The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1941
Page 1
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VOl.UMK XXXVH—NO. 290. ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOFmJVSVP , R K AW ^ S 7~ "liArA*' ^ ^ » » ^ Blytheville Daily News Blytheville Courier Herald 'Mississippi valley Leader Four Injured On Highway 61 BILL PSS1F •r ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SURROUND ITA A St. Louis a 1:80 none sei Injured i"1 . investigation today after r . Udr cmsh illjm ' fld fo »'- P<*s°"*. IhgllU>ay (!1 » »"'<* North of Blvtheville Has His Own Measure To! Offer ] n Place Of Ad-j r ministration's Stormy Weather Gives Data For Army ~W """Tagnggirinq-M- , MM.^-,1 , . J '18, Blytheville employe, deep aaout the head. Eudora Fan-is, ftlce-Siix factory cut over the right eye. Orville Alexander, about '>5 ' TiptonvUle, Tenn., who was stay-i «ig with Sinkey, severe cuts about ' the face and head, several broken teeth. Georgia Sanders. St. Louis ne°ro lacerations. ° ' Sinkey told State Policeman Eddie B. David and Cilv Policemen Dick Potter and William Berryman, who investigated the crash that he was driving his car from' ' Oaruther.sville to Blytheville at "about 50 or 60 miles an hour" when he struck a truck he .saia was parked on the highway without lights. Tlie automobile swervefl for al- ' most 75 yards before overturning at the edge of the highway, narrowly missing another roll that would have .sent it i mo a deep ditch. Miss Fan-is and Alexander were riding with him. Tlie truck was driven by George Sanders, 37-year-old St. Louis ne- gro, whose wife and a 15-year-old daughter were with him as they , were enroute to Blytheville from I St. Louis to visit relatives. The woman's leg was cut painfully. The negro said he was " not parked. He told officers that he was driving along the highway when the automobile sideswipecl his truck as it attempted to pass him. He was held pending investigation. The three white persons injured were taken to Blytheville Hospital for emergency first aid treatment . after miraculously escaping death in the mishap, and all were clis- ;; And the Bride Wore—Cotton For her wedding in Memphis Ahce Hall chose a bridal gown of sheer cotton. Miniature cotton bolls caught her veil of cotton cloth to her blond hair. Her bouquet was of cotton calla lilies. If this keeps up southern ! tarmers won't worry about war- i ..„ , ^t cotton exports. Miss Hall j from the hospital two I ^ vas Q y' m S ambassador for the i hours later. The automobile was Me mphis Cotton Carnival in : demolished; the truck badlv dam- - '1939. ' j aged. / " - • ..ji^key^ ft Blytheville barber and I professional wrestler formerly' oTT Mississippi, is well-known to him- ; dreds of wrestling fans throughout this area. He was to -have wrestled Monday night at the Legion Hut against Carlos Rodriquez • of Mexico City in his first ring; appearence of several months, but ' probably will be unable to compete. WASHINGTON, Teb w OJP1 — Senator Robert A. Taft7~'Rp|>ubH- oan, Ohio, arguing against the aci-• ministration's British aid bill con-i tended todi.iv that "unless we are prepared to declare war ourselve* wfl should not puss this bill." In ft speech prepared for deliv- i ery before the senate, Tafi. .said that the -time has come when the nation should fn«> the issue 01 war and openly debate it." Senator Arthur Capper, RepubJi- ; can. Kansas, opened the sixth day \ oi general debate on ihe measure J)v assailing ii. as a "fantastic. 1 bombastic nightman-" to give Pros- i Went .Roosevelt "complete war i making' powers and control of our! domestic economy." ,' Tan said "Let us not drift into war by mistake and rim! later that ft majority of tlie people were fooled into a course of action the end of which they did not understand. This is not the democratic way nor is it the wny to win a war." Taking issue with President Roosevelt and Wendell L. Wi'lkie who beat him for the Republican presidential nomination last year and who now supports the administration bill, Tsift pleaded for enactment of his substitute bill which would make an outright dollar credits of SI.500.000.000 available to Britain. $500,000.000 