tovui'y Nvuiilrig (Kxifwpl Sunday; l>y TUN NAIJUATUCK NKWH CICMPOIIAT.ION «l it North Main Srtoot, NAUOATUCIK, (lONNHCTlCUT UU'JN Hiul U2 4 J1>—All DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of T,he News MJDOUMI M. IIMNNU.IK, President ami UALPH S, I'ASIID, VIoo-ProHldonl MNnHNHRM); Assistant Treamiror MILDHKf) 'HOLLAND, Secretary, .MUHSCIUI'TfON HATH* Payable In Advnnod ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,1,70 U months . , < , , ........ lltfi I ynnr 3o Hy Currier Th* Unltml f'rosM (HIM tho exolu.Mivn J'l-cht to UHO fnr fwpiilillimllon In any form, all news dlHpatehoH orwlltwl to this paper, U IH also nxohiHlvcly an- tltJotl.lo UHO for• rupuhlliwllon all Iho local or un- d4 tod noWH publlHhod hoi'Olu. 'I'UKNII.AY, .ll'l,V l'i, IDVJ "I anvnn American." So rends the Jaeki-t of linns!, a fJIneilmwll'clHHciMimd, (ionium dogs are all right, but \vn ni'tt Htlfl (IJMpOMOd to deny olllxun.shlp Io Japanese MUST USE OAS SPARINGLY (tor owm.TH H!.I on Id roinomhor that bo- itf Wmhiosday, July *J2, (huy will bo uniiblo to obtain any tfHsnlino ' ll ox " clwijxo ''or tlioir old ooupnns and that on l.lmf. day. Ilioy ran unt* only tin? coupons wbich woro gi.von Ilicrn when I boy rugis- ((M-od lanj; wools':, Thoso who failed io rogislnr last wook will liavfj Io wait snvoral days boforo Ilioy will figain 'bavo an opportunity to_ obtain Iho in*sv M A' M coupons, IT on July W I,hoy )»avo nO^MH in thoir tanks (hoy will bo *'ont (H* luok'-Ho far as opoi'ating thoir own ai!tptnol)ilo,s is c-onconiod. r rhoV wi(l'sirnfily havo to bo [lalionl until thoy can fogistor AIL car ownorn rntist roalixo by tins tirno tlianboy will haVo to nso tboir gas sparingly if Iboy w'lsb to oontinuo op- orating thoir autos during tho next :1I2 months, 1 \'(>r they will bo unablo to got anv rnoro ** A" coupons for another yoar, » • .,-.•, (JVL-V,-->« »v tXt«r<V»"*.i*^^.,- ; , , , ., r j'boy may apply lor M 8iipplpmQntal M cai'ds, but, judging from tho qnostions thoy will first havo to answor in a itum- nor r/iait^aotory to tho rationing board, bnt'vory fow sudi oards are likely to bo issued, Most of thorn, howovor, can got along; on four gallons por week-if they roally try ( 8o, but thoy oau'l: do much, if any, "pleasure riding." If thoy are tho good sports wo believe them to be, they will 'bo glad to sacrifice pleasure until such tirno as the government finds a way to provide this section of the country with more gasoline than can bo whipped here; at tho present time, .. . "MI.M.H 'Kathorlno Shcn', 'community nUrao, Is taking IIJUP vacation. Mrs. Charles llobbs of -'Carroll street Is Holing » H HubslMule. . o—'p—o Vlc.lor Llngenhelcl of 'Carroll- street is suffering I'roin an i-nruolt'tl hand, due to a poisonous bile. Past KXHlti'd Hiilor M. I 1 . Miilonc of the Naugatuck o—O—o Indgp of Milts wiH represent the looal lodge at the annual KlUs' convention to be held In Atlantic City. a—O—o Charlf-H llobbH of Carroll -street, last expert at Iho faoiory of Muj'Ucmoon Falls Hubbcr Shoo.Co,, hns-lot't- for : IJOHton, whore be will attend' the National Shoe 'Stylo show. As (be Deacon FaHn concern turns out a varied line of rubber shoes, .such as rul)bers, arp- llcH, nlo,, It IH -very necessary Ihnl the factory' know Just 'what the stylos are to: bo so 'that they may inake Iho rubber wear accordingly 1 . •'-;• ...-"" o—0—o l , '• ,10 VICAH.S AGO \ . . . M'.^H France.s Holan of: Moatlow ; 'Htree't' attended' the ; blwh nifiHS celebrated by her' brother, ibe Hev. Patrick Dolnn, at Saugatuck, In''the Church of the AsHUinpllon, o—O—o , ........ The annual reunion of Iho. Weaving family was held at HIM hoiiiu of Mr. and Mrs. 'George- Miller of Prospect street. About 7f) woro 'present/ THE TIMfc, THE PLACE, AND THE GIRL! NOTES AND COMMENTS George Washington "fought his first ba-tjlo at Korl , near Uhtontown, Pa. Tho fort has been recently to its original condition. rhn I?. S. used about 82 pounds .'Of fats and oils >er pur.Hon last year. ... . . ., . .. habor-managomonl oommltlcus'now are 'boosting proiluoMoii in morn than i!00 w!ar^ pl-a/Us.-,<•'• , Around The Clock By "Jerry M Doheny Jack Simmons and hia son, Bill, enjoyed tlie Yank Browns game at the Stadium in New York city Friday Mrs. Tom Gunnoud and fami^ire enjoying- the sum*'' at their cottage at Lake Qusu^pa^ Barry now as though he recently had a personal interview Old Sol. . .Everett Hood,J back from a vacation home town in Indiana/which he hadn't seen in two got a rousing welcome from his many friends there understand. t;- ; : According to .reports we/he'oi^lplenty moro inducted through"-'selective; service"', in to the arm this'district in the next^two months.... . Aaron' home from Fort Devens for theweek-end, ^reports he, like inaiiy another Na.iigatuck boy, likes the life. He looks like the life- agrees with -him. . . I* Although civilian bulldlrig'.haa been : 'halted, war (uxiHtnuillon Is booming at .the rate of 12 1-2 billion dollars a year. A 550-mllo, 24-Inch pipeline Longvlew, Tux., to Salem, 111., hlaatern oil shortage. will bo' to help built from reHeve. the. Sovnnlcon, pounds of kitchen fnt.s saved will produce a pound nml ti half of glycerine, enough to lire 85 anil-lank shells. DON'T LITTEK THE STREETS The "Old Oftknn Uuekot" Is coming back: WPB Is fncouragliig manufaoturu of wooden.'pails and tubes requiring moro than J5 per'cent metal. The family can opener Is due for a rest; WPB has ordered that fower tin cans bo made from now,on, and in larger sixes, to save crlilcal melal«. Tf moro IXM-HOHH would stop tho ol> f joctional)lo habit thoy havo o{' littering tho Htrootn with wasto papor ami other roFtKso, HOITIO of our highways would pro- aonl; a much oloanor appearance than thoy do at present. Mont of such littering isi dono thoughtlessly, and it wouldn't l>o done at all if people would only realize that when they throw wasto matter into the streets they are helping to give those thoroughfares an unsightly appearance, Clean streets never fail to make a good impression but those that, are in an untidy condition produce just tho opposite effect, Tho "camion ball" tree at Fort Myers, 1'Ma,, Is the only known specimen In the Unlleii States. Us fruits look like rusty cannon bolls, from six to eight inches In diiimnlor. Null-vo to South America, it belongs to tho "monkey-pot" family. to; nie'.th}tt':thls';Js' itlie swift/os.t^oad >y:e', v -£i i '. : hatibn', .cari; take l/o' ; 't;otal understanding of- this tota . , .-.- . • , . ..»;..,_ , •., /v.-, -i • The local;-drofl. board Jn.^c City- has -decided that- Ralph soil, 41 .year .old' editor, of the 'crusading n'e\yHpa;per "P, >\f," should be indupted . Jjvtg .. £hQ ; .Army ri)j ; j,a, bunk private." pfv't'hc same day Sec-' 1 ' Stimson • ordered ithat 'Major .Cabot Lqdge, a reserve officer fresh from, seryice with fche, U.' 'S. Army tanks in Libya, shall re"turn to his seat in' the Senate and remain t'h.e r e at least until after t:|i e November election. / .... ';v"'•• .'•;.:".