Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 1, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1896
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VOL. XXI. LOGANSPQRT^JNDIANA, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 1, 1890. NO. Today Is the Last and Biggest Day of our Upbuilding Benefit Sale IN GLOOM. Atlantic Oity, , J,,.Mourns Over Catastrophe. Forty.^jWo Bodies Recovered from V/r«ck and Forty-Three Re-. ,.- /ipofUd Seriotisfy Tnjured" porentljr sensibly about the disaster. He aaid he wu«>in the forward car of the Pennsylvania triijn when the crush came. All were talking a-nd chatting over the enjoyable day, they had spent at tlm shore. Without a moment's warning, or any intimation whatever, the crash came. The. train cnmc to n sudden- -hu.lt and every passeng-er was thrown from his sent, some being Uuried us if from catapults from one * .ciwitire club and were retui-niiif,- to the city in two chartered ears. On the steep grade iitGoi-s-ncli n venue the first car slacked up and the other ran into it with great force, throwing some of the passeng-er-s inlo th« rond- wiiy. Others were violently thrown to the floor and more or lexs injured. The cars were wrecked by the collision, and the hundreds of electric lig-ht bulbs bTJ'fst wiui n- noi»e 'which piivc rise to a SUMHER GOODS. i -ol : tire car to the other. In his car ' t^i'f • T" .. I tfiJ£ of 'ho passengers were injured, " City, JC. J,, July H:.—A hoi-' When he wn.s asked his name he stared that an Of all kinds much BELOW VALUE Guess on the Wheel. A Chance with every pur chase. 980, 850 and 750 Shirt Waists 390. 40SM11 BROADWAY. 306 FODRTH ST Clothes up to Date . . Have been in gree,t favor at our establishment. Pact IB no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than onrs. Important Features ... In the make-up ofjour olotheg work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 31,1 Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MA. CHINES which must be Sold. Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL TIRES ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good aa New ZINN & COMPANY. 303 Sixth Street. HANNA VISITS REID. WON'T WITHDRAW SEWALL. S»r« That JleailiiuarteM at Ublca c o An Telegram from Senator Jonei, Chalrma Not GOIUK to Cleveland, ol Democratic National Committee, New York, July 31—Mr. MarkHanna Atlanta, Ga., July 31—The ConstUu arrived at the Hotel Waldorf at 0:30 a,' tion bubllshcs a telefi-rnm from Sennto m. He'said tha this visit to Opbir Form,' James K.Jones, chairman of the demo !-the country seat of Mr. Whitclaw licjd,' cratie national committee, a.s follows: was a most pleasant one nnd that he had u good night's rest. He said the visit was purely ft social one. | Whon asked about the report telegraphed from Chicago that it Is pro-j posed to move national headquarters from that city to Cleveland, O., o;: ac-| count of differences between managers "I cannot consider any proposition fo •n-lthdrawal of Sewall, but will entertain a far aa 1 have power and promote to th test of my ability any Just and fair propo altlon for. fusion on doctoral ticket, JAMB3 K. JONES. of the Illinois state campaign and tae men in charge of national headquarters, Mr. Hanna made n positive denial at the story. He said that the headquarters will remain at Chicago a« originally planned and will be equal in importance with .the headquarters in this city. >tr. Ifimna was visited Friday morn- Ing by Senator Stephen B. Elkins, GUI. Daniel E. Butter/leld, ex-Gov. A. V.. Cornell, ex-Gov, Lansdownc, of Connecticut, and several other well-known men. . " • Street C»m Held tip. Manistee, Mich,, July 31.—Two stree oars were'held up by masked men with in the space of ten minutes in ajonclj spot on the line between here and Ens Lake about 12 o'clock Thursday night The conductors and motormen on both caxs were compelled to surrender their wish and valuables, and ji single passenger was robbed of: a small amount 01 cash. The highwaymen secured about $35 in cash, rrcnldent Goei Buzzard's Bay, Mass., July 31. The PROGRAMME ARRANGED. National Irrigation Concreii Pl*n» for Itfl Meetlnf In December. Denver, Col,, July 31.