Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 22
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 22

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 22
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SEBVIiCES AT THE CHURCHES*. Holiday Handkerchiefs I 8 ,« usual, the mo*t bean tiful shown in ihe city, u is only necessary for ttB to announce oar annual holiday "hdfcl" sale, as you know from experience our s is the place to buy. GOOD THIBGS Only to Eat and Drink, to be Ditrassea i Tonumw. But With tnem Came the Exprewioii :f Happy Thoughts, And All Was Floored With Muisic-Tbe uur Clnb Banquet. Office in Hou.se. Cov- TWrtecnth and North streets. Service. H. A r.e orders at Eel River Livery •M Phono No 88 80S Mwket itreevHoppo Building. Daniel Killian & Co. mptly ««end^tod»yorBl^t 8 It only corneii once a year, It is looked forward to with great ex- loo» acd when it does occur 1 rSwa,. the same delightful which serves to give io the of Access. Reference is made lo the annual banquet of tnat popular .octal organization known, Sur Club. The fourth annual banquet occurred an the Johnston hotel last night, and there were not only good tilings to eat and to drink, bus with tnem came the expression of happy thongbtB, and all was flavored with delightful music. It was-11 o'clock «hen the club members and invited guests, a total of fifty, inarched from the handsomely furnished and equipped apartmente of the organization, on the second floor of the Wilson & Humphre building, at the corner of Fourth an North sweets, where mirth and good cheer h«,d held sway up to that time and marched to the Johnston hotel The fcianquet was one of those elao orate affairs which have made th' r. D. Johnston, Tjnivers»Hst cburch. Morning service! »t 10:45 a. m. Subject: "Onward." TTbeatland Street M. IS. church, j, E. Walts, pastor.—Morning serv- icejt 10:45 a. m. Evening service jm "aurch of Christ (Scientist). —it the TJniversallst church tomor- ror moirnlng at 11 o'clock. Subject: "dmmonion with the Riaun Lord-" Aiinvitation extended to everybody, jamberland Presbyterian church, JJW. McDonald, pastor—Services ail a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning iject: "Our Father." Evening >ject:: "Closing and opening our iords " iroaclway M. E. church, Eev. Sumana, pastor—Sunrise prayer ietinit at 6:30. Clasti meeting 9; Sunday school at 9:45; Eev. G-. Brown of Cincinnati will preach 11 and also at 7 o'clock. All are irdlallly Invited to attend these srvices. English Lutheran church, B. E. ianer, pastor—Sunday school at 30. Morning worship and ureach- ais 11 a. m. Subject: "Re- lember," a New Years sermon, unior C. E., 3 p. m. C. E. 6:15 p. Evening services 7:00 p. m. ibject: "Occupying till I come. .11 invited. Seventh Day Adventlat church, ,10 Sycamore street, 0. S. Hadiey, lastor,.—Preaching Sunday evening SHOCKING ACCIDENT fa William Bntayre, i CltlieB «f t»e We»taW*i f H Short Items] IRETITISS. «t Battered Fn« Fell Opo. a Crowlbar Which Hl8 Abd«»e* to a lit ptfc of Six Inches. L«ite yesterday afternoon, while William Bnbmyre, a well known cttl- «n of the Westside, was engaged in loading logs on a wagon five miles south of the city, he fell from the wagon onto the sharp point ol a steel crowbar, which had been, left sticking in the ground. The bar entered his abdomen and penetrated upward fully six inches. The unfortunate man was conveyed to his home, where the -injury was dresied Oy Dr. F. A.Busjihn Upon first examination it was thought that the crowbar bad pissed between the fatty tissues and the skin, but as his patient Is spitting blood today, Dr. Busiabnisof the opinion that the IUD? was ruptured. While