• For Major Lodge ,is ,a Republican 'politician whose pre-Pcarl Harbor record-'Ayas^rajilier 'shaky and whose reele(dl6ri"'!lhi;4 . fall is'.car fro in cer.tal n,:-.; •wb-iTq <. Mr, ( , I ngerso j .1 Is' a Nosy* bG^l/'bemo^raj. whd ; ardent IV embraced. t he jiritl-Axis cause a t a tl in c when 1 Mflj or ; I/odg-e wa .s • j (Released. • .by GbnsQlidat^jCl'-' Pda,tu'rbs;'v'J'hc>)..••'••'.;. ''.•• ..".•v- 1 .^""-. .^ IProm Most outstanding violinists have sensitive fingers blunting 1 of the fingers may impair the playing of artist. We hear that Prof. Vlade Kolitch, who has concerts in Europe and at Carnegie Hall,, and whose plav! ing wa,s a feature of the "open house" meeting for new. comers here last Friday night, will no longer be in dan^ of injury to his hands. Prof. Kolitch has been employ^ at the Naugatuck Chemical company and has been ban. filing tires as part of his work, we are informed, .Official} of the company happened to be present Friday and ap. parently prior, to /that, they had not realised they had such a brilliant violinist in theirr employ. After hearing him play, however, it was indicated that he may be given other work, which will not be as likely to blunt the finger^ that can produce music which wafts one to heights ol musical bliss. • ' , , POLITICS '",:.".'•. , . (HArf,fori(.|, Times) "•• ;-il, .wijl^rcfiuiro. .Jlriri' loadershIp" on the, pnrl, ' of lP.rosi.denI, Rpbse-' veil,.- of congressional farm bloc leaclprs are -to-- bo deferred from ':. t,q., i?leasc • th'jj I'ariiier for ovcry- ^, 1 . o.vcept.* war ! Jay Franklin Xlon N'ntional Park in Southern Utah, before., it buouino a national park by presidential order in il>18, was known as Mukunluweap monument, after the Indian nmno of a rlvor ilowi'ng through the canyons of Hit! park. ' Golden Gleams RED GROSS ROLL CALL POSTPONED The Keel OOHH will riot hold its animal Boll Call in November but that drive will bo combined with its next war i'lind appeal, scheduled For March, 1943. Thin decision will strike most 1 of us as roawonablo and impress upon UB all, as President Hoosovolt says, that the month of March, .if)4H, is "Keel Gross month," Tho decision of this groat organi/a- tioji, valuable in pence and war, not to participate in joint 1'und-raiaing campaigns is wise, Naturally, tho Kod Cross wants to "maintain direct contact tfith tho people who coriHtituto its mombov- ahip" and this would bo impossible in any consolidated campaign drive, The Kod Cross is big enough and worthy enough to have its own campaign. It should retain its distinctive organisation and maintain itself for direct service to the people in disasters and to the armed forces during war, Man was not formed to llvo alone; I'll ho that light, unmeaning thing That .smiloH with all, and wucpa with "none. —Byron. Conduct thyself towards wouklHt wlHh thy children towards thoe.—IsooratOH. thy parents as thou to conduct thonisolvcs Tho doslro gol.M to fall; of power in excess- tho du.sirn of 11, caused the an- in excess is rib nolther can nngel -or rnan* come lii danger by Uyron. : - • • • ' ' : '' ; ".„ ' ,fe . knowledge caused man to fall; but In ch(U',ity-iliere An average chair contains 'enough hardwood make tho stock of a Gai-and rlflo. to The lumber In two average desks would enough material to build a trailer for a war provide worker. fiD PAGE—INTERESTING FACTS .... ........ ... Tho Great Lakes constitute half of the fresh water supply In tbo world, ' at least, an. put-of-^o'wn member- ol' t'he Borah TsolaUorilstj .bloc. : , Some IS'ow DealersT are in-dined to see in the Ihgersoli -case." a disposition to silence "P M" by clapping its militarily' superannuated editor into- khaki. 