— .The executive lommittee of the national irrigation iongresa met here Friday and arranged ;he programme of the annual meeting, vhich it will be decided to hold in Thoe. ll», ArU., December 35, JO and 17. Topes to be discussed were "Irrigation on lumid America," by Prof. Xewell, ol Voshington, D. C., Trot King, ousln, and ethers. "Wntcr .Storage in fountain States," by I>. K. Stnnton, oi few ,1'ork, and J. D. Chuyler, of Cnlh'or- ilo. Capt. Oxford, U. S, A., will ead a paper on "Climatology." "Irri- -Htion Into Arid ItcgloiiK" will be dis- ussed py ex-fiov. L. Ii. Prince, JTeiv Mex•o, and ox-Goy. Sheldon, of Los An' '' '' president, Private Secretary Thurber, Joseph Jefferson, William H, Crane and Charles B, Jefferson left for Mashpee Friday morning on a bass fishing trip. They expect to be gone until Saturday night. This is the president's first trip to Mashpee within two years. Man and Wife Drowp. Brattlcboro, Vt., July 31.— E. A, Tyler, proprietor of the Brooks bouse, and his wife were drowned -while bathing in the Connecticut river. Mrs. Tyler wns Miss Lelia- Williamson, of Eli»abeth, N. J., and they were married last September. Girl ltlQrrfflr«(J. Wilmington, Del., July 31.-.— Ida Crnm- cl waa murdered here Friday night on the street by EdwnrclAVright., who shot her three times in the head. ' The parties were young colored people and jealousy was tho cause of .the crime. riblo-'fj-looru lilingn over this city and comjt.less. thousands mourn '.for the deail'mul wounded -who.were ground up in the !railroad carriage 'of Thursday night/ JVo One, lion-over remote in thought or fueling from that suffering mass of humanity, cares.to.'.r«furn to the. jjjnmour of gaycty and re.velry that testifies lliis metropolis by tin: sea in the season's height as the merriest summi-r resort on Ihe Atlantic, coast. The night's dreadful scones in t.he streets at the two railroad, stations nwny"oiit on tho. meadows where strange lights nnd hurrying, forms mark the nwi'u] spot, of death, 'are,followed by silent: contemplation and sorrow, save anion.'.;' those whose duly happens to be to dispose of the dead or lend mliuini.'iU.'riiig hands lo .the wounded nn.l dying. ,- • . . SoarcliiiiK; for the Dviul. The work of searching for the. di-'.idnt the scene of Thursday eve.ning's railroad catastrophe was continued a.ll through the night nml Friday morning. With the exception of the body of Hu- gincer Fei.rr, wbjch mis pimicd to.the earth under his engine, no others were recovered from the wreck. The.-, engineer bad met instant death at his post of duty, nnd in the collision lid'd become wedged tinder the engine, an iron arm crushing in his brenst and fastening him to tho earth in « manner which .resisted nil attempts to .release him Thursday night. . ..'•:' IlovlHod Lint ot till- Deilll. The revised list of the dead isas.follows: . |. -.,. . • ' .. S. P. Murphy, Mlllvllle, N", J.; James Peters. J. D. Johnson, Charles D. BurroiiKhn, BrldRCton; body, supposed to'lie'Charles Siui.v,-)!, F. nelo.H. C. Troper.Mr,- and-Mrs. P. C. Goldsmith, all o£ BrldBeton; Samuel Thorne, Atlantic City: Charles Mui-ta. 273 Pearl street, Crkltreton; John Grelner, Brldgetcn; Charles Eacklur, Salem: Charles P. McGoar, Mr. and Mr». Tronchard, BrMseton; Franklin Dubols, Clearfleld, Pa.; J. Ernest, BriclReton; woman's body, supposed to bo that of Mrrf. Jennie Sht?p- pard, of Brldgoton; Mary TVentzull, Alloway. N. J-; Lytlla Carr, Pearl Murta, BrldKOton: Mrs, Elmer May, Palestine, N. J.; Mr3.'H,.F. Bell, Anr.a Freea, Bridfielon: Edward Farr, Reading engineer, Atlantic City: man, supposed to be Charle.i Sebert, BrJi3>;t l ton; Charles May, Palatine, N. J.: TV. W. Wood, shipping: clerk, Camden; Q. B. Taylor, no address; Janfes M. ]^atcman, JBrklseton; part of slilrt found with niune stamped, "A. H. Fox;" Rebecca M. Lbper, Yorkiown, N.' J.; Mrs. Hattic Loper, BrldKOton; Hurvcy Hu^hus, boy, Bridgeton. There are'now nine persons at the "Ex- cursio'n. bq'use, where the dead have seen'- 'gathered which luivc not 1 been identified, '' : • ' -'"." " • .. .'A.'GrewHouie Sight. : - . Tarts .of Abe human frame werffouiitl sen tiered-over Ihe Held and mingled in tlie debris;'-, These grewsomc 'objects verega Wired together in one heap and urndd-.ftvpr.'to the charge of tut .under- fll\'t?r. •/'/'.'"