The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1931
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L. Served by the United Press LE COTJEIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF 8CRTHEA 3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTTtEAST MISSOURI VOL. X.XV11I—NO. 00 m.YTllKVlU.K. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JUNIO HO. 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CRNT6 1 TTY AND .Sudden Slorm City aiid Imraediule Vicinity in LaU: Afternoon. V While" Blyllicviile was sweltering 1\ beneath an' oppressive heat that .-enl the mercury soarin-i around the 102 mark, a freakish wind, lain and Iiatl storm suJdeniy laid s:i«o 10 the city nnd iminediale viclr.ily •ibmit five o'clock yesterday after' noon Within 20 minutes the storm hud passed leaving a trail of broken power and communication lines and property damage of thousands of dollars in its wake. Tempera tures tumbled 20 degrees fiurmn (ho storm, but o.uickly rcse afler 11 passed. The freakish storm, which swept down on the- cily am ,cl Its astonished residents practically without vvuni- ing, was one ol several dlsturbanc^ which visited scattered districts in Ihe tri-stnles. A similar storm, although apparently not as interne, hit .lonccboro. Walnut Ringe an;l ether places in northeast Arkansas.- reports stated. In Blytheville the storm was confined lamely to the eastern and central seciions with property damage fairly heavy in the northeastern part of tlic city and ihe business district. In the rural district ronlheasl and east of Blylhcvilis tlic wlnJs'.orm wrecked n number of barns, damage;! farm houses and j mowed down corn fields in scattered spots. Rain which accompanied the storm was heavy over mo.-t of Blytheville ar.rt for a short distance to the north, east and south, but was by no means-general oveMhc co«n- ~ty- — ' "*"' Slorm Freaks J. W. AI->-on. farmer who lives nord.-'nst o! nairouly eifaii- ed •.-i-rious injury. Accorrtini; to ort-i Allis-;.] «us in ;> hay barn when the s|i )lm fu ddenly descended, lifiiiii; Hi,. run f O ff n u . jj.,,-,, and .iiuidiiif; him liiinbllni; in the midst of n clciui of hay. IIv climb- erl out uninjsju'j.i. • • 4 A hire hollow tubed iron pine, from which a neon S J ;! H W - 1K s.,, s . nd'.'d. wa^ IKIH almost to Iho Sroitiiil nl cramp Monltiie. Tlliingh I lie slnvm dama^cil buildings nt the r-ar.-.!i. Ihc delicale y'.nw lub- ini; ol (hi- neon si:;n was imbrok- A window, frame, (Mass nrd all. in an upMalrs office of the Grand 1-eader building, was blown In by the wind without breaking the Blnss. Attempting to leave the room in a hurry. II. Hiijhfill. cotton man, broke the glass out. of the office door. The wind ."staggered" a rily five truek which was called out the storm was ragitiij. according to Kyle Heece, driver, who was a the v.lral of (he big truck unprotected by a Mindbhleld or top. Reece and Oscar Elliott, police- Arkansas Swell rrino Alow With • ihe Host of llie • United Slates. LITTLE ROCK. June 3H I UP) - Aikansas casl hopeful eyes skyward loday srckiM" mdii-.itioM", of a break in the 10-dav neat wave which, has kept l!u-!