to Canada and S50.COO.OOO to Greece. He said the powers contained in the administration's measure would put Mi'. Roosevelt "in a position where he can run the war . . . the British could hardly plan an expedition in Africa or in the Balkans without obtaining pannlssion or the president and materials nece.s-.sary for such an expedition. WiO Continue Runj Prowler Breaks Flower Pot In Window, Flees A prowler escaped at 3 a.m. today after attempting to enter the I •home of Herman Mays. 520 turner- [ ate"street.' " "•" -'"• '" •• - • • j [ Police said the man had re-1 ! moved a rocking chair from the! front porch and stood upon the chair while opening a window of a. front side room of the house. Mays said he was awakened when he heard a flower pot break By NEA Service The oneouwt in the armv which ; fantiy. some of them with long ear, ammunition, . ... equipment and clothing that must be llni windproof, and water- worst weather is needed. in Measure To SafeanarH Rp i the room> ad J° ini "g his bedroom, < " r\ s n T\ j'^ter.the prowler apparently struck Default Passes <[t when he Cached through the •: window to open it wide enough for URSUlHi FED, Dormer Monarch Is Dead ESilST IHT A A . ect him to enter. ^^^ Police Chief Ed Rice issued a LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 22. (DP)— statement today cautioning Blythe- Despite a technical defect pointer! i ville residents to "keep your lights NEW OREANS, Feb. 22 (UP)- °V C bv Senator Kendrix Rowell of turned off when you hear a prowl- Continuance of New Orleans-New Pjne BIufr - the senate early today er." York steamship service was assured: pa * sed a sinking fund bill as a! "Call the police station" Rice Eoda y- (safeguard against default In Gov- said, "as quietly as possible. But The Pan-Atlantic steamship cbr-' enlor Knmp)> AT ""•'«-'—- - -- - * pussloie * UE poration, subsidiary of tlie Waterman Steamship corporation, announced last night that it had purchased the two remaining vessels of the Morgan line on that run They and will be delivered to Pan-Atlantic on March 15. District Manager Dallas M. Ward of Pan-Atlantic said that the ships would be reconditioned iipon delivery. The Morgan line's 9000-ton Dixie was sold last month to the U. S. Navy, presumably for a troop transport. The Dixie was scheduled to sail today for New York and delivery to the Navy. • Purchase of the El Valle and the El Dia supplements Pan-Atlantic's nine other ships in coastwise service to New Orleans, Mobile, Panama City, Tampa, Georgetown, New York. Philadelphia ana Boston. - P r osram. bond re- Rock today, where funeral arrangements are incomplete. It was probable that services would be held tomorrow. Mr. Field came here many years ago and worked here for "severaj j years on the old Courier. He left Valuables Snurned When £T W '°JS,'^l"*^ leave your lights off. Otherwise you will frighten the nvowler awnv irs'^js^^ sr^. a " d *'•» - opened at 12:10 a.m and „__ at 12:45 a .m. , ~~ Had Served As Associate Editor Of ' Mississippi County Sentinal Marshall Field, 50-year-old bookkeeper for Franklin Press here and a veteran newspaper linotype operator, died at 6 p.m. yesterday at Walls Hospital after undergoing an operation last Thursday. The body was taken to Little , .. °ut in the body, of the measure the act was not identified-as one passed this year. 1 Paregori i wiv^vrij . "The bill is defective In its pres- nt form." Rowell said, "b il i ROGERS. Ark. (UP)-Two unsaid, "but" fwill identified m °n broke into Dr. W. not offer an amendment at this c - Ec5w ards' office here in broad time." clayliaht Sundav and stole one bot- Lieutennni, Governor Bob Bailey ! lle of paregoric, said the act could be amended in! Pat Patterson, caretaker, saw the the house during the coming week i men leave the office but thought and urged that the .senate a Q \'}w ahead and pass the bill. ° ! doc I The senate voted to adjourn un- j fice til 10 a.m. Tuesday. the j he was with the Arkansas Gazette, then he owned a newspaper in Helena and operated another at Orangeburg, s. C., with a brother. He returned to Blytheville and worked for the Courier News and later became connected with Kendall Berry, now operator of Frrmk- j Un Press here, at Manila. They here in 1934 since, s an operated Station LONDON, Feb. 22. (UP)— j broadcast by tlie Vichy radL heard here tonight said that ex- King Alfonso of Spain had diec in Rome. His condition had grown steadily during the night. Priests were in constant prayer in an adjoining room and every time the former kiny .suffered, another heart attack a priest went to his bsd- side to be in attendance in event of death. Dr. Cesare Frugoni. Alfonso'.