-.','' The jclotMng, hats, caps, bonnets, 'loves, coats and jacket* g-athcn.'i. -'i nm he field and wreck were piled together n a jht'Ap. Jfos-'t of them were eithor lood-s.tulned or soaked in it., many •ere" 1 ,forn into tatters. , -. • The remnants of handkerchiefs and ictticoats told an eloquent story of women who .were attracted to tlie scene of. the disaster, parting with their. wear- Ing a-pparel to furnish bandages for the wounded. Coroner Impauel* a Jury, The coroner's jury was impaneled at one o'clock in the afternoon and is composed o£ the most prominent men .in tho city. The jury viewed the scene of the disaster nt four.o'clock in the after-., noon. The coroner stated that up till noon he had accounted for 42.dead, all of whom hove been identified except 12, The injured BO fiir ns can! be ascer- :; but these are only tlie more Eerious 1 cases. . . ...... , In the Cltj-'« Hoipltaln. In the/wards of. the Hospital at 11 In M. silly manner as if he'had, of 3 sudden, forgotten to speak. On this point liiH memory foiled entirely. • At tlio Improving! MorKUC, Friday morning tlio dead were a.ll patliered at the old i-eaview Kxenrsion house, whicli wa.s inniroviscd into :i morgue. The bodies wi'i'u laid about, the floor of the big ('(Hieing hnll of the pavilion in rows. ft. wa.s n Lon-ible sight. The corpses .wore in nil conditions of mutilation. There were beadles?, armless and legless trunks',ind i" some "instances wen' crushed out of nil semblance of recognition. Tliere were 37 bodies on view. Moving throng 1 !! the horrible mass were, streams of people, some curious,'but a'majority with anxiety pictured on thuirfaees or weeping wliile looking for lost lov'i-d ones or friends. 1010 JIV AN EVE tVITXESS. urnplito-Account "' Hi" TVi-i-llilc Colllnlon —BIIKCUO of the Uoiiii a»<l lnjureil, Philadelphia, Jni.v :!].—Afri-apliicand harrowiiiff account of the terrible collision Thursday niffht at-AtUnitic-Cily befwei-n trainsof theUeadmsrsim'i penn- Rj-lvanih railroads is {riven by Mr. .lulins ^ Price, Jr. Mr. Price arrived here on an j cnlv train J'ridnyaiornirf. "Thi; 0:40 train on tlie noaillntf road, In which 1 wontdoxvn to Atlantic City." snld he, "seemed to'be making Its regular timo. I hnd : a s«it to myself, the second from the rear door of the regular'smokur, back ot the bnKfi'ape car: As we came to the lower, half way between Plensar.tvlllc and At- Icntic'City, Die train came- to a halt, with a'severe Jolt. The shod! was so pronounced, tvtn In the sucoml c,-ir,.tliat Ir swayed us all forv.-ard; and then back, then forward. None of us' In. the smoker was hurt: I doubt whether any were oven bruised. Several, of us hastened to the forward car to those 1 overturned. . By th<? W mc we reached It, those ot the paswunijers whom tho collision had lelV.' rJilc to free thorn- solves were HcramhlinB out of the windows. We helped as many as .needed It, and then made .our way Into thii car. . JTalf a dozen The injured JX'rsous wure ri-inovi-J to tlieir homes in jxitrol wapfons. Their injuries ,-n-e lint believed to be fatal. MAY ABDICATE. Story Regarding Retirement of Queen Victoria Eovived Feels the Weight of Years and Wants, Quiet and Rest—Throne Will Go to Wales. INDIANA NEWS. Told in Brief by 01spa,toh33 Various Localities. people'were lylns about'.Inside amid tl>: debrl.1 ot seats. It was here -thn t we fully, realized'the liorror ot the accident. The first woman we toe* out had her les cut oft between the knee and.fbn a.ikle: the severed' 1 portion hold by, a nhrod of skin. A man we took out-afterward.-evidently had hls'lmck' broken. We sot out as many a> wo'icoula, but the cars were so badly manned that-It wan Impossible tJ remove all by the doors. We set to work tJragplnR away portion* of the shattered root fii the second car and carried out a number through'-'the opening. "The, flights that were presented after the majority 1 of 'he dead and wounded had been removed wore truly appalling. I saw at lea»t 23 persons lylnK apparently dead on the bank, whither- they 'hail been re. moved.' There'Wero ronni:-Others pinned In the debris who could not be freed without the aid of mechanical appliances. With-one of the passengers In' my car, .1 helped carry a man 'Who was Intel-null}' injured, to a spot where. •&• number of others lay, who had been hurt. ' On the way he told us In broken words that he feared his entlro family was' destroyed, his wife, hla Child and his.wife's mother and father. As We lowered him to the ground a woman, nil bandased. came np panting and sank be- nlde the sufferer, crylnff.: 'Barrs; Harry. Oh, my God: He's dying. 