-iv.oinc:iTS aiuund Ihe 100-de^rt'e mark, raus- in-r sull'ering in iniiny ici-i: Weather forecasters i:av<: liilte promi'e of relief be fnr- th-i e:id of the week, prrdlrllni' the mercury would remain the hi::h nhii-ties today and Wednesday. Crops have withstood Ihe Ural and -are reported in Bfioil condition despite the absence of rainfall in the paM two wei-ks. Only two doth? directly atliihnt-ible to the hen 1 , have been reported in Ari-tin::is. but :>, numbrr nf pruslra- Wailing as Flyers Race Around World :^§v! J--S t «£5j?t}£BM| -i^fir .: : - -: \ v Texans Plan Non-Stop Seattle to Tokyo Flight FORT- WORTH. Tex., Jnno M>. (Ul>)—Reginald liobblns, former holder or Ihc world's endurance flying rororil. nnd II. S. join's, Texas oil promoter, left- by nlr early today for Senltle. Wash, where they plan to beiilii their uronoscd noii- slon flight. In Tokyo Thursday or Fi-lc-ay. llobbtns was flyhiK. « l-orkhTPd- VoKii. Jimmy Mnttorn nnd II. S. Oieebcr, who will do the refueling for Robbtns nl Nome, Alaska. l?fi at the same time In a Ford Ul- lolor. POST'S FAMILY C'.ETS NEWS AT FARM HOME 1IY COlimED—On Hip front porch of Iholr modesl farm h;>u-,j r.t Mayivilb. Ol:!:i.. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. I'osl. parents or Ihe world flyer, nrc shown above iw.rtiiiK n newspaper describing IrU adventures Mr. nnd Mrs. rest, who arc shown In closcups at the let; HIM! rn;ln, have no U'lcphtmc and must wail for the malhnmi or oilier couriers. man. who marie the. wild ride with lir >» 5 ll;lve cccmrrd !u scalUro.1 Recce, satrt that i!:e front of the i sections of (he slate, truck "lifted" off [he pavement nl Havvcill Institution Robbed for Second Time in Recent Months. Many parts cf the Ela'.e ropoii- ed temperatures w"*re e\T r nlin^ ll'tt 1CO degree mark yesterday, tl-.e hightd litiiiK al Hoxie. There tlie mercury went to 10-' in the af- ' 'Othor point-, re'.;iste!in^ more, than 100 inrludi-d Junesboro, Wrlnut nidfie. Osceo'.a. Bl'.'thevitl'J and Liltle Rock. Two Pie at Mumplm MEMPHIS, June 30 i UP)—Two persons were dead today from heat prostrations in Memphis and EIS-- r.-;>' others were recovering in homes and hospitals a? the result of the hottest .lime dav in - the records of the U. S. neathcr bur-^ eat 1 here. j HARVEILL-. Me.. June 30—The Yesterday's temperature of 101 «f'-Hnrvclll.- only bankln-t j dee{;ccs. which fel! 12 degree^be- instittittcn in this tov:n. was vie-, f vvf en 3 p. j.(. n nd dusk, will not! Motorists Abandon Cars j institution in this tov:n. was vie- | twf en 3 p. M. and dusk, will not he storm, breaking abruptly over ! tim of a bandit hcldnp Monday , i)» etiualleJ tot'av. Imt hot wepth'r indshields of a number of auto- m FDR cm BtUEHES ^^e Due Late Tbis Aftei- noon at Edmonton After Fligbt From Alaska. EDMONTON, Alberta. June 10 UI>)— Wiley rost and llnrolcl Cut ly who arc spending around the L-orld In Iheir monoplane "Wlniile. Mac may be running through the h-st really unfavorable weather., of their flight. • • Weather forecasters of ^he -Ed : nonton airport indicated the flyers nuy be encountering n northeast wind of 18 miles nn hour ifcavy rain WHS injuring over Ihe field shortly before noon and Ihe visibility . wns cut: The celling was fair nntl the temperature stood at 10 degrees. The, barometer wns falling UidlcAllne It ••would likely continue mining. Airmen here calculated the av- lalorr, should nrrlve at 4 P. M. monntatn time, or 5 V. M. •central standard lime. A world wide s : been arranged. r .aiiy Recovery on $5,000 Natural Gns Bone! Is Predicted. City offlclnls were eonfhlenl today Imt nivlhcvllle would recover -01 [he $5.000 bond of the Cherokee i'ubllc Service company within i short time as a result of a decision hnndctl down by the Arkanstv supreme court yesterday. The sn preme court a (urine:! Ihc declsloi ot the fuloskl chancery court, whlel "^ '| k "orid"n > i ; evs~ 1 Wlicij"'Po3t" : an5 U. S. riurcaii ficts Reports ST. PAUL,, June 30 (UPl— Thiin- rtcrttornvi nnd rains were reported' to the U. S. Weather bureau ^.to-i day from Edmonton, 'Alberta, where mobiles were broken. ! tercd ancl forced him lo retire to- I t'.ie. ]-ear of Ihe vault. Tiie brink! Relief Still While the s-orm wns still raging, "•«•• ™ar of Ihe vault. Tnc bnnki CHICAGO, .lime 30 njP>-Th-!