The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1941
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar -- ' MONDAY'S. EVENTS Circle One,, Woman's Missionary Union, First Baptist church, meeting 2i30 • o'clock" with. Mrs. E. P. Hard-in;. Circle T\yo, Mrs: J. J. E>v- ing; Ci cle : Threei Mrs. .J... H. Smart, Jr.;. Circle Four,-Mrs. M. C. Outlow; Circle Five,. Mrs. Shelbourne Brewer; Circle Six, Mrs. H. M. Whitehead. ; Woman's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist church, meeting- 2:30 o'clock at church. Wcman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian chu ch, meeting 2:30 o'clock with'Mrs. Mattie Allen. Wcman's Council, First Christian church, 'meeting 3:00 o'clock with Mrs. Russell Barham, preceded by executive board meeting at 2:00 o'clock. ... .... Woman's Society of Christian Service, Lake Street Methodist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church.' Cat-hclic Young People's club, sponsoring dance 9:QO o'clock at Ameriian Legion Hut. Altar Society, Church of the Immaculate Conception, meeting 2:30 o'cloilc at Rectory. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Order of Eastern Star having stated meeting- at Hall. Maple Grove Cemetery association meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. G. G. Saliba. Miss Nancy- Kirshner entertaining Dovble G club. Tuesday Bridge Club meeting with Mrs. W. D. Chamblin. Mrs. Doyle Henderson having Tuesday Club. Mrs. Carlton Smith, Jr., entertaining Tuesday Afternoon Club. Tuesday Bunco Club meeting ?.ith Mrs. R. P. Lane, Mrs. V. G. Holland having Tuesday Contract Club. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS' Chapter D, P. E. O. Sistevhoocl, meetirg 9:00 o'clock with Mrs. J. A. Lsech. Town and Country Club meeting with Mrs. G. G. CaudUl. - Mrs. S. G. Shelton entertaining ADC Bridge Club at Rustic Inn. Mrs. Russell Farr having Delta Contract Club. Wednesday Bridgs Cli'b meeting with Mrs. W. J. Pollard. J. G. G, Club meeting with Jane Sheltonl THURSDAY'S EVENTS Executive Board, Woman's Mis- •sioDary.. Urjion, First Baptist Church, • meeting 2:30 o'clock, with M s. H.-.H. Brooks. Mrs. Barry Finklea entertaining Y, M. B. Club. Mi is Mary Eunice.-Layson having Cee-Que-Bnjge Club. . ; \ ; Mrs:-John F. Lent! entertaining Thursday Contract Club. Thursday Luncheon Club meeting, with Mrs. Everett. B. Gee. 'Mrs. J. J. Bryant, having Thursday Besssrt Club. Misses Sara Lou McCutchen and Betty Isaacs Lead "Who's Who" */ Is Guest Here SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1941 CHURCH NEWS Students of the city high schoo) have made their "choices, and a number of their group have emerged from the annual "Who's with honorary bear throughout Who" balloting titles they will the year. "Sonny" Lloyd,' Warren Clark. Most Popular: "Sdony" Lloyd '•Monk" Mosiey. John'.-: Oliver ''Bo Coppcdge. '. • Best dressed: Bill Chamblin/Dick White, George HubJjard. _ . Neatest: Joe Evrard, Bob Doug- The outstanding favorites amon.,' [as .and. Dick White, George Hub- the giris were Suva Lou Mc.Cut- chen who won seven first places, two seconds aud two thirds, and Betty Brooks Isaacs, who received bard. Most Popular: "Sonny" Lloyd, Joe EvraicJ; Bill Chamblin. . five firsts, one thirds. • sn-nnd in* ihi-n ' Most Stliclious: ^oyd Blomeyer, second and thi?e, BiJ] ChaniDlint George Huobard. Among the boys, the voting was closer. Bill Chamblin and Muyfield "Sonny- LIcyd both had" -six • firsts and four second places and Norman "Monk" Mosiey and Bob Douglas both hud three firsts places and two seconds. Chamblin and Mosiey a third place daughter • of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. M:Cutchen, was declared the most attractive, each came out with honor. Miss McCutchen, Best Athlete: "Monk 1 llosJey, "Somiy" Lloyd, "Bo" Coppeci^e. Most Courieous: Boo Douglas, Rkhnrd Roberts. David Boone. Best All Around:. "Monk.