1 "At another place were a mother and child together. The mother, hurt .internally, was unablo to move. The child, also Injured; c'lunfc- to her 'torn dress and cried to her for aid, but the poor woman could not speak, much less raise a hand to aid the child: These sights were everywhere and the injuries of some of the .victims were too ffhttstly to describe—slphtlesx, nattered faces on breathing bodies; crushed and mangled forms with the eyes upturned in pain and the lips moaning in articulate anguish. • .' "It seemed a very short time whon a throng of thousands gathered and when the police and firemen from Atlantic City arrived to complete- tho work.of rescue I cc.me r.wuy with others of the passengers who were unhurt, feeling that we would now be a hindrance rather than help." £Uler Prevents an Elopement. Terrs TIavite, Ind., July SI.—Owing to tiie vigilance of a sister of the wom.'ir in the case, an ejopemen 1 was nippe'l in the bud hero, Krani< O.'iribs. a carpon- ler and n widownr.. lia.- been makin love lo Miss Sarah Blinn, aged :13 years, of whom lie rented. Miss Charlotte lilinn. a sister, objected !.o the mat<A and for her interference she wnsroiind- iy enrst-d hy Combs. She did not-relax her walehfillness, however, and the pa : r planner! to elope to Chicago. In order to prevent the escapade Miss C'.hai-iotto Blinn caused the arrest ot Cdm!'s on a-charge of profanity. Ke was bailed out of jail by the other sister, who threatens vcnp-cance on the meddler with her love affairs, ^liss r>;.-:!ii has considerable property, while Combs is penniless. .Mny >'ot Appoint rt Receiver, Indianapolis. Ind.. July .'H.—An uncx- i-ected turn wns given in the proceedings against the Union National Savings and Loan :u<socintion!"of which Charles r'.drilTin.of llnmraond, is president. Special .It-.dge Hammond denying T.hc mo- iii!ii fur The appointment Ota temporary reeeivership. tliou^-h having previously instructed the attorneys for the prosecution tn prepare it. This was due to :i1"r|:ivi(ji submitted by the defense. giving a different coloring to the situation, and indeed making n. formidable showing in support of the claim that I he ,-jlV;iij-s of t-he association ^vere in n sntisfai'tory condition. ]"nrther hoar- ing of evidence will be had. London, July ;IJ. — The minor that Queen Victoria intends to retire in favor ot the prince of \V:ik-s was ap'iiiu current Friday, and it is added that court circles are grout ly (Doubled regarding the condition of. the queen's health.. Such reports have frequently appeared in recent years, only lO'bi- scjni-oflicial- ]y coiit.ratljcted later. Hut il j;ow .seems lli.it, there ujay be some actual foundation for t!u- statement made. It is added that her majesty had decided to spend her time in future at Balmoral or at O.sborm 1 , and tliot she will £-ive the prince and princess of \Vales the. use of .liiirkinjjrh.'imp.'il.ioeiim} Windsor castle. There is no doubt that, the queen seems To Hull* tin- Line. JilnlTton, lnd.,'Jiily 31.— -The project ,of buildiujj the 0., U. C. & C. railway, which Avus" abandoned a year ap-o, has been revived, and n party of Chicn<ro capitalists are driving along the right of wny jjivinff the. road a thorough in vestifjatio-n. F. AV. Short nnd ,ludff W. Bliss, of Chicago, 'held a consulta tion with the directors of the road i this city, and it wns decided to bcgi construction. Twenty miles of rig-h of wny hns been graded, ajid ties are).) ing along- the grade just as left a yea ago. The line extends from Union Cit, to Hunting-ton, a.nd $30,000 has been ex pended already in • preliminary eon struction. Burnett by ft Aiob. . Sullivan, lud., July 31.— The mine o the old Pittsburgh Coal company a Hymera, Sullivan county, was burne< Thursday morninp. A committee the miners' organization visited the mine Wednesday and sought tff'induo the men at work to quit, but they re fused. Wednesday morning about twi o'clock the watchman wascuptured am .carried, some distance away and the works : .burned. The plant was eqnippec .w.ith Uic most improved machinery anc the loss will amount to 925,000. FOK ACCIDKJNT. o'clock.