Bubmyre is a strong-man, his condition is considered critical. HIS JCST DUES, The Wao for a new d $5,000. There we Panhandle f of Chicago t Many dace the Pa oars recently Illinois Cent: The volumj freight that i ern roftds is so the traffic offl' The Wabas largest numoe for several yea of the road ar< The Pan ha school of Jnstru latton ot steam the Union statvl Within toe 1 stated that the Pennsylva.nl burg have bee gineers. The Wabash ing twelve mil let tihe contract [ontpeller to coat teen sec tlons of ;r»to No, 87 out ;nlng- Ill probably intro- oafei and pailor in jiervlce on the ,e8t-bound traffic Ing over the west- H to astonish employing the i ploy es it has had departments BQUDAY SLlPWtS* •PRESENTS- Best Patterns! Best Fabrics! Very Best We never had snob » iN«P lt T 5*J fore and that's saying the shoe trade, we tire h« on slippers. You will rob; you purchase elsewhere. -our reputation on our good gooae reasonable prices. Call and see i belore yoci buy. VV inter 510 Broadway, Shoe Store, Is all tne Newspaper For. Han Cares weighing eighty HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, at- repair- PEARL STREET. DBETAL PALLORS Over Porter'§ Now Drug Store. A 0omer of Fourth and Marketjttreets. I)r -DENTIST- on Fourth Btree, ITOIU UUD UJUOW ««..— -- -of Bubstantlals known to thecullna art. The service was by a corps nkilled lady waiters, and was in ke; log with the necessities of sue upread. Mr. E. W. Kelly, president of club, officiated as -toastmaster, the principal addresses were del erecl by the following club membi Edward L. Donovan, "Indlvl Members of the Our Club; Pierce, "Politics;" Dr. Id Grac'J, "Man," and Henry K« "American Patriotism," All»f gentlemen acquitted thans splendidly. They expressed thoughts and displayed original fad decidedly rich wit that would pe done credit to older and n»rejre- tentloua speakers. Short tsks ere also made by other membei| club and some of the guestj * McConneH''McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. SATURDAY, JAN. 1. 1898 Jreqered uritj the To- Before the close ot tbe neat sum was raised a to'bbe waiters. The Elite Mandolin cl the following programme service of the banquet: . A Hot Time :ln the OldlTo* night—(by request). | ; El Captain—March-Jhn Phillip Sousa t i -ferk.i Oriental Echoes—parch—Geo. Eosey. , Smilax- Waltzes—E tor EJPowell. _ ^ I T-* _1 1J^ Spinach at Bothermel's tonight. Mrs. J. B. Lynaa Is visiting friends atMuncle, Ind. Don't let you'r boy catch cold. Reefers •). 25 —Hew Otto. Oliver M. Patton and Americus Guard have oeen licensed to wed. Landlord Case, of the Arlington •.otel, Tlpton, was in town today. The pumps will, be set to work in the Walton oil wall nexi Monday. 100 oases of rubbeis were delivered to the New Otto yesterday afternoon. James Maloney has purchased from George W. Seybold the house and lot at No. 219 Melbourne avenue. Dr. J. B. Lynas has returned from Richmond where he attended a meet- Ing o f the 9up' rem « officers of the <Jontihentai fraternal Union. Natural and artificial gal bills for January are due and should be paid *>n or before the lOth of the month, /lit the oompaay'ji office on Pearl st. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Whlraey of Lima, Ohio, are visiting Mr. and Mr*. Isaac Smith of this city, aod Walter Oonkling and wife of Bethlehem townahip. Mrs. Shaw and Miss Laura Emery, who Inhabit a resort on Third street, plead guilty to the charge of prostitution in the mayor's court this morn- . ^ _.j.l,) +>!& rvdnftl fin ft. Polka (The Our Cl Powell. Whispering Wave ranged. The Broklyn Hand —Geo Rosey. Dreamy Whirl — E. Powell. f-Ecar E. Waltz—Ar American Icleal- Lewls. Sweet Repose-7. Witt. A SlgLt with thefeys —Edgar E. Powell. \ It was indeed a hi y adieu old and a cheerful new year.