-' Mosiey, "Sonny" loyd, ueorge Trusty. Most Friendly: Bill Morse, Joe Evrarxi. Best citizen: Bob Douglas, Bill Morse, Dick White. timeiest: Raymond. Saxe, Willard Evans, Dallas Mitchell. Most, Veisatiie: Bill Chamblin, crusty, tures/' by Mary Baker Eddyi county. C. L. .Bird, of Wilson; Roy 'Science reveals only one^ Mind,' - - and most striking personality, The titles of best all. round, wittiest, one that means most to most popular, best dressed; pretti- -sonny" Llovd "Monk" MoslcV est, most courteous, most friendly. vmncst: Everett Croslow, Ctuu^., Wright- and Dick White, Hunter buns and George Tin sty. Must Talented: Joe- Evmrd, Bill B. H. S.. best athlete and- "Miss B. H. S." went to MJss Isaacs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs. Bill Chamblin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chamblin, was named ,.heik of B. H. S., best dressed most versatile, most dignified senior, moat sophisticated, and prettiest eyes. Lloyd was voted the most striking personality, the most attractive, the prettiest hair, ths best danger,, most popular, and most handsome. Motley, son of Mr. and Mrs. 3. Mosiey, received the titles best athlete, best all around, one that means most to B. H. S. voted Douglas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Douglas, as the bust •citizen, most courteous and most neiptul. Complete results among the girls follow in first, second and third place order: Most attractive: Sara L. McCutchen, Marv Helen Moore, Peggy W:iits. Most popular: Sara L. McCutchen, Betty Isaacs, Peggy Wniie- Best dressed r Sara L. McCutchen, Mary Lynn Jackson, Mar, rixuen Moore. _ Neatest: Miry. Lynn Jacksoi. Mary. .Helen MOore, Peggy Wmte.' PieSiest:: 'Sara L. McCutche'u Mary -Helen Moore, Peggy Wniie. Most, studious: Sylvia Rcidman,. Vera Eiizaoeth Goodrich, Miar> Lynn Jackson. Best athlete: Betty ' Isaacs, Nan- Morse, George Trusty. Freshest l«Toslr. tfilly Wilson,! Ross Hughes, Hugh Dozi'er. 'i Wisest Junior: Bill Morse, George Huooard, Billy Jontz. Most Dignified Senior: Bill Chamblin. Bob Douglas, Dm* White. best Dancer: "Sonny" Lloyd, : BiH Chamoiin, George Huobard. Most Helpiul: 13ob Douglas, Dick Wrnte, Bill Morse. Prettiest Hair: "Sonny" Lloyd, Mason Day. Pohnnie Wriite. Prettiest Eyes: Bill Dick Stacy, Joe Evrard. One That Means Most To B.H.S.: "Monk" Mosiey, Bill cnamohn, "bonny" Lloyd. Most Sopmslicated: Bill Chamblin, Joe Evrard, Warren Clark. Most Attractive: "sonny Lloyd, Joe fcvnircl, Alien Suuy, 'f. 'ia. Caraway. Most. Stliking Personality: "Sonny" Lloyci, Bui Chumolm. "Muaii" Mosiey. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Miss Alice Wiley utz,. of Nashville, Tenn., whose engagement to Walter Howard Ford of Nashville, Tenn., was announced recently-, is the week end guest of her aunt. Mrs. Russell Phillips, and family. Bits of News Mostly Personals Miss Alice Wiley Uta and her dance, Walter Howard Ford, and Her aunt, Mis. Patti Calhoun Knight, all of Nashville, Tenn., are spending the week end here with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips and family. Mrs. W. O. Reeves is resting very well at Walls hospital where she underwent a major operation Wednesday. She will remain in FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut at Eighth AMiMt c-aiy^Hter, pastor 9:30 a.m. Bible school. "Goal for Sunday 750-" 10:40 a.m. Morning wor^ip service. Anthems by the choir. Ser- mcn "Building a Church." 0:30 p.m. Training Union. 7:30 p.m. Special service for "Dedication of the New Baptistry." A brief message from the paster •n "Bible Baptism" and participation by several leaders of the 2hui'i:h, will characterize the .service SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 13th aiitf Main Streets II. Cream, pastor Sunday school,. 