| li°htning struck the flue ot U'.e | official stal-rd that he wns siatcd i revent h day of the natio.Vs heit, residence af a Mr Miuley. 300 «' his desk when the men entered : W ovc shot temperatures upwnrl i LISTENING TO DADDY'S VOICE IN FAR-OFF LAND—While Harold F. Gntty nnd Wiley Post wing their way,, around the world in an allcmpt lo set a new speed record, their e.xcltwl families .are anxiously waiting at home for news of their progress. At the left are Gotly's wife and UPl-Tinj k\AMts in their Los Angeles home listening lo him talk via radio from Berlin. Left to righl, nre: Soulh nth street. A few minutes later an elecirlc power line was blown onto the roof of a barn nt the home of Mrs. I-'. P. Carter jr.. on tlie northern cdOT of the cily. Both fires were extinguished with | little loss. No reports of personal injury during the storm had been received t"- day but several stories of narrow escape were making the rounds, some of them humorous. Property damage In and around Blytheviile will reach into thousands of dollars although scattered reports this morning offered no basis for an accurate estimate of the losses sustained. Three gins were damaged bv tho storm. Tl-.e roof of tr.c Lee-CoppecUe gin on East My-u was parlinJIv swept away by Ihe storm. A small building at the ,Iake Unrjnr gin on , ns one. of the pair <!rrw n![ 0 , Anrc ] rv en nmr" Wisterinj levi •'<: , . 2Un on him. he -.vas ccmmaniiod j Jodny. ndvnnced the de;uh toll to " "Mick 'rm un"..O:ie of tho Uan-- mO r/- than 4M. and brouu-hv pro- j Lindsay. 3; Alan, 5; nnd Mrs. Unity with Donald, 2, on her knee. t dits nther riled (he v?i'lt. As llie nair were ave llrv t1r.-3 Osbc-rn O."boLii v.hile the money tills tiie and reim-iiiT to iiilh a ror^. Tliev then drove r.roidlv awav m a Euirk antomnbil" left idlina near the bank building Osborn succeeded in freeing hir.i- Erlf in about flfieen minutes and comitv and Arkansas low MS. Posses from several (owns under (he i direction of Sheriff Ix>ster Mass" inKhsm of Butler county =rnnrrd the countrvside in bnth Missouri mid Arkansas ne^r the scene of !hr> hold-tro. b:K thus fnr liv/e not been successful in apprchendiu'; the dictions, that relief still is nt learl \ '!3 hrurs nway. The hen 1 will remain. C A. Con r.ell. < rrnv ~rnmeut \v:-alher «i'.::. rv : er for ihr Chicago area, lei:' l :i iit | rd Pi-rs 1 ;. -'T3i?re nre no SILT.; uf i . immediate relief and ni?.i'v vfg-. ! ion.-; todav arc due for tcn-.EC-r.-i- | J tures of 100 dejret-s." he s:::d. An indicatien of the Inlon.H.v the hell wave wns cnii'.a-r^d ir repr.rls that it slowed do'.vn vrl- read traffic, caused concrr 1 ." hi-_-h- WRVS to crack, and exploded Ihei- rnoincters v--ere espnv:! If. the sizzliu'j sun. Highway C! just outside the rity I"£ . tmT .^ ,„,, limits, was olown down, nnd a s?c- "• , , ., , „,. ,,„,,,. ,,, ,i f of rconng was ton, off '^; fe 1 re nnv° he' acf hnvi,^ TlluHMivWn <rl,l nil TCnf^h SInrlMlMJ . .,U(L..I ,,v ,..,..».- - bp'lle wiih Blylhevlllc gin on North Second j street. Gas Station Demolished The Buchanan Service station, a small frame building on Highway fll .lust north of t^e city, wns eom- pleiely demolished by Ihe wind, ana Ihe roof of the owner's dwelling neirby was damaged. Camp Moid- I " Irle. about, 200 yards north of Ihe j J Buehannn station, sustained dam-.[ ase estimated at more than CfiCO. } The south tel was partially unroofed as v.