The Courier News from ,  on October 1, 1936 · Page 10
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The Courier News from , · Page 10

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Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS America's foremost b.iby screen star lias lelt babyhood behind, nnrt Is n big gin »<™, During. —• • "• "<"", «uiu 13 n uLg gin no\v, ijurinp nor three-year ,,™ ie caicerShirley Temp.e, now 7, h,., gro.n ol g hi Inches, gained 20 pounds, ami changed quite n bit. Proof Is this composlle photosiaph, in which the Miss Tnnple of today seems amused at the Imlncss of the Shirley who, In spangled costume cavorted In the * "Baby Durlesk" comedies of IDTt ' Box Oflicc Champion Growing , -^- (^J ".Jjiii jcy i L'UljJIU tiru .Up; Even Vamps Boy ScoulsiH™ : •*- •/ t I >Villst , TliMI'I.l- mnlKNSIONS Testifying to the firoivlji (if Shirley Temple nro her latest UY PAUI, HARRISON NBA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. — Shiiley Temple's studio is having Browing ]iains. The company, I menu, is iuffeilng twinges vicariously bc- 'caiise its-World's' No. 1 Box OI- flcc Champion is growing up. This is not Immediately alarming, of course. Miss Temple is only 7 .years nnd 5 months old, nud ceiliilnly hns 'some years of childhood . stiirdomr nliend of her. Nevertheless, there are signs. The tape measure nnd scales tell imt Karncil 5500,000 The ' Temples now Imve n of the story; her new lalenls nml interests - reveal the rest. When .the Wonder..Tot.of talkletown begins tumping n bevy of Boy Scouts, fllms fans may as .well resign themselves' to the fact that babyhood "is .behind her. ' Take actual dimensions, In inches and ounces: Her last quarterly physical examination, given by' similes" the work" ofothe'i the State Board of Education, ic- too,'and Is especially nnxlous vealed that since the previous ex- appear with Jean Hcrsholt animation she had giown thiee ' Hips . Shoulder. Shoulder to .waist to .floor ....22 ....29 1114 41 in. . ........ Shoulder to lloor (back)..M Widlh of back .......... 11 ' will csenjie much of the .early icon-age awkwardness. Some significant changes have- been occurring In her manner-, Isms and hitcrc.sts. For one tiling, | cllest she now is perfectly awarp that Sleeve Inside . she Is a truly great scren star. I sll »vc outside II Is to the everlasting credit Wrlst of her parents, teachers, directors. Nrc)t i>"d herself thai there still is no slloc ••• hulicatton of spoilage. The mnlu Ilo - sc ' slil - P difference Is that she now—nntl 'H«»«I si* 22',i only., within the last few weeks—I Cilove :.' 1 Is wllltiig to talk her work " In pictures. new j she 1? In i lancemciU grade 3-A. Such nd- isn'l especially precocious. but (he Temples don't, want hard or advance quarters,ol ,nn,;Inch—to an even . ">--• her to work SlSf Zf ""? a t!!nyhou f 0 , f ° f -<™ ™l'lfly. Shirley also stute |£w«E»U'1rLS"H =,,rs ATZ. 'ss sfs.r"s ;,-s,:.'S now Is busy weaving a nip. Her ttuorltc toy Is a small cai Kiven her by Ulll Robinson, th; She has cnine<l, so far,'about four feet; 'and' thai she gained .three', pounds and weighs G3. . - c • That's a . gain ot about 5500,000. nnd except for 'income |jj,' i r ,---, ....i. u..\^vjiL: IUL iiityjiLe Had (n\cs, almost every dime of II hns . n now |jeeii t ia\cd for hei. Hm lolal ln r , , u famous Negro hoofer who' teaches most of her: dnnce routines. car Is adjusted to a mnxl 11 ^^ii., LU\UIVJIIK uKioisemeins, >s „„ , ~ , r u : -' *-"* >LII J ^LIITUIIUI-^. oit eightjsllll approximately'$5000 a week.' , n . , 01 "' """' °i ™ llrsc - '. sl11 "'- routines in •'Dimples" - " — -- --o"- Jim "i/±nu\mmLt'Ly ' cDWU U WCCK i t n » ' immm,.! iti uuiiimj^ aui ™ hC l a "l^,::-? ll " ds ,? lnC( L' Ue Ito.iwted contract calls for ?!'".,»' If :.