9:45 a. m. J, H .Hocott, superintendent. Sermon, 11:00 a. m. Subject wil be "Cooperative Missions." B. T. U., 6:30 p. m. Pi-each ing, 7:30 p. m. Subject will be "A Growing Church." Wednesday prayer hour, 7:30 p. m. Theme will be "On the Mountain Top."Friday officers meeting, 7:30 p. m. Theme will, be "Utilizing- Every Member." BAPTIST CHAPE& LUlv Street 3:30 a.m, Bible School. "Goal for Sunday 150." I-T'lL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Cl'fforcl L. Thacker, iiaslor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Mcrning worship, ii:00 a.m P. Y, p. A., 6:30 p.m. Evangelistic service, 7.:30 p.m. Mid-week service: Tuesday wight. P. Y. P. A., 7:30 o'clock. * Friday night, Prayer meeting, 7:30 o'clock. ST. STEPffENS'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 10:00 a.m. Sunday school. 11:00 a.m. Morning prayer service. W. W. Prewitt, of Oscecla, lay reader. At this service, th3 plate collection will be given to the British missions. and this one shining by its own light and governing the universe, including man,, in perfect mcny." p. 510 har- CHURCH OF CHRIST W. Maiii off Highway 61 Deuton M, Ncal, evangelist Lord's Day' services: Bible classes, 9:50 a.m. Preaching, 11:00 a.m. Ccmmunion, 11:50- a.m. Young People's Bible class. 0:45 p.m. Preaching-, 7:30 p.m, Mid-Week services: Wednesday, 7:45 pun, Bible study and song practice. Thursday, 2:30 pjn. Ladies' Bible class. Daily broadcasts, KLCN, week days, 12:15-12:30 o'clock. Sunday, 2:30-3:1.5 o'clock. You are invited to each of our services. You._ will, always find a hearty welcome with us. CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Father J. J. Thompson, pastor Father 15. F. McDcvitt, assistant Sunday mass af 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock. Monday, 2:30 o'clock, radio talk over KLCN. Father B. F. McDevicL will speak on "The Significance of and the Reasons for Lent." This is another in the series of radio instructions on "The Truth About the Catholic Church." Wednesday and each day throughout Lentr Mass at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday night, 7:30 o'clock, Stations of the Cross. Friday, 7:30 o'clock, Novena to our Sorrowful Mother. Dawson, of Osceola; J. M. Burnett, of Joiner, and S. K. Garrett, of Blylheyiile, will be the speakers. A cordial invitation is extended to the. public. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH K, K. Scwell,, pastor Being the last Sunday of the winter, the pastor, is appealing to all members to attend tomorrow's j services. The distric.t superintendent, Dr. E. W. Potter, is to., be with us at the evening service and after preaching, will hold the second quarterly conference. Heads of departments will please have their reports ready. Church school, 9:45 a. m. iverson Morris, superintendent. Morning' worship, 10:50 a, m. Children and Senior leagues, 6:45 p. m. Evening services, sermon by Dr Potter, 7:30 o'clock. Mid-week 7:30 o'clock. service, Wednesday PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH the hospital for several days. Mrs. B. B. Wilson, who is ill of pneumonia, was removed to ;,>,„.„_. ., w _ Oronn , /->-.,, Blythcville hospital Friday night, i ^j e ' VG Plea ° l1 Cnmt Cmai Adah Clyde Robinson, a student! Sixth and Walnut Streets II. J. Kleintlicnst, pastor Divine worship 10 a.m. Sermon FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Main at Sixth Geo. W. Patterson, minister 9:45 a.m., Bible school, Russell Earham, superintendent. 