-ir. the service- station operated in conjunction with tiie camp. A ucsrn boardini; house near Ihe Bljlhevllle Cottmi Oil mill, sou'.h of Ihe city, was rfiiorled .seriously damaged by the wind. by .inhnny nf St. Io:>is and Thnd Owens of (his nlace March 11. when $500 was taken Bo'l: participants ip. the Hold Funeral for Victim of Hit-and-Run Driver in B^iliup Water Fatal to Pfnc Bluff Man PINE BLUFF, June 30 .(TIP>— Ex- aininalion Today. SRS'ATH. \fn.-Funeral sc-n-iees were held this afternoon for Jninss Taylor. 55, farmer, who was in- s'.antly killed by n hit-and-run driver SalUrday night on (he highway near his home nt Cnriilb. three miles north of here. Mr. Taylor is survived by one 11- year-old daughter. T.ITTT.P POr:<. .innn 30 (UP)— rfoi nf ,v n. HinK forr'"!- nr>-s- 'le"t nf i'i" A«ieri^an EvrlinnT 11!'; pn() Trust rnmilinv- of>lc ncl-. rlin-F^ii with!' rccelv- i Hprn-.'t-: vlih Hi" kiii\vi"r)<>/> the n-/i^ ii^nlv/iut. virved fnr- v ,vflll l'i" its e'forl to Ed^nnl Ph"pp^rd. 4^. prominent I t'nn \vns nrt poi'-in Tine Bluff bufiuessnian. succumb-|' -1 n« ! inT Xm-»nil--M- n. ed !nsl nic^ht lo injsir'cs re.-eivert .c^.^ j wilr-mi. liiu lalo vesljrclay when he plunged r("-'iir"rl the vihiess i hr>ad first into" a vat of boiling wat- V rf.f«rcl!\v nnd li'.l n i',i<> iir-titii- prlnv to its John Mattson, Former Drainage Contractor Here Victim of Lake Accident Captnln John MntLson, n former resident of Wilson nnd Bly- Iheville, lost his life last Frldav nlelil when Ihe motor crnisrr Aloha exoledcd and sank olf the Chicago lake front, accordin" lo word rFcelvnd here twlav from Waller MaUsoh. Ihe cantain's son. Captain Mutt.son had taken a parly of men nnd women, among whom were prospective purchasers held that Blythevtllc nnd a. num- bijr of other northeast Arkansas cities should be. allowed to recover on snrelv bonds because of failure of Uic Cherokee company'to carry out conlracls lo provide the cities wllh natural gas. M»y A* RchMtlnr ^ ^Tr.yor Ncill Reed and Cnpt.:.Tvy \V. Crawford, city nttorhey, _»'er? opHinlstic over the decls!4a r w)ilch It is believed wH^marK'itss.en^j the legal baltle"over' tlie'"Bb]i'dr-'Tt was pointed out. however,,liiat the Cherokee company may submit n notion for n re-hearinit within IS days nfter llie decision is handed down. As Ihe siiorcme court will adjourn next-week until fnll It is imsslblo that the gas company will seek a re-hearliif, if for nothing more. Mum lo pub off tond payment. The Uniled Stales Fidelity and Giiainnly company, joint defendant with the Cherokee company and surety on H-s bonds, has expressed unnmclnlly Its desire to pav on" the honds. cilv officials sav. nnd they nnllclpnlc that the SS.IWO will b? forthcoming in short order, j Tho Cherokee co'mpanv obtnlnod a franchise from the city council several years ago to snnply BlvEhe- vllle wllli natural gas. Similar franchises were obtained from other cities In this section of Ihe slate. Bonds for faithful performance o! contrnct. which called for furnishing gas within n ycnr. were posted in each case. Bonds of S2.0CO were Harold Gaily nre sclieduled to land. . • '.;.-•'. ', . The. rainfall 37 ol nn Inch In the. last 24 houri nea ther officials said. Other points in Alberta reported 'nenriy'an Inch of rainfall, " • -. •"' "We do riot believe ;the' storm If of sufficient Intensity .to seriously liUerfefo wllh the safe landing ot -the: HyeW." Mr-.F,.HoVde;-'-V!i>'her WriB.^A<\-; ."-Balil ~f'-.