*!"? ?' -"J r '"™" ^O'Whal HobinSon means. day, 111 1933, that the liny Tem- . - ite playmate Is the 12-year-old _____ ^ __ ^ _ i Baby Shirley of '33; Is Miss Temple Now No Trump Response to Asking Bid SW WoO, Mo Ace This Is Hie L'lulilh oi ; . .„.„.„ of articles dealing with i-lmngcs In MIC Culbcrlson System,''ns aiinoirnccil In (>'ullH. i i(.so]i'.s latest buck, "The Gold )t 00 i( O 'f llhhlhiB :im! 1'lay." ; ; •. • KV WAI. K.. McKKMNUY method of the Cnlljcrtson System, South was not afraid of getting beyond his depth. He would play the hund at gnmc, unless he ob- liilned a no trump response to his asking bid of four clubs. j Had he received n response of : ..,.,1 \t\ve no trump lie would have bid hurclary, American KM KK I.eaKue ; seven spades. The four no trump A player seldom holds more response warned South that the thmi one ncc when his partner opponents had an ace, but in- hulds a hand slrong cnousjh | 0 formed him that a suiiill slam wa., win-rani a slam try. Hut wlicn ha a lay-down Is fortunnte enough to hold two,' west's opening lead was a I Irmup to reduce dummy's lulling . power, but South had trumps twmiiti In the dummy. Ho won the trick In his own hand and cnfhrd Ihe ace of clubs. A club was ruffed In dummy, and Hie I ate ot hearts was cashed. j Then hearts and clubs weie I twss-iuffed until the king of clubs dropped. South then concedixl THURSDAY. OCTOBER' 1, 1935 'Kept tlie Date —and Her Job * KQ.I 108.1 V :i ' • ' .' ;; * A Q fl (i 2 , Rubber—None vulnerable. Snnib West Norlli l-Ssl i * i';iss :i * rvs .1; . I'.'i.w 'I N;T. Vflss 0 A I'nss 1'iissi J'nsir ciroppcc: the ace of diamonds, drew the I iK.n trump ami cashed his (htr- i (icnlli club. even thvcc, aces, ho tiiay, show his cxacl.holding : byl'ii no trump u.sponsc io an listing': bid. J : : . I With the ace of the, asked suit and nnolher ace, ,llie : .response Is' four no Inimp. Thc : 5ai]ie : .|)ld Isl admissible with two".outside- aces' and the king Cor singleton) In the asked .suit. With n. third ace, In each case, the response Is five no trump.' ' , In today's hand, North needed precisely two aces and some sort ot fit In clubs, to make n slam possible.'. But with the new slam n year nyo, she wasn't allowed to attend her previews, Has Poise Naturally she has developed n good deal of. poise. During her recent, vacation there was a Catholic convention in Seattle and Shirley matte an extemporaneous speech In n hotel lobby. She said. "I nin very haypy to be here, nnd I thank you for the lovely badge.'' During that snme vacatjon, government-rangers staged a show while Uin Temples were'. at AH. Rainier. ,At .(he lodge, later, she spotted /our Boy Scouts; picked out the biggest- one, and said, "Let's dnnce." He blushed, "stammered, and .fled. Shirley approached the other three in turn. They Toditv's Coiilracl I'rohlem North and South arc usin^ Ihe Culbn Isun "jiskiiiK bid" formula. .South lias opened 111<! bidding with ime spade, ami North responded with Iwo spades. How ean thcv inlt-'lliucnlly use the "nsliiiiR bids" to read 1 , n yrnml slam? AUG52 VS * A n 7 4 * K !) 