11:00 a.m., worship, communion and preaching. "The Critical Si?ir- it" will be the sermon, subject. CHURCH OF THE NAZAKENli First and Sycamore Streets Fletcher Spruce, Pastor Sunday School opening exercises 9:45 a, m. Special singing and music-i. 10:45 a. m. Morning, sermon by the pastor 11 a. m. Radio Broadcast, KLCN, 3:15 p m. N.Y.P.S. program, 6:45 p. m. Evangelistic service, sermon b; the pastor, 7:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting,. Wed nesday, 7:30 p. in. Prayer and Fasting, Thursday 1 p. m. Missionary meeting.. Thursday, p. m. Young Women's Missionary meet ing, Thursday, 7:30 p. in. World Day of Prayer United program, Friday, 2:30 p. m. Cottage Prayer meeting, Friday, 7:30 p. m. You are cordially invited, to wor- f Strangers' Club" Seems Bright Idea BY RUTH M1LLETT It's pretty lonely for the average woman when her husband i c > transferred to a strange city. She gtts the curtains hung in a 'new bouse or apartment, and the last piece then of furniture realizes she in place— and doesn't know any women to invite in to admire 7:30 p.m. f worship, and preach- j shil> with us - m t -^ ese serv ices. mp "\V> Duo-hf." tt-ill ho tho ing. "We Ought" will be the sermon theme. I »p . . c L i 2:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 28, World] I raining JCHOOi Ea,y of Prayer. All Christians of! HoJ Qft Enr/tllcri the city invited to have a part inj naa ^O EJUUllCU this meeting. We most cordially If she starts going to church right away, to P. T. A. meetings, and to civic affairs, she meets a number '-of people. But chances are it is quite some time «,eiore she really gets well enough acquainted with any women to call them up fcr a game of bridge. NOBODY 1 BUT NEWCOMERS In Memphis, Tenn., a group of up-ancl-ccming newcomers to the c.'ty have taken matters into their own hands, and have organized a club. It's an exclusive club. Nobody but newcomers are eligible fcr membership. They meet for teas and bridge cartie.s in the afternoons and have parties in the evenings at winch their husbands also can get acquainted. But they can only belong to the club for a year. When that time is up. they are no longer stran- g'ers, and so they drop out of the club to give their places to other .trangers. A PLAN THAT fS WORKABLE In their first year in a strange city, they have a nice social life, meet a number of women who aren't yet set in their own social groove, and find themselves a ; ew congenial friends. Without rhe club, they might be lonely and homesick. It sounds like a good idea for other towns and cities. It's a workable plan. All that is needed are a few . strangers— determined not to fee] like strangers sny longer than they can help. invite the public. Strangers in our city espe- try to* make our way. cially invited. We'll n glad you came at Holy Angels Academy at Jones- j boro, is spending the week end] T} here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robinson. Mrs. Srrith Brackin and daughter, Mable, were in Cairo, 111., Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Brackin's step-mother, • Mrs. C. G. CrUler. mday a.m. schoo] and Bib , e Mrs. Eddie Regenold entertaining j me Mae Craig, Ann Crook. Thursday Afte.non Club. Mid-Week Bridge Club meeting with Mrs,. J. Louis Cherry. Mrs. Russell Barham having Thursday Bridge Club. • - 'Vi>.-\y\S & VENTS . World Day of Prayer being ob- (ssrved with program at First Christian Chinch, 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. Vcn C. Mullins entertaining C. B. C. Club. Mrs. W. C. Colston bavins Jolly Eight. Club. • ^iTURDAY'S EVENTS American Association of University Women,, meeting 12:30 o'clock at Hotel Noble. Most courteous: Sara L. McCutchen, Marjorie Perry, Vera Elizabeth Goodrich. Best ail around: Betty Isaacs, Sara L. McCutchen, Betty Dodson. Most friendly: Sara L. McCutchen, Betty Dodson, Patricia Wise. Vera Elizabeth Dodson, Sara L. Best ciiizeu: Gcoarich, Betty MvCutchen. Quiecestr. Dorothy Deskin, Dorothy Price, Betty Jean Hill. Most