'Others are disposed to see in the "•case of Major 'Lodge, the .War . Departn'jdnit- p.lay r ing- Republican' politics 'ty&'- a- degree In which a qualifled-'vOfficer Is rc^- lleved of military 1 "duiy;';'in:.,order to use his 'Army; prestige ;.for, election- eering'purp'osest in'a •close race. . Yet it seems' to my -unregener- •al.e< realism that jtlio , m'iUtary authorities are rlg-ht In both of these decisions. I sirnply suggest :- thaj 1,'hey 'be •carried- to their logical con- flit I o n s.. f v c I, 'the. A i: m y en 11 ed i to iv 'publishers like ColbnoRiVfcGormlck of the Chicago Tribune and Captain Patterson of the 1 Ne.w York" Daily News .Into active service. Le.t- them go' through the rdst'cr of : all ed- i to rs a nil ; piitoi I s hers .6 f m i t Mary age aiul draft j them -into ,. ;; :;t,he • ••arrived forces i of the -United "States. The press demands 'and expects no privileges ot'her ih'rfn t'he right to i;t$ traditional freedom. Newspapermen do not want to be a privileged class, immune from service to j,ticjdefense of (heir 1'roe jnstltuitions. • It is hard lu(ik'''on ^"p'M"" that I he editor's personality is so essential a part of this/enterprise but, many othou /have been' 1 :similarly crippled.- ' Afore important, however, would- be the extension of tho Mil j or Lodge precedent (o our 'political and cdl- rnalh" but not -.the;- mp'st;}":pb.vlpii's''ilssup.' current- controversy' '-between•-•• ,l;he house a/id senate., over the' ; a#ricuit tural • •a])propriat[pn ;. bill.- Pending agrecment'-ipyer • l.tie cdntroyersial provisions; Che two branches , h'ave voted a; nipnthly appropriation so the department,.could function. [ In the ^'foregi'ourid :of the controversy: is•' tlie question of permit-!Ling. 1 25,000,000 bushels of surplus wheat .;t:6v;be, sold : at 83 cents.- a •.busiveUl^vhi'oli-v is tVi cents below parity, '^forV livestock' feed. :.The president has i;jirgcd that this be done bu.t.thc.-hoiise has specifically prohibited :'SU : c'h '~ sub-parity sale] The . seriate.''tavgrs the ,,president's 'proposal:,-but-' it-advocates -the 100 per cenC;.parlty loan plan,' an in- .crease rfrom-the former 80 per.cent level; ."• '" ' . The dangRiV is that, th e -extra va- gant 'plan will bo us'ed as the basis '-of , compromise with -tile house 'arid Uiat 'the net result will be a greater subsidy to the farmers than' they could obtain 'If the livestock-feed plan were defeated, 1 Senator • 3 eaders, state th a f• th e president has' not. indicated his po-' -.siLion 'on "the 100 .per' cbrit parity loan /plan,- which would almost certainly- make the government the owner of all -of this year's surplus AVli'ciat yiclel. 'Tlie , farmers wo'iild f ;'apc?pt ; ' the high loan value and lelh^the; government take the wheat-which 'is •collateral for the loan; : '^ : •'•'• '"' •'•''•' ''.,.• •' TJie" president bas' on occasion dLsagrped wfth the farm bloc leaders/:! n,,congress .but always with a -gent/ieness /'that, has....permitted l/henii vto; gain iever larger handsome I a r ge s s '.{f o r,' t h e i r a g r j c u 1.1u r a I c o n - stll-uerife/ His' stand ' bet\yeen his latest move Igor increased' subsidy for farmers and the treasury will need to .be llrm and clear cut i! the farm -bloc is not once again to obtain what it wants. Tho fact tha},'this is a congressional election year 'gives now importance to the lactic. 