*physician, and Dr. G. Giovanni Colazza. a collaborator, .said that "the patient suffered a breathing crisis yesterday afternoon, greatly .veakenlng hi.s heart and necessitating moz-e hypodermics." Queen Victoria and her two sons remained in a nearbv room. A daughter. Alfonsa Christina, who had returned to her home in Turin Thursday when Alfonso's condition had .seemed to Improve, was back at the hotel. First successful power flight o. f -he Wright brothers in 1903 lasted 1 almost a full minute. j been disarranged Not Extinct j A " A "colony" of African insects has j the been discovered atop a Scottish j of the fact that more work. Radio was his hobby and mountain. 4000 feet high, sects were of a variety believed to be extinct. «r at- Of much also was, associate editor of ; were dope addicts. Widow At 14 She Refuses To Testify Against Father Who Killed Her 19-Year-Old Husband!*' e a daughter, Mrs. A. R. Galante of Honolulu, and several aunts and uncles. Holt Funeral Home is in charge. ^SJ ra ^»,. T ^™-^iTTs^srth.,,«,>aa P1 ^ Kustimg Arl . today to Wled her hus- said. er artti probably ruined her" IIP ' ' bftnd. four days after the wedding. "I will do all I can to help rather, although, naturally. I'll never be able to forgive him." she said, straightening a red ribbon in her hair. Her father. Earl T. -Brewer, a •50-year-old farmer, is being tried ^n charges of murdering the hus- l-Knd. Glen Cox. 19, a football {'layer at Ector consolidated school, which Virginia attends. They eloped last Jan. 6. Four days later. Virginia's lather and mother came to the Fort Worth rccming house, where they were honeymooning, to get her. 'Brewer stabbed Cox "with his pocket knife. Testifying in his own defense yesterday. Brewer said that he had feared Cox and his daughter were living j n sin. He said he had frequently heard the football player boast of having "had" other girls, and he wanted to raise Virginia right He said he and Mrs. Brewer had ! other. „ met Virginia and the bridegroom! "Mrs Brewer coming down •• rooming house. Ark. (UP)—Cattle rustling in the old days was an exciting, hardriding product of the Wild West, and it usually wound up with the rustlers dangling from the rope thrown over a branch Kiss Ends Jane's Screen Childhood "He (Cox) leaned a little to one ide and drew back his fist." He said Cox struck at him and U: drew his pocket knife and stabbed him. "I couldn't .see his right hand." Brewer said,' "and after what Ii —.. ..._„ ad heard of him, I opened .myj his iCox') head off knife in self-defense.' I didn't in- Then, Miss Fendley testified, he :.tabued Cox. "I heard blood gurglin^ from Glen," she said, covering her face with her hands. he found loaded them in the old hearse and drove away. Officers later found ; the hearse abandoned in another I part o {town, but the calves are , still missing. ' Deputy Sheriff John Ermey Is- • .sued warrants for three men be- i lieved to have had a part in th€ , rustling. ; tend to kill the boy." His -daughter's friends had told 'different stories. Lillian 'Pendley, 16, who.had attended the wedding and- accompanied -Mr, -and Mrs; Brewer to the rooming house, said The widow, quietly WM = hcr fatoer testifled a slight, plain girlj Oxygen From Iron and grieving, sat) Iron helps supply the air with oxygen since it is an ingredient of begin today, the chlorophyll, the green coloring mat- air" supplied with oxygen, City Council Will Consider Plan For WPA Projects On March 3 HAYTI, Mo., Feb. 22.