-Friday morning.the scene waa shocking beyond description, lu.pass- tig down the corridor and eutermg a room opening upon it there were to be seen those who hnd b^en injured in the loliision. stretched out on their couches in all degrees of suffering.' The air was Tiled with the groans of.afro'tii*.men, the eries of women and. the sobbing-of ittle children. A boy, some eight yeacs old, lay on a mattress.pinned uii the loor, dying of internal injuries". The ashy whiteness of death was 011 his fiice,- ind, as the reporter stood in the door- A-ny, the lad gave a cry : 'as"though iii error, sprang up a little frorrshis conch ,nd then sank back,.jnptio.iij_ess ^,8 ie4id faint. A man, also Internally injured,, was yiug on a cot in the t.hr.ocs.otd);,",th. In iis agon'y he groaned so'plti'O'iis.'ly that o hear .him was anguish,;,;:.Others tripped half naked were'smeared with 'lood and laj r quietly-Moaning in their tain. Everywhere was the most-in- ense suffering and death, though-kind nnds. were doing nil that was possible o ill lay the siifEeringn.oPi'aohi Gentle •omen offered the'inselyes-frpely. in the. aiisc of mercy, physicians gladly gnye. p every other thought-arid-worked un-. ringly in the good work,'""* Can't JlemonibDr Jlltf J^Amo. ;,. A P-ridg-et-oiv man in-i : ,.the?, hospital, -hose head-was smashed,'-'-/but ,.wlio^ eomed to have-gained' constcioi^jne^s, hen spoken to about the accident; had his name. He couTrT'ialk jiii- £.oukn ail Though the RonUtuff JtonU Wan . to Hlft.me. Philnclelphin, July 31.—The ofl'icia! report to the Pennsylvania ruilroud ofli- cinls states that. 42 passengers were killed^ The number reported injured is 54. All the killed were in the 1'enn- sylvania Kiiilroad Indiana ISiiptlut Laporte, Ind., July 31.—The attendance at the Baptist congress has cow renched high-watermark. The sessions will close Sunday night. The faculty has been reengaged for next year, when the assembly will be conducted on more elaborate lines, the purpose being to mnke Tine lake the mecca of Chie.igo Baptists. A statement of ihe financial condition of the assembly -shows subscriptions sufficient to close the year'i work without n deficit. Fatally Injured. Shclbyville, Ind., July 31.—.\farcel- lus Worland drove,into the city Thurs- liorsei. al por- the Pennsylvania railroiul tntiri had the.) tion of the town he encountered a worn- compnny's cars. The day, behind a team of spirited lio so far made" shows that As he was approaching- the central right of wny, the red' 1 iig-nal being turned ngainst the Heading- trnin 'and It remains in that pos'itjpn <it the present .time. The interlocknig system if- used at this point, nud as the wreck occurred .tliere the sJgnal cannot be changed until the wreckage is removed. ; t In addition to this Pennsylvania EaiJ- rpad company's.officials have the testimony of the engineer.and the to\ver mnn, who is n Kenclirip compnny em- ploye. The Pennsylvania railroad being !t,he junior cpmpany.i.that is to say, tliey laid the trades ;n|fte>.the Reading road was built, had to'liear aJl the ex- pen^e' of the improvement, and the ex- pense'of the building;ab'3''.raa-intena.nce of the tower. It also pays'.the salaries of the employes in the .tower; but the Heading company-app9ints them: Up to two o'clock Friday, afternoon only the bare facts-Tt>£d-_be<:n reported to the•general office.' •'•• . "'''••-.•, CARS an riding a bicycle\and the horses became frightened, (;nrned sharply and ran away, ^Yor!nrlC^ w,ps thrown from the vehicle and'fatally injured. The name of the bicyclist,w»-s not learned, as she rapidly scorched from the scene. Anderson, .Inn., July 32.— A second colony of Dunkards left the gas 'belt Thursday.for the Da,';otas, where the DurJairds of .the.. nation-, are settling. This''colony contained! 1'S families, all well-to-do. ... KEX VICTORIA, to fee! -Trently t.he.weight- of her'years nntl beivavements, and her,majesty is duoiod .