1 -; that will be employed to dissolve the" Controversy. let- you kiss her She isn't that ' There's a thing, it, seen .Jack—Didn"! PvRrk-QIT, h kind?' :\v.;- ; - :.'••/•-'•• ' • • " Jack—Slie was to-nVe. There's no place left, on this earth at this time'where a " mh" can go and ..get.'away from li all. Frank-^-Editb's heart, must J>e as bard as glass. I can't, even make an'impression'"on her. : Jaspc'r^Hayo.-,yoii tried an extra large diamond? Ray St. ..John echoes sentiments of-critics that the new Irving Berlin sliow in-New-York is indeed a dandy. Ray took it in over the past week-end- . . Is more garbage collection trouble looming-?; We heard tliat'-.tlie new col-[ ector started with four men.''Monday morning and by light, three /had quit for various reasons;; ; tfhe problem of getting help for this ;jo]> is: one that is by no means easy...'". Servicemen of the firm which-sn]^p|ied parking neters .here were- in town today .checking' oh-., tlie There have been the nsna) number ;of complaints Ihaj meters won't work, but in most cases, this- is;, because Hie autoist forgot to turn the handle, ' Thus ftfr the certainly have resulted in plenty of room for parking triost streets where they ure installed. . . NEW BANK FKKS WHICH MAY •BE-IN OFFING Recent rules and regulations, pertaining ,J,o serylcQ charges to ,be made nffcct.ivo by^Jargo banking JUT .sl.j tut ion's in me..tr6p61ii,nn areas; more:'than 'of passing in- torest to our. reactors. The new rules foi* service , charges are :• \ 1. Entering bank:. Front door 50c; back door, 5c. 2. Asking for balance, $1. ;.• ' -3. Arguing about,, balance:.' In civil mannftr,' 50c; in quarrelsome mariner.,!. 5 • -?|:;-.v second; time, $2.50; '' " : 4; -Speaking out of turn: To president,-. $1 ; to cashier, 50c; to as- sisf,ant»r'cashier, 25c; to any vice T prasidenf;, no charge. ' • 5. Leannig on teller's window: One ; elboNv, -500;. both elbows, ^J, G. Rof}uesUng;.reduction of In terns t, rate bn ; : roan : In 'hopeless man- nor, 50c ; in -peusistenl manner, $5. 7. Tolling joke 'io-, an official or employee-: 'An original, .50c; secondhand, $3. •--,;'•-•.8. Keeping rendezvous in lobby: With Brunette, 50c: with redhead, 75c; with blonde (introduction on demand) no* -charge. 9. Keeping president ' or vice president from .golf game, $100. Specialist— Frequent, water drinking .-.prevents you from becoming stiff in ,Uie j dints.' "Sweet: ---Young • Thing—Yes, but some .of'the Joints don'i serve water. _• ..?••;-•;.; • •>. - Dick Cooney, well-known Rubber avenue .merchant, . rigjbit to. be^proutf^th^^.d^s,•fo^'liie^.thd -father of an infant son, born early Monday at St.^ Mary's 'hospital Dick's passing- but "It's a boy' n cigars. Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cooney. • . Those phone wires are! hot these days, we understand, as the newcomers to the borough have become suddenly aware there are manj pretty girls here. . . That's a mighty good record tht borough has thus far, no auto fatalities in 251 days. Let's! hope it will continue for at least as long again. And if we all drive carefully, we'll not only be doing our shawj to bring this about, but we'll be patriotic as well, . , Emergency Work For Groups Of Civilian First Aiders you've been know "what Tho Hrlllflh Rm pi re, boforo the war, covered about one-loyrth of tho world's habltable nurfaoe. Tho governor of North Carolina IH the only one in the United S.tntoa without legislative veto, , North Carolina loads nllHtatos In native-born pop- lilatlon, with-99.6-por