- -Two Step tzes—Edgar •ch—C. L. China's situation, what does it sig- fy." All persons are invited to all the meetings. Broadway Presbyterian church.— K,ev. W. E. BeiderwoK, pastor. Communion service tomorow, theme of pastor's morning sermon: "Geth- semaiie Thoughts." In the evening the piistor will begin a series of sermons on moral athletics, subject: "The Athlete's preparation." Other services of the day -at the usual hours, A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these services. . Baptist church, Rev. F. M. Huck- leoerry, pastor.—Sunday school. 9:45 a m.: Divine services at 11 a. m. Subject: "Bringing in the tithes." Young people's meeting at 6 p. m. Divine service 7 p. m. Subject: 'The Great Salvation." The male quartette will sing at tne morning and evening service. The male chorm will sing at the evaning service. The Soutbside Mission,, 2:30 p. m. A cordial invitation is extended to all. NHOSE MOSEI WAS IH Clever Act on the Part of Rich Lafayette Sold Democrats. "One of the cleverest acts tbat has yet been recorded in the political world," says the South Bend Times, '•is that of the gold Democrats of La- fayeUe. This school of Democrats is quite strong in that city, and as a ule they are comfortably situated Most men will do much for their friends and more to their enemies. For this reason it Is a puzzle to the average man how a newspayer writer can view things from a disinterested standpoint. How he can censure his friends and praise his enemies. It Is one of the newspaper man's vlroues which is not, appreciated. His friends blame him if he says anything they do not like, and his eoemles think he Is [awning when he deals kindly by them. It is the misfortune of a newspaper to be always misunderstood, and it is tbe good fortune of the men who'make them to care but little if they are. There is a strength in being right that eventually wins over all opposition, that Is why news- 3 1_ *.l_A *AAA f\t Q T^MO.T- which will at on just east of Charles Watt tendent of the pany, has nearly | W iU establish a in the manipu- 0 jr apparatus at , Columbus, O. toy days it is firemen on lea west or Pitts- romoted to en- week distrlbut- |f new steel rail, ds to the yard, placed in track AMUSEMENTS. D OLAtfS OFEBATHOUSB- • « • • -OSE NIGHT— Saturday, January 1st ' . The Beiisatlonil Comedr Dr»«n» * DAVID HIGGINS, -•ENTITLED— KIDNAPPED -eneral superlu- sylvanta com- ,,jred his health ;n~dVerpected'tol|ortly assume the duties of his office He has been ailing since last ALst,andmuchot the time since thfbaa been unable to attend to Ms offal duties. According 60 th the locomotive s railroad shops, bu tives in 1897, as oo 176 in the previous PLAT BBPtMB WITH .allroad Gazette ips, other than 1,251 locomo- ,ared with i,- !a r and 1,101 in 1895. Gt the loodbottvea built in tbe year just clo8eio|S6 were for export; in tne precediig year 309 for export. The number of ^ ^ \J T t*i *•»» v^-j- — . papers succeed in the face ently overwhelming odds, over this New Year day\ of appar Think it financially. The " CHRISTUM E! -Max E. -Overture feting to the to the lYOREBS Arranging for the Najnal Conyention at ISasnle, local managers the Bryan campaign found hemsel-yes 1800 short after the «ection, with no discernible way of aeeting the deficiency. Hearing of tSiu, the Gold Democrats generously t'iidered the full amount for the pay- mint of the debts that were hanging otr the heads of the Bryan campaign colmittee. For down-right clever- ne'ij this stands without a parallel in thepolitical annals of this country." lie Times .does not state whether thefmoney came from the Hanna cam^ign fund or from voluntary contibutions, 1 Douatioas In December. Following are the names of persons wao donated to the Home for the Friendless durling the month of December, 1337: Mr. Joe Smith, 9 Ibs. eaunage; Miss Manda Goodwin, 2 cans tomatoes; Mrs. Pres. Swigart, mince pie; Mrs. Geo. and Mrs. J. P. Lightheiser, Sqts, preserved fruits; Mrs. Charles, 2J Ibs. butter: W. E. 0 , 2 pair lace curtains, i towels, 1 chair cushion, 1 box toilet articles: Mrs. Potts, 10 pounds of graham flour; Maxinktickee Ice company, ice for one year; Mr. Jenks, sr., 50c; German Lutheran church, 1 comforter and large basket of groceries; Mr Dieckmann, 50 pounds flour, 30 pounds corn meal: Mrs. Baber, and L. W. Blumentbaler, 8 bars soap; Mrs. Fisk, S.quarts canned fruit;Mrs. S Wise, the Christmas turkey; A Friend, 5 yards bed ticking; Mrs. D. C. Elliott, chickens and potatoes; Mr. DeWplf, 42 magazines; Free Kindergarten, 1 larg'e cake. s as a division tration of tne For a time, The Rev. 1. mood, the state Christian Endeavc ranging to have grand showing at j vention which is vllle, Tenn., clurj Miss Jennie Mass of India napollsi, go to Nashville proper care aod ej 200 delegates frot Prest. Kapp ftn^ assurance from wtlv<va> *« ——— — rf Ing and paid the usual fine. Two plain drunks, Jerry Thornton and Joseph Dunfey, were before the mayor this morning. Dcnfey was given ten days and Thornton's case was continued until 2 p. m. Monday Lafayette Courier: Oscar Grubb, who was broaght home from Logansport some time since in a very sickly j condition, ha§ so far recoverod that be will raturn to tbat city tomorrow. The January term of the Cass clr- ealt court convenes Monday. The first ease called will be tbat of Harvey -w. Forgr There are 264 elvil, 1»2 probate and 29 state oases ontbe Socket. The calendar was neatly There la a difference from oanles of a low a special End<!8v Indianapolis. I folly 2,000 Hoos be In attendance! Prest. Knapp | the Rev. Char! has been chosi cieties In th« county jails o Michigan City members Inclw and inmates A change night force of o tral Union telep' by the promo' Lapp, of Rlch- sldent of the societies, is ar diana makm a national <;on[e held at Nash-next summer. |state secretary, been named to arrange for the •talnment of the is state. [her officers have railroad com- nd there will be •ain bo start from expected that ndeavorera will [the gathering. announced that ,lttle, of Waibash, organizer of so- ite prisons and ,he state. At toe there are 350 guards, otBelHls i BOB CHOLERA. CUBE. Qalni4used With Beneflsial Effects— jjed as an Experiment. >r in the Indiana Farmer I quinine to be a good rem- te'cure of hog cholera. He bogs heavily with the-drug, »very two hours, and after "lose tbe hogs began to eat ill symptoms of the disease »«-n*»i4. It is claimed that the bitter sklent in the'drug is an antl- "" "" Disease. IWderwolf's Sermons. >.'l Belderwolt, pastor of the Broad*! p re8 byterian church, will preaeblthree sermons, during FaDuary, on the line of Ics," as follows: Athlete's Prepa- ..The Athlete's Con- Athlete'u Trf- , an Knights of Pythias. Apollo lodge, No. 62, Knights of Pvthias, met last night and elected the following officers: C. 0.—Allen Lewis. V. C.—John Sturkln. Prelate—John Viney. M. of W.—J. J. Wright. M. of A.—John Tonngiter. K. of B. and S.—Harry Cllley. Inner Guard—Max Langton. Outer Guard—James Castle. M. of F.—W. H. Porter. M. of E.—Fred Davis. Trusstee—Fred Davis. Delegates to Grand Lodge—D, A Youngker and J. J. Wright. Unconcerned Celestials. While the powers are threatening to dismember the Celestial empire, the two' representatives of the Flowery kingdom located on Third street take no interest in the affair* that are daiJy making history in tbe Orient. The Chinese papers they 1UI CApUlU. *."