7 :i Illliiul) A A K J 8 7 '1 VAI15 « Ifl * A Q 5 All vulnerable. Solution in next issu Wife Divorced After Second Set of Quads PUKUOKA, Japan men in other lands ' (UP) —Wo- have won blusted. loo; blurted that didn't know how to dance. they Bill Uoblnson is "confident that she's going to be the most astonishing stage dancer of all time; says she has 'picked up tricks that' he hasn't been able to teach, pres- fnmc.'njul fortune as (he result of multiple births, but Mrs. Zenlchi Sakatn become the mother of two sets of quadruplets and was divorced. > The Dionne quintuplets precedent and that of mothers who have borne four children at the same time did not hold true In the case of Mrs. Saknta. ... In 1032 she gave birth to four children, but they died. This summer Iwo boys nnd two girls were born nt the same time. All survived. Persons in Hie neighborhood - • v 'r kl lul ltul > nei total in- , r \ • ,moi, i. ULUIL uuiu 10 ieucii pres- ILI^UJUI m uie neignuorjiood coine, counting Indoi 5 ci«en(s I ' - 's •'"",. * !ll! , f" 1 c ' e . ( ""'" e "t-''«y celebrities. Study her tap greeted the event with gossip to and Miss Temple is rending aclvcn" comedies In which she appeared In spangled costumes of infantile design, secured at n critical point by n huge and shameless safety • Riii- ' Keeping Her Small Though small, *Mhs Temple already Is being made to appear smaller by certain camera tricks. You mny notice that_ she's seldom photographed full length with shoit pel sons, for by contrast she ViOUld appeal larger than she really is. A good many (nil atiulU, now are being cast in her pictures: The Temple feet- aien't growing proportionately. She still wears a child's 11-0, which Is n welcome indication thai she's going to be a dainty-formed girl, and likely irn; "Enchanted Voyage,", and nuqther original as yet uutltlcd. Ntl Precocious Undying with 'a private tutor, Plant Winter Legumes ••-" • — r— - •••" ••••j j.i,..« only tiircc picture 1 ^ \\ vcsir but " " ~ "' —" "~ J *""" " >l< t»u»a j. t-JILIUU j pic made her screen debut. She's five, stories now are in mcnarnUon ^i" ,. lntc Bni ' bara ^""^ lure stories now already embariassed by Ihe mem- foi her at Twentieth Cent i v Fox I ' n lcr llls lllotllcl ' s « lcath . ory of those "Baby Burlesque" ,• Dimples" Is hei c"rient rplensc" I " tloptc !! , by ZaM1 pltls - sv "-» : ne.t will be "Stowaway" then ' rt ° CS "" i he , clra » i "B In her play. 'Stinbonnet. Sue." A er at 1 10 °!", a " d l""!' 110 ' 1 ^. «'><t waslKb 'Wee Wilho Winkle," n Kipling," 1 ^' h 'Tm^fln^ ^T i „.,. -.." Mc « making more and morel The other morning she turned Hindrances n, pubiic, although „„ a ^ tOBrnm o! calisthenics, fo!- : she s ill to bed at 0 o'clocK lowed It for a few mlmilcs, dialed except on evenings when her pic- It off. "Mother," she said "that, lures arc previewed. Until about man tires me out" - - — . -small-boy stuff; and is especially fond of the Ox' books. 'Her radio favorite Is the Cheerful Philosopher, nn<J she wants to write him an Indorse- yol ,.;| | (he effect that an evil spirit nnd centered upcs Ihe Sakat.i household. The superstitions talk reach- cd the husband who, persuaded of ils truth, divorced his wife. DR. ; SALIHA Eye, Ear, Nose. £• Throat GLASSES FITTED Room 210 Insram Bid;. lies: IMicnc -110 Office -118 Increase yield 250 Ibs. of seed • cotton per acre by plantingI'Hairy Vetch. We have the .only planter equipped . to plant Vetch in cotton - : iynd com middles. We can • furnish < Duplex Hoppers and Legume attachments to convert your Shan-nee 1 ..Cotton and Com planter fo Legume plantei nt nominal cost. Paul Byrum Ark. FAMOUS KENTUCKY WHISKY NOW 18 MONTHS OLD BROWN-FORMAN ANNOUNCES BIG AGE ADJVANCE FOR BOTTOMS UP-REAL "SLOW MASH" WHISKY MADE BY BROWN-FORMAN METHOD 3 GENERATIONS OLD H ERE'S real news—for folks who want mellower whisky! Now Bottoms Up is aged a minimum of 18 months—at extra-mellowing summer temperature year-round. It's even riper; smoother than ever before! But that's not all! It's real Slow Mash whisky made just as Brown-Forman have made whisky since way back in 1870. Slow Mash takes more time and grain — but it gives Bottoms Up the deep rich whisky goodness that made it famous. Try older, mellower Bottoms Up, and see! ..... iinnjiKj- OL.U. Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY •• BROWN-FORMAN Distillery CO., Lotnsriite, Kentucky THIS WHISKY IS 18 MONTHS OLD Because she kept a date with Rudy Vallee for a parly nt Rudy s Maine camp, Judy Stewart, above, was threatened with loss of her showgirl job in Boston. The-manager of her troupe took her hack aflcr she had trussed one performance but Judy wns still indignant over questions regarding a pos^ sible romance with Vallee. \('ith two sisters^ she onco sang on VoUee's rarijo program. Britain Faces Dark Year for Pigeon Racing LONDON (UP)yrhts has been liiucon racing's blackest season In England. Storms have boon taking heavy loll of valuable birds. In one race fioin ncnncs, France, to Scotland nearly SIOC.OOO worlii of pigeon:; were reported missing. More than •>,WO birds wt-rc released and only lw^ returned. In me nrmuai night from Berlin lo London 3,000 pigeon* were reported : losl, and nre believed to have been scuttered in a thick f<-K on the route. Home oi these missing birds are expected to nnd their there- Near Wlnona,' Ariz.. SV'reef &. during the hottest mo , hs of GIKGDLF5PRAY home eventually, remain lost. but many Rid Your System of Malaria' \ Shivering willi cliills one i,:omcnt anil mrninj: willi fever the next—that's one of t|.e effects of Malaria. Unless checked, the disease will do serious Inrm to your .health. Malaria, a blood infection, c;il!3 for two things. I'irst, duiroying the in- feclion in the blood. Second, building up Ihe blood to overcome the cifc-ds ol the disease and to fortify against furthtr attack. drove's Tasteless Chill Tonic supplies Mil these effects. It contains ta=itc!e<s quinine, which kills tiie infection in the Wood, anil iron, which enriches and builds up Ihe blood. Chills and fever soon stop and you are restored to hea'tii nnd comfort. For half a century, Clove's J astelcss Chill Tonic has been 'sure rclicf for.Malaria. It is just as useful,'too, as .1 general tonic for old anil young. Plsasint to take ami absolutely harmless. Safe to give .children. Gel a bottle nt any dragon;. Now- two sizes—SOc and 51 The ?1 sue contains 2^ times as much as tlm 50; sue and gives you 25% mote for vour money. , — ~4 ^ Ir.Li • ^»»lr\ Gulfspray I (Mb fli '>;™^ ! Ac^vV moths, ron kills mosquitoes, r ' Sv^ ^v mums, roaches, vi and other in. sects: Stainless: Mild, pleas• ant odor. 49cpintatneighbor: hood and depart- :ment stores and ; Good Gulf Dealers. PICKERS ANTED SILUERNAGEL & CO. Llllle nock 1'lnc lllnlT Dcrmolt Exclusive Dlslribulon, for Arkansas "I travel the Mid-South and believe me I'm glad I can buy Lion Knix-Knox gasoline almost any where. I know from plenty of past experience that Knix-Knox gasoline will get the most out of my car. I like to spend my money with a Southern company like Lion, so it'll stay m the South where I sell. Lion's my motoring password." LION OIL REFINING C0 HI Dondo. Atbims T. H. Bjrlon, Pres. CASH SAVING on YOUR TIRES Put on new extrt-milt. ,. agt Kellys. Save on in- . ilia/ cost tnd on p«r-> gallon operating cost,Y Any iron stltion will'' give t libertl allowtnctl t for your worn-out tirtt.

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