aen't. : torlal Institutions. After editors have'- seen active service, and really understand tthe nature of mod T ern^wnr, 'givc-bhenv regular Army ( leave to return to I'hclr desks, That would make thoir opinions more valuable. • , litre'the Army could go still further and take ,mnny of'our Senators a ri d Representatives, give them Commissions and uniforms ,anc send them out to SQO what it feels like to be shotsjU 'by ?i Rommel's tanks or Tllrohlto's snipers. Then when I/hoy have learned their h sons, they could re-turn" to Congress and (contribute 'nSighlily, to tho intelligent consideration of t'he war measures. , lc rubber hoarirjg \abou t— do you it ib. '('it^s^J 10 thing new, even though you've? only read about it recently The Chiayule shrub, which grows in Mexico and oupsouthwestgrn clesorl This is not -going^ to ' bc ^ a K short, easy, painless or b)t>odless woi\ \Ve cducatfl our leaders — 'par- need, to ticularl Mvose 'in newspaper offices and" in , Congress^a*?*-''to what th'e shooting is^all ,a1).ou(.r^It - may, be hard 1 o'n papers likOr"P ni M" or on, political candidates'' but^lt seems' country, is relatcU to milkweed, has been producing rubber since 11 before Gortez came to 'the Americas. The plant is macerated and the rubber extracted.. Right now there's not enough Guayule,\9ced ,in the world to make ;o.nV substantial difference in l|jo ,1'ujbl^i' crop. But thp ise^d is boing-i&rown dnd by 1946 or 3947-. there nriiay, &&< a d'zeable Guuyulc j T "^' ' ,' ' L In thls'valo of toll and sin Your..head grows bald but, your chin. not, Rachel—My dart t.akos things apart' to-see why'they don't go. Tommy—So whatl —You'd better go. f us will have less net earnings from now on, but that 1p of infinitely less importance than perpetuating our right to make earnings, no matter, bow. sm.all, as the result .of our individual work and ingenuity. Corporal—The boys tell me that girl you introduced me to is pretty hard, ch ? / , Soldier—Hard is. right. She's so hard it would take a diamond to uake an Impression on her. NOBODY KNOWS how much tho various groups of civjl.ian defense workers who are being trained in'first, aid worfc will have to do during the present emergency. We hope not, very much, o . , : . r o Dr. Clendening will answer questions of .ganeral interest only, ana then only through his column. o- _^ but from conversations that 1 hear, I feel like telling all the civilian groups the old story of ...tin young doctor who was being given bis final blessing, before going into practice, by his old medical sponsor, The young man had just about left the room when the old gentleman called him back and said, "Charlie, one thing more. Remember, don't do too much." • I beard of an elderly lady who was shopping with her daughter and came out of a store -and simply slipped and fell on the pavement. She was .immediately surrounded by a group of first aiders fresh' from their class, all of whom shouted, "Don't touch Jierl JDon't touch h or I Don't pick her up I Don't lift her head, 1 ' The' poor old lady kept saying, "Give me a hand and let me Set, up," but'the bevy ot first aiders surrounded.her. until finally'her .daughter came along and raised her 'to* ber feet There' was- nothing the matter with, her and all she needed was a friendly an . open infoctoil. wound that mny Most burns are conlsnif-l n.alcd because they are exposed Iff the air, to people hovering ov«| them, allowing bacteria from Uncovered nose ami throat Io f»H| upon them and not infrequen