The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1945
Page 6
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ELYl'Fi]rWiiLLj3 CO JitiiiiB NJfi'wB TUESDAY, MAKC11 18, 15MB BETTER HOMES tAVt MOMIY-1 to 11 *" . Tir m- .• — » — m ' Tnhld. w«IU Mf t« quickly w.iW wllk mllJwap «nJ wot.r. GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRY! EASY TO APPLY! • Think of redtcorating • room between breakfiut »nd lunchl You can with Tfcchlda - Pittsburgh 1 ! amazing mw development In wall paint. Two houn U plenty of time to apply Techlde. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYINGI You tave on labor cost*-Wye the expense of «cro pi ml off old willpaper—and save on th« eoit of palnt.Tecmds i s Ideal for p aint- tcg over wallpaper, pl&ster, brick, etc. PITTSBURGH PAINTS WADE In > COW* A*t> HHnl HUB BARD HARDWARE CO. Many Homes To Be Modernized . Millions Of Houses To Have Face-Lifting In Postwar Years Although building experts forecast n tremendous volume of new home construction after the war, recent surveys conducted by llic Fedi'ra) Housing Administration ami private agencies Indicate «n equally vast demand for repair and mod' ernteatlon of existing homes. There arc nil estimated -10,000,000 homes In tlic United States. ft the expected peak of 10,000,000 new homes arc constructed In the first decade of peace, fully one- fourth of Hie nation will lie re- housed, fa this expanded housing program, slum iirens .and nlhei blighted sections In urban centers wiped out to make room foi modern community developments. Other millions of homes will undergo u vrisl " face-lift Ine." to brink, them up-to-date in tlio march 61 progress toward more spacious living, improved labor-saving devices wider window areas to brine In the sunlight and u general slrcam-llnlnj, of "dated" architectural designs wll transform these houses Into modem noines of the 1D4-V era. Boon to Home Owners limlnate the infiltration of dust ind dirt usual with ordinary win- low snsh. Living Area Rxpaiiderl While modernizing the exterior of the home to admit more sunshine, nany homeowners will revise the •ooin arrangements, especially oh he first floor, to eliminate some of the unnecessary interior bar- •lors. With the "open plan", the usually allotted to dining i NcspectMother's neat kitchen and rooms will ijlve way to larger living never fall to rinse out empty milk rooms. In future homes, the demand '• l)0ltlcs - ''' llcl1 l' lnce them In a for comfort and spaciousness will cloan kettle which Is partially fill- junke the livius room exactly thai c(l wllh soda-sweetened water. lone since she did safety-pinning. Share Baby with the family — a little break in routine now and (lien will do no real harm. If there's only one bathroom, don't leave It, In wild disorder after Halry's cleanup. Also, keep a large lightly-closed porcelain jar In an inconspicuous piacc. This prevents .soiled diapers from becoming offensive to the rest of the family. . . . the "living" area for the whole family. Usually, liy the elimination of one or two walls, the whole lower floor can be opened up .into 0110 broad sweep. Most archllccls agree that the new homes of tomorrow will feature the low roof line, bright with' cheerful, blended colors of fire- resistant material such as asphalt shingles. In a recent comprehensive study of postwar home desires of thousands of families'the SMAI.I, HOMR8 GUIDE.found that asphalt shingles ranked first hi roofing materials. This was attributed to their fire-resistant qualities, their appealing color designs, atul their adaptability to most any style of roof. When peace comes again and ; vale construction is resumed builders agree that great strides will \it made in the organization and development of suburban areas to assure ample growing space in safe surroundings for families with chil- ] clren, These new developments wll If ftiiby has reached the playpen age, discuss with the family the most logical space for it. Find one that doesn't Infringe on fam- ly activities. Hold that upswing to the corners of your mouth. Regardless of trivial upsets, never forget (lie fam- ,ly Is pulling wiiii you and praying for that day when Johnny'll come marching home. Given impetus by more liberal mark an important step in the ad- PIIA loans for modernization and vanccmcn of home building to pro- the G. I., mil of Rights, the FHA vl(lc molc satisfying ami comfort-forecasts that, the bulk of construe- ill)lc , |\on In the first year after the war I