- •" ~ T Plinr ISrushes Tr«« PAIRDANKH, Alaska. June :.30 (UPl—Wiley Post and Harold Gatty made.a breath tafelni? deoir tnrc In the monoplane Winnie' Mrve: today for rdmenton, Alberta, enroll to to New Vcrk. Disasler" wns \avcrtcd by Inches when Ihe Winnie ^fno brushed ngalnnt tree, tops as it cleared the. field on Its second attempt. The smoothly functioning shin roared away at 3:20 A: M. («:20 A nlvon each nf the cities except Blv- thevllle.. which wnt given n $5.000 performance bond. The (:liinird Conspiracy Cherokeo ctiinptinv Inter Ri-.erilT Mas.sin^ham and dcnuiies FO™ afl'.r the luilti- iii) and bnth are now serving 101 •ntenccs. ^V^S,,^:! Bishop ^nnon's Son Has Narrow Escape Windows were smashed In a her of h'.iiWiu^s and a • front in one slore was ri.... cd broken. A sisai in fronl o! th" ! Wnlpole Electric shop was toni! from Its supports by the wind. I Several houses were s LOS ANGELES. June 30 CUP1- Richnrd M. Cannon who faK he fc thn son of Bis'iCT> .Ir.mcr. Cannon of Ihe Methods' Kpi<conal Church F<r:th rcpcilrd tc-. uolice Iwiny p. bu!l"t pavrd through his er nt his packing plnnt vest of h're. Acc-rdins; to witurssrs Sheppar.. was standing on a board ovtr the hnse vat and IPS', his balance. He wns c^clric.itrd by employes of die plant but died several hours lalrr in a local hospital. Continuance Granted in Suit Against Newspaper KEHNETT. Mo.. June 30.—A con- tinuar.ce has be^n eranted in circuit, court n! Jackson in the S10.0M libol suit cf Roy K'law of Cardwcll * 1 1 t-vlrv fnr rrc:^ and America Will Not Prosper Without Return lo God "'_»]?_ f™ ri ;',. f »[ Rone Tells Lions. .Tn? T. n iblnsnn. Hn<rhl! Ameriri must return to Gnd Ix 1 1 for:? nrcsiierilv will relurn lo Amer- IV Bank-; cnmnanv. nnd consider- cc3 nn imnortant. t° witness, a^ount^'ror IbV Aj J™. ")" «-. P 3 Rorie pastor of 'the Firs! Method 1st e.h:irch. told the Blvthevi'lc Linns club loday. Reliqlnti is the only firm foundation for prosnorlty. Mr. Rorle said, deolnrlne that tho drift nway from faith in Oorl nnd from the fundamental innrnl princinles IflU^ht by Chrlstlnni'.v had undermined t "vr.-'rtef! to tcstlfv during t'i? rtav. 'tis ter-timnnv was exnected In cen- l"r nrou !1 d haiikruptev .schedules flleti bv I'-e Ranks cKnpnny. CcniDlylne with a renuest. of .fur- nrs .lud?n Ahr.?r McOel-ce ordered - , , , ni-ht sessions. Belli slate slid rie-! econeml'- struclnre of this countrv i c o attorneys opnosed licrlding y damaged. Tlie inferiors of hundreds of residences were drenched when the wind blew iuSdon pists of rain Ihroueh open windows. Broken branches of trees were scallered the length of almost every street in the central and eastern inrt of the city, especially along automobile about niiilvi^h; while] r>.nln't the Dunklin Democrat o' he v,!>s drivinT en Valley Br.ulc-1 |- n ; s c itv. Judne Frank Kelly sot vard. The b-.illct. police were told. >n? trial dale a; Scnlc:-.-,!:jr f. narrowly missed Cannon's head. The case grew on* of a news sto r y ap;>?ariu? in the Democrat follow- Rudbury farm of Ihe cily v.- n < ^ the kiHIn? of two men by Sim- torn down by the wind. Rcal!e--erl ] " lepnrts continued to come hi t-xiav of rt8mnj?e to other farm buildings. Local lumber conipauv employes were tehinri time on full schedules loday ar, crders (or r.sMir mjterh's nnd lumber plied up. Insurance ad- D.ivls and Kentucky avennei where j ''islers were also puitins in n busy small trees were uprooted in some \ A W- Jefferson Connlv VotCS instances. i _ . . . t nlterc\i!ion Ihreo venrr. HPO near Card well. It is declared In the petition that the news story referred to the plaintiff ns an "cx- eonvlct nnd gangster." Shaw '.vns subsequently ncqiiitted cf tr.e slay- ins ns justifiable homicide. II was Mi"ved unlikely that (he care would go to iury this week ns the state has many witnesses vet unheard. De- and of Ihe world, Prosucritv is not rominr bjrV. he s,ii i. until we re- l' v rn to tbn richt living and Ihe Christhn faith upon which Amern's prr.