—At Its next meeting on March 3, the city council of Hayti will consider a new plan whereby certain streets in the city might be'paved with concrete through u WPA project, Mayor S. P. Oatcs said late yesterday. Originally the city administration employed the .services of an engineer to formulate an application for a new project to have the paved, but this was ctis- city officials were WPA projects In British Hope To Cut Sea Lanes In Mediterranean By United Press BIG I FIEKI Germans And English Flyers Tangle In Dog Fights High Above Clouds LONDON, Feb. 22. <UP),-A B rcat. ill battle was fought today at iiwzkrleg puce between Royal Mi- Force and German planes south oi tho Dover strulLs, it was re- orted here. According to watchers along the British coast, the uir battle involved many phme-s and was on u scale similar to the great clashes of last August and September, The buttle apparently climaxed i bltf day of nir action in the English Channel region wlth'Ger- nan planes making repeated attempts to break through British defenses and RAP phmes pounding .tunnnn bases in France. Relay after relay of airplane quadrons joined "in the combat hich .broke up into a series of dog fiyhUs fought at altitudes of- from 20,000 to asjOOO feet. The British daylight sweep of he Invasion-coast followed up deep combing opcmtions over Germany .nd me occupied territory which truck as far east as the grout, Sefman naval base at Wilhelms- mven. • , - • Early ia the day, RAF squadrons accd across the choppy English Channel and plastered German military positions In France with i envy loads of bombs. During operations lust night In r'hlch twq British planes were lost targe firo was .started in \vil- i elinshaven and a number of air- Key to the new mine field were narrow waters between Sicily and North Africa. The British said they had cut the central Mediterranean at Its narrowest point- Only British vessels equipped, with charts ° U ' S CU The notion was believed designed to block any moves by the axis powers to sea lanes to bolster: July's fading position in Libya Previous speculations had centered on the possibility that Italy rnlgh't uUernpt to evacuate her • garrisons HI Tripoli by sea or that the Germans may move in on French Tuncsla. The British move to bolster her position In the Balkans, and-Turkey centered on the activity of 1-orelgn Secretary Anthony Eden and General sir John Dill, chief of tho Imperial general staff now In Cairo. ..r; Istanbul believed they would go* to Ankara for Important, consultations with the Turkish government and suggested that Eden might go on to Athens and Belgrade, possibly in an attempt ;to -of up a'Balkan alliance of .Yu°-'b"-" -slavia, Greece and Turkey to oppose Nazi penetration of the Balkans. Urgent necessity o£ some such move Uf the. Balkan war front is not to be closed down was indicated _ by news from both London niVd SoflHi'' "''*":'•:•'•'.' " - "*'i London said that an open German entry into Bulgaria probably could be expected shortly and indicated that British Minister George w. Bendel was prepared to leave Sofia at the first Nazi move across the border or possibly even before the Germans come in The reports from Sofia appeared to confirm the imminence of the Nazi move, it was rumored that Field Marshal Sigmund List. German army commander with experience in the Polish campaign had moved into Bulgaria and set carded after advised new Hay Li would be extremely prob- cmatlcal since the city-wide street project is still in operation here. Tnis project includes the con- irnction of concrete curbs and gutters, .sidewalks, street surface Ulchcs, culverts and other improvements. It has been in operation over a year and during that time approximately four miles of concrete .sidewalks have been built •UK! a. like amount of curbs and utters. The new plan which the city nd- nimstration will consider would nvolve the "curving" of a pave- nent project, out of the street jroject already in operation. The election of the streets 10 oe paveu voukl be based on public benefit nd upon petitions to the city administration for paving executed y property owners- The city's por- ion of the cost would be borne di- cctly by the property owners long the streets paved. The cost /ould be recovered over a five- romcs in Holland and France were j »P headquarters. One report said attacked as well as the great sub- j h c was now at King