will be In remodelling old homes. I— Jin fc This forecast comes as a boon to, 1 lu II3 owners of well constructed homes F\_. ,^1-f^it- \A/l-ir\ which need only minor face-lifting L-'UDyiHcl VV I IU jobs to make them modern in every way. In modernizing old homes, one of the first essentials is to "open up" the living areas to light and sunshine, ]provide more especially in neighborhoods where houses built relatively close together. Building experts point out this Lives At Home When you go back to Mother these days. It doesn't mean you've had a tiff with your husband. It just means that Johnny's gone overseas. Maybe things aren't going as smoothly as you had dream 1 problem can be overcome and prl- cd. Better Homes & Gardens mag vacy maintained by the use of glass] av.lne gives these tips for n hom- hlock panels. Insets of clear glass ing daughter and her progeny. Build A Studio Room As Aid To Orderly House Everyone has had the experience of unexpected guests coming to call just when you are in the midst of a messy sewing job for the children, with odds .and ends of material, thread and assorted clothing strewn all over the floor. That's why women arc demanding a studio room in their new homes after the wnr. A studio room, says Practical Builder, is an exl™> room, usually small, where all of .lie messy odd jobs that are always gobbing up in the normal household performed without interfering "with the tidy orderliness of the other rooms In the house. Since guests will not see this room, it need not be kept in spic ami span condition all the time. However, since most rooms in post-war homes will be "dual purpose" rooms, the studio room can be planned to serve also as a guest room, with a pull-out bed, extendable couch and oilier inviting furnishings for the over-night or weekend guests. Try not to resent Mother's role lecessary vision and as a suggestion-maker hi pertaining to Daby. Take it gracer, rnllve features, sturdy glass block fully and remember II hasn't been has high insulation value, and they New Home Laundries Save Time, Trouble Builders will help housewives saj good-bye -jj washday in the new postwar homes. In the planned aundricK in homes after V-Day, il will no longer be necessary to se aside a day of the week as laundrj day. Instead, llic planners say. the laundry can be done at odd moments when other duties arc not pressing for attention;, in fact, clothes will be 'washed, rinsed and damp-dried, ready for ironing, while the housewife is cooking or working in adjacent rooms. In no event will the familiar old stationary tubs in the basement ami the criss-crossing clothes lines under the basement ceiling survive the post-war period, builders say. Suppose there weren't enough money to bring your child into the world? In a tearful letter, Pvt. R.'s wife told him she was poing to have a hab)'.:Thcre wasn't enough money to pay for medical care and ho;pi(alizalion. Helpless, Pvt. R. appealed to die lied Cross. In a few days he r»reiicd word dni ihcy line! assisted his wife ia WPlybg for emergency maternity and infant cure. Suppose you were wounded, disabled, jobless and ducouragcd? A Marine Privnte, he was wounded in the South Pacific and discharged for disability. He went home discouraged at the prospect of making liis living again. Unable 10 take up his former irade, in desperation lie appealed .to the Red Cross. They put him in touch with the proper agency-he's doing swell, now. Suppose your moihor were ill and without funds? Seaman T, M. received word his mother was desperately ill anil without money. lie remembered advice lic'd heard nml went to his Hcd Cross Field Director who requested die hoy's local chapter to arrange for care. They did. Now, anxiety lifted, Seaman T. M. is a better fislitinj; man. Another example of your Red Cross in action. Suppose your son were taken prisoner? Imagine llic anxiety of the parent* of Pvt. H. D., who had had no word from him in niondis. The lied Cross sent a welfare inquiry. And ilicn die International lied Cross reported that he was . healthy and well, and was receiving regularly the American lied Cross packages iliat helped keep up his spirits. Your money gels llic packages to him. The Red Cross can't do this work without your help! The actual cases outlined above illustrate just a few of the thousands of ways in \Uiich the Red Cross helps our fighting men—at home and overseas. But without your help there upuld !ie,no Red Cross to do this humanitarian work. For the