•• ". cars built during thu year 1890 43,588, as coaoparedjwith 5l,l»» »» 1895. The same -companies built 594-:;-passenger cars, twenty more than in 1895. General Manager fcarasey, of tne wabas-b; 'has directed that all/he machinists and blacksmiths employed in the company's shop at Andrews be removed td Peru. This Is accepted as an iDdUcatlon that the company has resolve* upon the aban ^ f •> !_.. „„ o flivlBiOl donment of Andre terminal aocl a conce headquarters at Fen at least, _an^offlcial__pl the remaining engin train crews will term drews, but it is expecte' mouths will witness th ning through to Peru. The Pennsylvania gr for November iShowed 8573,500; for eleven mo crease was 11,701,000. November, Increase of for eleven months the $601,008. Lines west and Erie, directly oper earnings in Novembe: 8916,4-00; ror eleven mor crease was «1,135,500. 1 November increased $324,( eleven months the de< $567,300. Net earnings ber increased 1594,000; months the increase was A Happy New Year to nil: PRICES 25c, 35c, 50c anil 76c. geate on talent Johniton's drug r"~- D^-^SS 1 ^— B Tuesday, Jan. 4th'98. T WM. CALDEITS Company In the Greatest Dramatic Novelty ot the Age. SPAN OF LIFE. Ten Mlnuie**ltb.the Eliutic Trio. AmericanlGreatest AO^, bats,TheDonazeitas. and 75c. TV* lual lOO, The Comic. Open fivent or the Set»». ^ -Tiie Me of fapape- With the Co-Stars- RICHARD GOLDEN, KATHER1NEQERWA1NE, inses And! a Majmlfloent Cut and Chorus of ....... • — • 70 ....... PEOPLE... E»ch &nd Every one in Arttat - yo Notice. On and after January 3d,' til further notice, our stor| closed at 6:30 evening Saturday and payday eveninj J. H. 1 tlfui aoe Comic Op er«i In Awe -io»- Special reduotton In prices: Lower floor, 75c, »l; balconj, 60, 2§e. i i niece* haTlu g been ' - mtmcal fe*t- ;. HMtOOtO t.b« Dew* to] The drillers 1 Barnhart farm, i the well on the I -...,. mf 11 A Lr Twelve Mile, tlast night and well today. Mitt. . receive are read with evident interest, followed by lively conversation and an angry toss of their pigtails, but all the time the washee washee goes on, and if China goes to war two subjects here will do no fighting. _ _ Postage Stamp Patriotism. It Is a source of complaint that people pat stamps on their letters in every position but an upright one. Washington Is sometimes seep, on his face, Grant standing on bis bead and Franklin in an undignified attitude. As it is not proper to hang out a flag enilgn Jown, neither is It becoming nor patriotic to paste stamps In any other way than with the head turned topside up. Death «T ItaMfli freatseL Budolpb Frenteel, son of John Frcntwl, ot tbls city, died •»/<>"' Wayne at X p. «. j«at««*7, •«* » ^tn. Th«wmatB*wfflo« ADDITIONAL ITES8 Fresh oysters this eve—E A fine New Year's din served at each of the lead!n today. The banks, county and cit;. postoffice, railroad shops and were closed the entire day. The "Kidnapped" compan; in from Chicago this morn are stopping at the Jchnston Mrs. Plvimb and Mrs. MorgAho have been the guests of Mtknd Mrs. Jacob Keller, returned td\eir homes at Huntington today. \ A Reminder. ime knd ENTER Halls Business College January 5,1858. Sessions Day aid Night... College Building, Broadway and 6th st O. F« Mo , Eczema In any iwrtottUbodf to instantly relieved, and prtauuuMt) cured by Doan's Ointment, Lreign remedy lor all Uifam the skin. •*•£• 1898 8u. Mo: 9 bt- Itod—Wb»t under th« r t*flor m«an» by MBI "OOOZM <* , old boy? do 116 We. 10 17 18 25!

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