they are. grossly in footed \vilM home remedies that are su|)|)0$d| to be antiseptic in nature. Prevention of'Infection is pr ably the most important single I tor in the treatment of burns. l'o:| that reason cover the patient ui'f \yith oven a reasonably clean ket or sheet and take him io a lios-| pi tal-where a surgical tnam mask, gown and rubber tf lov( ^ ( handle the wound. Crease. Dressinfj rubber old rubber comb, Well, if^xpufv^uld^ salvage enough ,of thenX^ay'Ms jiiany as i used*'to be niad4^i# one^'ruontb before their manufacture' >"was> slopped — ybu could ptit'/lires and rubber acces-, sprios pn, J over\ 1700 y arm,y v - trucks tons caTjh: Makes it SLACKS Those summer slacks they fit 'em, ike n bag bung on a rack, The garb looks like a cross between A towel and a gunny sack. weighin worth conibs.'/ao'.esity ~ comb the 'bouse for • f A f 40-foo^ flat" car can carry.'balf a dozen, j&iiornoblles but only one ttank. So that Young America may never fear the Skies again— BUY WAtt SAVINGS BONDS. Junior— I just bumped my crazy bone. Senior— Just comb your hair and-' the bump \yonM; show. We think we're smart people, but but it took half a century for salesmen to learn not to ask the woman customer what size shoe . Treating Burns Another first aider said in answer Ho a question: "In oast of'as- phyxia, remove obstructions froih he mouth, such as the tongue" In case of a fire, put it out" "in case of a bleeding head wound put, a tourniquet around the neck" I am inclined to believe that the most frequent, wound that will occur in civilian .practice during emergency will be burn. And I also inclined to believe that burns should; be left to sional ...first aid teams the best, thing to do for with a burn of any extent is tn wrap bini in :a blanket and corivcy p!u, a L? cl ^ as l^n)le to a bos- most • profes- Certainly a pe'r^o'n for emergency treatment. Kinds of Rurns three kinds Por a long limn Iho treatment; for burns wns to cove: them with sterile oil nr si grease. Lately 1 undorst.'iml some places this Iroalmenl been .criticized. Ye I. 1 liwrd of the most promlnonl surgeons in Boston who bas hnd a lnrgi> perlcnce with burns say in a ihatohc- believed ho wnukl have his burn covered with vaseline or sterile grcnsn limn aW'-| thing he knew of. lie p grease dressing to the uso of l«J' nip acid- and the vnrious fiw» drugs.- -Therefore, the )H-sl I 1 ™ ment for'a^small burn is simply J cover It - ; with a sterile P iocc . ' gauze until a surgeon is avail* '[: '. In -large burns the second JIRPJ. , ty which occurs is the loss of W plasma from, the open wound. causes ".diminished blood decreased heart output, $t of the circulation and tli< 1 , picture 'of what is callori llic shock. This can he iro.'ifc'l blood or plasma transfusion. Sal Hi'' 1 »• . Hel»«J| ' ir " 0 rt0 ! ' al) ° ' QUESTIONS AND F; L. B.;-Wil) cause hardening of .r. have been taking nine years. -Answer; No. , EDITOR'S NOTl:): Dr. Clc v Rcven pamphlets' which can be ai ,^| renders., Kjjcli pamplilcl sells for i d ,„ For 1 any otVe' pamphlet <lc *' rc ''' a f» v ' J ' cents in /coin, ,and a sclf-adflifsscn |C ope damped wiili a three-ccul «»' ' h [, Dr. Logan Clcndening, i"' ™ re ° ljl iinhlets arc: i H « in the first, place, it is i M«|M;«._ >i£ » ||^; s UMHiuiMUi.T «>--• . ^jj \,w ripffiSH"'* ^Rfcducini" ami" Sin'^ "Jj - ^ecdinff/'. 1 ''^^ c ^ l ^J n t ft Treatment of Diabetes," / 1 ', e ' H1 ffi r A rarien^." i.^d "The C»rc of tm "• pcne,' »km,"

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