Red Cross is wholly dependent on the money that you and other sympathetic Americans contribute. A'nd.after three years of war, the work of your Hcd Cross is greater than ever. p - ^, Think of die suffering you can a1Ic\ iate by your contribution—and how proud *• you can be of your part in this work. Won't yoi{ give all you can?. Suppose you were dying forw.uuof bloo'tl plasma? The shmpncl and fragments from a shell hnrsr riddled Sgr. U. J. M.'s Icfr arm. lie was losing blood fast. A medical corpsnian administered first aid am! Red 'Cross blood plasma. Then they carried lum lo the ficlil station and gave him 8 more pirns of plasma. Without it, he would have died. Suppose you'd lost your leg? And you couldn't bring yourself to tell your family? It happened to Sgt. J. T. and now his parents were coming to sec him in the hospital. He appealed to a Hcd Cross worker la break the nc\vs for him. It was a tough job, but she did ... ami soon Mom holding his hand while Dai] was telling funny storics-anj Sgt. J. T. was smiling happily. KEEP YOUR RED CROSS JTHISStDE Beauty Shop Redecorated Nell's and Minnie's Beauty Shop has had its "face lifted" with a nc\v decorating job which includes painting and new linoleum. The same red and black color scheme, used in the furniture, decorates the walls and floor. Manila Woman Receives Medal Awarded Brother Mrs. Ruth Mnynard of Manila has received ih e Purple Heart medal; recently awarded her bro- thcj-,'pijijcc .iRof-cfs, for wounds re- cblvedjin; actibn'm Germany. '•"••-'• •'! \yilh.(nearlyl'fUrce years overseas service to his credit, [he Manila serviceman has never previously been wounded. He is now recuperating. Margaret Heifets, 11-year-old girl, is leader of a symphony orchestra in Moscow. NOTICE Swift's Slaughter House will be eloscil until March ISlh, for painting anil screening for your protection of gonrt Quality Meats througlinul the Spring ami Summer months. LQO Swift This year we are making a complete new assessment and wilt try to follow the law in every way, which makes it necessary for each and every property owner and qualified elector to be assessed and the assessment blank be properly signed with his or her signature. With the gas and tire situation as it is you will greatly facilitate matters if you will come into my office and make or give us your assessment as soon as possible thereby enabling you to get your property assessed fair and eauitablv. We do not intend to continue copying the same assessment from year to year but rather make the proper assessment each year as the law requires. THIS IS THE YEAR FOR ASSESSING CITY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY - ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT! GIVE NOW. GIVE MORE FOR SALE Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic Water Heaters Pipes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. AH Plumbing Repair Parts BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO Bernard Allen, Mgr. 'Wafer Is Your Cheapest Commodity" DOYLE HENDERSON MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ASSESSOR Brighten up your home with Wallpaper! Everything becomes more gay, more colorful in the Spring . . . why not your home? Leading interior decorators have styled our wallpaper to fit right into your home ... you'll find the exact pattern and design you desire for each room. Ask our representative to visit your home and learn how really inexpensive this modern way of complete decoration can be. A Paper for Every Room LIVING ROOM DINING ROOM .Restful colors .and designs for this room of relaxation are obtained with stripes or hold fig• UTCS. KITCHEN Sparkling papers to bring and hold the sun inside. An inspiration to you all through the day. Gay and quaint patterns to liven all ynurmeals, A perfect atmosphere in which to entertain, BEDROOM Your guests will admire the exquisite, daintiness and sul> tie freshness your new wallpaper adds. Literally Hundreds of Patterns Here to Choose From! Priced 15c Per Roll and Up. Our recent purchase of the Shaller-Morgan Paint & Wallpaper Co., of Paducah, Ky., brings our stocks of wallpapers, paints, and supplies to a truly outstanding level!;. ., You'll find we have many "unobtainable" articles on our shelves . . . Come in—See for yourself! i 6 *i Blytneviife's Only Exclusive Paint & Wallpaper Siore ARKANSAS Point, Glass and Wallpaper Co. 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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