versatile: Betty Joan Hill, Vcra Elizabeth Goodrich. B,2tty Birthday Parly Honors air's. Cross Mrs. Herman Cross, who celebrated her birthday Friday was honored with a party given by M:s. Theodore Lcgan and Mrs. W. T Cberst at the Cbcrsi. home. i Handmade tallies were in the' George Washington scheme. Cherry tarts with coffee were served, and fiags were given as favors. Mrs. W JVI. Taylor was high and Mrs. Lcgan was second high in the games which were played "after the guest of honor' hsd been showered with handkerchiefs, * a • Club Has Guests When Mrs. Francis Jackson entertained members of the C. B. C. Cluo for a party at her" home i-nday afterncon, .she also had as her guests,. Mrs. Fred Beun, Mrs O. O. Elkins and Mrs. F. A. Jackion. Gharry pie and collee were served at the conclusion of the xvnich Mrs. Ross Moore and Mrs. Reecs Mej; high. * « * A."I Club Members Attend Bun:o Party All members cf the Jolly Eisht Eun^o Club lit-Lenfiecl the par.'v given Friday afternoon by Mrs Harold Davis at her Prises went to Mrs, Wittiest: Betty Isaacs, Betty Jean Hill, Betty Dodson. ' Most talented: Betty Jean Hill, Sylvia Re.dman. June Workman. • freshest trosh : Roberta Fiorman, Kay Tliomas, Constance Denton. Wisest Junior: Sylvia Rcidman, Marjorie Perry. Lanejlc Smart. Most Dignified Senior: Prances Wade.. Vera Elizabeth Goodrich. Betty Dodson. Best Dancer: June Workman. Ernestine Halsell, Sara L. McCutchen. Betty Dodson. Goodrich. Betty Miss Marie Walden, cf Memphis, ill arrive today to visit her par. nts, Mr. and Mrs. John Walden, and to be with her sister, Mrs. J. 11 Hour. Hear Dr. Maier over WMPS and MutuaJ network 12:30 p.m. and over KLCN 3:30 p.m. by transcription—two different broadcasts- Special Lenten croadcast begin; this Wednesday 2:30-3:00 p.m. ove: KLCN. Subject for this week: "Tlrs Price of Humility." ' . *• Lenten services held each Wednesday 7:30 p.m. beginning Ash ivmry Uanictc was hostess lor a sutpiije mruuiay party lor tier ciaugm-er, Miss UOITUJ at tueir noine ivioiuuiy mgut. yuuscs- Miciuciea nioitjoers 01 iiiursday isnugeteerci OAXU one £ A'liS. ous Cooper. -t-iign score award went to itouc-i'c musmng unci second LU Mrs. Tom Lewis. Bu'uiday case 1 with ice cream A'IIS served. Entertains Club Mrs. Tom Hopper was hosiass to ner luurstiay riricigeceers CAU tae Mrs. oc footer ami i\vo Mis. Elisabeth velmcr uampocil unci ivuu okmey Miner Jr., j nursnay n^ii. 'xne iuncneon wnun was served at smaii taoies consisted 01 pear ~uUu, potaco chips, pieces, a^gcii carte and ico cream, uin 'vai- itoic mom being car^ea out- high score av/arcl went to Mrs. Lesier. second hign to Miss barneu, |uritigo to Ivtrd. iviiuer ana traveling prize to Mrs. lorn Lewis. Mrs. H. N. Pulliam of Memphis last weoKfiui ner? wiia ner r, A. K. bo.CKham ana i'nm- uy. one wa.s accompanied home ivionciay by Mr. ana Mrs. Beeknam »vuo spent tne uay in Mcmpms, Mrs- uorottiy urcss .spent last wttKttnd at c.unp i-abiruson, near ucue tvocK. wicn her nusciind wao is siauonqd there 1 . C-rienua Kay. httir daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Verier. Uenion, has oeen ill pas; few wim Most Helpful: Vera 'Elizabeth Isaacs. • PrcUicst- Hair: Pegt-y White. Sara L. McCutchen, Juno Workman and LnVonne Redman. Prettiest- Eyes: Eiornr. Grantx Lanelle Smart ,Pe.?gy While- One Taut Jvlearte Most to B. H. S: Bet>y Isaacs, Vern Goodrich, Belly Dodson. Most .Sophisticated: Betty Dodson. La-Vonne Redman, Lnnelle ! ' Mr -' ? - Mon '^ Turner and f;Uher- .Smart. Vera Elizabeth Goodrich, i m " iaw wul *P 0 ud this weekend at Mis sB. H, S-: Betty Isaacs. Snra K arr 'P Robinson ui'.n r!u-ir tiusoand L^MrCuichen. June Workman. | aUO son. Tney will be accompamert """ist S-triking Personal it-y: Sara ! cari ' e by Li 1 \vi\v Ma;-k Baia nn%i cCutchen. Betty Dodson. Bettv i *- ll ' s - C. C. ! relatives. nlnfM»r.i Mrs. B. a week's illness. Mr. andn Mrs. John Hancock and sons will leave today for Beverly, Kans., to be with Mr. Hancock's father, who is critically ill at his home there. They will be accompanied by Mr. Hancock's sister, Mrs. John Painter of Ironton, Mo. M. C. Hollis, of Pine Bluff, is spending the week end here with M'.