-'tne?^ wa= founded. fense attorneys hav,-' ir.tiicalcrt thai I He condemned nltrm-i 1 ' lefnlb.- Iwo or llnvr- clavs wj]| bo rec.'.iired er) or n>l"-i"vi<:;>. lo deslrnv the lo present Iheir rase.' 1 CbHsii™ Sabbath. J.!r. Rorl" quo!<vi Sleinmet?. Edison. ro" !i d?e and Babson In suo- iwrt nf his contention thut the ec- of Ihe r.aMnn Is de- Ulp on Ihe Aloha, About 10 o'clock al ni(jhl, when the cruiser was half a mile nlT shore, it suddenly burst, into flames. The nasscnyers cjrnncd on n life raft but Cnolnin ^^nllson remniiicd at the wheel and nnoarrntly went down with the boat- His body had not l)cen recovered Sunday. Mr. Nfaltson wns one of the nloneer drainage contraclors ol Mississipn! countv. He came 10 Wilson in ini4 nnd In 1D20 mnv- lo Blvi.heville. Nfosl of his verk done for R. E. Lee Wtl- !Ie is survived bv his wife. Margaret, nnd two sons. Waller, mil I.'le. n. who live with him nt Vfy.i North Kcdp.ip avenue, ihicago. brouphl stilt niininst Ihe MKslssinnl River Fuel Cornornllon alleging It Jnd ent2re<l inti? a consniracv with the Arkansas Liqht and Power eom- <anv and refused lo supply Ihe Cherokee company with gas. Be- raurc of Ihe consolracy the Cherokee company contended its frnn- chiscs were In danger of being cancelled. Wilson testified that uncollecti- ble loans of the American Exchange Trust company totaled more than S3.00n.WK) nnd that officers nnrvnie nnd directors of the bank were in- pendent upon its spiritual health, (crested in loans to the amount of more than S2.000.000. Four other officers of the bank are ur.dcr lndic.lir.cnts and will Iw tried Immediately alter the closa of the Banks case. . Telephone repairman wer, . Damage to crops in tlie farmhi;! |liy returning local circuits to nor- pprtion^adjncent (o the city was not I mal condition loday after SO lines 'were reported down yesterday, inch-din? two long dlstancn circuits. Trucks ot the Arkansai.-MLsw.iri Power company w:re "trouble- sheollne" Into yesterdav e\en before storm h.ij spent Its force Mlnvcd to be heavy although corn field-! wore bldly riddled by the wind and hail in some instances. A Urce dairy barn nnd a Iny bnm on the old Cross farm, sontli- of Blvllicville. oixr.iled by J. W .Unmey. were hlov.n by .service cor.tinued almost without in- Todav on Sunday Ball PINE BLUFF. June 30. (UPI — Under n blazing sun Jefferson coun- tv voters went to the palls today tr> ballot on IcRaitzlns Sunday baseball Helen Jacobs Triumphs Over British Favorite WIMBLEDON, Kng.. June 30. and moving pictures. Indications j<UP>— Helen Jacob;, Pacific coast point to a record vo'.e as a heated slnr, flashed a surprise upset in ihe enmpnlm wns coiiduetixl for several j Wimbledon women's singles lour- by b-t'i propciu-nts nnd op-jiianient today when she defr-nled ponenls of Hie nritish favfirile, I5r.lly Nulhnll. Graf Zennelm Leaves On Flieht to Island Germanv. June 30. mp>-The' dlrlrtlhle Ornf ^"mr-lin left to-lav on a flight to IcehiiJ with Dr. Hiizo Eckencr In conimand. Tt carried 12 vi^enoers nri * np cruise Including Lieut. Com. Edward Smith of the U. S. Coast Guard n nn ob c orver. Dr ^ckener said t-hev wni-M return Friday. T K e:r r.