Boris' country marine base at Brest on the o-,-cu- estate. pied French coast, the nir ministry said. Snow And Ice Causes Tent Theater Collapse LITTLE ROCK,'Ark. (UP)—The huge Camp Robinson Tent Theater collapsed during the night under the weight of snow and Ice. It was unoccupied at the time. Officers said that the theater would be out of commission for several days or at least until new j cables could be secured 10 pull the I WK canvas into place. Officials j were unable to estimate the dam-; age but It Is thought that only I the re.strin^in>/ o f hever;;l cables Despite the apparently open German preparations to come into the country, other Balkan capitals reported growing unrest and uneasiness among the Bulgarian populace over the German activity. " • \ Snow Flurries Here A snow flurry began here at 3 a.m .today and lasted for almosi 30 minutes. It began snowing lightly again about 7:30 o'clock. Lowest overnight temperature was 32 degrees. Stone Uncovered Secrets ,.. . The Rosetta stone is a black .11 be necessary to place it back ; slab of basalt found In Rosetta in .nto operation again. j 1709. Because of ancient writings NIC theater is capable of seating | thereon, it uncovered the secrets "" persons. C f Egyptian records. Reporter Yells Just In Time To Avert A Possible Tragedy A trame accident luckily didn't, barely missed the reporter and year period with tux bills against Ilfl PP c " early tills morning but a (swept through a space that didn't the property directly benefltihg. Memphis powder plant employe J seem wide enough to accomodatb Claims Boat Sailed Under U. S. Colors BERLIN. Feb. 22. (UP; — The Nazi high command charged today that a German surface raider had discovered a British freighter in the Indian Ocean which was flying a United States flag and carried the stars and stripes painted on both sides. The vessel, identified as a Canadian cruiser of 7,178 tons, was sunk by the Nazi raider, the high command said. went to Jail nevertheless. i the machine. Drrid barely got one As State Policemen Eddie B. i or the way and drew his gun, while David and City Policemen Dick Berryman ducked behind the Potter and William Berryman wrecked truck. Potter's s?Un was If. cleared traffic nnd Investigated an his Kand. automobile-truck crash a mile i The driver. Marvin Tioton, of north of Blytheville on Highway 957 North Seventh, 'finally" stopped 61 earlv torinv t.rafRr •wnc liofiw f\,« i»«~i.: •, T>._..! •,* ^_-, 61 early today, traffic was heavy. The State Police car was parked north of the wreckage. Berryman was flagging cars and trucks near the car and David stood hi the the machine and David arrested and later paileci him on charges of driving while under the influence of liquor and reckless driving. Tip : ton said he had drunk two boc- |center of the highway between the'ties of beer at Osceola. He said he wrecked truck and the wrecker on borrowed the car from his brother U. S. WEATHER FORECAST one side and another wrecker on the other side. Potter and News- and was enroute to Poplar Bluff, Mo., to see his wife, who works J, ! ARKANSAS —Cloudy. paperman Laymond Crump flag- i there. He said he was to meet his ged cars South of the wreckage,; brother at- Turreil at 7 a, m. today. near the wrecked automobile, which . All four men, the two wrecker lay overturned at the - highway's j drivers and three negroes in tlie edge. The city police car was head- s wrecked truck, still shuddered toed south, with a red light turned "day at the thought of what might (on. All four men had flashlighis - have resulted had the automobile Probably i and several flares were burning. struck any of the cars as it passed Screen actress Jane Withers is growing up—even in the movies. rain or snow tonight and Suddenly an automobile came'through the narrow hole at high Jackie. Cooper. unday. Little change in temperature. MEMPHIS — Cloudy with intermittent light snow tonight. Sunday, cloudy with light snow. fdea of too, had speeding from toward Blytheville speed . i^. had ed back and yelled "Look out" to officers been unable to get off ing Berryman and Davis as the car! highway in time.

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