-us having repeatedly remarked during her lasl.stay in this city nt Buckingham palace, upon the ocea-sion of the' rtfent mnrrJKpc- of J'rinc-ess M:\ud of Wales to 1'rince Charles'of Di'innark: • "This is my last visit, to London." Color is given to the rumors in circulation by tbedi'i'p emotion displayed by • the quft'ii -i-s she bowed in reply to\the ciithnsi.'istit 1 cheers f>f the iniiltiturlea which (hied the route from Bucking"-., hum jxihice to- the r«ilr<Vid station -"H where she took th« train for Windsor after the morringe ceremonies. Popullfttrt of MliNDtirl. SedaJin, Mo.. July 31.—The indications for a short and harmonious BCS- fion of the populist state convention entirely disappeared when tJtcy assembled at eipht o'clock Friday morning-, as rill the delegates wanted to talk at once, Tho platform was adopted substantially n.s it came from the committee^witlithc exception of the money plank. A sub- *>titute was offered for t.his which' caused a fight, bnt it was finally adopted. It provides that the government issue money direct to the people, nnd for the free and unlimited coinage of gold and silver nt a ratio of sixteen to one. lillii Cotton Wreck* a Bnildlnf. Newark. N. J., July 33.—An explosion of gun cotton in the chemical works of Jiaas & Waldstcin, at I!iv«rskle and Verona avenues, 'city limit line, early Friday morning, destroyed the storage section of the building. Fire followed, doing $5,000 worth of damage. Surrounding- factory buildings owned by the firm all had their windows demolished, doing $3,000 damage. The shock was felt two miles distant. Had the explosion occurred dnring workimj hours the loss of life would have T)ccn iug-. The buildings were insured. Berloui Accident Ocouri »t JJaltlmow—, ElffUc FemoiiB-'jnjurotl.'•;.:' 1 B'artiinore, Mdr July 31^-EipHt per-; sons were injured by the crashing together of two trolley,-ears near Clifton Park early Friday morning. •-;, The injured persons, excepting ^Conductor Coleman, had..been ; to .Webcr's'Park at-. tcDdinE 1 a -picnic ifiven by the 1 Maryland Breaks Up Encampment. Ind., Juty 31.— A down- pbur'of t\yo inches of rain' in eight minutes 1 ' time- broke. up:,the/ state militia encampment 'Thursday afternoon and, the troops -were ordered home to prevent sickness. . • ' ' •' • ' Nominated' for C . . Frankfort, Ind., July 31. — 3. . B. CheaUle ivas nominated for congress by ,the democrats of the Xinth district Thursday. He is for free silver, ar.J yllj secure the indorsement of the pop• Killed Tnd., July 31. -'-During' a . jora-iic, n., uy . --g a BtofnvStrs, Jf.'itilrJa Higfrins, living- seven. miles northwest of to\Vii< was struck by. lightning while-- standing- in her mvn' door and' instantly killed. Attempt to Blow L'p A Jqdffe'i II6ane.|| Marseilles, July 31.—An'nttempt was mode to blow up the residence of Judge 'ulicti, and for a time great excitement irevailed in the neighborhood of the :udge's house. Some one. presumably a nan who had a grudge against the ndge for a court decision against him,* Oaced :> bomb, with a time fuse at- iiched, close to the entrance of the iou.sc. The explosion'made a great icise, but the damage done wns trifling. Hurricane at Hong Kong, Hong Kong, July"31. — A hurricane- revailed here Thursday and considor- blc damage wns done to shipping in ic harbor. The British steamer Glen aladh was totally dismasted. Tlio ritish steamer Macdnff dragged her nchors and collided wjth the Xor- . •eginn steamer Brand. Both vessels were damaged. Other steamers were slightly damaged. Appoluted Receiver. Kew York, July 31.—John K, Hardin. hns been appointed receiver in this state and New Jersey for the Liberty Cycle company, whose salesrooms are in this city, with factories at Bridgeport,, Conn., and Rockawity, X J. The liabilities are about $200,000: asset* about $187,000. Thomas A. lUno, of Xewnrk, is president of the company. July'" H'C Deficit. Washington. July 31.—The treasury deficit for July a.s will bit shown in the official statement to be issued Saturday •ill 'be in round figures $12.500.000. The •; receipts for July have been ?29,400,OGO • hnd the expenditures S-)2.200,000. Armenian OuCraCo In KKnmta. Topeka.Kan., July 31.—.TohnConstan- tfne. an aged Armenian.: ivbo Jiaa been traveling in this country, soliciting .contributions for his impoverished countrymen, was robbed of $1,MO at a late iniir by three negroes. . ^^-•:';.-,i^}tiM^,,:::.^^^

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