-Mji" nv over Holland -inri Knobiv! tn rr«iiml and Ihen back '.Innuch N'nrn-ay. M eastern standard time) Into, the fnr north's yellow night. WMh atmrnvlmntcly 31.010 miles. ; of the is.ooa-inllo journey and j the end in Eight the flyers faced : 1.900 mile lion over northern = plains (o Edmonton, where..they nlanncd lo refuel and catch a few hours sleep. Giflv Hit by Prbpellor - Gotly, whose "shoulder wns slmck' by the Winnie Mae's pronellor- : while hi wns trying to, start It. . nt Nome yesterday, jested before .: his dcparlure about his narrow V escnpe. • •: . . ' 'Just n llltla nlrtt. Tt isn't even fore", he said Hihtlv of the .in- .. jury as he rubuc<l sleep out of-h!a eves. "I must be harrier than I ' Ihoutrht. Tha 'nrou 1 had lo be're- ulac?d and f dldn'E even neeil. a bandage." The Cherokee nrm soitijlit to avoH ^l wns blowini!. Slor nl Edmonton " ...': NEW YORK. June 30 (UP) — : .-. j Nnlloiiol Brcadenstlnp; company. in-\, direct touch with Ed.nonton. Alta.,-->" said n storm was raging [here to- '•; day. There was rnSn nnd th'c v contracts oulv bound it to furnish service "contingent upon ads of God and olher Ihin^.s beyond the control ef grantee." Tlic cities involved filed cross comnlaints ar.rt rhp Pnbski ehancerv court Inok n different view from that of the Cberokc" romiwny and ordered recovery allowed on [lie bone's. srisf Riotins; Snreads in German Universities July 15 Set {or He^rin? on Freight Boost Petition WASHINGTON, -'vine 30. (UP) — Tl-.e Interstate commerce commission announced today hearings on the npnlicatlons of Ihe nation's railroads for a 15 tier cent increase In freight rates will commence Ju- | MUNICH, cennanv, June 30 (UPi—Many were inlured in liot- Inij at the University of ^f^lnicll tcdav u-hen hundreds of Hitlerite students shouting "down with .Tews" demonstrated against Professor Nowlatsky. accused of de- fcr.dini? the Treatv of Versailles. Police v.-leldln? sworda nnd truncheons cleared the campus of the university. A parade led by a nrrlval ot Hal Galty nnd Wiley. Post, tlie nrnnnd the world flyers." Rowland Wolfort Will : Operate Old Bertig Gin o Rowland Wolfort has lak»n charge'; of Ir.e former Berlig gin nt Second- '. and Vine streets and will cerate.'' it this year under the name of Mis- • sissippl County gin. : .,: The equipment is to b3 imoroved " and the plant placed in first class ; condition. I\fr. Wolfort amiounces.'-.. Mr. Wolfort has n wide acmialnt- ance with cotton men and farmers ' hereabouts ns a result of his years of activity In the cotton and mcr- • cantlle businesses. Darrow to Seek Freedom for Former Klan Dragon CHICAGO, June 30. (CfP)-Clar- ence Darrow, veteran criminal attorney, came out of retirement ly 15 (wounded and bandaged demonstra- At'the initial hearing the p=H-l tt>rs f"" 1 '^ in another clash. tloners and the parties supporting] the p«lltlon will be heard On An- HA^URG. Gcrnianv, June W) torney, came out of retirement. eust 31 another hearini; alll enable <UP>-Hlt1erlle. students- hoisted a?ain > today and announced he ' further cross-exfimlnatlon. of thc; lnc "nkenkreuz or Swasticka em- railroads witnesses and submission blcm of tne Oernian fascists over of evidence by agricultural Inter- t .'^, Ju !?.!™ rs11 . t .L!£ ~" mb !"ll,. tod ™ ests and others protesting against the increase. WEATHER amid wild tumult. The emblem Is represented symbol. as an antt-scmltjc i BF.PLTN, June .TO (UP)—Minor ARKANSAS—Generally fair to- disturbances occurred today nt the nlfrhl, Wednesday partly ctnudy, .Unlvcreily ct B«rlin, i thP would try to win freedom for David .C. Stephcnson. fonner Ku Klux Klnn grand dmgon of Indiana, who Is serving n life term in the In1i-. : ana state prison at Michigan City, Ind. Despite previous report? he had refused lo enter the case Darroir nrtmltted be had b:en in' ' at Uw :Weued by f»W. . :

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