-. and Mrs. A. G. Hall and family, j Mrs. Jack Wilson Is in Conway. Ark., with her father who is critically ill. Mrs. B. H. Miller returned Thursday from Memphis where she haV visited her daughter, Miss Jessie Miller, a student at Miller-Hawkins Business School, since Thurrday. She was accompanied home oy Miss Miller and a schoolmate m' hers. Miss Shidey Pete:son of Milwaukee. Wise., who are spend IP:; the week end here. Mr. andn Mrs. Thad Nicol and daughter, Jane Annis, are .spending the week end in Memphis witli "Characters in the Passion of our Lord." Wednesday's topic: "Judas: The Hypocrite and Christ. 1 ' A cordial welcome is extended to all to worship with us during this pre-Easter season. ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH OSCEOLA Father J. J. Thompson, Pastor Mass each Sunday at 8:00 o'clock. ASSEMBLY OF GOO CHURCH Seventh ami Ash Streets S. A. Merrill, pastor 8:30 a. m. Radio program. 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. John Davis, superintendent. 11:00 a. m. Child; en's church. 7:45 p. in. Evangelistic service. Tuesday, 7:45 p. m. Young People's meeting. Friday, 7:45 p. in. Bible study. The public is cordially invited to these services. METHODIST CHURCHES Ya.rtro-Promised Land Circuit A. L. Riggs. pastor Yarbro: Church school,. 10:00 a.m. T- R, Ivy, superintendent. Preaching at 11:00 o'clock by pastor. Subject: "Profitable and Worthless Ways of Approaching Gcci and His Son. Christ Jesus/' Young- People's League at 6:30 p.m. : W. S. C. S., Wednesday, 2:00 p.m. Promised Land: ' Church school at. 10:00 a-m. Marcus Gaines, superintendent. Layman's Day program, 11:00 a.m. Young People's League and singing, 6:30 p.m. Preaching, 7:00 p.m. W. S. C. S., Monday, 2:00 p.m., at the church. The training schol for workers in the First Baptist church closed Friday night with, a total enrollment of 98. Average attendance for the week was 74 workers. Goal set for Sunday in the Bible School by the workers is 750. Tw. ( groups are working today to contact prospects for the school. PILGRIM TABERNACLE 110 Cherry Street Mrs. O. \V. Doss .pastor 9:45 a. m, Sunday school. 11:00 a. m. Worship service. Sermon topic, "A Soul Winning Church." 7:30 p. m. Sermon topic 7:30 p. in Under a miscroscope, infiuenz; germs are blue; pneumonia germs look like strings of minute pale sausages: and scarlet fever germs resemble ropes of scarlet rings. Evangelistic sendee, i "I Am the Way." Wednesday, prayer service. rHR «. TT , v CtIRISTI ! UG ?. Proathvay , "Mind" is the subject of the I Lesson-Sermon which win oc rcaa •: in all Churches of Christ, 3c!?n- j tist, and Christian Science Socie- j ties on Sunday. Feb. 23. j The Golden Text is "It is God ! which-worketh in you both to will A«. T 1 ' o -« i ! anci to cio of hii = L-ood pleasure." At ine Hosmtals : pwiippian.s 2:13 Walls Hospital j Among the citations which com- A. H. Wright. Steelo. ndmHtrri. i prise the Lesson-Sermon is the Mrs. Elmer Croft, cit-y. admitted.! following from the Bible: "For Mrs. N. D. DePriest, Luxora, ?M- \ God, who commanded the light Mrs. Nicol's mother, Mrs. G. W. Hendricks. of Little Rock, who Ls visiting relatives there. Miss Martha Lee Hall, of Cop;; Girardeau. is spending the week end here with her parents. Mand Mrs. A. G. Hall TEMPLE ISRAEL Herman Pollack, rabbi 1:30 p.m. Sunday school classes will meet. There will be a rehearsal of' the Purim program. 3 p.m. Brotherhood projram. A panel discussion on "Education and Tolerance' 1 will be presented by a of educators of Mississippi * Roast Turkey WITH OYSTER DRESSING with Cream Gravy DINNER 50c LUNCH 35c CAFE Serving: Delicious Waffles at All Times mitted. T L. Isaacs. First, second and third plncnsj arr.onc the boys wcro as follow;- j lo Sheik of B. H. S.: Bill Chamblin. m ro shine out of darkness, hath Mrs. Howard C. Wilson, city, ad- i shined in our h«ans, to give the " light of the knowiedgc of the glo^ L;uv.s<m uuci'.Twent a at the Walls hospital • yostord;\v. Mrs. E. A. Crow, Osceola. admitted. Bud Heath, city, dismissed. Mrs. Victor Clifton. Steele. dismissed. Blythevillr Hospital Mrs. Russsll Cask in. citv admitted. B. Wilson. of God m the face of Jesus Christ." II Corinthians 4:6 The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip- Mrs, mitted. B. cit Price of Sast Piuirie. Mo., who i;:, I r u;on iu i admitted. IN MF.MOKIAM ;_; In memory of my father. J. R. : Covington. who departed this lire cirv ' three years at;o today. Katie Moody. i-'irs. Price v;hc shares W?.? ,, ,, -- Houston \ >-r.'s bhthda- i-? 7R • Caudle fcr high, to Mrs. Genebirtlidav P>eag-an for bunco and Mrs. Robert '• Weidman for low. Tne hostess wrved a cJesser;. course with an iced drink at the conclusion of fhe games ' v^,-,, or Me,,,a sl wvckcucl here wun admitted. j Eudora Fen is. dismissed. city, admitted.^ ara Arc New Members Mary Sue Berryinan. Cullisoh and Virgir.ia • Swearengen ^ are new members- of the J. G. G. Club- : which -met Tuesday -af teniooii at the home of Luelb Barnes. :AIter a business discussion] refreshments were served, Has Surprise Party. Fcr JVIrs..^L A. Price .. >^rs.. John Walden entertained eight guesis-at; a surjirisc part:;,' at her home Friday afternoon in PRE-LENTEN INFORMAL Grouj> \Vill Attend ciety of made pii zone ral 1 Mr. and Mrs. Jatr.cs Terry and |sor,t. Shaunov, ;>ud Kenney, lei\ '', . J Sunday to uutke their home at ivussionary So- i uoua. Mo., wuere Mr. Terrv has jiim Tabernacle ' been emploved tend an nil r5:>x ' Memphis Mcthodbt Hospital Mrs. Paul Fairley. Oscecia 1 " ad mitted. Memphis St. Joseph's Hcspilal lavenie Hamback, Osceo'ia. ad- L. T!K sick people. 'fully Lntreduced in i the United States in 1890. at New York City, the European starling Wo ^ t\,- o. in, ,-ivcr. TIJANKS ^cknowlodgr \viM) ^m; tion io our fripiids for exprsssion of syj>v;>at)iv •us t.oc ;linc.'.^ and loss of loved one. \\\\- thcir clin-- IVIon. Night—9 Hii 12. creel by Young Peoples of the Immaculate Conception Church. tllg^S^^I^St ^^f^ iHl^lv^rinl £3v THEY CAN'T DO THIS TO US!" So we haven't hcen invited out for weeks! \Ve*M fix (hat. The Blylheville Laundry will keep our clothes fresh and spotless and make us a popular couple again. The furnishings for the house will go (here loo so we can return all the invitations we ? ll receive! For Better Laundry and Dry Cleaning Congress alone has the -power to declare war under the Constitution, but it usually does so only on recommendation of the president, through custom. SATURDAY Jso cartoon & s'rial "Winners of the West." Continuous show- EcxrfFce open 12:45 to 10:03 STTNTUY & MONDAY LEWIS wit * MICKEY STONE • RODNEY r« HOLDER and Kathryn CRAYSOBf fvi&v, ^ ^. _ ^^ y SJiorts. Ccntiuuous Shows Every Day Bcxoffice open 1:45 to 9:30 Monday Harrain Matinee iOc S 20c to G:OC P-m. LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00 a.m.—12:45 pan.—4:30 p.m. Phone Roxv OX Y SATURDAY caur.on & serial •'Winners of the West" Bcxcffice open 12:4-5 to IC:00- "I'm on$ wife j who dared fight ! back...stand up j to my *in>laws' j to hold the man, | [IpveT ! * 30th Henry, New» & Comedy s show Sunday Ecxcffice spsn 1:4."> to ' 9 : ISO ' p.m. open (i:;;o lo J)::}0

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